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00:30 Hello my friend, wherever you are
00:32 in the world today I would like to welcome you
00:34 to 3ABN and a special program
00:37 called Faith Chapel. So today we're
00:39 going to go through the Bible a little bit
00:42 and I would like to tell you the topic.
00:45 It's gonna be about Freedom and Forgiveness.
00:48 We certainly all want freedom in this war
00:51 torn world that we live.
00:53 There's terrorist attacks and all kinds of
00:55 despair and so we want freedom.
00:57 The freedom that I'm speaking about,
01:00 is freedom to empower you with the ability to
01:03 say no to those things that you don't want to do,
01:06 that so easily beset us, we know
01:09 we shouldn't do this, but we continue to do it.
01:11 Freedom from within, offers
01:14 freedom for our world without.
01:17 Forgiveness, the power that Jesus upon
01:22 the Cross of Calvary offered for you and I,
01:24 for forgiveness that we can be forgiven.
01:27 Whatever happened yesterday in our life.
01:30 We can find a peace and that forgiveness.
01:33 That's what I wanna share with you today.
01:35 This is certainly what we all desire,
01:38 in these days in which we live.
01:41 The last moments of our Earth's history.
01:44 How many those are we don't know,
01:47 but Jesus is coming back.
01:50 May we bow our heads and have
01:53 prayer in your home, wherever you are,
01:55 together. Our Dear Heavenly Father, I want
01:58 to say thank you for this awesome privilege Lord to,
02:01 to come again once before your throne Lord
02:03 and ask for words of hope and encouragement,
02:06 bless our minds, bless our time here
02:09 together Lord, for we are seeking a better way,
02:12 looking forward to a better day
02:15 and I know without a shadow of a doubt
02:17 that as we're willing to surrender our will
02:21 and our heart and our life unto you.
02:22 You will take that tangled mess.
02:23 You offer that freedom that the world knows
02:25 nothing about and that forgiveness
02:28 that brings about peace, joy and meaning.
02:32 We ask for your presence now
02:35 in Jesus name to your honor and glory we pray.
02:38 Amen. I would like to go
02:42 to Ezekiel chapter 33, Ezekiel chapter 33,
02:47 that's always, it's always a hard book for me
02:49 to find in the Bible. I wasn't very familiar
02:51 with all the chapters and I'm still not,
02:54 so if you have your Bible beside you today
02:56 please pick it up, because I'm not gonna go
02:58 so fast that you can't follow along.
02:59 Ezekiel 33:11. I like to share with you
03:06 something that's going to set the stage
03:08 for our, our, a relationship with Jesus Christ.
03:11 It will be the beginning. In verse 11 it says,
03:16 Say unto them, you and I As I live, saith the Lord
03:21 God, I have no pleasure in the death
03:26 of the wicked. So those of us that are
03:30 seeking forgiveness, if, if we choose
03:33 not to serve God and we, we perish,
03:36 and we are not in the Kingdom of heaven.
03:42 God says right here that I have no pleasure
03:43 in the death of the wicked,
03:44 but that the wicked. Me, my friend,
03:48 might turn from his way and live,
03:53 turn ye, from your evil ways.
03:56 Jesus Christ is appealing to us,
04:01 sinners in this world to turn from the evil
04:06 and the sin in our world, to turn and that we
04:09 may came unto him in repentance,
04:11 that we may realize our dreadful state
04:14 and say Lord, I need your help.
04:17 That was Ezekiel 33. Let's go over a couple of
04:21 chapters to Ezekiel 36. Ezekiel chapter 36:26,
04:30 36: 26, We just read about that he
04:37 has no pleasure in the death of the wicked,
04:39 to turn from our evil way,
04:41 and I want to tell you the promise that God
04:43 is going to do for you today my friend
04:47 as he has done for me.
04:49 Verse 26 A new heart, that's what we
04:54 want to get fixed with the drugs
04:57 and the alcohol, the immoral lifestyle,
04:59 the fast cars and all the money in the world
05:02 cannot buy us a new heart. Jesus Christ says,
05:09 A new heart also will I give you,
05:11 and a new spirit, a spirit of peace, tranquility,
05:16 willingness to serve our master and our creator.
05:21 I will put within you a new spirit will I
05:25 put within you and I will take
05:27 way the stoning heart. He will take away
05:30 that heart of no care, I don't care about
05:33 my neighbor, I don't care about the wars
05:35 as long as I've got bread to eat today.
05:37 I don't care about what's going on.
05:40 The disaster of 9/11 people say they
05:43 flew their flag for a little bit in our country.
05:45 It was a tragedy, but soon they forgot.
05:49 We become callous with the News media playing all
05:54 the doom and the gloom and he says I will
05:56 take away the stony heart out of your flesh
05:59 and I will give you a heart of flesh.
06:01 And I will put my spirit within you
06:05 and cause you to walk in My statutes
06:09 and you shall keep my judgments and do them.
06:13 So Jesus Christ is saying that you shall dwell
06:17 in the land that I gave to your fathers
06:19 and you shall be my people and I will be your God.
06:22 There is a way to come back.
06:24 We fail, humanity fail in the Garden of Eden
06:29 and God the Almighty providence He sent
06:34 his son Jesus to make our way back
06:39 that we and He shall be my people
06:43 and He says I will be your God.
06:45 So we have to come to that point in our life
06:49 where we're willing to surrender the garbage
06:51 that so easily beset us, and he will take us.
06:54 Let's go to Luke that was the Old Testament.
06:57 Let's go to Luke in the New Testament.
06:58 Some people they feel that the Old Testament
07:01 is for the old times and the New Testament is
07:03 now for today, but I say the Bible is all
07:05 one and it goes from the beginning.
07:07 In the beginning God created the heaven
07:08 and the earth until the end when he comes back
07:10 to receive us home to his kingdom.
07:12 Luke 15. I would like to go Luke 15:1-7.
07:17 Then drew near unto him all the publicans
07:23 and sinners for to hear him.
07:25 This was a gathering and so they drew near
07:28 to Jesus to hear him and the Pharisees
07:31 and the scribes, the big Christian leaders
07:33 of that day. They murmured saying,
07:37 This man receiveth sinners.
07:39 They thought that they wanted a special council
07:41 with God, that they had a special inn with
07:44 the creator of the universe. God receives sinners.
07:48 The people, the common people of the land
07:51 and he spake this parable unto them saying.
07:55 Red letters in my Bible, "What man of you,
07:59 having a hundred sheep, if he lose one of them,
08:03 doth not leave the ninety and nine in the wilderness?"
08:09 How many of you have a hundred sheep in the
08:11 country where you live and one is missing tonight
08:14 and it's raining and it's dark and gloomy
08:18 and there is canyons and there's crevasses and
08:20 there's wolves and coyotes.
08:21 Perhaps, bear is wild animals and would you not
08:26 leave the ones secure and go looking for
08:29 that one lost sheep. That one lost soul.
08:34 Jesus was willing to come unto this world
08:37 to save you my friend and me.
08:42 to save you my friend and me.
08:43 And I'm so grateful. If you lose one of them,
08:49 doth not leave the ninety and nine in the wilderness,
08:51 and go after that which is lost, until he find it,
08:54 tirelessly. He doesn't get tired, he continues to
08:57 seek until he finds it. And when he hath found it,
09:02 he layeth it on his shoulders, rejoicing,
09:05 he layeth it on his shoulders rejoicing,
09:08 and when he cometh home, he didn't beat that
09:11 sheep, he didn't condemn that sheep.
09:13 He went seeking for that sheep and I'm sure
09:15 he bound its wounds up and mended the broken leg
09:18 perhaps and he put it upon his shoulders it says
09:21 and when he has found it he layeth it
09:24 on his shoulders, rejoicing not
09:26 grumbling and murmuring.
09:28 Some times in society we want to go
09:30 and help some person and we says oh man
09:32 I had to help him and I had to do this and I
09:34 had to do that. Trying out of goodness of our heart
09:37 to help somebody. But then so often
09:41 I find myself tired at the end of the day and murmur
09:46 and complain. And I have to go to God,
09:49 I don't have to, I choose to go to God
09:50 and ask him for that forgiveness
09:52 in my life today Lord. So don't be
09:55 discouraged whatever it is in your life,
09:57 here it is at the end of the day he came,
10:00 he had been tired, he sought, he found
10:02 that lost sheep and he came rejoicing.
10:05 And when he cometh home, he calleth together
10:07 his friends and neighbors, saying unto them,
10:09 Rejoice with me. He says he called
10:12 a gathering for I have found my sheep which
10:15 was lost and as Jesus is looking today
10:17 throughout the world. He's looking to those
10:20 of us who are lost. We have lost our way
10:24 on a gloomy foggy night. We can't find our way,
10:28 he is seeking you, no matter what the depths
10:33 of despair that you maybe facing.
10:35 He is looking for you. May you call out
10:40 to him that he can hear your call and he
10:43 will be there. I guarantee you, I say unto you
10:47 that likewise joy shall be in heaven over
10:50 how many sinners, if you have your Bible with me
10:53 today. I say unto you that likewise joy shall be
10:56 in heaven over one sinner that repenteth,
11:00 more than over ninety and nine just persons,
11:03 which need no repentance.
11:05 My friend that is for you, and for me.
11:09 Sick and ready to die in a hospital room some
11:13 almost 12 years ago. I called out to the
11:16 creator of the universe and I said
11:18 Dear Jesus please help me.
11:22 I wanna quit, but I can't, I had a desire
11:25 for change in my life and I called unto the King
11:28 of the universe and he has been true and
11:31 faithful each and everyday since then.
11:34 He will do for you what the doctors of our
11:38 land cannot do. He will do for you what the
11:41 judges of our world cannot do, or the
11:43 King of your land, they cannot legislate morality,
11:48 they cannot legislate a change of a heart,
11:51 but Jesus Christ says I say unto you that
11:55 likewise joy shall be in heaven over one
11:56 sinner that repenteth. Repenting is a turning away,
12:01 realizing our need for our Savior.
12:04 He is blessing, after blessing, after blessing.
12:07 I would like to turn now if we could to Luke 15
12:14 and look at verses 10 through 24.
12:18 Likewise I say unto you, there is joy in the
12:21 presence of the angels of God over one sinner
12:24 that repenteth. We have just heard that over
12:26 here in this parable, now he is saying it
12:29 in another parable, so it's very important to
12:31 him that it's repeated twice right next to each other.
12:35 Let's look at verse 11 says
12:44 and he said a certain man had two sons.
12:45 Now this is a different parable.
12:47 And a certain man had two sons and the
12:50 younger of them said to his father,
12:51 give me the portion of goods that falleth to me.
12:55 And he divided them his living.
12:59 And not many days after the younger son
13:01 gathered together all together,
13:03 and took his journey into a far country.
13:06 Why did he wanna go into a far country,
13:08 because usually when we do things wrong
13:10 we wanna like leave town, we wanna go
13:13 where people don't know us, the drugs and
13:15 the sex and the alcohol, we wanna leave town
13:17 and go some place else and he took all his piles
13:20 of money, maybe bags of gold and camels
13:23 whatever it maybe on that day.
13:27 And there wasted his substance with
13:30 riotous living. And when he had spent all,
13:35 he has spent all, it was all gone.
13:39 He wasted all his financial abilities.
13:43 They were exhausted, they were gone
13:46 and when he had spent all there arose
13:49 a mighty famine in that land and he began
13:51 to be in want. He wanted now,
13:54 he was probably buying for everybody.
13:56 Have you ever done that, have you ever bought
13:59 things for people because you want them to
14:01 like you. You want to be a part of their group.
14:03 You want to fit in. I have, wasted much money in
14:08 those lines. And he went and joined himself
14:11 to a citizen of that country, a regular
14:14 common working person of that country,
14:16 a citizen and he sent him into his fields
14:18 to feed swine and he would fain have filled
14:22 his belly with the husks that the swine
14:25 did eat. So what he was feeding to the pigs.
14:27 He was, he was fain, he was as just soon
14:30 been able to eat that himself.
14:32 And no man gave unto him.
14:35 He had all his friends I'm sure and no one gave
14:39 unto him a morsel of food to eat.
14:42 And, when he came to himself, 12 years ago
14:46 I came to myself and I said God I need your help
14:49 and this man when he came to himself
14:52 he said how many hired servants of my fathers
14:55 have bread enough to and to spare,
14:57 and I perish with hunger. I will arise
15:01 and go to my father, and will say unto him,
15:03 Father, I have sinned against heaven,
15:07 and before thee. So he had a plan
15:10 that he was gonna home unto his father
15:12 I'm sorry, I have sinned against heaven
15:15 and against you my father. My earthly father,
15:19 and with that plan in mind he began to make
15:22 his journey I don't know if he gave it two weeks
15:24 notice or a one day notice.
15:25 He began to go home with a plan
15:28 And I'm no more worthy to be called thy son,
15:30 make me as one of thy hired servants.
15:33 And he arose, and came to his father,
15:37 so he traveled to his father.
15:38 I'm sure this time he didn't have no bags of gold,
15:41 no camel, no donkeys, no bicycles,
15:43 and no automobiles. Check this out my friend
15:48 this is what Jesus does for you and me.
15:50 He is waiting for you to say that you need help.
15:56 But when he was yet a great way off,
16:00 his father saw him, his father had to be
16:04 watching for him each and every day,
16:07 each and every moment God is waiting for you
16:10 to call unto him, his phone is never busy,
16:13 never will put you on hold, never a call waiting.
16:17 You will have a direct access to the King of
16:20 the universe. But when he was yet a great way
16:26 off his father saw him and had compassion,
16:29 and ran, and fell on his neck, and kissed him.
16:33 And the son said unto him, Father, I have sinned
16:36 against heaven, and in thy sight, so he didn't come
16:38 home and say what he come home and what he meant
16:41 to come home and say and I'm no more worthy to
16:43 be called thy son. So he came home with that repenteth,
16:46 that humble heart, but the father said to his
16:51 servants, bring forth the best robe,
16:56 bring forth the best robe and put it on him;
17:01 and he put a ring on his hand, and shoes
17:05 on his feet. He probably came home
17:08 with no shoes on his feet.
17:10 God will accept us in our degradation,
17:15 in our mental illnesses, in our depression,
17:19 you know, whatever it is the problems that
17:21 have so beat us down God takes us just as
17:25 we are and he is waiting for us.
17:27 He has compassion on us and he sees us
17:29 a long way off and he is looking for you today
17:33 my friend and for me each and every day.
17:38 It's a daily growing relationship with
17:41 Jesus Christ. Remember Peter the Apostle Peter,
17:46 he was walking towards Jesus on the water says if
17:50 it's really you Lord call me and the Lord called
17:53 him and he got out of the boat and he began to
17:55 walk, and for whatever reason he took
17:57 his eyes off of Jesus.
17:59 Whatever reason you have taken your eyes of the
18:01 Jesus maybe you have never had a personal relationship
18:04 with Jesus, but Peter said, save me.
18:07 As he was sinking in that waves of the tempest
18:12 and Jesus reached down and saved him
18:16 and that's what been offered today
18:21 for you and for I, but we have to
18:24 be willing to ask, because Jesus never forces.
18:28 He doesn't forces way on us,
18:30 he doesn't intrude on our time,
18:31 he doesn't barge in, the devil and ways of the
18:34 world inundate us and bombard us
18:37 to keep us so busy we're going 90 miles
18:40 an hour and going nowhere.
18:41 And we find ourselves just because
18:44 our car is running and it's speedometer says
18:46 60 miles an hour or 70, we don't even look
18:49 out the window. We are stuck in the mud,
18:51 the wheels are spinning and the speedometer
18:53 says we are going somewhere.
18:54 We think we are on our way,
18:56 but until the tank runs out of gas sometimes
18:59 we don't stop and get out, look around
19:01 and then at that point we call unto God.
19:04 But he is willing to take us just as we are.
19:08 Not to leave us that way, but take us
19:12 as and remake us, and shape us and mold us
19:14 and create in us a new heart.
19:17 And the father said for this was son,
19:19 for this my son was dead and he is alive again.
19:24 He was lost and he is found and they begin
19:28 to come together as a family together,
19:32 and Jesus, my sister is looking for you,
19:36 my brother Jesus is looking for you
19:39 that we can be together in relationship with Jesus
19:43 as a family haven't he turn to starts today.
19:46 It starts on this earth as we make a decision
19:49 for Jesus. There is no way in the world
19:51 that we're gonna be ready to meet him in the
19:52 calls of glory, unless we are willing today
19:56 to say please help me. Then he begins
19:59 to perfect our character day-by-day and
20:02 he that is, to began a good work in us
20:05 will finish it. We can trust him with that.
20:08 I guarantee you. I would like to go to
20:13 Luke 16 verse 13, right across the page in my Bible.
20:17 It is in red letters. No servant can serve
20:21 two masters for either he will hate the one,
20:23 and love the other; or else he will hold
20:25 to the one, and despise the other.
20:27 You cannot serve God and mammon.
20:29 We can't have one foot in the world
20:31 and the other foot in church and besides
20:33 church is not enough to get us to heaven.
20:35 It's a personal heart rendering to Jesus Christ,
20:38 there is not a big church on the hill,
20:40 that is all ready to go to heaven.
20:42 It is individuals that he is taking to the
20:44 kingdom of heaven, on judgment day
20:46 you my friend and myself will be standing
20:49 individually before the creator of the universe
20:51 and the books will be opened.
20:53 We can't rely on a preacher to take us to heaven.
20:56 There is nobody that can forgive our sins
20:58 on this earth besides the creator and
21:00 the universe. The Jesus Christ,
21:02 the one who shed his blood, and died for us.
21:04 If that personal relationship and its starts today
21:09 that he prepares our heart, and our mind
21:11 and our life for service for him.
21:13 You can't look back or fix or take care
21:17 of whatever happened yesterday.
21:18 We can ask him for that forgiveness
21:20 and then it starts a new chapter in our life
21:23 today and then tomorrow.
21:27 I would like to go to Ephesians 4,
21:30 Ephesians 4, it's in the New Testament
21:33 there in the back, I always had a hard time
21:35 to finding Ephesians, Ephesians 4
21:39 and I would like to look at 27 to 32,. 27 to 32.
21:45 The Bible says, neither give place to the devil.
21:51 Let him that stole steal no more, but rather
21:55 let him labor working with his hands,
21:56 the thing which is good that he may have
21:59 to give to him that needeth.
22:00 Let no corrupt communication proceed out of
22:04 your mouth, but that which is good
22:06 to the use of edifying that it may minister
22:10 grace unto the hearers. And grieve not the
22:14 Holy Spirit of God, whereby ye are sealed
22:16 unto the day of redemption. You my friend with
22:19 the beginning walk with Jesus Christ,
22:21 God takes you. He now has control of your life,
22:25 'cause you were willing to surrender unto him
22:27 and you are beginning, that sealing process
22:29 is beginning to point your life.
22:31 He loves you and he will do the work in you
22:34 that we could not do on ourselves.
22:36 Let all bitterness, and wrath, and anger,
22:38 and clamor, and evil speaking be put away from you,
22:41 with all malice. And be ye kind one to another,
22:46 tenderhearted, forgiving one another,
22:48 even as God for Christ's sake hath forgiven you.
22:51 My brother and my sister, I tell you that that
22:55 is impossible by worldly standards to forgive,
22:59 we don't do that. We got the anger and the
23:03 malice and evil speaking, but God changes
23:07 the heart and makes it so that we can forgive
23:10 and be kind one to another. Amen.
23:14 Tenderhearted, forgiving one another,
23:17 even as God for Christ's sake has forgiven you.
23:20 We even got problems in our big churches
23:23 of the world today. I don't like him
23:25 because he did this or he did that.
23:27 Brothers and sisters, that's got to stop
23:29 and the only way that can stop is if
23:31 we're willing to surrender to Jesus Christ.
23:35 I would like to turnover to Philippians 1:6. 1:6
23:40 is a promise and I don't want, ever want you
23:42 to forget it, "being confident as you are
23:45 willing to surrender to Jesus Christ today.
23:47 You are saying Lord I need your help,
23:49 as Peter in the water in the tempest in the raging
23:51 sea says save me. As you ask Jesus for
23:55 helping your life today, being confident
23:58 of this very thing, that he which has begun a
24:01 good work in you, in me will perform it
24:05 until the day of Jesus Christ.
24:07 Meaning that you are gonna be ready to
24:08 meet him in the clouds of glory
24:10 each and every day as you are willing to
24:12 surrender and renew your life unto Jesus Christ.
24:15 Philippians 4 had just right in the same,
24:18 right across, Philippians chapter 4 verse 4.
24:25 Rejoice in the Lord always and I say Rejoice.
24:29 Let your moderation be known unto all men.
24:32 The Lord is at hand. My friend today
24:37 is a day of decision for you.
24:41 The devil wants you to put it off till tomorrow.
24:44 Today is your beginning. The Lord is at hand,
24:48 he is here to help, he is out seeking the lost.
24:51 Now as the prodigal son come home and
24:53 said I'm no longer worthy to be
24:55 called your son, may put a robe on him.
25:01 Be careful for nothing; but in every thing
25:05 by prayer and supplication with
25:08 Thanksgiving let your requests be known
25:11 unto God. And the peace of God,
25:15 which passes all understanding shall keep
25:19 our hearts, shall keep your hearts
25:26 and minds through Christ Jesus.
25:29 Here it is, finally, brethren, whatsoever things
25:34 are true, whatsoever things are honest,
25:36 whatsoever things are just,
25:38 whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever
25:41 things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good
25:43 report; if there be any virtue,
25:46 and if there be any praise, think on
25:48 these things. Shut your secular TV off,
25:51 leave your radio off, when you go down
25:53 the highway, there is no value in that
25:56 garbage that they want to sell us,
25:57 entertainment, that takes away from our,
26:00 our relationship with Jesus. It says,
26:02 if its lovely, if its good report, if there
26:04 is any virtue, if there is any praise,
26:05 think on these things. Look at the butterflies
26:08 flying in your country. Look at the little bees
26:11 or the little dandelions, look at the creation
26:14 that God has made and that will lift your heart
26:16 and mind to the creator. Leave the world off.
26:19 Be careful with Christian rock.
26:23 Christian rap, Christian this, Christian that,
26:26 just because it says Christian, try it
26:30 by the love of God. Philippians 4:13 is a
26:33 great promise, its carried me many many miles
26:36 and for you too my friend please don't
26:39 ever forget it. Highlight it in your Bible.
26:41 I can do all things through Christ
26:45 which strengthens me.
26:47 You too my friend can do all things
26:49 through Christ who strengthens you.
26:51 Verse 19 but my God just supply all your need
26:55 according to his riches in glory.
27:02 Now unto God and our Father be glory
27:05 forever and ever, Amen.
27:06 Verse 23,. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ
27:12 be with you all. Amen. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ
27:20 be with you all. Amen. He's went to heaven
27:25 to prepare a mansion for you and for I,
27:27 my friend. And he is coming back again one day
27:30 I feel very, very soon, look at the turbulent times
27:33 in which we live, soon and very soon
27:37 we shall see the King and we will be ready
27:41 to meet him in the clouds of glory.
27:43 Those streets paved with gold.
27:45 I tell you my friend I look forward
27:48 to seeing you on that great day
27:50 when Jesus Christ comes back.
27:52 God bless you and we love you,
27:54 don't give up, look back.


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