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00:31 Hello, beautiful day to you there wherever you may
00:35 be. I wanna welcome you to faith chapel
00:37 here at 3ABN and today. My name is Lemuel Vega
00:42 and we are going to be speaking about God.
00:46 For God so love the World that
00:50 he came seeking the lost. So today as you find
00:54 yourself perhaps in some despair,
00:56 perhaps you're lonely, you don't know
00:58 where to go from here. We are gonna speak about
01:01 that there is a hope in this day and time which we live,
01:04 when there is brokenness on every news media station,
01:08 we are gonna speak about how God is providing rest
01:12 for our souls in this turbulent time
01:15 in which we live. We are also going to be speaking
01:17 about how God has shown us
01:21 how to live separate the world. At this day and age
01:25 when the world is integrating us
01:26 with commercials and they want our time
01:28 and our money, they're competing
01:30 for our time with God. There is a way
01:33 and we need to ask him and I invite you to pray
01:37 with us just now. Our dear heavenly Father,
01:40 we thank you for this awesome opportunity
01:42 to share with souls that are finding themselves
01:45 filled with despair and anxiety in this world
01:48 in which we live. Shattered and broken
01:50 at every seem so it seems, but we know
01:53 that you provide stability and grace and hope
01:56 and so with that Lord, we surrender our hearts
01:58 and our wills in to you today. Show us,
02:01 lead us and guide us, in Jesus name we pray
02:05 and ask for the indwelling for your Holy Spirit,
02:07 in Jesus name we pray, Amen.
02:13 With that in mind I would like to start in the very
02:16 beginning of the Bible, in Genesis 1:1,
02:19 if you have your Bible with you today
02:21 I want you to know that you are gonna have to time
02:24 to turn in the scriptures with me and I hope that
02:28 you will do that. In Genesis chapter 1
02:31 the very first chapter in the Bible,
02:33 the very first book, most everybody seems like
02:36 they might know what that says but may be you don't.
02:39 It's says in the beginning God created the heaven
02:44 and the earth. God, he's personal
02:48 and he wants to be a part of our life,
02:50 in this turbulent time in which we live.
02:53 I would like to go from there to Luke 4:16
03:03 through 19, in Luke 4 this is gonna set the stage
03:08 how God lived and showed us, set the example for us
03:12 how we can live in this earth,
03:13 how Jesus did it as a young man. Luke 4 verse 16,
03:20 And he came to Nazareth where he had been
03:23 brought up; and as his custom was,
03:25 he went into the synagogue, the big Churches of the day
03:29 and he stood up to read and there was delivered unto
03:35 him the book of the prophet Isaiah
03:36 and when he had opened the book,
03:38 he found the place where it was written.
03:40 This is now in red letters in my Bible in verse 18
03:45 The Spirit of the Lord is upon me,
03:47 because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel,
03:52 to who? To the poor. He has sent me to heal the
03:58 brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives,
04:02 and recovering of the sight to the blind,
04:05 to set at liberty them that are bruised,
04:08 to preach the acceptable year of the Lord
04:12 and with that in mind I want you to know that
04:15 this was the, this is what Jesus Christ as a young man
04:18 came to this world to do, is to represent
04:21 the way of truth and to live to heal the brokenhearted,
04:27 to preach deliverance to the captives I don't care
04:31 if you are in prison doing a life sentence behind bars
04:34 or whether you're in a prison of your own
04:36 little world, the devil wants keeps us bound,
04:39 locked up behind bars, till where we can't have
04:43 freedom even though we live in a land of freedom
04:46 for most of us, may be the country in where you live
04:49 you don't have that freedom,
04:51 but I wanted to tell you that God can come in
04:53 and provide that freedom unto your soul
04:55 and unto your heart, I don't care what the government
04:58 says in your land, they cannot stop the love of God
05:01 from setting the captives free,
05:03 from setting at liberty them that are bruised,
05:06 to preach the acceptable year of the Lord.
05:08 That is what Jesus Christ came as a young man
05:11 begin to do in his life ministry
05:13 here upon the earth. I would like to go now
05:17 from the young man Jesus Christ,
05:19 I would like to go as he, he carried his ministry
05:22 through on the earth and I would like to go to
05:24 John 3:16, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, John 3 verse 16.
05:34 Again most people probably know this by heart
05:39 but I tell you that I want to share with you
05:41 meaning and value Jesus said for God
05:46 so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son
05:51 that who so ever believeth in him should not perish,
05:55 there is a way out of this world, it's not death
05:59 and doom and destruction, there's a way out
06:02 that whosoever believeth in him,
06:04 that's you and me brother and sister.
06:07 Whosoever is everybody, I don't care
06:09 what nation you come from, I don't care what denomination
06:13 or what background, you have an opportunity here
06:16 today that whosoever believeth in him
06:18 should not perish but have every lasting life.
06:21 Listen to this now in verse 17 of John 3, verse 17
06:27 for God sent not his son into the world to condemn
06:31 the world, he didn't come here to condemn you
06:35 and I in our sin and in our despair,
06:37 he came here to help us,
06:40 that we could have a way out, but that the world
06:44 through him might be saved. Back up to verse 16,
06:49 that whosoever believeth in him, we make that beginning,
06:55 we have that belief in Jesus Christ,
06:58 that he's provided that way. Perhaps you've never asked
07:02 Jesus Christ in to your life but today
07:04 as you find yourself with a reason that you need help
07:07 in different situations the beginning starts by ask
07:12 and ye shall receive, seek and ye shall find, knock
07:18 and it shall be opened unto you.
07:20 Belief itself is not enough, we come to him
07:24 and we pray, we turn away from our way of life,
07:27 that's call repentance, but it takes in the beginning
07:31 God created the Heaven and the earth, he set the example
07:35 and then in John 6, John 3:16,
07:38 For God so loved the world,
07:39 that He gave His only begotten Son,
07:41 that whoever believeth in Him should not perish,
07:43 but have everlasting life. I would like to turn over
07:46 to John 14, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John 14
07:52 and I would like to look at verses 1 through 4,
07:59 this here is hope, this is awesome hope, I don't care
08:03 what war is reigning in your life, I don't care
08:05 what drug addiction, I don't care the alcoholism,
08:08 I don't care the problems of financial issues here.
08:12 Verse 1 of John chapter 14 it says Jesus
08:16 says in red letters in my Bible,
08:18 let not your heart be troubled, ye believe in God
08:23 believe also in me. Here it is brothers and sisters
08:28 the hope, in my father's house are many mansion
08:34 for who, for whosoever that believeth in him,
08:39 that's you and me. If it were not so
08:42 I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you
08:48 and if I go to prepare a place for you
08:51 I will come again and receive you unto myself
08:55 that where I am there ye may be also
09:01 and whether I go ye know and the way you know,
09:05 God hasn't went secretly unto heaven
09:08 and then wants to trick us that we can't find the way,
09:12 he's made it plain for us and we look at the world
09:16 and in on every turn, they want to entertain us,
09:20 they want to keep us, keep us our thoughts away
09:23 that we don't have time to think about peace
09:26 and joy and love. Yes, they have sex and drugs
09:29 and alcohol and fast cars and movies and races
09:32 and all kind of things that keep us energized,
09:35 but at the end of the day when we go to bed
09:37 and we're empty and we're hopeless,
09:39 and I appeal to you my friend that as you find
09:43 yourselves in these hopeless situations,
09:45 there is a God, a God that has helped me,
09:49 brought me from the depths of despair, drug addiction,
09:52 alcoholism, pornographic material
09:55 and from the prison cell physically.
09:58 And he is looking for man and women
10:01 who will say I surrender. You know when you find
10:06 yourself in a shoot out you know you've done,
10:08 you've done rob somebody, you don't want to kill nobody
10:11 and all the bullets are gone and you're hungry
10:13 and you're tired. There is a universal sign in the world
10:18 that says when you wave the flag and you wave it out,
10:24 that means universally I surrender
10:28 or if you're along the highway and you're stranded
10:31 and you're out gas or you got a flat tire,
10:34 you put the flag I surrender, I need help
10:38 and as we're willing to surrender to our Father
10:42 in heaven, the devil, the evilness of society
10:46 is kicked to curb and we no longer are controlled
10:49 by the force that we were powerless over.
10:52 He gives us the power when we are willing to surrender
10:55 our will to him, I don't care what your problem
10:59 in life he empowers you with his Holy Spirit
11:02 when he ascended back unto the father,
11:05 after he was crucified upon the cross of Calvary,
11:09 he said I must go and I will send the comforter
11:13 unto you, that's the Holy Spirit, that's not some
11:18 funny spirit ghost like creature
11:20 that the Halloween stories and the world
11:24 trying to sell us, the Holy Spirit is the comforter
11:28 that lives in us. And dwells and abides with us.
11:32 Give us the guidance and the reasoning,
11:36 so I just tell you that I just appeal to you,
11:40 as we look at John 14, Jesus Christ,
11:46 whatsoever ye shall ask in my name John 14:13,
11:53 John 14 verse 13, and whatsoever
11:57 ye shall ask in my name that will I do.
12:01 This is Jesus Christ saying that whatsoever
12:03 you shall ask in his name he will do. Here's another,
12:08 the other half of that, that the Father
12:12 may be glorified in the Son.
12:15 My friend if you shall ask anything in my name
12:21 I will do it, verse 15 if you love me
12:25 he says keep my commandments,
12:28 oh they thought the commandment
12:29 were done away with, they thought they were nailed
12:31 to cross some people say. That is not true.
12:35 God's commandments are guidelines for us
12:38 that we may serve him, if the commandments
12:41 were nailed to the cross we can steal,
12:43 we can lied we can destroy, we can do whatever we want,
12:46 there be total lawlessness in our land.
12:49 It's says if you love me, keep my commandments
12:52 and I will pray to Father and he shall send you
12:55 another comforter, the Holy Spirit, to give us stability
13:01 in this times of unstability. That he may abide with you
13:08 forever. He is not here today and gone tomorrow,
13:12 he is here today to establish a relationship
13:15 with you and with me, so may we cherish
13:19 that relationship, we wanna be careful
13:21 with that love relationship and I want to tell you
13:24 that there is no way we can be bopping
13:26 with the whole world, going in out of our minds
13:29 and our lives and think that we can have the Holy Spirit.
13:33 The quietness of God, the big screen TV,
13:36 they've got the thin ones now, the LCDs,
13:39 the high definition. Even Christian TV,
13:44 I just saw last week, everybody was singing
13:48 and praising the Lord and then some lady
13:52 she fell down and she got zapped supposedly
13:56 with the Holy Spirit and she's laying
13:58 there emotionless and then they want to pray over her
14:02 and heal her. I am talking about the quietness,
14:06 the love that God builds up, he doesn't knock down,
14:09 he encourages us, he loves us and he wants to help us
14:14 and when you have somebody that loves you and cares
14:16 about you and pulls you from the depths of despair,
14:19 you appreciate that friend. Somebody that comes
14:23 to your aid in a time of need
14:26 you say thank you my friend, and then you begin
14:30 to what to know about this Jesus that created
14:33 the heaven and the earth. This Jesus who set
14:37 the example for you and I in this 21st century,
14:41 this Jesus that came and paid the price upon
14:44 the tree of Calvary for you and for I.
14:49 They want to think about his death upon the cross
14:53 of Calvary as Easter Sunday,
14:56 as the resurrection, praise God that he arose,
15:01 but I want you tell you that what does his resurrection
15:03 have to do with chocolate marshmallow eggs.
15:07 Some little plastic, and some little duckies
15:11 and oh! Yes, they've got the chocolate bunnies.
15:16 What does that have to do with our friend who shed
15:19 his blood upon the cross of the Calvary.
15:21 Our world wants to keep us moving in all different kinds
15:25 of ways that we can't think about the solemn thought,
15:29 that is because of me, it's because I have sinned.
15:35 We all have fallen short of the glory of God.
15:39 I, in the one, the reason that
15:43 he hung upon the cross. He loves us my friend
15:47 and he's come to save us from ourselves
15:50 because we all have fallen short, we all the Bible says
15:56 have sinned and we have an advocate with the Father.
16:01 And as we're willing to surrender our lives
16:03 and our will unto him. He will take that.
16:07 The gift, the offering that we bring. Blind, wretched
16:11 and naked, poor and hungry, not knowing where to turn,
16:15 he will take that surrender and he will come in
16:19 and the Bible says, he will create in us a new heart.
16:22 He wants to do that for you and for me.
16:26 I would like to go to Luke 19, I want to go back to
16:33 John chapter 14, "Let not your heart be troubled.
16:39 You believe in God; believe also in me."
16:41 So let not your heart be troubled today,
16:44 I don't care what your problems are.
16:46 He will help you, he will do for you
16:48 what we can't do for ourselves, in Luke 19:10,
16:52 Matthew, Mark, Luke, John. Matthew, Mark, Luke, John,
16:57 I just want to go, it's just a quick verse here
17:00 but it's very important 19:10, "For the Son of Man
17:07 For the Son of Man has come to seek and to save
17:11 that which was lost."
17:12 That's right from the Bible. In red letters,
17:15 he's come seeking those who are lost.
17:18 And I found myself in many, many, many lost conditions
17:23 and he has been true and faithful through everyone.
17:26 I thank you, I pray that you'll give him
17:29 a chance with your life also. In Matthew 11,
17:33 I would like to go to Matthew 11
17:35 and look at verse 28 through 30,
17:40 these are Jesus word again and I just pray
17:44 that they will be a blessing to you
17:45 as they have been to me. It says, "Come unto Me,
17:49 all ye that labor and are heavy laden."
17:57 The cares of the world, they just knocks us down
18:00 we some days feel so crippled
18:02 that we can't even walk. "Come unto me,
18:05 all ye that labor and are heavy laden
18:07 and I will give you rest," the creators says,
18:11 he give us a Sabbath rest, for one day a week
18:15 we can set everything aside and come
18:17 and be with him a special day.
18:19 Yes, that's the part of the commandments too.
18:22 That's not been nailed to the cross.
18:25 Take my yoke upon you and learn of me.
18:30 In the world we don't learn about
18:32 the love of Jesus Christ, the indwelling
18:34 of the Holy Spirit. It says, take my yoke upon you
18:39 and learn of me. I am meek he says, and lowly in heart,
18:45 humble and kind, compassionate and loving,
18:49 that's our Lord and that's our Savior
18:51 and here's the key and ye shall find
18:55 rest unto you weary souls.
18:59 It doesn't say weary in the Bible,
19:01 it says ye shall find rest unto your souls,
19:04 but for me in the condition I found myself so weary,
19:08 so weary. In verse 30, "For my yoke is easy
19:14 and my burden is light." So Jesus is calling us
19:19 to walk with him. Let me share
19:21 something with you friend. In this great controversy
19:24 in which we live, the war is ragging on both sides
19:28 of us, and that war is not between you and evil,
19:34 between me and evil. That war is between
19:38 good and evil. Jesus Christ and the destroyer,
19:43 and the liar, the war that's going on.
19:47 We have a choice of who will serve,
19:50 of whose side we will be on, but that war
19:53 that is not our battle to fight.
19:55 God will fight it for you. He fought it for me
19:59 and continually, daily, as I turn my life over to him
20:02 and surrender to him. He takes a new each
20:05 and every day and gives us the strength to carry on
20:08 in this world of despair. He's done it in my life
20:11 and I can promise you my friend.
20:13 He will do it for you, I don't care
20:15 how many liquor bottles you got,
20:17 got around your table today.
20:19 I don't care how much drugs you got powered
20:21 in your trunk today. God will take
20:24 those desires of you; he will create in you
20:26 a new heart. As you are willing to surrender to him,
20:31 he will make a way all that money
20:34 that you're used to getting,
20:35 he will make a way, he will provide hope and joy
20:38 and happiness in your life.
20:41 In Matthew 11:28 through 30, Come unto me,
20:46 all ye that labor and are heavy laden,
20:48 and he promises us that he will give you rest.
20:51 Take my yoke upon you and learn from me,
20:53 for I am meek and lonely and heart;
20:55 and you shall find rest unto your souls.
20:58 For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.
21:01 God is promising us those things,
21:04 I'd like to go back a couple of pages
21:07 to Matthew 6, excuse me Matthew 6:24.
21:12 Here is the appeal to you and to I.
21:16 Let's look again Matthew 6:24 through 26.
21:21 Matthew 6:24 to 26, the Bible says,
21:25 "No man can serve two masters."
21:28 We can't serve the good and the evil
21:30 that's going on in our world today.
21:32 "No man can serve two masters:
21:35 for either he will hate the one, and love the other;
21:38 or else he will hold to the one,
21:40 and despise the other." You cannot serve God
21:43 and Mammon. "Therefore I say unto you,
21:47 the Bible says, "Take no thought for your life,
21:49 what ye shall eat; or what ye shall drink
21:52 nor yet for your body, what ye shall put on.
21:55 Is not life more than meat, and the body than raiment.
22:00 Behold the fowls of the air: for they sow not,
22:03 the birds don't go and sow and then they don't plant
22:06 and then go and look for the harvest
22:08 neither do they reap, nor gather into barns
22:11 to store up for the winter months,
22:13 yet your heavenly Father feedeth them.
22:16 Are ye not much better than they?" You have a soul,
22:22 you have a being, God created us to be
22:25 and reunited with him in the Kingdom of heaven.
22:30 Matthew 6:32 to 33, "For all these things
22:36 do the Gentiles seek: for your heavenly Father
22:41 knoweth that ye have need of all these things."
22:43 Jesus has not left us; he knows what you need
22:45 for today and for tomorrow. Look in your path
22:50 has he not taken care of you yesterday
22:52 and brought you to where you are today.
22:54 Look back on your life, perhaps
22:56 that tragic car accident that they said
22:58 that nobody could walk away from.
23:00 I know there's been times in your life
23:03 where you saw God leading.
23:05 I don't care whether you've surrendered your will
23:07 yet today unto him or not. I do care,
23:10 but perhaps you've not made that decision for him
23:13 yet today, but as you look back in your life,
23:15 you can certainly see how you've been blessed by God.
23:18 The sunshine and the beauty, and the flowers,
23:21 sure there's been problems in our lives,
23:23 but he that's why he came to provide a way out.
23:25 To provide hope, verse 33 Matthew 6 verse 33.
23:33 "But seek ye first the Kingdom of God,
23:36 and his righteousness; and all these things,
23:40 the Bible says, shall be added unto you."
23:46 Take therefore no thought for tomorrow:
23:49 for tomorrow shall take thought
23:50 for the things of itself. When I say,
23:54 all these things you may not have
23:55 that fancy Cadillac or that Lincoln or you may not have
23:58 that extra donkey or that extra camel
24:01 that maybe you felt you should have,
24:03 but God will provide for you, what is sufficient.
24:06 Someone may have stole your bicycle or your motorcycle,
24:10 your mode of transportation,
24:12 but God will provide a way for you
24:15 because he knows what you need. I guarantee it
24:18 or I would not be standing here today.
24:20 I would not be standing here today to offer
24:23 some words of hope of what he's done in my life
24:26 for you my friend. He is true and faithful.
24:29 Matthew 7:7, Matthew 7:7, a very beautiful promise.
24:36 Ask and it shall be given to you my friend.
24:39 Seek and ye shall find my friend.
24:43 Knock and it shall be open unto you my friend.
24:50 For everyone that asketh receiveth,
24:54 and he that seeketh, findeth and to him
24:59 that knocketh, it shall be opened.
25:02 Jesus Christ has said, in this equation here.
25:07 "Ask and it shall be given you,
25:10 seek and ye shall find." God is promising to you
25:15 my friend that as you ask for stability in your life
25:19 that seem so unmanageable. As you ask for forgiveness,
25:23 for the things that have so easily be set us,
25:28 ask and it shall be given to you.
25:31 My friend, in the value of that surrendering flag.
25:35 What you are doing in essence is you are opening
25:39 the door to your heart and your saying to your Jesus,
25:42 my life is unmanageable. Will you please come in
25:47 and help me. And at that movement just now,
25:53 as you're saying Lord I too wanna follow you,
25:57 I too want help with my life.
26:01 Do you know the temptations that once
26:04 so easily be set you are know by his strength
26:11 you will be able to overcome.
26:12 Pray each and everyday, seek his face
26:16 in the morning, don't put it till the end of the day
26:19 because all the day, the problems rushed in
26:21 and we have no where to turn,
26:22 no hope or no strength, seek his face
26:25 early in the morning. Don't wait until the end
26:29 of the day to give God the opportunity with your heart
26:32 and with your life. I wanna tell you in a literal sense,
26:35 what's gonna happen to your life, I wanna promise you
26:38 what God will do for you. Your life seems rocky,
26:41 it seems empty, you don't know where to turn,
26:43 but as you ask God, you're willing to surrender
26:46 your will, and your life to him,
26:48 he will take and begin to mold and perfect you,
26:51 he will encourage you and help you.
26:53 I don't care maybe you're a good Christian already.
26:56 I tell you that God will help you and mold you
26:58 and polish you, because he has a special place for you
27:01 my friend in the Kingdom of heaven.
27:04 And I look forward to see you not only you,
27:06 but as you're willing to surrender your will
27:08 and life to Jesus Christ. You're gonna,
27:11 he's gonna use you to lead another,
27:12 and I look forward on that great day to see you
27:15 in the Kingdom of heaven.
27:16 We, we go to the Olympic Games
27:18 and we want to win gold medals
27:20 and all kinds of things. He has streets of gold for you
27:23 and for I. He's promised, he is went to prepare
27:28 a mansion for you. And he said,
27:30 that he will come again and receive you unto himself,
27:33 but we have to be willing to surrender, the choice today
27:37 my friend is to surrender the hopelessness
27:40 and the despair and the emptiness,
27:43 to the creator of the universe.
27:45 And he will lift you up, he will hold you,
27:48 he will sustain you, he will keep you,
27:51 and encourage you. Until that great day,
27:54 I look forward to knowing of what God
27:57 has been doing in your life.
27:58 I wish you God's rich blessings
28:00 until we meet again. Please, surrender
28:03 your will and heart to Jesus, amen.


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