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00:31 Hi, I am Pastor Floyd Bresee
00:33 and I have been thinking it seems to me
00:38 that there be a lot more Christians,
00:39 if Christians were a lot more Christ like.
00:43 Let's pray about it. Loving father,
00:47 please teach us something today
00:51 that will help us become more Christ like Christians
00:57 we pray in Jesus name, amen.
01:03 Our focus today will be on Joseph,
01:07 Joseph the pampered,
01:10 Joseph the pampered patriarch.
01:14 Please open your Bible to the book of Genesis
01:18 and the 37th chapter. I will be using the
01:23 New International Version.
01:24 They say that life is like a box of chocolates,
01:30 you never know what you are going to get.
01:34 You saw the pictures on the cover
01:37 but you open the box and you know in there,
01:40 there are some plain chocolates
01:42 and some with nuts, and some with fudge filling
01:46 and some with caramel and some with cherry
01:49 and your diet will allow just one.
01:52 And finally you make your pick and you bite into it,
01:59 only to find out it is not what you wanted at all.
02:02 Life is like a box of chocolates.
02:07 However, we hope for the best,
02:09 but when we bite into it,
02:11 we find that it's not exactly
02:14 what we wanted after all.
02:16 Life has trials, letdowns disappointments.
02:22 Our lesson today is it life's trials can help us
02:27 or hurt us depending upon how we handle them.
02:31 This is never better illustrated
02:34 then in the fascinating story
02:36 of the Patriarch Joseph.
02:38 Joseph was so important
02:42 to the Old Testament,
02:43 to the book of Genesis that fourteen chapters
02:46 in Genesis deal with Joseph,
02:50 and no place in scripture can we find
02:53 a better illustration of how to handle trials.
02:57 Now first lesson I would like to suggest in
03:03 the life of Joseph, is that pampering
03:07 can actually hinder us.
03:09 Joseph was a pampered kid.
03:11 He was a good boy.
03:12 He was just a spoilt rotten.
03:15 He was a tattletale.
03:16 At 17 he tattled on his brothers to his dad.
03:21 And Joseph's father Jacob,
03:24 Jacob was a lousy father.
03:27 He was a good man in many ways
03:30 and yet he was a deceiver
03:31 when he was young.
03:33 He was a polygamous when he was grown,
03:35 and as a father he practiced favoritism.
03:40 Joseph was born to his favorite wife,
03:44 beautiful Rachel,
03:46 when Jacob was in his ninety's.
03:48 Genesis the 37th Chapter notice verses 3 and 4,
03:54 "Now Israel loved Joseph,
03:56 more than any of his other sons,
03:59 because he had been born to him
04:02 in his old age, and he made a richly
04:05 ornamented robe for him.
04:07 When his brothers saw that their father
04:10 loved him more than any of them,
04:12 they hated him and could not speak
04:15 a kind word to him." Joseph was a favorite.
04:22 He was a pampered kid,
04:25 and favoritism created a dysfunctional home.
04:30 You know, if our heavenly father
04:34 gave us everything we wanted,
04:36 if he pampered us we would never grow.
04:40 Pampering was holding Joseph back
04:42 and it can hold us back.
04:44 Our chief goal is comfort,
04:46 but fortunately God's chief goal
04:50 for us is character.
04:52 No wonder that we often disagrees,
04:55 no trails, no goals. Now life brought
05:02 Joseph a long series of trials.
05:06 And trials can hurt. His brothers took
05:11 the cattle and sheep to the northern Pastors
05:14 for someone grazing and Joseph
05:16 was sent by his father Jacob up to Dothan
05:19 to check on how things were going.
05:22 Chapter 37, notice now verse 18.
05:26 But they saw him in the distance,
05:29 and before he reached them,
05:32 they plotted to kill him, they plotted to kill him.
05:38 Let's get in. They tore off his hated coat.
05:43 They threw him in a dry cistern
05:45 planning to kill him.
05:47 Those boys were so deprived
05:51 and so filled with hatred that they sat down
05:54 to enjoy their lunch. Now fortunately for Joseph,
05:58 Dothan was on the interstate,
06:00 that is the main route from Cannon down into Egypt
06:05 and so they found some traders coming by
06:09 and they sold the boy,
06:11 at least they got rid of him.
06:12 They didn't get much far him but he was gone.
06:14 And they took a rope,
06:16 and they tied one end of the rope
06:20 to this pampered favorite Joseph,
06:23 17 years old and they tied the other end to a camel.
06:29 It's amazing how quickly life can take a change
06:35 in the bottom fallout of our world.
06:39 Perhaps it's happened to you.
06:41 Everything was looking wonderful and suddenly
06:44 everything was looking terrible.
06:46 Instantly, this boy who had been a pampered
06:50 kid became a slave, a lonely slave.
06:55 Poor Joseph, his mother of course was dead.
06:59 His father was getting farther and farther
07:03 away at every step. He knew no one around him.
07:08 He couldn't even speak the language.
07:11 The wonderful book, 'Patriarchs and Prophets'
07:14 says this terrible calamity transformed him
07:18 from a petted child to a man.
07:21 Trials hurt, but they also can make men
07:27 and women of us. They can hurt,
07:30 but they can help.
07:32 Archibald Rutledge was walking up a mountain path,
07:39 came across a farmer carrying an axe
07:43 over his shoulder and they fell in the conversation
07:47 that the farmer said that he was out looking for
07:53 a new tong for his wagon. Well said Rutledge,
07:58 trees all around us why to climb the mountain?
08:02 Farmer said that toughest wood comes
08:05 from on the top of the mountain
08:08 where the storms hit the hardest.
08:10 The storms of life can make us stronger,
08:14 and so Joseph became a lonely slave.
08:21 Perhaps you as you've tuned into Faith Chapel
08:26 today perhaps you are lonely.
08:30 Perhaps you are a lonely listener.
08:33 May be you've lost the loved one,
08:36 perhaps you feel friendless.
08:38 May I suggest possibly what you need,
08:43 is the fellowship of the church family.
08:46 No one should ever feel alone around Christians.
08:51 It happened in New Orleans, September of 1985.
08:59 Two hundred people met for a celebration.
09:02 A hundred of them were lifeguards,
09:04 and they were celebrating because
09:06 in all of New Orleans all season long
09:09 and all of the swimming pool there
09:12 had not been one single death.
09:15 But when the celebration was about over,
09:19 somebody looked down at the deep end
09:21 of the pool and there lay 31-year-old Jerome Moody,
09:27 drown surrounded by friends,
09:31 surrounded by people who were trained
09:34 to save him but they were simply too self
09:37 absorbed to notice.
09:39 And this can happen to Church people too.
09:44 If when you go to Church you become
09:47 too self absorbed with perhaps your duties
09:50 or being with your friends, to notice.
09:52 Then you are not going to help some lonely person
09:57 that perhaps the Holy Spirit has brought
10:00 to your Church just looking for a little love,
10:04 a little friendship.
10:06 And now back to Joseph.
10:10 Joseph was learning to trust God,
10:13 and when we trust God,
10:16 any place becomes a good place.
10:20 Chapter 37 again,
10:23 notice now if you were with me the 36th verse.
10:27 Meanwhile, the Midianites sold Joseph
10:31 in Egypt to Potiphar, one of Pharaoh's officials,
10:35 the captain of the guard.
10:39 His fancy coat was gone.
10:43 First thing he knew he was down on his knees
10:47 doing slave work.
10:50 But the results of this slavery
10:54 and all of these hard works
10:56 that suddenly he was having to do
10:58 for the first time in his life,
10:59 it begins to show a plan that's developing
11:04 and a good reason for this whole thing.
11:07 Ten years of service in the world's most
11:10 advanced country, he learned the language,
11:14 even had a chance to get some education
11:16 and study some science
11:17 and above everything else
11:19 he developed a managerial genius
11:22 and he ended up running this house.
11:25 God was preparing him for something,
11:30 through slavery, through trial.
11:33 Now beside this poor Joseph was unjustly accused.
11:41 Joseph was one handsome hunk.
11:45 Look if you will at chapter 39,
11:49 Genesis 39 verses 6 and 7.
11:54 So he left that is part of her left in Joseph's care
11:59 everything he had, with Joseph in charge,
12:03 he did not concern himself
12:04 with anything except the food he ate.
12:06 Now Joseph was well-built and handsome,
12:11 and after a while his master's wife took
12:15 notice of Joseph and said,
12:16 "Come to bed with me!"
12:21 One handsome hunk Joseph,
12:25 probably took after his beautiful mother Rachel.
12:31 Potiphar's wife was impressed,
12:34 come to bed with me not once
12:36 but the scripture goes on to say
12:38 day after day after day.
12:40 But he always turned away.
12:42 So she got to figuring he is afraid of getting caught,
12:46 wait until someday when the servants
12:49 are not around. Then he will come to bed with me.
12:54 Character, you know,
12:57 is what you are when nobody is looking.
13:00 Do you have some habits,
13:02 some things in your life that you want
13:05 to hide from everybody,
13:07 that you might engage in when nobody is looking,
13:10 and Joseph was a stronger man in that.
13:15 And on this invitation he left his coat
13:19 and he ran and then the ague hit the fan.
13:22 Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned
13:25 and she told Potiphar that Jew slave tried to rape me.
13:29 I screamed he ran;
13:31 here is his coat to prove it.
13:32 Poor Joseph had coat tumble again.
13:36 Bible says Potiphar burn with anger.
13:40 Possibly he was supersensitive
13:44 over this subject in the first place.
13:46 Men with his position in court were
13:49 often required to be eunuchs,
13:51 but anyway Joseph was thrown into prison.
13:56 You know when we do the right thing we expect
14:01 to be praised for it.
14:02 Joseph was jailed for it.
14:06 It's tough to be unjustly accused.
14:10 It's bad enough facing just the accusations
14:14 that we deserve.
14:15 But it becomes very easy
14:18 to drown ourselves in self-pity.
14:21 When we are abused undeservedly,
14:26 trials can hurt. But there was
14:30 another big trial coming up for Joseph.
14:32 Joseph now sent to prison was neglected.
14:37 He was forgotten, Joseph was like a cat.
14:41 He always landed on his feet.
14:43 His character and his administrative
14:46 genius soon had him virtually
14:48 running the prison.
14:50 By the way that proves this not where you are,
14:54 but what you are that counts.
14:55 Any place that Joseph went,
14:57 he became a success in spite of where he was.
15:05 The King's cupbearer was in prison with Joseph
15:09 on suspicion of conspiracy to poison the King.
15:12 Joseph did him a favor.
15:15 The investigation was finally finished
15:19 and the cupbearer was reinstated.
15:22 But before he left and went back to the presence
15:26 of the King, Joseph said
15:27 please remember me. Chapter 40 and verse 23,
15:35 Genesis 40 verse 23, the chief cup-bearer,
15:40 however, did not remember Joseph; he forgot him.
15:46 It's exasperating to do a favor for somebody.
15:51 Loan them money or give them
15:54 a book or may be the use of your lawn more and then,
15:58 they ignore you in return.
16:01 Poor Joseph was ignored.
16:05 It hurts to be ignored.
16:08 As adults we are ignored may be
16:12 by a spouse or by a boss.
16:15 As young people we are,
16:21 annoyed and ignored by perhaps
16:25 the opposite gender.
16:28 As children we are ignored by everybody.
16:34 Joseph was enslaved. He was unjustly accused.
16:40 He was ignored, neglected, forgotten.
16:44 Life's trials can help or hurt,
16:48 but to Joseph's credit,
16:51 Joseph is a beautiful example
16:54 of one who learned how to handle trials.
16:58 Trials help or hurt depending upon
17:00 how we handle them, trials can help.
17:03 What God can make of us depends
17:06 on our reaction when life tries us.
17:11 Little blind girl was out walking with her father,
17:16 came across an icy bridge
17:19 and the water was dashing below,
17:22 the father turns the little girl
17:25 and said are you afraid.
17:31 She said no, but you don't know
17:34 where you are going.
17:37 The little girl answered,
17:38 but I know that you know.
17:43 We don't have to be afraid
17:45 whatever situation we find ourselves in,
17:48 if we really trust our heavenly Father,
17:51 to have a plan for us
17:53 and He is leading us
17:54 and He knows where He is going
17:57 and when we get there,
17:58 we will be glad for the way we were led.
18:03 Now where was God in all of this?
18:09 The answer is astounding
18:11 and it is profound theology.
18:15 See if you catch the theological lesson.
18:18 Where was God in all of these?
18:21 Well, when Joseph was in Potiphar's house,
18:24 notice Chapter 39 and verse 2,
18:28 the Lord was with Joseph and he prospered,
18:32 and he lived in the house of his Egyptian master.
18:35 During all of this trial,
18:38 during all of this slave work
18:39 where was God when we come to a difficult trial.
18:42 A hard time in life we ask, oh, where is God?
18:46 Well, God was there all the time.
18:50 Notice in verse 21 of Chapter 39.
18:59 The Lord was with him speaking now in prison,
19:02 the Lord was with him and he showed him kindness
19:07 and granted him favor in the eyes of
19:10 the prison warden. Where was God
19:14 in the midst of all this trial?
19:17 God was there all the time,
19:21 and when we are in the midst of trial
19:24 where is God. God is there all the time,
19:29 through all of the slavery,
19:31 through all of the loneliness,
19:32 through all the unjust accusation,
19:34 through all being ignored,
19:36 God was there all the time.
19:38 God had not forgotten him.
19:40 God had not forsaken him.
19:43 God was not neglecting him.
19:46 God was preparing him.
19:48 Cars are built nowadays with airbags
19:55 and airbags have become very popular,
19:59 and airbags are wonderful safety device.
20:05 But the truth of the matter is airbags
20:09 do not prevent accidents.
20:12 They do what they are meant to do,
20:15 they prevent injury.
20:17 Christianity is not necessarily
20:21 to prevent trial; Christianity is meant
20:26 to prevent injury. God turns trials
20:30 around and uses them to help us
20:33 instead of bringing injury to us.
20:37 God is not punishing Joseph.
20:43 God is not forsaking,
20:44 God is not neglecting Joseph.
20:46 God is preparing Joseph.
20:49 Now, I want you to notice this.
20:52 As the plan begins to unfold,
20:53 we can't understand this far
20:55 why all of these trials,
20:57 but now we understand.
20:58 God was preparing Joseph
21:01 for a number of very important things.
21:04 First of all, he was preparing him
21:05 to feed Egypt. At the age of 30
21:09 Joseph became the Prime Minister
21:10 whose managerial ability fed Egypt
21:14 through 7 years of famine.
21:16 What a witness to all of Egypt
21:20 that Jehovah God was omnipotent.
21:22 God could bring the rain
21:24 and bring the crops
21:25 and God could control the weather
21:26 and crops would dry up.
21:29 And as Joseph, led them through
21:31 this difficult experience.
21:34 Joseph saved Egypt,
21:37 and he showed the omnipotence
21:40 of a God who was worthy of worship.
21:44 And then another purpose of all of this,
21:49 we are beginning to see God's plan.
21:51 Another purpose was to help
21:54 create the nation of Israel.
21:57 God had promised cannon to Abraham,
22:00 you remember, but Jacob's family up
22:03 there was too small to drive out the Canaanites.
22:07 And the nation was not being established
22:10 so what did God do.
22:11 Through Jacob's being a favorite down in Egypt,
22:15 Joseph being a favorite,
22:18 Jacob brought his family down
22:20 into Egypt and there in friendly Egypt,
22:23 they became a nation.
22:25 It was there that they became strong enough
22:28 to go back and possess the land of Cannon.
22:32 And so God you see I had a plan.
22:37 He was preparing Joseph to,
22:40 to help establish the nation of Israel.
22:45 And another thing,
22:46 He was preparing Joseph to be a reconciler,
22:49 a reconciler in a dysfunctional family.
22:58 Jacob died Joseph could have said pay back
23:03 time instead notice in Genesis Chapter 50,
23:11 Genesis Chapter 50 and verses 18 to 21,
23:19 we come to the close now of the book of Genesis.
23:23 Genesis 50 and verse 18.
23:27 His brothers then came and threw themselves down
23:31 before him "We are your slaves, "they said.
23:33 But Joseph said to them, "don't be afraid.
23:37 Am I in the place of God?
23:40 You intended to harm me,
23:43 but God intended it for good to accomplish
23:46 what is now being done, the saving of many lives.
23:51 So then, don't be afraid.
23:53 I will provide for you and your children."
23:57 And he reassured them and spoke kindly to them.
24:01 Ah! Joseph understood now, God's plan.
24:07 God intended, you intended it for harm
24:10 but God intended it for good 1963 George Wallace
24:18 was governor of the State of Alabama.
24:22 He stood one day in the door way
24:25 of the University of Alabama to prevent Vivian Jones
24:30 from enrolling.
24:32 Thirty three years later these two were together
24:36 once more on a platform and he turned to her
24:40 and he apologized and she turned to him
24:44 and forgave him. This has been called
24:49 one of the true moments of reconciliation
24:52 in all of American History.
24:53 So, life trials help us or hurt us
24:58 depending upon how we handle them.
25:01 In the midst of them we tend to get pretty short
25:03 sighted but God never leaves his children
25:06 otherwise then they would choose to be led
25:08 if they could just see the end from the beginning.
25:11 God had a master plan for Joseph life
25:14 only a positive reaction to life trials
25:18 prepared him to fulfill it.
25:19 And God has a master plan for your life.
25:22 None of us knows just exactly what it is
25:26 but I know one part of it,
25:27 He wants to make each of us reconcilers like
25:31 Joseph. Down in Puerto Vallarta,
25:34 Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton
25:37 owned a home together.
25:39 They built on the other side of the street
25:43 in Annex, and in order to not have to go through
25:47 the street where all the paparazzi were,
25:49 they built a bridge overhead.
25:51 And when they had a disagreement,
25:54 Burton would go over and sleep in the Annex,
25:56 and she would sleep in the main house.
26:01 But sometimes in the morning,
26:04 they met on the bridge of reconciliation.
26:08 She would have locked the door
26:12 behind him as he left the night before
26:14 and he would lock the door on his side.
26:17 And in the morning having cooled
26:22 their tempers a bit,
26:23 they would sometimes step out onto the bridge
26:27 of reconciliation and they would be
26:30 reconciled together.
26:33 Is there someone with whom
26:35 you need to be reconciled today?
26:38 Perhaps someone you need to forgive.
26:41 Is there, perhaps someone in the family
26:46 whom you need to be reconcile with?
26:49 How about your relationship with God?
26:51 Have you blamed Him for the trials
26:53 that have come your way?
26:54 Step out today on the bridge of reconciliation.
27:01 Let's pray.
27:04 Father, please forgive us
27:09 where we have accused you when life was unfair.
27:13 And may we today commit ourselves to your plan.
27:17 Make us reconcilers, may we,
27:22 everyone today meet our Savior
27:25 on the bridge of reconciliation,
27:29 we pray in Jesus name, amen.
27:32 Thanks for tuning in Faith Chapel.
27:36 Is there someone with whom you need
27:40 to make reconciliation?
27:42 If so, don't you think maybe today
27:47 would be a right day to do it,
27:50 may God richly bless you and yours.


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