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00:31 Hello, I'm Pastor Hal Steenson
00:33 and I would like to welcome you
00:34 to Faith Chapel today. We're gonna take a look
00:37 at God's words, so I encourage you to get
00:38 your Bibles and join us as we do look at His word,
00:41 but before we go to God's word let's go
00:43 to God in prayer, okay.
00:45 Father, we thank you for this day
00:46 and the opportunity to break the bread of life
00:49 and to share it with one another.
00:50 Lord I don't ask you to anoint,
00:52 Your word it's already anointed,
00:53 I just ask that you allow me to speak Your word
00:56 and speak it as truth because
00:58 it is truth in Jesus name, amen.
01:03 Moline and I've watched through the years
01:04 as we've pastor for the last 30 years
01:06 we've watched people that have moved into
01:08 what God wants for them, what God has for them,
01:11 while other seems to be the theme song going
01:14 around the mountains, they go around and around
01:16 and He never find their real destiny.
01:18 And the reason why is what I want to share
01:20 with you today is I never found the doorway
01:22 to their destiny, and that doorway to your destiny
01:26 is someone that God puts in yours path
01:28 as you're mentor and you as a student to learn
01:31 form that. If you will go to the Book of Ruth,
01:33 if you can't find Ruth, find judges and hang
01:35 it right and you'll be okay,
01:37 but before we go to that scripture I want to share
01:39 this with you out of Second Timothy 2:2,
01:42 it is used to be on our stationary,
01:44 on our letterhead it says: And the things that
01:46 thou hast heard of me among many witnesses,
01:48 the same commit thou to faithful men,
01:52 who shall be able to teach others also.
01:55 Now, Paul was speaking to Timothy,
01:57 but Paul was speaking to Timothy as his mentor
02:01 and Timothy was his student.
02:03 Now, a mentor is a washed and trusted leader,
02:07 and there are things that you need to recognize
02:10 and know in order to find that doorway
02:12 into your destiny. You connect with
02:15 your mentor in order to connect with your destiny.
02:19 Now, the first thing you want to you know,
02:21 if you found a Book of Ruth yet,
02:22 the first thing you want to know is connecting
02:24 with your mentor initially as ordained by God
02:27 and continually maintained by you,
02:29 ordained by God, maintained by you.
02:31 Ruth 1:1 says: Now it came to pass in the days
02:35 when the judges ruled, that there was a famine
02:37 in the land. And a certain man of Bethlehemjudah
02:40 went to sojourn in the land of Moab
02:42 and Moab means, the land of East;
02:45 it came about by an incestual affair between
02:48 Lot and one of his daughters.
02:50 He and his wife, and his two sons went with him,
02:53 and the name of the man was Elimelech,
02:54 now Elimelech means, My God is King.
02:56 When our God is king we only do what He says to do,
02:59 however this wasn't the case.
03:01 In the name of his name of his wife was Naomi,
03:03 Naomi means "Pleasant." in the name of the,
03:06 where his wife was Naomi, and the name
03:08 of his two sons was Mahlon and Chilion,
03:10 I love this. Mahlon means "Sickly,"
03:11 Chilion means "Pining." And they were Ephrathites,
03:14 Ephrathites means doubly blessed of
03:16 Bethlehem Judah. The Bethlehem Judah means,
03:19 the house of bread and the house of praise.
03:21 And they came into the country of Moab
03:23 and they continued there. They came into the land
03:26 of East and got at East and stayed there.
03:29 And Elimelech, Naomi's husband, died;
03:31 we calls the wages of the sin or dead.
03:34 And she was left and her two sons
03:35 and they took them wives of the women of Moab;
03:38 the name of the one was Orpah,
03:40 now I'll get this is not Oprah,
03:41 it's Orpah. Orpah means to turned a back
03:44 and you're gonna see that later on in this,
03:46 when Orpah does turned a back you never hear
03:49 of her anymore in the word of God;
03:51 however the other one's name was Ruth.
03:53 Ruth means, the friend of God
03:55 and they dwelled there about ten years.
03:57 And Mahlon and Chilion died also both of them;
04:01 and the woman was left of her, or the woman
04:03 was left of her two sons and her husband.
04:05 Then she arose with her daughters-in-law
04:07 that she might return from the country of Moab:
04:09 for she had heard in the country of Moab
04:11 how the Lord had visited his people in giving
04:14 them bread. Bread comes from the formal
04:16 in latter rain follow me with this, okay.
04:18 Because we're about to enter into an outpouring
04:21 of the formal in latter rain and a great
04:23 deal of bread, which is word of God is gonna be
04:26 brought forth. Now, the second thing I want you
04:28 to hear is connecting with your destiny means
04:31 being a cleaver not a leaver, a cleaver,
04:35 not a leaver. Wherefore in verse 7,
04:38 it says: Wherefore she went forth out of the
04:39 place where she was, and her two
04:41 daughters-in-law with her; and they went
04:43 on the way to return to the land of Judah.
04:45 And Naomi said unto her two daughter-in-laws,
04:48 both of them two, both of them.
04:50 Go; return each to her mother's house:
04:52 the Lord deal with you kindly,
04:54 as ye have dealt with the dead, and with me.
04:56 She did not encourage them to go,
04:58 she encourage them to stay.
05:00 The Lord grant you that you may find rest,
05:02 each of you in the house of her husband.
05:04 Then she kissed them. Now, I like to say
05:06 she kissed them away or she them off,
05:08 she was gonna go back to Bethlehem Judah
05:11 she told them to stay. And they lifted up their
05:13 voices and they wept, why they weep because
05:15 they were said, they love Naomi.
05:17 And they said unto her, Surely we will return
05:19 with thee unto thy people. Now, get this
05:22 they said both of them said this to her.
05:25 And Naomi said; Turn again my daughters;
05:28 why will you go with me? Are there yet any more
05:30 sons in my womb that they may become your husbands?
05:33 Turn again, my daughters, go your way;
05:34 for I am too old to have a husband.
05:36 If I should say, I have hope,
05:37 if I should have a husband also tonight,
05:39 and should bear also bear sons.
05:42 Now, what they says is, this was Jewish custom
05:45 that if you had a daughter-in-law
05:47 and married to your son and you lost the
05:48 son another son in the family could marry her
05:51 and take her of his wife,
05:52 she had no sons and she would saying
05:54 this is a going to worth. In verse 13 it says:
05:57 Would you tarry for them till they were grown?
06:00 She answer in the form, no. Would you stay
06:03 for them from having husbands?
06:04 The answer is for them no.
06:07 No, she says my daughters; for it grieves me much
06:11 for your sakes that the hand of the Lord
06:12 is gone out against me.
06:15 Now, that is a true statement, but it's not
06:18 a statement of truth. God's handed
06:20 and glad again, same they went to Sojourn
06:22 and wonder in the land of East and left the house
06:24 of bread and house of praise.
06:26 When your destiny is said in order,
06:29 your destiny is ordained by God and
06:31 maintained by you. You don't go where you want
06:34 to go and do what you want to do;
06:35 you only do what God want you to do.
06:38 In verse 14 it says: And they lifted up their voice
06:42 and wept and Orpah kissed her mother-in-law,
06:46 but Ruth clave to her. What he is saying?
06:48 Orpah said, so long I'm going back.
06:51 Ruth said, no way I'm going with you.
06:54 And she said, Behold, thy sister-in-law
06:56 is gone back unto her people, and unto her gods:
06:59 return thou after thy sister-in-law.
07:01 She still discouraging her from going on
07:04 and Naomi is a mentor to Ruth.
07:07 So, that means that all the time that your
07:09 mentor is not gonna dispatch you on the back
07:11 until you have wonderful things there are have
07:13 great it is and everything,
07:14 they're going to called you to be like
07:17 Elijah and Elisha, they're going to challenge
07:21 you to follow them, no matter what?
07:24 And she said unto her and Ruth said,
07:25 Intreat me not to leave thee.
07:28 You want some powerful scripture I used this,
07:30 I've written my own wedding vows
07:32 and I use this in wedding vows,
07:33 these are powerful statements.
07:35 And Ruth said, Intreat me not to leave thee,
07:37 or to return from following after thee.
07:40 This is a vow of that the bread makes.
07:43 And after thee for whither thou goest,
07:45 I will go; and where thou lodgest,
07:46 I will lodge: thy people shall be my people,
07:50 and thy God my God: Where thou diest,
07:53 will I die, and there will I be buried:
07:55 the Lord do so to me, and more also,
07:58 if ought, but death part thee and me.
08:04 Verse 18 says: When she saw that
08:06 she was steadfastly minded to go with her,
08:09 then she left speaking unto her. Listen to this,
08:15 if Ruth had not been connected with Naomi
08:19 she wouldn't never met her Boaz,
08:21 in other words, if she had not follow to her
08:23 mentor she would have missed her destiny totally.
08:27 And I've seen people missed it,
08:29 but I've seen others that held on to their mentor
08:31 followed after them humble themselves
08:34 in the side of God and listen to what the
08:36 Lord was saying? There is a difference between
08:38 faith and destiny. Most people do not realize
08:41 this, faith is what you're dealt like
08:44 you're dealing out cards, faith is what
08:45 you're dealt, destiny is how you play your hands?
08:49 Now, Moline and I originally from Alabama
08:51 and just a short waves from the Qatar Alabama,
08:53 the town called Tuscumbia.
08:55 Tuscumbia is famous for a leady name Helen Keller
08:58 who at the age of 18 months had her sight,
09:02 had her hearing something tragic happen
09:05 and she lost her sight and she lost her hearing.
09:08 In 1880, she graduated the first death
09:12 and dumb blind women to ever graduate
09:15 from college. And she moved into such
09:19 an arena that everybody all over the world
09:22 knew who she was? Now, this is the difference
09:24 between faith and destiny. Faith was what
09:27 Helen Keller was dealt.
09:28 Destiny is how Heller Keller handled
09:31 that faith. So, well you can't sit back and say,
09:34 well I'm death and dumb or I'm not a smartest
09:37 somebody else or I'm not tall, dark and handsome,
09:39 or I'm not beautiful.
09:41 Faith is what you're deal;
09:42 destiny is how you play the hand,
09:43 stay with me here, okay.
09:45 The third thing you need to know about
09:47 defining your destiny is when you connect
09:50 with your mentor to fulfill your destiny
09:53 your loyalty will be tested.
09:57 And if your pastor out there you need to be
09:58 taking notes on this and if you're layman,
10:01 lay person you need to be really listening
10:03 to this because your destiny and your loyalty
10:06 will be tested and will be evaluated.
10:09 You never know how loyal and individual
10:11 is until they've been put to the test.
10:14 Reason, why? It's because today's test
10:17 is tomorrow's testimony. See, I found out you can't
10:21 chose leadership based on someone's gifting
10:23 or someone's anointing, you can be anointed
10:26 and gifted and still be in sin, what?
10:29 Yeah, well let me say, what about Samson?
10:32 He was anointed, but he was in sin,
10:35 and sin will cause this loyalty in your life
10:37 and in your congregation and in your Church.
10:40 This loyalty is not something they just
10:42 suddenly happens, it doesn't just overnight,
10:45 Oh! I d didn't know it was there,
10:46 this loyalty is an attitude to develops in stages,
10:50 if we used to sermon we'll be able to
10:52 uproot seeds and not have to take down
10:55 mighty oaks of disloyalty.
10:59 The next thing I want you to see,
11:02 when you connect with your mentor to fulfill
11:04 your destiny there are several basic stages
11:07 that I'm gonna share with you of loyalty
11:09 on which you'll be evaluated and tested.
11:13 Now, the first test of loyalty is does he
11:16 or she have an independent Spirit,
11:20 does he or she view their service as a stepping
11:23 stone for personal aspiration?
11:26 Now, listen to this scripture,
11:27 read it with me if you can Philippines 3:14,
11:31 it says: I press on toward goal to wind
11:35 the supreme and heavenly prize to which
11:38 God Christ Jesus is calling us upward.
11:42 Does he or she the next thing have serve
11:46 for primarily for recognition
11:48 or they wanting to be recognized
11:50 or they wanting to be noticed
11:51 or they wanting to be big our king me.
11:54 That we had a man in our Church that never ties,
11:58 never gave any offerings, never anything at all,
12:01 he wouldn't put opinion and the anything unto
12:02 one day we need to raise $50,000 a special
12:05 offering I believe it was. We need to raise $50,000
12:08 and so we had an operant, open offering
12:10 in the congregation and I was shocked because
12:13 I said what we wanted to do,
12:14 try to it's just raise and people that like to give
12:16 a thousand dollars and then we'll go on,
12:18 I want everybody have an opportunity to yield.
12:21 And this guy was the first man that stood up
12:22 and raised his hand I said,
12:23 pastor I'd like to give a thousand dollars,
12:25 so why did he do it?
12:26 Because he was recognized,
12:28 he wanted to everybody to see that he had given up
12:31 a thousand dollars. Now, see this loyal
12:33 independence Spirit will do that,
12:35 a loyal and the Spirit is depended upon the Church
12:39 and their family is one that doesn't
12:41 need recognition, it's the one's that's praying
12:44 in their prayer closet. Next thing I ask is,
12:47 are they building a personal portfolio?
12:50 Through the years here at 3ABN
12:52 and also in our ministry and our pastor ministry
12:55 Moline I have seen them come,
12:56 we've seen them go when he's only the ones
12:59 that are committed the once that are submitted
13:02 to God and His word, the one that's part
13:03 of the family they ends up actually finishing
13:07 the goals that God has given for them.
13:09 I have seen people with great, great talent
13:12 and give things totally miss God.
13:16 And here at 3ABN through the years
13:18 of I've seen them come, you've seen some among
13:20 television here and then whatever you don't ever
13:22 see him any more, nobody is ever been
13:24 run off from here, people just realize that
13:26 this was not my own thing ministry,
13:29 it is a God thing ministry.
13:32 The next thing that we tested on his loyalty
13:35 can be tested by one's willingness to change
13:38 his agenda to serve his mentor.
13:42 Now, this is not discipleship,
13:43 is not a matter you're going to Taco Bell
13:47 and calling your mentor and ask him whether
13:49 you should get this sandwich or this taco
13:51 or whatever the case maybe, that's not
13:53 what I'm talking about, is truly being led
13:57 by the Spirit and submitting yourself
13:59 to someone that is a vast in a trusted leader.
14:01 Now, let me give you scripture for this,
14:03 this is awesome, I want you to turn to it,
14:05 it is a Second Timothy the 4th chapter
14:08 13 and 21 verse. "The cloke that I left at Troas
14:13 with Carpus, when thou comest,
14:15 bring with thee, and the books,
14:17 but especially the parchments".
14:19 And verse 21 says: Do thy diligence to come
14:22 before winter. Enbulus greeteth thee,
14:25 and Pudens, and Linus, and Claudia,
14:28 and all the brethren. Now, what I want you
14:31 to see here is that Paul is saying to them
14:33 or to Timothy to come before winter.
14:36 And now what Paul is saying hey,
14:37 you might have a big conference going on,
14:39 you might have a worships Emposium going on,
14:42 you might have a camp meeting going on,
14:44 but what I would like or you to do Timothy,
14:46 is I'd like to, for you to drop everything
14:48 that you're doing to breeze these things
14:49 to me because they're very precious,
14:51 I need my cloke for my health,
14:53 I need my books for my Holiness
14:57 and I need my parchments that
14:59 I've personally written for my happiness
15:01 and what would happen if, what would happen
15:03 if Timothy said, man I just can't do it,
15:05 I got too much going on you know,
15:07 I've got to go, do some visitation everything
15:09 and then when Timothy got there
15:11 and he walked up to a centurion and said,
15:13 here I've got these things for the Apostle Paul
15:15 and I would like to give him these things
15:18 and the centurions that I'm sorry,
15:22 but he had his head cut off yesterday.
15:24 This is what we're tested.
15:26 We're tested on the acid test is if
15:28 we're willing to do whatever needs to be
15:30 done for us to continue through
15:32 the doorway of our destiny.
15:35 The next thing, the next text is that
15:38 he or she desire personal recognition
15:41 from the people what do they do when
15:43 they're given a microphone
15:45 and it's put in their hands.
15:46 I've seen people when somebody gives,
15:48 somebody microphone put in their hands
15:49 they were in control to that service
15:51 and if you see somebody that does this,
15:52 then that means they're looking for personal
15:55 attention and then they're not out to do
15:56 the will of the Father, but they do their
15:58 own things. Now, let me share something else
16:00 with you too. A mentor is not always necessarily
16:03 nice to you some, many of us remember
16:06 the movie the Karate Kid were,
16:08 the Karate Kid goes to the,
16:09 the older man that's teaching him Karate
16:12 and he said I want to learn Karate
16:13 and the guy said, Oh! You want to learn Karate?
16:15 He said, yes I do. What do I need to do?
16:17 He said, here wax cars, wax this way,
16:20 wax this way. And after you got though waxing
16:24 all the cars he came back and said,
16:26 okay I'm ready I want to learn Karate,
16:28 I want to learn Karate. And he said,
16:29 Oh! Well, learn Karate, here paint faints,
16:31 paint this way, paint this way.
16:34 And the reason why I seen in,
16:36 in the Karate Kid didn't realized it at the time,
16:39 but the reason why was because
16:41 he had a building up and strengthening
16:43 his wrist in order to do this type of Karate.
16:48 So, what appeared to be him doing something
16:50 that was not good for him in actuality was,
16:54 so a lot of times when you run into your
16:55 mentor your mentor will test you with things.
16:59 Now, what I used to do as a pastor
17:00 and this is phenomenal because some of you
17:03 pastors that are listing or a leadership
17:05 this listing try this. What I would do
17:07 and somebody had a potential for leadership
17:09 I had a small book any book I had found
17:11 maybe 48 pages likes some of the,
17:13 the books here that we put out,
17:15 some of the small books 48 pages,
17:16 now it say, here brother and sister,
17:18 would you read this book for me
17:19 and let me know what you thin about it?
17:21 Yeah, sure pastor and then about a week later
17:23 I'd ask him, hey did you get a chance to read
17:26 that book? Oh! I haven't yet,
17:27 but I've got it at home and I've got it laying
17:29 next to, to my bed and, and I'm going to get
17:31 to it before long. And then about two weeks
17:33 later I ask him again, if they hadn't read it
17:35 I never ask him again and I never consider
17:37 for a leadership position because
17:40 if we're not faithful, the leader will not
17:41 faithful in Lord. Do not have somebody
17:43 that I give it to them it was consider
17:44 for leadership. Wow! The next day
17:46 they'd come and say, pastor I read that book
17:48 and this there and this there and everything
17:49 I'm not ever read it, but they were being tested.
17:53 Now, as he or she desire personal recognition
17:56 from the people what do I do when you give them
17:59 our microphone? That is a test.
18:02 What do they do? A person who is not
18:04 focused on God's approval will usually
18:06 strive for man's approval.
18:09 Here this if you don't hearing the things I say,
18:11 a person who is not focused on God's approval
18:14 will usually strive for man's approval.
18:18 I can't really give you a formula for success,
18:21 but I can give you the formula for failure,
18:25 it's this. Try to please everybody
18:29 you can't do it. Well, we need to do is please
18:31 no one else other than our God.
18:35 Samuel lost the Kingdom;
18:38 he lost the kingdom because he clack tried
18:40 to please the people. Fall along with many
18:43 of your Bible with the scripture,
18:44 if you'll turn to it. One Samuel 15:24 it says:
18:48 And Saul said unto Samuel,
18:50 I have sinned: for I have transgressed
18:51 the commandment of the Lord and thy words:
18:55 because I feared the people, and obeyed
18:57 their voice. How sad? The English evangelist
19:02 George Whitefield learned that it was more
19:04 important to please God than to please men,
19:07 knowing that he was doing what was honoring
19:10 the Lord kept him from discouragement
19:12 when he was falsely accused by his enemy,
19:14 does this sound familiar?
19:16 At one point in his ministry with,
19:18 with they received a vicious letter accusing
19:21 him of wrong doing his replay was brief
19:24 and it was courteous.
19:26 He says, I thank you hardly for your letter
19:30 as for what you and my other enemies
19:32 are saying against me I know worst things
19:35 about myself then you will ever be able
19:38 to say about me and he send it with love
19:42 and Christ George Whitefield.
19:45 He didn't try to defend himself,
19:48 he was much more concerned about
19:50 pleasing God. So, when we try to defend God
19:54 we affined God, God doesn't need us
19:56 to defend Him. The next thing is when we seek
20:00 men's approval of God's approval
20:02 and God's illumination we become candidates
20:06 for legalism. This is something that can be
20:09 so damaging especially to our domination.
20:12 I have found more grace in the
20:14 Seventh-day Adventist Church and I ever found
20:15 anywhere else and yet I here from so many
20:17 people they do not knows about the legalism
20:19 that is entrenched in our domination.
20:22 Let's don't add to it, let's don't prove it.
20:25 When Samuel went to anoint the king over
20:28 Israel who was David he found him tending
20:31 the ship, he was faithful in the little
20:34 he killed the loin and he killed bear
20:36 and ended up being king not Saul.
20:40 The test number three, does he or she exalt
20:42 their ideas above his mentor or above
20:44 his leadership there, there maybe be a burden
20:47 for them for only one aspect of the ministry
20:50 while their mentor cares the entire burden
20:52 for that particular ministry.
20:54 I remember back several years ago there was
20:56 a man in our ministry came to me
20:57 and said Oh! Pastor Hal, Pastor Hal,
20:59 Pastor Hal I had a dream that that we should be
21:02 feeding the poor we, we, we should be feeding
21:04 the poor this dream was so, so detail
21:07 and, and I just want you know we need to be
21:09 feeding the poor and I said, great brother,
21:11 give me a plane purpose and projection
21:13 and how you're gonna do it?
21:14 He said, what do you mean how I'm going do it?
21:18 He said, you need to be doing.
21:19 I said, yeah didn't give me the dream,
21:21 God gave you the dream.
21:23 And see this happens all the time,
21:25 God will give us a dream for something
21:27 or give us a heart for something
21:28 and we try to put that dream or that vision
21:30 often somebody else, if God gave it to you
21:33 then what you need to do?
21:34 Is you need to present it to the pastor
21:36 and the leadership of your Church
21:38 and let them say, yes brother or sister
21:41 I believe this is good, why don't you go for
21:43 and put it together and let's see how it works
21:45 instead of expecting them to do it?
21:48 The next thing is does he or she feel
21:50 they're caring the blueprint for the
21:51 entire ministry, the entire house a lot of
21:54 people that are not following their mentors
21:57 and doing their own things in our tested.
22:00 Sometimes they have-to-have
22:01 some attitude adjustments made
22:05 you know, sad part about it is,
22:07 correction may calls him to become bitter,
22:09 disloyalty often begins with plans that have
22:12 rejected which have been taken as a
22:15 personal rejection. I want you to see this
22:18 as I read this I want you to see this statement
22:21 that I've got right here and hope
22:23 that it changes your life.
22:25 When or if your mentor rejects your plans
22:30 or proposals, it does not mean they are
22:34 rejecting you. Let me read that to you again.
22:37 When or if your mentor rejects your plans
22:40 or proposals, it does not mean
22:43 they are rejecting you.
22:46 It is sad to say, but someone that is insecure
22:48 or sometimes cannot separate their self worth
22:52 from their plans hat they have,
22:53 it might not be the time or might not be
22:56 the season. Now, let me give you an example
22:57 of this back several years ago 15 years ago,
23:01 a couple that had pastured in this area
23:04 came to our Church wounded,
23:06 bleeding they had been heard so bad
23:08 and they came in and, and they just,
23:10 I mean every time you try to talk to him,
23:13 and minister to him, they just break down
23:14 in tears and start crying.
23:16 They set into our ministry for year and there was
23:18 with healing the, the all in the warms poured in,
23:21 the Balm of Gilead and, and we ministered
23:23 to them every chance we get all of our
23:25 leadership reached out to them, had them in their,
23:28 in their homes and they began to get stronger.
23:31 And he had heart for ministry, she had a heart
23:33 for ministry, so then he came to us about a year
23:37 or later said, this is what I want to do
23:38 I want to go such and such town in this area
23:40 which is hard town anyway I want to go
23:42 such and such town and I want to start a ministry
23:44 in that town and what I want to do is I don't go,
23:46 get me a crawls that got a roller skate on
23:47 end of it and put it on my shoulder and
23:50 I wanna walk around the entire town and believe
23:52 God for that town wonderful,
23:54 wonderful I think that's great, this town needs
23:57 a truth pure Church. However, we told him
24:01 we don't believe that now it's a time,
24:03 it's not that you can't do it; it's not that
24:05 you're not the man for it, but is the timing
24:09 right on it. And so, many times people come
24:14 to us pastors out there I know what
24:16 I'm talking about, so many times people come
24:17 to a pastor not for their counsel,
24:20 but for their approval and when they don't get
24:23 the approval then they go away doing
24:25 their own thing. And the sad thing
24:27 is this couple left he walked around the town,
24:29 he claimed it for Jesus and I'll still claim it
24:32 for Jesus with you. However, right now that
24:34 first couple is not in the ministry
24:36 or not in the ministry and or not even serving
24:39 the purpose of God from what I understand.
24:42 You see, God only gives one vision to one
24:45 leader and that is the vision of the house
24:47 where there is more than one vision
24:48 there is the vision and that vision God doesn't
24:51 want that that's why for years 3ABN
24:54 has prospered and the reason why it's because
24:56 the Danny Shelton has been given the vision
24:58 for the house. Now, the visions in the head
25:00 which is Jesus Christ, but Danny is continually
25:03 catch that vision all the programs that he does,
25:06 he talks about the original dreams that God
25:08 gave him that would reached the world
25:11 with The Three Angles Message undiluted
25:13 message, one that would counter at the
25:14 counterfeit, he cast that vision.
25:16 So, what we must do is we must catch the vision
25:20 of the house and the vision of the leader.
25:23 Now, the last test is that a person with this
25:25 loyal or rebellious Spirit develops a critical
25:28 attitude toward their leadership and toward
25:30 their mentor it always happens,
25:32 I move from the front road the middle of the
25:33 Church to the back road and finally
25:34 they're gone, went to the Church here
25:36 exemplifies integrity and respect in the face
25:40 of opposition during his last year in office
25:42 he attended an official ceremony several rows
25:46 behind him two gentlemen beyond whispering
25:49 that's Winston Church Hill, they say
25:51 he's getting see now, they say he should step
25:53 aside and leave the running of the nation
25:55 to more dynamic and capable man,
25:58 when the ceremony was over Church healed turn
26:01 to the man and said, gentlemen they also say
26:05 he's going death, but he wasn't.
26:08 See, there is a leader and one with integrity.
26:10 This is the next thing I want to ask you,
26:12 does he or she refuse to submit themselves to God?
26:15 Does he or she develop murmurings
26:17 and contentious words? Critical Spirits,
26:21 love define flaws and leadership it's like the,
26:25 the Miriam saying to, to Moses,
26:27 does God only speak to you,
26:29 He speaks to me too. But God speaks to the
26:33 head of the ministry that has the vision,
26:36 the visions in the head it's not in the trunk
26:39 and we must submit ourselves once again
26:41 not to just anybody or everything,
26:43 but our vast and a trusted leader.
26:46 People that don't will develop
26:47 and Absalom Spirit, God told Moses I love this,
26:52 nobody can touched the mountain just you have
26:54 Joshua touched the mountain. He went up into
26:57 the mountain reason, why? Was because Jewish
27:00 was one Spirit with him which produced
27:03 one God ordained ministry;
27:04 one Spirit will allow you to fit with all the
27:07 other parts. Moline and I've had to saying
27:10 and our ministry for years that which
27:12 I'm a part of, is more important than that
27:14 part which I apply? That which I'm a part of,
27:17 is more important than that part which I apply?
27:20 So, if you're in the Local Church,
27:21 if you're in the Local Ministry find your mentor,
27:23 give yourself to that man or woman that
27:25 they might teach you and show you the
27:27 good things, the Godly things that you might
27:29 move to the doorway that God has for you.
27:33 In order to fulfill your destiny and not be go
27:37 around and around the mountain
27:38 over-and-over again. My prayer is that God will
27:41 speak to your heart, if anything is not right
27:43 there that God will speak to your heart
27:45 and allow you to turn your heart toward him
27:48 and say, God show me, mode me,
27:50 make me into what You want me to be.


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