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00:30 Hello friends, my name is Michael Kontes
00:32 and I want to welcome you to Faith Chapel.
00:35 Today we are going to look at a first century
00:38 individual who will inspire you but first, let us pray
00:43 Father, we come to thee now and we thank thee
00:45 for the love that you poured in our lives.
00:47 We ask that you help us to understand you better,
00:50 help us to serve you better, help us to give you
00:54 everything that we have, be with us now
00:58 in Jesus name, Amen.
01:03 Friends, today we're gonna to take a look at
01:06 a first century individual who had all the
01:10 amenities of life. We are gonna look at someone
01:13 who worked for the Fortune 500 company of his time.
01:17 Synagogues R Us, we are going to take a look at
01:21 everything he had but when his daughter became ill
01:29 he was willing to let go of all of his worldly
01:32 possessions to go and search for Jesus. Let us
01:37 open up to the Gospel of Mark. Gospel of Mark
01:41 chapter 5 and jump into our Bible text. Mark chapter 5,
01:47 And behold, there cometh one of the rulers of the
01:52 synagogue, Jairus by name; and when he saw him,
01:56 he fell at his feet, And besought him greatly,
02:00 saying, My little daughter lieth at the point of death:
02:06 I pray thee, come and lay thy hands on her,
02:11 that she may be healed; and she may live.
02:18 Friends, Jairus is his name and he lived in Palestine.
02:24 He lived as I said earlier for the Fortune 500
02:27 company of his time Synagogues R Us.
02:30 Jairus had a six figure salary, four weeks
02:36 of vacation, ten sick days, four floating holidays
02:40 a year. He had everything that life had to give.
02:45 Now Jairus like Zacchaeus at one time heard Jesus.
02:54 I imagine as he heard Jesus he would wonder,
02:57 what it would be like to be a part of Jesus'
03:00 disciples? What it would be like to be going around
03:04 and feeding the multitudes? What it would be like
03:07 watching people be healed. But Jairus had a struggle
03:11 and the struggle was breaking away from what
03:15 was that for a sure thing that he had at Synagogues
03:18 R Us and breaking away to being a part of Jesus'
03:24 group. Now, I imagine that to follow Jesus
03:32 as we see through out the scriptures for many people
03:34 it was a struggle, the rich young ruler came
03:37 and could not sell everything. Zacchaeus finally
03:43 came to a place where he was so low that he could
03:47 give everything over. Many times God orchestrates
03:52 and allows events to take place in our lives so that
03:55 we have an opportunity to respond to his invitation
03:58 of love. Now many times this transforms in situations
04:05 of illnesses of loved ones and this is the case here
04:09 with Jairus. You see Jairus had a, I'm sure a beautiful
04:12 daughter. We do not know her name but for the sake of
04:17 the sermon let's call her Zoey. The Greek word Zoey
04:23 means life. So Jairus had Zoey and she was a
04:27 beautiful girl and I am sure that Jairus and his wife was,
04:31 they were training Zoey to be a daughter of God,
04:35 I am sure that she was learned in the scriptures,
04:38 I'm sure that Jairus loved to watch his daughter
04:41 put on her dress and curl her hair as she was going
04:46 to Sabbath at the Synagogue. Now probably who knows
04:53 may be Jairus would also want to check out and see
04:57 how Jesus was doing so he would jump on the web.
05:01 Once a week he go to
05:05 and see what Jesus was doing, where he was lately?
05:08 Who he was feeding, who he was healing, and wondering
05:11 in his mind what it would be like to be a part of
05:14 Jesus' merry band of followers and believers.
05:21 This scripture tells us that his little daughter
05:26 became sick. I imagine as his little daughter
05:30 became sick as the scripture says he went straight to
05:33 Jesus, he knew where to go. He had heard of Jesus,
05:37 he knew of Jesus' reputation. I imagine him coming
05:40 inside and looking at his daughter who was sick
05:44 and may be he could not look into her blue eyes anymore.
05:48 And he'd look upon her, and he'd finally had enough.
05:53 He said you know what? I don't care what my peers
05:56 think, I don't care if they don't want me to go and
05:58 seek out Jesus. My daughter's life is the most
06:01 important thing and I need to do what is best
06:05 for my daughter. There are times where God allows
06:12 circumstances for us as parents to be brought to
06:16 a place with our loved ones so that he can refocus us.
06:24 In 1997, as I've shared in the past with you and
06:27 most of you know my daughter became ill with
06:30 brain cancer, my daughter at the end of July went into
06:35 a coma for six days and my wife and I had a prayer
06:39 on July 28th as she passed in our arms and she kissed
06:42 us and this world goodbye. After we buried my daughter,
06:47 I didn't know what to do with my life. I knew that
06:53 God was calling me to go do evangelism to be a part
06:56 of ministry, but I didn't know how to start and
06:59 where to go. I went and talked to the associate
07:02 pastor at the Church that I was member of at the time.
07:06 And the pastor said Mike, you need to go back
07:09 to school and you need to get your theology degree,
07:13 and I was blown away. I said I can't go back to school,
07:16 I'm 30-years-old. Yes Mike, you need to go back and
07:21 get your degree and as I went home and got on my
07:22 hands and knees, God made it evident that I needed
07:26 to go back to school as a 30-year-old and I did.
07:30 I went back to Pacific Union College and after two,
07:33 I did three years worth of schooling in two years
07:35 and got my bachelors degree in theology
07:40 and God opened up a new chapter in my life
07:44 and I believe now friends looking back in hindsight
07:49 that it was probably my daughter's death
07:52 that opened up the door for me to be standing here
07:55 in front of you today. There are many times
08:02 that we don't know how God is leading, but we allow
08:07 the opportunity that God gives us and we embrace
08:09 and seize the moment for God. This is what Jairus did,
08:14 Jairus saw his daughter dieing and he was willing
08:17 to put down the prejudice of his peers and even
08:19 his own prejudice to go and to find Jesus.
08:24 As he goes to find Jesus we're told that Jairus
08:27 made the statement to him come and lay your hands
08:30 on her that she may be healed and she will live
08:36 and the scripture says immediately Jesus left
08:39 with Jairus. Now there is another part of this story
08:44 that takes place and on the way they meet a lady
08:50 who had a physical ailment, a blood issue,
08:54 and I don't want to get too much into this story
08:56 because this is a sermon in and of itself but I will say
09:00 that there are many times when we go to Jesus
09:02 and tell him we need his help and he allows
09:07 an apparent delay in our circumstance to build
09:12 our faith. I am sure it was very difficult for Jairus
09:16 to sit here as they're pressing through and some
09:20 lady touches Jesus, instantly is healed,
09:24 she touches him and as the text reads, it says
09:27 Dunamis which we get in our English word dynamite.
09:31 Exploded inside of this lady and she became instantly
09:35 healed and Jesus stopped and said who touched me
09:41 and Jairus is sitting here as a father and I am sure
09:44 he is saying we need to get to my daughter,
09:47 we need to get to my daughter. But Jesus allowed
09:51 that, so that Jairus could have his faith strengthened.
09:56 You see, if someone from the crowd could
10:00 reach out and touch the hem of Jesus' garment.
10:05 Jesus could heal a little girl, then the story goes
10:12 on and the story reads that a messenger came to Jairus
10:15 and shared with the Jairus that his daughter
10:18 passed away. Do not bother Jesus anymore and at that
10:24 point I'm sure that Jairus hung his head down
10:27 and said, I did the best that I could do, I tried.
10:35 And that was a truthful statement, he did.
10:38 But as he looked at Jesus, Jesus said to him the words,
10:43 be not afraid only believe. [Foreign language]
10:51 Do not be afraid only believe. The Greek word for
10:56 belief friends is an action word, verb, meaning
11:02 commitment. Here Jesus told Jairus, don't be afraid
11:10 just commit and know everything will be okay.
11:15 As they reach Jairus' house the hired mourners are
11:19 there, everyone is wailing Jesus walks in and shares
11:24 a quick statement, why are you all sad?
11:28 The girl is not dead, she is asleep. And they laugh at
11:33 him because everyone knows the picture of death.
11:39 Because of their unbelief, Jesus puts them out of the
11:45 room and calls the parents and James, John and Peter
11:52 in there with him. Now here's a point that
11:56 I would like to share, there are times, there are times,
12:00 in our lives where if we have influences, people in
12:05 our lives who do not believe that Jesus can do the
12:07 impossibility, we need to make sure that they're at
12:11 a distance to us. There comes times when Jesus
12:16 wants us to believe the impossible. The Bible says
12:22 all things are possible through Christ Jesus who
12:25 strengthens us many times as we go from
12:30 the book of Genesis to Revelation we see
12:33 the thread, the theological thread of the impossible
12:38 becoming reality, because our God is not a God that is
12:46 limited. For example, for example the Israelites
12:55 being delivered from Egypt, all of the plagues are
12:59 falling all over Egypt but yet in the land of Goshen,
13:02 they are protected by the hand of God. Here they're
13:06 getting ready to go into the Red Sea and they come
13:10 to the borders and God exclaims out to tell the
13:13 people to go forward through Moses. Moses take the
13:17 people and go forward and what does God do?
13:19 God opens up the Red Sea. No lights at night but
13:24 through a pillar of fire to give them warmth and light
13:28 to guide them through the desert, another miracle
13:31 takes place God takes them through the Red Sea
13:36 and through the desert. When you look at the Bible
13:41 from Genesis to Revelation, God is a God of miracles
13:44 and many times, many times friends the reason why some
13:49 miracles don't take place is because we don't ask
13:52 for them. The Bible says ask, seek and knock.
13:57 It does not say ask, seek and knock as long
14:00 it's not a miracle. The Bible says even if it is a miracle
14:05 we are to ask, seek and knock. And according to
14:09 God's will and according to God's timing he will
14:13 answer as he chooses. This is very, very,
14:21 very difficult, because basically we have to place
14:27 our circumstances in the palm of Jesus' hands,
14:30 we become very, very reluctant to do that,
14:34 it's very difficult for us to do that. It's very difficult
14:37 to see a loved one become sick, it's very difficult
14:43 to see a loved one go through pain and yes
14:46 say God not my will for my loved one, but thy will
14:51 for my loved one. During my daughter's ailment
14:57 she started doing radiation treatment. My daughter had
15:02 beautiful long brown hair and beautiful blue eyes,
15:06 as she came down with her brain cancer which was
15:09 it was called pontine glioma which called the
15:12 Michael Jordan of brain cancers, it was just
15:16 no known survivors. It was on the brain stem and it was
15:21 intertwined. My daughter through her ailment came
15:28 closer to Jesus even though it was hard for me to
15:31 watch at times. She started gaining a lot of weight
15:34 because they gave her steroids, Decadron to reduce
15:40 the swelling in the brain. She had the Cushing look,
15:45 the puffy cheeks, extra weight in the tummy area.
15:51 She started losing her hair on the sides;
15:56 her eyes were crossed because the cancer,
16:00 the tumor was pushing on the six cranial nerve,
16:03 so her eyes were crossed. She looked different
16:07 to the majority of the people she looked like an anomaly.
16:13 My daughter stopped going up on Sabbath mornings to
16:17 the children storey up in the front of the church.
16:20 And the reason why she began to start noticing
16:23 how people started looking at her a lot differently.
16:28 In fact one time after church service we went to the
16:33 local park for a potluck and we were sitting
16:37 in the picnic area and the play area was right
16:41 next to us and one of my friends was watching the
16:44 kids playing Arianna, at this time, could not
16:46 walk because of the brain cancer. And so she was
16:49 sitting at the bottom of the slide and someone,
16:54 a boy from the neighborhood and his father came into the
16:56 play area. They came in and they walked over to
17:00 where the kids were playing and the little boy who
17:02 looked at my daughter and then looked at his dad and
17:05 said, Daddy what's wrong with her? He didn't say
17:09 anything that was meant to be mean. My daughter
17:16 looked different and this child noticed it as
17:19 did everyone else. My friend who was watching the
17:23 children did not know what to say, he was speechless,
17:26 but the Holy Spirit through my daughter spoke words.
17:33 My daughter looked at this boy and she said
17:35 "I am in love with God; I am in love with God."
17:42 That story was not shared to me till her funeral service
17:47 and it gave me hope, because my daughter was in love
17:52 with God and she came closer to God and because
17:57 God allowed this trial to come up on my daughter
18:01 I had to learn relinquishment, I had to
18:05 realize that I was just a steward and her heavenly
18:09 Father is the one who dictates what transpires
18:12 in her life. As they entered into the room Jesus,
18:20 the three special disciples, the parents, Jairus
18:27 and his wife, I'm sure and I can imagine and I felt
18:34 the pain that Jairus and his wife has felt at that time.
18:39 I'm sure they were crying sad and discouraged.
18:44 And as Jesus assessed the situation the first
18:49 century healer was going to extend his feeling
18:55 in and hit finger and touch and make this young damsel
18:59 whole. With the witnesses watching, Jesus stood up
19:09 with the dignity of a King and with the boldness
19:16 of only that the true physician can say, damsel,
19:23 arise! And as Jesus Christ, the living healer and
19:29 life giver calls forth the damsel. I envision a tremor
19:37 going through her body and she beginning to move
19:44 and her eyes begin to open up and the pulse of life
19:53 began to beat again. I can envision Jairus and his wife
20:05 shocked with happiness and overwhelmed.
20:13 Most of the time when we share this story it ends
20:17 here, so I want to bring up a point that's very
20:21 important for us, though Zoey was resurrected
20:29 in this story and that she had an opportunity to be
20:32 around her mother and father once again. She still became
20:38 a prisoner to death, meaning that she would have to die
20:44 once more. May be in fact she might have passed away
20:50 only five or ten years later we really do not know,
20:53 but the one thing that is factual and that the Bible
20:57 is clear upon all that sinned will surely die.
21:02 But also all those who believe in the name of
21:05 Jesus Christ will have eternal life. Zoey came back
21:12 to life there was hugs, there was kisses, I am sure
21:17 the disciples sat there with jaws dropped.
21:26 But unfortunately though that happiness was extended,
21:33 Zoey would become a victim of death later on
21:38 in her life. You see brothers and sisters, I would have
21:43 loved for Jesus Christ to be able to resurrect my
21:46 daughter and in fact after my daughter died in my
21:50 wife's arms, we prayed and we asked Jesus if it was
21:57 his will to resurrect Arianna, he didn't resurrect
22:04 her and yes, there is a hole in my heart today.
22:09 That will not be filled this side of the grave,
22:11 but I will also share with you that I am joyous
22:19 and I am happy and the reason why is because
22:25 my daughter has eternal life and I don't ever have to
22:31 worry about someone inappropriately touching
22:34 my daughter. I don't ever have to worry about someone
22:38 saying something harsh, cold, something mean
22:43 that would hurt her. I don't have to worry about all
22:46 of these temporal things, you see in this story Zoey,
22:51 Jairus' daughter had healing and it was only temporal
22:54 healing friends, temporal. The kind of healing that the
23:00 Bible wants us to focus into is not temporal healing
23:04 but eternal healing. To me, this where I embrace
23:13 the scripture in Revelation chapter 21 where Jesus says,
23:17 that there's coming a new heavens and a new earth,
23:21 no more tears, no more sorrow, no more pain for the
23:26 former things, the what things; the former things
23:30 have passed away and I shall make all things new.
23:36 And I will be their God and they will be my people.
23:42 Friends, I look forward to the day when there will be
23:45 no more pain, no more sorrow, no more tears,
23:49 no more death. How many have you have felt
23:53 the sting of death? Having a loved one pass away
23:56 and go to the grave and feel that empty hole
23:59 in your heart. The Bible exclaims and the Bible
24:03 shows to us that yes, temporal healing is very nice
24:07 and we would embrace it, but the most important healing
24:12 is spiritual healing that leads to eternal life,
24:16 that brings us to a place where we will be able to sit
24:19 at the tree of life with Jesus forever more.
24:24 You see there is coming a day when Jesus Christ
24:28 the healer and a physician will call forth to the dead
24:33 in Christ and that first resurrection and the dead
24:38 will come forth and as the book of First Corinthians 15
24:41 exclaims they will say, O death, where is Thy sting?
24:45 O grave, where is Thy victory? Then those of us
24:50 friends that have remained will see Jesus and will call
24:55 forth lo, here is our God; and we have waited for him
24:59 as we will be translated into the clouds of glory
25:02 to be with Jesus and our loved ones forever more.
25:06 And in fact the Book of Thessalonians says
25:10 this is the blessed hope. This is what we are to share
25:15 with one another. Jairus, his wife, his daughter Zoey,
25:25 they had a great opportunity afterwards, after they were
25:30 all healed and reunited to become followers of Jesus.
25:36 It is my belief that after watching Zoey be healed,
25:41 Jairus became a committed follower of Jesus,
25:46 I believe that he resigned from Synagogues R Us,
25:51 he lost out on his 401K, he didn't have his company car
25:56 and the vacation days disappeared. But in exchange
26:03 that vacuum that was, that, those materialistic
26:07 things that were taken away, the vacuum was filled
26:13 through following and serving Jesus Christ. I can
26:19 share with you personally today that the hole
26:22 in my heart for my daughter is not no been filled
26:26 and won't be this side of the grave, but when I come
26:30 and I serve Jesus Christ and I serve others who are
26:35 going through the sting of death, it keeps me humble,
26:41 it allows me to remember that this world is not my home,
26:45 it helps me remember that all things are temporal,
26:51 it keeps me from getting too attached to the things
26:54 of this earth. It keeps me focused, it gives me vision
27:02 as it does to all of us. Today as we are closing,
27:10 has the death of a loved one touched you
27:13 and paralyzed you? Has the death of a loved one
27:18 brought you so much sorrow you don't know how to
27:22 leapfrog it. I will share with you brothers and
27:26 sisters, that if you've had a loved one pass away
27:30 and go to sleep in the arms of Jesus, do not allow
27:34 the pain of not being around your love one
27:36 and what are the future things you could have
27:38 done with that loved one overwhelm you.
27:41 I ask you to focus in on the coming kingdom,
27:44 a kingdom that will be filled with happiness and joy,
27:49 no more death but life, and life, abundantly.


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