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00:30 Hello, I'm Wes McDonald and I would like
00:33 to welcome you today to Faith Chapel.
00:35 I'll be sharing with you a message in a few
00:37 moments from the God's word but before
00:40 we go to God's word, let's go to God in prayer,
00:42 shall we bow our heads? Father in heaven,
00:46 thank you that we can go to your word and
00:48 learn from you, I pray that you will grant us
00:52 knowledge and wisdom from your word and
00:54 give me the words to speak that will be a
00:57 blessing to the viewers and hearers today,
01:00 in Jesus name, amen. Today's message is
01:05 entitled Holey Bags. Now that's not Holy,
01:09 isn't something divine, but that's holey.
01:14 Kind of like a bag with holes in it.
01:17 It's kind of like your pockets.
01:18 Have you ever felt like everything that you
01:20 put into your pockets as far as money was
01:22 running out the bottom as fast as you could
01:24 put it in, like your pocket was a bottomless
01:27 hole through which everything that went in,
01:29 went out as fast as you could earn your money.
01:32 Are you getting ahead or are you always behind.
01:36 Can you use some of God's blessings?
01:39 Have you ever felt as though God's frown was
01:40 upon you? Today's message will be for you.
01:45 Today we wanna talk about some of God's
01:47 great blessings that are found through
01:50 stewardship and that's being faithful and
01:52 returning to God that which is his.
01:55 Now today I'm going to begin our passage in
01:58 Haggai, the first chapter. Haggai is near
02:04 the end of the Old Testament. If you go to
02:06 Matthew and then back up one book,
02:08 two books, three books that's Haggai.
02:12 Now the Israelites had been held captive and
02:17 they were now being allowed to return to
02:19 their land to rebuild the house of God and,
02:26 God is speaking to them. And beginning with
02:28 verse 2, Thus speaketh the Lord of hosts,
02:31 saying, This people say, The time is not come,
02:35 the time that the Lord's house should be built.
02:39 Then came the word of the Lord by Haggai
02:42 the prophet, saying, Is it time for you,
02:46 O ye, to dwell in your ceiled houses,
02:49 and this house lie waste? Now how many
02:52 of you attend a church where the upholstery
02:55 on the pews is not as good as the upholstery
02:58 on your couch? How many in fact have the
03:01 upholstery in their car better than the
03:03 upholstery of church. Hopefully that is not the
03:06 case for you but is it clear that sometimes
03:10 our set of priorities is not God first but it's
03:15 me first, it's you first. Haggai is speaking to
03:19 us as well as to the people in his time and he
03:23 continues on. He says consider your ways,
03:27 Ye have sown much, and ye bring in little;
03:32 ye eat, but ye have not enough; ye drink,
03:36 but ye are not filled with drink; ye clothe
03:39 you, but there is none warm; and he that
03:41 earneth wages earneth wages to put it into a
03:44 bag with holes. Thus saith the Lord of hosts;
03:47 consider your ways. Go up to the mountain,
03:50 and bring wood, and build the house;
03:53 and I will take pleasure in it,
03:56 and I will be glorified, saith the Lord.
03:59 We need to be more concerned about
04:02 glorifying God than glorifying ourselves.
04:05 And you know everything we earn we
04:08 buy a new car, we buy a new house it all
04:10 depreciates our time and in fact it depreciates
04:13 so much at the end of the time that it burns
04:15 up when Jesus comes. Now that's depreciation
04:17 friends. Jesus counsels us to lay up treasure
04:20 in heaven where moth and rush or fire or
04:22 anything else will corrupt it. So anything we
04:26 put into heaven will never be lost everything
04:29 we put into here on this earth will all be lost.
04:32 Where do you want to put your funds?
04:35 Where are they gonna do the most good,
04:36 or the least good? So he tells us,
04:41 ye looked for much, and, lo it came to little;
04:44 and when ye brought it home, I did blow on it.
04:48 Why? saith the LORD of hosts.
04:49 Because of mine house that is waste,
04:53 and ye run every man unto his own house.
04:57 Therefore the heaven over you is stayed
05:00 from dew, and the earth is stayed from her
05:02 fruit. And I called for a drought upon the
05:05 land, and upon the mountains,
05:06 and upon the corn, and upon the new wine,
05:09 and upon the oil, and upon that which the
05:11 ground bringeth forth, and upon men,
05:14 and upon cattle, and upon all the labor of
05:18 the hands. That's a bad drought friends,
05:21 far better to do it God's way and be faithful
05:23 to him and glorify him rather than having to
05:27 deal with all of that. And in verse 12,
05:30 then Zerubbabel the son of Shealtiel,
05:33 and Joshua the son of Josedech,
05:36 the high priest, with the remnant of the
05:37 people, obeyed the voice of the Lord their
05:40 God, and the words of Haggai the prophet,
05:44 as the Lord their God had sent him,
05:45 and the people did fear before the Lord.
05:49 Then spake Haggai the Lord's messenger in
05:53 the Lord's message unto the people,
05:55 saying, I am with you, saith the LORD.
06:00 You know when God's people repent,
06:02 God is instantaneous in his response to bless
06:06 them, he may withhold his blessings when
06:09 we go our own way but he always blesses
06:13 us with the life and health and breath and
06:15 sunshine and all of those things.
06:17 But when we repent to God we get the
06:21 full blessings of God when we do things His
06:24 way. And friends we need to be doing that.
06:26 Let's focus in just a little bit on verse 6,
06:31 let's read it together as we go to verse 6.
06:37 Ye have sown much, and ye bring in little;
06:41 ye eat, but ye have not enough; ye drink,
06:43 but ye are not filled with drink;
06:45 ye clothe you, but there is none warm;
06:49 and he that earneth wages earneth
06:51 wages to put into a bag with holes.
06:55 Friends, I don't want to be doing that I've
06:58 done that in the past but I'm not doing it
07:00 now and I want to put, help you to be on
07:02 the right track with God. In order to be
07:06 on the right track with God we need to learn
07:07 a few things about stewardship, we need to
07:09 learn a few things about returning the tithe
07:12 to our Savior. In Malachi, we find the passage
07:17 in Malachi 3 verse 7 through 12 and I want
07:22 us to take a look at that and read that
07:23 together, let's read it together.
07:26 Even from the days of your fathers ye are
07:29 gone away from mine ordinances,
07:32 and have not kept them. Return unto me,
07:36 and I will return unto you, saith the Lord
07:39 of hosts. But ye said, wherein shall we
07:42 return? Will a man rob God? Yet ye have
07:49 robbed me. But ye say, wherein have we
07:53 robbed thee? In tithes and offerings.
07:57 Ye are cursed with a curse: for ye have
08:00 robbed me, even this whole nation.
08:04 Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse,
08:08 that there may be meat in mine house,
08:11 and prove me now herewith, saith the Lord
08:13 of hosts, if I will not open you the windows
08:16 of heaven, and pour out a blessing,
08:20 that there shall not be room enough to
08:22 receive it. And I will rebuke the devourer
08:25 for your sakes, and he shall not destroy
08:28 the fruits of your ground; neither shall your
08:31 vine cast her fruit before the time in the
08:33 field, saith the LORD of hosts.
08:36 And all nations shall call you blessed:
08:40 for ye shall be a delightsome land,
08:43 saith the LORD of hosts. In Malachi,
08:48 we find that God is not pleased with his
08:51 people because they have not been faithful
08:53 in returning to God that portion which he
08:56 has claimed as his own. Indeed everything
09:00 belongs to God in the first place, amen.
09:03 Is there anything that, let me tell you this,
09:07 do you wanna know how you can tell if
09:09 you really own something, you really own
09:12 something if you can take it with you when
09:14 you die. So now how much do you own?
09:17 Nothing. Right? You came into this world
09:20 with nothing, you go out with nothing,
09:22 therefore someone has to own everything
09:24 and it is God. And God owns everything and
09:28 yet is a way of our expressing our love and
09:32 allegiance to our Savior and our master,
09:34 and our King and our God. He says give
09:37 me back the tenth, give me back ten percent
09:41 you can keep 90 percent and do what you
09:43 want to with it. I'm just asking for the 10th.
09:47 And so God is now telling Israel that they
09:49 have been unfaithful to Him, in that little
09:53 tiny little commandment just to return
09:55 ten percent, it's not that much considering
09:58 He owns everything and He allows us to
10:00 keep 90 percent. And so He is telling them
10:04 He's upset with them, He is withholding
10:05 His blessings because of that but if they will
10:08 be faithful in returning to Him what already
10:11 is His to begin with that he will be faithful
10:15 and returning back to them tremendous
10:17 blessings. You may say Wes what about if
10:23 I do not agree with what the leadership
10:26 in the church maybe doing. Should I still
10:29 return my tithes because I don't wanna be
10:30 held responsible for anything that they might
10:32 do that I don't fully see as right.
10:36 What should I do Wes? What should I do?
10:39 It's interesting if you read all of Malachi
10:42 together. The first two chapters of the
10:45 Book of Malachi, God is quite upset with
10:49 some of the leadership in the church at
10:51 that time, not all of them were bad but
10:52 there were some problems there.
10:54 And he is showing his displeasure towards
10:57 that but then in chapter 3 God is very
11:00 upset with the people for not supporting
11:03 their church even though there were in
11:05 some cases some leadership who were not
11:09 in harmony with everything that God
11:11 designed for them to be in harmony with.
11:14 And still He holds his people responsible
11:17 for supporting the church at all times.
11:20 I'm reminded again of another instance in
11:23 scripture in the New Testament. Jesus and
11:26 His disciples were there in the temple.
11:29 This is three days before the crucifixion,
11:32 it's a Tuesday. And Jesus and His disciples
11:37 are observing the people come by the treasury
11:39 and put in their gifts into the treasury box.
11:43 They see the rich people come in and they
11:45 have a lot of money and they were giving
11:47 some generous, what we were think of as
11:50 generous gifts. And then he see a little
11:52 widow come up and she put in two small
11:56 coins called mites, two mites.
12:00 And she was giving all that she had,
12:02 she had nothing left and she gave
12:04 everything that she had to the very church
12:08 that would use that money part of it would
12:11 go for the support of the very Scribes and
12:14 Pharisees and priests who would be
12:16 responsible for condemning Jesus to death
12:20 only three days later. And Jesus in support
12:25 for his church and in support of this woman
12:28 basically said, she did a good thing.
12:32 And that this story would be told around
12:34 the world for all time because she gave her
12:38 all and He pronounced a blessing upon her
12:40 for having returned money to the very
12:43 church that might in some cases some of
12:46 their leadership are going to misuse it and
12:48 in fact have Christ crucified.
12:51 In my mind this should forever and I hope
12:54 in your mind should forever relieve us of
12:58 any burden that we might have regarding
13:00 the support of the church. We're to support
13:02 the church at all times with our tithes and
13:05 with our offerings, as God blesses us we
13:08 need to bless others. Well how do you
13:11 calculate the 10th? Well it's simple.
13:16 You have ten fingers; one of them is the 10th.
13:19 Now with God's church we don't have a
13:21 lot of loop holes and things like that which
13:25 would allow us to get out of certain
13:26 obligations it's a very simple thing.
13:29 The 10th is the 10th is the 10th.
13:31 10 percent is easy to figure, move the
13:34 decimal point one that's what you give to God.
13:37 To help us understand a little bit more
13:40 clearly let's go to Genesis 28th chapter
13:44 and the 22nd verse, let's turn to
13:47 Genesis 28:22, And this stone,
13:51 which I have set for a pillar, shall be God's
13:54 house: and of all that thou shalt give me
13:57 I will surely give the tenth to thee.
14:01 We find here that Jacob has decided to return
14:07 back home and to the land and he is afraid,
14:12 he is afraid, he is going to suffer some evil
14:16 along the way and he asked God for his
14:17 blessings and he says if you bless me,
14:19 if you bring me back I will surely give the
14:21 10th to you. Let's go to Leviticus 27 and
14:26 verse 30 and we'll read that together.
14:29 And all the tithe of the land, whether of
14:32 the seed of the land, or of the fruit of the
14:35 tree, is the Lords: it is holy unto the Lord.
14:40 There was an agricultural work economy at
14:42 that time and they literally returned tithe
14:46 and the seed of their land or the fruit of
14:48 the trees. Now in Leviticus 27:32,
14:53 two verses later it's an interesting story there,
14:57 let's read that together. And concerning
15:00 the tithe of the herd, or of the flock,
15:03 even of whatsoever passeth under the rod,
15:07 the tenth shall be holy unto the Lord.
15:10 Recently in church I was listening to a
15:14 gentleman tell a story about when he was
15:18 in Zimbabwe. He was an educator,
15:21 he was an academic dean of a religious
15:25 college there in Zimbabwe and once a year
15:29 they used to go out to different very
15:31 remote areas and take the theology students
15:34 so that they could ever camp meeting in
15:36 different individual villages. They went out
15:38 to one village which was very remote and
15:40 they had several days of meetings with the
15:43 people to give them the benefit of the
15:45 spiritual instruction and as they were about
15:49 to leave the chief of the village says wait
15:51 pastor, it is time for me to return the tithe.
15:55 You must take it with you I have raised cattle
15:59 this year, I have had an increase of 30 cows.
16:03 Three cows are for the Lord. So you got
16:06 all of the cows in a big pin and he started
16:10 to stir them up in and the cows went round
16:12 and round and round this pin in a circle and
16:15 they opened up a gate and one by one the
16:18 cows came up and they went underneath
16:20 the rod. And they counted one cow,
16:24 two cows, three cows, four cows until they
16:29 came to the 10th cow, he pulled them aside
16:31 and he said this cow is for the Lord.
16:34 And the cows were continuing to go around
16:37 and around and around in circle and one
16:39 by one they would filter out as they came
16:41 to the 10th one, that one would be for
16:43 the Lord. And then they continued on and
16:47 on and on and on and now they came to
16:51 the time when the 10th one would come
16:53 out and there was a little boy,
16:56 the chief's son, his eyes caught big as he
16:59 saw that cow leave and he was so excited
17:02 and the missionary wanted to know why he
17:04 was so excited, so they called to him and
17:06 the little boy was a little bashful says why
17:08 were you so excited when that last cow
17:11 came out. He says my Father gave me several
17:15 heifers to raise this year and he says that
17:18 one was my heifer and I was so excited
17:21 that my heifer had decided to be the Lord's
17:24 heifer. Friends, isn't that wonderful,
17:27 isn't that wonderful shouldn't we be so
17:30 pleased and so excited that we have the
17:32 privilege of returning to God in response to
17:36 his faithfulness and love and kindness for us,
17:39 I think so. Let's go now to Proverbs 3 and
17:44 verse 9. Honor the Lord with thy substance,
17:49 and with the first fruits of all thine increase.
17:53 If you try to return to God your tithe and
17:57 you wait until after you pay your bills you
18:00 will always have trouble. But if you give God
18:04 that which is his first you will always have
18:06 enough. Do the most important thing first
18:10 everything else will fall into place.
18:12 God is more important. Now I know your
18:15 creditors think that they're most important
18:17 but God is really most important.
18:19 You return to him and he promises you that
18:23 he will give you blessings like the windows
18:26 of heaven being opened. In fact friends
18:30 let's just go to Malachi 3 and read it for
18:34 ourselves. In Malachi 3 verses 8 to 11,
18:39 Will a man rob God? Yet ye have robbed me.
18:44 But ye say, wherein have we robbed thee?
18:47 In tithes and offerings. Ye are cursed with
18:50 a curse for ye have robbed me, even this
18:52 whole nation. Bring ye all the tithes into
18:56 the storehouse, that there may be meat in
18:59 mine house, and prove me now herewith,
19:02 saith the LORD of hosts, if I will not open
19:05 for you the windows of heaven,
19:08 and pour you out a blessing, that there shall
19:11 not be room enough to receive it.
19:13 There is only one place else in scripture
19:16 where it mentions the windows of heaven
19:19 and it was in the days of Noah when God
19:21 send a flood and he opened the windows
19:23 of heaven and the earth was drowned with
19:26 the water. So when God opens the windows
19:29 of heaven to bless you is it clear that the
19:31 blessings are more than you can receive it.
19:34 In the days of Noah when God was not
19:36 blessing the earth but he opened the windows
19:38 of heaven to pour out water upon it and to
19:41 flood the earth, the earth could not receive it.
19:44 So I want to have the blessings of God that
19:46 are just like the deluge of God, I want to
19:49 be swapped in his blessings. Friends, we can
19:53 have that when we maintain faithfulness
19:55 to God and faithfulness in our stewardship
19:58 in returning our funds to him.
20:04 In every way we are to be faithful to God.
20:07 God promises us in Deuteronomy and
20:11 verse 7, excuse me chapter 7 and verse 15
20:17 that he will keep us healthy even as we
20:21 return our bless as we return our tithes
20:23 and obey his word. And in verse 15,
20:27 and the Lord will take away from thee all
20:30 sickness, and put none of the evil diseases
20:34 of Egypt, which thou knowest upon thee;
20:35 but will lay them upon all them that hate thee.
20:39 Even blessings upon our health are because
20:42 God is blessing us in response to our
20:46 faithfulness to him. Now is money the only
20:50 thing we need to be faithful with God,
20:53 what about our time? How much time do
20:56 you really have? God asks us for a 7th of
20:59 our time. He asks us to reserve the Sabbath
21:02 day, the seventh day of the week for him.
21:06 One minute less than the whole day is not
21:08 the whole day. Imagine what a privilege it
21:11 is to have a 24 hour appointment like a 24
21:16 hour date with God where he has granted
21:19 you the privilege of this undivided attention
21:24 where you and him can become more
21:25 intimately acquainted. As we give that time
21:28 to him and we're faithful the rest of the
21:31 week with our time. God blesses us as well.
21:36 How much time do you have throughout
21:37 the rest of the week, let me ask you.
21:39 Well you say Wes, there's 24 hours of day
21:42 but you're in bed at least eight hours and
21:46 then you work at least 8 hours and then it
21:48 takes a certain amount of time to all go
21:51 about your daily duties, you have to get
21:53 dressed, you have to bathe, you have to
21:55 eat, you have to drive to work,
21:57 you have to take care of the children and
21:59 all these many other things,
22:01 when everything has been subtracted that
22:03 you must do. I think most of you will realize
22:08 that you have at most one to two hours
22:11 left of discretionary time, time in which you
22:14 can actually make a choice what you're
22:16 going to do with it. Since time is so limited
22:20 for us and since the earth's time is so limited
22:24 and since there are so many thousands of
22:26 people who have not accepted Christ as
22:28 their Savior, who will be lost for eternity with
22:31 unconfessed sin, would it not be who of us
22:35 to make the best use of that time.
22:39 Friends, I believe that each one of us must
22:42 give a higher commitment in our
22:45 resources. If it's time we need to give it
22:49 to God. If it's money, we need to give it to
22:52 God, if it's our health we need to give it to
22:55 God, if it's our influence, we need to give
22:59 it to God. Because the world is not doing
23:02 that and the world is going to perdition
23:05 very rapidly, we're in the last days.
23:07 There are two classes of people,
23:09 those who are drawing closer to the
23:11 Savior and those who are going the other way
23:14 and the difference widening and it's becoming
23:17 greater and greater all the time between
23:20 those who serve God and those who
23:22 serve Him not. Friends, in our stewardship
23:26 we need to be faithful. The gospel is free
23:29 but you know the last time I checked it
23:31 didn't go around the world for free.
23:33 It takes money to bring this broadcast to
23:35 you here at home. It takes money to pay
23:37 ministers to bring the gospel to people who
23:39 have never heard it, in mission lands where
23:42 they will, where they've never even heard
23:44 the name of Christ. You know on the
23:46 developed countries we've heard of Christ.
23:47 We almost take it for granted and we should
23:49 not. But friends, we need to be faithful in
23:53 that. In Luke 9 and verse 23 and he said
23:59 unto them all, if any man will come after me,
24:02 let him deny himself, and take up his cross,
24:08 and follow me. Friends, have you denied
24:13 yourself anything for God. Have we actually
24:17 followed God by sacrifice, sacrifice is when
24:21 we give up something that we really want,
24:23 it's not giving God our leftovers.
24:26 It's giving God our firstovers.
24:29 It's not giving him what is it the tail,
24:32 we're giving him the head, we are giving
24:33 him the first fruits, not the last thing.
24:37 We write out the tithe check, the first
24:39 check after we receive our check that goes
24:42 to God then everyone else.
24:46 If God has our love he will have our heart.
24:52 My question is, does he have your heart?
24:57 You know I can tell where your heart is and
25:00 God can tell where your heart is,
25:02 I should just say he can tell, by observing
25:05 how we spend our time and by examining
25:08 our checkbook. The Bible tells us for where
25:12 your treasure is there your heart will be
25:16 also. Have you examined your own checkbook
25:20 lately to see where you're spending your
25:22 money? Do a little calculation on how you
25:27 spend your time and ask yourself have you
25:30 devoted enough of that to God?
25:33 Are you eating and drinking to glorify God
25:35 or you eating and drinking based upon
25:38 other reasons? Friends, we need to give
25:41 everything all to Jesus. It all burns up
25:45 anyway soon when Jesus comes,
25:48 nothing more matters other than the number
25:50 of souls that we can bring into the kingdom
25:52 of heaven. How is it with you at home?
25:56 Do you find that you need a little help in
25:59 this area? Are you like Israel that you've
26:02 held back from God that which is rightfully
26:05 his with respect to your tithes and your
26:07 offerings? If so God's message to you is to
26:12 return it all to God, that which you've
26:15 robbed you need to return. And you need
26:18 to be faithful from this point forward as well.
26:21 And if you've robbed him more than you
26:23 can possibly ever return. Trust yourself
26:27 in the, into the arms of loving savior who
26:30 will forgive you of your sins and will have
26:32 compassion because he loves you.
26:36 But friends, let us all be faithful to God
26:39 from this point onwards. Those win
26:43 everything make God first and last and best
26:47 are the happiest people in the world.
26:52 Friends, I want joy to the full, how about
26:55 you? We can only do that if we are fully
27:02 committed to God. Would you pray with me,
27:03 would you pray with me today that we will
27:04 give our hearts fully and completely to God?
27:09 I would like to ask you to pray with me now.
27:11 Father in heaven, I ask for you to come into
27:15 our hearts, help us to not reserve anything,
27:20 help us to give all to you, our heart our soul,
27:25 our mind, our body, our resources and
27:28 everything. Help us to be faithful so that
27:32 Jesus can come soon and then we may all
27:35 be up together in heaven with thousands
27:37 that maybe saved because of our faithfulness
27:39 and your spirit working through us,
27:42 in Jesus name, amen. Friends, I'm so
27:46 glad that Jesus loves us. And he's given us
27:50 all these things to honor him with,
27:52 let's be faithful.


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