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00:31 Welcome to Faith Chapel.
00:33 My name is J. D. Quinn,
00:35 I'm loving it that you are here with me today.
00:38 Let's go to Lord first of all
00:39 and just welcome Him into our program.
00:43 Father I just want to thank you so much Lord
00:45 for being in our lives, for being here with us today.
00:48 Dear Father we dedicate this time to you.
00:50 We dedicate this message to you.
00:52 But Father we just ask one thing specifically
00:55 and that's to get me out of the way
00:56 so the Holy Spirit will speak through me dear Father
01:00 and touch whoever needs to be touched.
01:02 We love you and we thank you in the precious name
01:03 of your son Jesus, amen. Amen.
01:10 I'm going to be talking about, "I need a fix."
01:16 And it's surrounded by perfect peace.
01:19 And so my scripture reading,
01:22 it really is based around Isaiah 26:3.
01:25 "You will keep him in perfect peace,
01:27 whose mind is stayed on you because he trusts in you."
01:32 Amen. What a promise!
01:34 I'm going to attempt to tell you
01:38 and read you a story.
01:41 We were joking here a few minutes ago.
01:43 If I was probably 30 years younger
01:45 whenever I read something I could probably
01:47 remember it better than I can today.
01:50 So today I just need a crutch every now and then.
01:53 But the story is fantastic and it will help you
01:56 kind of get an idea of where we are going.
01:59 Long time ago, a man sought
02:02 the perfect picture of peace.
02:04 And not finding one that satisfied him,
02:06 he announced a contest to produce this masterpiece.
02:11 The challenge stirred the imaginations
02:13 of artists everywhere,
02:15 and paintings arrived from far and wide.
02:18 Finally the great day of revelation arrived.
02:20 The judges uncovered one peaceful scene after another
02:24 while the viewers clapped and cheered.
02:27 The tensions grew.
02:29 Only two pictures remained veiled.
02:32 As a judge pulled the cover from one,
02:34 a hush fell over the crowd.
02:38 A mirror-smooth lake reflected lacy,
02:40 green birches under the soft blush of the evening sky.
02:44 Along the grassy shore,
02:46 a flock of sheep grazed undisturbed.
02:49 Surely this was the winner.
02:53 The man with the vision, the man that called
02:57 for this perfect peace, then he uncovered
02:59 the second painting himself
03:02 and the crowd gasped in surprise.
03:06 Could this be peace?
03:09 A turbulent waterfall cascaded down a rocky cliff.
03:12 The crowd could almost feel its cold, penetrating spray.
03:16 Stormy-grey clouds threatened to explode
03:19 with lightning, wind and rain.
03:20 And yet in the midst of the
03:22 thundering noises and bitter chill, a spindly tree
03:26 clung to the rocks at the edge of the falls.
03:29 And one of its branches reached out
03:31 in front of the torrential waters as
03:33 if foolishly seeking to experience its full power.
03:39 A little bird had built a nest
03:42 in the elbow of that branch.
03:44 Contended and undisturbed
03:46 in her stormy surroundings, she rested on her eggs.
03:51 With her eyes closed and her wings ready
03:55 to cover her little ones, she manifested peace
03:59 that transcends all earthly turmoil.
04:04 Perfect peace? Yes.
04:07 I hope that you can see that picture
04:10 as our imagination just took us there to see this
04:12 precious little bird there in the crease of that tree.
04:20 Today I'm going to take you on a little trip
04:23 and we are going to talk about Jack.
04:26 Jack has become a friend of mine.
04:28 When Jack and I first talked it was not pleasant.
04:34 Help! I need a fix.
04:38 And I'm tired to being sick and tired.
04:41 Can you help me? No, Jack. I can't help you.
04:46 But boy, I do know someone that can.
04:50 Jack, I think this is a divine appointment.
04:53 I think that you need help
04:56 and I know where we can get help.
04:59 So my brothers and sisters,
05:02 if you also are sick and tired to be
05:05 in sick and tired, if you also need a fix,
05:10 well just follow along because
05:12 we are looking for perfect peace.
05:17 Let's go to Philippians 4:6-7.
05:23 Philippians 4:6-7 says: "Be anxious for nothing,
05:26 but in everything by prayer and supplication,
05:29 with thanksgiving, let your requests be made
05:33 known to God; the peace of God,
05:37 which surpasses all understanding,
05:39 will guard your hearts and minds through Jesus Christ."
05:45 Now Jack what I would like for you to do
05:48 is I would like for you to internalize this,
05:52 personalize this, and let's just put your name in there.
05:57 And let's see if the Holy Spirit
06:00 starts working on your heart.
06:02 Jack was ready to do anything
06:04 because remember Jack was sick and tired,
06:07 of being sick and tired.
06:09 Jack was in all kind of pain because
06:12 Jack was a successful businessman in his midlife.
06:18 And as he got older he fell into company
06:21 of a young lady that took him down
06:25 that dark path that changed his life
06:28 up to this time far worse.
06:32 Jack had lost everything that he had amassed
06:35 and he was really a very, well an upper,
06:41 he was not a wealthy man but he had means.
06:46 But he had given it all away
06:48 following the path of this young lady.
06:54 And not only had he followed her passions.
06:59 But she also introduced him to drugs.
07:03 And after he had lost everything that he had,
07:07 of course she had no use for him.
07:10 And so she told Jack to get lost
07:14 that simply enough for Jack to get lost from her.
07:18 But he could not get lost from what she
07:21 introduced him to, and that was that
07:24 quick fix of crystal meth.
07:28 He was hooked. His life was miserable.
07:32 As a young man he went to church,
07:35 but his time went on he got successful.
07:38 He started making money his God.
07:41 And so he had lost that relationship,
07:43 but he never forgot what it was like
07:47 to have that tender loving care
07:50 of his Father Jesus Christ, God the Holy Spirit.
07:55 So Jack wanted that back and as he watching 3ABN,
07:58 he saw the number down
08:00 in the right corner and he called.
08:05 And yes it was a divine appointment.
08:09 So we go back, and Jack I would like
08:12 for you to sit and say, "Jack be anxious for nothing
08:16 but in everything by prayer
08:17 and supplication with thanksgiving.
08:19 Let your requests be known to God.
08:21 And the peace of God, Jack,
08:23 which surpasses all understanding,
08:26 will guard your heart
08:27 and will guard your mind through Jesus Christ."
08:32 Would you like that Jack?
08:34 Oh, J.D that's what I'm, that's what I'm looking for.
08:37 But you don't know the situation I am in J.D.
08:41 I've lost everything. I've lost all my friends.
08:43 Nobody wants to have anything to do with me.
08:46 I went from a big house.
08:47 Now I'm living in a little single room house.
08:50 J.D, I'm hurting.
08:53 It's all right Jack, because we're going through therapy.
08:58 We are bringing in the great physician
09:01 and we are going to see whether we can turn
09:03 this ship around, so that you can become
09:06 that responsible human being again,
09:09 that responsible brother
09:12 that you can be to many people out there.
09:19 Isaiah 26:3-4, Jack, "you will keep him
09:28 in perfect peace, Whose mind is stayed on You,
09:30 Because he trusts in You.
09:32 Trust in the LORD forever, For in YAH way,
09:35 the LORD, is everlasting strength."
09:42 Jack hear again. Let's internalize that.
09:49 Jesus keep me in perfect peace.
09:53 Jesus, I want to keep my mind focused on You.
09:57 I want to keep my mind focused on You
10:00 and because Jesus I do that,
10:03 I know because I trust in You,
10:08 that you will be my rock,
10:10 that you will be my rock forever.
10:13 Jack is that where we want to go?
10:15 Yes, J.D. That's where we want to go.
10:19 J.D, I'm feeling better right now
10:21 as I heard the sobs coming across
10:23 the other end of the phone. Jack was being broken.
10:31 I believe in affirmations and that is taking
10:34 God's word personalize them, eternalizing them,
10:39 and then speaking them back to them.
10:41 It reminds me a story of Johnny.
10:44 Little Johnny was turning 7 years old.
10:47 Johnny was excited because his birthday
10:49 was just a couple of days off.
10:52 And he had been asking his parents for rollerblades.
10:56 But they had not got them yet
10:58 and so the day of his birthday came
11:00 and oh, he just couldn't wait
11:02 to getup that morning and to run in.
11:04 And yes, mother and daddy got him
11:07 a set of rollerblades.
11:08 But before he could put his rollerblades on,
11:11 they sat Johnny down
11:13 and they will have a little man to boy talk.
11:17 And they said listen Johnny
11:18 we love you with all of our hearts.
11:21 And we are so happy that,
11:22 that you've got a new gift today.
11:25 But I want you to know one thing Johnny that you
11:27 have to be very careful with these rollerblades
11:31 because they can be dangerous
11:33 if you go to the wrong places.
11:36 So what we want you to do Johnny is,
11:38 I want you to promise mommy and daddy
11:41 that you will not get out on the street
11:43 with these rollerblades.
11:45 Because it could be some people that are coming by
11:48 and just run into you that quickly.
11:52 You could have an accident.
11:54 And Johnny, we just couldn't
11:55 stand if anything happen to you.
11:58 Johnny says, oh, I'll be careful.
12:00 Oh, thank you mommy and daddy for the
12:02 rollerblades and I'll promise you I'll be careful.
12:05 That afternoon some of Johnny's friends came by.
12:08 They also had rollerblades.
12:10 And his mamma's walking by his room.
12:14 She overheard him say, yes,
12:17 we are going to have a great time today.
12:20 But I did promise mamma that we wouldn't
12:23 get out on the street because we could get hurt.
12:26 Now you can just imagine
12:29 the swelling in mamma's heart,
12:32 because Johnny had heard what she had said.
12:37 He had internalized it and turned around
12:39 and verbalized it to his friends.
12:42 And so my dear brothers and sisters
12:45 that's how I see with affirmations
12:47 when we take Jesus word and we take it, we claim it.
12:50 We internalize it and then we take that inspired word
12:54 and put it into our thoughts,
12:57 in our words and present it back
12:59 to our Father who is in heaven.
13:01 And I can just imagine with my imagination
13:05 that he saying, oh, thank you J.D.
13:08 Thank you Jack, and thank you brothers and sisters.
13:12 If you haven't tried this,
13:13 I would recommend you try because
13:14 that's what creates that relationship
13:17 and you start going closer to the Lord.
13:21 In John 14:27, just follow along with the,
13:26 on the screen here.
13:27 John 14:27 and this Jesus speaking:
13:32 "Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you;
13:36 not as the world gives do I give to you.
13:39 And let not your heart be troubled,
13:41 neither let it be afraid." Amen.
13:47 So, you know, this is His promise Jack.
13:51 He is saying that hey, I don't care
13:53 what kind of issues you've got.
13:55 But don't let your heart be trouble
13:57 because you are going to turn this over to me.
13:59 And the peace that goes beyond understanding
14:01 I'm going to bring to you. Is this what you want?
14:06 Yes, this is what I want.
14:07 This is what I have been starving for.
14:10 And if still trouble, I like Job 34:32,
14:14 Job 34:32, if we get kind of mixed up here,
14:18 it says, Teach me what I do not see.
14:21 And If I have done iniquity I will do it no more.
14:24 Here at that particular time we go across life
14:27 and we hit that speed bump
14:29 and at that particular time, listen,
14:32 but father this is a little bit harder than I think.
14:34 Maybe I'm doing something wrong.
14:36 Turn it over to him.
14:37 Father, teach me what I do not see.
14:40 And if I, I choose not to do that,
14:44 but I need to know what I'm doing wrong.
14:47 I'm asking you to be my teacher.
14:49 So I'm just thanking you Jesus.
14:52 I like Isaiah 30:15, here again a graphic,
14:56 Isaiah 30:15: "For thus says the Lord God,
15:04 the Holy One of Israel: "In returning and rest
15:07 you shall be saved; In quietness and confidence
15:11 shall be your strength."
15:13 But you would not, but you would not."
15:20 What I like about this is this
15:22 this in confidence and in strength?
15:27 You know, He shall be our,
15:28 He shall be off guard.
15:30 And that's what Jack was looking for.
15:32 Jack was looking for to get away from this frustration,
15:36 from this conflict that he was daily fighting.
15:40 And he no longer had friends who came to see him.
15:42 Everybody was avoiding him.
15:44 It was like he had to plead them
15:45 and all Jack was wanting was to get back in society.
15:49 But he didn't know how because
15:51 he had to get rid of this,
15:53 this cruds that he had called crystal meth.
16:00 But we know that there is something
16:03 that's better out there and that is God's promises.
16:07 Let's go to Isaiah 32:17,
16:12 "The fruit of righteousness will be peace;
16:15 the effect of righteousness
16:16 will be quietness and confidence forever."
16:19 What I like to do is bring an analogy in right now.
16:22 You have an apple, you have an apple tree.
16:25 So it's going to produce what? Apples!
16:28 You have pecans, you have a pecan tree,
16:31 and it's going to produce its kind which is pecans.
16:34 And so it is here. "A righteousness tree
16:38 which yields the fruit of peace
16:41 which will have the taste of this
16:42 wonderful fruit of peace that comes from this
16:45 tree of righteousness and that will be
16:47 quietness and confidence." And how long?
16:52 Forever, thank you Jesus.
16:55 So my prayer for Jack, my prayer for each one of you
16:59 including myself is to continue to
17:02 rekindle that first love that we had.
17:05 Remember how much Jack loved the Lord in his youth.
17:08 So what we are going to do is to rekindle that
17:11 and the way we rekindle that is by getting into His word.
17:16 And not only getting into his word
17:18 we want to invite the Holy Spirit
17:20 to come down to be our guide
17:21 and to make those, those scriptures clear.
17:25 And so my prayer right now for each one of you
17:28 is that you would just close your eyes right now
17:32 and let's call the Lord.
17:33 Lord I just thank you right now.
17:35 We are just sitting here talking that you will
17:37 rekindle that love that we had in our youth for you.
17:41 If there is not a love for you in our youth,
17:44 I'm just asking that you will just set a fire
17:46 underneath them right now.
17:47 We ask this in Your precious son's name
17:50 Jesus, Jesus. Amen, amen.
17:53 Let's go now to Romans 15:13:
17:57 "Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy
17:59 and peace in believing, that you may abound in hope
18:07 by the power of the Holy Spirit."
18:11 Amen. What a promise!
18:14 May the God of hope fill you with all joy
18:17 and peace as we trust in Him because what we are
18:20 wanting to do is that we maybe overfilled
18:23 with that hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.
18:25 Now in Greek, hope means eager expectation.
18:29 Now as we read this scripture by putting
18:31 eager expectation in there, it changes it.
18:34 May the God of eager expectation fill you with
18:37 all joy and peace, J.D as you trust in Him,
18:41 so that you may overflow with that
18:42 eager expectation by the power of the Holy Spirit?
18:47 Amen. It changes instead of,
18:50 well I hope that we're going on a vacation this year,
18:55 eagerly excepting to go on vacation this year.
18:58 It's that attitude that we have
19:01 and as we are delivering this to the Lord
19:04 and we are asking Him these things.
19:06 Well then by faith we've got to just know
19:10 that He is working in our behalf
19:11 because we are His children.
19:13 All good gifts comes from Him.
19:15 Everything that's good and perfect comes from Him.
19:18 And so we just continue to
19:20 keep our eyes focused on Him.
19:23 I would like to read from Education Page 126,
19:28 it's written by Mrs. Ellen G White.
19:30 "The creative energy that called the
19:32 worlds into existence is in the word of God.
19:36 This word imparts power. It begets life.
19:40 Every command is a promise;
19:42 accepted by the will, received into the soul,
19:45 it brings with it the life of the In?nite One.
19:48 It transforms the nature and re-creates
19:52 the soul in the image of God.
19:54 The life thus imparted is in like manner sustained.
19:59 "By every word that proceedeth
20:01 from the mouth of God shall man live."
20:05 " Amen, I love that term transformation,
20:09 because Jack we can go from that old you
20:13 to the new you by getting into His word
20:16 and watch that transformation
20:18 that recreation take place within your life.
20:22 Romans 5 verses 3 through 5,
20:28 I'm reading this from "The Clear Word".
20:32 "We can even be joyful when we go through hardships,
20:36 because we know that suffering produces
20:38 patient endurance and patient endurance
20:40 produces strength of character
20:42 and character gives us unshakable hope."
20:45 Verse 5, "Such hope, eager expectation
20:50 will not disappoint us, because God also
20:52 poured out His love on us by giving us the Holy Spirit."
20:57 So Jack as we just call upon this
21:00 and we trust in this remember that the
21:01 Holy Spirit is going to empower you
21:04 to get past this sinful natures
21:07 that you are fighting right now.
21:13 I want to read an affirmation on Perfect Peace.
21:16 This comes from "Exalting His Word,
21:18 " Shelley Quinn wrote this,
21:20 "I like the way that she put it
21:23 and as I'm talking to Jack, I was also talking to myself
21:28 because I was, I was understanding
21:33 and it just, you know, the Holy Spirit is leading
21:36 as we are sitting here on the phone
21:37 talking to these people.
21:38 It's just absolutely amazing what's happening.
21:43 That affirmation, I am walking in
21:46 constant peace-- His peace that guards
21:48 all my heart in all circumstances
21:51 and that is beyond human understanding.
21:53 God keeps me in perfect peace because
21:57 my mind has a steadfast trust in His faithfulness.
22:01 Whenever I begin to feel stressed and anxious,
22:03 I realize my eyes are not focused on my Lord.
22:06 I return my thoughts to Him
22:09 and place my complete trust in Him.
22:11 He restores my peace, causing me to overflow
22:15 with hope by the power of His Holy Spirit." Amen.
22:21 So what we have done here Jack
22:26 is that we have invite the Lord in.
22:28 We have claimed His promises
22:31 and we are standing on His word.
22:34 What I want to do Jack is I just want to go through
22:38 a summation of what we just talked about
22:41 it's, you know, this is very simple but yet
22:45 it's just a formula that we use
22:49 to help keep our life in perspective.
22:52 Number one we claim His promises,
22:56 knowing that God loves you with an everlasting love
22:59 that He will not leave you,
23:01 that He will not forsake you.
23:05 And then what we like to do Jack as we are
23:07 talked about earlier is that we want to personalize this.
23:11 We want to internalize this
23:13 and then we want to give it back to the Lord.
23:16 This is just what I said, "I am walking in
23:18 constant peace-His peace that guards
23:19 my heart in all circumstances
23:22 and that is beyond human understanding."
23:24 God keeps me in perfect peace;
23:27 Jack doesn't keep himself in perfect peace.
23:31 The reason being is because your mind Jack
23:35 has a steadfast trust in faithfulness.
23:38 Faithfulness, you know,
23:39 is calling things that are not as they are.
23:42 And whenever I begin to feel stressed and anxious,
23:46 I realize that my eyes are not focused on the Lord.
23:49 We know what we need to do at that particular time.
23:51 We need to make a u turn.
23:54 We need to get back into the word.
23:56 We need to invite the Holy Spirit in
23:58 to be our guide at that particular time.
24:01 I return my thoughts to Him
24:03 and place my complete trust in Him.
24:07 That's what it's all about brothers and sisters,
24:09 is to get the ball out of our court.
24:11 Put the ball into His court.
24:13 He has told us, hey Come unto me you that are labour
24:18 and are heavy laden, that have burdens.
24:20 Put them in my court.
24:22 Let me do that work for you.
24:24 I will simplify that load that's on your back.
24:27 Then he says that He restores my peace
24:30 causing me to overflow with hope,
24:32 that eager expectation by the power of His Holy Spirit.
24:37 Remember that He will keep you in perfect peace
24:40 if your mind is stayed on Him.
24:43 Not only just keeping your eyes tuned on Him,
24:47 but you also have to trust Him.
24:50 You have to have that faith
24:52 in Him that He is going to indeed
24:55 do what He has said that He would do.
24:58 And if you have any questions
24:59 of what He is going to do, just go into the Bible,
25:02 go into Matthew, Mark, Luke and John,
25:04 look at the promises in the way that Jesus is giving you
25:08 and there are there for ours to have.
25:10 And we just says, oh Lord come in, take over.
25:15 I can't do this by myself.
25:17 We've all heard hundreds of stories out there,
25:19 you know, maybe someone saying no more than help.
25:24 Father if you real just prove yourself to me.
25:28 There is miracles after miracles after miracles
25:31 of ones we just yearn the ones we paver,
25:34 we put it into His court.
25:36 Then He is there to be our best friend.
25:41 He says, don't let your heart be troubled Jack,
25:44 don't let your heart be afraid,
25:46 don't let Satan rub your spiritual blessings, Jack.
25:50 J.D, my dear brothers and sisters out there,
25:54 that's what Satan wants to do.
25:55 He's got that, he's got that vibe
25:59 that's out there, just sitting and trying
26:01 to capture each one of us.
26:03 But because you placed your trust in God
26:06 and you rest comfortably,
26:08 what a wonderful word comfortably.
26:10 In his strength you shall enter
26:12 the fruit of the peace, quietness
26:14 and confidence in him, yes and amen.
26:17 As we would go back to that precious little bird
26:20 that was in the elbow of that tree,
26:24 remembering that his eyes closed, he had his,
26:28 he had his little arms outstretched
26:30 over those eggs to protect those eggs.
26:33 But because he felt like he was in a,
26:36 in a little bit of heaven,
26:38 a place of quietness, a place of peace,
26:42 he had his eyes closed.
26:45 And so my dear brothers and sisters
26:47 that's that peace that we are talking about,
26:49 that peace that goes beyond understanding.
26:54 Jack, I have become Jack's accountability partner.
26:59 Jack and I talk at least once a month now.
27:01 Jack has turned his life around.
27:04 He got off of that crystal meth.
27:06 He is now an integral part
27:08 into his church. He loves people.
27:11 He is back in the mainstream and he is having
27:14 a wonderful time in the Lord.
27:15 Now one thing I do want to say,
27:18 don't be an accountability partner to someone
27:20 if you don't mean it because they depend upon you.
27:24 But Jack got to where he could depend upon God
27:27 and then I was there to reinforce that feeling.
27:31 In Second Thessalonians 3:16:
27:35 "Now may the Lord of peace Himself
27:39 give you the peace always in every way
27:43 may the Lord be with you all." Amen.
27:47 And we go right back to Isaiah 26:3:
27:51 "you will keep Him in perfect peace,
27:53 whose mind is stayed on you: because he trusts in You".


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