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00:01 Please stay with us
00:09 3ABN presents
00:16 this closed captioned program.
00:30 Hello friends.
00:31 My name is Michael Kontes
00:32 and I want to welcome you
00:34 to Faith Chapel.
00:35 Today we're going
00:36 to look at "Last Words. "
00:38 Before we do that
00:39 let us pray.
00:40 Father we come to You now and we thank Thee once again
00:43 for the life that you've given us.
00:44 Help us as we go through this study
00:47 to come closer to You.
00:48 Help us to understand You.
00:50 In Jesus name, Amen.
00:55 Words mean something, sentences mean something.
00:58 Communication means something.
01:01 In the Gospel of Matthew, chapter 15:18, we read:
01:16 Those things that proceed from the mouth
01:18 come from the heart.
01:21 In 1996 my wife and I were leaving to go to Greece
01:27 for fourteen days to visit my two grandmothers.
01:31 One was 92 years old and the other was 85 years old.
01:33 The Lord opened up an opportunity
01:35 for us to go to Greece, paid for!
01:39 I just want to tell you, I'm the only Adventist in my family
01:44 and my wife Reagan is the only Adventist in her family.
01:48 Our faith is very important to us.
01:53 Maybe I shouldn't say this, but I will anyway.
01:57 I can't stand flying. I don't like to fly.
02:01 I'm getting used to it a little bit better now
02:04 but I didn't like it back then.
02:05 And everyone told me,
02:07 "You're more apt to die in a car accident. "
02:10 Yes, I understand.
02:12 And I know when it's my time to go, it's my time to go.
02:15 I understand that.
02:16 But when it's the pilot's turn, it's everyone's turn to go.
02:19 So for me, flying in an airplane
02:22 made me a bit paranoid.
02:24 So as we're readying to leave out of SFO
02:27 and my mother-in-law is going to watch
02:29 the kids for the next 14 days or so
02:31 as we're walking out I turn to her and make eye contact
02:35 and I told her, "Carol, if something happens to us "
02:40 "please, I want Lucas and Arianna "
02:45 "to be put in a Seventh Day Adventist School "
02:48 "and go to Seventh Day Adventist Church. "
02:51 And she looked up at me and said,
02:52 "Michael, nothing is going to happen "
02:53 "to you and Reagan, don't worry. "
02:56 "And besides that, you aren't flying on the same airplane "
02:59 "because of your fear, so if something does happen "
03:01 "it'll only happen to one of you. "
03:02 That made me feel a lot better.
03:05 I was so concerned that if something was to happen to me
03:10 that I wanted to make sure the future of my children
03:14 in school as well as their faith would be preserved.
03:17 Usually, many times when people come down
03:21 to the closing scenes of their lives
03:23 They say some very profound things.
03:29 I'd like to share a couple of quotes this morning
03:32 from some people at the end of their lives
03:34 the things they have said.
03:38 Niccolo Machiavelli, an Italian spokesman said,
03:42 "I desire to go to hell and not heaven "
03:46 "In the former place I shall enjoy the company of popes "
03:51 "kings and princes. While in the latter "
03:55 "are only beggars, monks and apostles. "
04:00 Mr. Machiavelli was pretty frank and candid wasn't he.
04:03 He knew where he wanted to go.
04:07 Blackjack Ketchum was a bank robber and killer.
04:12 And just before he was hung he said,
04:18 "I'll be in hell before you finish breakfast boys. "
04:22 "Let 'er rip. "
04:24 Notice he had a hardness of heart.
04:25 A hardness of heart was revealed with his last words.
04:32 Leonardo da Vinci said,
04:34 "I have offended God and mankind "
04:37 "because my work didn't reach the quality it should have. "
04:43 Notice the perfectionism that Leonardo da Vinci had.
04:50 The Greek, Socrates in his last words said,
04:56 "Crito, we owe a cock to Asclepius. "
05:03 "Pay it, and do not forget. "
05:06 Socrates wanted to make sure his debts were taken care of.
05:16 Agrippina, Nero's mother said something very profound.
05:25 "Smite my womb. "
05:30 Do you think she felt a little guilt?
05:32 Alexander the Great at his death said about his successor,
05:40 "The strongest. "
05:42 Alexander was a man of power.
05:46 Notice the words reveal power.
05:48 Phineas T. Barnum, the great businessman said,
05:53 "How were the circus receipts tonight "
05:57 "at Madison Square Garden? "
05:59 Notice the love of money.
06:02 William Tyndale the great Christian author said,
06:05 "Lord, open the King of England's eyes. "
06:12 Notice true love.
06:14 Malcolm X, black Muslim leader said,
06:16 "Let's cool it brothers. "
06:19 Said when the three assassins were about to kill him.
06:24 Many of you know of the Christian H. M. S. Richards Jr.
06:28 His last words to his daughter Mary were,
06:35 "I had to learn total relinquishment. "
06:45 And her reply was, "Oh Daddy that's wonderful. "
06:47 "We all need to be able to do that. "
06:49 And then he said, "Mary, I'll see you in the morning. "
06:55 Last words are very important.
06:59 We're going to go through our Bible this morning
07:02 and we're going to look at just a snippet, just a few
07:06 last words spoken by people in the Bible
07:11 and look at the importance that they carry.
07:13 First, some of the words that are very profound to me
07:18 comes from the book of Genesis.
07:20 Genesis 4:13-14
08:00 Notice Cain's words had no remorse
08:06 for the shed blood of his brother.
08:09 The only thing Cain cared about was Cain.
08:12 Here God came down to try to reason with him,
08:16 tried to talk to him,
08:18 tried to ask him, "Where's your brother? "
08:21 God tried to get him to humble his heart
08:25 and explain what he just did.
08:29 Yet Cain's last words recorded in the Bible
08:32 are about his self-absorbed worry about being a vagabond
08:36 on the face of the earth.
08:37 Cain didn't care about what he had done to Able.
08:41 All he cared about were the circumstances that he'd be in
08:45 because of his actions.
08:46 How many times do we fall into the same boat as Cain?
08:49 God comes and wants to reason with us.
08:53 And all we do is whine and cry about the circumstances we're in
08:57 In fact, it's the circumstances we've put ourselves in.
09:03 "Oh God, why did You allow me to "
09:08 "have my house go into foreclosure. "
09:10 And we were spending our money on the lottery.
09:14 Well, God's not going to stop things from taking place
09:18 in our lives friends that we are causing to ourselves.
09:23 A friend of mine had a very bad addiction to drugs
09:28 and wondered why God would not have him stop.
09:33 Friends, I can tell you, God wants him to stop.
09:36 But we always have a choice.
09:37 But until we exercise the resolve to say,
09:42 "God, I want the power. I know I've hurt you. "
09:45 "I will no longer do this. "
09:47 If we continue to like the sin, follow me: Numbers11:18-20.
09:51 God will allow us to eat 'so much of the quail, '
09:58 that it 'comes out of our nostrils. '
10:00 You follow me?
10:01 Let's go to the next story I want to look at
10:05 concerning last words.
10:06 Genesis 50:24
10:29 Notice, Joseph's last words were that, "God will bring "
10:37 "out of this land. "
10:38 And part of the context said,
10:42 "When you come out of this land "
10:44 "I want you to take my bones with you. "
10:48 Now notice that friends.
10:49 Joseph was second in command in Egypt.
10:52 Egypt had been very good to him yet
10:55 even in the midst of Egypt he viewed himself as an exile.
11:00 And his last words were, "Take my bones out from here "
11:04 "when God takes all of you out. "
11:07 Notice the champion, Joseph saw that some day
11:14 his kinsmen would be released.
11:19 He also saw that he'd give his own body
11:25 as a sign to his people,
11:27 a sign of hope.
11:28 In Joseph's last words we see
11:31 he not only viewed himself as an exile
11:34 in this foreign land, but he also saw that
11:38 his bones would be a sign to his people that they'd be released.
11:43 Through the centuries of toil that followed
11:46 Joseph's coffin would be a constant reminder
11:50 of his dying words.
11:54 Now let's take a peek into the New Testament.
11:57 Now we aren't going to go over all the last words
11:59 that are here, I don't have enough time to do that.
12:01 I'd love for you to do your own private study in this area.
12:06 It's fascinating what you will find.
12:09 Let's open up to the Gospel of John.
12:12 Jesus was speaking to Pilate,
12:14 Let's look at the last words Jesus spoke to Pilate.
12:40 Notice here, Jesus is standing in front of a politician,
12:46 in front of a ruler who could probably orchestrate
12:49 events to have Jesus released.
12:53 And yet this politician tells Him how he has power
12:58 over Him to release Him.
13:01 And the words have to haunt Pilate continuously
13:07 were, "You have no power over Me. "
13:12 "You have no power over Me. "
13:14 Notice Jesus' last words to Pilate.
13:18 Can you imagine friends.
13:22 If your boss comes to you at work
13:25 and let's say he wants you to do some unethical thing.
13:29 and you say, "I don't want to do this. "
13:31 and he says, "Do you know who I am? "
13:32 "Do you know what power I have over you? "
13:34 "I can give you vacations "
13:36 "I can take away vacations. "
13:38 "I can give you a raise. "
13:39 "I can take away a raise. "
13:41 I can do whatever I want with your career. "
13:42 And you look your boss straight in the eyes and say,
13:45 "That may be true but ultimately you have "
13:52 "no authority in my life. "
13:54 "My authority is God, and to do His will. "
13:58 That's profound, isn't it?
14:03 Let us go into the Book of the Revelation.
14:06 One of the most profound last words we get in Revelation 22
14:45 Friends, through this text we're taught that there comes a time
14:50 where mercy will no longer be extended to sinners.
14:53 In fact we could share that this text can be translated,
14:58 "Let him who is unjust continue to be unjust "
15:02 "let him who is filthy continue to be filthy "
15:05 "let him who is righteous continue to be righteous "
15:08 "and let him who is holy continue to be holy. "
15:11 There is coming a time when the ministry of Jesus
15:15 in the Heavenly Sanctuary will come to an end.
15:18 There will come a time when Jesus will lay aside His robe
15:21 after He exclaims the words,
15:23 "Let him who is unjust be unjust. "
15:27 This is VERY profound and should be very
15:33 eye opening for us to realize
15:36 Mercy's door will not always be open.
15:40 In fact, it may be theologically correct
15:43 to say that there comes a place where the
15:47 Door of Mercy in our lives is slowly and gradually closing.
15:51 For some of us the Door of Mercy can close today, tomorrow,
15:57 next week, next year.
15:59 We don't know.
16:00 But that door is slowly closing.
16:04 In 1996 before I was a Christian
16:09 I was a terrible individual to be quite candid.
16:17 I was not a good husband or father, son or brother,
16:22 I was not a good anything.
16:23 I was just a decent bass fisherman.
16:25 And my wife started praying for me to find the Lord again.
16:34 And so as she was praying for me for 3 or 4 months
16:37 the Lord was working on my heart.
16:39 I began to see things on TV that I'd never noticed before.
16:44 You know, spiritual things are spiritually discerned.
16:46 I watched TV as a girl went to her high school prom
16:52 gave birth to her baby and put the baby in a trash bin
16:57 and went out to finish her dance.
16:59 And I said, "Man, something is really wrong with this world. "
17:03 You see the Holy Spirit was beginning to touch me,
17:06 was beginning to take the dust off of my eyes,
17:10 was beginning to show me that the clock was winding down.
17:17 On another TV program 9 year old kids were taking guns to school.
17:21 When I was in high school, graduated in 1995,
17:24 I was just worried about my biology teacher
17:28 or my chemistry teacher, Mr. Carroll
17:30 busting me for chewing gum,
17:32 down the hall way or in class!
17:34 And now kids are taking guns to school.
17:37 And I looked at the TV and said,
17:39 "Something is really wrong with our world. "
17:42 "really wrong! "
17:44 As God was touching my heart
17:47 I stayed up one night in May,
17:50 May 26th 1996, I was watching a prophecy show.
17:54 The preacher of the prophecy show said,
17:57 "Are you ready if Jesus comes? "
18:02 He pointed at the TV and said,
18:05 "Be prepared. The closing events are rapidly taking place. "
18:10 "All kinds of things are happening around us. "
18:14 "If you die tonight do you know where you will go? "
18:18 And I sat there in my living room knowing
18:22 a battle was taking place because as I was watching
18:24 I wanted to click off that channel and go to another
18:26 and I would do it for a second and the Holy Spirit prompted
18:29 my heart to back to the prophecy show.
18:32 When someone has served Satan for their entire life
18:36 the voice of Jesus can't be understood very well.
18:41 But you can discern the voice of Satan.
18:45 I was his puppet and he was the puppet master.
18:48 And I could discern Satan's voice better than God's voice.
18:51 But God did not leave me hanging from a cliff.
18:55 You see, as I sat there I realized
19:02 that if I was to die that night
19:06 I would die without the hope of salvation.
19:11 That night, I'm sure there were demons but also good angels,
19:16 and ministering angels trying to help me understand my condition,
19:20 trying to help me see I wasn't as good as I thought I was,
19:23 but that I was bad and really bad,
19:29 in fact, the chief of sinners.
19:32 I remember clicking off the TV that night
19:34 and walking down the hallway and getting on my hands and knees
19:38 for the first time and praying Jesus into my life.
19:42 I asked Him to forgive me of all of my sins
19:45 and friends, the next day I woke up
19:46 and it was like 300 pounds was off of my back.
19:51 I was hoping and skipping and jumping and
19:54 the burdens of life were taken from me.
19:57 I can tell you today, I know that night
20:01 was the night of my probation.
20:03 The doors were closing.
20:05 Yet God opened them up
20:07 and reached out to me one other time.
20:09 My whole life He had been reaching out to me.
20:12 And my whole life I had been rejecting Him.
20:14 Do you reject Jesus?
20:18 How long has He been reaching out to you?
20:22 Has He been reaching out to you for years?
20:24 Are you neglecting His voice?
20:26 You are allowing yourself to become a puppet
20:29 of the puppet master,
20:32 the evil one, the dragon, that old serpent,
20:35 Satan, the devil himself.
20:37 Friends, if Jesus is reaching out to you, trying to call you,
20:43 if He's trying to give and extend mercy to you
20:45 today is the day of salvation.
20:48 Today is the day to accept His call,
20:51 His invitation, His knocking on your heart's door.
20:55 There will come a day
20:57 when the High Priest will say,
20:59 "It is done "
21:01 in the Heavenly Sanctuary.
21:02 And when that is said
21:04 there will be a chasm opened and no more reconciliation ministry
21:07 for the people of earth.
21:10 Now let's look at our last saying which once again comes
21:13 from the Book of the Revelation
21:14 which end the book itself.
21:17 Revelation 22
21:35 Notice that one of the last words
21:38 in this chapter that Jesus says is
21:40 "I come quickly and behold my reward is with Me. "
21:44 This shows the eminence of His coming
21:48 wanting each person to be prepared
21:50 for His soon return.
21:52 "I come quickly. " He could have said many things, friends.
21:55 He could have said, "I'm coming "
21:57 But why did He say, "I'm coming quickly? "
22:00 He said he was returning quickly to inspire us and to motivate us
22:06 to be His people,
22:09 to be confident and to be serving Him
22:13 out of a pure heart, out of the right motives,
22:17 not just because He's coming,
22:20 but he's coming quickly.
22:22 Now it goes on in this chapter
22:26 in Revelation 22:17,
22:29 "The Spirit and the bride say, 'Come' "
22:32 "and let him that hears say, 'Come' "
22:36 "and let him that is thirsty come "
22:42 "and whosoever will let him take of the Water of Life freely. "
22:48 Notice the last words of Jesus is open mercy to everyone.
22:54 That is how He ends this book.
22:56 He ends the book of Revelation
22:58 by giving an invitation to mankind
23:01 that everyone who thirsts to know Jesus,
23:06 everyone who thirsts to have their sins covered
23:10 by the blood of the Lamb,
23:12 everyone who desires to not drink
23:14 of the spiritually impure water
23:18 but rather to drink the pure water,
23:21 we are to come to Jesus,
23:24 to desire, to embrace Jesus.
23:27 We are to desire Jesus and Jesus alone.
23:32 Jesus said, "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. "
23:37 Friends, as we're closing what are the last words
23:45 that you hear Jesus speaking to you today?
23:48 Is today the day where your probation line is drawn?
23:54 Or what are the last words you've spoken to someone else?
23:58 Have you spoken words of hope like Joseph?
24:00 where he said, "Take my bones when you leave this land? "
24:06 Or are you saying words like Cain?
24:09 "My punishment is too great. "
24:12 "I cannot bear it. "
24:17 What words are you hearing?
24:18 What words are you saying?
24:20 I remember a couple years back
24:27 some of the words that I used to use
24:31 prior to being a Christian, I regret it very much.
24:34 I used to hurt people with the words that I said.
24:37 And some of the words I said
24:38 to some of my high school friends
24:39 were very hurtful words.
24:41 Then when I became a Christian I asked Jesus Christ
24:45 to come into my life.
24:46 When He came into my life, He changed and transformed me.
24:49 I asked him to bring my high school friends back into my life
24:52 so the last words they heard from Mike Kontes would not be
24:55 disparaging hurtful words but be words of encouragement
25:01 and words of remorse.
25:02 And as I prayed for people to come into my life
25:05 the Lord brought 2 and 3 people back into my life yearly.
25:08 I meet one girl named Camy McMaster.
25:13 I used to hurt her with my words in high school.
25:16 She was tall, 6' - 2"
25:18 I used to feel like a midget around her.
25:22 I'm a 5' - 7" Greek so I felt inferior to her.
25:24 To make myself feel better I teased her about her height.
25:29 Years later after I became a Christian I saw her at
25:33 Sacramento State University
25:34 when I was going to pick up Reagan, my wife.
25:37 I saw her walking across the campus
25:39 and friends, I didn't strut
25:42 I didn't walk slow
25:45 I sprinted to her.
25:48 I said, "Hi Camy, how are you doing ", we started talking.
25:52 I said, "You know those words I said to you in high school "
25:56 "I'm really sorry. "
25:58 She looked up and said,
26:00 "Don't worry about it Mike, it happened so long ago. "
26:02 I said, "No Camy, I don't want those to be "
26:06 "the last words out of my mouth to you. "
26:08 "I am very sorry. "
26:09 And she looked at me and smiled.
26:11 Another girl, Christy Anderson
26:15 I used to tease her.
26:16 I remember I had correspondence with her.
26:19 I apologized about the things I said to her.
26:22 And I realized she was still carrying scars from those
26:25 last words I had shared with her.
26:27 I apologized to her and she forgave me.
26:32 Friends, what are the last words you are telling others?
26:36 What are the last words people will remember you by?
26:40 When it's your funeral and people come to pay last respects
26:47 what will they remember you by?
26:49 What words that you've shared will they remember?
26:52 Last words are important.
26:54 Will you be able to exclaim like Christ
26:57 to your co-worker or boss,
27:01 "You have no authority over me, "
27:06 as Jesus proclaimed to Pilate.
27:08 Will you be able to exclaim like Paul in his letters to Timothy
27:13 he said, "I have fought the good fight. "
27:16 His last words, "I have ran the race. "
27:19 Paul's last words were words of assurance of salvation.
27:25 What are your last words, the words that you say and hear?
27:31 Do you have the assurance of salvation?
27:34 Or are you going to embrace the call the Spirit says,
27:39 "To him who is thirsty, come. "
27:42 "And whoever will, let him take of the Water of Life "
27:48 "freely and come. "
27:50 I can share with you, please embrace the Water of Life
27:54 and come to Jesus.


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