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00:31 Hello, I'm Hal Steenson and I invite you to
00:33 join us today on Faith Chapel
00:36 as we take a look at God's word.
00:38 Today we're going to be in the ninth chapter of
00:40 John, looking at the story about a blind man,
00:43 but if you want a title for this message today.
00:45 I've titled it Out Of Darkness.
00:48 before we get into the message,
00:49 let's go to the Lord in prayer, join me please.
00:52 Father, we're here today for no other reason,
00:54 no other the purpose rather then the worship you.
00:56 If we get out of here today and have not
00:58 worshiped you through your word then we
01:00 failed you Lord, help us somehow someway to
01:04 be build the bridge from where we are through
01:06 these cameras to the person that needs to
01:09 hear this word, and needs a touch
01:10 from you, in Jesus name, amen.
01:14 Let me share this little story with you a new
01:17 surgical procedure allowed Mrs. Pearl Kass
01:19 receive her sight, after being blind for 89
01:24 years, she had resigned herself to the fact that
01:27 she was blind. However destiny changed
01:30 all of that, the doctors removed her bandages
01:33 and waited for her response.
01:36 Her eyes slowly begin to filled with tears
01:39 and she began to thunderously praise
01:42 God, she openly and outwardly gave God all
01:46 the glory for this miracle of sight and
01:48 everyone on that wing of the
01:50 hospital heard her do it. It's sad but in John 9:1
01:55 it says: And as Jesus passed by,
01:57 he saw a man which was blind from his birth,
02:00 is where it starts, but that's not where it stops.
02:04 What I wanna share with you today is that
02:06 Jesus healed a blind man and nobody,
02:09 nobody, not one person, not one single person
02:13 praised God, why? They were all too
02:16 self-centered, too concerned with their
02:18 own egos to see the truth of what really
02:21 happened on that day. Our personal prospective
02:26 will cause us to have tunnel vision that will
02:29 always blind us to the truth that is around us.
02:34 God wants us to worship Him.
02:36 Jesus is the Lion of the Tribe of Judah and
02:38 Judah very simply means praise.
02:40 Jesus is not afraid of praise, whenever we
02:43 praise God we are praising God not man,
02:47 but giving God the glory for it.
02:49 Who all was blind that day will first,
02:52 let's look at the disciples,
02:54 you see to disciples it was a matter of
02:57 theology that blinded them.
02:59 See others were there that were blind also.
03:02 In John 9:2 it says: And His disciples asked him,
03:07 saying, Master, who did sin, this man or his
03:12 parents, that he was born blind?
03:15 You see the Jewish believe that in this time
03:18 that if someone was born handicapped or
03:20 born deformed then what happened was that
03:22 child has sinned in the womb to cause this
03:25 handicap or this blindness whatever
03:27 it maybe or either his parents had sinned.
03:31 And so what they're doing is they're asking
03:32 Jesus a question they're saying.
03:37 Lord, who sinned to cause this man to be
03:38 born blind, was it the man in the womb,
03:39 the child in the womb or was it his parents?
03:40 And let me tell you something I'd figured
03:42 out a long time ago that we can't figure God out,
03:45 we couldn't figure Him out on a slide rule.
03:47 There is no way we can figure God out;
03:48 the wisdom of this world is foolishness to God.
03:51 In 1 Corinthians 3:19 declares this, as it says:
03:55 For the wisdom of this world
03:56 is foolishness with God. For it is written,
03:59 He that taketh the wise in their own craftiness.
04:03 Our need to be right, our need to be right
04:08 will blind our hearts to the truth that's around us.
04:12 In Ephesians 4:17 it says in the King James
04:15 Version first, then I wanna read out and
04:17 amplify it, it says: This I say therefore,
04:19 and testify in the Lord, that ye henceforth walk
04:22 not as other Gentiles walk,
04:24 in the vanity of their minds.
04:26 Having the understanding darkened,
04:28 being alienated from the life of God through the
04:30 ignorance that is in them, because of the
04:33 blindness of their heart. Now, that speaks boldly
04:35 in the King James but the amplified which is a
04:38 little translation with amplification adds to it.
04:42 I want you to read this along with me
04:44 here today it says: So this I say and
04:48 solemnly testify in the name of the Lord as in
04:51 His presence, that you must no longer live as
04:55 the heathen, the Gentiles do in their
04:57 perverseness in the folly, vanity,
05:00 and emptiness of their souls and the futility of
05:04 their minds. Their moral understanding
05:06 is darkened and their reasoning is beclouded.
05:09 They are alienated, estranged, self-banished
05:13 from the life of God with no share in it;
05:16 this is because of the ignorance, the want of
05:19 knowledge and perception, the willful
05:22 blindness that is deep-seated in them,
05:25 due to their hardness of heart,
05:27 to the insensitiveness of their mortal nature.
05:31 See the truth of the matter is that there was
05:33 more then just one person that was blind
05:36 that day but when we get into the word of
05:38 God, the truth of the word of God then what
05:40 we should do is we should allow the word
05:42 of God to take all of our questions away.
05:46 John 9:3 says: Jesus answered them and said
05:50 neither, now get this they said who sinned,
05:53 who sinned, did the man sin in the womb,
05:55 the child sin in the womb or did the parent
05:56 sinned, Jesus answered this question,
05:58 it's very simple, be complicated.
06:01 Jesus said: "Neither hath this man sinned,
06:03 nor his parents sinned," question asks, question
06:07 answered end of discussion but then
06:10 Jesus goes on and adds. But that the works of
06:12 God should be made manifest in him,
06:17 it says I must work the works of him that sent me.
06:21 A lot of people say well the reason why the man
06:22 is born blind was for Jesus to work the
06:24 works, that's not what this is saying.
06:27 Jesus answered the question and said,
06:29 neither was this man born blind because of
06:32 his sin or because of his parent's sin,
06:35 end of discussion now. That I might be the
06:39 works that I was sent here to do,
06:40 let's get it on, let's be about
06:42 God's business to do it. John 9 chapter and
06:46 4th verse, I must work the works of him that
06:50 sent me, while it is day: the night cometh,
06:52 when no man can work. The 5th verse says
06:55 As long as I am in the world,
06:56 I am the light of the world.
06:58 Then it says: When he had thus
06:59 spoken, he spat on the ground, and made two
07:03 clay eye balls is what history says.
07:07 Now this not what the King James says it says:
07:10 He made clay of the spittle, the history of the
07:14 Jews and a lot of the history said that Jesus
07:16 actually bend down spat in the clay made two
07:18 little eye balls and popped them in.
07:20 I don't have any trouble with it, we will made
07:22 out of the dust of the earth to begin with.
07:24 He made clay of the spittle and anointed the
07:26 eyes of the blind man with the clay,
07:28 and He said unto him, Go, wash in the pool of
07:30 Siloam, which is by interpretation, Sent.
07:33 He went his way therefore and washed
07:36 and came seeing. Isn't it amazing that we,
07:40 some people that can't see do see, and other
07:43 people that do see can't see.
07:46 It's not a matter of theology, this is what
07:49 the disciples were saying, let's ask some
07:52 deep theological question, well here's my
07:54 response to that. An excellent plumber
07:57 is considerably more worthy than an
07:59 incompetent theologian. The society that scorns
08:03 excellence in plumbing because plumbing is a
08:06 humble activity, and tolerates shoddiness
08:09 in theology because it is an exalted activity,
08:12 will have neither good plumbing nor good theology.
08:16 Neither its pipes nor its sermons will hold water.
08:20 What we found, we found through the years
08:22 I mean through the years is that we have
08:24 these great theologians that seek to reach the
08:27 top of the mountain to find out some deep
08:30 theological answer to a question and when they
08:33 get their they found some little old Christian
08:35 lady sitting up there, and has been seating
08:38 there for 80 years and already knows the
08:40 answer and it's a simple answer.
08:43 And that is like we complicate the gospel,
08:46 we try to make it this and make it that and the
08:47 gospel is good news, there is only two things
08:49 that Jesus preach. The one is come here
08:51 and the other one go there.
08:52 Let's don't complicate this, it's not a matter of
08:56 theology, the truth is nobody praised God.
09:00 Got a blind man healed and nobody praised God.
09:03 In verse 8 it says: The neighbors therefore,
09:06 and they who before had seen him that he was
09:09 blind, said, is not this he that sat and begged?
09:12 Verse 9 says: Some said, This is he:
09:14 but others said, well He is like him: but he said,
09:18 I am he, I'm the guy, I'm the one, I'm the one
09:21 that was blind is what he say.
09:23 Therefore said they unto him,
09:25 How were thine eyes opened?
09:27 And He answered and said, A man that is
09:30 called Jesus, JESUS made clay, and anointed
09:36 mine eyes, and said unto me, Go to the pool
09:38 of Siloam, and wash: and I went and washed,
09:41 and I received my sight. This is a powerful
09:44 principle here, God speaks we obey and
09:46 then we supplies what we want, God's want to
09:49 speak and then him supply and then we'll obey
09:52 that's not the way it works in the kingdom of God.
09:55 God speaks, we obey and then he supplies,
09:59 but the key thing is that God speaks,
10:02 Jesus spoke and said go wash in the pool of Siloam.
10:06 You know what? It's really not a matter
10:08 of theology, all the disciples could see
10:11 what's the study of God in this some deep thing.
10:16 I had a teacher back in school when I was
10:18 studying for the ministry of seminary.
10:20 After the service was over we're standing out
10:22 in the four year and this guy's name was
10:23 J. Bashford Bishop, tremendous man of God.
10:26 He'd been a minister for like 50 years and
10:28 several of the students were standing around,
10:29 and said boy that sermon was so deep,
10:31 it was I didn't understand it,
10:34 I didn't forget this J. Bashford Bishop
10:36 said you know. I live next to the
10:40 Rock Crusher for years, 150 feet deep in the
10:43 water you could see all the way to bottom.
10:46 He said, but I lived on a no dirt road he said we
10:49 used to travel by wagons and mules if
10:51 we'd get the wrong runt and end up in the wrong
10:53 half we couldn't get out of runt.
10:54 He said but the thing about it was the mule
10:55 tracks were only about this deep which we
10:57 couldn't see the bottom of it.
10:58 And he looked at those young men and he said
11:01 fellows that were nothing more than a
11:04 mule track, when it's deep is crystal clear.
11:07 So don't get so much in the theology that you
11:10 cannot remember to praise God, it was not a
11:14 matter of theology what was it then Pastor Hal?
11:19 It was the fact that nobody praised God.
11:22 Psalms 146 verse 8 read this here with me
11:26 it said: The Lord, it's the Lord, it's the Lord
11:29 that openeth the eyes of the blind: the Lord
11:31 raiseth them that are bowed down: the Lord
11:33 loveth the righteous: It is God that does this,
11:37 thank God that it's God. But when this happens
11:39 what we need to do. We were so
11:41 gospel-hardened here in America that it's
11:43 amazing, we were in India and watching the
11:45 movie Jesus, 6000 Indians there when
11:48 Jesus raised Jairus' daughter in this movie
11:50 that have been translated in Telugu.
11:52 Six thousand Indian men, women and
11:54 children lifted their hands and shouted
11:57 Hallelujah; they were not ashamed to praise God.
12:01 In some of our churches today if somebody says
12:03 amen, they're escorted to the back door and
12:05 that's not good and that's not God.
12:09 Second to the Pharisees it was a legal matter,
12:14 why was it legal? Because Jesus healed
12:16 on the Sabbath and Pharisees were a lot of
12:21 religious people with religious thoughts and
12:23 religious ideas. Picking back up,
12:25 read this with me in John 9:13-16 it says or
12:30 13-15 it says: And they brought to the Pharisees
12:34 him that aforetime was blind.
12:36 And it was the sabbath day when Jesus made
12:40 the clay, and opened his eyes.
12:42 Then again the Pharisees also asked
12:44 him how he had received his sight.
12:46 And He said unto them, He put clay upon mine
12:49 eyes, and I washed, and now I do see.
12:54 Let see here's the truth of the matter listen to
12:56 this because I'm add a little bit too.
12:58 Verse 16: Therefore said some of the Pharisees,
13:02 This man is not of God, because, because why?
13:05 Now let me put it in our terms, let's let me put it
13:08 in Alabama Vernacular okay if you will.
13:12 Some people may say he doesn't do it the way
13:14 our church does it and he doesn't do at the way
13:16 I believe it should be done, therefore it's
13:19 definitely wrong. Let me just remind
13:22 you something here okay, God's in-charge
13:25 of your breathing, God can do things anyway
13:28 he wants to as long as it doesn't
13:29 go against his word. Now, I believe that our
13:32 Bible, our 66 books of our Bible, I believe that
13:35 it it is the word of God but also believe it's only
13:37 God that contains all of the word of God.
13:40 And when it doesn't go contribute with the
13:42 word of God, if God wants to heal me
13:44 anyway he wants to anybody he desires to
13:46 as long, it's not contributed with the
13:47 word of God. He wants to open blinded eyes,
13:49 if he wants to raise the dead, anyway he wants
13:51 to as long as it does go against the word of God
13:53 then it's okay with this old boy.
13:55 It says: Therefore said some of the Pharisees,
13:57 This man is not of God, because he keepeth not
13:59 the sabbath day. Others said, How can
14:01 a man that is a sinner do such miracles?
14:04 See there was questions among them.
14:06 And there was a division among them.
14:07 So, it was a legal matter but the truth of the
14:10 matter was nobody praised God, it was not
14:13 a theological matter, it was not a legal matter,
14:17 it was a matter of that nobody praised God for
14:20 someone's eyes that were open since he had
14:23 been born, they were not open,
14:26 they were blind, nobody, nobody praised God.
14:31 I've got a question to ask you, who opened his eyes?
14:37 Did the Pharisees, did the disciples or was it Jesus?
14:41 What do you think happened to all those
14:42 religious demons that were in those people back then?
14:47 They sure aren't sitting in the taverns,
14:50 they aren't in the bars; they aren't in the
14:53 nightclubs, those religious legalistic
14:57 demons that were there then.
15:00 I wonder, just wonder you might be able to answer me.
15:06 I wonder if they aren't sitting in our
15:07 churches all around the world everywhere,
15:11 just ready to contempt anything
15:13 that they disagree with. The 17th verse said:
15:18 They say unto the blind man again, what sayest
15:21 thou of him, that he hath opened thine eyes?
15:24 And He said He is a prophet.
15:28 You see it's not a legal matter, it's a spiritual
15:31 matter and Jesus was the apostle, he was the
15:35 prophet, he was the evangelist, he was the
15:37 pastor, he was the teacher, he was all five
15:39 of them, and when he was ascended he left
15:41 that here with us. This was not a legal matter,
15:43 it was a spiritual matter and this man saw it.
15:47 Can you imagine here he is blind from birth,
15:50 all of the sudden his eyes are open and the
15:52 disciples want to know the theology of it,
15:54 the Pharisees want to know the legality of it.
15:56 And he says wait a minute, wait a minute,
15:58 wait a minute, I was blind and now I can see somebody.
16:03 Somebody open your eyes it's not a
16:04 legal matter. First Peter 2:9 says: That you are a
16:08 chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy
16:12 nation, a peculiar people that should show
16:16 forth the theology of God, no, the legality of
16:22 man, no, should show forth the praises of him
16:28 who has called you out of darkness
16:33 into his marvelous light.
16:35 This is where I got this title
16:36 out of darkness into his marvelous light,
16:39 wouldn't it be wonderful if we could
16:41 really lay hold of the truth that we've been
16:43 transfigured out of the kingdom of darkness
16:47 into his marvelous light. And not try to question
16:50 everything that God does and try to tear it
16:51 apart and dissect it and put our own opinions in it.
16:55 See it's not a legal matter; we should
16:58 remind ourselves that Jesus told the Pharisees
17:00 that they were of their father the devil,
17:02 so were the Pharisees right in questioning this.
17:04 He said you are of your father the devil,
17:06 a legalistic pharisaical spirit is satanic,
17:09 it's not just demonic, and it's satanic.
17:12 I have not encounter much legalism in the
17:14 higher up leadership, it's usually found at the
17:17 lowest level because mud sinks to the lowest level.
17:20 The true grace filled people of God are
17:22 found writing the ways of present truth,
17:25 but the legalistic ones are bottom dwellers.
17:28 The Lake Union Herald, I never forget
17:30 that because you know a lot of this is new to
17:32 me so when we started to have the GC in
17:34 St. Louis picked up the Lake Union Herald and
17:37 this is what it said, it listed the people
17:39 you may expect to encounter at the last GC
17:41 in St. Louis among those listed were the
17:43 true believers and I thought alright who are
17:46 the true believers. And tells you what to
17:48 except when you encounter them,
17:51 they will be eager to share with you all the
17:53 things that are wrong in the SDA and fill like
17:57 they are the SDA police, sick and wrong.
18:00 You know it doesn't, my daddy used to say it
18:02 like this, he said, son even a blind hog can
18:05 find an acorn every now and then, it doesn't take
18:07 a real spiritual person to find out what's wrong.
18:10 If God gives you discernment of what's
18:12 wrong then he should also give you
18:13 discernment of how to correct what is wrong.
18:17 Years ago, I'll never forget this, years ago,
18:20 in legalism, legalism and every denomination
18:23 feared many church, I had a lady came up to
18:24 me after the service one time she said Pastor Hal
18:27 I just, I can't figured it out.
18:28 She said that it just amazing why don't we
18:30 sing some of the old songs.
18:33 And see our charismatic church we sang off the
18:35 wall, was an overhead projector.
18:37 Of course everybody knows this of the devil,
18:39 of course not it's not. We sang hymns too.
18:42 You see why don't we ever sing some of the
18:44 old songs, I said well sis lets see.
18:46 Let me, let me just rehearse what we just did.
18:48 We just sang Thou Art Worthy out of the
18:50 book of Revelation, that's 2000 years old.
18:54 We sang the 48th song, Great is the Lord,
18:56 and greatly to be praised, in the city of
18:57 our God, in the mountain of His holiness.
18:59 That one's lets say it's about 3500 years old
19:03 and oh yeah we also sang The Song of
19:06 Moses out of the book of Exodus is over 4000
19:09 years old. How old the songs do you wanna sing?
19:14 She said oh I'm talking about the ones in
19:15 hymnal, and I said honey, those aren't old,
19:18 most of those are new songs.
19:20 And she wanted to quit the church because we
19:23 weren't singing all the song, every song of the
19:25 hymnal you know. I love hymns, don't you
19:27 misunderstand what I'm saying I love them
19:28 I think some of the most powerful hymns that's
19:32 ever been written have been written in the last
19:33 100 years, Charles Wesley, John Wes,
19:36 some of the powerful Christmas songs have
19:38 some of the most powerful meanings,
19:40 I love hymns. And I'm telling you that a Psalm,
19:44 48 Psalm is a song, it's meant to be sung and
19:49 when you sing the word of God you can't go
19:50 wrong singing the word of God.
19:51 But what it, what was it with her?
19:53 It was a legalistic attitude, we have one of
19:57 the most I believe, I'll Dr. C.A. Murray,
20:00 he is my hero, C.A dresses sharp, he looks
20:03 sharp, he presents himself well.
20:06 And I really esteem him very highly,
20:08 he is a mighty man of God and not only that
20:11 he's a powerful presenter, he presents
20:14 the word of God and can paint you a picture
20:16 of the power of God. And what God can do
20:18 in the purpose of God. Well back about a year
20:21 and half ago he ministered a sermon in
20:23 our local church here. And he was talking
20:26 about all the things that God could do for you
20:28 and he would do for you, that God was a
20:30 mighty God, and people applauded.
20:34 You see they weren't applauding him,
20:36 they were applauding God and giving him
20:39 praise by doing this, but after the service
20:44 he wasn't standing at the back door shaking
20:45 hands and telling about look how great I am,
20:47 how great a job I did. He was standing down
20:50 front ministering the people and praying with
20:52 people and someone slipped a little note over
20:54 his shoulder, he didn't need to see who it was and
20:56 it wasn't signed, that you won't usually sign them.
20:59 And it said in essence Pastor Murray,
21:02 I'm very concerned that you were encouraging,
21:05 you are encouraging
21:06 Pentecostalism in our denomination.
21:12 He didn't express it but I will know it hurt him
21:16 for them doing this, because he was giving
21:18 all of the honor and all the glory to God.
21:21 But it made me think about a few things you know.
21:25 I've read all through the book of Acts,
21:27 I've read all through the account of Pentecost
21:29 and I can't find one occasion at Pentecost
21:32 where they clap their hands, not one occasion
21:35 where they clap their hands.
21:38 However I can find about 1500 years before
21:40 that where David said, King David said:
21:43 Clap your hands all you people.
21:45 Shout unto God with a voice of triumph.
21:47 So, clapping your hands is not a Pentecostal
21:49 thing, but the response that was brought forth
21:53 was a legalistic thing. See it's not a matter of
21:55 legalism, it's a matter that nobody praise God
21:59 in anyway, shape, form or fashion they didn't
22:01 clap their hands and they didn't raise their
22:02 hands, they didn't say thank you God, nothing
22:04 nobody praised God. And if you're bothered
22:06 to take note, nobody ever got up and said
22:09 Hallelujah, thank you Jesus and praised Jesus,
22:11 they always got up and gave glory to God.
22:13 Because of what God had done through Jesus,
22:17 we got to stop being legalistic, we need to
22:19 look for, our church is to be filled up with men
22:22 and women who have them diamonds and
22:24 earrings and gold all over them.
22:27 The reason why is because they are
22:30 coming to hear what we telling them and what
22:33 we are telling them is the truth that means that
22:35 they're newest people we ought to at least
22:37 thank God because they're in our services,
22:39 instead of going up just as soon as they are
22:41 there, the first service that they are gonna tell
22:42 them, honey we don't believe in wearing jewelry.
22:45 I will never forget Theresa Bennett said,
22:47 she was in a service, she came out of a
22:48 charismatic moment. She was in the service,
22:50 in the first service she was in she said praise God,
22:52 praise God and afterwards the lady
22:54 came up to her and said, I want you to know
22:55 sister, we don't praise God in this church.
22:58 Well, how tragic, see it was not a matter of legalism.
23:03 It was a matter of nobody praise God,
23:05 now the last thing to the blind man's parents,
23:08 it was a personal matter. Not this is gonna get
23:11 úhome with you okay, putting it plainly,
23:15 they were scared. John 9 starting verse 18
23:19 stay with me with this, read with me okay.
23:22 But the Jews did not believe concerning him,
23:24 that he had been blind, and received his sight,
23:26 until they called the parents of him that had
23:28 received his sight. And they asked them,
23:31 saying, Is this your son, who ye say was born blind?
23:35 How then doth he now see? His parents answered
23:39 and said, We know that this is our son,
23:42 and that he was born blind: But by what means he
23:46 now seeth we know not; or who hath opened his
23:48 eyes, we know not: hey he is a big boy,
23:51 he is of age; ask him: he shall speak for himself.
23:56 Now, I won't read this with you, because
23:58 I wanna add a little bit more of Alabamanism
24:00 in it all right? These words spake his
24:03 parents, because they feared the Jews:
24:08 for the Jews had agreed already, that if any man
24:10 did confess that he was Christ, he should be
24:12 kicked out of the denomination.
24:16 Now, it said that he should be put
24:17 out of the synagogue. But that's what it
24:20 means, if I don't agree with everything you do
24:23 and everything you say even if it doesn't go
24:25 against, go with the word of God.
24:26 If it goes against the word of God then I'm
24:28 supposed to sit back and shut up.
24:30 Now, I'm gonna stand up and I'm gonna speak
24:31 up and I'm going to praise God with all of
24:34 my heart because it's to me it's not a personal matter.
24:39 I had people that tell me Pastor Hal I don't,
24:41 I don't understand a lot of these things is
24:43 happening but I feel like really true,
24:45 you feel like as God. Well then here's what
24:47 I've got to say to you, if you don't understand
24:50 something, you can usually get some pretty
24:53 good information from someone who's been
24:54 touched by Jesus. Therefore in verse 23
24:58 said his parents, He is of age; ask him.
25:01 Then again called they the man that was blind,
25:03 and he said unto him, Give God the praise we
25:05 know that this man Jesus is a sinner.
25:07 He'd already given God the praise.
25:09 Religious people were always try to pervert
25:12 the truth with things that are not the issue,
25:14 the personal matters were not the issue.
25:17 John 9:25 says: He answered and said,
25:20 Whether he be a sinner or no, see this is not the
25:23 issue, whether you're a sinner or not,
25:24 he's telling them this is the issue guys,
25:26 I know not, one thing I do know, that, whereas
25:28 I was blind, now I see by the grace of God
25:35 I can see. This is the history of blindness,
25:41 however the blind, blind man was not the
25:43 only one there that was blind.
25:47 You see the truth of the matter is they were all
25:49 blind, you see the truth of the matter is
25:54 theology was not the issue, nobody praised God.
25:59 You see the truth of the matter legality was not
26:02 the issue, nobody praised God, personal
26:07 matters were not the issue.
26:10 Even his parents did not praise God that their
26:14 son that had been blind all through his life
26:17 could now see. There was a women
26:21 name Rose Crawford had been blind for 50
26:23 years, I just can't believe it, she gasped
26:25 as the doctor lifted the bandages from her eyes
26:27 after her recovery from the delicate surgery.
26:30 In an Ontario hospital. She wept for joy when
26:33 for the first time in her life, a dazzling and
26:36 beautiful world of form and color greeted her
26:38 eyes and she was now able to see.
26:41 The amazing thing about her story,
26:42 however, that is at 20 years of her blindness
26:45 had been unnecessary. She didn't know that
26:47 surgical techniques had been developed,
26:49 and that an operation could have restored
26:53 her vision at the age of 30.
26:56 The Dr. said, "She just figured there was
26:58 nothing that could be done about her condition.
27:00 Much of her life could have been different.
27:03 As I read the news of this account, of her
27:05 case, some questions came to mind.
27:07 Why did she continue to assume that her
27:09 situation was hopeless? Had no one told her
27:11 about the wonderful advances in eye surgery?
27:13 Then I thought of the plight of those
27:14 unreached by light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
27:18 How many will go on living in moral
27:20 blindness, unless we bring them to the
27:21 Savior's truth? Millions will never
27:23 know anything but spiritual darkness
27:25 because no one has shared with them
27:27 the Truth; the Light has come into the world
27:30 and allowed them the opportunity to praise God.
27:33 If we do not see by the Holy Spirit then it's too
27:36 easy to blinded by the thoughts of man.
27:40 Do you wanna know what the issue was,
27:42 do you wanna know what this story is all about.
27:45 This story is all about someone being healed
27:48 and nobody there except that man, praise
27:51 to God for it. I hope to God, He can change us.


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