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00:30 Hello, friends. My name is Michael Kontes
00:33 and I want to welcome you to Faith Chapel.
00:35 Today, we're going to look at an incredible story
00:38 out of the Gospel of John, but first let us pray.
00:42 Father, we come to thee now
00:43 and we thank You for the Gospel of John.
00:45 We thank that You have preserved His writings
00:47 to help us see Jesus in a different mosaic
00:50 than the other writers have put down.
00:53 Be with us now,
00:54 guide us and lead us in Jesus' name, amen.
00:59 Have you ever seen anything that was so
01:03 pitiful and painful that it hurt you to your core being?
01:08 Have you looked upon something at humanity
01:10 that moved you, with compassion?
01:13 Today, we're gonna look at the Gospel of John.
01:17 And we're gonna take a look at how Jesus
01:19 was coming across a situation at the pool of Bethesda
01:24 and He saw something that wrenched His heart.
01:26 And He would not allow the traditions
01:30 of the religious leaders to reach out
01:35 His hand and touch someone in need.
01:39 Let us open up to John Chapter 5,
01:41 the Gospel of John Chapter 5.
01:47 "Now there is at Jerusalem by the sheep
01:50 market a pool, which is called in the Hebrew
01:53 tongue Bethesda, having five porches.
01:58 In these lay a great multitude of impotent
02:01 folk, of blind, halt, withered,
02:05 waiting for the moving of the water.
02:09 For an angel sent down at a certain season into the pool,
02:15 and troubled the water,
02:18 whosoever then first after the troubling
02:21 of the water stepped in was made whole
02:25 and whatsoever disease he had.
02:28 And a certain man was there,
02:31 which had an infirmity thirty and eight years.
02:36 When Jesus saw him lie,
02:38 and knew that he had been there now
02:41 a long time in that case,
02:43 he saith unto him, Wilt thou be made whole."
02:52 The text reveals that Jesus was walking
02:54 through Jerusalem as the feast was going on.
02:57 Walking alone apparently
02:59 as His custom was in meditation and prayer
03:03 and He came upon a scene of wretchedness.
03:08 A scene that so moved Him, that He acted upon it.
03:12 Now, one thing I want you say is that here the term,
03:15 the pool of Bethesda literally
03:19 could mean in the Hebrew,
03:20 house of olives or house of mercy,
03:24 which should tell us that Jesus
03:29 came across a situation
03:31 and He was the true merciful life giver,
03:36 healer of all and He wanted to extend
03:38 mercy to a wretched situation.
03:42 I'm sure as Jesus gauged upon this scene,
03:45 seeing so many that were sick
03:47 and especially this individual
03:49 who had been there for thirty and eight years.
03:53 Can you imagine being the creator of the universe,
03:55 never intending for sin to touch and affect this planet,
04:00 this universe the way it has and walking,
04:03 finally walking this earth and seeing what Jesus saw.
04:07 Friends, I think the reason why many of us
04:09 struggle so many times is that,
04:11 we don't see through Jesus' eyes.
04:14 We see through our eyes and we come across situations
04:16 and we're so desensitized.
04:20 Because sin has so corrupted us
04:23 and been a part of our fiber.
04:25 That when we come across the situation
04:27 we just openly embrace it
04:28 and think that's life and go on.
04:31 How many have gone to a foreign land,
04:33 India or some third world country
04:38 and then you really realize how good you have it.
04:43 I bet many have been in that situation.
04:47 Now, notice in this story
04:51 one of the things that it said
04:53 is that there was a custom during this time.
04:56 A custom and a tradition
04:57 that an angel would come down,
04:59 stir up the waters and as the angel stirred up the waters,
05:03 the first one down would be healed, first one down.
05:09 To me, follow me friends,
05:13 this sounds a little satanic and I'll explain.
05:19 The Bible says over and over and over
05:22 the last shall be first
05:26 and the first shall be last.
05:29 This is just like Satan to come up
05:32 with some kind of faulty,
05:37 heretical tradition, so that people are trampling
05:41 over one another like animals to go get healed.
05:47 Completely disregard each other,
05:51 but only look and focus in on themselves.
05:54 How many times I don't know about you,
05:55 but how many times has a store had a great
05:57 after Christmas sale that you watch on the news.
06:00 People are lined up at the store
06:02 5 O'clock in the morning
06:03 Pick your store, Macy's,
06:05 Dick's Sports, Fry's Electronics.
06:08 It doesn't matters, best buy,
06:11 Bass Pro Shops, for those in Missouri.
06:16 The door, everyone is lined up behind the doors
06:20 and as soon as they are getting
06:21 ready to open up the doors,
06:22 it's like a herd of cattle crushing
06:23 everything in front of you
06:25 and then people are fighting with one and other.
06:29 People are saying, hey don't push on me
06:30 and they're getting elbows back and so on.
06:34 That is the mentality that Satan would have us
06:38 to have to disregard others
06:41 and this is the tradition that was there.
06:43 Now notice, it goes on "And the Savior came
06:47 across this scene and He saw something
06:51 that others did not see."
06:53 Let me explain once again,
06:56 as He gauged upon this wretched situation,
06:59 He saw an individual
07:01 who had been there for 38 years
07:03 with a terrible disease and what He saw
07:06 is someone who was hopeless and friendless.
07:13 And as He gauged upon this scene
07:15 I'm sure His heart was broken.
07:22 As His heart was broken, Jesus would do
07:26 what He has always done, extend Himself to fallen
07:31 humanity in their time of need.
07:36 It was Jesus who showed Himself to Moses.
07:43 It was Jesus who revealed Himself to Saul
07:49 saying, "Why do you persecute me."
07:53 It was Jesus coming to Peter saying,
07:56 "Feed my sheep."
08:01 Now its Jesus coming saying, "Wilt thou be made whole."
08:09 There are times in our lives,
08:13 when we have no friends and no hope.
08:17 When we are at rock bottom
08:21 and I know it's crazy as this may sound,
08:24 that is the place where God would have us to be.
08:30 Let me explain, when we have no friends
08:34 and there comes the place
08:35 when we've almost out of hope,
08:38 Jesus reveals Himself
08:41 and we realize that our true friend
08:45 and our true hope comes from God and God alone.
08:51 There are many times where we can get
08:53 our sense of strength and hope from mommy, daddy,
08:59 our wife or spouse or husband, or kids.
09:05 And yes they can be used as instruments,
09:08 but not as crutches.
09:10 So many times if our spouse is doing good,
09:13 we're good, if our spouse have hope, we've hope.
09:18 What if our spouse isn't doing so good,
09:22 do we still have that hope.
09:26 There are times in our lives friends,
09:28 that no one can help us except Jesus.
09:32 Let us turn to the Book of Psalms,
09:34 Psalms Chapter 23 and look at this famous verse,
09:39 "Yea, though I walk through the valley
09:42 of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil,
09:47 for thou art with me thy rod and thy staff comfort me."
09:56 No one, no one except merciful, wonderful,
10:02 counselor, mighty God, the Alpha and Omega,
10:06 the Prince of Peace, the Keeper of my faith,
10:10 precious Redeemer, Savior, the Amen and my salvation.
10:17 No one, but Him will be there for me.
10:21 Now when we come to the end of our resources
10:27 and we feel like the whole world is against us,
10:31 the people around us look small
10:36 and God begins to look bigger.
10:39 Many times when I'm in an airplane
10:43 and we're taking off as we're on the ground
10:46 before takeoff you look around
10:48 every thing looks normal, but as you begin the takeoff
10:51 and you begin to reach that cruising altitude
10:54 and you begin to look down the world looks what,
10:57 the world looks really small.
10:59 The world looks really small
11:01 and that's what God would wants us,
11:03 how God would want us to see the world.
11:05 He would want us to view the world small.
11:09 He would want us to look at the people in our life.
11:11 And when I say, small, I mean spiritually small,
11:14 meaning that they're not a crutch for us,
11:17 but that we have a relationship with God
11:19 and that Jesus is our crutch.
11:22 Now notice Jesus says, "Wilt thou be made whole."
11:31 Notice the individual,
11:35 the man with the infirmity didn't even hear Jesus,
11:39 didn't even hear Jesus.
11:42 Notice what the verse says in John 5.
11:47 John 5, verse 7, "And the impotent man
11:54 answered him, saying Sir, I have no man,
11:58 when the water is troubled,
12:00 to put me into the pool, but while I am coming,
12:05 another person steppeth down before me."
12:12 No one has, he didn't even hear what Jesus said,
12:15 Jesus asked him if he wanted to be made
12:17 whole then automatically his eyes went in
12:20 and focused in on his situation
12:23 and what he was a custom to thinking
12:26 how he could get out of his situation.
12:28 Meaning the tradition had
12:30 that he had to go down at the pool,
12:31 someone would have to take him
12:33 in there and no one would,
12:34 no one has been there for him to be able
12:35 to take him down there.
12:36 And even if I've seen some strange
12:39 coincidence, someone thus show up,
12:44 he can't get down there quick enough.
12:46 Yet Jesus said, "Wilt thou be made whole."
12:52 We often follow the pattern of this man.
12:56 Jesus is standing next to us offering us
13:00 wholeness and we're trying to get Jesus to help us.
13:07 Notice Jesus, once again said,
13:09 "Wilt thou be made whole"
13:10 and the man said I have no one,
13:12 kind of dropping a little hint,
13:14 will you take me down there.
13:19 Jesus has great plans for us,
13:20 greater plans than we can ever imagine,
13:24 but we begin to focus entirely in on our plan
13:30 and on the obstacle in front of us.
13:35 Friends, today, what is the pool in your life?
13:41 What is the obstacle in your life
13:44 that is keeping you from coming closer to Jesus?
13:49 What is the obstacle in your life
13:51 that you are so focused in on?
13:56 That is very difficult for you to answer the question,
14:00 "Wilt thou be made whole."
14:03 As I've shared in the past, growing up
14:07 I felt that my father did not love me.
14:11 That was my perception,
14:13 and it was a wrong perception,
14:14 but that's what I felt.
14:16 And sometimes perception can become reality
14:18 if we focus in on the fly on the wall.
14:23 I began to get in to competitive sports,
14:26 football, basketball.
14:28 I was MVP of both sports, through high school.
14:32 Graduated high school,
14:33 said I would never play sports again.
14:37 Went to a football game at the local junior college,
14:39 Sacramento City college and got bite by the bug
14:41 went out for the football team,
14:43 made the local football team, we are fifth in the nation,
14:46 I got hurt and I realized very quickly
14:50 that there weren't too many
14:52 5 foot 7 Greek white receivers in the NFL
14:56 and kind of gave up on football.
14:58 Then I got into competitive bass fishing.
15:01 You notice the pattern here.
15:03 I am going from one competition
15:05 to the next, to the next.
15:07 I found out very early in my age,
15:10 I found out that when you compete it and performed,
15:16 that you had the admiration and the flattery of others.
15:21 And I ate these, sweet little morsels up
15:26 being filled up inside feeling
15:28 that everything was great
15:30 when I would perform on the football field
15:32 or on the basketball field.
15:33 And then even later on
15:34 when I got into competitive bass fishing, you know,
15:37 if you did good and finished high
15:39 which I didn't do too many times,
15:41 but when I did I felt pretty good.
15:45 Until you realize the whole in your heart
15:47 that you are trying to fill for your father's
15:50 unconditional affectionate love
15:52 can only be filled by your heavenly Father.
15:56 At times in high school, I would go home
15:58 after making a game winning free throw,
16:02 or a touch down pass, or a kick off run.
16:06 And I come out of, I should say I came out
16:08 of the stands and the fathers,
16:10 and the parents and the families
16:11 would pat on the back.
16:13 And my father wasn't there,
16:14 he was busy working and it felt good
16:18 when people were patting me on the back
16:19 and telling me how great I was.
16:22 Until I got home and the person
16:24 that mattered to me the most had no idea
16:28 what I had done.
16:31 So many of us are carrying a pool around with us.
16:37 As a pastor I see this many, many times,
16:41 many people in the church
16:42 are looking at the pools in front of them.
16:45 They are looking at the pool, some of us,
16:48 you know, that's the point,
16:49 that just came-- a thought that came to me now
16:52 sometimes it's a pool
16:54 and other times its multiple pools.
16:56 Some of us have more than one pool in front of us.
17:01 We come to this pool or pools
17:04 and we're so focusing on the pool
17:08 that we miss the great physician
17:12 and the healer who wants to touch us.
17:18 What is your pool today? Were are you stuck?
17:24 Is there a past experience in your life
17:27 that has so scared that it has paralyzed you
17:29 and has left you down for 38 years?
17:33 Is there an experience maybe a parental experience,
17:39 mother, father maybe a brother or sister,
17:43 maybe a family friend?
17:45 Maybe there was a situation in high school,
17:48 some experience that has so touch
17:51 the core of your being,
17:55 that the pool has become so great that literally,
18:03 you've made a mountain out of a molehill.
18:07 I have done that in my life many times
18:09 the experience with my father was one.
18:12 The second time I can share with you
18:15 as I grew up not being a trusting person.
18:19 I didn't trust any one, only myself.
18:23 I had an eye problem, I couldn't see past myself.
18:27 I can only trust myself.
18:29 And so when I began to have relationships with people,
18:33 when I had friendships with individuals,
18:35 I was always looking
18:37 how someone was going to hurt me.
18:41 I was always looking around the corner wondering,
18:44 okay, what's going to happen next.
18:47 I know something is going to happen, it has to.
18:51 I was always looking at the glass half empty
18:55 and not looking at it half full.
18:58 And these types of scars can so paralyze us,
19:03 so paralyze us, they can leave us in such a state
19:07 that not only does they paralyze us,
19:10 but it hurts all of those around us.
19:14 When Jesus came on earth,
19:16 He placed trust in His disciples.
19:19 He empowered them and He placed trust.
19:21 He sent them out to go do ministry.
19:25 Some of them weren't even fully converted at the time
19:27 when He sent them out,
19:29 but He trusted them knowing that,
19:30 you know what, they're going to learn.
19:33 Can you imagine walking around
19:35 and not trusting people and having this be your pool.
19:40 Not trusting your children,
19:42 not trusting your wife, not trusting your employer,
19:45 not trusting anyone but yourself.
19:48 You are living in a prison cell.
19:52 You are living in such a prison cell
19:55 that you are strapped and cuffed
19:58 and had and you are up with fetters
20:00 and you've no freedom.
20:02 Many of us, many of us allow these experiences
20:08 to literally push people away from us in relationships,
20:13 because we can't let it go.
20:15 We don't look to Jesus when Jesus says,
20:17 "Wilt thou be made whole." and embrace Him.
20:20 We don't do like the lady who had the issue of blood.
20:23 We don't reach out there
20:24 when He's standing right next us.
20:25 We don't reach out to him
20:26 and grab the bottom of His garment,
20:29 just the bottom of it.
20:31 Because all we can see is the pool in front of us.
20:39 Though the paralytic did not know it,
20:42 he stood in the presence of the Creator;
20:46 he stood in the presence of the one
20:49 who made the mountains he could not walk.
20:53 He stood in the presence of the one,
20:56 who made the ocean, who he could not swim in.
20:59 He stood in the presence of the one,
21:04 who shaped and formed him.
21:08 Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our situations,
21:11 we can't see Jesus.
21:14 Now I don't want to just put it
21:17 to my pre-converted life that I did that,
21:20 and sometimes it just ends there.
21:23 Sometimes even as the pastor friends,
21:25 things happen, they come up
21:28 and if I begin to focus
21:29 on this little situation in my life
21:33 that I think is brought me great physical harm,
21:37 spiritual harm, and do not realize that Jesus
21:40 the one who has given me possession of the holy ghost
21:44 to hold my hand, to walk me through
21:45 and to guide me through every,
21:48 every street and every alley of life.
21:54 If I don't realize that,
21:56 what good am I to my congregation?
21:59 Pastors can fall into this trap as well.
22:02 Pastors can fall into thinking,
22:04 oh, my goodness, this is so big and so huge,
22:08 how can I ever get passes.
22:09 And then a pastor becomes paralyzed to the point
22:13 where he himself cannot even minister to the congregation.
22:19 Let us see in John 5, verse 8 the next text,
22:22 what Jesus said, "Jesus saith unto him, Rise,
22:28 take up thy bed, and walk."
22:33 And notice what takes place in the story.
22:36 The man's faith takes the hold of these seven words,
22:41 that Jesus says, "Take up thy bed and walk."
22:44 And for the first time in 38 years,
22:48 the individual every nerve,
22:50 every muscle thrills with new life.
22:54 A healthful action comes over his crippled limbs.
22:59 Without question he steps out
23:04 to will to do the command of Jesus
23:08 and all of his muscles respond to this will.
23:14 Brothers and sisters, He could have sat there
23:17 and He could have doubted, Jesus could have said him,
23:21 rise take up thy bed and walk in.
23:23 He could have sat there and just doubted
23:25 and never would have been healed.
23:26 But He had to make a choice,
23:29 he had to align his will with
23:32 the will of the great physician
23:34 and step forth in faith and walk up
23:37 and instantly he was healed.
23:42 I would like to read to you a quote
23:43 from the book Desire of Ages.
23:47 The Savior is bending over
23:50 the purchase of his blood saying
23:54 with inexpressible tenderness and pity.
23:57 "Wilt thou be made whole."
24:00 He bids us to arise in health and peace.
24:05 Do not wait to feel that you're made whole,
24:09 do not wait and feel to be made whole.
24:12 Believe His word and it will be fulfilled.
24:19 Put your will on His side, wilt to serve Him
24:24 and in acting upon His word
24:26 you'll receive strength,
24:30 whatever maybe the evil practice,
24:33 the master passion which through
24:37 long indulgence binds both body and soul.
24:42 Christ is able and longs to deliver.
24:49 If He would have left His mat there,
24:52 this individual would have been tempted
24:55 to go back to his mat.
24:57 How many times does that happens friends in our lives?
25:01 God comes into our lives, He delivers us,
25:04 lets say from alcohol and what we do is,
25:08 we go back to the same stuff.
25:10 We have a tendency to gravitate back there.
25:13 Jesus says take away, throw out that stuff away,
25:16 get rid of that stuff, take it with you
25:18 and throw it away and know that,
25:20 you've got a victory over it.
25:22 Yet, what we do is we leave it around,
25:26 so at the proper time
25:28 we gravitate back to it like the dog,
25:30 as the Bible says going back to its own vomit.
25:33 I can share with you today,
25:35 I can share with you today that there are sins
25:40 that I had in my life prior to becoming
25:42 a Christian that once I accepted Jesus words
25:47 Michael "Wilt thou be made whole."
25:49 I embrace that saying of Christ
25:52 and instantaneously bam,
25:55 I was delivered from that sin.
25:57 Now there are others sins and it will take a life time,
26:00 pride that I'm sure that I will fight
26:03 with that one for the rest of my life.
26:05 But there are other sins like for example
26:08 let say some of us may have filthy mouths.
26:11 Jesus comes into your life,
26:12 there is no need to struggle in that area.
26:14 It's a choice for us to say these words.
26:17 If its alcohol, it's a choice for us to pickup the bottle.
26:21 If it's marijuana it's a choice to pickup the joint.
26:24 Jesus says allow me to make that choice for you.
26:27 You exercise your will on the side
26:30 that I want you to do and I will empower you
26:34 and you won't have to be a prisoner
26:37 laying invillite at that pool.
26:40 "Take up thy bed and walk,
26:42 " Jesus is telling us to get rid of the old life.
26:46 Do not allow that molehill to be a mountain.
26:50 Do not allow that pool to become pools.
26:53 Jesus is saying "Wilt thou be made whole,
26:57 take up thy bed and walk." And brothers and sisters,
27:01 when Jesus Christ tells us to do something,
27:05 He will give us the strength
27:07 and He will empower us to walk a victorious life.
27:10 And the reason why, is because Philippians 4:13
27:14 says, "I can do all things through Christ Jesus."
27:17 How many things?
27:18 Some things, a quarter, a half, three quarters?
27:22 "I can do all things through Christ Jesus
27:25 who is strengthens me."
27:27 Does that mean that Jesus can take away
27:30 that pool in your life?
27:33 I believe so, what pool has hampered you.
27:37 Today Jesus Christ is calling out to you
27:41 and He is saying son, daughter,
27:46 "Wilt thou be made whole."
27:48 And if you're lying yourself with Him,
27:50 His will with your will,
27:53 then what will take place is absolute victory.


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