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00:31 Hello friends, my name is Wes McDonald
00:33 and I wanna welcome you to Faith Chapel.
00:35 We're delighted that we can be with you today
00:37 and it's our privilege to be able to come into
00:40 your living room and share God's word.
00:43 Before we begin I'd like to ask you to bow your
00:46 heads with me as we pray. Father in heaven,
00:49 I wanna thank you for every person who is
00:52 watching and listening today.
00:54 I pray that your spirit will touch their hearts
00:57 with truth from your word, I pray that you'll
01:00 anoint my lips with your spirits,
01:02 so that the words that I speak that they would be
01:03 your words from your holy word.
01:07 And these things I praise you and thank
01:08 you for in Jesus name, amen.
01:15 The title of our message today is don't stop to
01:18 say hello, sounds a little strange, doesn't it?
01:22 I want to carry you with me for a moment into
01:24 Luke the 10th chapter. Jesus is giving his
01:28 disciples special instructions on
01:31 how they are to witness for Him.
01:34 In the Bible we have truths that we need to
01:36 share with people. But Jesus not only gave
01:40 us truth to share, He gave us methods for
01:44 how to share it and we're going to look at
01:46 that today for a little bit.
01:48 I'm going to be reading and you can just listen
01:50 along with me. From Luke the 10th chapter and
01:53 beginning with verse 1 and on through verse 12.
01:57 After these things the Lord appointed other
02:00 seventy also and sent them two and two before
02:04 his face into every city and place,
02:07 whether he himself would come.
02:10 Therefore said he unto them,
02:12 the harvest truly is great,
02:15 but the laborers are few: pray ye therefore the
02:21 Lord of the harvest, that he would send forth
02:24 laborers into his harvest. Notice He didn't say
02:30 to retain them for ourselves but to
02:32 send them into the harvest.
02:34 And he says, go your ways: behold,
02:36 I send you forth as laborers among the wolves.
02:42 Carry neither purse, nor script, nor shoes:
02:44 and salute no man by the way.
02:48 And then whatsoever house ye enter, first say,
02:51 Peace be to this house. And if the son of peace
02:55 be there, your peace shall rest upon it: if not,
03:00 it shall turn to you again.
03:04 And in the same house remain eating and drinking
03:07 such things as they give: for the laborer is
03:11 worthy of hire. Go not from house to house.
03:14 And into whatsoever city ye enter,
03:17 and they receive you, eat such things as are set
03:20 before you: And heal the sick that are therein,
03:25 and say unto them, The Kingdom of God is come
03:27 nigh unto you. But into whatsoever city ye enter,
03:32 and they receive you not, go you ways out into
03:36 the streets of the same, and say,
03:38 Even the very dust of your city,
03:41 which cleaveth on us, we do wipe off against you:
03:45 notwithstanding be ye sure of this,
03:47 that the Kingdom of God is come nigh unto you.
03:51 But I say unto you, that it shall be more
03:53 tolerable in that day for Sodom,
03:56 then for that city.
03:58 Jesus had already sent out the Twelve and they
04:01 had returned. Now he was going to send out
04:03 a larger group and he wanted to prepare the way
04:06 for when he came. So that when he arrived
04:09 in these cities, the maximum impact for
04:13 the cause of Christ and the maximum number
04:15 of souls could be saved, so he gave them very,
04:17 very specific instructions. And now I
04:20 wanna focus in especially on verse 4.
04:23 This is Luke 10:4 and you can follow along with
04:26 me and we'll read it together because we
04:28 wanna especially focus on this verse.
04:31 Luke 10 and verse 4, Carry neither purse,
04:36 nor script, nor shoes: and salute no man
04:42 by the way. What on earth does he mean by salute
04:48 no man by the way, I can understand what is
04:51 meant by carry neither purse nor script
04:53 nor shoes. He doesn't want us to carry the
04:55 U-Haul truck every time we go to witness,
04:58 but to salute no man along the way.
05:02 In one of the translations,
05:03 in the modern language translations in Romania.
05:06 It says don't ask someone about their health.
05:10 In English we would say, don't stop and
05:12 say hello, don't ask how someone is doing like,
05:16 how are you doing? Does this seem strange
05:19 to you that the Savior would instruct his
05:23 disciples not to say hi to people.
05:26 Does that not seem strange to you that he
05:28 would say, don't stop and say hello,
05:29 don't ask anyone how they're doing.
05:31 Just go and if they say something to you to
05:34 ignore them, well that's the normal,
05:36 social way of interacting that we do as people.
05:41 It would almost seem rude for us to not say hi
05:45 to anyone that we knew along the way.
05:48 Why is it that Jesus was so concerned about that,
05:52 that you had to send them out without even
05:53 saying hello? In order to explain
05:56 that I need to tell you what it meant to say hi
05:59 to someone. Now I know some of you,
06:03 when you go into a crowd of people and there's
06:05 someone that you want to avoid.
06:07 You avoid saying hello because you know that
06:09 they're going to take all your time.
06:11 Have you ever run into that? If you say hi,
06:14 they're going to detain you and they're going
06:15 to you don't have 5 minutes and they want an
06:17 hour of your time. In Jesus time,
06:20 in that culture, to say hello meant you
06:24 had to ask about their children,
06:26 their grand children, their grand mother,
06:29 their parents. It was catching up time;
06:31 it might be something like this.
06:33 Oh hi John, how are you doing?
06:36 Oh it's been so long since I've seen you.
06:39 Oh and you've had four children and they're
06:42 how old now? One is 16?
06:43 Yeah, okay yeah and so forth and so on.
06:46 To say hello in Jesus time might actually take
06:50 may be an hour, could take half the day.
06:55 You might have to stop and visit.
06:56 You might have to stop and have lunch.
06:59 It could take a long time. Now we know that
07:03 Jesus said no man, knows the day nor hour
07:08 that he was going to return.
07:11 But we can safely assume that Jesus would have
07:13 known that it would have been a long,
07:15 long time before He was gonna return because
07:18 he gave all these prophecies of
07:20 everything that was gonna have to take place
07:22 before he came back. That stuff couldn't happen
07:24 instantly. Looking down through the span of
07:27 time and with Jesus knowledge of the Bible
07:29 prophecies why I believe that he would have
07:32 known that it would not have come,
07:33 His coming would not have come until at least
07:35 after the mid eighteen hundreds based upon Bible
07:38 prophecy. And so Jesus with almost 2000 years,
07:44 looking into the future. He tells His disciples
07:47 don't waste a single minute.
07:50 When I send you out on a mission,
07:52 don't even stop to say hello.
07:55 Why was Jesus so concerned with time with almost
08:03 two millenia to spare? Well the Bible tells us in
08:07 Isaiah 28:10, it says for precept must be
08:11 upon precept. Precept upon precept,
08:15 line upon line, line up line,
08:18 here a little and there a little.
08:22 The Bible tells us that in order to find our
08:25 answers in the Bible we have to go to the Bible.
08:29 If we have a question about the Bible,
08:31 what it means? We can find the answer
08:32 somewhere else in the Bible because the Bible
08:35 explains itself. We don't have to
08:38 go to human opinion; we don't have to explore
08:41 all these avenues because the Bible will explain
08:44 itself. So what does the Bible mean?
08:45 By don't salute any man along the way,
08:48 what does it mean by that?
08:50 Praise the Lord that God has answers else where
08:52 in the Bible to find the answers to all of our
08:56 questions. In 2nd Kings we find
08:59 that the prophet Elijah and his servant Gehazi.
09:03 Elijah used to go from place to place and his
09:05 work as a prophet and he would stay in different
09:08 places in this city and different places in this
09:10 city and his round as a prophet and there was
09:13 a rich lady who noticed that he came by her
09:16 town all the time and she talked to her husband.
09:19 She says, you know the prophet Elijah.
09:21 He comes by here, why don't we make him
09:23 a special room where he can stay when he comes
09:26 so that we can entertain God's prophet and we'll
09:29 have a little bed for him there,
09:31 we'll have a lamp stand, we'll have a chair.
09:33 So that when he comes, he can have a place
09:35 to stay, we can feed him.
09:36 And so they did that and Elijah was very thankful
09:40 for this. And so Elijah would stay there from
09:44 time to time and this lady had no children.
09:48 And so Elijah has realized and that she has taken
09:51 care him so well that he needs to express
09:55 himself in some way of thankfulness to her and
09:58 he's talking to his servant Gehazi.
10:00 He says, you know what is it that we can do for
10:03 this lady as she is so careful with us.
10:06 She takes care of us, she feeds us,
10:07 she provides a bed and Gehazi says,
10:10 well you know what? She doesn't has a child,
10:12 and so Elijah told the lady.
10:15 He says, you're gonna have a child at an
10:17 appointed time. She says don't lie to me,
10:21 she must have been up in years.
10:22 Don't lie to me I haven't asked for a child.
10:25 But Elijah says no you're gonna have a child
10:28 and sure enough at the appointed time a child was
10:34 born and it was a boy. And so she raised the
10:38 child and the little boy grew and grew.
10:40 And you know, lot's of times little boys
10:42 like to go to work with their daddy.
10:44 They like to come with daddy to work so daddy,
10:47 so the little boy went out with daddy to the
10:49 field one day and he was out there with the
10:52 workers and I don't know if the heat was too
10:54 much form or what but he developed this terrible
10:56 headache. And he's crying says,
10:59 daddy my head hurts, my head hurts and so
11:02 he says take this boy home to his momma.
11:05 So he went home to his momma,
11:06 sat on her lap until noon and then he died.
11:10 And the woman was distraught and she didn't
11:14 really say anything to anybody but she laid the
11:17 child on the prophet's bed and she told her
11:20 servants, saddle the ass and get ready for me
11:24 and go and you don't slow down unless I tell you.
11:28 And so they went to see the prophet and you know
11:31 the Bible never records that she told the prophet
11:34 that the boy died. But Elijah could tell from
11:38 the look on her face that something terrible
11:40 was wrong. She says, I told you not to lie to me.
11:43 I told you not to lie to me about a child and
11:45 he knew something was bad,
11:46 he at least knew that this child was in danger
11:49 and could die. I believe that he
11:51 did know that he had died but nonetheless moments
11:55 were important at this time.
11:58 So let's look at 2nd Kings 4 and verse 29 and
12:03 we can read this together and we're gonna see
12:05 exactly what Elijah told the prophet to say.
12:11 Second Kings 4 and verse 29.
12:13 Then he said to Gehazi, this was his servant.
12:17 Gird up thy loins, and take my staff in
12:21 thine hand, and go thy way: if thou meet any man,
12:25 salute him not; and if any salute thee,
12:30 answer him not again: and lay my staff
12:36 upon the face of the child.
12:39 Elijah was telling Gehazi, if you go and meet
12:43 anyone on the way and you happen to know him,
12:45 don't say hi. And if any man happens
12:50 to see you and they know you and they say hi,
12:54 don't take the time to say hi back.
12:57 Ignore them and get going because time is
13:00 important and you just get there and I don't want
13:02 you to waste any time. Why was Elijah so
13:09 concerned with time? I believe Elijah was
13:14 concerned with time because he knew what
13:16 every first responder, what every ambulance
13:19 person, what every fireman knows.
13:22 Minutes, seconds, fractions of seconds are
13:26 important in order to save a life.
13:30 Want to tell you a little story about,
13:33 a personal story of mine.
13:35 I didn't always make my living as a preacher,
13:38 at times I've made my living doing other things
13:40 as Paul in order to support myself to do
13:43 God's work. I am also a registered nurse and I
13:46 was working in a hospital as a supervisor and
13:48 there is a man that worked with us a
13:49 registered nurse. I am gonna just use his name,
13:52 I am gonna call him Jim.
13:53 I am not gonna give you his real name to
13:55 protect his anonymity, but Jim was a nurse that
13:58 everybody liked. He was competent;
14:01 he could do anything there was in the hospital.
14:04 There wasn't anything Jim couldn't do and we
14:06 loved Jim but one night at work Jim was a little
14:10 aggravated. And he was especially aggravated
14:15 that night, something, he was talking to a
14:16 group of people and he said God's name with a
14:21 curse attached, as you know what I'm
14:23 talking about. He took the Lord's name in vain
14:26 and Jim had been the son of a preacher.
14:29 And Jim knew better and Jim knew you didn't do
14:30 that stuff. And I clenched when I heard Jim say
14:34 that, oh I thought, oh Jim, don't do that and
14:37 I was going to say something to him about it.
14:39 I was going to say Jim, you know.
14:41 You need to ask God to forgive you for that,
14:43 you did some wrong but there were other people
14:46 standing there and I didn't want to have an
14:48 embarrassing issue at that moment.
14:50 So I put it off, I said I'm gonna talk to
14:52 Jim later when he's quiet and I can just talk to
14:55 him one on one personally.
14:58 Well, that time never came that night and so
15:01 I thought, well I'll talk to Jim when he comes to
15:03 work next time. But you know Jim never
15:06 returned to work, he went home and he
15:13 stumbled out of his car for whatever reason.
15:17 I don't know why stumbled but he stumbled and
15:19 he fell and his cheek hit a branch and it made
15:23 a little scratch on his cheek.
15:24 That's all it was a little scratch,
15:27 well between that and the next morning.
15:31 Jim developed what is called necrotizing
15:33 fasciitis, that's that flesh eating disease
15:36 you've heard so much about.
15:38 It literally eats the flesh away and his mouth
15:41 and his cheek and his eye lids were turning black
15:45 and the skin was getting dead.
15:47 And his face didn't look the same and he went
15:51 to the hospital, when they realized what
15:53 was going on they flew him by helicopter to
15:56 another large major medica center.
15:59 His head got huge and he was on life support and
16:04 this flesh eating disease they were concerned
16:06 that it might attack and invade his brain and his
16:09 internal organs. It was affecting his chest
16:11 and everything, they had him on life support,
16:13 he was sedated. He was out for the
16:15 count and they were expecting him to die.
16:18 When I went to visit Jim in the hospital,
16:20 there wasn't one thing that looked like Jim
16:24 except his hair color that was the only way,
16:27 even had any clue that it was Jim was
16:29 his hair color and I was I upset.
16:36 I did not want for Jim to die with unconfessed
16:40 sin. And so I pray earnestly for Jim,
16:45 I'd, I asked the Lord, give him a chance.
16:48 Give him one more chance, give me the opportunity
16:51 to work with him to save his soul but I prayed
16:54 for Jim not just for Jim's sake,
16:56 I prayed for Jim for my sake as well.
17:00 And you say Wes, why are you praying for Jim
17:03 for you, well when I, in the back of my mind I
17:09 remembered reading Ezekiel 3 verse 18 and 19
17:14 and let's look at it together,
17:15 let's read this together.
17:17 This is very important verse because it lays upon
17:20 us a specific responsibility that we
17:23 need to be aware of. When we are aware that
17:26 someone is headed for a death with unconfessed
17:30 sin and we do nothing about it.
17:31 Llet's read it together.
17:32 Ezekiel 3 verse 18 and 19.
17:36 When I say unto the wicked,
17:38 Thou shalt surely die; and thou givest him not
17:42 warning, nor speakest to warn the wicked from his
17:45 wicked way, to save his life;
17:48 the same wicked man shall die in his iniquity;
17:51 but his blood will I require at thine hand.
17:57 Yet if thou warned the wicked,
18:00 and he turn not from his wickedness,
18:01 nor from his wicked way,
18:03 he shall die in his iniquity;
18:05 but thou hast delivered thy soul.
18:11 So you see, I prayed for Jim
18:13 and I'm very pleased and I was very relieved that
18:16 Jim did live and some time later when he was
18:19 able to think and able to listen and his pitiful
18:25 state I was able to talk to him and let him know
18:28 that he needed to make this right with God.
18:31 And I was relieved for Jim's sake and I was
18:35 relived for my own sake as well because now I
18:38 realized when a situation like that presents
18:41 itself to you, time is important.
18:45 We must not waste time, someone can literally die
18:50 with unconfessed sin and be lost forever.
18:56 When we could have had something to do with
18:59 changing the situation. Why was Jesus so
19:04 concerned with time? Why was it Jesus was
19:09 concerned with time? He was sending his
19:11 disciples out to do a job and every second
19:14 counted even 2000 years ago,
19:17 every second counted because every moment,
19:19 every day, someone is dying with unconfessed
19:23 sin. They're being lost forever and people like
19:25 you and me can change that situation and we can
19:28 put people in heaven when Jesus comes and we can
19:31 change this and we don't have to sit there and
19:34 accept it. Amen, it is time for God's people
19:37 to change and act like we're serious about the
19:39 salvation of lost souls. Did you know that there
19:43 are more than 330 million people in the
19:47 United States and if we each live about 70 years,
19:51 that means that almost 5 million are dying
19:54 every year. This means that there
19:57 are almost 400 thousand that die every month;
20:02 it's about 90,000 a week and 13,000 every day.
20:08 That's 500, more than 500 per hour,
20:10 that's about 9 each minute and every 6.6 seconds
20:15 someone dies in North America only not to
20:18 mention the rest of the world.
20:20 During the time of our program today I cannot
20:23 even begin to tell you how many people have
20:24 died in my country alone and the majority of
20:27 those people, the majority are not living lives
20:34 in such a way where they're relying upon Jesus
20:37 and faith for the forgiveness of their sins.
20:41 The majority of those people are dying with
20:42 unconfessed sins, many of them are nominal
20:46 Christians but you only see them twice a year in
20:48 church. We know the time;
20:51 some of us maybe the type.
20:53 Why was Jesus so concerned about with time?
21:01 How is it with you today friends,
21:03 are you concerned with time?
21:06 Do you have that burden in your heart that
21:08 Jesus had, do you have the burden
21:11 that Elijah had? Do you care about souls
21:16 like Jesus cares about souls?
21:19 You know it's difficult to consider yourself a
21:21 converted Christian unless you're converted.
21:23 Converted means changed, changed means you even
21:26 begin to think like Jesus.
21:29 You begin to have a passion for lost souls,
21:31 if you have no passion for lost souls;
21:33 you really need to pray for yourself because
21:34 you're probably not converted. Amen.
21:39 Why was Jesus concerned about time?
21:42 Are you concerned about time?
21:45 Let's turn to Ephesians the 5th chapter and
21:50 verse 15 to 17. I praise the Lord
21:53 that God is a God of second chances.
21:58 You know, Jesus was loving enough
22:00 to Wes McDonald as well as to Jim,
22:04 in order to give Wes McDonald the second
22:06 chance to redeem myself to warn Jim so could have
22:10 the second chance as well. And I was so relieved
22:15 and I praise God everyday and I
22:18 pray that I will be more prompt in my response
22:21 and more faithful in my attentive to the lost
22:25 people of this earth. And Ephesians 4 and excuse
22:29 me Ephesians 5 and verse 15 to 17,
22:32 let's read together. Jesus gives us an
22:34 opportunity to redeem the time,
22:36 beginning with verse 15.
22:38 See then that ye walk circumspectly,
22:43 not as fools, but as wise, Redeeming the time,
22:48 because the days are evil. Wherefore be ye not
22:53 unwise, but understanding what the
22:56 will of the Lord is.
23:00 Friends, do you understand what God's will is for
23:02 you today. Do you have a husband or a daughter
23:09 or a wife or a son or a friend or someone that
23:12 you work for? And you know
23:14 their life is not right, could tonight be their
23:18 last night on earth, in earth, could it be.
23:22 Could that be their last time,
23:25 could it be your last time to warn them.
23:28 We each have a responsibility,
23:30 we must not be fools, we must walk circumspectly,
23:34 we must redeem the time God is giving you and
23:37 me an opportunity to do that.
23:40 Do you need courage to do what is right,
23:45 I know myself. I was a little embarrassed
23:48 to speak to Jim in front of others.
23:49 I hate to admit it, I've been a pastor,
23:51 I've been all these things and yet I was
23:53 embarrassed. And if I am embarrassed,
23:55 I know that many of you are embarrassed as well.
23:57 Isn't it a shame that we as Christians can be
24:00 embarrassed and yet Jesus still loves us.
24:04 Friends, Jesus loves you today;
24:07 He wants to give you courage,
24:09 courage to go forward for Him and boldness.
24:13 Friends, do you need boldness for Jesus
24:15 as well? I believe each of us needs boldness
24:19 to be strong soldiers for Christ and if we're
24:22 going to be soldiers for Christ,
24:24 we're going to get shot at from time to time
24:26 and we're going to be embarrassed and we're
24:28 going to have to take a stand and do things that
24:31 we're not comfortable with.
24:33 Have you ever been ashamed or embarrassed or
24:36 felt like staying in bed rather than going door
24:39 to door to seek lost souls for the savior.
24:43 I have, how's that, the preacher admits it.
24:47 But I have to reform my ways and I hope you will
24:49 yours too. So the Bible tells us,
24:53 it says see then that you walk circumspectly,
24:55 not as fools, but as wise.
24:58 I ask now that Jesus would give us wisdom,
25:02 I ask now that Jesus would help us to redeem
25:05 the time, the days of evil.
25:08 We're living in the last days of ours history.
25:11 Prophecy is being unfolded all around us;
25:14 it is being unfolded all around us.
25:17 Every day we see things happening,
25:19 we see major catastrophes, we see the Tsunamis,
25:23 we see the earthquakes, we see the fires,
25:25 we see the hurricanes where thousands
25:28 of people are wiped out at one stroke and the
25:31 devil would like nothing more then for all of
25:33 them to go to graves with unconfessed sin.
25:40 Friends, Jesus is calling us to do something to
25:44 save these souls for eternity.
25:46 Every soul that you can save for eternity is a
25:49 star in your crown, friends I want a star
25:51 with a lot of thread jewels. You know,
25:53 here on this earth we as Christians don't adorn
25:56 ourselves with jewels, we can't handle it
25:59 here as Christians but in heaven Jesus is gonna
26:01 give us jewels and our crown, amen.
26:04 I want that because I want to wear that crown but
26:06 when I do, I will lay to Jesus faith because only
26:10 He is worthy. Only He is worthy to
26:14 receive the adoration, only He is really worthy
26:18 because He is the one who died to save us.
26:21 He is the one that died to save you.
26:23 He is the one that died to save every soul that
26:26 you meet, that you need to warn.
26:31 Friends, don't allow an opportunity to pass by,
26:36 would you like to say with me Wes pray for me,
26:40 I need courage to do something today.
26:43 I have a child that needs to be brought to
26:45 the Savior. Would you like to say yes Wes,
26:48 pray for me? I'll pray for you,
26:51 friends let's just pray now together and ask God
26:54 to give us power and courage to face
26:58 what we need to do for Him.
27:02 Our Father in heaven, we ask now that you would
27:06 grant us each the courage and the wisdom and the
27:08 power to be able to boldly go forward for you and
27:13 to touch bases with people that we know that are
27:16 not living right. We need to touch close
27:19 to them and move into their lives in such a way
27:22 and to speak words of love and wisdom and
27:25 forgiveness and the passion of Jesus for
27:27 their souls. Give us the courage and the wisdom
27:31 to redeem the time because the days are evil,
27:34 grant us this we pray in the name of Jesus. Amen.
27:42 Friends, I am so glad that Jesus answers prayers,
27:47 I am so glad that He has given us the opportunity
27:50 to labor for Him. Let's be faithful
27:53 until the end. Thank you.


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