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00:31 Welcome to the Faith Chapel.
00:32 My name is Hal Steenson and I'm just privileged
00:34 to share with you today. We're gonna preach
00:38 I believe a message that will help you concerning
00:42 your prayer life and hindrances to
00:44 unanswered prayer. But before we get into
00:46 the word of God, lets get in the God,
00:49 lets get in to him through prayer okay.
00:51 Join with me today.
00:52 Father, oh! Father, what would we do without you,
00:56 we ask you today Lord in humility God,
01:00 because of the God that you are to be with us.
01:02 And Lord, we also ask you Father with boldness
01:06 that we can come into your presence here
01:07 today because we are your children
01:09 and you our Father. Lord, be with us here today
01:12 and Lord, let your love abound,
01:14 your grace Lord be multiplied and
01:17 we thank you for it, in Jesus name amen.
01:21 You know there is lot of people that come to him
01:23 and they say how, what's the deal you know
01:26 I pray, I hear other people praying,
01:28 their prayers are answered and I pray
01:29 and I don't get my prayers answered.
01:31 But see the word of God says all God's answers
01:35 are yea and amen. But its according to the line
01:37 with the word of God. So what I want to share
01:38 with you today is some reasons while
01:41 there might be unanswered prayers
01:43 in your life and what you have to do is you have
01:44 to give yourself a checkup from the neck up.
01:47 And look, take a look and make sure that
01:49 you're not in your head and that you're in
01:50 your heart okay. I want to share with you this,
01:53 so best way to praise to pray the word of God,
01:54 the BIBLE. 1 John 5:14 says.
01:57 And this is the confidence that we have in him,
01:59 that, if we ask anything according to his will,
02:01 and his will is his word, then he hears us.
02:05 1 John 5:15 says: And if we know that he hear us,
02:08 whatsoever we ask, we know that we have
02:10 the petitions that we desire of him.
02:14 Pastor, how do I pray the word of God?
02:16 Well, 2 Corinthians 2:20 says:
02:18 For all the promises of God in him are yea and amen,
02:23 unto the glory of God by us. What about times
02:27 when I pray and I just don't just get an answer.
02:31 Glad you asked, 2 Corinthians 13:5 says:
02:35 Let a man examine himself, in other wards
02:37 examine yourselves, whether you be
02:39 in the faith; prove your own self.
02:40 Know ye not your own selves,
02:42 how that Jesus Christ is in you,
02:44 except ye be reprobates?
02:47 If you reprobate he is not there working in you.
02:50 Acts 10:34 says, Then Peter opened his mouth,
02:53 and said, Of a truth I perceive that God is no
02:56 respecter of persons. Let me share this with
03:00 you okay, God is not a respecter of persons.
03:03 However he is a respecter of circumstance,
03:07 remember, if you're having problems getting
03:08 your prayers unanswered the problem
03:10 is never with God, what did I say?
03:12 I said if you're having problems getting
03:14 your prayers unanswered don't blame it on God
03:18 because the problem is never with God.
03:20 Well, let's look at some possible reasons
03:22 why your prayers may go unanswered?
03:25 First, this is the biggie, I don't want to spend
03:29 a great deal of time just on this but it's very
03:32 important that you hear this okay.
03:33 First is unconfessed known sin will hinder
03:37 your prayers. 1 John 1:9 says If we confess
03:41 our sins, God is faithful and just to forgive us
03:44 our sins, and to cleanse us from some of our
03:45 unrighteousness, no, from all our unrighteousness.
03:48 See here's what we failed to see,
03:50 comprehend and realize is that not only
03:53 Will God forgive us of our sins.
03:56 But also he will cleanse us of our sins.
03:59 I mean one time I'd asked Molly to go out
04:02 and do something and get something out
04:03 of the car at Church and it was raining and,
04:04 and she started, she said,
04:07 baby it's raining outside, I said, but honey
04:08 it won't take long, I'm just trying out there
04:09 and get and then the Lord got in my case he said,
04:13 no and I said, Molly, forgive me
04:16 I am so sorry, I will go get that
04:17 and so I ran out there in ran got it
04:19 and then Lord back the Lord said you need
04:21 to repent. And I said okay forgive me Father
04:25 He said sure I will now repent and I said what?
04:28 I just did He said no you asked forgiveness,
04:30 forgiveness and repentance are two
04:31 different things. Forgiveness is when you
04:33 ask Forgiveness, repentance is when you
04:35 turned around and go the other direction.
04:37 So, we need to confess our sins before God
04:40 and you know if you're in sin, it's not something
04:42 that you've say oh! Let me search myself
04:44 what it knows it's not that, that's not it
04:47 if you're in sin, you know you're in sin.
04:49 And it's those cherished sins, let me use this as
04:52 an illustration at what speed limit does
04:54 the 65 mile an hour speed limit in Illinois
04:57 go into effect now what speed?
04:59 Now some of you will say,
05:00 well it goes into effect its 66 miles an hour,
05:03 no it doesn't, it's in effect when you sitting
05:06 at home, when your on couch, it's the law
05:09 and it's in effect whether you are even
05:11 in the car or your home on the couch,
05:13 this is where we failed to realize that God
05:15 sin limit is zero. And so when we have
05:18 unconfessed known sin in our life,
05:21 we are exceeding the sin limit of God,
05:23 we can't do that what we have to do
05:25 what we must do, what we must realize
05:28 is that God's sin limit is zero.
05:32 Thank God that we haven't advocate
05:34 with the father, that if we do exceed God's
05:36 sin limit then we can ask for forgiveness.
05:40 If we do miss it and sin and any of you
05:41 ever miss it. You know I am sure you are
05:43 raising your hand there at home.
05:44 If you've ever missed it then you know
05:47 I miss it sometimes as big as a country mile,
05:50 and that's not always easy to admit.
05:53 It's just not, but we miss it and
05:55 we don't just miss it. So much of the time
05:57 we miss it and we sin. 1 John 3:4 says
06:00 whosoever committed sin transgresseth,
06:01 means exceeds the sin limit,
06:03 also the law: for sin is the transgression
06:06 of the law. So when you exceed the sin
06:09 limit of God. Verse 17 says:
06:11 Therefore to him that knoweth to do good,
06:14 and doeth it not, to him it's sin.
06:16 Now say here's where we really need to take
06:19 a good look at what's we're doing
06:20 and what we're saying. Is because what might be
06:23 to use, see I don't, I don't play cards.
06:26 Before I got born again I play cards for money,
06:28 my brother and I, Lowell and I used to go
06:30 to Huntsville and just we play Bridge,
06:33 didn't play poker, played Bridge,
06:34 it's just. It was just a big time gambling,
06:37 made lots of money. But God conducted me of it,
06:40 you see I can't stand here and tell you that
06:43 if you pick up a deck of old maid cards
06:45 or you play bridge that you're sinning
06:47 your life no. When a man knoweth to do good,
06:49 and doeth it's not sin unto him.
06:50 It's not sin unto you, It's not sin unto God.
06:52 It's not sin unto me. And I'm living with it what
06:54 I need to do is, I need to turn and loose of it.
06:57 If you hold on to unconfessed known
06:59 sinning life that sin will eventually become
07:01 a cherished sin and it will breed other sins
07:03 to enhance itself. Did you hear that?
07:05 Sin breeds sin, especially cherished sin.
07:07 The life source of sin is the nourishment
07:10 of more sin. Never, never, never, never,
07:14 never allow Satan to convince you that
07:17 it's okay to hold on to cherished sins,
07:19 because eventually you will be cleansed
07:20 from that sin. Cherished sins appeared to be
07:23 sleeping volcanoes; however they will
07:26 eventually explode and destroy everything
07:29 in their path including you.
07:32 Well, this is why I have heard so many people
07:34 to tell me, Pastor what about,
07:37 what about Isaiah 1:18 , this is I have,
07:40 I have heard this so much it just
07:41 almost a joke. What about Isaiah 1:18,
07:44 I tell people that's the scapegoat loophole
07:48 scripture for sin, but it's not because
07:50 people have misused this. Isaiah 1:18 says:
07:53 Come now, and let us reason together,
07:55 saith the Lord: though your sins be as scarlet,
07:57 they shall be as white as snow;
07:59 though they be red like crimson,
08:00 they shall be white or shall be as wool,
08:03 isn't that wonderful. No, because this,
08:06 see this scripture is misquoted and misused.
08:11 You know, I've been to other countries
08:13 I have seen leprosy, those of you that have
08:15 not seen leprosy, not familiar with it.
08:17 It is a devastating thing; it's a horrible
08:20 thing to look on. The early stages of leprosy
08:23 get this, the early stages of leprosy,
08:25 your skin is red, its blotchy, its scarlet,
08:31 does this ring a bell concerning Isaiah 1:18.
08:34 Its scarlet, but then the later stages of it,
08:38 in the death rows of leprosy.
08:41 When your fingers, and your ears
08:43 and your nose and your toes start falling off,
08:48 you are as white as wool. God is desiring
08:52 in this scripture to put a new heart in us
08:55 and what He is saying in this scripture is:
08:56 though your sins be scarlet, sweetheart
08:58 darling if you don't do something about it,
09:00 then there were going to be as white as wool,
09:03 you are gonna be leopard as well.
09:05 Pastor, where do you get that?
09:08 I am glad you asked, because here's
09:10 where I get it. Numbers the 12th chapter
09:12 and 10th verse says: And the cloud departed
09:14 off the tabernacle; and, behold, Miriam became
09:17 Leprous, white as snow: and Aaron looked
09:23 upon Miriam, and, behold, she was leprous.
09:28 If you've got cherished sins,
09:30 you better turned over to God.
09:34 If you've got cherished sins in your life,
09:36 they might be hide in the drawer
09:37 or somewhere, they might be locked up
09:39 somewhere in the storage building that
09:40 you have whatever it is.
09:41 They that might be just be in your heart.
09:44 But what you better do is, you better deal
09:46 with those cherished sins and turned over to God.
09:49 You know, the greatest weapon that enemy
09:50 has against you is secrecy.
09:51 He will cut you up, he will eat you up,
09:54 he will chew you up and he will spit you out
09:56 as long as you keep something a secret.
09:59 Tell somebody, well who can I tell?
10:00 Tell your best friend. If you're married,
10:02 it's your wife, if you're married, a woman,
10:04 it's your husband, that's the first one
10:06 you should tell. Somebody said
10:07 if you really had problem who would you tell first,
10:09 your wife, your best friend?
10:10 I said my wife is my best friend.
10:13 That's the way it should be,
10:14 we should honor that covenant that we have.
10:17 The second reason for unanswered prayer is fear,
10:20 it is fear that is opposite of faith,
10:22 it's not down unbelief I have people tell me what?
10:25 Reason why you're not moving any face,
10:26 you're down unbelief; down unbelief is not the
10:28 opposite of faith, fear is the opposite of faith.
10:31 Galatians, let's just look at this,
10:33 how faith really truly works.
10:35 Galatians 5:6 says: For in Jesus Christ neither
10:37 circumcision availeth any thing, or uncircumcision;
10:41 but faith which worketh by love.
10:44 Boy this is a key, now I'm gonna speaking
10:46 to your life, those who have ears to hear
10:47 let him hear. Faith works by love,
10:50 well how does faith work by love?
10:52 The love of God will dispel fear
10:54 and release your faith. First John 4:18 says:
10:57 There is no fear in love; now we get this,
11:01 fear is the opposite of faith,
11:04 it's not down unbelief, but faith worketh
11:07 by love, and perfect love cast out all fear
11:11 because fear hath torment.
11:12 He that feareth is not made perfect in love.
11:18 Now, see here's what will happen?
11:20 When fear is removed from your life
11:22 and prayers, faith always work,
11:25 fear activate saying the way that faith
11:27 activates God. So, what you have to do is,
11:30 you have to confess any known sins
11:33 and then what you have to do is,
11:34 you have to get out of fear.
11:36 Whenever you move, start moving in fear
11:38 you know what you should do,
11:39 you should put you some worship music on,
11:41 you should start praising God all over your house
11:44 you should turn it up and let it flow through.
11:46 And you should demonstrate love first
11:49 and foremost by worshiping God.
11:52 And where love abounds, grace does not much
11:55 more abound okay. But we walk by faith,
11:58 not by sight, this is 2 Corinthians 5:7.
12:02 If we don't walk by sight then we,
12:04 which is our most powerful sense,
12:06 then we can't walk by any of our other senses.
12:09 We must be led by God's word not by what we see,
12:13 hear, touch, taste or smell, listen to this.
12:15 We don't walk by sight, we don't go by what
12:17 we see, hear, touch, taste or smell.
12:20 Here are the keys to releasing your faith.
12:22 If you got a pencil or pen write them down okay.
12:24 Highlight them in your Bible Mark 11th chapter,
12:26 powerful chapter. Here are the keys
12:28 to releasing your faith and seeing you
12:30 prayers answered. Okay reasons for
12:33 unanswered prayer, this is how you get your
12:35 prayers answered. Mark 11:23 says:
12:38 For verily I say unto you, That whosoever shall
12:40 say unto this mountain, Be thou removed,
12:43 and be thou cast into the sea;
12:44 and shall not doubt in his heart,
12:48 but shall believe in his heart, that those things
12:52 which he saith shall come to pass;
12:54 he shall have whatsoever he saith.
12:58 First, when you pray, pray the solution,
13:02 never pray the problem.
13:04 It doesn't say oh mountain you are so big,
13:05 I don't know what I am gonna do
13:07 and you're just stand so tall
13:08 and I don't have a bulldozer
13:09 and I need a shovel, no.
13:11 You don't pray the problem, when you really
13:14 and truly moving in faith, you don't pray
13:16 the problem, you pray the solution.
13:17 He says be thou removed and be thou
13:20 cast into the sea. And don't waste your time,
13:23 listen, you don't remove anything else
13:25 I say today. Hear this, don't waste your time
13:28 by giving God all the intricate details,
13:31 you know you gonna tell Him,
13:33 hey, O God I hate to tell you this,
13:35 but I having a problem with lust.
13:36 And He goes Uh. In such a great hand bust
13:39 you know off the inner state,
13:40 I don't think so. You're not gonna surprise
13:42 God when you tell Him that you've got a problem
13:45 with sin. You're not gonna surprise God
13:47 when you tell Him something this in your life
13:49 that you think nobody else knows.
13:50 Because if you are child of God, He lives
13:53 and dwells with in you, He abides there;
13:55 He takes every step you take
13:58 and every breath that you take.
14:00 He already knows every intricate neat detail.
14:03 What you need to do? Is you just need to pray
14:06 the answer. That's the first think you do,
14:07 pray the solution, and second don't doubt
14:10 in your heart. It says you shall doubt
14:11 in his heart, if you don't hear anything else
14:14 as I say today. Please hear this
14:15 There is a a difference in doubting in your
14:17 carnal mind and doubting in your heart.
14:19 Twelve inches between your head and your heart,
14:21 I call it the foot that defeats Twelve inches
14:23 one foot will defeat you if you began to move
14:25 in your head instead of moving in your heart.
14:28 Your carnal mind is an enemy against God
14:30 always will be, it will never embrace
14:32 the concept of faith of God.
14:34 Your carnal mind will tell you numerous reasons
14:37 why your prayers won't be answered;
14:38 however your born again heart mind will never
14:42 questioned the faith of God that extended
14:45 toward you and toward your prayers.
14:47 I've often wondered, I've often wondered
14:50 maybe you're seating there and thinking
14:52 my prayers won't answered, not thought
14:53 I was so close. I've often wondered how many
14:55 prayers that may have been answered
14:57 if a person praying had realize their doubts
14:59 were coming from their carnal mind
15:02 not their hearts. You see faith is a heart thing;
15:07 it's not a head thing. Several years ago,
15:12 I was watching a weightlifting competition;
15:14 this was a female weightlifting competition.
15:16 And they had some big stout ladies that came out
15:19 and they were lifting these weights
15:21 and it was cling and jerk put it up over
15:22 their head. Two ladies came out in a row
15:25 and they looked down at the weight,
15:28 they looked up at the camera and they looked
15:29 down at the weight and they looked back up
15:31 the camera and they looked down
15:32 at the weight, they do some like three times
15:33 and they're rosining up their hands.
15:35 And they got it up, they about here
15:36 and they dropped it, big ladies.
15:39 And then I saw these little red headed ladies
15:42 I mean about half the size of these other
15:44 two women. I know she was muscled up,
15:45 but she came out there, she never looked down
15:48 at the weight and she got the rosin
15:49 and she rosined up her hands.
15:51 She looks straight into the camera
15:52 and she said easy, she leaned down there
15:57 and grabbed up that weight and
15:58 threw that weight up over her head.
16:00 And let me tell you something okay.
16:01 She didn't just lift that weight with her head
16:03 and her body; I believe she lifted
16:05 that weight with her heart faith knowing
16:09 that she could do it if she had faith that
16:11 she could do it. The third thing that
16:13 you got to do, you must believe it in your heart
16:15 to confess it with your mouth.
16:17 Listen, confession is not a bad thing,
16:19 when I confess something, I confess what the word
16:21 says I am, the word says I can be and the word
16:24 says I have the ability to become.
16:27 Now listen to this okay.
16:28 We believe it in our heart, we confess it
16:30 with our mouth and we do according
16:32 to the word of God, what did I say?
16:33 I said according to the word of God.
16:36 You see I tell people, I believe that
16:38 I am Boeing 747. I can go over the
16:40 Marianna Airport, I go to the St Louis Lambert Field
16:42 run up down the runways and spread
16:44 my arms out yield I am Boeing 747,
16:46 I am Boeing 747, won't you know something.
16:48 I've never get off the ground why not?
16:52 Because it's not according to the word of God,
16:56 what we have to do is believed what
16:58 so many people say, "God said it, I believe it
17:00 that settles it!" But let me share something
17:01 with you okay, I love you with all my heart.
17:04 But God said it that settles it,
17:06 whether we believe it or not.
17:09 The next reason for unanswered prayer,
17:10 oh I must start needling.
17:14 The next reason for unanswered prayers
17:15 is unforgiveness, I ministered several
17:19 years ago along these lines and I had to
17:20 met gentleman to come up to me afterwards
17:23 and tell me he said I'm gonna call my brother
17:24 when I get home tonight, we haven't spoken
17:26 in ten years. He told me the next day that
17:29 he called his brother, he broke down and wept,
17:31 wept like a baby, that he have been wanting
17:33 to call him and thinking about him that very day,
17:35 unforgiveness. I told my mother,
17:39 I said what I want you to do?
17:40 Is I want you to sell everything you got,
17:42 get all of your money and go around the world
17:44 that way none of the kids will have to fight
17:46 over it. God help us that families are divided
17:49 over things like that. Mark 11:25 says:
17:53 When you stand praying, forgive,
17:54 if you have ought against any:
17:55 that your Father also which is in heaven may
17:57 forgive your trespasses. But if you do not forgive,
18:01 neither will your Father which is in heaven
18:03 forgive you of your trespasses.
18:07 I have heard people say,
18:09 well I've forgiven it, but I haven't forgotten it
18:12 and I want you to know that if you haven't
18:13 forgotten it then you haven't really
18:15 forgiven it. I am not saying you shouldn't
18:18 learn from your experience,
18:19 I am saying don't let what happened to you
18:21 consume every walking moment,
18:24 just give it to God, don't let it eat you up,
18:27 don't rehash it. Every time you hear
18:29 this person's name, every time you see that
18:31 person don't, don't rehash it.
18:34 You know you need to learn from the experiences
18:36 every time you came over my house
18:37 you kicked my dog, and I found out that just
18:39 coming over I've put my dog up,
18:41 I might still let you come over.
18:42 But there was, in the Lion King,
18:44 Disney movie The Lion king.
18:46 The young lion told to the monkey he said
18:48 I just can't get over my past; I can't get over
18:50 my past. And the monkey says smack
18:52 and hit him in the head with the stick,
18:54 and the lion said why did you do that?
18:57 He's what difference does it make,
18:59 its in the past you can't do anything about it
19:02 and the young lion says, oh and then the
19:04 monkey swung at him and again and the young lion
19:06 ducked and the monkey missed him.
19:07 And the monkey said see you can't get over
19:11 your past or you can't live in the past,
19:15 but you can learn from the past.
19:18 And that's the lesson to be learned,
19:20 so if I start over your house
19:21 and I kick your dog, put your dog up
19:22 and let me still come over okay.
19:24 You must go before God; we can give him
19:26 every hurt, every pain, every heartache
19:28 and every disappointment to him
19:29 or you will end up with your prayers unanswered
19:32 and possibly living in sin. Jeremiah 31:34 says:
19:38 And they shall teach no more every man
19:39 his neighbor, and every man his brother,
19:40 saying, Know the LORD: for they shall all know me,
19:43 from the least of them unto the greatest of them,
19:46 saith the Lord: for I will forgive their iniquity,
19:48 and I will remember their sin no more.
19:51 Now this is amazing, you know that God
19:53 doesn't have a memory. because He doesn't
19:55 forget anything, He doesn't have to turn to
19:57 Gabriel and say you know Gabriel what was,
19:59 what was the name of the sea that we parted
20:01 from Moses to get over, He doesn't forget anything
20:03 God's omniscient, He's all knowing,
20:05 He's all wise, how can He forget something
20:08 the way He forgets it. Is He chooses to forget it
20:11 and this is what we have to do?
20:12 Sure somebody came on you, up to you,
20:15 they might have thrown up all over you
20:16 and they did, maybe trying to do something
20:18 right and did it wrong or maybe they deliberately
20:20 hurt you. But see they're just walking around out
20:22 there and just like a little just happy camper
20:25 and you're being consumed with it don't,
20:27 don't let the enemy do this to you.
20:29 Forgive and forget and there is two sides,
20:33 two perspectives to forgiveness,
20:35 it's his side, his side or her side the truth
20:39 is usually what I say. But here's the truth,
20:43 perspectives that are diametrically opposed.
20:46 The choir director came to the pastor said,
20:47 you got to get rid of John.
20:48 John's ruining the choir, he can't sing.
20:51 Its terrible, he is off key, he can't carry a tune,
20:53 but he got, get rid of them
20:55 and the pastor said I handle it,
20:56 don't worry about it. So the pastor called
20:58 John in and said John you're doing a great job,
21:00 you're just such a people person,
21:02 we want you to be an usher and John said,
21:03 no I can't be in usher I can't sing in the choir
21:05 if I'm an usher. He said we really want you
21:07 to be an usher. He said look pastor
21:08 I am not gonna sing in the choir I mean
21:11 be an usher I want to sing in the choir.
21:13 And the pastor say well look John,
21:15 the truth is you can't sing.
21:16 He said who told you that. He said ten people
21:18 in the choir says you can't sing,
21:19 he's a pastor. Hundred people in the Church
21:21 says you can't preach won't you be in usher.
21:24 You see there's different perspectives on thing,
21:26 and the perspective on forgiveness is this.
21:29 Here's our prospective on forgiveness.
21:31 Mark 11:24 says: Therefore I say unto you,
21:33 what things so ever you desire,
21:34 when you pray, believe that you receive them,
21:36 and you shall have them.
21:37 However this is God's perspective,
21:40 Mark 11:25 and 26 says: And when you stand praying,
21:43 forgive, if ye have ought against any that
21:45 your Father who also which is in heaven
21:47 may forgive you your trespasses.
21:49 But if you do not forgive,
21:50 neither will your Father which is in heaven
21:53 forgive you your trespasses.
21:59 Forgive and forget, the next reason for
22:02 unanswered prayer maybe a lack of consistency
22:05 in your prayer life. John 5:16,
22:07 an Amplified Bible says here,
22:09 "The earnest, heartfelt, continued prayer
22:11 of a righteous man makes tremendous power
22:13 available dynamic in its working."
22:16 Luke 18:1: Also Jesus told them a parable
22:19 to the effect that they ought always to pray
22:21 and not to turn coward, faint, lose heart
22:24 and give up. I hear people say,
22:27 I am consistent, I am consistent at Church,
22:30 I consistently go to church.
22:31 Yes but let me ask this okay,
22:33 I want you to know once again I love you okay.
22:36 But are you consistently late,
22:38 are you consistently late many times
22:40 on many occasions. I would rather be an hour
22:43 early for something then to be one minute
22:46 late for it, but that's just me,
22:48 that should be all of us.
22:50 Romans 12:12 says: Rejoicing in hope;
22:52 patient in tribulation; continuing instant
22:55 in prayer. That word instant means
22:57 consistent in prayer, I personally believe,
22:59 I am telling you personally.
23:01 I believe that the way you conduct
23:03 your prayer life, is better reflection
23:05 of how you will conduct your daily life.
23:07 Through the years Molly and I have seen many
23:09 people that would have made great Church leaders.
23:13 However they were inconsistent
23:15 in their commitment to the local Church
23:18 and the God which suggested that
23:20 they were inconsistent in their prayer life.
23:23 Now listen to this statement,
23:24 I feel like God really gave this to me,
23:27 your spiritual life will cultivate your daily life.
23:31 It is not and never will be the other way around,
23:35 your daily life will not cultivate
23:37 your spiritual prayer life, your spiritual prayer
23:40 life will cultivate your daily life.
23:42 Now, I want to speak to the man here for just
23:44 a second, I have a man that comes up
23:48 to me if I share this sometime,
23:49 they come up to me and they will say Pastor Hal,
23:52 I've trouble getting my wife going
23:55 and getting the children going
23:56 and everything and what I do now whenever
23:59 I meet a minister along these lines
24:00 concerning prayer. I just ask him don't,
24:02 don't come to me and tell me that because
24:04 if you do what I will have to say to you is brother,
24:09 we need to go before God, or you need to go
24:11 before God. And we need to pray really pray,
24:15 because your house is not in order.
24:18 If you are the half priest of that household,
24:20 you should love your wife;
24:21 love your family into being consistent
24:25 in prayer, and in the word of God.
24:28 If your prayers will go on unanswered
24:29 if you are not proved to God financial loss.
24:33 If you're not paying taxes you're a robber;
24:35 however what you need to see is that
24:37 you aren't stealing from God,
24:38 you're stealing from yourself.
24:40 Malachi 3:8 I love it, I love it you,
24:42 you tell people to go to Malachi 3:8
24:44 and they say no, no. Malachi 3:8:
24:46 Will a man rob God? Do you think
24:49 you can hold up the conference of heaven
24:50 you can steal the pearly gates,
24:51 that's not what He's talking about.
24:53 You can't do that, what the scripture
24:55 referring to, it's not stealing the pearly gates
24:57 holding up the conference
24:58 it is robbing God of the chance to provide
25:01 all your needs according to His riches
25:03 and glory in Christ Jesus. He says bring all your
25:06 tithes and all the store house.
25:07 And see if I will not rebuke the devourer,
25:10 you won't have to, He will do it for you,
25:13 isn't this, isn't this awesome that God would
25:15 literally rebuke the devourer for us.
25:19 Let me ask you something,
25:20 how many of you, how many of you hear
25:22 lately your washing machines broke,
25:24 your water pump quench, air conditioner fell out
25:26 of the window, your roof's leaking,
25:29 do you know that when you bring tithes
25:31 and your offerings in the God.
25:32 God will rebuke the devour things last longer,
25:34 doesn't mean they want everywhere out
25:35 but then last longer then they normally do.
25:38 Pastor, where did you get that?
25:40 Oh out of Exodus, where they made the Exodus,
25:43 and remember the sandals on the children's
25:45 of Israel feet that didn't wear out for
25:47 forty years then God provided for them,
25:50 through the willingness. Well, pastor you don't
25:53 understand sometimes, I have to, I have to borrow
25:55 money from my tithes to pay my bills
25:57 you know what you should do?
25:58 If you got a recharge card and,
25:59 and I believe in plastic surgery,
26:01 I believe out cut them up.
26:02 But if you got recharge card,
26:03 you come out better to put that bill
26:05 on your recharge card, then you would
26:06 to take it from your tithes.
26:07 Because Leviticus 27:31 says:
26:09 When you do that its twenty percent
26:11 interest on it. Some you got recharge card
26:13 nine percent interest, don't borrow it
26:15 from your tithes, prove God, bring it in
26:17 and give it to God and prove God.
26:19 The last thing very quickly its you,
26:22 your prayers might go unanswered,
26:23 if you ignore God's physical laws especially
26:26 in the areas of health. Your body is a temple
26:28 of the Holy Spirit, you need to be aware
26:31 of that and keep it a temple of God,
26:35 the principles of health reformer founding
26:37 God's word according to medical ministry.
26:40 The Gospel of health is firmly linked with the
26:42 ministry of the word it is the Lord's designed
26:43 that the storing informs of health reforms
26:46 shall be apart of the last great effort to proclaim
26:48 the gospel message. I gave you six possible
26:53 reasons for unanswered prayers,
26:54 lets rehearse them quick, reason unconfessed known
26:57 sin will confess your sins, fear embrace Gods love,
27:00 unforgiveness forgive and choose to forget,
27:03 inconsistency in your life.
27:05 Stand fast which you like man, tithes.
27:07 Genesis 1:1: In the beginning God
27:12 in physical laws, don't roller skate
27:15 in a buffalo herd, realize that you are a temple
27:18 custodian and keep this temple for God,
27:22 realize that it is God that is waiting there,
27:24 He will chase you down to bless you
27:27 and to answer your prayers.
27:29 So if your prayers aren't being answered,
27:31 problem not with God, my prayers unanswered.
27:34 This old boy is so comfortable right here,
27:37 so if your prayers aren't answered,
27:39 examine yourself, because God is seating
27:41 there waiting on the edge of his throne say
27:42 come-on, come-on, come-on you can do it,
27:45 you can make it, you're right
27:47 in third place right now.
27:48 You're headed for home,
27:50 all you gotta do is commit yourself totally to God.


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