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00:08 Beautiful
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00:30 Welcome to Faith Chapel.
00:32 My name is J. D. Quinn.
00:34 We've got a program today that applies to everyone.
00:38 It's entitled, "Satan's Tangled Web"
00:41 It is basically about how to be set free.
00:44 But before we go there, I want to invite the Lord in...
00:47 Father, I just thank You for this wonderful day
00:49 that you've created.
00:51 Dear Father, I just ask that there's someone out there
00:54 as well as myself that needs to be set free.
00:57 There are ways we get tangled up in different messes
01:01 Dear Father, we just want to turn it over to you.
01:04 So I'm asking Lord that You'll get me totally out of the way.
01:07 Let the Holy Spirit work through me
01:09 to bless someone today.
01:12 But before that Dear Father
01:13 I ask that you forgive us of our sins
01:16 If anyone has some type of issue in their own heart
01:19 Right now, we are asking that it be forgiven.
01:22 Thank You Jesus, We invite you into our hearts
01:25 into our minds. Just take care of us.
01:28 In the name of Your Precious Son Jesus we pray. Amen
01:30 We're going to talk
01:33 about Satan's tangled web today.
01:35 A spider is a predatory animal
01:40 that spins cells to make traps for its prey.
01:42 And after spinning its web and everything
01:46 the spider waits for a small impact
01:51 on the web and when it is felt
01:55 the spider reaches out and grabs its prey.
01:59 My dear brothers and sisters, this is exactly how Satan works.
02:05 He has a net out there. He knows our vulnerabilities.
02:08 He knows when to take advantage of us.
02:10 He is also very deceptive and very smart,
02:15 as is the spider.
02:17 Now I imagine that there's people out there
02:24 that have been in a similar situation.
02:26 that feel as if they've been in a trap.
02:29 Some people feel as if they've been corralled.
02:31 Perhaps it happened without them noticing what was going on.
02:35 Maybe they thought
02:36 "Well I'll just push the envelope a little bit further. "
02:38 And then all of a sudden they got themselves caught...
02:43 and then they became miserable.
02:46 If you find yourself in the situation of being caught
02:52 it could be a gambling sin
02:55 it could be an addiction of pornography
02:58 it could be alcoholism, it could be drug addiction
03:02 it could be a sexual sin
03:05 it could even be a cherished sin
03:07 and you've tried to get out of this 'your' way,
03:11 I want to introduce you to 'His Way. '
03:16 His way is with a capital 'H'
03:19 that's Jesus Christ's way.
03:21 I'd like for you to turn to 1 Corinthians 14:33
03:30 We're going to start there.
03:32 But before I get there I want to talk about Charlotte.
03:36 We're going to use Charlotte as an example of one
03:41 who went through a lot of different addictions.
03:43 And she got rid of all these addictions
03:46 basically, by a lot of prayer and by herself.
03:51 But she could not get away from the habit of cigarettes.
03:56 She called up one day and said, "Listen I need some help...
04:01 Can you help me? "
04:02 I said, "What's the issue? "
04:04 So she explained and right then I went to Isaiah 46:10.
04:10 And I said, "Before we start this Charlotte,
04:13 why don't we invite the Holy Spirit in. "
04:15 I love to involve the Holy Spirit in anything I do
04:18 because I can't see outside the room.
04:21 But He sees everything that's going on.
04:25 He sees the beginning from the end.
04:27 And boy, what peace, what comfort that can give you
04:31 if you have that understanding
04:34 that you're not in this by yourself.
04:37 Charlotte said she wanted this help.
04:41 So I said, "Okay, let's go through some steps.
04:45 Is that alright with you Charlotte? "
04:46 She was very co-operative.
04:49 She was sick and tired of being sick and tired.
04:54 So, Satan like the spider and its predatory ways
05:01 had captured her, gotten her in that net.
05:04 Now, how are we going to get out of there?
05:06 Let's go now to 1 Corinthians 14:33
05:10 if you have it in your Bible you can follow along.
05:23 what I want to concentrate on here
05:25 is that God is not the author of confusion
05:28 but of peace.
05:30 Whenever there's conflict, red flag goes up
05:32 we know there's an enemy in the camp.
05:34 I would like for you now to follow with me in
05:36 2 Corinthians 10:5
05:50 That's what I want to concentrate on
05:52 bringing the thoughts into the Mind of Christ
05:58 Because at that particular time
06:00 we realize that with Charlotte
06:02 with the habit of cigarettes
06:05 the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God
06:09 for pulling down those strongholds.
06:10 Remember, the stronghold against Charlotte
06:13 is those nasty, filthy cigarettes.
06:17 So, what I want to do because we're bringing that thought
06:20 captive is to replace it with God's promise!
06:25 Let's go to 1 Corinthians 15:57
06:41 My brothers and sisters, put that promise on a 3 x 5 card
06:46 and put it in the back of your mind
06:49 or the frontal lobe, or wherever it is you remember!
06:52 It says, "Thanks be to God who gives us the victory! "
06:56 Also like Hebrews 10:23
07:00 look it up later... It says,
07:01 "Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering,
07:06 "... for He who promised is faithful. "
07:10 If God says it, He means it
07:13 that is His promise and He will see to it that it happens.
07:17 Now let's go to Psalms 129:4
07:31 Now, I look at this, maybe a little bit different.
07:36 But it is just the way my mind works
07:38 because I'm a visual type person.
07:41 So whenever I'm talking about cutting the cords of the wicked
07:44 rather than that three strand cord that, at times,
07:48 the Bible refers to, I think of
07:50 an umbilical cord.
07:51 I see that umbilical cord as full of corruption
07:57 I just want to cut that cord.
08:02 So, I cut it because of the promises of Jesus Christ
08:04 through the victory that He is promising me.
08:06 As I see the umbilical cord fall to the ground
08:11 I step on it!
08:13 Satan, you were defeated 2,000 years ago
08:15 you have no place in my life
08:17 Get thee behind me.
08:19 That's what I do to that umbilical cord.
08:21 And that is what
08:23 I was telling Charlotte.
08:25 Charlotte, let's put
08:26 that stuff behind us.
08:28 That's not who you chose to be.
08:32 I'd like for you to go to Proverbs 18:21
08:49 Powerful! because it is a self fulfilling prophecy.
08:54 Life and death are in the power of the tongue.
08:56 As you're bringing your children up you might say
08:58 "You'll never amount to anything "
09:01 "my goodness you don't even study! "
09:02 By this you're planting negative seeds in their mind.
09:05 The power of life and death in the tongue.
09:07 As it is with Charlotte,
09:09 "Charlotte, do you chose to be a non-smoker? "
09:12 "Claim to be a non-smoker! "
09:14 If you've got a pornography problem
09:16 then you must chose to be a non-pornography watcher
09:19 Claim It!
09:21 If you are on drugs and you don't want to be on drugs
09:25 Claim It!
09:27 It's a self fulfilling prophecy
09:28 Don't back yourself into a corner.
09:31 Remember, Satan, just as the spider,
09:33 a predator, is waiting to take advantage of you
09:37 in everything that you do and say.
09:39 I want to go to one of my favorite writers, Ellen G. White
09:44 in "Education" page 146,
09:46 "No truth does the Bible more clearly teach "
09:51 "than: 'what we do is the result of what we are' "
09:55 "so to a great degree the experiences of life are "
09:59 "are the results of our own thoughts and deeds. "
10:01 And of course,
10:05 "For as he thinks in his heart, so is he. "
10:11 So there is a self fulfilling prophecy
10:15 whatever we put into our mind.
10:17 So there is life and death in the power of the tongue.
10:27 I'd like to go to Psalms 143:10
10:31 Psalms 143:10 is whenever I find myself thinking
10:35 "Well, J. D. I'm trying "
10:37 "but I don't seem to be having too much luck. "
10:40 I love it! Because in Psalms 143:10
10:44 David says, "Father teach me to do your will. "
10:51 "For You are my God "
10:53 " may your Holy Spirit lead me on level ground. "
10:57 Amen.
10:59 So there are times in our lives
11:01 when it doesn't seem to be going our way.
11:04 Just fall down on your knees and say,
11:06 "Hey, teach me Father, I'm giving you permission to "
11:10 "be in charge of my life. "
11:12 An because you've given the Holy Spirit permission
11:15 to come in, will rush to the scene.
11:19 And I tell you my dear brothers and sisters,
11:21 I speak from my own experience
11:23 You will see major changes happening
11:26 because you are making a choice. You are repenting.
11:31 Which means you are turning your back and you're
11:34 gonna go in the other direction.
11:36 And because he created us, He understands us.
11:39 So we'll have a natural affinity to follow our Heavenly Father.
11:45 Amen? Amen.
11:51 James 4:8, James 4:8, I love it,
11:56 "Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. "
12:00 Not vice-versa. Boy did I have that turned around in my life!
12:06 In my growing in Christ I said, "Father, prove yourself to me, "
12:12 "Once You prove Yourself to me, I'll get on Your bandwagon "
12:18 "and be very passionate about You. "
12:20 I thought it was about me!
12:22 Bad doctrine? Bad teaching?
12:25 Fell asleep when this was being taught?
12:28 I don't have any idea.
12:30 But I do know that I was wrong.
12:32 And once I found out that He was saying,
12:35 "Hey, J.D., hey Charlotte, draw near to Me "
12:39 "And when you turn around and draw near to Me "
12:43 "then, I will draw near to you. "
12:47 That's when the changes start taking place.
12:50 Because now your priorities are right.
12:54 The path in front of you levels out.
12:57 That doesn't mean there's not going to be
12:59 some peaks and valleys.
13:00 But it means He is there with you.
13:03 There is that comfort, that peace.
13:06 That confidence that's within you.
13:09 When you know, that you know, that you know...
13:13 that you can just call upon His Name
13:15 because you have drawn near to Him.
13:18 You've played your cards.
13:20 And now you're waiting for Him
13:22 to be there to deliver you.
13:24 It's just not brain surgery my dear brothers and sisters.
13:28 You can do this...
13:29 I did it!
13:31 I'm a testimony.
13:32 I guess that's the gift that each one of us has
13:34 is the personal testimony that we have.
13:37 You may not know every scripture in the Bible.
13:41 I certainly don't.
13:42 But I can sure tell my personal testimony.
13:46 I can tell how He has changed my life.
13:48 There are people who would meet me today
13:52 and wonder, "Well who is this guy? "
13:53 " Did you make this change? "
13:55 I believe in what He promised me.
14:01 You know, Thanks be to God for the victory He has given me.
14:04 Amen!
14:06 Job. Poor Job.
14:11 My goodness, boy. We all know the story of Job.
14:13 Job fought the battles. But he was always faithful.
14:17 That's probably the bottom line of everything.
14:21 Yet, we know the battles are going to attack us
14:24 whether it's cigarettes again, whether it's drugs
14:27 whatever it is.
14:29 The whole thing is to keep everything in perspective.
14:32 Because we're His children.
14:33 Remember, the path is level.
14:35 Well, let's go to Job 34:32
14:38 I love what he is sitting here saying here.
14:40 He is saying, "Teach me what I do not see "
14:43 "and if I have done iniquity I will do it no more. "
14:49 Man, that's fantastic...
14:51 He is showing our vulnerability
14:52 He says, "Hey Jesus, I'm getting mixed signals here "
14:57 "and that's not who I chose to be. "
14:59 "I'm your child, so Father if I have done something wrong "
15:02 "let me know, teach me, 'cause that's not what I want to do. "
15:07 "I'm Your child! "
15:09 "And I'm counting on You as my Father "
15:11 to put a hedge of protection around me and keep me safe. "
15:14 I like what it says in "Messages to Young People "
15:17 by Mrs. Ellen G. White, Page 123
15:19 "At the beginning of the day do not neglect to pray earnestly "
15:27 "to Jesus that He will impart to you strength "
15:29 "and grace to resist the temptations of the enemy "
15:33 "in whatever form they may come. "
15:35 "And if you pray earnestly "
15:38 "in faith and contrition of soul "
15:41 "the Lord will hear your prayer. "
15:45 Amen Amen
15:48 That's when we feel
15:50 most comfortable.
15:52 When we know
15:54 that He hears our prayer.
15:56 When I was growing up all little boys loved Cowboys and Indians.
16:01 And we played Cowboys and Indians
16:04 and of course the Calvary.
16:06 And it was always a joy to hear the bugle blow
16:11 because you knew the cavalry was coming.
16:13 And so that's the way it is here.
16:16 You know in your heart that because you're doing
16:19 the very best that you can do
16:21 with the knowledge that you have
16:23 claiming His promises, so you know
16:27 that the Calvary is on its way.
16:29 And he is sitting here saying,
16:30 "Hey Father, teach me what I do not see. "
16:33 "And if I've messed up, I don't want to do that. "
16:37 Amen. We've all messed up.
16:40 But the next time you mess up,
16:42 throw that little prayer out there.
16:45 "Jesus, teach me what I do not see. "
16:49 and if I've sinned, if I've done iniquity
16:55 That's not who I chose to be.
16:57 Amen...
16:58 I'd like for you to go to your Bibles now
17:01 and look up John 8:32.
17:16 Amen
17:18 So here my brothers and sisters as all this is coming together
17:22 we can begin to make some sense out of all this.
17:24 You have a relationship with the Lord.
17:27 How do you have a relationship with the Lord.
17:29 Get into your Bible.
17:32 I know that when I was young
17:35 and in mid-life even I would pick up the Bible
17:38 And doing the best I knew how to do
17:41 but it didn't make all the sense I thought it should make.
17:43 Some of the words I stumbled over.
17:45 And some of the principles I stumbled over.
17:48 But what I found out bottom line
17:52 it wasn't that the words weren't properly used
17:57 rather, I wasn't looking through the right set of eyes.
18:01 I was like Paul. I had scales on my eyes.
18:04 I might have mentally wanted to approach this
18:09 I might have thought in my heart that I wanted to do it
18:12 but my mind was probably playing ball
18:15 or doing something else.
18:17 But once I found out that, hey
18:19 get into the Word. Ask the Holy Spirit to come in
18:24 And as the Holy Spirit is coming in.
18:27 All of a sudden the things you didn't see before
18:30 started making sense.
18:34 I heard this long ago and it certainly is true.
18:37 When the student is ready to learn
18:40 the teacher will be there.
18:42 I guess that in different times of our lives
18:47 we might have thought that the student was ready to learn.
18:51 But maybe the student was not ready to learn.
18:54 Because that's relative.
18:56 But I'll guarantee you
18:58 I guarantee you, I guarantee you
19:02 whenever the student is ready to learn
19:05 and get into the Word of God
19:06 and you give Him permission
19:07 to make it clear to you
19:09 then the teacher will be there.
19:12 And like we just read in John 8:32
19:16 "You will know the Truth and the Truth will set you free. "
19:20 Amen!
19:22 Down a couple of verses in John 8:36
19:27 So if the Son, being Jesus,
19:31 makes you free. You will be free indeed.
19:36 Amen
19:38 Because that's what we all want,
19:41 is to be free.
19:43 We want that quietness.
19:46 We want that quietness!
19:48 My goodness, we live in such a fast paced world
19:51 we're always looking over our shoulders.
19:53 Just trying to keep up with what we're doing.
19:55 He gives us that quietness.
19:57 He gives us comfort.
19:59 He gives us peace.
20:01 It's just absolutely fantastic
20:05 the gifts He gives us when we need them the most.
20:10 Matthew 18:28 It says, "Come to Me... "
20:16 Now Charlotte, what I'd like for you to do
20:20 dear brother and sister what I'd like for you to do
20:23 is put your name in there.
20:25 This is Jesus calling YOU!
20:27 "Charlotte, Come to me"
20:30 "Charlotte, I know that you labor and are heavy laden. "
20:35 "Charlotte, I know that you are overburdened. "
20:37 "But if you will just give it to Me, Charlotte "
20:40 "then I will give you rest. "
20:43 "I will ease and relieve and refresh your soul "
20:47 "Charlotte, J. D. take my yoke upon you "
20:53 "and learn of me for I am gentle "
20:55 In other words He is meek. "I am humble "
20:59 It means He is lowly in heart.
21:01 "And you will find rest. "
21:03 That rest we were talking about awhile ago
21:06 which will relieve and ease and give you refreshment
21:10 and recreation and blessed quietness for your soul.
21:14 "So come to Me all ye who labor and are heavy laden "
21:17 "and overburdened and I will cause you to rest. "
21:20 "Take my yoke upon you and learn of me "
21:23 "for I am gentle and humble in heart "
21:24 "and you will find rest for your soul. "
21:28 I could tell as I was talking to Charlotte
21:31 that she was getting excited because she began to see
21:34 the picture of what God can do.
21:36 She was trying to do it her way
21:38 and she was finding out, hey, I can do it His way.
21:43 And it's making sense.
21:46 In Isaiah 32:17
21:48 "And the effect of righteousness will be peace. "
21:52 That internal peace.
21:54 That external peace.
21:56 and the result of righteousness will be
21:58 quietness and confident trust forever.
22:01 Amen!
22:04 I know in my life
22:07 that's what I'm looking for,
22:10 that quietness, that gentle peace.
22:13 You know it just brings everything down
22:18 to where I understand for the first time
22:20 what that little path in front of me means.
22:23 Because I know that you can identify with this,
22:26 man, we go up hills, we go down hills.
22:29 But the older I get the harder it is to get up these stairs.
22:32 And boy, whenever I think about how He comes in
22:36 and makes my path level.
22:38 I don't have to huff and puff that way I used to.
22:41 I still fight the battles
22:42 But I know that instead of concentrating on the problems
22:46 I know now that I go to the Problem Solver.
22:56 "The Eternal God is your Refuge and your Dwelling Place. "
23:00 "And underneath are the everlasting arms. "
23:03 "He drove the enemy before you and thrust them out saying, "
23:06 " "Destroy!" " That's what Jesus wants to do.
23:11 He's wanting to put His protective wings
23:14 over you so you feel comfortable.
23:16 Comfortable enough Charlotte, that you will call upon Him.
23:19 And as He has His banner in front of you
23:22 He says, "Get out of the way "
23:24 "Charlotte is coming through. She's a child of God. "
23:26 "I have redeemed her. "
23:30 And Charlotte, as you begin to feel the comfort of His arms
23:34 wrapped around you, you begin to sense
23:39 'I'm free! '
23:40 'I don't need these nasty cigarettes '
23:43 'I do understand what you are saying Lord. '
23:47 'I'm going to throw those things away. '
23:49 'And I know that tomorrow '
23:51 'I'm gonna have to face a new day. '
23:54 'But I know through the grace of Jesus Christ '
23:58 'that grace which empowers us '
24:00 'and as I take hold of His promises '
24:03 'I know that I can whip this demon. '
24:07 So my dear brothers and sisters
24:10 it makes no difference what web you get caught up in.
24:14 We have Satan is deceptive in subtle ways.
24:17 He creates that web that we slip in to.
24:20 So if it's the web of pornography
24:23 if it's the web of alcoholism
24:25 if it's the web of drugs
24:29 if it's the web of gambling
24:31 if it's the web of cherished sin
24:34 whatever it is we know that
24:39 we've been given His Word.
24:42 And we can sit and stand on His promises
24:45 and throw that nasty stuff behind us.
24:48 Amen.
24:49 Remember what it says in 1 Corinthians 15:57
24:54 "Thanks be to God, Who gives us the victory "
24:56 through Jesus Christ, His Son. "
24:58 That's one you need to memorize.
25:01 It's an easy one. A promise you can rely on.
25:04 Now I want to go through and recap.
25:07 Number 1. God is not the author of confusion.
25:12 He is not the author of conflict
25:15 Whenever we see that confusion or conflict come up
25:19 that it's not the peace
25:20 and our conscience lets us know that
25:22 Red flag goes up!
25:24 When that red flag goes up we know
25:26 there's an enemy in the camp.
25:28 and we take that thought captive
25:30 we use this teaching and we take that thought captive
25:34 if it's something that Jesus wouldn't do.
25:37 And at that particular time
25:38 we're going to replace that negative thought
25:40 with a positive thought, one of God's promises.
25:44 And here again, thanks be to Jesus
25:47 for the victory that He is giving us.
25:50 I claim that, Lord.
25:51 And then I cut the cord.
25:53 I cut the cord of the wicked.
25:54 That's the cord that's feeding the negative nature into us.
25:58 We're going to step on it. We're going to destroy it.
26:01 Don't want you in here Satan,
26:02 you're destroyed. You're not part of my new life.
26:05 And then life and death are in the power of the tongue.
26:09 Self fulfilling prophecy.
26:10 Amen.
26:12 We need to remember that.
26:13 We're going to feed
26:15 good stuff into us.
26:16 I am a child of God.
26:18 I am here to serve Him.
26:20 I'm here to follow His directions.
26:22 Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.
26:27 That is faith my dear brothers and sisters.
26:30 Calling things that are not as though they are.
26:34 It's a wonderful gift that we've got.
26:36 Because in our self-fulfilling prophecy, Thank You Jesus
26:40 I can call things. 'I'm a non-smoker '
26:42 'I don't watch pornography any more. '
26:45 And the Truth, Jesus, will set you free.
26:49 What a promise! Jesus, our Creator,
26:54 will set you free.
26:56 It's as though you've given Him permission
26:58 to go in and re-wire you!
27:00 And so you are accepting His help.
27:04 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18
27:07 "Rejoice always, pray without ceasing and in everything "
27:11 "give thanks to the Lord. For this is His will for you. "
27:15 And I want to close with one other Scripture.
27:19 Romans 15:13
27:21 "May the God of Hope fill us with all joy and peace "
27:26 "as we trust in Him. "
27:28 "So that we may overflow with the hope "
27:31 "by the power of the Holy Spirit. "
27:32 So brothers and sisters, whenever you see
27:37 that this web that Satan is weaving is trying to come in
27:41 and take advantage of you
27:42 give it back to the Lord. He'll take it away.
27:45 Thank you for being with us today on the Faith Chapel
27:49 We love you and God bless you!
27:51 And may He reward you bountifully.


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