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00:01 Does the Bible have anything to say
00:02 about food for the Sabbath day?
00:04 Stay tuned for our after church Sabbath dinner.
00:26 Hello, I'm Marcella Lynch.
00:28 Welcome to Food For Thought.
00:31 The cooking program that features God's eating plan
00:34 as unfolded through Scripture
00:36 and through an understanding of God's other book,
00:39 the book of nature.
00:41 Our show today will feature
00:42 a complete after church Sabbath dinner.
00:45 At our house we enjoy inviting our church friends
00:48 and visitors home for a meal and visit after church.
00:51 Do you think the Bible has anything to say
00:53 about food for the Sabbath day?
00:55 It certainly does.
00:57 Get your pencil ready and I will give you
00:59 some interesting text to look up
01:01 at the end of the show.
01:03 There is the creation story about God making Sabbath
01:06 a special day of the week.
01:08 Another story is about God
01:10 giving the Israelite people special food
01:12 called manna each day as they traveled
01:15 where no other food was available.
01:17 And how it spoiled
01:18 if they collected more than enough for one day.
01:21 But on Friday they were to collect
01:23 extra food for the Sabbath and it did not spoil.
01:27 When I grew up,
01:28 the Sabbath was a very special day at our house.
01:30 We looked forward to going to church as a family
01:33 and inviting friends home for Sabbath dinner.
01:36 And always the hike afterwards into the hills.
01:39 If it rained, we'd sit around the living room
01:41 and play Bible games, read stories, or visit.
01:44 And sometimes we'd all go visit the elderly
01:47 or sing to the shut-ins in a nursing home,
01:49 or visit people in the hospital.
01:52 On Friday evening as the sun was setting,
01:55 my father would gather us in the Lever family worship.
01:58 We'd sing a day is dying in the west,
02:01 heaven is touching earth with rest
02:04 to welcome in the Sabbath.
02:06 Or we'd sing safely through another week
02:08 God has led us on our way.
02:11 Dad, would read a story from the Bible
02:13 or we'd each repeat Bible verses
02:15 from memory around the circle until we ran out of verses.
02:19 Sometimes we children would be in charge
02:20 of planning worship.
02:22 We'd prepare special musical numbers,
02:25 Bible stories, or games.
02:27 I have such warm memories
02:29 of our family worship times together.
02:32 On Saturday night as the sun set
02:34 we would again gather for family worship
02:38 to close the special Sabbath day.
02:41 I think those family worships played a big part
02:43 in binding our family together
02:45 and keeping us children close to the Lord to this day.
02:49 As part of getting ready for the Sabbath,
02:51 I prepared the Sabbath food on Friday.
02:55 I like to call Friday the preparation day
02:57 for the Sabbath.
02:59 This is the day to get the food ready,
03:01 the house cleaned, and the church clothes pressed.
03:04 That way the Sabbath can be a truly delightful day of rest,
03:08 worship, and fellowship.
03:10 A typical Sabbath dinner would consist of foods
03:13 that can be prepared ahead and warmed up easily,
03:16 and foods not too rich or sugary so to clog the brain.
03:21 I like to prepare something a little more special
03:24 than we eat during the weekdays to make Sabbath a special time.
03:30 Our special Sabbath dinner for today
03:31 is the following menu:
03:51 All right, we're ready to cook and make our Sabbath dinner.
03:54 And Myrna is here to help us today.
03:57 Marcella, I just like to tell you thank you
03:59 for teaching us to cook like this.
04:01 Well, thank you.
04:02 And I'm glad you're here to be the genie
04:03 that helped to chop
04:05 and prepare all of these things,
04:06 make it a lot quicker
04:08 and we can get through the recipes.
04:09 All right, we need our baked potatoes.
04:12 I want to start your meal with a carbohydrate dish,
04:15 always a filling nice starchy dish.
04:17 And so we're going to have baked potatoes
04:19 with sauteed mushroom topper.
04:21 And we've sauteed the mushrooms ahead
04:24 and we're going to show you how to put that together,
04:27 but when you serve it for Sabbath dinner
04:29 you just serve the potatoes
04:32 that are already hot and baked out of the oven,
04:36 and you'll have them kind of slit a little bit.
04:38 And what I do is to just put the sauteed mushrooms
04:41 in a serving bowl,
04:42 and we pass them around at the table,
04:45 and people can put the filler in.
04:48 They're just sauteed in a little bit of olive oil.
04:50 And that kind of drizzle too into the potato,
04:53 and you don't have to have all that butter
04:54 and margarine, and our sour cream.
04:57 Top it with a little green onion,
04:58 so this is a nice finished look
05:01 then to the baked potato topper.
05:03 So that's the easy quick part of the meal.
05:07 And we'll just send this with you, Myrna.
05:11 Now we'll be putting these baked potatoes
05:14 right over here on our dinner table.
05:15 And we'll see if we can add the other dishes
05:20 as we get them prepared for our dinner today.
05:23 Right the main dish that we're going to make
05:25 is savory garbanzo loaf.
05:27 And the cookbook that these recipes come from
05:31 cooking by the book is available.
05:34 And if you would watch at the end of the show,
05:36 we'll tell you where you can order it.
05:39 On page 115, is the garbanzo loaf.
05:43 And the ingredients are:
06:15 All right, so the first thing we're going to do here
06:18 is to saute the onions and bell peppers
06:21 in a small amount of olive oil.
06:24 So we have, Myrna, maybe I'll let you do this part,
06:28 we have the skillet here.
06:30 And we'll just put a tiny bit of olive oil in there,
06:34 and we'll take the onions here, and the green peppers.
06:37 Our genie has already chopped the onions.
06:39 And we have the bell peppers chopped.
06:41 And I'll give this job to you, Myrna.
06:43 And we'll just talk here about the rest of it.
06:46 The protein for the savory garbanzo loaf
06:48 is a combination of the peanut butter
06:50 with the garbanzo
06:52 and, of course, there's protein in the crumbs too.
06:56 So this gives a very nice protein for the main dish.
07:00 In case you aren't familiar with garbanzo beans
07:03 they are a member of the legume family of beans
07:06 and when you soak them, they swell up.
07:09 And here they are all soaked ready to use
07:12 and then they've been cooked also.
07:14 So they swell up, you get a lot of volume
07:16 when you get finished.
07:17 All right, so after we saute the onion and the bell pepper,
07:22 we're going to just combine
07:23 all the rest of the ingredients.
07:25 And we need to have these garbanzos smashed up.
07:29 When we get through with this savory garbanzo loaf,
07:31 you're not even going to know
07:32 that there were any garbanzos in here.
07:34 It's gonna be disguised, and you're going to like it.
07:37 But it's just not going to look like beans at all.
07:40 So we have an attachment here for the Bosch,
07:43 if you have some kind of a food processor,
07:46 you can just put that on
07:47 and it will chop your beans for you.
07:53 Let's put them in here and just chop it up fine.
08:04 There we go. Just take a little moment here.
08:22 All right, now we have sort of pureed garbanzos here.
08:27 You just need to mix all the ingredients together,
08:30 and put it in your baking dish, and you bake it.
08:34 So let's just put this other attachment on here.
08:38 This is like a mixer with wire whips.
08:40 I just try to do it as quick as possible
08:42 and so instead of by hand I throw it in here to my mixer.
08:46 So we'll just add the garbanzo puree
08:50 to the mixer
08:55 with our breadcrumbs
08:56 and all the other ingredients in here.
09:01 Toss it around,
09:03 and get the sauteed onions, and bell peppers,
09:05 it gets a lot of pretty color to the dish also.
09:12 Okay, so we have the garbanzo
09:19 and the peanut butter.
09:21 This is the old-fashioned peanut butter.
09:25 So it's a little softer if it's not old-fashioned
09:28 and you can mix a little bit of water with it.
09:30 Actually the recipe tells us to put a little water
09:33 mixed with peanut butter.
09:34 So when you have a mixer like this,
09:35 you can let the mixer do it for you.
09:39 Calls for some stewed tomatoes which we put in here.
09:45 And this is one cup of tomatoes,
09:48 3 tablespoons of flour,
09:49 this is the thickening agent to make it bind together.
09:53 We have a teaspoon sage which is a nice fragrant herb,
09:59 1 1/2 teaspoon garlic salt.
10:01 See we want to disguise these beans
10:03 so that you'll just love this
10:04 without knowing that it's just plain beans,
10:07 you put all these nice seasonings.
10:09 This is 1/2 teaspoon salt,
10:11 and to help to bind it together,
10:13 and to add the quality of the protein
10:15 is the 2 cups of breadcrumbs, whole wheat breadcrumbs,
10:19 or some kind of whole wheat cereal flakes
10:21 that you quizzed in the blender
10:23 or made into crumbs in some way.
10:26 So we're just going to go ahead and add the mushrooms...
10:30 Not the mushrooms
10:31 that was the hot baked potatoes.
10:33 And bell pepper here.
10:35 And sauteed.
10:37 You know you saute the bell peppers and onions
10:39 for main dishes a lot of times ahead
10:41 because it makes the flavor better
10:44 and just kind of changes the whole thing.
10:53 Give that peanut butter time
10:54 to kind of get mixed with everything there.
11:04 Right, that's it, we're going to pour it into the loaf pan.
11:10 You want to talk about this, and I'll do the loaf thing.
11:13 Pour it in here and then bring the other loaf out.
11:15 We have a real nice one to show you
11:17 that's in a ring mold.
11:18 But let's go ahead and put this on a regular loaf pan.
11:20 Put a little bit of oil.
11:22 You can either put a little bit of oil
11:24 or you can spray it with your no stick pan.
11:26 Now be sure that you both grease or spray this pan,
11:32 and also crumb it, make some extra breadcrumbs
11:36 because you're going to unmold this
11:38 onto a beautiful platter,
11:40 and put garnish around it for your dinner table,
11:43 and you want it to look pretty,
11:44 but you don't want it to get stuck in the pan.
11:46 So that you can't get it out.
11:48 So put that spray in there and then crumb the pan
11:53 so that it will stick to the sides.
11:58 I'm gonna go and get the finished product.
11:59 You're gonna show us the pretty one.
12:01 We have a real fancy one for Sabbath dinner here.
12:05 You can freeze this loaf
12:07 and you can use part of it later cold,
12:09 cut slices really nice for sandwiches.
12:12 And for anytime that you want to just have it
12:17 for another meal.
12:22 This makes a large amount, it's very economical.
12:25 Beans are a very inexpensive food,
12:29 and they're easy to store,
12:33 they don't spoil, you can keep dry beans
12:36 or canned beans on hand.
12:38 And they're a wonderful, no cholesterol kind of protein.
12:42 This is really eating God's way
12:44 when you just use the plants to get your protein,
12:49 your carbohydrates, you use the whole grains,
12:52 you're not pulling any kind of foods apart,
12:54 and refining them.
12:56 But you make them taste good
12:57 by just adding different kinds of seasonings and so forth.
13:00 I'm gonna just trade you here.
13:02 All right.
13:04 And I'll just set this over here
13:06 so that they're ready and I'll...
13:09 You just want to smooth this out here a little bit
13:12 so that it will be solid pack
13:16 and we'll be baking this at 350
13:20 and don't rush it, it takes about an hour and a half.
13:22 You want it to get nicely firmed up
13:24 so that you can unmold it onto your platter.
13:30 So that will go on the 350 degree oven.
13:34 And I'll show you the beautiful garbanzo loaf
13:38 that you could serve for Sabbath dinner.
13:42 Now what we did with this one is put it in a ring jell-o mold
13:46 so you do the same thing, you spray the mold,
13:50 and then you crumb the mold around the edge,
13:53 and you just press the loaf in here,
13:56 and bake it just the same as you do the loaf pan
13:58 that we just prepared now,
13:59 but this makes a beautiful ring mold casserole.
14:04 And we're serving this today with tomato gravy.
14:06 This recipe is also in the cookbook
14:08 and it's a very simple thing that you make
14:10 with tomato sauce.
14:11 And then I always like tomato gravy
14:14 when we serve garbanzo or lentil loaf,
14:18 it just seems to go with it.
14:20 And this will look lovely on our Sabbath dinner table.
14:23 And you could have some extra gravy
14:25 to just pass around at the table.
14:28 So this is our savory garbanzo loaf
14:30 for our Sabbath dinner.
14:32 We'll put that right over here on our dinner table.
14:38 And, of course, the steamed vegetable
14:40 is the steamed peas and that's ready.
14:42 And we will have a salad for the meal also.
14:46 We'll show you that a little bit later
14:49 when we get the table all ready.
14:52 But let's talk about the dessert right now.
14:55 We're going to make a no sugar lemon pie.
14:57 I don't know if you've ever stopped to realize
14:59 how much sugar is normally in a lemon pie.
15:02 Lemon meringue pie generally has about
15:04 95 teaspoons of sugar.
15:06 That's a lot, a lot, too many.
15:09 But we're going to make one today
15:11 that has a whole grain crust,
15:13 and has no refined extra sugar.
15:16 The recipe is found on page 223.
15:20 And let's just take a look first at the ingredients
15:23 that go into this no sugar lemon pie:
15:53 That's give nice lemon flavor.
15:56 All right, let's just do this in the blender.
15:59 We have to just whizz everything up smooth.
16:01 You wouldn't imagine putting the cashew nuts
16:03 instead of the eggs in the lemon pie
16:05 and the dates in the fruit juice
16:07 make it sweet.
16:10 So what it tells us to do is just place
16:11 all the ingredients in the blender.
16:14 So here we have the pineapple juice.
16:19 And we have orange juice.
16:24 I like to squeeze them fresh.
16:26 Now I live in where oranges grow on trees in my backyard
16:29 so that's no fair is it.
16:31 Fresh lemons also I have in the backyard.
16:33 And here we have our 1/4 cup of fresh lemon juice.
16:39 It also calls here for 1 tablespoon cashew nuts.
16:47 Marcella, I just want to point out to them,
16:49 if they don't have a way to get their lemon peel,
16:51 they might just peel it with the peeler real quick.
16:54 So they'd have it available
16:55 because that's a real quick way to have it
16:57 instead of grading and really fussing with it.
16:59 Because when you put it in your blender,
17:01 it will blend up.
17:02 That's a wonderful idea.
17:03 And I hate to stand there and grate my lemons.
17:05 It's so much fuss. I too.
17:06 You're doing this in the blender,
17:07 let the blender do the work.
17:09 Okay, I don't think we put in the salt yet here,
17:11 our 1/4 of a teaspoon salt.
17:13 Oh, so let's see what else do we need, 10 dates.
17:16 Here are the dates, these are already chopped
17:18 so we'll just be putting those in
17:21 and we have the lemon peel.
17:24 I love to put plenty of lemon peel in here
17:26 so that it gets that lemon pie taste.
17:28 It's about 2 tablespoons there.
17:30 And don't forget your thickening agent,
17:32 we would have a disaster if we didn't put the cornstarch
17:35 or the arrowroot powder in there.
17:37 And also 1/4 of a cup water.
17:41 All right, so we're just going to whiz all of this up here
17:45 until it's smooth.
18:02 All right, that looks pretty smooth now.
18:05 So I'll let you, Myrna, take this
18:06 and put it in our pan.
18:08 We just have to cook this slowly over low to medium heat,
18:12 stir it with the wire whip until it's thick.
18:16 The cornstarch will thicken this.
18:17 This is going to be the filling for our no sugar lemon pie.
18:22 And while Myrna stirs
18:24 and thickens our filling for the lemon pie,
18:26 we'll go ahead and turn the page over here
18:28 to page 221
18:30 and make a very easy granola pie crust.
18:33 This is so easy, it has two ingredients.
18:36 And it has no refined hard type of shortening or oil at all.
18:41 It's simply:
18:49 All right, we'll just simply put the granola
18:51 right in the blender here and whizz it up fine
18:56 so that we're something like graham cracker crumbs.
19:10 That looks like it should be just about right.
19:16 And we'll just pour it into the bowl here
19:18 so that we can mix the juice with it,
19:20 just to make it stick together,
19:22 just like you were making a graham cracker crust.
19:34 Right, let's see what we can do here.
19:37 This is 1/4 to 1/3.
19:39 Let's just leave a little bit of it
19:41 in case we get too much that it won't work here.
19:46 Be cautious, just add exactly what you need,
19:49 but no more.
19:51 Right.
19:54 Okay then, we don't need the rest.
19:56 I'm glad I don't add that.
19:58 And we'll try to just press this in here,
20:02 see if we can get this to come right out.
20:05 Now of course we do have this magician in the kitchen
20:07 and we already have
20:09 a finished shell here to show you.
20:11 But the idea is to just smooth this out
20:14 till you get it all up the sides here.
20:16 And I'm gonna let you do this a little bit, Myrna.
20:18 I'll do that.
20:20 I'll let you do the struggling and I'll go ahead.
20:21 And I'll just trade you then
20:22 and you can have the finished product
20:24 and the nice thickened.
20:27 And what you want to do here according to the recipe
20:30 is to just bake this at 400 for approximately 8 minutes.
20:34 And then it can cool.
20:35 If you're putting a pie in here
20:37 that needs to bake like an apple pie,
20:39 then you can just bake it with the pie.
20:41 So you can see here that our filing is thickened.
20:46 Now this isn't transparent
20:47 like a regular lemon meringue pie.
20:50 But I think you'll find that it's very tasty.
20:53 We'll just pour this in here.
20:56 This will get set up after it cools down
21:00 and it will be hopefully sliceable.
21:03 We're gonna try to slice one here
21:05 that we have for you right now.
21:09 And hope for the best.
21:12 I can smell the lemon, it smells so wonderful,
21:15 fresh lemon.
21:16 I kind of like this side of the product
21:18 when it's a little bit more finished.
21:20 That looks great.
21:21 So this is our no sugar lemon pie.
21:25 And we're gonna try to put a little whipped topping
21:27 over the top.
21:29 Now we do have a topping recipe on page 223
21:34 that we're not gonna have time to demonstrate.
21:37 But it's called soy whipped topping
21:40 and it's made by non-dairy.
21:43 And it's something that you might like
21:44 to try at home.
21:45 It uses some ames unflavored gelatin.
21:49 And that's a plant-based, seaweed base gelatin.
21:52 And then you just take water
21:55 and soy milk with a few raw cashew nuts,
21:59 little honey, and vanilla.
22:00 And you whiz this mixture together
22:03 and you cook it a little bit according to the directions.
22:05 And you have the nicest whipped topping once it cools
22:07 because the gel kind of makes it set,
22:10 so it's very lovely.
22:12 When it's all ready to serve,
22:14 you can just top this with your whipped topping.
22:19 And this way you have a non-dairy and no sugar pie
22:24 for your eating God's way Sabbath dinner.
22:28 And actually when you eat the fat in your diet
22:32 mixed in with the other nutrients
22:34 as it comes from nature, then you're okay,
22:37 you're not pulling a nature apart.
22:40 It's like when we refine it out that we get into trouble.
22:43 But when the fiber is all there
22:45 and then carbohydrate is all there with it.
22:48 It's really in its natural balance,
22:51 just the way it was intended from the beginning.
22:55 And we're going to try to slice a piece of this.
22:59 Myrna, shall I be brave and try it here.
23:01 Oh, I think you should.
23:02 Hopefully it's set up enough
23:04 so that we can try to make a piece of pie here for...
23:10 So far so good here.
23:11 I always get nervous
23:13 about cutting the first piece of a pie,
23:15 that's supposed to be setting up after it chills.
23:19 Yes. Okay, I made it sort of big.
23:21 I guess this is for the man of the house here.
23:26 Here we go. We did it.
23:30 And believe it or not, we have some edible flower
23:33 to put here as a garnish beside it.
23:35 Aren't these lovely these little pansies here
23:37 when you bring your pie to the table
23:40 for your Sabbath guests,
23:42 you might want to garnish it with a little bit of pansies
23:45 because they're edible.
23:47 And I have a little patching job here to do.
23:49 We're gonna put this little crust back on here.
23:51 And here we have our no sugar lemon pie.
23:53 And, Myrna, and I held it together.
23:54 It's good. Good job, Marcella.
23:57 Thank you. We got it successfully together.
23:59 It looks beautiful, doesn't it? It does.
24:01 All right, would you like to bring up that spinach salad
24:03 we didn't tell them about the spinach salad
24:05 and I'll put this pie right over here on the table.
24:08 But we need our fresh salad.
24:09 So we'll just show you
24:11 we're gonna do the spinach salad today
24:13 that's on page 191 of the cookbook.
24:18 Spinach is another nice greens for salad.
24:20 And we've just put some cauliflower
24:22 and cherry tomatoes on it.
24:25 And the dressing we'd serve on our spinach salad today
24:27 is house dressing,
24:29 it's on page 196 of the cookbook.
24:31 We started with homemade mayonnaise,
24:33 and added some tomato puree,
24:35 and onions, parsleys, and herbs.
24:37 And it's wonderful,
24:39 it'll be served right on the spinach salad.
24:41 This completes our Sabbath meal for today.
24:43 Myrna, I'll let you go put the last thing on the table.
24:46 And as we promised at the beginning of the show,
24:49 we would like to share a few texts with you
24:51 regarding the Sabbath day.
24:53 I'd like to read one of them in Genesis 2:1 and 2,
24:58 "Thus the heavens, and the earth,
25:00 and all the host of them were finished.
25:03 And on the seventh day God ended His work
25:06 which He had made,
25:07 and He rested on the seventh day
25:10 from all His work, which He had done."
25:13 And the other text that you might like to look up
25:16 regarding the different act, Sabbath text is Luke 23:54,
25:22 Luke 4:16, Exodus 16:22 and 23,
25:28 and 2 which we've just read.
25:31 Exodus 20:8-11 and John 9:14.
25:36 We hope that you'll enjoy looking up some of these texts.
25:39 I know the Sabbath means a lot to me.
25:40 And I'm so thankful for it.
25:42 We're going to take a short break now.
25:47 If you've enjoyed the recipes
25:48 and cooking tips in this program,
25:50 you'll want to order our Food For Thought
25:51 resource sheet.
25:52 We'll tell you how you can order the cookbooks
25:54 you've seen used on this program
25:56 along with other information that will help you cook helpful
25:58 attractive vegetarian meals.
26:00 For your free copy
26:02 of our Food For Thought resource sheet,
26:03 please write to us at Food For Thought,
26:05 P.O. Box 220, West Frankfort, Illinois 62896.
26:10 Or call (618) 627-4651.
26:17 I'm just thankful that way back when I was a child,
26:21 my mother and father loved the Lord
26:23 and they taught us to follow His ways,
26:27 and to keep the Sabbath, and to eat right,
26:30 and treat our bodies right.
26:32 I just feel like
26:34 that's why I'm as healthy as I am today,
26:36 and uh I'm just grateful,
26:38 and I just like to offer a prayer right now
26:41 to thank God for His wonderful love.
26:45 Our loving Heavenly Father, we're so thankful
26:47 for the Sabbath day and for Your way of eating
26:51 that is right in scriptures and book of nature,
26:55 the design that You gave for our bodies,
26:57 we want to follow the instruction manual,
26:59 and treat our bodies right.
27:01 We're thankful for your beautiful foods
27:03 and for the knowledge of how to prepare them.
27:06 Please bless each one of our listeners
27:09 and our viewers that they will be able
27:12 to put this into practice in their lives as well.
27:14 We pray in Jesus' name, amen.
27:18 We want to thank you for being with us today
27:21 and looking ahead our next show
27:23 is going to be covering the topic about gluten making,
27:27 making all the meat you eat out of wheat.
27:30 And why I am a vegetarian
27:33 and we just want to say that this program is sponsored
27:35 by the Three Angels Broadcasting Network,
27:38 your prayers and financial support
27:41 are greatly appreciated.


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