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00:31 Welcome to Faith Chapel. My name is Steve Nelson.
00:33 Our message today is titled, Trust His Heart.
00:37 How do you know you can trust God?
00:39 Through the message today I believe we will see
00:41 that God is trustworthy. But before we begin,
00:44 let us start with a word of prayer.
00:46 Our heavenly Father, Lord, we thank you
00:49 for the opportunity we have to see from your word
00:52 how we can trust you. And Father, I just pray
00:55 as we spend this time together
00:56 that you will show us and lead us by your spirit,
00:59 Father, that we will know that You are a trustworthy God.
01:03 We thank You in the name of Your dear Son. Amen.
01:07 Proverbs 3 verse 5 and 6 gives us
01:10 these interesting texts. It says, Trust in the LORD
01:13 with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine
01:16 own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him,
01:19 and he shall direct thy paths. But how do you know
01:24 you can trust someone? I believe the trust
01:27 is the cornerstone of our relationship with God.
01:30 Without Trust how you will be able to give
01:32 yourself completely to Him? How do you know
01:35 when the difficult times come that He will be there for you.
01:37 That He will be the one who will bring us
01:40 through those difficult times. But it's not just
01:42 our relationship with God, we have difficulty in trusting
01:45 our friends and our close family members around us.
01:48 How do we know the people who we depend upon
01:51 will be there for us when we need them?
01:53 An interesting survey was done
01:55 in the American Sociological Review,
01:57 and the survey said that circles of close friends
02:00 and family are shrinking for most Americans.
02:03 And nearly one quarter of those who responded
02:06 to this survey said there was no one in whom
02:08 they could confide. No one, its very interesting.
02:12 In the world that we live today,
02:13 with all the relationships that we have
02:15 and how we've learned to develop relationships,
02:19 one fourth of those who surveyed said
02:21 they had no one in whom they could trust.
02:23 Proverbs tells us there is a friend
02:26 that sticketh closer than a brother.
02:28 I believe there is someone that we can trust.
02:31 But how do you know, how do you know
02:33 you can trust God? Psalms 37:5 says this,
02:37 Commit thy way unto the LORD; trust also in him;
02:41 and he shall bring it to pass. The Bible is telling us
02:44 that we can commit ourselves to God and when we do so,
02:48 we trust in Him that He will bring it to pass.
02:51 It takes away from us the need to be able, have to worry
02:54 about how we're going to deal with our life.
02:57 Let me tell you, illustrate from a story what I mean.
03:01 A number of months ago, my wife and I took
03:03 a trip to Norway. We flew out of Memphis,
03:09 Tennessee, and we went down to the airport.
03:12 We got there in plenty of time,
03:13 it was a hot afternoon and we had to struggle
03:16 with bringing our suitcases into the airport
03:18 and going through the security and all those things
03:20 that I find to be very annoying actually.
03:23 But we went through security and we got down
03:26 to the terminals where we were going to wait
03:28 for our flight. And we had plenty of time,
03:29 it's an international flight, so they tell you
03:31 to be there several hours early.
03:34 Well as we sat there, we had been there
03:36 about half-hour and all of a sudden
03:37 an announcement came over the PA system,
03:39 and it says, the flight has been delayed.
03:42 Now I don't know about you, but one thing
03:44 I dislike more than anything else is to hear
03:47 the flight has been delayed. Well we sat there,
03:50 and not long after that, another announcement
03:54 came on and they said, the flight is now going
03:57 to be delayed for an X amount of time,
03:58 I think it was two hours. But, the airline was
04:01 very cordial and very polite and they said,
04:04 we're gonna offer you meal vouchers
04:05 so that you can have a meal while you wait.
04:08 So, we went and took our meal voucher
04:10 and we walked through the airport,
04:12 found a nice little place to sit-down,
04:13 and we had a nice little vegetarian meal
04:16 there and as we came back, we noticed
04:19 the time and it was still over an hour-and-half
04:22 before the flight was scheduled to leave.
04:25 Well then there came another announcement,
04:27 and the announcement said the flight has been canceled.
04:31 And I watched as a mad scurry of rush of people
04:34 just quickly headed towards the,
04:37 out towards the terminal and they told them
04:39 that you need to go back toward the agent is
04:41 that you checked in and when you do that,
04:43 they will reassign your flight.
04:45 And we set down and we watched and we waited
04:48 and I had perfect peace. Normally I would
04:52 have been the type of person, I would have been
04:53 stressing about this, because we only had
04:55 a short window of time that we were supposed
04:57 to get to our destination in Norway.
05:00 Well as I watched the people go back,
05:02 my wife and I slowly walked back through the terminal.
05:04 As we got to the security exit,
05:06 I noticed the security guard was standing there
05:08 and he is kind of directing people and he said,
05:10 where can I direct you, how can help you?
05:12 I said well the flight we were on was just canceled.
05:14 He said, well you go out here through the terminal,
05:16 you make a left and you will see
05:18 someone there at the counter who can help you.
05:20 And as I walked out through the terminal
05:22 I saw a long line of people over here to the right,
05:24 but he told us to go to the left.
05:27 And so we walked over to the left and there was a,
05:29 just a short line right here to left.
05:32 There was an agent standing here and there
05:33 was a woman in front of us and the woman
05:35 she asked us and she says how can help you?
05:37 And we says well I was on a fight that was canceled.
05:39 She says oh well you have to go to this line over here.
05:44 We knew what she was gonna say to us,
05:45 but she walked up to us and she said
05:47 well how can I help you? And my wife and I said,
05:50 well we were on flight to Norway
05:51 that was canceled and they told us to come here,
05:53 and she looked at us and said well you can stay here.
05:59 You see what I mean, when you have a problem
06:01 and a difficulty, God is there to take care
06:03 of that problem for you. It doesn't mean that he will
06:06 always work it out in the way that you think,
06:07 but he always does take care of you.
06:10 As we stood in line, it was only a few more moments,
06:13 we got to the counter, and the ticket agent
06:15 there tried disparately to try to get us
06:18 on another flight that would get us to
06:20 our destination in time. She went through try
06:23 and going to different locations,
06:25 going from to different continents,
06:27 just to try and get us to where we could get to Norway
06:30 in the specified time. Finally, after what seemed
06:34 like an eternity probably is only half-hour
06:35 she was able to get us on a flight.
06:38 The Airline then did something rather unique,
06:40 they give us ticket vouchers for the meals the next day,
06:44 they provided our hotel that night,
06:46 and they provided a show to the hotel.
06:50 As we, we were on the show,
06:53 I was talking with the gentleman there and he told us
06:55 he had stayed in all of the, this chain of hotels
06:58 in this area and he said, this is the nicest one
07:01 of all of these hotels. I believe that God takes
07:06 care of your needs. See, normally I would have been
07:08 the person who would been there,
07:09 hurrying through life, stressing,
07:11 trying to figure out how are we gonna make this happen?
07:14 But, when you trust God, he opens the way for you.
07:21 James 2:23 says this, Abraham believed God,
07:25 and it was imputed unto him for righteousness:
07:28 and he was called a Friend of God.
07:31 Abraham believed God, but his faith in God
07:33 was not always perfect. You see Abraham
07:36 was called the father, the faithful,
07:38 but Abraham had not always been faithful.
07:40 He had great faith, don't get me wrong
07:43 Abraham's faith was strong, but there were times
07:45 that even Abraham's faith in God tended to waiver.
07:50 God called Abraham out of his homeland
07:53 and he called him to a new place
07:55 where he was going to live and he left in faith,
07:57 knowing and believing that God will take care of him.
07:59 Not knowing where he would go, but that God would
08:03 take care of him. And then, God promises Abraham
08:08 that he would make him the father of a great nation.
08:11 That through him all the seeds of the earth will be blessed
08:15 and in Genesis chapter 21, verses 1 and 2,
08:19 God gives him this promise and he tells him that,
08:23 the Lord said I have visited Sarah as he said he would,
08:27 and the Lord did unto Sarah as he had spoken.
08:30 For Sarah conceived, and bare Abraham
08:33 a son in his old age, and at the set time
08:36 of which God had spoken. Abraham had not always
08:41 followed God's will though, he had lacked faith
08:44 when it came to the child of this promise.
08:45 He had lacked the faith that God would do for him
08:49 what God had said he would. But, here in his old age,
08:52 God proved that he was faithful,
08:54 he proved that he was trustworthy.
08:56 And God told him he would do and he did it,
08:59 even though Abraham had tired in his own way,
09:02 he had taken a wife that God had not told him to do.
09:05 And when his faith stumbled, God still proved that
09:08 he was faithful, even though Abraham's faith
09:11 was not as strong as it should have been.
09:14 Inspiration tells us not that now God brought
09:17 to Abraham a test. See, even though Abraham
09:21 had been faithful in certain areas of his life.
09:23 When he failed the test to believe that God would do
09:26 when he told him to do,
09:27 God brought the test back around.
09:30 And in Genesis chapter 22 verse 2
09:32 we see this important text. God tells Abraham,
09:36 take thy son, thine only son Isaac,
09:39 whom thou lovest, and get thee into the land of Moriah;
09:43 and offer him there for a burnt offering upon one
09:46 of the mountains which I will show thee of.
09:49 This was a fear test for Abraham,
09:53 it was a tremendous heart ache.
09:54 Now here he is, in his old age,
09:57 with the odor of youth is passed away,
09:59 his vigor and his manhood are nearly gone,
10:01 and his feet are faltering towards the grave.
10:03 And here, in these very last moments of his life,
10:07 God brings to him this test. And the only one
10:11 that he could lean on, the only one that he could
10:13 have faith in was God, and it was God who
10:16 brought him a test. You see it was in obedience
10:20 to faith that Abraham had forsaken his country.
10:24 It was an obedience to God that he done
10:26 what God had asked. He might have thought,
10:27 you know I've already been faithful to you God.
10:29 I've left my home, I've left my family,
10:31 why are you still testing me? From the books,
10:36 Patriarchs and Prophets, the author gives us
10:38 a magnificent account of the struggle that Abraham
10:41 had to endure. Abraham, after he heard this word from God,
10:46 Satan was at hand, he was there to suggest
10:49 that maybe he had been deceived.
10:50 The divine law certainly wouldn't require him
10:54 to take the life of his son, for God's law said,
10:56 thou shalt not kill. And God will not require him
11:00 to do what had been forbidden. Abraham goes outside
11:04 of his tent, and he goes up and he looks into the calm,
11:06 unclouded skies and he remembers the promise
11:10 that was made to him all those years ago,
11:12 your seed would be as numerable and numerable
11:15 as the stars. How will this promise
11:19 be fulfilled he thought if he had to give his son Isaac.
11:25 Abraham was tempted to believe that he might be
11:27 under a delusion, we're told. In doubt,
11:30 in anguish, he bows to the earth and he prays
11:32 as he's never prayed before. And he pleads with God
11:37 somehow to give him another conformation
11:40 that this command was truly a duty that he had to perform.
11:44 He remembered the time that the angels
11:46 had visit him when he had gone to Sodom
11:48 and he goes out to the spot, the very spot where
11:50 he had met with the angels and he stands there
11:52 and he waits, hoping to see, to receive another message
11:56 to confirm that this was truly what God wanted him to do.
12:01 He had no message came. The author says,
12:03 the darkness seem to shut him in,
12:06 but the command of God was sound in his ears,
12:08 take thy son, thine only son whom the lovest.
12:14 He knew the command must be obeyed
12:17 and he dare not to delay. Daylight was approaching
12:20 and he knew he had to be on his journey.
12:23 My question for you is, do you delay
12:25 when God gives you a command? It's an important question,
12:29 it's not something that you can just pass over lightly.
12:31 When God tells you, he wants you to do something,
12:35 do you follow him? It reaches down into the very core
12:40 of our relationship with God and ask us to prove
12:42 our hearts and say, Father, do I really trust You?
12:46 Do I really believe You? Or do I only follow You
12:49 when it's convenient for me? Am I only gonna do
12:52 what you ask me to do, when I can see the way clearly,
12:55 when I know the path is straight
12:58 and then will I follow. But how will you follow God
13:01 when the more difficult time comes if you don't trust Him?
13:07 I believe it's only by knowing God that you can learn
13:11 to trust Him. It's who you trust,
13:13 it's who you follow. If you trust God,
13:14 you're gonna follow Him, if you trust Satan,
13:17 you're gonna follow Him. It's a very clear,
13:20 clear understanding that we must have,
13:22 we need to know that we can trust God.
13:26 In the book Patriarchs and Prophets
13:27 this quote is given, That he might reach
13:30 the highest standard, the highest standard,
13:33 God subject him to the closest test
13:36 which man was ever called to endure.
13:41 It was not that God is arbitrary,
13:43 because we know God is not. God needed to show Abraham
13:48 that he could trust him. He needed to know
13:52 that he could depend upon him. But, what is God
13:55 calling you to endure today? Other tests
13:58 and trails in your life that God has brought you
14:00 through that are testing your faith.
14:02 And if so, how do you know that you can trust God?
14:06 Abraham returns to his tent, and he goes to the place
14:10 where he sees Isaac sleeping there, and he looks
14:12 at his son laying, sleeping this deep sleep
14:15 and he looks on the face of his dear son
14:18 and he turns away trembling. He goes to Sarah,
14:21 and he goes to her side, where she is also sleeping.
14:23 Should he awaken her, should he tell her
14:26 what he has to do? She needs to embrace her
14:30 child one more time he thinks. But, he also knows
14:35 a mother's heart, and he knows how difficult
14:38 it would be for her to be able to give up her son's life too.
14:43 He longs to unburden himself, he longs to be able to
14:46 share with her this terrible responsibility,
14:50 but he was restrains himself. Isaac was her pride
14:54 and her joy, and her life was bound up in him.
14:58 Where do you turn when you have to trust somebody
15:05 My wife and I have a dog who is 16 years old now.
15:10 She has been with us many years,
15:11 she is a very precious dog, her name is Lisa.
15:14 And Lisa over the past for years has been suffering
15:17 a lot of physical problems. And in the last year or so,
15:22 she started having seizures. And very time she has
15:26 a seizure, she will come and she will
15:28 stand right beside us, because she wants to be
15:31 right next to the ones she trusts.
15:34 She wants to be right close, and she will put her head
15:36 right next to my leg and she will just stand there
15:39 as if she is saying, please make it all right,
15:42 make it go away. She knows that she can trust us.
15:48 Psalms 56 verse 3 says this, What time I am afraid,
15:53 I will trust in thee. It was a three day journey
15:59 to the mountain, where God had called him,
16:01 three day was the sufficient amount of time
16:03 for Abraham to think about what has been going
16:07 through his mind, what God had said,
16:08 take thy son, thine only son. And now he takes Isaac,
16:14 he leaves the servants behind, then he takes Isaac
16:17 and they go and proceed toward the mountain of God.
16:21 They stood on the spot where the sacrifice
16:23 was to be given. Isaac turns to his father
16:27 and he says father, we have the fire and the wood,
16:31 but where is the lamb? I imagine Abraham's voice
16:34 quivers as he says, son God will provide
16:39 Himself a lamb for a burnt offering.
16:43 Little did he understand or comprehend
16:45 the true meaning of those words,
16:46 God will provide Himself a lamb.
16:52 I wonder how it is possible for Isaac to be able to
16:55 trust his father? You know I know
16:58 that often times people that I meet have difficulty
17:04 in times in trusting others, because of the relationships
17:08 that they have had in growing up.
17:11 Not long ago, my wife and I, counseled with a young lady,
17:14 we'll call her Joannie. And as Joannie sat with us,
17:19 she tried to tell us the story of her life,
17:22 but she couldn't, it was too painful for her,
17:25 it was too difficulty, the words just
17:27 wouldn't come out, only tears would flow
17:30 and Joannie would just cry and sob.
17:33 It took us over two hours just to be able to
17:36 understand a little bit of her story
17:37 that Joannie had been abused. And as a child,
17:40 Joannie had suffered extreme difficult
17:44 and heart aches and abuse. We prayed with her,
17:49 we spent time with her and counseled with her.
17:52 And over a period of time, Joannie started to be able to
17:56 open up and started to see that maybe
17:58 she could trust God. So much that she came
18:01 to the point where she decided that she really
18:03 wanted to reach out in faith and ask God to heal her
18:06 of her past hurts and pains. We had anointing service
18:11 for Joannie and after the anointing service,
18:13 several days later, we got an email from her
18:16 and she told us she says her life has been changed.
18:20 The Holy Spirit had come in and he had removed
18:22 those scars and the pains of all those years,
18:25 and now she is a new creature in Jesus Christ,
18:28 thankful to the Holy Spirit. Only a father's heart could
18:35 truly understand the internal struggle
18:36 that Abraham had to endure. The indescribable anguish,
18:41 so great that it nearly crushed his own heart.
18:45 As Abraham bound his son and lay him upon the alter,
18:48 he must have hoped, he must have thought
18:50 there was still another way. Perhaps this was only a test?
18:55 How would he tell Sarah that he took the life
18:58 of their only son? Well he knew that the knife
19:02 that would pierce her son, would also pierce her heart
19:06 when it took his life. But, greater then all this,
19:10 greater then all this doubts and his worries
19:12 and his fears was his trust and his faith in the one
19:16 that had called him to the place.
19:21 The book Patriarchs and Prophets
19:22 tells us that even now he did not murmur against God.
19:25 Even now, going through all of this he was strengthened,
19:28 he strengthened his soul by dwelling upon
19:31 the evidences of the Lord's goodness and faithfulness.
19:36 He believed that the God who gave life could give it again.
19:40 And no one but God could understand the sacrifice
19:43 that this father had to endure.
19:46 It's interesting to think and contemplate
19:48 that he strengthened himself and believing
19:52 and recalling the evidences of God's goodness.
19:54 When you're going through a difficult time,
19:56 sometimes it's hard to remember how God
19:58 has been faithful to you in the past.
20:00 It's hard to recount how he has
20:02 taken care of you in the past. But, these are very times
20:05 that you need to go back and recount and recall
20:08 what it is that God has done for you.
20:10 These are the times that you strengthen yourself
20:13 as David did in the Lord, you remember
20:15 the goodness of God and his mercies.
20:20 You see, I believe that to know the truth about God,
20:25 to know the truth about how you can trust God,
20:30 you have to know God as Abraham did. Proverbs 29 says,
20:35 he putteth his trust in the Lord, shall be safe.
20:41 If you put your trust in God, God has promised
20:44 you that you will be safe. Abraham knew,
20:48 he believed and he followed God's voice.
20:50 How is that with you? Do you believe,
20:53 do you know God's voice? When he calls you,
20:58 do you hear his voice? When a difficult time comes,
21:01 do you trust him because you know him.
21:04 Slowly the Bible tells us, he raises a knife
21:10 and he is about to take Isaac life,
21:12 when suddenly a voice, a voice, the same voice
21:15 that will judge the wicked. The same voice that
21:17 will call the righteous back from the dead.
21:19 The same voice that will proclaim his love
21:22 for you throughout eternity it says,
21:24 take not the life of your son. Genesis 22:12 says,
21:30 Lay not thine hand upon the lad, neither do thou
21:33 anything unto him: for now I know that thou
21:37 fearest God, seeing thou hast not withheld thy son,
21:41 thine only son from me. The Bible states
21:46 that Abraham called the name of this place,
21:48 Jehovah-jireh. Only once, only once in God's
21:53 word is that name ever spoken. And only once
21:57 did God offer his son to bear our sins
22:00 in His own body on the tree. Jehovah-jireh,
22:04 this solemn, endearing term has been used
22:06 by many to name and claim the blessings of God.
22:09 But when we do this, when we take this name
22:12 and we pervert its meaning, we diminish
22:14 the pure and holy purpose of what Jehovah-jireh means.
22:18 Jehovah-jireh is the God who emptied the storehouse
22:22 of Heaven, and gave Heaven's richest gift
22:25 in the life of his own son Jesus.
22:27 Jesus, who was the lamb slain from the foundation
22:30 of the earth. Jesus, in him God provided
22:33 himself a lamb, which would takeaway
22:37 the sins of the world. Abraham, I believe,
22:40 will never again be able to look at the sacrificial
22:42 lamb without thinking of the infinite price
22:44 that God paid for sin. God withheld Abraham
22:48 from taking Isaac's life, but he did not withhold
22:52 His only son to save this world,
22:55 the one lost sheep. We, who on this
22:58 fallen rebellion planet, for whom Jesus died,
23:01 that we being dead to sins, should live unto righteousness
23:05 by whose stripes we are healed.
23:08 Psalm 36:7 says it like this, How excellent is thy
23:13 loving kindness, O God! Therefore the children
23:16 of men put their trust under the shadow of thy wings.
23:21 We are told that the angelic host watched
23:24 in wonder and amazement, this unfolding
23:26 of this trial of faith. In their minds,
23:29 in the minds of the angels the plan of redemption
23:31 became clearer and shone brighter, lighting up
23:34 the path to the cross. Jehovah-jireh
23:37 is the God who took upon himself a responsibility
23:41 for your and my salvation. Jesus stands at the
23:46 turning point of eternity, he's waiting
23:49 for one word from His Father that this was not
23:52 His cup to bear. The unfathomable burden
23:55 of the sins of humanity is nearly crushing out
23:58 the very life from His soul and He hasn't yet
24:01 been to the cross. He hasn't yet experienced
24:03 the pain from the crown of thorns as they are pushed
24:06 ruthlessly into His brow, or suffered the beatings
24:09 and the nails, that were driven
24:10 through his hands and feet. As Jesus falls
24:14 to the ground, large drops of blood fall
24:18 from His face. He clings to the cold,
24:21 dark earth as if somehow, somehow
24:24 it can keep Him from being torn from His Father's love.
24:29 He feels the separation that is caused by the sins
24:32 that you and I have committed and a vast,
24:34 dark gulf begins to separate Him from His Father's love.
24:40 He now realizes the wrath that God
24:42 has against those who reject His call to mercy.
24:46 At this pivotal point, at this pivotal point and time,
24:50 with all of our destinies hanging in the balance,
24:52 He decides to take the penalty and to die in your place.
24:58 He knows He loves us so much that, if necessary,
25:02 He will choose to be forever separated from the One
25:06 with whom He has never been apart.
25:08 All this, all this, so you and I could have the opportunity
25:13 to have eternal life. He could have called
25:16 ten thousand angels, but He doesn't.
25:19 In order to save those who have no power to save themselves,
25:23 He stood in our place so that one day we could stand
25:27 with Him in His. He was wounded
25:30 for our transgressions, he was bruised
25:33 for our iniquities: the chastisement of
25:35 our peace was upon him; and with his stripes
25:38 we are healed. Jesus took our stripes,
25:43 so we could be healed by His stripes.
25:47 Jehovah-jireh is the God who provided himself
25:54 to be our sacrifice. The God who provided himself,
25:59 the God who gave his own life for you is the one
26:03 you can trust. The question you must ask,
26:07 the question I must ask is this.
26:09 Will we receive his love? Will we allow it to shine
26:13 into the darkest corners of our hearts and minds?
26:15 And will I allow Him to redeem me
26:17 from the curse and power of sin?
26:21 I believe that those who will go through
26:22 the end of time and who will stand
26:24 before the universe and angels,
26:26 testifying of God's power to save.
26:28 Even the chief of sinners will know Jesus
26:31 as a personal savior and a trusted friend.
26:34 He will not only be the God they serve,
26:38 he will be the one they love so much
26:40 that they will be willing to lay down their lives for him.
26:44 John 15:13 says it like this, Greater love
26:49 hath no man than this, than a man to
26:53 lay down his life for his friends.
26:57 The one who laid down his life for you,
26:59 is a God you can trust. Trust his heart
27:05 when storms will sail you. Trust his heart
27:09 when others fail you. Trust his heart
27:12 though dark days gather. Trust his heart
27:16 when nothing seems to matter. Trust his heart,
27:20 for he is faithful. Trust his heart
27:23 for God is able. Jehovah-jireh
27:29 is the God who says, Trust in the Lord
27:32 with all thy heart and lean not unto thine own understanding.
27:36 In all thy ways acknowledge him,
27:39 and he shall direct thy paths. God wants to direct you
27:44 to his heart of infinite love. Today, God is calling you
27:49 to place all your hopes, your plans,
27:51 your dreams in him, won't you trust him today?


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