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00:31 Hello friends, I'm Wes McDonald,
00:33 I wanna welcome you today to Faith Chapel here
00:36 at 3ABN. We're glad that you could be with us as
00:39 we open the word of God and we learn together.
00:42 Before we do that would you pray with me?
00:46 Father in heaven, I thank you that we can
00:49 come before you today and ask for your blessings
00:53 upon our time together, I ask that you'll anoint
00:57 my heart, mind, my lips with words from on high,
01:01 may there be a blessing to our viewers today
01:03 and may we all learn of you, in Jesus name, amen.
01:11 Our message today is straight way,
01:15 sounds like a strange word for a message but
01:19 you'll see what I mean in a moment.
01:21 Let's turn to Mark 6 and verse 30 to 34 and
01:25 read together. We'll open God's word in Mark the
01:28 6th chapter. And the apostles gathered
01:33 themselves together unto Jesus, and told him all
01:36 things, both what they had done,
01:38 and what they had taught. And he said unto them,
01:42 Come ye yourselves apart into a desert place and
01:45 rest awhile: for there were many coming and
01:48 going, and they had no leisure so much as to eat.
01:53 And they've departed into a desert place by ship
01:56 privately. And the people saw them departing,
01:59 and many knew him, and ran afoot thither out
02:04 of all cities, and out went them,
02:06 and came together unto him. And Jesus,
02:09 when he came out, saw much people,
02:13 and was moved with compassion toward them,
02:16 because they were as sheep not having a shepherd:
02:20 and he began to teach them many things.
02:25 Jesus short life upon this earth and his even
02:30 shorter period of ministry was non-stop rapid
02:37 pace work. He and the disciples often times had
02:42 very little time for sleep and they had so much
02:46 depended upon them that they even sometimes had
02:50 no time even to eat. So Jesus was a busy man,
02:56 Jesus did not have time for little things he was
03:00 always, always, always busy. How many of you
03:03 have a life like that. Constant demand,
03:07 so if you're a mother, you have children,
03:09 you have the husband, you have the house,
03:11 you may have jobs in addition to that,
03:13 you are up earlier, you stay up late,
03:15 you barely have time to sleep,
03:17 you have no time for yourself and then you
03:20 think I even, don't even have time for prayer or
03:23 Bible study, how many of you actually feel that
03:25 at times? Let's look at Jesus life for a moment.
03:28 I wanna direct your attention to the first
03:31 chapter of Mark and I want you to notice every
03:34 time we come to the word like straight away,
03:38 which means right away or immediately.
03:41 We'll also see the word immediately;
03:43 we'll also see the word anon which again means
03:46 right away. And you are going to get the picture
03:49 of Jesus as a very busy man.
03:51 Let's go to Mark the first chapter,
03:53 now we're going to read through a number
03:55 of verses. The beginning of the gospel of
03:58 Jesus Christ, the Son of God.
04:02 And in verse 10, and straightway coming up out
04:05 of the water, he saw the heavens opened,
04:08 and the Spirit like a dove descending upon him.
04:12 Moving on to verse 12, and immediately the spirit
04:17 driveth him into the wilderness. Verse 18,
04:22 and straightway which means immediately they
04:24 forsook their nets, and followed him.
04:28 Moving on to verses 20 and 21,
04:30 and straightway again immediately,
04:33 he called them: and they left their father
04:35 Zebedee in the ship with the hired servants,
04:39 and went after him. And they went into Capernaum;
04:42 and straightway, here we are again with that word
04:45 on straightway, on the Sabbath day he entered
04:49 into the synagogue, and taught.
04:51 Moving on to verse 28 to 31, and here it is,
04:56 immediately his fame spread abroad throughout
05:00 all the region round about Galilee.
05:04 And forthwith, right away in other words when
05:07 they were come out of the synagogue,
05:10 they entered into the house of Simon and Andrew
05:13 with James and John. But Simon's wife's mother
05:17 lay sick of a fever, and anon, which means again
05:21 right way they tell him of her. And he came and
05:25 took her by the hand, and lifted her up;
05:27 and immediately the fever left her,
05:30 and she ministered unto them.
05:32 Moving on to verse 38, and He, meaning Jesus said
05:37 unto them, Let us go into the next towns,
05:39 that I may preach there also;
05:41 for therefore came I forth. Moving on to
05:46 verse 42 to 43, And as soon as he had spoken,
05:49 immediately the leprosy departed from him,
05:52 and he was cleansed. And he straightly
05:55 charged him, and forthwith,
05:57 right away sent him away. Jesus' life was busy.
06:06 He was obviously the busiest man who had ever
06:09 lived or ever will live and every moment,
06:13 every portion of his day had no time lost Jesus
06:17 was not a timewaster. I must confess to you
06:21 that I have a problem with that I cannot say that
06:26 I use every moment of every day to the best
06:29 advantage and it is something that I struggle
06:31 with something that I pray about and God has
06:34 blessed me and I've been improving over the
06:36 years. But I'm not where I want to be how about
06:39 yourself, do you ever waste time?
06:41 Well I can't here you so you can answer for
06:44 yourself. But Jesus schedule was so busy that
06:48 honestly as you read the entire book of Mark,
06:50 the entire book of Mark reads that way.
06:53 Every time Jesus did something it was right at
06:56 the way with no time for rest in between and He
06:59 was often up early and he stayed up late and
07:03 everyone was demanding his attention and He was
07:06 always busy, busy, busy, busy,
07:08 in fact He was so busy, He didn't have time
07:10 to pray. He was so busy that you would think
07:14 Jesus didn't have time for worship.
07:16 He didn't have time for God.
07:18 And in reality that was the case through out the
07:22 day he had very little if anytime of quietness
07:26 for personal reflection, meditation, study,
07:30 prayer because everyone was seeking his
07:35 attention, seeking his healing, seeking his
07:38 teachings. All throughout the day in his day
07:40 began early and it ended very late.
07:43 And so what you do when you have to save
07:46 the world? What do you do when you have to save
07:49 lost souls and everyone is demanding your
07:52 attention and you have no time to eat, sleep,
07:55 rest anything, how do you get your time with God
07:58 when there is no time. Well I'll tell you what
08:02 Jesus did? Jesus made time for God.
08:09 Jesus took away time out of sleep in order
08:13 to make time for God. You know I myself some
08:16 number of years ago I was pasturing and my mind
08:19 was always labored with different demands were
08:23 replaced upon me and in the churches and in the
08:27 my labors for lost souls and so I was always
08:33 concerned and often times I would wake up quite
08:36 early in the morning. Sometimes,
08:38 1 O'clock in the morning, on one occasion I
08:40 remember waking up at 11 O'clock at night,
08:42 that was very difficult. But typically I'd wake
08:44 up maybe 3 O'clock, 4 O'clock in the morning
08:47 and it used to kind of bother me
08:48 I used to worry about it.
08:49 I'd say, oh my goodness, I can't sleep,
08:51 this is terrible, I'll never make it through
08:53 the day and I used to really be kind of upset
08:56 and just kind of you know feel sorry for myself
08:59 that I couldn't sleep and then I remember one
09:03 time I thought to myself alright.
09:06 Instead of being upset because I can't sleep I'm
09:09 gonna start doing something productive
09:11 with that time I'm going to spend that time
09:13 in prayer. And you know what was interesting,
09:19 I didn't really get anymore sleep but I felt
09:22 better. Once I started to devote that time that
09:26 I was awake much earlier than one I wanted to be,
09:28 when I devoted that to prayer,
09:30 communication with God then it was like I had
09:35 energy to the next day. It was like I could get
09:38 by on very little sleep no matter what happened
09:40 I could make it and I could survive and you know
09:43 what I was so much more satisfied and I think
09:46 my life was productive for good.
09:49 Turn if you will to Luke 6 verse 12 and 13,
09:53 let's read together. Luke 6, and it came to
09:57 pass in those days, that he went out into a
10:01 mountain to pray, and continued all
10:04 night in prayer to God. And when it was day,
10:09 he called unto him his disciples:
10:11 and of them He chose twelve,
10:14 whom he also named apostles.
10:18 Jesus was profoundly busy and yet in order to get
10:23 the required time He needed with God so that He
10:27 could have the direction He needed to save the
10:29 world, there were times when He spent the entire
10:32 night in prayer. And He did this
10:36 often times by going out to a quiet place,
10:39 do you have a quiet place where you can spend
10:41 time with God. A place where no one
10:43 can bother you, no one can interrupt
10:45 you where it's just precious, you and your
10:49 Savior alone. Jesus did that,
10:53 it was the only way that He could do that,
10:55 he would often send his disciples away,
10:58 so you go rest a while and they say master you
11:00 need to rest, you need to take some time for
11:03 yourself, He'd say don't you worry about me.
11:05 You go and you rest and then He would go rest
11:09 in God. He wasn't sleeping,
11:13 but he would spend the entire night in prayer
11:17 and then he would start the next day in the same
11:19 way all day busy. You know when we devote
11:23 time to God and prayer in this way,
11:26 God does something for us, he provides a miracle
11:28 on our behalf and gives us energy that we didn't
11:31 have, gives us capabilities that we
11:33 didn't have because if you devote yourself to
11:36 God, God devotes special attention to you because
11:40 He sees that you seek after him,
11:42 you hunger and thirst after righteousness,
11:44 it's important to you, will you want to be more
11:46 Christ like, you want to be more like God,
11:49 you want to have the mind of Christ,
11:51 you want to save lost sinners,
11:53 lost souls for eternity, God will not allow you
11:57 to suffer for having spent time with Him in
12:00 prayer friends. I can tell you that from my
12:03 own personal experience. But often times as
12:07 professional time wasters we keep ourselves busy
12:11 not necessarily doing the good things that
12:13 Jesus did, but we spend them doing things that
12:16 are less good, maybe not the best things.
12:21 Have you ever spent time doing the things that
12:24 were not the best? Or you may even be
12:28 doing good things but not the best things.
12:31 What are the best things that we could do?
12:33 Let's turn to Luke 10 verse 38 to 42 and let's
12:39 read together. Now it came to pass as they went,
12:44 that He entered into a certain village:
12:47 and a certain woman named Martha received him
12:50 into her house. And she had a sister called Mary,
12:53 which also sat at Jesus' feet,
12:56 and heard his word. But Martha was cumbered
13:00 about much serving, and came to him,
13:02 and said, Lord, dost thou not care that my sister
13:06 hath left me to serve alone?
13:08 Bid her therefore that she help me.
13:12 And Jesus answered and said unto her,
13:14 Martha, Martha, thou art careful and troubled
13:19 about many things: But one thing is needful:
13:25 and Mary hath chosen that good part,
13:28 which shall not be taken away from her.
13:34 Are we in such a case that we have not been doing
13:37 the one thing that was needful?
13:41 Have we not been sitting at the feet of Jesus as
13:45 Mary did? Have we been too much like Martha,
13:49 too busy doing all the good things and
13:51 neglecting the best things? Friends, we need
13:56 to spend time with Jesus doing that which
13:58 is best. In John the 12th chapter,
14:01 we find another illustration of
14:03 Mary sitting at the feet of Jesus because she
14:07 loved her master. You know when you
14:08 are a sinner and you have, we're all sinners but
14:12 when you realize how deeply you have offended
14:15 God and you realize how merciful He has been
14:18 to save you, then you want to spend time with
14:22 Him and you want to be close to Him because
14:24 you adore Him for having giving you such
14:26 a second chance on life. Let's go to John 12 and
14:30 see about this Mary, Mary had been guilty
14:33 of terrible sins and Christ had forgiven her
14:36 multiple times. Those to who much has been given
14:40 much is required those who have been forgiven
14:43 much love much. Mary had been forgiven much
14:46 and she loved much. Let's turn there now read
14:50 together. Then Jesus six days before the passover
14:55 came to Bethany, where Lazarus was,
14:58 which had been dead, whom he raised from
15:01 the dead. There they made a supper;
15:03 and Martha served: but Lazarus was one
15:07 of them that sat at the table with him.
15:11 Then Mary took a pound of ointment of spikenard,
15:14 very costly, and anointed the feet
15:17 of Jesus, and wiped his feet with her hair:
15:21 and the house was filled with the odor of the
15:24 ointment. Then saith one of the disciples,
15:27 Judas Iscariot, Simon's son,
15:30 which should betray him, Why was not this
15:33 ointment sold for three hundred pence,
15:37 and given to the poor? This he said,
15:40 not that he cared for the poor:
15:43 but because he was a thief, and had the bag,
15:46 and bear what was put therein.
15:49 Then said Jesus, Let her alone:
15:52 against the day of my burying she hath
15:54 kept this. For the poor ye have always with you;
15:58 but me ye have not always.
16:02 Much people of the Jews therefore knew that he
16:05 was there: and they came not for Jesus'
16:08 sake but that they might see Lazarus also,
16:12 whom he had raised from the dead.
16:14 But the chief priests consulted that they might
16:16 put Lazarus also to death; because that by reason
16:20 of him many of the Jews went away,
16:22 and believed on Jesus. You know the poor
16:28 we will always have with us and we must attend to
16:31 that, but even more than that we must
16:34 spend time with Jesus. We must spend time
16:37 with God. Prayer is like the breath for the soul,
16:41 a day without prayer is like a day without
16:44 breathing. Have you spent time in prayer and I'm
16:48 not talking about that little thing where you
16:50 live the house in rush in the morning and you ask
16:53 the Lord to bless you, and to protect you and
16:55 then you don't think anymore about God all
16:57 day long. Friends you and I need to have an all
17:01 day long running conversation with God.
17:04 There's not a moment nor a second that we are
17:08 saved without being an attitude of prayer with
17:10 God. You and I need to devote our entire lives
17:14 to God and every moment of every day include God.
17:18 You know it's very difficult to fall into sin
17:21 if you're praying at the time.
17:22 Can you imagine while you're praying to God
17:25 to keep you from sin falling into sin?
17:27 It's a bit absurd. You remember Jesus told
17:30 the disciples just pray, lest He enter into
17:33 temptation. What they do? They fell asleep.
17:36 And they felt a temptation and they denied
17:39 their savior. When he needed them the most
17:43 are we guilty of that at times?
17:45 Have you ever denied your Lord?
17:47 I have, I have. It gives me great shame and
17:51 reproach to realize that but I'm,
17:52 Praise the Lord, God forgives.
17:55 When we repent confess our sins,
17:58 He is faithful to forgive us our sins and to
18:01 cleanse us from all unrighteousness.
18:05 Jesus loves us and He will save us from our sins
18:09 if we'll allow him. You've heard it said,
18:13 early to bed and early to rise makes you healthy,
18:16 wealthy and wise. I'm not suggesting
18:20 to you that all of us need to spend all night in
18:23 prayer as often as Jesus did,
18:26 but I will tell you that for sure we need to
18:28 spend more time communicating with
18:30 our Savior. And when there is no time we
18:34 need to go to bed early, and we need to get up
18:38 early so that we can begin our day in a
18:41 productive way with Jesus as our guide.
18:45 Turn if you will to Isaiah 26 and verse 9
18:49 let's read it together on the screen.
18:52 With my soul have I desired thee in the night;
18:57 yea with my spirit within me I will seek thee
19:00 early: for when thy judgments are in
19:04 the earth, the inhabitants of the
19:06 world will learn righteousness.
19:09 We live in the time when the judgments are
19:10 going to be in the earth. We live in that time
19:15 when we need to seek Jesus early;
19:18 we need to seek our Savior early.
19:20 We live in that time today friends.
19:23 We need to know our Savior personally like we
19:26 know better than we know our wife,
19:29 better than we know our son or daughter,
19:31 better than we know our best friends.
19:33 The Bible tells us again in
19:35 Isaiah 55 and verse 6, let's read that together.
19:40 Seek ye the Lord while he may be found,
19:44 call upon him while he is near.
19:48 Friends, today is the day of Salvation.
19:50 This is the time of the Lord,
19:52 this is the day of the Lord, do not put off till
19:55 tomorrow that which you can do today.
19:58 Do not put off that time with God.
20:00 You need and I need to spend more time in God's
20:03 word, more time in the book and more time in
20:07 prayer. Amen. How many of you realize?
20:09 You know it's not enough to realize,
20:11 you have to act upon it. Devote time to God in
20:15 prayer. I can remember when my daughter was
20:17 in high school I told her, her name was Sabra.
20:20 I said Sabra, get up in the morning very early
20:25 and spend at least an hour in your Bible before
20:28 you begin your day. Well you know she started
20:31 to do that and she would get up very early and
20:35 her door would be closed,
20:36 she wouldn't make a peep, because she didn't want
20:37 anyone to bother to even know she was awake.
20:40 But she was in studying her Bible,
20:42 and she was in prayer and you know her entire
20:44 life I could tell that something different was
20:48 happening to her. She was, she was always
20:51 a good girl but she is 28 now.
20:54 She is always been a good girl and a good woman.
20:57 But when she began to do that there was
21:00 significant change that was occurring,
21:02 that was visible and you could tell it.
21:05 Seek ye the Lord while he may be found,
21:08 call upon him while he is near.
21:11 We need to know our God and our savior.
21:13 Matthew 7 verse 21 to 23,
21:16 let's read that together as well.
21:19 Not everyone that saith unto me, Lord, Lord,
21:23 shall enter into the kingdom of heaven;
21:25 but he that doeth the will of my Father which
21:28 is in heaven. Many will say to me in that day
21:32 Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name?
21:36 And in thy name have cast out devils?
21:40 And in thy name done many wonderful works?
21:45 And then I will profess unto them,
21:47 I never knew you: depart from me,
21:51 ye that work iniquity. Jesus will know us as
21:57 we know Jesus. If we devote our times and our
22:00 lives to him then it will be said I know you.
22:05 Come enter into the blessings which I've
22:07 stored for you. But if we neglect that time with
22:11 God we will fall into temptation and because we
22:15 neglect the time with God we may not even realize
22:18 where we in we have fallen.
22:20 Friends, to neglect time with God is to neglect
22:23 to breathe. Turn with me also,
22:26 or let's turn together to John 17 and verse 3.
22:32 And this is life eternal, that they may know thee
22:38 the only true God, and Jesus Christ,
22:43 whom thou hast sent. In the Bible when it is
22:50 said that a man knew a woman.
22:53 It meant that he knew her intimately.
22:57 When we talk about knowing God it is intimate,
23:01 it is close. Intimacy cannot occur unless there
23:07 is time spent. Can you really say that you're
23:11 intimate with God? Can you?
23:15 Can you say that you have developed that prayer
23:18 life and that time with him that is going to
23:21 be necessary to take you through the times that
23:23 are ahead of us? We live in such a
23:26 difficult time of earth's history;
23:28 can you really say that you are safe to begin
23:31 your day without divine direction on how to
23:34 go about it? Well all about us,
23:37 terrible things are happening,
23:38 catastrophes that are of unprecedented magnitude.
23:42 Why I heard just the other day that not only
23:45 the Arctic, not only the North Pole area is
23:49 melting down but Antarctica is melting from
23:53 beneath you know, kind of fooled everyone
23:55 because they didn't see anything happening
23:57 up above. But Antarctica is melting from
24:01 the water beneath and it's eroding it and it's
24:04 going to make the seas rise even more.
24:06 Every island will disappear we're told.
24:09 So live in a time that is fearful and yet
24:13 joyful. It will be fearful to those who do not
24:16 understand scripture, who do not understand
24:18 that this was all predicted,
24:20 it is the end time, it is the most exciting
24:23 time to live in and yet it is a dangerous time to
24:25 live in for those whose hearts and minds and
24:28 thoughts and time are not given to Jesus.
24:32 Are you ready to stand at the end time?
24:38 Are you ready to stand in a time when these
24:44 things will come about us when religious
24:46 persecution will come upon those who are
24:47 Christians, when you will be tempted and
24:50 the Bible tells us that even the elect if
24:54 possible even the elect could be deceived?
24:58 If possible will you be the very elect that will
25:01 not be deceived? Friends, that's not going
25:04 to happen. Without some time in scripture
25:08 and some time in prayer. If there was anything
25:13 I could tell you today, spent time on your
25:16 knees and time in prayer. The greatest Christians
25:20 of all are the ones who have the boniest most
25:24 sore knees. Okay. You know you get a lot
25:28 of less headache, if you get more knee ache.
25:31 You know if you're knees are sore,
25:32 your head hurts less. I found this to be true.
25:37 But about prayer we don't need to deal with
25:40 this in such a formal way always.
25:44 You don't need to have your eyes closed you
25:46 can pray while you're driving down the street,
25:48 Jesus knows your thoughts, He knows what you're
25:52 thinking about, you can thank a prayer,
25:54 it's not a formal thing where you have to recite
25:56 like in some churches. No. You talk to Jesus
25:59 just like He is your best friend and He is
26:02 your very best friend.
26:04 And we need to this day in, day out and
26:07 First Thessalonians 5 and verse 17 it tells
26:12 us everything. Pray without ceasing.
26:19 We can never be safe for a moment nor an hour
26:22 nor a second without prayer.
26:25 We need to take time to behold it.
26:28 Can you take, can you become closer as a
26:31 husband and wife if you never spent time
26:33 together. Can you become closer to God
26:37 if you never spend the required time?
26:40 Go through your day in such a way the one all
26:44 is said and done, Jesus will look down and
26:46 He will say I know this one,
26:48 I know that one and I know you.
26:51 Come enter into the joy that I have for you
26:55 entered into heaven. I'm sending angels after
26:58 you come, come. When He comes I want
27:01 to be caught up in the air to meet Him but it's
27:03 going to require that I remain faithful unto the
27:05 end and in order to do that I have to pray.
27:11 Let's pray now. Father in heaven,
27:16 grant us the grace to remain true to the end
27:20 help us to be wise unto salvation,
27:23 help us to daily commit our time to you in
27:26 prayer and Bible study and not to have a moment
27:30 without being an attitude of prayer because we
27:33 long to see Jesus and we want to live with
27:36 you forever, in Jesus name, amen.
27:41 Friends, let's give our hearts to Jesus day
27:46 by day. Let's devote that special time to God
27:49 in prayer early in the morning, how about it,
27:53 would you join me in that? Thank you.


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