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00:31 Hello and I am Hal Steenson and I invite
00:33 you to join us today on Faith Chapel as we
00:36 study God's word together.
00:39 I encourage you to get your Bibles and join us
00:41 as we look at the word of God and try to
00:44 understand from God's heart and God's point
00:46 of view what he's speaking to our hearts
00:48 here today. But before we do that let's pray.
00:50 Okay. Father, we thank you for the opportunity
00:53 today to share your word. Lord,
00:56 we thank you for the opportunity to share
00:58 Jesus because when we share your word,
01:00 it is sharing Jesus. And Father, we ask
01:02 today that we just be Lord able to communicate
01:05 and minister not only to Your heart which is
01:08 first and foremost. But by touching Your people
01:11 we'll also know that we are touching You. And we
01:14 give You praise for it in Jesus name. Amen.
01:19 You know I like to set goals in my life.
01:22 I set short term goals, I set long term goals.
01:24 And I have kind of a melancholic personality
01:27 to where I make a list of things do through
01:29 the day. And if I don't make and I start over
01:30 my list tomorrow and everything,
01:31 but there is one thing that I know I don't
01:33 have to make a list for and that's heading
01:37 toward home. I believe that heaven was not
01:40 only or is not only my destination but it was
01:43 my origin from the heart of God that I would
01:45 be with the Lord some day. And that as I
01:48 continue to do God's word and do God's will
01:51 then I am accomplishing the title of this message
01:54 today which is Pressing Toward The Mark.
01:57 I want you to get your Bible if you will turn
01:59 with me in Philippians the third chapter we're
02:00 gonna look at the 13th through the 15th verse
02:03 as our foundation of scriptures,
02:05 set up their foundation and we'll build on it is
02:08 God so desires, okay. Philippians 3:13,
02:11 says, "Brethren, I count not myself to have
02:14 apprehended: but this one thing I do,
02:16 forgetting those things which are behind,
02:18 and reaching forth unto those things which are
02:20 before, I press toward the mark for the prize
02:23 of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.
02:25 Let us therefore, as many as be perfect,
02:27 be thus minded: and if any thing ye be otherwise
02:32 minded, God shall reveal even this unto you.
02:37 Now, it is amazing that so many of us think
02:39 what Paul is saying, oh forget all those bad
02:42 things that happened to you and get your
02:44 new vision, new sight. This is not exactly
02:46 what he is saying, Paul wrote most of the
02:50 New Testimony. Also man of God,
02:52 we know Paul got in a lot of realizing,
02:54 he's the only one didn't have any rocks,
02:55 he lived through it, he got through it,
02:57 awesome man of God. Paul accomplished so much
02:59 and did so many things what he is saying here
03:02 don't just forget the things that were bad in
03:04 your past. But don't look back to the things
03:07 that were good and hang all your hopes on the
03:09 things of the past. When I first got born
03:12 again I went to a little prayer meeting,
03:13 I'll never forget it, awesome, awesome
03:15 conversion when I first came into the kingdom
03:17 of God. Molly tells people I came in on the high
03:19 side of Christianity. I came into as, at a prayer
03:23 meeting and people were there when we were
03:25 praying and then the God that was in charge
03:27 of it said okay we gonna have a time of sharing.
03:29 And we're gonna share a Testimony,
03:31 anybody got a Testimony and thought oh I am
03:32 ready for this, yes, yes, yes. And He said;
03:34 now if your Testimony is over a week old you
03:36 can't share it. And God did a pre training on
03:40 me, He did a little pruning on me.
03:42 We should have a new testimony every day not
03:44 about the good things that happened nor the
03:46 bad things that happened but this is the
03:48 day that the Lord has made and I'll rejoice and
03:50 be glad in it. Now if we gonna Press Toward
03:52 The Mark of the prize of high calling Christ Jesus,
03:55 then let's look at some principles which would
03:57 help us get over the past live for today with
04:00 hope for the future. First, number 1,
04:04 live for the future realizing God has the
04:06 power to change it alone. Be futuristic,
04:11 remember Christians are eternal beings.
04:15 I'd like to amplify this, John 16:13,
04:18 it says, "But when He, the Spirit of truth,
04:21 the truth giving spirit comes,
04:24 He will guide you into all truth, the whole truth,
04:26 full truths for He will not speak his own message;
04:30 on His authority. But He will tell whatever He
04:33 hears from the Father, He will give the message
04:35 that has been given to Him. And He will announce
04:37 and declare to you the things that are to come
04:42 that will happen in the future. Now I'd like to
04:44 amplified Bible, some people don't realize it
04:46 but the amplified is a literal translation of the
04:49 word of God with amplification is a little
04:52 wordy sometimes it but I like it because it helps
04:54 me understand a lot of what's being said.
04:57 We got to live our lives totally and completely
05:01 without thought for ourselves in the sense,
05:03 of this what, give me that and give me this
05:05 on my never ending shopping list,
05:06 that's not the way it works with God.
05:08 And here's a beautiful illustration of this.
05:12 In 1904, William Borden heir to the Borden
05:14 Dairy estate, wealthy estate.
05:17 Graduated from the Chicago high school a
05:19 millionaire when he graduated.
05:21 His parents gave him a trip around the world
05:24 traveling through Asia, and through the Middle
05:27 East and Europe. And gave Borden a burden,
05:30 how like that gave Borden a burden for the world's
05:33 hurting people, riding home he said,
05:35 I am going to give my life to prepare for the
05:37 mission field. When he made this decision,
05:40 he wrote in the back of his Bible two words,
05:44 no reserves. Turning down the high paying
05:47 job offers after graduating from Yale
05:49 University, he entered two more words in his
05:51 Bible, no retreats. Completing studies at
05:57 Princeton Seminary. Borden sailed for China
06:00 to work with the Muslim stopping first at Egypt
06:03 for some preparations, while there he was
06:08 stricken with cerebral meningitis and died
06:10 within a month, a waste you say,
06:13 not in God's plan. In his Bible underneath the
06:16 words no reserves and no retreats,
06:20 Borden had written the words, no regrets.
06:25 What we have to do is burn all of our plows,
06:28 I call it the Elisha principle, when Elijah
06:30 called Elisha he said wait, I'll go burn my
06:32 plows and follow you. He got rid of his past,
06:35 there was no going back, there was no retreat,
06:38 he wasn't gonna be able to do anything
06:40 that he did before; this is burning your plows
06:42 for Jesus. Listen to this scripture,
06:45 read it with me. Luke 9:62, it says,
06:49 "And Jesus said unto him, No man,
06:51 having put his hand to the plow and looking
06:54 back is fit for the kingdom of God."
06:58 Now once again let me reiterate that,
07:00 that doesn't mean just for the things that
07:02 you have done wrong or the failures but you
07:05 can't build the rest of your life on the things
07:07 that you did that were tremendous in the
07:09 kingdom of God if they really and truly belonged
07:12 to God. And if you given God the praise for Him.
07:15 Let me share this statement with you.
07:18 Living for the future involves spiritual vision
07:20 and wisdom that causes us not to dwell in
07:24 the now circumstances if they are not joyous.
07:29 Future vision means that men,
07:31 I am looking out here because I know the
07:33 right now that my life is a vapor but I know
07:36 that heaven is my home. And that I will be
07:39 with Him eternally. Future vision will also
07:44 allow us overcome what I referred to as the
07:47 death of the vision. Now this is important
07:49 because I am, I believe that I am speaking
07:50 to lot of hearts right here, right here today,
07:53 that there are so many of you right here
07:54 that really truly God has given you a
07:57 futuristic vision. MGM studio,
07:59 Paramount Pictures, they did not produce
08:01 this for you, God gave this to you.
08:04 And yet it has not taken place yet.
08:07 And it's not come to full fruition and as matter
08:09 of fact it looks as if that vision is dead.
08:13 Stop and think about this for a minute,
08:15 your vision, your personal life,
08:17 your personal vow. Right now you maybe in
08:20 the death of a vision but I am telling you,
08:22 you are right where every saint of God that
08:25 has ever done great things for God has been.
08:29 Abraham when he put Isaac on the altar.
08:34 God said Abraham; your seed is going to be as
08:36 the sands of the sea and the stars of the sky.
08:39 And he was about to put a dagger through
08:41 Isaac's heart. That's the death of the vision
08:44 until the God provided the ram in the bush.
08:46 Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego in the fiery
08:50 furnace, that was the death of the vision until
08:52 the fourth man came into the fire,
08:55 Joseph who was thrown in the pit.
08:57 And then he went to Potiphar's house,
09:00 went to prison and he went to the palace.
09:03 When he had a promise that his brothers
09:05 and sisters in palace gonna bow down to him.
09:09 And twenty two years later that promise was
09:12 fulfilled. And what I am telling you if you don't
09:15 really think, else here's I say hear it today.
09:17 You might be sitting down on your couch,
09:18 you might be leaning back in it a little easy
09:20 chair. And you feel like now it's all washed up,
09:23 it's all gone, our vision is dead, and dried up.
09:26 I am telling you before a vision can come to pass.
09:30 Paul and Silas has to be in jail with no hope of
09:33 escape, when the earthquake comes.
09:35 When the earthquake comes and sets them
09:37 free Jesus on the cross.
09:39 When God resurrects Him from the dead,
09:42 what appears to be the death of the vision is
09:45 actually God allowing you to see, hey son,
09:49 hey daughter, I just want you to know this
09:52 is my vision and without me you can't do it
09:55 and you've been trying to do it on your own.
09:57 Now allow me to do it through you,
09:59 do you hear what I said, do you hear what?
10:00 I feel that the spirit of the God just spoke
10:01 to you there. In the movie The Lion King,
10:07 is a greatest example of getting over our past
10:09 that I have ever really seen in something that
10:12 would be, I guess called a movie a Disney Movie.
10:16 But The Lion King felt like he was instrumental
10:18 in his father, the King of the beast being killed.
10:21 And he was telling the monkey, he said,
10:23 I just can't do it, I can't get over my past.
10:26 It's like everything just weighs over me in
10:28 the past. And the monkey said,
10:30 oh you can't go over your past hey.
10:31 And then he took his stick and he swung at
10:33 him and he hit him in the head,
10:35 he almost knocked him off his feet.
10:37 And the young lion cub said,
10:38 hey what did you do to that?
10:41 And the monkey said, what difference does
10:43 it make, it's in the past. You can't do
10:46 anything about it. And then the monkey took
10:49 the stick and swung it at again and this time
10:52 the young lion cub ducked down.
10:54 And the monkey said see,
10:57 you might not be able to change the past but
11:00 you can learn from it. How was a Disney
11:04 cartoon could be? Remember, live for the
11:06 future and learn from the past.
11:09 The second step toward the high calling is never
11:14 mark anything rush in pursuit of God.
11:16 Always listen before you leave,
11:19 now who are we gonna listen to?
11:20 Well we need to get some wise counsel on this;
11:22 we need to get people who has done this.
11:23 No, first thing you do as you listen to God.
11:26 According to the word of God,
11:27 in Matthew 15 verse 22 and 23,
11:31 read this with me as I share it with you okay.
11:33 "And, behold, a woman of Canaan came out
11:36 of the same coast, and cried unto him saying,
11:38 Have mercy on me, O Lord, thou son of David;
11:41 my daughter is grievously vexed with a devil.
11:44 But he answered her, what? He answered her,
11:47 not a word. And his disciples came and
11:51 besought him, saying, Send her away;
11:52 for she crieth after us." You know what the
11:56 beautiful part of this is? He didn't answered
11:58 her, He was ignoring her. Some people come
12:01 to us and bow we got this ready answer,
12:04 we got this, I mean this little cookie cutter
12:07 answer that we use for every little question
12:09 that comes instead of realizing that every
12:11 person that comes to us might ask us the
12:13 same question we need to answer in a different
12:15 way, the different attitude and a different
12:17 heart. You know what he was doing?
12:19 He was waiting on an in, what I would call the
12:23 silence of love, God. Can you imagine the Son
12:27 of God? God what do I say to her,
12:30 Lord give me wisdom in what to say?
12:32 You know the word of God says Jesus grew
12:34 and waxed in wisdom, he was a man just like
12:36 us, and what he did was he waited on the
12:41 mountain of God. And what we are to do,
12:42 is we to have the mount of Christ and the word
12:45 of God says that we have the mind of Christ.
12:48 Well, if we have the mind of Christ,
12:50 I would challenge you, why don't we use it
12:52 according to John 8 chapter and the 4th, 5th,
12:55 and 6th verses it says, they say unto him,
12:57 master, this woman was taken in adultery in
12:59 the very act, it wasn't heresay.
13:02 And now Moses now in the law command said
13:04 that she should be stoned but what's sayest
13:06 thou? This they said unto him,
13:08 tempting him that they might have to accuse him.
13:13 But Jesus stooped down, and with his finger
13:16 wrote on the ground, as though he heard
13:18 them not. I have heard a lot of sermons as well
13:21 where Jesus probably wrote their sins in the
13:23 ground. And Jesus all the stuff that he wrote.
13:27 I don't know what he wrote but I know this
13:32 He was sitting there getting the mind of God.
13:36 And then He looked up and he said woman
13:39 where are your accusers? And He let her go.
13:45 And I believe that we as Christians men and
13:48 women of God, leaders and layette that if we
13:50 would get the mind of Christ.
13:52 And I am not talking about the brains,
13:54 now the brains. And sometimes we fail to
13:57 understand it and if I say it, it might offend
13:59 somebody but the brains of Jesus and the
14:01 mind of Christ were two different things.
14:06 What we need to do is get out of our brains
14:08 and get into our heart and get into our mind
14:10 of Christ, is where it is, we renew our mind
14:12 according to the word of God.
14:13 And get the heart of God on the matter and
14:15 then only and only then will things happen and
14:17 we'll be able to get over the past by hearing
14:19 from God about what to do concerning the
14:22 future. Let the Holy Spirit be your guide
14:26 and allow Him to prompt you in whatever
14:28 manner He so desires. A powerful scripture
14:31 here, powerful scripture, listen to this, okay,
14:34 now our statements that I've got here not
14:36 for scripture. I have got four statements here
14:38 that I want to share with you and want them
14:39 on the screen and where you can see them.
14:41 Here's how we get the mount of Christ,
14:43 here how we get the word of God,
14:45 here's how we hear the word of God.
14:46 Number one, God speaks through his word,
14:51 creating an inward witness.
14:53 In other words it seems good to you through
14:56 the word of God. Now number one through the
14:57 word of God. He's not going to ride on the
15:00 heaven on a white horse non roll a scroll,
15:01 number one. Number two, God speaks to the
15:04 voice of your spirit, two then agree as touching
15:08 anything on earth. He speaks to your inward man,
15:11 the hidden man of the heart.
15:13 Number three, By supernatural,
15:16 signs wonders, appearances- prophesy,
15:18 word of knowledge and gifts of the Holy Spirit.
15:20 These do not happen as frequently as number
15:23 one. And number four, the last thing is the
15:26 audible voice of God. I would not doubt saints
15:30 of God, those of you that are watching,
15:32 I would not doubt for one movement that there
15:34 are not some of you out there or possibly many
15:36 of you out there that have heard the audible
15:40 voice of God. But the vast majority of us on
15:44 hearing the voice of God and getting the mind
15:46 to Christ comes through studying His word.
15:50 Something that might not been a great deal to
15:52 you before all of a sudden when you get the
15:54 mind of Christ. You get into His word a scripture
15:56 that might not mean anything before you read
15:58 this all of a sudden it comes alive,
16:00 it jumps of the page, it grabs your heart.
16:05 And you hold on to that word.
16:07 Thank God for signs and wonders.
16:09 Thank God for the voice speaking through our
16:11 spirit, we don't just need the mighty wind of the
16:13 Holy Spirit. Sometimes we need the general
16:15 bread and cheeses, thank God for all that we
16:17 bore for God. But that's not the majority of the
16:20 way it happens. And see when I say and others
16:23 say, and some people have a tough time
16:24 understanding it, is when I say that God speaks
16:26 to me. I am not saying God spoke to me audibly,
16:29 God didn't appear to me but God words speaks.
16:34 God word, you know the blood of evil cries out
16:37 for vengeance but the blood of Jesus cries out
16:39 it speaks. It cries out for mercy, so when
16:42 I say that God to spoke to me or the word
16:45 spoke to me. It means that it spoke to my
16:47 inward witness I just knew that I knew.
16:51 Remember this, common old saying,
16:55 Fools rush in where a wise man fear to tread.
17:01 The third thing is to recognize your mistakes
17:04 and rise above them. Recognize your mistakes
17:08 and rise above them. Peter missed it as is big
17:11 as Texas but he got over it. In Mark 14:72,
17:15 he says, "And the second time the cock crew.
17:17 And Peter called to mind the word that Jesus
17:19 said unto him, Before the cock crowed thrice,
17:22 thou shalt deny me twice, thou shalt deny me
17:26 thrice. I always get them mixed up,
17:27 four goes two times, you gonna drive me three
17:29 time. And when he thought thereon,
17:31 he wept. Most of our mistakes are made
17:35 when we give our priorities out of order.
17:38 Word of God tells us and you know in
17:40 Matthew 6:33 says, seek first the kingdom of
17:42 God and that all these things would be added
17:45 unto you. Okay so you have made a mistake.
17:48 God's not gonna crash you.
17:50 God is not gonna kick you out of the family
17:53 because you made so mistake.
17:54 What you need to do, is you need to repent,
17:57 not just ask for forgiveness and forgiveness
17:58 and repentance is just different things.
18:00 When you ask forgiveness, God forgives
18:02 you and cleanse you from all unrighteousness.
18:04 And then when you repent, you turn around
18:06 and do it anymore. And there's a key to it,
18:10 sometimes we make mistakes,
18:12 oh we think we made a mistake we have
18:13 actually done the right thing. If we hear the
18:16 man to God on it, let's listen to this.
18:19 There is well know brand of soap,
18:20 I won't call its name but you gonna know who
18:22 it is? That has two uncommon qualities,
18:25 it's known as the soap that floats.
18:28 And it's the oldest of the best sellers but it
18:31 wasn't always that way. Years ago this soap
18:35 was just another brand among many.
18:37 Then a factory foreman blunder by leaving a
18:39 batch of new soaped unwatched in a cooking
18:42 vat during the lunch hour. His lunch was
18:45 delayed and the soap overcooked,
18:47 rather than report the mistake and run the risk
18:50 of dismissal, the foreman decided to make the
18:52 best of it. He shifted out this new batch anyway,
18:55 it seems to clean just as well although it was
18:59 now much lighter. The result surprised every one,
19:03 rather than complaints the company was deluged
19:06 with orders for this floating soap.
19:09 The foremen was not fired but was promoted
19:12 when he cooperated with the company chemists
19:14 to revise and modify the old formula for the soap
19:18 that floats. Blessing sometimes come from
19:21 blunders, it's often possible to make something
19:24 better out of something bad, that's the way God
19:26 works with us. We don't often do right the first
19:29 time but He is always ready to salvage the
19:32 situation no matter how bad we make it.
19:37 we just say hey God, I messed up and He'll say
19:41 come on, come here, let me put my arms around
19:43 you, let me love on you, let me let you know that
19:47 according to my word, all things work together
19:50 for the good of those that love God to them
19:52 that are called according to His purpose.
19:56 Remember, if you're gonna fail, fail forward.
20:00 If the enemy throws you lemons make lemonade.
20:04 If he throws you a monkey wrench use it to
20:06 tighten some loose nuts and bolts in your life.
20:09 The thing next, fourth thing is realize God has
20:11 already forgiven you through the Cross and
20:14 should you sin, you ask Him and He'll forgive and
20:17 cleanse you from all of your unrighteousness
20:20 not just some of your unrighteousness.
20:24 Now I hear and see it quite often and through
20:27 the years, well I am just a sinner saved by grace.
20:29 I don't want to offend anyone but I was a sinner
20:34 and then I was saved by grace through faith.
20:38 And now I am the unrighteousness of God in
20:39 Christ Jesus, you think you're holy,
20:43 that's not what I am saying, righteousness
20:45 simply means to be in right standing with God.
20:51 And if we confess our sins His faith and just to
20:53 forgive our sins and cleanse us from all
20:55 unrighteousness. So if we are forgiven of all
20:57 unrighteousness that means we are righteous
20:59 and that simply means in right standing with God.
21:03 If our sin I don't need a new savior,
21:06 already have one that He shed His blood for me.
21:08 I just need to recognize that, that blood will
21:11 continue to cleanse me. When we consider
21:14 the fact that Jesus not only died for the sins
21:16 of those before He went to the Cross the sins
21:19 of those. When he went to the Cross,
21:22 not only just for the sins before when we were
21:24 born again but every sin that you or I will ever
21:30 commit it. Then we are getting to the magnitude
21:33 of it. He who no knew sin became sin,
21:38 He became sin, he didn't even take it on,
21:40 He became sin that we might be made the
21:42 righteousness of God. Mark the 16th chapter
21:45 starting with the first verse, this section of
21:48 scripture is a very powerful scripture that
21:50 changed this old country boy's life.
21:53 And first verse says when the Sabbath was
21:55 passed, Mary Magdalene and Mary the mother
21:57 of James in Salome had brought sweet spices
22:00 that they might come and anoint Him,
22:02 the body of Jesus. And very early in the
22:04 morning the first day of the week,
22:05 they came unto the sepulcher at the rising
22:06 of the sun and they said among themselves,
22:08 who shall roll away the stones from the door
22:10 of the sepulcher. And when they looked they
22:14 saw that the stone was rolled away for it was
22:17 very great. And entering into the sepulcher they
22:21 saw a young man sitting on the right side
22:24 clothed in a long white garments and they were
22:26 afraid. You know, I love the people when
22:28 they tell me, oh, pastor Hal I see angels,
22:30 I say, were you scared? Well no.
22:33 On every occasion, every angel that appeared
22:35 to somebody said be not afraid.
22:38 If I saw an angel I would have probably on my
22:39 knees and probably be knocking.
22:41 And he said under them be not afraid it you seek
22:43 Jesus of Nazareth which was crucified,
22:47 He is risen, He's not here, behold the place
22:50 where they have laid them.
22:51 Now I want you to read this scripture right here
22:53 with me because this is the power of this verse
22:56 in the love and the mercy of Christ to get us
22:59 over the things that we have done wrong and
23:01 the mistakes we have made.
23:02 Mark 16:7, read it with me here.
23:05 "But go your way, tell his disciples,
23:08 if you are in the Bible underline this, and Peter,
23:12 and Peter, and Peter, go your way and tell
23:15 your disciples and Peter that he goeth before
23:17 you into Galilee and there shall ye see him,
23:21 as he said unto you." How do you picture
23:25 that, oh, I was thinking if I am not,
23:29 If I am not wrong then wasn't Peter one of
23:31 His disciples? So why would Jesus tell,
23:35 these ladies go tell these disciples and Peter.
23:39 Because Peter had stood in the crowd where
23:41 others had fled when he was being flogged
23:43 when he was being beaten, the strip flesh
23:46 from his bone, Peter had stood there and
23:48 denied him and denied him, and then he cursed
23:52 and denied Him. And Peter was feeling like
23:55 punch come, how could, how could this happen?
23:58 How could I have done this? And the love of
24:01 Jesus says hey, sure, he or she's made a mistake
24:08 but you go tell John, you go tell Susanne,
24:14 you go tell Bill, you go tell Deedee,
24:17 whoever it is, okay, you missed it, yes,
24:20 come on, tell them all but sure, make sure
24:24 you tell Peter. And that's what God is saying
24:27 to you today, hey you might have missed it,
24:29 as big as Texas like Peter did, but God is
24:32 waiting there to pour in His love and to pour
24:34 in His spirit into your life. Remember, God
24:39 has forgiven you, maybe all you need to do
24:44 is just forgive yourself. Be proud of your heritage.
24:52 My daddy always told me mom, this mom and
24:54 dad always told her the only thing that you have
24:56 got son, the only thing that you really have
24:58 in this life outside of Jesus Christ is a good
25:00 name. Well, our name in the Lord is a powerful
25:06 heritage too. I had a lot of trouble when I
25:10 first started reading the New Testament because
25:12 they told me to start out with Matthew.
25:14 And I started out with Matthew and I got into
25:16 the he begot, he begot this and begot that and
25:19 everything that I forgot what he begot and
25:21 I forgot what she begot and they begot.
25:23 And it really got confusing to me until something
25:26 happened, something dropped down into my
25:29 heart and said, you know it's not so much
25:32 that if you pronounce these things with the
25:35 right enunciation, pronunciation,
25:38 the right manner or whatever it is.
25:40 As much as it is that you realize that this is
25:44 your lineage, this is your heritage,
25:47 Hal, this is where you came from.
25:51 That you are out of the loins of the men and
25:53 the women in the heritage of God almighty
25:55 in Jesus Christ. And then I found 2
26:00 Corinthians 5:17 says therefore if any man be
26:04 in Christ he's a new creature old things are
26:05 passed away and behold all things have become
26:07 new. Now, this might shock some of you but
26:13 for those of you that didn't know it before I
26:15 got born again, before I made Jesus Christ Lord
26:16 of my life, I was 6 foot 6, blond headed and
26:18 blue eye, that's absurd isn't it?
26:23 See it wasn't my body that became a new
26:24 creature before I got born again I had the
26:28 IQ of Albert Einstein when we all know that's
26:33 not so, and the reason why because it
26:36 wasn't my man that got born again.
26:40 The Paul said the I pray that you be
26:42 preserve blameless body, soul and spirit.
26:43 This is according to the seventh fundamental
26:47 of our denomination about mind, body and
26:49 spirit, that God comes in and joins Himself
26:53 according to the First Corinthians 6:17,
26:55 He that is joined to the Lord is one spirit, one
26:58 spirit with God is what one literal translation
27:01 says, I joined myself to the Lord,
27:05 I am not somebody because of what I am,
27:08 I am somebody because of whose I am.
27:11 The last thing is there that nothing that can
27:13 happen in the future that love will not be able
27:16 to cover, or be able to conquer,
27:18 we know that we passed from death to life
27:22 because we love the brethren.
27:25 Do you love the brethren?
27:27 Are you living in the past?
27:28 Trust God in this upcoming near,
27:30 stop living in the past, don't die on the
27:32 operating table, understand that God loves
27:34 you. And He will get you through this year.
27:36 He's waiting there at home and you might be
27:38 around at second base or the third base but
27:40 He is saying come on son, come on daughter,
27:42 you can make it, run, I'll be there with you,
27:45 I am waiting with arms wide open.
27:47 Don't be discouraged, don't down that operating
27:50 table. Forget the past, live for the future and
27:53 live it for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


Revised 2014-12-17