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How To Recognize False Prophets

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00:31 Hello I am Pastor Hal Steenson. I would like
00:33 to welcome you to join me today on Faith Chapel.
00:36 I have very interesting subject here today,
00:39 this is a series that I do usually only in
00:43 leadership meetings, I do not usually do them
00:46 in a church setting. And the title of it is
00:48 how to recognize false prophets. I found
00:52 it through the years it's not just leadership
00:54 and pastors and elders that need to hear
00:56 this message. Most of the time the pastors
00:59 will go back and share this same with the
01:00 congregation, but we have an opportunity
01:03 here today to share this with the world,
01:05 and there are false prophets on every corner
01:08 waiting to try to destroy the things of God.
01:11 And I want to share with you today how
01:12 to recognize those through God's word.
01:15 First before we go to the word, let's go
01:18 to God in prayer, okay. Father we thank you
01:20 for this day, we thank you for this opportunity,
01:23 the opportunity to share your word to break
01:25 the bread of life Father Lord led us feast
01:27 upon your word, I ask that just somehow,
01:30 someway God let me be a conduit, and you
01:33 flow through it Lord to get this message
01:35 across to those Lord that might be encountering
01:39 or might confront false prophets that seek
01:41 to steal, kill and destroy the church of
01:44 our living God. We thank you for in Jesus
01:47 name, amen. Through the years I've witnessed
01:52 many, many good Christians drawn away
01:54 by people who professed to be prophets,
01:57 you hear everywhere, I am the prophet,
01:58 I am this, I am there and you know what
02:00 you are not something because you call
02:01 yourself something, you are something
02:02 because of what Jesus has appointed
02:05 an anoinity to be and people will recognize
02:07 you to be, you can call yourself an elder
02:09 pastor but if people don't recognize you
02:11 as that, then you really aren't. We know
02:14 that there are prophets because we've
02:15 encountered these in our denomination,
02:18 and we thank God forum. It amazes me that
02:21 they could be so easily deceived. However
02:25 when I started looking for material describing
02:27 false prophets, I could not found anything,
02:31 so what I did was I went to the word of God,
02:33 and I said okay Lord show me how to recognize
02:36 false prophets and also the reason why we need
02:40 to recognize false prophets. And the first
02:42 reason that God showed me it's because,
02:45 you know hey how I shed my blood for
02:47 the church and I found that in Acts 20:28:
02:51 Take heed therefore un to yourselves, and to all
02:53 the flock, over the which the Holy Ghost has
02:56 made you overseers, to feed the church of God,
02:58 which he has purchased with his own blood.
03:03 Okay, God you shared your blood for the church
03:05 now what? He said now I desired for you
03:08 and all of my children to take proper care of that
03:12 which I shed my blood for, and I found that in
03:15 1 John 4:1 Beloved, believe not every spirit,
03:19 but try the spirits whether they are of God:
03:23 because many false prophets are gone out
03:25 into the world today. You know in the lot
03:28 of the charismatic and Pentecostal churches
03:30 if the minister would say okay anybody,
03:33 anytime someone stands up and declares that
03:36 they are prophesying what we're gonna do
03:38 is we're gonna stop the service and the
03:41 elders in the leadership of this church are going
03:43 to judge what you have said according to
03:45 the word of God. You know there wouldn't be
03:47 as much talking going on as there is in
03:50 a lot of those churches. We prove everything,
03:52 we try everything, we try every spirit,
03:55 and we do it according to the word
03:57 of God. So here it is take your notes,
04:01 get your highlighter out and highlight these
04:03 and write them down. The first way to
04:05 recognize the false prophet. The number
04:07 one way is they talk about being God's
04:09 special vessel and they exalt themselves
04:14 above others. They think they are the
04:17 select of the elect, it's amazing,
04:20 oh thank God, the God send me to your
04:23 church, that this is just great, I've got here
04:27 just in time, your church in such bad shape.
04:29 I heard one man say back years ago he
04:32 was from another country and I asked him
04:34 where he go to church, he said wherever
04:35 God leads me. I said how does God lead
04:37 you where to go. And he said well I
04:39 get on the bus and I start riding the bus
04:41 through town and the third time the bell
04:44 is rung on the bus which in this country
04:46 meant to stop let some go off. He said
04:48 this I get off and go to church and this
04:51 how God leads me. And I said bother
04:53 it sounds to me like that you are being
04:54 led by the bell instead of being led by God.
04:56 And this is the way a lot of the prophets
04:58 are. Now grant it there are true prophets
05:00 and I humble myself before God to say that
05:03 God gave the false prophets, evangelistic
05:05 pastor and teacher for the perfecting
05:06 of the saints until we all come into the
05:08 unities of faith, we're not there yet,
05:09 the ministry is still here. Jesus gave those
05:12 dump a gifts and I humble myself to realize
05:14 there are in effect but not false prophets
05:16 and false prophets come across to so many
05:19 people that are impressed by what they
05:22 see, hear, touch, test and smell rather than
05:25 by the word of God. Now once again the first
05:26 way number one way is they talk about being
05:29 God's special vessel and they exalt themselves.
05:31 2 Peter 2:1-3 says: But there were false
05:36 prophets also among the people, even
05:38 as there shall be false teachers among you,
05:41 who privily shall bring in damnable heresies,
05:44 even denying the Lord that bought them,
05:46 and bring upon themselves swift destruction.
05:49 And many shall follow their pernicious ways;
05:53 by reason of whom the way of truth shall
05:55 be evil spoken of. And through covetousness,
05:59 covetousness shall they be feigned words
06:03 make merchandise of you: whose judgment
06:06 now of a long time lingereth not, and their
06:10 damnation slumbereth not. You know in 1988
06:16 all over the world especially in America
06:19 the churches started filling up, I mean
06:22 all of a sudden here these people coming out
06:24 of the wood, people that used to be in church,
06:26 you didn't see for a couple of three years,
06:28 and all the sudden they are there, and myself
06:32 along with the some other pastor were
06:33 talking about I wonder why when I said
06:35 because it's of Whisenant's book
06:36 you know Whisenant, who is Whisenant.
06:39 He is this guy that's a prophet, claims to
06:41 be a prophet and he has written book 88 reasons
06:45 why Jesus is going to return in 1988.
06:50 You know we, we should know better even,
06:52 you know there is even some people in our
06:53 denomination can't help us that are teaching
06:55 times and dates when the Lord is returning,
06:58 in the word of God tell us not to do this.
07:00 But this man did this, and then in 1988 after
07:03 the date came and he didn't happened,
07:06 here was his statement. I can stand in front
07:10 of the Lord and say I gave it my best shot,
07:12 failed prophet Edgar Whisenant said after
07:16 September the 1st, 1989 came and went
07:20 without any evidence of the rapture and I
07:22 I might add to that after this date came
07:24 and went, the people that returned to the
07:26 church left the church because they
07:29 realized that it was not going to happen.
07:32 God is not a fire escape, God is a loving
07:35 Father preparing a place for us. He says
07:38 after running up a zero for two record
07:40 in the rapture predicting, the retired
07:42 NASA engineer who lives in a one room shack
07:45 outside Little Rock, Arkansas, says his Job
07:47 is now done his book predicting this year
07:51 rapture only sold 30,000 copies in contrast
07:54 to his book predicting the raptured of last
07:58 September was sold 4.3 million copies a dollar
08:03 a pop, 4.3 million dollar and you know after
08:06 it didn't happen he still sold 300000 books
08:09 for dollar pop predicting it for the next year.
08:14 How could many believers fall for this age
08:18 old problem of date setting that Jesus
08:20 clearly warns us about in Matthew 24?
08:23 You see at that time, I was preaching
08:26 a message on 88 reasons why the Lord wasn't
08:29 returning in 1988. Now this might sound strange
08:34 to some of you but this charismatic pastor,
08:35 I never preach the secret rapture,
08:37 it didn't work, it didn't come together,
08:40 it wouldn't fit it, and so I refused to
08:42 preach until God enlightening me on it,
08:44 when I came to the Seventh-day Adventist
08:45 Church and realized that we are sleep in
08:47 the grave, we're not all up in heaven those
08:49 who had gone on before now it fits, but
08:51 still not the secret rapture. When people
08:53 talk about the secret rapture it tickle me
08:55 because Thessalonians is an awful noisy book,
08:58 there is a shout, there is trumpet and there
09:00 is a lot of noise, it's not too secret to me.
09:03 But I was preaching 88 reasons why the Lord
09:05 was not returning in 1988 and I didn't
09:08 have time to get through it before the date
09:11 was to come. So I told the congregations
09:14 don't worry about it we'll be here next week,
09:17 and I'll finish it. You see Jesus knows
09:20 the date, Jesus knows the time, and what we
09:23 need to do is just to be prepared and ready
09:26 and recognize anyone that's out there
09:29 that's trying to tell us exacts that we do
09:31 not know that God himself is the only one he
09:33 knows, don't buy it, don't pay a dollar
09:36 for it, don't pay a penny for it. The second
09:39 way to recognize a false prophet is they always
09:42 attack the spiritual leadership of the church.
09:45 Now hear that, okay this is important,
09:48 they attack the spiritual leadership
09:50 of the church. All this, this means they attack
09:52 the pastor, and the elder, no not always,
09:54 that's not always the case, because a lot
09:56 of times the spiritual leadership in the church
09:58 is somebody that you would never see up
10:00 front, it's somebody that stays in their
10:02 prayer closet, someone that lays on their face
10:04 and cries out to God for that church, and the
10:06 people that's in that church and their family.
10:08 I will remind you a story back years ago
10:10 on evangelist came and held a Revival series
10:12 in the small town. And after that Revival
10:15 series is over, this one elderly lady,
10:17 the matriarchs entire family had come to God.
10:20 And so the last meeting, after the last meeting
10:22 she invited him over for dinner. He came
10:26 in and he was sitting there and he said
10:27 oh is this wonderful that God use his revival,
10:30 use me to bring your entire family into the
10:32 body of Christ. And she said come here
10:34 brother let me show you something, she open
10:36 the closet door in the middle of her house
10:38 and there in the floor were two holes,
10:41 one in the floor from her knees where she
10:45 had been praying for her family for over 30 years,
10:48 so that's spiritual leadership that's
10:50 in the church, they don't just attack the ones
10:52 that sits front. Anybody that's doing something
10:54 for God has a heart set for God they will
10:56 attack. In Thessalonians 1 Thessalonians
10:59 5: 2 says: And we beseech you, brethren,
11:02 to know them which labour among you,
11:04 and are over you in the Lord, and admonish
11:06 you; and to esteem them very highly,
11:10 listen as you esteem him highly for the work's
11:12 sake. You don't buy him a Cadillac you
11:15 esteem him highly. This is what you do,
11:17 you don't pat him on the back and tell him
11:19 how wonderful they are. There is nothing wrong
11:21 with giving them accolades of love,
11:22 but what you do is you esteem him very
11:24 highly for their work sake, and be at peace
11:26 among you no one Ben Burk, and I we were
11:30 talking recently about this, no one would submit
11:32 themselves and even the right man would
11:34 submit themselves to someone that's gonna
11:36 to tell them to jump of the cliff, or set
11:38 themselves on fire, they wouldn't do that.
11:40 The only person you are gonna submit yourself
11:42 to is someone that is laboring among you that
11:45 show himself approved unto God it's who you
11:48 gonna submit yourself to. But the false
11:50 prophets never be able or never able to form
11:53 a relationship with others, they are
11:55 always very elusive. And what they do
11:58 sometimes is they fleet, fleet and float from
12:01 here to there and everywhere else. I told
12:02 somebody here back several years ago,
12:04 I said you know it won't be long, you've
12:07 been to so many churches in our area,
12:08 it won't be long you have to drive 100 miles
12:10 to St. Louis to go to church because you've
12:12 already been in every church in this area.
12:13 Every time a fire starts burning, a fire
12:16 will draw not only warmth, comfort,
12:22 it will also draw the bugs and beast,
12:24 so when your church starts doing something
12:26 get ready for the false prophets to come in.
12:29 Don't submit yourself to failure, don't submit
12:32 yourself to a false prophet, and I
12:34 have seen so many people do it. Also the
12:36 word submission to a lot of people is a very
12:39 dirty word to a false prophet. You know
12:42 when we submit ourselves to God,
12:43 we don't have trouble submitting ourselves
12:45 to one and another. Wives submit yourself
12:47 to here husbands and there you like you see
12:49 the truth of the matter is what it says to
12:50 begin with. If we submit ourselves to God
12:53 then we won't have trouble submitting
12:55 ourselves unto a Godley representation of our
12:58 Father. In, in Hebrews the 13 chapter in 17th
13:02 verse, I want you to see this, read this
13:04 with me okay. He says to obey them that
13:07 have the rule over you, and submit yourselves:
13:10 why, why because they watch for your souls,
13:14 as they that must give account, that they
13:16 may do it with joy, and not with grief: for that
13:20 is unprofitable for you. They do this for the
13:25 joy, so like Jesus endureth the cross for
13:27 the joy that was set before him,
13:28 what was the joy that was set before him.
13:30 It was us, it was the church rejoicing in Him
13:34 and loving on Him, and being able to recognize
13:37 that which is true, that which isn't true
13:39 you know, if it's goofy it's not God,
13:41 if it's weird, it's not the word it's just that
13:43 simple. What we need to do is we need
13:45 to set our face to the word of God.
13:47 Whenever somebody tells us something and
13:50 share something with us, we must make sure
13:53 that it lands up with God's word. Now
13:56 let me give you an example of this,
13:57 this I like this. It's says a group of
14:00 students at Harvard once tried to fool the
14:02 famous professor of zoology, Agassiz,
14:05 they took parchment number of different
14:08 bugs and with great skill attached them together
14:11 to make a creation, they were sure would baffle
14:15 their teacher. On the chosen day they
14:18 brought it to him, and ask him to identify.
14:21 As he inspected it with great care the
14:24 students grew more and more sure that they
14:25 had tricked this genius. Finally the professor
14:30 straightened up and said I have identified
14:34 this bug scarcely able to control their amusement,
14:39 they ask it's name and the professor
14:42 replied it is the humbug, that's what it was
14:46 a person with genuine life from God will
14:49 attack the counterfeit and think to him stay
14:52 off humbug, it doesn't not take a road
14:55 scholars, it's just takes child of God to
14:57 recognize whether this person is really speaking
15:00 by the oracles of God, or they are building up
15:03 themselves. The third way to recognize a false
15:07 prophet and this is what amazes me that
15:10 people will follow after people that do this.
15:12 The third way this is key. They always have
15:16 a message of doom, death and domination,
15:21 they would dominate you, they preach death,
15:24 they preach doom and gloom. They talk about
15:27 in have word supposedly they have knowledge
15:29 that this is going to happen in a great way.
15:32 I had one that tell me, get ready just
15:34 recently get ready there is great wave that's
15:36 gonna come in and rush cross the entire
15:39 North American continent and everybody
15:42 be destroyed, and I wasn't, you know
15:44 I wasn't really encouragedby that,
15:45 and I just sometime listen to him. And most
15:48 of the time I said well that's interesting,
15:49 but I don't hook my wagon to that ungodly
15:53 star. If they can't control something
16:00 they try to do destroy it, when did you
16:02 hear that. I've witnessed this many of you
16:05 have witnessed this, its being close to a lot
16:07 of hearts. It's sad because if the false
16:10 prophets can't destroy something,
16:12 it doesn't matter even if they had been
16:14 for a while in charge of it, it does not matter
16:16 how much they have invested in it? How much
16:18 they put in it? How much they have worked?
16:19 How much they have toiled, if they cannot
16:21 destroy then what they will do, or cannot
16:24 control it, then what they will do is they will
16:26 try to destroy it. Solomon is a great
16:31 example of this. The two women, one had
16:35 the other ones child and they came to him
16:38 and we all you know I don't wanna say
16:40 it because somebody back years ago when
16:42 I was first got born again they start to tell
16:43 story, now I'm gonna tell that because everybody
16:45 knows about Abraham, I didn't knew who
16:46 Abraham was, so I am gonna share the
16:49 two women brought the child, one of them had
16:50 the child and said this is my child and the
16:53 other said no it's my child and Solomon said
16:55 well I'll settle this, let just cut the child
16:57 in half, and give each of you half of it
17:00 and the woman that it was truly her child
17:02 said no, no don't destroy that which I birth,
17:05 see a real prophet no matter what a real child
17:09 of God, real somebody really prophetic will
17:11 never allow that which they birth to be
17:14 destroyed. And the other women that it was
17:16 not her child said yes, yes, yes cut it into two.
17:18 God will never cut the baby in two. And I read
17:22 this scripture along with me if you can
17:24 1 Corinthians 14:3 he says: But he that
17:28 prophesieth speaketh unto men for edification,
17:32 let me, let me really see if you know it,
17:34 edification, exhortation and comfort. Now I have
17:40 a perfect example of this in Florida, my
17:42 pastors in Florida Pat, Wayne, and Manny,
17:44 Lakeland, Florida. Manny was pregnant with her
17:47 second child, and had real tough time with
17:50 her first child birth was concerned about her
17:52 second child birth and she was at a meeting
17:54 in Orlando, Florida and bumped into a prophet,
17:58 false prophet that had come to their church
18:01 several months before that and stood up
18:03 and try to tear the church all the pieces
18:05 and everything and proclaimed that he was
18:07 the prophet sent there by God, and he was
18:09 to take over the church and all this stuff,
18:11 and so they just show him where the door
18:13 was that he came in, you go out same way
18:15 and they did it with love. Well this guy was
18:17 very bitter about this, so there was Matty and
18:21 with one of her friends at this meeting
18:23 in Orlando, Florida and she was about at
18:25 the time probably about six or seven months
18:27 pregnant something like that, and this guy
18:29 came up to her and said because of your
18:31 husband didn't received me as a prophet of
18:34 of God. The Lord is showing me that
18:36 your child is going to be born deformed
18:40 when that baby comes forth out of the womb.
18:43 A little lady standing there next to her that
18:45 was her friend, her name was Mardy,
18:47 she was in missionary in Nicaragua. She looked
18:50 around it Maddy and said, Maddy let me ask
18:51 you a question honey were you edified,
18:54 were you exhorted, were you comforted,
18:56 Maddy had tears in her eyes, and she said
18:58 No Mardy I wasn't. Mardy spun around stuck
19:01 her finger in that so called prophet's face
19:03 and said I rebuke you in the name of Jesus
19:07 that baby was fine. He is now her worship leader,
19:11 he is 28-years old, has two beautiful children
19:14 of this own. Do not believe everything
19:17 that's somebody speak to you and says that
19:20 he comes by the oracles of God. The next
19:23 way to recognize a false prophet is they
19:25 come from some far of distant place, claiming
19:30 to be sent by God usually looking for a handout.
19:34 They tend to leach of the spiritually immature
19:37 and I say this with much love such as
19:41 young converts, single ladies, and widows.
19:45 It is so many people out there and I pray
19:48 for those that are single, and that are widows
19:50 that, that needs somebody to stand in their
19:52 life, as a man to represent them in social
19:57 circles and I know that you are hurt,
19:59 but don't let the enemy sneak in under color
20:02 and calls you to fall for a false prophet or
20:06 someone that's teaching things that are not
20:07 of God. What you need to do is go to the word
20:10 of God and see what the word of God says
20:12 you get clear direction from it. Now this is
20:14 what 2 Timothy 3rd chapter in the 2 verse
20:18 tells us. This now also, that in the last days
20:22 perilous times shall come. We are in that
20:23 right now. For men shall be lovers of their own
20:26 selves, covetous, boasters, proud,
20:28 blasphemers, disobedient to parents,
20:30 unthankful, and unholy. Well are we there?
20:33 Yes you have arrived if your children they
20:36 continue will ask you, are we there yet,
20:38 are we there yet, are we there yet. Well I want
20:40 you to know we are here, we are in the
20:42 scriptures, without natural affection, truce
20:45 breakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce,
20:47 despisers of those that are good. Traitors,
20:50 heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more
20:54 than lovers of God. Man we are seeing that.
20:57 Having a form of godliness, but denying
21:00 the power thereof: from such turn away.
21:05 For of this sort are they which creep into houses,
21:10 and lead captive silly women laden with sins,
21:14 not that you are laden with sins, but this
21:16 is the easiest ones, led away with divers
21:19 lusts. We got to stop this, we've got to
21:23 turn this around when we first move to
21:25 Southern Illinois, my daughter was 8 years old
21:27 Ditty was 8 was years old, and we were
21:29 listing to television before we were going to
21:31 church one morning and this supposedly
21:33 prophet was on as we were changing channels.
21:37 My daughter was getting ready in her room,
21:38 she overheard this and she said those of you
21:41 out there I am moving in my prophetic right
21:44 now I am going to healed you of sicknesses,
21:46 and diseases that you do not even know
21:49 that you have. My daughter ran and said
21:53 daddy did you hear that 8 years old,
21:54 8 years old, daddy did you heard that he said
21:57 he was gonna try to heal people of diseases
21:59 that they didn't even know they had, how
22:02 would they know if they were healed, if they
22:04 didn't know that they had them, she said
22:05 that's not God. And I said it's not right
22:07 honey, and I starting to turn off then he
22:09 said if you will send me $100 did you get this.
22:12 These are people that are sending me money
22:15 if you send me $100 dollars I will on my tour
22:18 bus, I will embroider your name on my pillow.
22:21 God help us for the people that fall for
22:24 things like that. Do you know that there are
22:27 ministers now they are on television that do
22:29 not even preach the word, all the get on do
22:31 is get on and beg for money. We see him time
22:35 and time again coming on late in night, you get
22:37 at the middle of night people they can't sleep,
22:39 they start, they get up turn these things
22:40 only fall for this, and say it's like send me
22:43 a $100 and I will send you an anointed penny.
22:45 I want to tell, I'll tell you what, you send me
22:47 a $100 and I will send you now an anointed
22:48 quarter. We should know better than this.
22:52 The next thing is that they have rebellious
22:54 unteachable spirit, and will not acknowledge
22:57 a true authority of the church. Rebellious
23:00 people are always self seeking this is in
23:03 Psalm 66:7: He ruleth by his power
23:07 for ever; his eyes behold the nations:
23:09 let not the rebellious exalt themselves. Selah.
23:12 Rebellion sets one up for demon activity,
23:18 if you want the demon to come in then you
23:21 open the door and they will come in. The word
23:24 of God says in Psalms in Psalms 68:6 he says
23:29 God sets the solitary in families; He brings
23:31 out those which are bound with chains; but
23:34 the rebellious dwell in a dry land. So if you
23:38 feel like that you are in dry area place,
23:40 everything within give yourself a check up from
23:42 the neck up and then check your heart to see
23:43 if maybe you have been listening to things
23:45 that you shouldn't be listening to is garbage
23:48 in and garbage out, what it is which we could
23:50 go and leaves some down don't you. The next
23:52 way is they sometimes have a lot of work
23:54 even a parent healings and prophecy that
23:56 appeared to come true however they have
23:58 no good foods, their fruits will be the
24:00 vision, confusion and heartaches. I want
24:04 you to look at the scripture with me Mathew
24:06 7:15 and 16, don't be impressed by words alone.
24:10 Beware of false prophets, which come to you
24:13 in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are
24:15 ravening wolves. Ye shall know them by their
24:18 fruits; ye shall know them by their fruits,
24:19 ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men
24:22 gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?
24:26 It is not by works, it is not by works, its'
24:29 about fruit. There were two men in Lakeland,
24:32 Florida they used to come in churches, go to
24:34 different churches and supposedly be prophetic,
24:36 and they tour every church almost every
24:38 church in Lakeland up, except the people that
24:41 refused to hear what they were saying. A man
24:44 in Tampa, Florida, I remember this
24:45 back years ago a man in Tampa, Florida came
24:48 in and was telling people all these things about
24:51 the sicknesses and stuff, and he was right,
24:53 and they followed him out of the church,
24:55 a whole group of people followed him out
24:56 of the church because he was right about
24:59 something. You think the enemy doesn't
25:01 know something that's going on. The enemy
25:03 would like to try to use the false gifts of the
25:06 spirit just like the false prophets will. They will
25:09 minister out of deception, this scripture
25:11 is very, very important Mark the 13th chapter 5
25:14 and 6 verse he says, Jesus answering them
25:17 began to say, Take heed lest any man deceive
25:19 you:" For many shall come in my name, saying,
25:21 I am Christ; and shall deceive many. We
25:26 understand that lot of what, this
25:27 misunderstand lot about the scripture saying
25:29 we think they come in say like the guy from
25:31 South America right now that he is Jesus ever
25:33 remained that he was the Lord return and
25:35 everything. This is not exactly what this is
25:37 saying, there is gonna be people that come
25:39 that are false prophets, he says Jesus is the
25:40 Christ this what did he say that I am Christ
25:43 not they are Christ, but Jesus is Christ and
25:46 because they seemingly, profess the Lord then
25:49 we're gonna say whether they have got to be
25:50 a true prophet. No that's not the case that is
25:55 not what's happening. Now this the last thing
25:57 that I have is they have no root repetition
26:00 or affiliation with anybody to call for
26:03 references when ask about their past, they
26:06 all of a sudden they become very elusive.
26:11 And you know the amazing thing about to this
26:12 they can come in and the first time they come in
26:14 they pay their tithes and everybody say well
26:16 they got to be good Christians. I share
26:19 some things with you let me rehearse some right
26:21 quick. Write down the seventh steps to
26:23 recognize these and watch for it. How
26:24 leadership in your house regard. Don't wait
26:27 for the pastor to do something you let that
26:29 person know that you do not feel like that
26:31 what they are doing is of God. Next teach
26:34 others who have been deceived to watch after
26:36 one and another, and also stay in regular church
26:39 attendance. Next thing stay follow the
26:42 Holy Spirit, so you are able to recognized error
26:45 by comparing it with truth. The next thing is
26:50 grow up, you just grow up. My daddy used to
26:52 tell me that Hal just grow up. Well God
26:55 tells us that too, Hal just grow up, just grow
26:57 up not only in the physical but also grow
26:59 up in the spirit too. Grow up in maturity,
27:01 so that you will be smart enough to not
27:04 be led astray and if you think for one minute
27:08 that the enemy is not out to steal, kill and
27:10 destroy and terrorize the denomination all
27:12 the piece and you are wrong because we
27:15 are the remnant church. We're gonna be there
27:17 in the laddering, we're gonna be there moving
27:19 by the power of God and there is gonna be
27:21 false prophets, they are not gonna be
27:23 sitting in the bars they not gonna be
27:24 sitting in the taverns they goanna be sitting
27:26 in the pews of our churches, pastors,
27:29 leadership, laity, we need to be aware
27:32 of who they are, how they work, and be
27:35 able to stand up and say this is not good
27:39 and it's not God, and that we're not gonna
27:41 stand for because we are not just hearers
27:44 of the word but we doers of the word,
27:47 and we will see the glory of God manifest
27:51 in this in time by the Seventh-day
27:53 Adventist denomination.


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