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00:30 Welcome to Faith Chapel. My name is Steve Nelson.
00:33 Our message today is titled
00:34 "A New Heart and A New Life."
00:37 But before we begin let's begin with a word of prayer.
00:40 My dear Father, Lord, we thank you for the
00:42 opportunity we have today of spending some
00:45 time in your word. Lord, I just pray as we
00:48 go through the pages of your word, that you will
00:51 show us Father, your plan for our life.
00:54 That your spirit will recreate us in your image
00:57 as we spend this time with you,
00:59 in Jesus name, amen.
01:02 There is an interesting quote in Psalms 51:10-13.
01:08 The Bible tells us: "Create in me
01:10 a clean heart, O God;
01:12 and renew a right spirit within me.
01:16 Cast me not away from thy presence;
01:18 and take not thy Holy Spirit from me.
01:20 Restore unto me the joy of thy salvation;
01:23 and uphold me with thy free spirit.
01:26 Then I will teach transgressors thy ways;
01:29 and sinners shall be converted unto thee."
01:34 The Bible is telling us that our greatest need is
01:36 for us to have a new heart, a clean heart.
01:39 One that only God can give to us.
01:41 It says that God will be the one who will
01:43 renew within us a right spirit.
01:45 But David is pleading here that God don't cast
01:49 me away from thy presence.
01:51 Take not thy Holy Spirit from me.
01:54 There are many in the Christian world today
01:56 who have trouble understanding
01:58 their true relationship with God.
02:00 Often times we don't see ourselves
02:02 the way that God sees us. And I believe it's
02:04 important for us to understand what is it
02:07 that God is looking for within me today.
02:11 What is it God's requiring from me,
02:13 in order for me to be able to say it like
02:15 David, then I will teach transgressors thy ways
02:18 and sinners will be converted unto thee.
02:21 I believe that we need to pray for revival.
02:24 I believe the most desperate need of the
02:26 church today is to pray for revival.
02:29 In Luke 11:13 we see this text.
02:32 It tells us "If ye then, being evil, know how to
02:37 give good gifts unto your children:
02:39 how much more shall your heavenly Father
02:42 give the Holy Spirit to them that ask him?"
02:46 What is the Bible saying here?
02:48 The Bible is saying that you with
02:50 your selfish motives, your bad habits,
02:52 your corrupt thoughts, if you are able to do
02:54 what is right in your own strength,
02:58 if you are being as the Bible says;
03:00 evil are able to give good gifts to your parents,
03:04 how much more is God willing
03:05 to give us the Holy Spirit.
03:08 God who is exceedingly, abundantly greater in
03:10 love and matchless gifts and we are,
03:13 He is able to give us the greatest gift our soul
03:16 needs and that is the Holy Spirit.
03:18 So what's the problem? I believe our problem is
03:21 that we are not connected to the source of power.
03:24 There is an interesting quote in the book
03:26 Maranatha that states it like this;
03:28 "All that Christ receive from God we too may have.
03:32 Then ask and receive with the persevering faith of
03:36 Jacob and the unyielding persistence of Elijah.
03:39 Claim for yourself all that God has promised."
03:43 What is the author telling us?
03:45 God, the author is telling us that God
03:47 wants us to seek diligently with the
03:50 persevering faith of Jacob. The unyielding persistence
03:53 of Elijah, to claim for ourselves, the promises
03:57 the God has within His word for us.
03:59 God wants us to come to Him and to seek the
04:02 very thing that we need, and that is a new heart.
04:06 In order to have a new heart,
04:08 I believe we need to have a revival.
04:11 A revival is something like this.
04:15 We are told that we are no longer,
04:17 that we are pilgrims and strangers on this earth.
04:20 But some of us somehow believe that
04:22 we are on some sort of vacation I believe from
04:24 heaven, that we've been blessed with wonderful
04:25 that we've been blessed with wonderful gifts of
04:27 truths and knowledge from God's word.
04:30 Somehow all of these blessings,
04:32 we think they entitle us, that we should enjoy
04:35 the pleasures of this earth for a while.
04:38 But somehow we are on vacation that,
04:40 but it is true or have we forgotten
04:43 the hour of our visitation. Matthew 5:8 says it like
04:48 "These people draw nigh unto Me with their
04:50 mouth, And honoreth Me with their lips,
04:52 But their heart is far from Me."
04:56 The Bible is telling us that we can come to
04:58 God, we can worship Him, we can spend time
05:00 with Him but even though we may speak
05:03 these things with our mouth or our hearts
05:05 not close and connected to God.
05:09 That is why our greatest need
05:10 is revival and for reformation.
05:13 We need the outpouring, indwelling the
05:15 transforming power of the Holy Spirit.
05:18 Zachariah 4:6 says; " Not by Might Nor by
05:21 Power but by My Spirit says the Lord of hosts."
05:25 God tells us to be holy as He is holy,
05:27 but He is telling us, we can't do it ourselves.
05:30 It is His spirit that must work this transformation.
05:35 We can't change our hearts, only He can do that for us.
05:40 There is nothing I believe that Satan fears
05:42 more then we will clear the path for Jesus to do
05:46 the work that He wants to do then as we remove
05:49 the hindrances, so the Holy Spirit
05:51 can work within our hearts.
05:53 God wants to pour out His spirit on this
05:55 church, on this world, and He is really
05:58 and He is able to do it, but are we ready?
06:01 I believe there is nothing that Satan fears more
06:04 then for us to get ready, because he knows when
06:07 we do this, He knows that when we get ready,
06:10 his time for deceiving and destroying will
06:13 soon come to an end. He knows that when the
06:15 church is ready, we will do the works that God
06:17 has called us to do. He knows that we will
06:20 work the works of Jesus,
06:22 if we have the faith of Jesus.
06:24 The Bible tells us in Matthew 24:12;
06:27 "Because iniquity shall abound,
06:29 the love of many shall wax cold."
06:32 Has you love for Jesus waxed cold?
06:35 If so, you need to ask yourself,
06:37 is there something in my life that is
06:39 separating me from Him?
06:40 God wants to restore us into His image.
06:43 He wants to recreate us. He wants to give us a
06:46 new heart but are we doing what He's asked us to do?
06:50 And that is why we are talking about this
06:52 message today "A new heart and a new life."
06:56 A revival of true Godliness,
06:58 I believe is our most urgent need.
07:00 Because with this, with this work we will begin
07:03 to see the works that God wants to do through us.
07:07 But this can only be done through prayer
07:10 and confession and forsaking of sin.
07:13 It's not a matter of understanding some
07:15 truths, it's not a matter of just understanding
07:17 what the Bible says about being a Christian.
07:20 We have to have this life assimilated into us.
07:23 We need to become like Jesus.
07:27 It's not until we reflect Jesus, not until we are
07:32 showing to the world the love of Christ.
07:34 We will then be able to give the light to the
07:36 world that He has called us to give.
07:40 He wants to work for the world,
07:41 He wants to revive the world,
07:43 He wants to draw the world to Him but does
07:46 the world see Him in us? Does the world see
07:49 the reflection of Christ when they
07:51 look at you and they look at me?
07:53 Or do they see something else.
07:56 It was a revival that prompted the early rain.
07:59 It was a revival that brought the disciples
08:01 together in unity and I believe that same
08:04 revival the Bible tells us it's going to happen.
08:07 Here are the very closing work of time
08:08 and I believe that time is soon.
08:11 That revival will also be a greater,
08:14 in greater proportions then what happened
08:16 in the early church.
08:18 Why do I say greater proportions?
08:20 Because Romans tells us in Romans 5;
08:23 "where sin abounded, grace did much more abound."
08:26 It's not hard to look around the world today
08:28 and see that sin is abounding.
08:30 It's not hard if you look around
08:31 and you see the problems.
08:33 It's not the same world that used to be when
08:35 your grandparents, my grandparents grew up.
08:38 It's not the same place. I'm not saying that the
08:40 world was right then but the world today is
08:43 fast approaching the boundaries of God's grace.
08:47 Because, like Sodom and Gomorrah,
08:49 we are fast coming to an end, and soon, very soon,
08:53 God is going to visit us with His judgments.
08:59 But, how do we change our hearts?
09:01 How is that I can do the works of Christ?
09:04 How is that I can be what Jesus wants me to be?
09:07 Jeremiah 29:13 says it like this;
09:10 "And you shall seek me and find me,
09:14 when you search for me with all your heart."
09:19 You see our part is to seek Christ.
09:22 He is telling us that we need to seek Him but
09:24 He's promising us that when we seek Him we
09:27 will find Him but only, only when we search
09:31 for Him with all our hearts.
09:34 This is what a revival is about.
09:35 This is what the latter rain experience will be about.
09:38 God's people will be together,
09:41 seeking to know God's will,
09:42 seeking to empty themselves of themselves
09:45 and seeking to be filled with Jesus.
09:49 But how does this process happen?
09:51 Here in the Southern states, we watch a very
09:54 interesting process take place each year.
09:59 If you go out in the spring time you will see
10:01 the farmers plowing their fields and they
10:03 will be tilling their fields and in a few
10:05 weeks later you'll see, as the fields are
10:09 tilled and crops are growing.
10:11 You will see little shoots start to grow up.
10:14 Out here in the Midwest, they don't
10:17 have to irrigate the crops because the rain
10:23 comes and as the rain comes, it gives the life
10:24 giving water that makes the seed grow and
10:26 nourishes it through the soil
10:27 and it grows up into a healthy plant.
10:31 It's interesting to note though that it's only in
10:34 the latter part of the year,
10:35 the rains that come, the latter rain as it were,
10:38 that come in the latter part of year.
10:40 Take the plant and it gives it what it needs to
10:43 finally grow and for the grain to finally produce.
10:49 It's the same way with the Christian life.
10:52 Unless we are receiving daily of God's word
10:55 and daily receiving the influences of the Spirit,
10:58 when it come time for the latter
11:00 rain to fall we won't be ready.
11:02 God is telling us that we need to receive
11:04 His word within our hearts, not only in our
11:07 hearts, we need to allow it to change and
11:09 transform us. If the plant does not allow
11:12 the, does not have enough water to grow.
11:15 It's not going to grow to where it can have grain.
11:17 You and I need to grow in our
11:19 spiritual walk with Christ. If we are not to the
11:22 point where He has been able to transform us,
11:25 we will not be to the place where we can
11:26 receive the outpouring of the Holy Spirit
11:29 and finally be changed into the image of Christ.
11:34 We are told that as the dew and the rain are given,
11:38 first to cause the seed to germinate and then to
11:40 ripen the harvest, so the Holy Spirit is given to
11:44 carry forward from one stage to another,
11:47 the process of spiritual growth.
11:49 It's much like what we just talked about with
11:51 the grain and the harvest here in the Southern states.
11:53 The ripening of the grain represents the
11:55 completion of the work of God's grace and the soul.
11:59 By the power of the Holy Spirit,
12:01 the moral image of God is to be
12:03 perfected in the character. We are to be wholly
12:06 transformed into the likeliness of Christ
12:11 To be wholly transformed in the
12:12 likeness of Christ is the work that
12:14 God wants to do in your life today.
12:17 He wants to change you. He wants to make you,
12:20 mold you, shape you into the image of His son.
12:23 But unless the early showers have done their
12:26 work, unless we've received of the early rain,
12:28 when the latter rain comes we will
12:30 not be able to receive it. A plant that is not
12:32 grown and fully matured, will do it no
12:35 good to receive the latter rain, because the
12:38 grain will not be able to be ripened.
12:40 What we need today is the early rain
12:43 I call the revival rain. It is now that we need
12:48 to receive this revival rain in order for us to be
12:51 able to receive the latter rain when it comes.
12:56 But what would this revival do for us?
12:58 I believe that it will bring unity and it will
13:05 change us, as we put on the armor of
13:07 Christ we will become like Him.
13:10 But not until we do this, not until we receive
13:13 from Him and put on His armor,
13:14 well, we will be able to stand in the battle
13:16 that is soon to take place. You see, it was after
13:19 that the disciples were perfectly unified,
13:21 it was after that they were no longer striving
13:23 to see who is gonna be first,
13:25 it was after they had finally decided that
13:27 Jesus Christ was everything to them,
13:30 that the Holy Spirit was able to be poured out.
13:34 But I believe sometimes we've gotten
13:36 the carpet for the horse. Sometimes we realize
13:39 that we need to spread the gospel,
13:41 but we've lost the power that we really need to
13:44 be plugged into the source,
13:46 to be able to do the works of Christ.
13:49 Is it possible that we are just idling
13:51 through the great gospel commission?
13:53 Is it possible that somehow we are
13:55 waiting for someone else to do the job?
13:57 Maybe you are thinking your pastor will do this job.
13:59 Maybe you're waiting for the church to do
14:00 this, but God is calling you to do this work.
14:04 God is asking you to be able to
14:06 allow Him to transform your heart.
14:08 He is asking you to get on your knees today
14:10 and to pray and seek for His
14:13 transforming power in your life.
14:16 Second Corinthians 3:18 says it like this;
14:21 "But we all, with open face, beholding as in a
14:24 glass, the glory of the Lord are changed into
14:27 the same image, from glory to glory,
14:30 even as by the Spirit of the Lord."
14:34 What is happening here?
14:35 The Bible is telling us that we look into a glass
14:39 and as we into this glass we are changed.
14:42 Why is this? Because as we look into this glass,
14:44 we are beholding Jesus Christ and it's
14:47 impossible to behold Jesus Christ
14:49 and not to become changed. No one whoever beheld
14:52 Christ was ever the same again.
14:54 But this isn't something that
14:55 you can only do just once. It's the process that you
14:58 need to do day by day, hour by hour,
15:01 moment by moment you need to keep Christ
15:05 in the center of your thoughts
15:07 and allow Him to control your will.
15:12 You see it's the transformation that He
15:14 wants to do that will fit us
15:16 and prepare us for the latter rain.
15:20 A number of years ago, my wife and I had a
15:23 little planter box outside of our house.
15:27 Every year we would plant pretty little
15:29 flowers and every spring as the flower
15:32 would come, the plants would come and grow,
15:34 we would watch them bloom.
15:37 People would drive by and comment oh,
15:38 I just love those beautiful flowers
15:40 in front of your house. Well, one year we got
15:42 too busy and in the spring time
15:44 we didn't plant flowers that year.
15:47 And it wasn't long before all of a sudden,
15:49 little shoots started to pop-up.
15:51 We were kind of surprised because we
15:52 didn't plant flowers but yet here shoots popping up.
15:56 Well, didn't take us long before we realize
15:58 that these shoots were not
16:00 the product of their ancestors.
16:02 While we were sleeping, while we were
16:05 not doing what God had asked just to do in our
16:08 spiritual life, weeds can grow up.
16:11 Just like in our planter box, weeds had grown up.
16:15 You see it's what you plant and what you
16:18 nourish that's what will grow.
16:20 If you stop feeding yourself on the word of God,
16:23 if you stop taking time to seek Him and to ask
16:27 Him to change you and to transform your life
16:30 soon you will find out that something else has
16:33 taken the place. It's not a hard thing,
16:35 it happens very easily. You can just one day
16:39 neglect to pray, one day neglect to take the time
16:43 to study Him in the morning and pretty
16:46 soon, the next day it's much easier because
16:48 you have forgotten what it was like.
16:52 It's a difficult task, but God is calling us
16:55 to do this work in our lives.
17:01 I believe it's also very important for us to
17:03 guard the kind of food that we eat.
17:05 I don't know about you but I'm very picky
17:07 about the type of food that I eat.
17:09 I want to go to a restaurant where I see
17:11 that the people in the restaurant are wearing
17:14 gloves, because I know if they're wearing
17:15 gloves that their hands at least are going to be
17:17 insulated, if they haven't washed them.
17:19 The food will at least be safe.
17:22 Not only that, but I also want to know that the
17:25 type of the ingredients that they use are good
17:28 ingredients, wholesome ingredients.
17:30 I don't want food that is been spoiled or gone bad.
17:33 And it's the same way in our spiritual life.
17:35 If we do not take the time to pray and ask
17:39 God for the right type of food, we can easily
17:42 start to simulate things that aren't good for us.
17:44 And pretty soon before we know it,
17:47 we develop an appetite for things that maybe
17:49 aren't right for us, that aren't wholesome for us,
17:51 but we think they're okay.
17:53 Because we haven't come to Him and said
17:55 Lord show me what it is you would have me to read.
17:59 What it is you would have me to hear,
18:01 to listen, to think about. Father, teach me your way.
18:06 We can only do this, if you keep our focus on Him.
18:10 Again from the little book Maranatha,
18:12 there is a very interesting quote in page 86,
18:14 it says it like this; "The Holy Spirit will take
18:17 the things of God and show them to you.
18:21 Christ will lead you to the threshold of the Infinite.
18:24 You may behold the glory beyond the veil,
18:27 and reveal to men the sufficiency of Him who
18:30 ever liveth to make intercession for us."
18:35 What's happening here? The author is telling us
18:38 that Jesus wants to pull back the
18:40 curtain as it were, pull back the veil.
18:42 He wants to give us an undimmed view of His glory.
18:46 He wants us to see Him and all of
18:49 his fullness because we do this.
18:52 We like Moses will be changed.
18:54 The Moses came down from the mountain.
18:56 was, had to veil his face because the glory of
19:00 God had shown upon Him. The people could not
19:05 look upon Him from that glory.
19:08 It's the same way with us. The more time that we
19:10 spend with Jesus, the more it will be seen
19:14 and known that we are like Him.
19:17 If you want the world to be changed,
19:19 it's not a matter of what you say,
19:21 but it's also matter of what you do.
19:24 Many professed to believe the Jesus can save us.
19:27 We believe that He can save us from our sins.
19:29 We actually sing song "Jesus saves,
19:31 Jesus saves," But do you really believe,
19:34 do you really believe that He can take a life
19:37 that is sin, sick and totally change His behavior.
19:43 Or do you believe it's just a choice?
19:46 I believe it's a choice to trust in God,
19:48 but I don't believe that you
19:49 and I have the power to do this.
19:51 I believe the man's wisdom can lead us into
19:54 a lot of truth and knowledge,
19:55 but only God can change the sin, sick, soul.
20:02 It's an important question for us to
20:04 think about because unless there is a true
20:07 change, the revival will not take place.
20:12 What do I mean by this? You see it's possible for
20:16 us to have revival and still not have reformation.
20:22 A revival without reformation means nothing.
20:25 You see it's like many times you will see
20:27 people who will go to great lengths to change
20:30 their clothes in order that they look
20:32 appropriate maybe in church.
20:34 They will do many things, they'll change
20:35 their diet, they will change the music they
20:38 listen to, will do all the external things just to
20:41 show often, just to show that they're Christians.
20:45 But does that mean that they're a Christian?
20:48 Think about it for a moment.
20:49 Unless the Holy Spirit is one that's changing
20:52 your desires, it's you that's doing the work.
20:57 If you are the one who is doing the works
21:00 within you, you are not reflecting
21:03 the image of Christ. You are reflecting
21:05 your own image, oh you can deceive people. Many do.
21:09 Often times they look at someone
21:10 and say wow! Look at their life.
21:12 They must be a good Christian,
21:15 it's not for us to know the heart.
21:17 But in time, sometimes a fruit doesn't bear the taste.
21:22 Sometimes the fruit has shown
21:23 that the outward adorning, the outward change as it
21:26 were is not reflective of a new heart.
21:31 Titus 3 verse 5 says it like this;
21:36 "Not by works of righteousness which we
21:38 have done, but according to his mercy
21:42 he saved us, by the washing of regeneration,
21:45 and by renewing of the Holy Ghost."
21:49 You see it's not the works of righteousness
21:51 that you and I can do. It's the works of
21:53 righteous that Christ does within us that changes us.
21:58 And this is why I believe that revival
22:01 has to be tied with reformation.
22:04 A revival has to come first.
22:07 Revival, we are told signifies a renewal of
22:10 the spiritual life. A quickening of the
22:12 powers of the mind and a resurrection
22:15 from the spiritual death. This is what revival does.
22:17 It brings to our senses, to our minds a
22:19 realization that we need to change.
22:21 It causes to realize that we stand
22:24 before God unrighteous. That in our own
22:27 righteousness we only have filthy rags,
22:29 that we need something more,
22:31 that we need the righteousness of Christ.
22:37 But in order for that change to happen,
22:40 something else has to take place.
22:41 It's more than just realizing the need.
22:44 Now you have to allow the spirit to change you.
22:48 Isaiah 55 verse 6 says it like this;
22:51 "Seek ye the Lord while he may be found,
22:54 call on Him while he is near."
22:58 God is telling us that we need to seek Him
23:01 while He is to be found, to call on
23:03 Him while He is near. When we do this,
23:06 this is the first step, because in seeking Him
23:09 we now come to the place where we are
23:11 willing to allow Him to change
23:13 and transform our life. God wants to do this
23:17 work through you, but you have to be willing
23:20 to allow Him to do it through and in you.
23:25 Second Chronicles 7:14 says it like this;
23:29 "If my people, which are called by my name,
23:34 shall humble themselves and pray,
23:36 and seek my face, and turn from their wicked
23:39 ways; then will I hear from heaven,
23:42 and forgive their sin, and heal their land."
23:47 God is saying that if we come to Him
23:51 and we seek His face and we humble
23:52 ourselves before Him that He will heal us,
23:55 that He will change us. And this is where the
23:58 reformation comes into place.
24:00 This is where God will take now and restore us
24:04 into the image of Christ. Revival awakens our
24:06 need. Reformation changes us into the image of Christ.
24:11 It is the reformation that we so desperately need.
24:13 Isaiah 55 says it like this; "Let the wicked
24:17 forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his
24:21 thoughts: and let him return unto the Lord,
24:24 and he will have mercy upon him; and to our
24:26 God, for he will abundantly pardon."
24:31 What is God is telling us? He is telling us that
24:34 if we seek Him, if we forsake the path that
24:38 we've been on, if we are willing to turn around
24:41 that He will changes, He will pardon us,
24:43 but only that, God wants to transform us.
24:47 Forgiveness is always guaranteed
24:49 when we seek God. But God wants to do
24:52 more for us than that. He wants to change us.
24:54 He wants to transform us into the image of His Son.
25:00 It doesn't happen quickly. It's not a hurried prayer.
25:03 It 's not just a quick in the morning;
25:06 thank you God for this day, be with me,
25:08 keep me safe. It's a matter of daily
25:10 seeking God to hear His voice and to know His will.
25:16 But you see it also there is interesting thing to
25:19 realize, there's hindrances to our revival.
25:21 Not long ago, my wife and I took a trip.
25:23 And on this trip we were coming back
25:26 home and as we came back home we looked at
25:28 the map, we planned our route, but as we got
25:32 down the road, we realized
25:34 that we were no longer going home.
25:38 We stop, we had to pull over, we looked at the
25:40 map again, we realized where a road had
25:42 actually made a gentle turn we had gone straight.
25:45 And this can happen in our spiritual life as well.
25:48 Sometimes we don't realize, we become
25:50 disconnected from God and before we know it
25:52 we are down the road, away from Him
25:55 and we are no longer walking with Him.
25:59 What do we have to do?
26:01 We had to stop and we had to turn around.
26:04 In order to get back on the right path,
26:06 we had to stop and we had to turn around.
26:10 The Bible tells us that what will happen to us is this.
26:15 Isaiah 30:21 says it like this;
26:20 "Whether you turn to the right or to the left,
26:23 your ears will hear a voice behind you,
26:25 saying, This is the way; walk ye in it."
26:31 What do we have do? When we pulled off to
26:32 the side of the road, we had to turn around.
26:35 God is telling you when you get off the path,
26:38 there is only one path at least we turn to life,
26:40 but if you get up to the left,
26:41 we get up to the right. God is telling you,
26:44 you will hear a voice behind you saying,
26:46 this is the way, walk you in it.
26:50 God wants us to be on the right path,
26:53 but He knows that often times
26:55 we find it difficult to hear His voice.
26:58 But unless we've spend the time with Him
27:00 we won't know when we've gotten off the wrong path.
27:04 In politics, there is the right-wing
27:06 in the left ring parties. The left is described as
27:10 progressive, the right is conservative.
27:12 But reality is, if you get off on either
27:14 side you are in the ditch. There is only one path
27:17 for you to be on, and that's the path
27:19 that God has called you. Revelation 3:20 says it
27:22 like this; "Behold, I stand at the door,
27:25 and knock: if any man hear my voice,
27:27 and open the door, I will come in to him,
27:30 and sup with him and he with me."
27:34 God is telling you that He is standing at the
27:36 door of your heart. He is knocking.
27:39 He wants to come in. He's asking you please
27:43 open up the door of your heart.
27:45 If you've gotten off the path, listen to the voice.
27:48 Let Him change you, let Him turn you around
27:51 today and set you on the path again.


Revised 2014-12-17