Families for Heaven

When Tragedy Strikes, Part 1

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Participants: Alanzo & June Smith


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00:04 Now while you were going through this, and you
00:06 contemplated all possibilities, how did your family,
00:11 what support did you get?
00:14 Well we had family members, we had friends from all over
00:20 the world, some people were calling and just could not get
00:26 through on the line.
00:28 The line was completely filled all the time.
00:31 So some I just went to the hospital and saw them, from
00:34 England, and all over the world.
00:36 I took them home.
00:40 I had to give up my job for two years, two full years.
00:45 Alanzo: we are understanding that you are saying that
00:50 you had support and we are going to be talking about
00:55 your sacrifices and all that happened
01:00 in the years after.
01:02 As a matter of fact, we are going to continue this
01:06 interview with Carter and Bootie because it was not just
01:11 to see his wife open her eyes and then a day or
01:16 two after she walked out of the hospital
01:18 and then that was it.
01:20 They still have a story to share,
01:22 it was a long process.
01:24 We will talk about that in our next segment, in part
01:28 two of this emphasis of dealing with a crises,
01:34 handling a crises.
01:36 Carter, you as and individual, you have gone through
01:42 this crises, briefly what would you say to someone
01:47 listening to your story who might be,
01:51 at this point discouraged?
01:54 Who might be at this point feel like
01:56 they want to give up?
01:57 Who at this point might say what's the sense,
02:00 there is no hope?
02:02 Your wife was in a coma for six long weeks.
02:06 Did you give up hope? Carter: no!
02:08 So what would you say to the individual who, no matter
02:11 what the situation is, they feel like they want to give
02:14 up hope? Briefly!
02:16 First, trust God.
02:18 God is in it with you.
02:21 I discovered that afterward, and even though I thought
02:25 He wasn't there with me, God was in it with me.
02:29 I believe now, with all my heart, the God did what He
02:34 did for a purpose.
02:37 Alanzo: so your faith carried you through?
02:38 My faith is stronger in God today,
02:41 then it was when that happened.
02:50 Isn't it amazing, and isn't it powerful how one can
02:55 allow his crises to drive him closer to God?
03:02 Unfortunately, there are some individuals who in their
03:06 crises moment, they do the opposite.
03:09 When they are going through their stress, their pain,
03:11 their anger, what ever it is they are going through,
03:14 it somehow weakens their faith.
03:17 But here we have a classic example of a real tragedy.
03:21 This is not something you imagine, not something we
03:24 make light of, it is a real problem.
03:29 Yet his crises drives him closer to his faith.
03:35 Dr. June: and that is what we would like individuals
03:38 and particularly for families to understand that events
03:42 that are unanticipated will come.
03:45 But when they do come there is hope.
03:48 You have got to find a way to put your hand in the hand
03:54 of a mighty God.
03:56 Because much like He has brought the Frances's through, and
04:00 they are now celebrating His goodness, so can you.
04:04 Alanzo: that is so true.
04:07 You are listening and I hope you haven't let go of your
04:12 hope and your faith, be strong.
04:15 Remember we have part two and we want you to join us
04:20 on our next broadcast when we will continue our session
04:24 with Bootie and Carter Frances.
04:27 Thank you for listening.


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