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How Bad Are The Jews?

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00:30 Welcome to Faith Chapel I'm Jeff Zaremsky.
00:32 Today we're gonna be talking about How bad
00:34 have the Jewish people been as a nation down
00:37 through history. Let's start with prayer.
00:40 Our Lord God King of the Universe,
00:43 speak to our hearts from heaven,
00:44 in Jesus name, amen.
00:48 So, I'm gonna ask you a question,
00:49 lets start with a question how bad have
00:51 the Jewish people been. So what do you think.
00:54 In the history of the Jewish as a whole how
00:57 often have they rejected God? Would you say
01:00 50 percent of the time, would you say
01:02 65 percent of the time or would you say
01:05 80 percent time. Now if you're like most audiences
01:08 you are saying 80 percent of the time, few will say
01:10 65 percent of the time and maybe one or two
01:13 will 50 percent of the time, but the vast
01:14 majority will say 80 percent of the time.
01:16 Now we're gonna go through the scriptures,
01:18 we're gonna look through the scriptures very
01:20 quickly. So fasten your seat belt and in case
01:22 of emergency your seat will double as an
01:24 flotation device. Alright we're gonna start with
01:26 the tour, we're gonna look through the books
01:28 of Moses, The History of Moses and it's
01:31 interesting to find as you read through it
01:33 that of all the rebellions that are mentioned
01:35 in the, in the Deuteronomy and Exodus account
01:38 that only four of all the rebellions mentioned
01:42 take place in the last 39 years of that 40
01:46 years wandering in the wilderness.
01:48 All of the other rebellions take place in
01:50 the very first year of coming out of slavery
01:53 after hundreds of years of being slaves in
01:56 Egypt with no Bible handy and so there was
01:58 some rebellion in the beginning quite a bit,
02:01 but most of it takes place in the first year.
02:03 39 years only four rebellions recorded.
02:07 Now how is your last 39 years been.
02:10 If God was recording your rebellion over the
02:12 last 39 years, where there only before to
02:14 record, so 39 years only four rebellions as a
02:17 history is a whole that's not too bad.
02:20 So then we go to the book of Joshua and in
02:23 Joshua chapter 24 verse 31 it says,
02:26 And Israel served the Lord all the days of
02:30 Joshua and all days of the elders that
02:33 outlived Joshua. So Israel served the Lord
02:35 all the days of Joshua and all the days of
02:37 the Israel, of the leaders that outlived Joshua,
02:39 so about 24 years is what is usually estimated
02:43 for that time period. So between the 39 and
02:47 the 24 years only four mentions of rebellions,
02:50 that's 63 good years in a row and one bad
02:53 year. So we're gonna have to get up to 80
02:55 percent, we're gonna have to pick up the pace
02:57 here on bad years. But we're coming to the
02:59 book of Judges. Well Judges that's a horrible,
03:02 horrible time, just everyone doing what seems
03:05 right in their own eyes. Well let's look at the
03:07 book of Judges and let's go to our first text
03:09 Judges chapter 3 verse 8 and it says,
03:13 Therefore the anger of the Lord was hot
03:16 against Israel, and he sold them into the hand
03:19 of Cush, Cush, you wanna try that,
03:22 I don't know, you can try and pronounce that,
03:23 the King of Mesopotamia. And the children of
03:26 Israel served this guy for eight years.
03:29 Okay so we got eight bad years they're
03:31 serving this, this foreign King and for eight
03:35 so we got eight bad years. Let's go on to our
03:37 next text verse 9 and it says, And when the
03:41 children of Israel cried unto the Lord,
03:45 the Lord raised up a deliverer of the children
03:48 of Israel who delivered them, even Othniel
03:51 the son of Caleb. Caleb's younger brother.
03:57 And the Spirit of the Lord came upon him,
03:59 and he judged Israel and went out to war and
04:02 the Lord delivered this guy King of Mesopotamia
04:07 into their hand, and his hand prevailed against
04:09 them and the land had rest forty years.
04:15 So under Caleb's brother as a ruler he had
04:18 rest, we had peace, following the Lord for
04:20 forty years. Judges starts off with eight
04:23 bad years, but then forty good years.
04:28 As we continue on in Judges chapter 3
04:30 verse 12, And the children of Israel did evil
04:32 again in the sight of the Lord 18 years.
04:36 Verse 15, But when the children of Israel
04:38 cried out to the Lord, the Lord raised them
04:39 up a deliverer, Ehud and the land had rest
04:43 80 years. So 18 bad, so we have 8 bad,
04:47 40 good. 18 bad, 80 good and the children,
04:52 in verse, chapter 4 verse 1, And the children
04:54 of Israel again did evil in the sight of the
04:56 LORD. And the LORD sold them into the hand
04:58 of Jabin King of Canaan 20 years.
05:01 So 20 bad years and then Deborah arose
05:05 and the land had rest forty years.
05:09 And so during the time of Deborah we had
05:10 rest for 40 years, the prophetess and Judge
05:14 Deborah. Then going on to chapter 6,
05:17 And the children of Israel did evil in the
05:19 sight of the Lord: and the Lord delivered them
05:21 into the hand of Midian seven years.
05:24 Then chapter 8 verse 34 and we are just
05:26 moving through very quickly and just hitting
05:28 the highlights. But the Spirit of the LORD
05:30 came upon Gideon, and the country was in
05:32 quietness 40 years in the days of Gideon and
05:36 so what we're seeing is kind of like your stocks.
05:38 It might say hey I wouldn't want a stock
05:39 that's going up and down and up and down
05:41 all the time, but it might not be too bad if
05:43 I told you that one of you had a stock that
05:45 had 39 up then 24 up and then just has eight
05:50 down, but then goes up again another 40
05:52 and then maybe goes down 18, but then
05:54 goes 80 and so there's this up and down,
05:57 but the ups are much higher than the downs.
06:00 And are more often then the downs and
06:02 last longer and are higher then the downs.
06:04 Then you say hey that's a great stock,
06:05 it's going on up and yeah, it has some lows,
06:08 but its going up and that's how the stocks
06:10 work and that's what we're seeing,
06:11 that was in the book of Judges.
06:13 Now we're not done with the book of Judges.
06:14 We're gonna go to Judges chapter 10,
06:18 verses 1 and 2 and the text says, And after
06:22 Abimelech there arose to defend Israel Tola
06:25 the son of Puah, the son of Dodo,
06:27 a man of Issachar, and he dwelt in Shamir
06:30 in Mount Ephraim. And he judged the Israel
06:34 twenty and three years and he died and was
06:36 buried in Shamir. Now in that text,
06:39 it mentions this Judge, this Tola the son of
06:42 Puah, the son of Dodo that he judged Israel
06:45 23 years and then he dies. It doesn't say
06:47 whether they had lent at rest, whether he
06:50 did that which was right in the sight of the
06:51 Lord, whether they did that which was evil.
06:53 It doesn't say either or it just says that
06:56 he just reigned 23 years. Can you imagine
06:58 if you reigned over a whole nation for 23
07:00 years and the only thing that's recorded is
07:04 that you are the grandson of Dodo.
07:06 I mean maybe that's, you know pretty playful,
07:08 but I guess the only thing worse than that
07:09 is being Dodo yourself or being the father
07:12 of Dodo, but anyway that's all that Bible says
07:14 and so that's kind of just a neutral time.
07:16 Technically probably if it was bad the Bible
07:19 would have said so, but its neutral and so we
07:21 just leave that as neutral. Alright, going
07:23 pass the book of Judges, we come to the
07:25 time of Eli, Eli ruled over Israel for 40 years
07:29 basically doing that which was good
07:31 followed by Samuel for 46 years also basically
07:35 doing that which was good. And so lets
07:37 look at our totals together now.
07:38 The totals for the book of Judges during
07:41 plus the time of Eli and Samuel we have a
07:44 total of a 113 bad years, 312 good years and
07:52 70 neutral years. That's pretty amazing to me,
07:56 I mean you know we were all saying that
07:57 it was gonna be 80 percent of the time was
07:59 bad and already we are seeing that its only
08:01 about less than 30 percent bad and most of
08:05 the time good. And all this through the book
08:07 of Judges. Let's go on and look at the Kings.
08:11 We have King Saul. King Saul reigned for
08:13 39 years and you know, we don't know how,
08:16 when he started going bad. It might had been
08:18 20 years into his reign, we don't know and,
08:20 but he did do some that was not good.
08:22 We'll just play that one neutral just to play
08:24 it safe. David reigns 40 years and of course
08:27 he had some of his problems, but certainly
08:30 I think I will record him as having good years
08:32 and Israel doing good under that time,
08:34 so 40 years. Solomon comes along and
08:37 Solomon starts off real good, he had some
08:38 problems, but then he ends real good,
08:41 so we'll count him as neutral as well.
08:45 And so during the, and so far more we all
08:47 know what we've seen that there are seven
08:49 good years, good reigning Judges and Kings
08:53 that last 40 years. 40 years in the Bible is
08:55 a generation and so we have Caleb's brother,
08:58 younger brother Ehud. Ehud had a double 40
09:01 had 80 good years. Deborah had 40 good years.
09:03 Gideon had 40 good years. Eli had 40
09:06 good years. David had 40 good years.
09:08 Solomon had 40 good years, so there's a
09:10 generation of good years, sevens of them
09:15 and one was a double. Now Soul only had
09:18 39 years, God only allowed him to be King
09:20 39 years, God allows him to die just before
09:23 he reaches that 40th year, that total of
09:27 generation, that total of goodness because he
09:29 didn't, he rejected, God gave him that much
09:31 time to repent and turn and so he gets
09:33 cut off before he reaches the 40th year.
09:37 So, lets look through the rest of the book
09:39 of Kings and King Solomon dies and it's in
09:43 First King chapter 14 and verse 21 and 22
09:46 it talks about: Rehoboam his son and he
09:49 reigned seventeen years and Judah did
09:52 evil in the sight of the Lord, so that
09:53 would be on the bad side specifically tells
09:55 us they did evil in the sight of the Lord
09:56 seventeen years. Now, at this time Israel
09:59 and Judah splits, there is a civil war and the
10:02 Northern tribes of Israel never have a good
10:04 King from thereon, never do any good.
10:06 And so we would count them as 100 percent
10:08 bad the rest of the time, but we're gonna
10:10 focus on Judah and that's where the Jews
10:12 come from, through the line of Judah.
10:14 Jews come, the term comes from Judah to
10:16 shorten derivative of Judah Jews. And, and
10:20 so we're gonna follow the line of Judah from
10:22 here on out. And so, chapter 15 verses 2 and 3.
10:27 Abijam reigned over Judah three years and
10:30 he walked in the sins of his father.
10:32 So, it's seventeen bad years and then his
10:34 son three bad years. And then chapter
10:37 15 verses 10 and 11, Asa reigned over Judah
10:40 forty and one years doing that which was
10:44 right in the eyes of the Lord. So, again we
10:46 see the same pattern, a few bad years but
10:48 then many good years, forty one good years.
10:51 Jumping to chapter 22 verses 42 and 43,
10:56 Jehoshaphat reigned twenty and five years,
10:59 twenty five years doing that which was right
11:02 in the eyes of the Lord. Second Kings chapter
11:04 11 verses 1 and 3, Athaliah, the mother of
11:09 Ahaziah destroyed all her heirs.
11:11 This queen mother decides that she is going
11:13 to kill all her children, so that she can be
11:15 the queen and it's a horrible time and she
11:17 does this and she reigns six years.
11:20 It's all that God allows her to reign.
11:22 All the bad Kings God cuts off very soon,
11:24 very short amount of time only six years
11:27 and in chapter 12 verses 1 and 2 picks it
11:29 up saying, Joash reigned forty years,
11:32 as a boy King, eight -year-old boy King.
11:35 He reigns forty years and he did that which
11:38 was right in the side of the Lord.
11:41 And after her it continues on for a hundred
11:43 and thirty seven good years in a row after
11:47 that wicked queen. She only got six years
11:49 and then we go hundred and thirty seven good
11:52 years. How are your stocks doing?
11:54 Hundred and thirty seven up, only six down.
11:57 And that's what we see happening.
11:59 When we get to chapter 21 of Second Kings
12:03 verse 1, Menasseh's talked about and it says
12:05 Mennasseh reigned fifty five years.
12:09 And he did that which was evil in the side
12:13 of the Lord. Now, Menasseh is the only bad
12:18 King. The only bad King that reigns more than
12:20 twenty years. Most bad Kings don't even
12:24 make ten years. While, most of the good
12:28 years are more than twenty years.
12:32 Most of the bad years are less than ten years;
12:34 most of the good years are more than twenty
12:37 years. Now, God allows Menasseh to have
12:39 fifty five years because God loves us.
12:43 God loves the sinners and God's gonna give
12:45 us opportunity after opportunity after
12:46 opportunity to accept him. And Menasseh
12:48 eventually does turn to the Lord at the end
12:51 of his life. That's why he was allowed to
12:53 reign fifty five years until he finally gives
12:57 into the Lord. Otherwise he probably would
12:58 had short under twenty like all the other bad
13:01 times. So, how does our picture look,
13:03 how does it look for the, for the, for the time,
13:06 the total for all the books of Kings of
13:08 following the, the, the Kings of Judah,
13:10 how does it look? Let's take a look at our
13:12 screen here. And, and we have our totals
13:15 for the Kings, the time of the Kings Bad time
13:18 118, Good 303, Neutral 79. That almost parallels
13:28 what it was in judges. Just a hundred or so
13:32 bad, over three hundred good and 70 something
13:35 neutral. So, again we're seeing the bad
13:38 years only amount to the, to about less than
13:42 one third of all the bad time. And we were
13:47 thinking it was 80 percent. Now, let's look
13:49 at our totals then from the time of Moses all
13:51 the way to the time that we're taking captive
13:53 in Babylon. Let's count up our figures here,
13:56 where does it come to our totals from Moses
13:57 to Babylon, 232 bad years, good years 678,
14:03 neutral years are 149, that amounts to only
14:07 232 bad years out of over a thousand
14:12 years of good years. Or of, or, or of total
14:15 including neutral years. So, only 232 that the
14:18 Bible specifically says was bad years,
14:21 that's only about 25 percent less than 25
14:24 percent of the time. And again I,
14:26 if I look over my life I wish I could say the
14:30 only 25 percent was bad. And so, what we're
14:35 seeing how about during the time when we
14:37 have the time of Babylon and, and till the
14:39 time of the Messiah. We have many good times,
14:40 we have Daniel, we have Mishael, Hananiah,
14:44 Azariah, that's their Hebrew names, they're
14:46 known often by their Babylonian names.
14:48 Then we have also Esther and Mordecai and
14:50 Nehemiah and Ezra and, and the coming back
14:53 and the rebuilding of the second, the building
14:55 of the second temple. We have Maccabees
14:57 and so we have many, many good years in
14:59 the time between the, before the Messiah
15:02 comes. And now how about the time,
15:04 during the time of the Messiah? How did the
15:06 Jewish people rate during the time of Messiah?
15:10 We still haven't come anywhere close to
15:11 reaching that 80 percent of bad times.
15:13 So, let's see here during the time of the Messiah.
15:16 Acts chapter 2 verse 31 tells us that three
15:19 thousand Jewish people became believers
15:21 and were immersed, were baptized at that time.
15:25 Acts chapter 4 verse 4 says that, five thousand
15:29 Jewish people plus, actually Jewish men plus
15:33 women and children became believers in the
15:36 Messiah and Jesus as the Messiah. And so, five
15:39 thousand plus women and children, well that's
15:40 got to be at least ten thousand there plus the
15:42 three thousand before. And so you're talking
15:45 many thousands. Jules Isaac in his book Jesus
15:49 and Israel, page 101. He's quoted as saying
15:52 within three and a half years about 25,000
15:57 Jewish people in and around Jerusalem believed
16:01 in Jesus as the Messiah. Twenty five
16:04 thousand, that's a pretty good number,
16:06 That's a lot of people. Some estimate that might
16:08 have been a good 25 percent of the population
16:11 at that time that be a good number today
16:14 to have a city and around city of 25,000
16:17 believers. Let's go to Acts chapter 6 verse 7
16:21 and let's, let's read that one together,
16:22 let's take a look at that. Acts chapter 7,
16:24 And the word of God increased; and the
16:27 number of disciples multiplied in Jerusalem
16:31 greatly; and a great company of the priests
16:36 were obedient to the faith. So, we see
16:38 here right there in Jerusalem and Jewish
16:40 people great numbers, great multitude in
16:43 Jerusalem, greatly plus of the priest as well.
16:46 Of the spiritual leaders of the Jewish people,
16:49 a great company the text said. A great
16:52 company of the Jewish priests were obedient
16:55 to the faith became believers in Jesus as the
16:57 Messiah. In acts chapter 14, well, sharing this,
17:03 this message one time at a, at a, at a place
17:07 in a sermon. And right afterwards a man came
17:09 up to me and he opened his Bible and pointed
17:11 to Acts chapter 13 verse 46 and he read it
17:14 to me. That it was necessary for the Word
17:16 of God to be spoken to you. But seeing you
17:18 put it from you, we turn to the gentiles.
17:20 And he closed his Bible and he said, see the
17:22 Jews were rejected, Paul then turned to the
17:24 gentiles and that was the end for the Jewish
17:27 people and he turned away from me and he
17:28 walked away. Now, if he would have just read,
17:33 just seven verses later. That was in Antioch.
17:36 And, and the Bible says that in Antioch there
17:38 were many Jewish believers, but what had
17:40 happened was some or maybe even the
17:43 majority of the Jewish people in that city,
17:46 everyone who had the opportunity to hear it,
17:47 everyone who wanted to receive it,
17:49 received it, everyone who didn't, didn't.
17:50 And Paul said, okay I'm done here in the
17:52 synagogue. I'm going to now go to the
17:53 gentiles in this city. We go just seven verses
17:57 later to chapter, Acts chapter 14 verse 1 and
18:01 we'll read this together. Acts chapter 14 verse
18:03 1, And it came to pass in Iconium, that they
18:06 went both together into the synagogue of
18:09 the Jews, and so spake that a great multitude
18:14 both of the Jews and also of the Greeks believed.
18:18 And so Paul right after he's done in Antioch,
18:20 and after he had done taken it to the gentiles,
18:22 he then goes to this next town, he goes to Iconium
18:25 and he goes into the synagogue of the Jews
18:28 and he's preaching again to the Jews,
18:29 so he hasn't now rejected the Jews and
18:31 cleansed his hands of the Jews and gone only
18:33 to the gentiles. He goes back to his,
18:35 his routine of going to the Jews first and
18:36 then also to the gentiles. And he shares
18:38 with the Jewish people there and a great
18:40 multitude of Jewish people and Greek people
18:42 believed on him there. In chapter, Acts chapter
18:46 17 verse 6, the Jewish people said that they,
18:49 they have turned the world upside down,
18:51 these Jewish missionaries have turned the
18:52 world upside down. Paul and Barnabas and Silas
18:55 they've, they've turned the world upside down.
18:57 Now, they weren't so concerned about the
18:59 whole gentile world. They're talking about hey,
19:01 our religious structure, they turned the Jewish
19:03 world upside down, Jewish believers are believing
19:06 in him. We look in Acts chapter 17 verses 10
19:10 and 12. And it talks about the Bereans and
19:12 maybe you remember the Bereans they're known
19:14 for being more noble then the Thessalonikis
19:17 because they searched the scriptures to see
19:19 if what Paul said was true. Well, the Bereans were
19:22 Jewish. It says, he went into Bereans,
19:25 he went into the synagogue of the Jews
19:26 and many of them believed. So, the Bereans
19:29 were Jewish believers, that was searched the
19:32 scriptures to check and make sure that what
19:35 Paul said was true and they believed.
19:37 So, we don't see a massive rejection,
19:40 we see actually in all the places Jews, Jews,
19:43 Jewish people coming to the Lord and accepting
19:44 the Messiah even during the time of the Messiah
19:47 and even after the time of the Messiah.
19:51 And Paul points this out in Romans chapter 11
19:54 verse 17, when he says, if some of the branches
19:59 were broken off, and you were grafted in among
20:04 them being a wild olive branch were grafted
20:06 in among them. And so he says, some were
20:09 broken off, it doesn't even say many were
20:11 broken off, it doesn't even say most are broken
20:12 off. Paul says, some were broken off and then
20:16 the gentiles are grafted in among them,
20:19 among the Jewish believers. So, we don't
20:22 see doing away with the Jews and a bringing
20:24 in of the gentiles we see a uniting of both
20:27 together and that is God's plan. So, how would
20:32 we rate this today as far as missionary success,
20:36 if, if we sent a missionary, if you went
20:40 or someone went to, to some place where there
20:42 was no Bibles, they didn't believe in the Bible
20:44 at all, they're, they're eating one another and
20:46 doing all kinds of sins. And you go there
20:49 with your Bible, not one of them is a Bible
20:50 believer, not one of them has ever heard of
20:52 God and you go there with your Bible and you
20:54 start sharing and preaching and, and, and,
20:56 and services going on. And you comeback to,
20:59 to the, to the home country and they ask
21:01 how did it go? And you say, oh well the leader
21:03 of the tribes there they, they, they rejected
21:06 it, they tore down my posters, they,
21:08 they broke up the meeting continually,
21:10 we had such problems; they tried to kill me
21:12 a few times, oh it was miserable. And, and
21:15 the people say, oh well that's too bad.
21:17 So, yeah they rejected it all. And they say,
21:19 you say, they say, well that's too bad, boy did
21:21 anybody believe, did anybody come to the
21:23 faith at least even just one story.
21:25 And you say, well yeah actually about 25
21:27 percent of them believed. Actually 25,000 of
21:30 them believed. Actually many of their leaders
21:32 and many of their, their teachers believed.
21:35 And all within just a short period of time,
21:38 three and a half years or about 25 percent.
21:41 Would you call that a rejection? Would you
21:43 call that a failure or would you say, hey that
21:45 was a victory, 25 percent of this country,
21:48 of this nation, of the city are now believers
21:51 that's a victory. So, that's funny how we
21:54 look at history and we look at the past.
21:57 So, well how about in the last 2000 years?
21:59 How are the Jewish people rated over the
22:00 last 2000 years. Well, let's look at what choices
22:04 they had after that early first hundred years
22:08 where the Bible was being spread and the
22:09 gospel was going forward. Let's look into the
22:11 dark ages, it really the last one thousand
22:13 nine hundred years. Let's take a look at what
22:15 their choices were as we look at what they had
22:18 to choose from? Where most of the people and
22:20 the only choice they had was to possibly bow
22:23 down to a statue. And so, which would you
22:25 choose, what would you choose? If this,
22:27 if you were living let's say a thousand years
22:28 ago, and these are the choices you have.
22:31 You have to bow down to a statue, you're
22:33 gonna be a Christian, you're gonna believe in,
22:35 in, in, in, in, in Jesus. You are gonna have to
22:38 bow down to a statue, you're gonna have to
22:40 pray to a saint, you're gonna have to reject
22:42 the Bible, stop reading the Bible. Bible is
22:45 outlawed, you can only read the catechisms
22:48 and you have to break the Sabbath and you
22:51 have to start eating pork. You have to do
22:52 those things. That's your only choice or
22:55 would you choose, that's your only choice
22:57 or you can continue to worship God,
23:02 pray to God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and
23:04 Jacob, pray to the creator, praying to him,
23:08 continue reading the Bible even on the pain
23:10 of death, even though it's outlawed,
23:13 even though many of your relatives have
23:14 been killed for doing the very same thing,
23:15 you are reading the Bible, you are keeping
23:17 the Sabbath and eating Biblically.
23:20 Which would you choose? What would you
23:22 choose? Would you choose to bow down
23:24 to the idol, pray to the saint, reject the Bible,
23:28 stop reading the Bible, break the Sabbath and
23:31 start eating pork and other unclean foods?
23:34 Or would you continue worshiping God?
23:37 Praying to God and get they did have the
23:38 New Testament outlawed. They weren't able
23:40 to read it. Well, there was the Torah continue
23:42 worshiping God, praying to God,
23:43 even though you're gonna killed and many
23:46 of them, many of them did for reading the Bible
23:48 and worshiping God and praying to God and
23:51 keeping the Sabbath and eating only those
23:53 things that the Bible says are appropriate to
23:55 eat. That was the choices they had.
23:57 And for the last nineteen hundred years,
23:59 many of the Jewish people chose to risk and
24:03 die, to follow what the Bible says. See the only
24:08 picture that they had of Jesus was a picture of
24:11 him as a law breaking, Torah breaking,
24:16 Bible annulling, pork eating, Sabbath breaking
24:21 pagan. And Jew killing pagan, that was the
24:25 picture that was presented to them,
24:27 that was the only choice they had,
24:28 if you want Jesus this is the Jesus that is
24:30 presented to them. And that's what they
24:32 were rejecting, they weren't rejecting the
24:35 Jesus that maybe you and I know in reading
24:37 the full word of God. They were rejecting that
24:39 false picture of Jesus. So how will God judge
24:42 in the end? How will He judge you,
24:44 what would you have chosen? How would you
24:47 judge if you were God judging those people?
24:49 Be careful with that because as we judge,
24:51 so will we be judged. In the Book of Romans
24:55 chapter 11 verse 25, let's read this together.
24:58 For I do not desire brethren, that you should
25:00 be ignorant of this mystery. God doesn't
25:02 wants to be ignorant regarding this.
25:03 Lest we become wise in our conceits.
25:07 We maybe wise, you know, would be proud
25:08 and think we know it all, but that blindness in
25:12 part only partial blindness happened to
25:16 Israel until the fullness of the gentiles is coming
25:21 in. Paul says that there was gonna be a blindness
25:24 in part on partial blindness, just missing
25:26 that part, but still keeping the rest of it.
25:28 A blindness in part until and then after that
25:32 until obviously then the blinders come off.
25:34 And that's what happening right now.
25:35 Jewish people are accepting the messiah
25:37 again because the blinders have come out,
25:38 because the fullness of the gentiles are
25:40 coming in. The gospel is going to the fullness
25:44 the station and the gospel, when missionaries
25:47 are taking the Bible and the, and the word
25:49 of God to all the world. So, the fullness of
25:51 the gentiles and in the fullness of the message.
25:54 Not just the partial gospel, but the whole
25:55 gospel, the whole Bible, not just one third
25:58 and New Testament, but the whole Bible is
26:00 being presented until the fullness of the
26:02 gentiles is coming in. And we're seeing that
26:05 and so blindness, is blindness had been taken
26:08 away and Jewish people are coming in.
26:11 In Romans chapter 11 verses 1 and 2 Paul says,
26:16 I see then, Has God cast away his people?
26:18 God forbid. God has not cast away His people
26:22 which he for knew, that's the words of Paul.
26:24 Romans chapter 11 verses 1 and 2.
26:27 In the time of Galileo, there was the Tower
26:30 of Pisa and they were teaching at that time
26:32 that if you drop two weights of, of different,
26:35 two objects of different weights they would
26:37 fall at different times. The, the bigger one,
26:39 the heavier one would fall first.
26:41 Galileo said no they would fall at the same
26:43 exact rate. And so to prove his point;
26:45 he went up to the top of the Tower of Pisa.
26:47 And he, and he pushed off a little pebble and
26:49 a refrigerator at the same time, well maybe it
26:51 wasn't a refrigerator, but a big object and a
26:53 small object, he pushes them off at the same
26:55 time and all the other teachers are there,
26:57 some are on top, some are at the bottom and
26:59 they both fall and they fall boom at the same
27:01 exact time. They all see it, all the teachers
27:04 see it. And they all go back to their students
27:07 and they all go back and say, if you push two
27:11 weights off different weights, two objects
27:12 of different weights, the heavier one is
27:14 gonna fall first. They saw it with their own eyes,
27:18 but they went back to teaching what they
27:20 always taught. What have you always believed,
27:22 what have you always taught regarding what
27:23 we have just looked at today. That the Jews
27:26 have been bad 80 percent of the time,
27:27 that they bad over and over and over again.
27:29 We've seen that there were only bad about 20
27:31 percent of the time. And that God has not
27:34 rejected His people. So, what are you gonna
27:36 do with this, what are you gonna do when
27:37 you go back and teach Sunday school or Sabbath
27:39 school or teach your children. How are we going
27:41 to look at the Bible from now on?
27:44 We're going to allow it to impact our lives.
27:46 I pray that as we've seen this today,
27:48 you will have a deep impact on how we relate
27:49 to one another and God's mercy
27:51 and His love, God bless you.


Revised 2014-12-17