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00:31 Greeting, welcome to Faith Chapel.
00:33 I am Pastor Dale Barnhurst,
00:35 here to share with you another scene
00:39 from the gospels. We want to take a look at
00:42 what I have entailed to call Roof Invaders.
00:45 I found in Mark chapter 2,
00:48 but before we open up God's word and read,
00:50 we wanna ask that you would bow your heads
00:52 with us for a word of prayer.
00:54 Our Heavenly Father,
00:55 we again want to thank you for who you are.
00:57 I want to thank you for being our God.
00:59 We ask for your Holy Spirit
01:01 to fill us inside and out.
01:02 Give us the wisdom,
01:04 understanding that we need
01:06 and we ask that you would apply the principles
01:08 to our lives. We thank you in Jesus name, amen.
01:14 Through our life we are given all kinds of tests
01:17 sometimes they are tests
01:19 that you have on a piece of paper,
01:21 as you did when you were in grade school,
01:23 or high school, or college.
01:25 And I'm not going to give a test today,
01:28 but I wanted us to take a look at some issues
01:31 regarding the taking of tests because sometimes
01:34 when you take a test,
01:35 you're so into remembering everything
01:38 you need to make a perfect grade
01:42 on the test.
01:43 And so you're trying to remember,
01:45 what you studied,
01:46 and what the teacher said?
01:48 What was in your notes and all the rest?
01:50 But if that process gets interrupted,
01:53 sometimes you can't recall the things you need.
01:57 And they have it in school,
02:00 they've done some studies
02:01 what's called an interrupt quotient.
02:04 Some people have a high interrupt quotient,
02:07 means they could be interrupted
02:08 but they can comeback
02:09 to the same train of thoughts
02:11 and pick it right up where they left off.
02:13 Other ones you interrupt them
02:15 and then they have take sometime
02:16 to get back together,
02:18 or get their train of thought
02:19 and get back on track.
02:21 And, so we need to find out
02:24 what our interpretability is,
02:26 or sometimes if we are interrupted too many time,
02:32 we have interpretability.
02:33 In other words we just blow,
02:35 we just can't handle it.
02:36 I want to talk a little bit about that today,
02:39 and how Jesus dealt with that in His time.
02:42 Thinking about time,
02:45 so many times we see time just disappear,
02:49 and that increases our stress level,
02:52 and increases our interpretability.
02:54 Sometimes we think about time
02:58 and it seems like it's just yesterday
02:59 that I was holding my sons in my arms
03:02 after they were born.
03:03 It seem like it was just yesterday when they,
03:05 they graduated from high school.
03:07 But time just seems to disappear and of course in
03:11 Daniel chapter 12 and verse 4.
03:13 It shows in the end that many will run to and fro.
03:18 And I think all of us have found that out,
03:20 it seems like we're going here
03:22 and we're going there.
03:23 We almost catch ourselves coming as we are living.
03:26 But time just seems to disappear
03:30 and I think we need to slowdown our time
03:33 and schedule. So, that we allow Jesus
03:36 to do what He wants to in our life,
03:38 because in reality, our hard occupations,
03:42 they are not as important as our children.
03:44 We need to make sure we spend time
03:47 with our family, especially our
03:49 young children when they're,
03:50 when they're the youngest.
03:52 We need time just to notice people.
03:54 I'm not sure if you've ever recall yourself
03:57 going across a parking lot,
03:59 or going into a store and later on someone says,
04:02 hey I saw you there,
04:04 but and I waved and I called out your name,
04:06 but you never responded.
04:08 What were you thinking?
04:10 Where were you at?
04:11 Oh I am must have been thinking about my list,
04:12 or I'm must have been thinking about
04:14 what I needed to do that day.
04:15 Well, we need to slowdown and notice people.
04:20 We needed to slowdown for relationship.
04:22 because I believe that we need to take time
04:26 for encouragement. We need to encourage
04:28 each other, and accomplishing what
04:31 God wants us to do that day or with that person.
04:34 Taking time, taking time to be interrupted
04:39 from our to-do less,
04:40 taking time to be interrupted from
04:43 what we need to accomplish that day.
04:45 I believe that we need to make sure that
04:50 we take time to do what God wants us to do.
04:52 Of course along with that,
04:55 along with everything we've been talking about,
04:58 are you willing, am I willing to allow God
05:02 to interrupt us, to interrupt us to do His will?
05:06 Are you into making a list and making sure
05:11 you go through it that you check off each thing
05:13 as you accomplish it?
05:15 So much so that you have no time to do
05:18 what God wants to do that day.
05:20 I remember one time I was had my schedule
05:25 all made out for the afternoon,
05:26 I had all the people that
05:28 I wanted to see written down,
05:30 their addresses, I thought it had
05:33 everything written down.
05:34 And so I took off and got to the town,
05:37 and I look down and I had the person's name.
05:40 Now God have blessed me a lot of times
05:42 with being able to go to a person's house
05:45 and I could get right back there again
05:47 and not have a problem.
05:48 And I had been to this person's house before
05:51 and they're wanting some more literature,
05:53 and I was suppose to pick up some Bible studies
05:56 and drop off some Bible studies.
05:57 And it was very small town,
06:00 less than a thousand people town,
06:02 and I tried to find the house
06:06 and I could not find the house.
06:08 I went down what I thought was the right street,
06:11 but I had unfortunately not written down
06:13 the address for that person.
06:15 And so I circled and did another circle,
06:19 and went down another street,
06:20 that house looked like it was familiar
06:23 but I wasn't sure, and I didn't want to knock
06:25 at the wrong house.
06:26 But finally I got to a parking lot
06:29 and I went through everything in my car
06:31 trying to find that address
06:32 but I couldn't find it.
06:34 To tell you the truth I was getting a little,
06:37 little irritated because I thought here
06:40 I'm doing God's work,
06:41 I want to do His will and I know
06:44 I needed to get this literature to this person.
06:47 I prayed about it, yeah,
06:49 but he didn't answer that prayer that time,
06:52 and I just couldn't figure out why?
06:54 I was on a time schedule,
06:55 I wanted to get things done,
06:56 I wanted to get my,
06:58 all my visits made that day.
07:01 And so yes, I sat there and grumbled to God
07:05 for a little while, and I finally just threw up
07:08 my hands I said okay Lord,
07:10 what do You want me to do?
07:11 Who do You want me to see in this town
07:14 or wherever, whatever town.
07:17 And as soon as I asked that question,
07:20 He gave me the answer,
07:22 a name popped into my head,
07:24 and there was on the piece of paper,
07:27 I had been to this person's house,
07:28 numerous times, never found them home,
07:31 I tried in the morning,
07:33 I tried in the afternoon,
07:34 I tried early evening,
07:36 I tried late evening,
07:38 but never made a contact.
07:41 And I had I guess somewhat given up because
07:45 I just couldn't figure out when to reach them.
07:47 I left messages on the phone,
07:49 I had tried various things
07:51 but here was a time, okay.
07:54 Lord I will go to their house
07:55 and try to find them.
07:57 So I went to their house and of course
08:00 there was a person there that was their grandma,
08:03 and there was a daughter,
08:05 and the granddaughter,
08:07 all of those I tried to see,
08:08 and I hadn't found any of them before.
08:11 When I got to their house this time
08:14 all of them were there,
08:16 every single one of them were there,
08:18 and so when went in and had good visit
08:20 and encouraged them,
08:22 and spend some time with God's word with them,
08:25 and was able to encourage them
08:28 to come to church service.
08:29 And they were there this next,
08:31 at next Sabbath,
08:32 and I've to praise the Lord.
08:33 The Lord interrupted my study,
08:35 my timetable, my schedule,
08:38 my to do list,
08:39 and brought me to their house,
08:42 at the right time in the right way.
08:44 The question I have for all of us
08:49 is what about our ability to let God interrupt us?
08:55 What would have happened
08:57 if the funeral at Maine
08:59 would not have been interrupted?
09:01 What if they had said sorry,
09:03 Jesus just stand back,
09:05 we're going on to the cemetery.
09:07 We don't have time to listen to you.
09:08 We don't have time for you to stay here,
09:10 we are just going on. I'm glad they stopped,
09:14 I am glad they let Jesus interrupt them.
09:16 And of course there are many people
09:18 throughout the Bible that God has used
09:21 and interrupted. And we will take a look
09:23 at few of those more,
09:24 but I believe we need to let God interrupt us.
09:28 We need to let Him interrupt our plans,
09:31 our schedules, or to do list,
09:33 and accomplish what He wants to do in our lives?
09:36 We gonna take a look at that one experience
09:39 that Jesus had. It's found in Mark chapter 2,
09:42 you will also find it in Mathew 9:2-8
09:46 and Luke 5:18-26 but if you have your Bibles
09:50 and you wanna turn,
09:51 turn with me to Mark chapter 2,
09:54 Mark chapter 2. Now take a look at
09:57 what Jesus' experienced.
10:00 Mark chapter 2, verse 1 and 2 and it says.
10:04 And again he entered Capernaum,
10:06 special town that he enjoyed,
10:08 after some days, and it was heard that
10:10 He was in the house.
10:12 Immediately many gathered together,
10:15 so that there will be no longer room
10:17 to receive them, not even near the door.
10:21 And He preached the word to them.
10:24 Capernaum, Capernaum was Christ's
10:28 headquarters for Galilee.
10:29 It was His favorite,
10:31 one of His favorite towns.
10:32 I had the opportunity of going there during
10:35 a trip to Israel one time,
10:37 of what remained of Capernaum and there was,
10:40 it was a interesting place,
10:41 there was a neat place to know that
10:43 Christ could have been in that area
10:45 when He was here on this earth.
10:47 It says that he was in the home of Peter in the home,
10:52 it was Peter's home that was his town,
10:55 that was where he lived, Capernaum.
10:58 And he was so busy that everybody wanted to see
11:02 him that there was not enough room.
11:04 You couldn't even get through the door,
11:06 it was so bad they,
11:08 they just couldn't get through the door.
11:11 And so there is one group though
11:16 that wanted to get in. There was one group
11:18 that needed to get in.
11:19 and I want to take a look of that in verse 3.
11:22 Mark chapter 2 and verse 3 says,
11:26 Then they came to Him,
11:27 they came, bringing a paralytic
11:31 who was carried by four men.
11:34 A paralytic, one who is sick of the palsy
11:38 in New King James Version says he was a paralytic,
11:41 he was one that,
11:42 that so could not get around,
11:45 he could not get around on his own,
11:47 he had have help,
11:49 but he wanted something,
11:51 he wanted it desperately.
11:52 His friends knew he wanted is,
11:55 his friends knew that he needed to take
11:57 the time to go to see Jesus.
12:00 But he couldn't get there by himself,
12:02 he needed some helpers
12:03 and he had four of them.
12:05 He had four people that were,
12:07 that loved him enough to take them.
12:10 I'm not sure if you ever help
12:12 carry somebody before,
12:13 but it's not an easy process.
12:16 It's not a process that,
12:17 that you just know just pick up a feather
12:20 and carry it, it's a hard process to carry somebody,
12:23 but these men did it, they loved him that much.
12:27 Of course the question for all of us is,
12:31 do we love someone enough to help them out
12:35 with their desire? Of course his desire was,
12:38 was to be healed, his desire was even
12:42 for an inner healing and we'll talk more about
12:45 that in just a moment.
12:46 But verse 4, Mark chapter 3, 2,
12:51 Mark chapter 2 in verse 4 he says.
12:55 And when they could not come near Him,
12:57 talking about Jesus because of the crowd,
13:00 they uncovered the roof where He was.
13:03 So when they had broken through,
13:07 they led down the bed on which
13:10 the paralytic was lying.
13:12 Here they got so desperate,
13:17 they were on a mission,
13:18 nothing was gonna hold them back,
13:20 they were on a mission to get their friend
13:22 to see Jesus. Crowd or no crowd,
13:25 they were getting him in.
13:26 So you couldn't get through the front door,
13:28 you went up the side steps to roof
13:30 and you pulled apart the roof.
13:33 Now, I am not sure how the process was,
13:36 I wish we could had TV back then because
13:39 inside must have been and starting to be a mess
13:42 because with the thatch, thatch roof,
13:45 when you start to tear apart from the top,
13:48 it starts to filter in all the dust and all the debris.
13:53 And so here those individual decided,
13:55 they wanted to get to Jesus.
13:58 They weren't concerned about
13:59 what dust was gonna fall on who, inside.
14:02 They wanted to get this their friend to see Jesus.
14:05 They wanted to make sure that he got in there,
14:08 they had persistence, they wanted to make sure
14:11 that he got in there.
14:12 Do we have persistence?
14:14 Do we have that much persistence
14:15 when we have a friend that needs help?
14:17 Do we have persistence
14:18 in order to take someone to Jesus?
14:21 Of course the Bible is full of illustrations
14:25 of people who had persistence.
14:26 Of course there was the widow
14:29 and the judge that Jesus talks about.
14:32 She was so into making sure that the judge
14:36 heard her case, she persistent until
14:40 he got tired on it.
14:41 And of course in the Old Testament,
14:43 you have Elijah getting old,
14:46 going to see the King and telling him to shoot
14:49 the arrows into the ground.
14:51 And the king wasn't too persistent at that time,
14:55 he was so unpersistent that Elijah told him
14:59 that his war against the enemies of God
15:03 was not going to be accomplished
15:05 because he didn't have enough persistence.
15:07 Do you and I have enough persistence?
15:10 Would we go to whatever lanes
15:13 to accomplish what God wanted us to do?
15:15 I hope none of us ever get to the point
15:18 where we are so worried about,
15:20 well I'm getting little tired or I'm not sure
15:24 what somebody will think about that or man,
15:27 I don't wanna over do it my stay
15:30 I don't wanna over do what,
15:31 what is happening so,
15:32 but I believe, I believe these four men,
15:36 these four of friends of this man wanted to make
15:40 sure that they got what he wanted done.
15:43 And so we all need persistence,
15:46 we all need persistence.
15:48 Of course the other part of this
15:50 is what about Jesus?
15:51 Here Jesus was in the home,
15:55 and he was speaking to the people,
15:57 he was sharing great truths
15:59 that would change their lives.
16:01 He was getting things across to them.
16:03 He could tell that the Holy Spirit was working
16:06 on their lives. And all of sudden,
16:08 as he is presenting, as he is sharing,
16:10 as he is talking about his heavenly Father,
16:13 all of a sudden, the roof starts to move,
16:17 the roof starts to break up,
16:19 the roof starts to shore sunshine
16:21 right down into the house.
16:22 Wow! That must have been something,
16:25 I wish I can't wait until I get to heaven
16:27 is to talk to Jesus and say you remember
16:30 that time when you in Peter's home,
16:31 and you were talking to the people,
16:33 and those four friends let that man down,
16:36 what was going through your mind?
16:39 Well I like to share this experience
16:43 that I had when I was taking my master's degree.
16:47 We had to take turns speaking to our colleagues
16:53 that were in the classroom.
16:54 And so of course we only had 10 minutes
16:57 to share the thought and we had to make sure
17:01 we had everything lined up,
17:02 had everything queued up,
17:04 had everything so it was
17:06 arrange in the right way.
17:07 And so my turn came,
17:11 my turn to take God's word,
17:14 take the notes and share with my colleagues,
17:19 my passion. And of course my text
17:22 for the day was Isaiah 65,
17:25 Isaiah 65 and I started my time
17:30 and of course they were doing at that time
17:33 what they were doing now and that is having
17:35 a camera on you. And of course it makes
17:37 you a little nervous and speaking before
17:39 your colleagues, your friends,
17:40 your classmates make even little more nervous,
17:43 and so I started the process,
17:47 and it was going great.
17:48 And one of the rules I needed to share
17:51 with you was, professor says during
17:54 that time you had to be on time,
17:56 if not ahead of time.
17:58 And so he said if you come late
18:01 and the door is shut,
18:03 stay in the hallway.
18:04 You are too late,
18:05 don't ever come through the door
18:08 when someone is preaching.
18:09 And so as I was going away on my message,
18:14 all of a sudden out of the corner of my eye off
18:16 on my right hand side,
18:18 I see this door starting to creek open.
18:21 And I say to myself just stay out there,
18:25 I'm already quarter way through my message,
18:27 just stay out there shut the door
18:29 and don't distract me.
18:31 Well they started to go back,
18:33 and I thought good now I'm continuing
18:35 on with my message and then of course
18:38 as we were going through,
18:39 all of sudden the door opened more,
18:42 and all of a sudden it opened full wide
18:46 and guess who walked in.
18:48 No, no one of my classmates,
18:49 it was a clown,
18:51 a clown came in to the classroom,
18:54 and he watched, she walked right pass me
18:57 and went to Dr. Holmes,
19:00 he was the instructor.
19:01 And then she started singing
19:03 happy birthday to him.
19:04 Well, that sort of interrupted the message,
19:08 it sort of interrupted my time,
19:09 it sort of interrupted everything,
19:11 everybody was hauling and laughing
19:13 and it was just interesting and of course after
19:17 it was all done,
19:18 I had to go on with my message.
19:20 And that was not easy to do,
19:23 so I am not sure how it was with Jesus,
19:25 but I know He was ready for the interruption.
19:28 I know He was wanting that person
19:30 to be healed inside and out.
19:33 Verse five of Mark chapter 2,
19:37 verse five it says,
19:41 when Jesus saw their faith,
19:42 He said to the paralytic,
19:45 Son, your sins are forgiven you.
19:49 That's what the man really wanted.
19:55 He wanted to be forgiven,
19:57 he wanted to hear those words from Jesus,
20:01 you are forgiven.
20:03 What about you and I,
20:05 do we want the same?
20:07 Do we want to be healed by Jesus?
20:10 There are some awesome text
20:12 that talk about them,
20:14 there is some awesome things
20:16 that we need to have in our lives.
20:18 I wanna take a look now at the rest of verses,
20:21 Mark chapter 2 verses 6-12, it says.
20:27 And some of the scribes were sitting there
20:30 and reasoning in their hearts,
20:32 "Why does this Man speak blasphemies like this?
20:35 Who can forgive sins but God alone?"
20:38 to say to the paralytic,
20:40 'Your sins are forgiven,'
20:42 or to say, 'Arise, take up your bed and walk?'
20:45 But that you may know that the Son of Man
20:48 has power on earth to forgive sins".
20:50 He said to the paralytic,
20:52 "I say to you, arise, take up your bed,
20:56 and go to your house."
20:57 Immediately he arose,
20:59 took up his bed,
21:00 and went out in the presence of them all,
21:03 and so that all were amazed and glorified God,
21:06 saying, "We never saw anything like this!"
21:09 Again Jesus wants to forgive us,
21:14 He has the power, He has the authority.
21:17 There are some awesome texts
21:19 that go along with that.
21:20 Isaiah chapter 43 in verse 25 says,
21:24 I, even I, am He who blots out your
21:28 transgressions for My own sake;
21:31 And I will not remember your sins.
21:34 Isn't that awesome our God blots out,
21:38 blots out our sins and He doesn't remember them,
21:41 He doesn't remember them at all,
21:43 they are totally gone.
21:45 And then of course one of my favorites
21:47 Micah chapter 7 in verse 19,
21:50 Micah 7 in verse 19.
21:53 He will again have compassion on us,
21:55 and will subdue our inequities.
21:58 You will cast all our sins
22:00 into the depths of the sea.
22:01 Isn't that awesome again?
22:03 God wants to remove our sins,
22:06 He wants to make them go down totally
22:08 and disappear 100 percent.
22:10 I had a illustration along those lines,
22:14 you may have heard before but it's worth repeating.
22:16 There was a doctor friend that's,
22:18 that's he was a Christian doctor,
22:20 he treat all his patients alike
22:24 and of course in his room,
22:27 waiting room he would have various
22:30 Christian literature all around,
22:32 so that when his patients came in
22:33 they would have something to read.
22:35 And of course one of this own church members
22:38 would come in there and his church members really,
22:41 just one church member really enjoyed
22:44 reading the literature, but the problem was,
22:46 as every time he read something he would say
22:49 praise the Lord or hallelujah.
22:52 And of course being in a doctor's waiting room
22:56 not everybody was feeling that great
22:57 and to hear him shout out that
23:00 in a waiting room just wasn't really great,
23:02 and so they would complain to the doctor.
23:04 Now this guy is really getting on our nerves
23:07 I wish you would do something about it.
23:08 And so he got together with his nursing staff
23:11 and said okay.
23:12 The next time this guy comes in,
23:14 you make sure that he does not,
23:16 you let us know ahead of time
23:19 but he does not blurting out this glory hallelujahs
23:23 and praise the Lords, and all the rest.
23:25 So will take all the literature away
23:27 and just for when he is going to come in
23:30 and we'll put it aside and then we'll make sure
23:32 he gets in and gets out rather quickly.
23:34 And so they did that,
23:36 the next time he was there,
23:37 they made sure all the literature was away,
23:39 they got him in to see the doctor or they almost did.
23:43 They thought they had it all worked out,
23:44 but all of sudden he decided to start to say,
23:48 praise the Lord again,
23:49 and one of the things that he found
23:51 in talking to doctor later was
23:53 they had National Geographic and the man
23:56 they found where the sea was 7 miles deep.
23:59 And the text came to his mind,
24:01 but the Lord put his sins that far down.
24:04 And so he was very glad
24:07 that our God forgives our sins.
24:09 Another one my favorites
24:11 is First John chapter 1 verse 9.
24:14 Let's take a look at
24:15 that First John Chapter 1 and verse 9,
24:18 and it says. If we confess our sins,
24:21 He is faithful and just to forgive us
24:23 our sins and to cleanse us
24:25 from all unrighteousness.
24:27 Again, isn't that a beautiful promise,
24:30 we confess, He is more than willing,
24:33 more than just to forgive us of our sins.
24:36 Jesus can bring us both hope and help.
24:40 He wants to do both in our lives,
24:43 just as He did with the paralytic.
24:45 In the book Desire of Ages, page 266,
24:50 I like to read this to you,
24:51 it says when we pray for earthly blessings,
24:55 the answer to our prayer maybe delayed.
24:58 For God may give us something
25:00 other then we ask,
25:01 but not so when we ask for deliverance of sin.
25:06 Jesus always said yes,
25:10 isn't that good news,
25:11 it is awesome news to know that Jesus
25:14 wants to forgive us.
25:15 So, the lessons that we need to learn
25:18 from Mark chapter 2 it's okay to interrupt Jesus,
25:23 its' okay to interrupt Him,
25:24 He has a high interpretability scale,
25:28 we can interrupt Him.
25:29 Matter of fact He want us to,
25:31 He wants us to. He even gives us
25:34 that command in Matthew Chapter 11 in verse 28,
25:38 Matthew 11:28 says, Come unto Me,
25:41 all you who labor and are heavy laden,
25:44 and I will give you rest.
25:46 The other lesson that we learned from
25:49 Mark Chapter 2 verses 3-5
25:52 is that we must have a heart for others,
25:54 we must care about others,
25:56 so much so that we go out of our comfort zone
25:59 to accomplish what they need,
26:01 what they want,
26:02 especially in coming to Jesus.
26:04 We must take their faith
26:06 and make sure that is expressed.
26:10 We must have faith in order to even
26:12 help others. And so I want to ask you
26:15 that we make sure that we accomplish
26:18 what God wants us to do.
26:20 The other text I wanna take us
26:22 to is in Hebrew Chapter 4 and verse 16,
26:25 Hebrew 4 in verse 16 it says.
26:27 Let us therefore come boldly
26:29 to the throne of grace,
26:30 that we may obtain mercy
26:33 and find grace to help in time of need.
26:35 Jesus tells us right here to come boldly to Him,
26:40 we need to come boldly to Him,
26:41 we must come boldly to ask God forgiveness
26:45 for ourselves and for others because of Jesus.
26:48 We must come boldly to Him to accept His forgiveness.
26:52 We must come boldly,
26:54 not because of us but because of Jesus
26:56 dying on the cross. We must come boldly,
26:58 we must come boldly to give God's
27:02 forgiveness because of Jesus,
27:04 give to others that we need to
27:06 but He says to come boldly to the throne of grace,
27:10 come boldly to Him and that's my challenge to you,
27:13 is make sure that in our walk with Jesus
27:17 that we are not timid,
27:18 that we are not backward,
27:20 but that we depend upon Him
27:22 to accomplish what He wants us to do,
27:24 just like these four young men
27:27 who helped their friend,
27:28 we need to make sure,
27:30 we need to make sure that we help
27:33 someone else come to Jesus,
27:35 because their life,
27:36 their eternal life may depend upon it.
27:38 Are you willing to do that for others?
27:40 Are you willing to take the love that Jesus
27:43 gave to each one of us and make sure that
27:46 someone else comes to Jesus
27:48 and gets their need met?
27:49 I ask that you would pick time to do just that.


Revised 2014-12-17