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00:01 Do you throw out your good eating habits
00:02 when it's party time?
00:04 Stay tuned for healthy party food ideas.
00:26 Hello, I'm Marcella Lynch.
00:28 This is Food For Thought,
00:29 the cooking show that features God's eating plan
00:32 as unfolded through Scripture
00:34 and through an understanding of God's other book,
00:37 the book of nature.
00:39 Funny thing happens when people get together
00:41 to celebrate events and attitude takes over
00:45 that it's a party and anything goes.
00:48 For some reason people let loose
00:50 and serve all those choice tidbits
00:52 that are too rich, too fattening,
00:55 too high in cholesterol,
00:57 and too decadent.
00:59 Most people over eat,
01:01 then when the party's over they feel over indulged.
01:04 And it takes several days to feel normal again.
01:08 Today's class will feature a variety of healthful snacks
01:11 and party foods.
01:13 Now celebration is an important part of life.
01:16 Parties bring special memories and bonds
01:19 between family and friends.
01:21 When Jesus started His earthly ministry here on earth,
01:24 His first miracle was at a wedding party.
01:28 And it lasted for three days.
01:30 He turned water into wine.
01:33 I'm glad Jesus liked to have fun.
01:36 Being cheerful keeps you healthy.
01:38 It is slow death to be gloomy all the time.
01:41 Proverb 17:22, reminds us that a merry heart
01:46 does good like a medicine,
01:48 but a broken spirit dries the bone.
01:52 It seems evident from reading various passages of Scripture
01:57 that people in the Bible times
01:59 knew it was unhealthful and unwise
02:01 to overeat a delicious delicacies.
02:03 Found another interesting scripture here
02:05 in Proverbs 23:1-3.
02:09 And it says, "When you sit down to eat
02:12 with the ruler
02:13 consider carefully what is before you
02:16 and put a knife to your throat.
02:19 If you are a man given to appetite,
02:22 do not desire his delicacies,
02:25 for they are deceptive foods."
02:29 When we overeat a rich food, we are not clear minded
02:32 to discuss important matters and make wise choices
02:35 just as we are similarly affected
02:38 by alcoholic beverages.
02:40 There is one more text I like to share with you
02:42 in Psalm 141.
02:46 And it says,
02:48 "Do not incline my heart to any evil thing
02:51 to practice wicked works with men who work iniquity.
02:55 And do not let me eat of their delicacies."
03:00 The Apostle Paul as the health reformer,
03:03 he was a health reformer.
03:05 He said, "I keep under my body, and bring it into subjection:
03:09 lest that by any means, when I have preached to others,
03:14 I myself should be a castaway."
03:17 He felt that a responsibility rested upon him
03:21 to preserve all his powers in their strength
03:25 that he might use them to the glory of God.
03:29 Overeating is the sin of the age.
03:32 The Word of God places the sin of gluttony
03:35 in the same category with drunkenness.
03:39 It destroys a person's usefulness to others.
03:42 It weakens the body and the mind,
03:44 and brings ultimately sickness.
03:47 The digestive organs break down under the stress
03:50 and strain of the overwork.
03:53 When I plan snacks for parties,
03:54 I think of foods that are light,
03:56 and easy to digest, and refreshing.
03:59 And so today our class is on party foods
04:02 and we're getting ready to have a party here.
04:05 And Myrna is here to help me today.
04:07 And I'd like to say, Myrna,
04:09 that I have a lot of memories of you and I
04:11 doing parties together.
04:12 That's true.
04:14 We've actually known each other since our children were young
04:17 and we work together at the school
04:19 where we both work.
04:20 And so we do a lot of party planning.
04:23 So I'm glad to have your assistance here today.
04:26 This looks like fun. Let's get going.
04:27 Let's invite some of those kids that we have at school over.
04:31 I hope they will like it.
04:32 We have a whole array of things waiting to show you here.
04:35 And let's just start with what's here.
04:37 We have some wonderful vegetable relishes.
04:39 That's a really health food, isn't it?
04:41 That's from God's natural plant sources.
04:44 And we want to demonstrate first this dip here that
04:47 that's in the center.
04:49 This is the interesting dip that starts with tofu actually.
04:53 The tofu walnut-olive dip.
04:55 Now this recipe is not in our Cooking
04:57 by the Book cookbook.
04:59 A lot of our recipes, most of them are in the book.
05:01 But for today's class we've brought in
05:03 a few other recipes.
05:05 But at the end of the show, we'll give you some information
05:07 where you can order the book if you would like a copy.
05:12 Right, so we're going to talk about walnut-olive dip.
05:16 And let's first of all take a look at the ingredients.
05:19 Walnut-olive dip is:
05:36 So this is a very simple recipe.
05:38 And I just like to use the blender
05:39 because it's a very quick thing to do.
05:42 And then when we get all finished
05:44 mixing the mixture in the blender,
05:45 we will fold in two tablespoons of walnuts
05:48 that have been finally chopped,
05:50 and four teaspoons of black olives
05:52 that have been chopped.
05:53 This dip will make about one and three fourths cups
05:56 all together.
05:58 All right, so let's just...
06:00 This is a package of tofu
06:02 that we've drained the liquid off,
06:03 it always accumulates more as it sits.
06:06 So here we'll just put this one half pound of tofu
06:09 in the blender
06:11 and the other ingredients
06:12 will just go right here with it.
06:15 So we have the lemon juice.
06:20 We have that little bit of sugar and salt here
06:23 that it mentioned.
06:25 It's nice that you've got these things all measured out
06:28 so nicely for us, Myrna.
06:30 It really does help to cook fast, does it?
06:31 Yeah.
06:33 I'll let you go ahead
06:34 and put these olives and walnuts here
06:35 and stir this dipped together
06:37 when I get this all whizzed up here.
06:40 This makes a nice creamy smooth mixture.
06:57 I like dips and recipes that are quick and easy.
07:00 And this seems to be one.
07:02 Let's just go ahead and mix in some of the olives
07:05 and nuts and that's it.
07:07 It's very tasty.
07:08 We were kind of like taken a sneak preview
07:10 just before the class.
07:11 That's true.
07:13 And this is exactly what we have right here
07:14 in the center.
07:16 And this is nice to serve with the parties
07:17 if you have chips, vegetable relishes.
07:19 These happen to be baked chips with no salt or fat on them.
07:24 And they're just really wonderful.
07:26 And then another fun idea, Myrna,
07:28 is this we have also a platter to show you
07:31 of dried vegetables.
07:33 I don't know if any of you are into dehydrating
07:35 fruits and vegetables.
07:37 But Myrna and I both do that.
07:39 And you can dry a lot of different kind of vegetables
07:42 and then when fresh things are not available
07:44 or they're more expensive, you can just use dried ones.
07:47 And so this is a different dip recipe
07:49 that we have with this one.
07:52 But aren't those lovely.
07:54 These are summer squash,
07:55 these are those little yellow summer squash.
07:58 And we have here some dried zucchini,
08:00 they make wonderful chips.
08:02 We have dried carrots, dried tomatoes,
08:05 and this is called dip called hummus.
08:08 And we're going to give you the ingredients
08:09 for this hummus recipe right now.
08:11 And this is kind of a Middle Eastern
08:13 kind of a dip starting with garbanzos.
08:50 But just whiz all of that up.
08:52 I guess we can just do that,
08:54 we can use this exact same blender right here,
08:56 and we'll just show you how that one goes.
08:59 We'll put the garbanzos...
09:00 This is one whole can.
09:02 We'll just put it right here in the blender
09:05 with the sesame tahini, we call this.
09:11 This is very nutritious, nut butter, sesame seed butter.
09:16 Marcella, I have to tell you that,
09:17 you know, when you're in kitchen,
09:19 sometimes we have to substitute.
09:20 Right.
09:22 Well, I didn't find the garlic today.
09:24 So I substituted with some garlic powder.
09:26 Garlic powder, well, that sounds good to me.
09:29 And what is this one, that looks like the cumin.
09:31 That's cumin. And this is the water.
09:33 Let's wait and see how much we need to make.
09:35 This is the juice off the garbanzos
09:37 to make it the right consistency.
09:39 It probably will need a little of that.
10:21 That was working, wasn't it?
10:22 That's nice and thick. That's great.
10:25 I love this hummus if you've ever eaten
10:27 at a Middle Eastern restaurant.
10:29 I want to put this here where we can see it
10:31 a little bit better here.
10:35 I love this because it's so nutritious
10:37 and tasty.
10:40 I don't know if you've ever eaten those falafel.
10:44 Oh, I love them.
10:45 Pocket sandwiches, I make those too
10:47 and this is kind of a hummus dip,
10:49 that's nice for that.
10:51 So this the hummus dip.
10:52 And this is delicious.
10:53 I'll let you take this off.
10:55 That's exactly what we have right here in this tray
10:58 with the vegetable dip.
10:59 And it also could be used for the chips
11:02 and for all of the other dip type foods
11:05 that you might want to serve at a party.
11:07 So you can actually have the chips
11:09 and the dips at your party
11:10 without all the fat and the salt.
11:11 And it's really kind of a conversation piece
11:13 to have all these different vegetables,
11:15 especially the dried ones that are kind of unusual.
11:19 All right.
11:20 Now another thing that you see often
11:22 when you celebrate with friends,
11:23 especially in the patio in the backyard is kebabs.
11:28 We're going to make some vegetable shish kebabs now.
11:32 And let's see,
11:34 I don't think I need the blender.
11:35 Let's move that out of the way.
11:37 And I'll take this off.
11:38 You want to take those off
11:40 and then we'll bring back a little later.
11:43 We have one more tray that goes with this.
11:46 Okay, we'll talk about the recipe first.
11:49 The recipe is in kind of several steps here.
11:52 And mainly you just select
11:54 whatever kinds of things you want here.
11:57 This recipe is not in the book
11:59 and it's a little bit long to show you on the screen.
12:02 So I'm just gonna talk to you about it,
12:04 but we'll send you this recipe when you order the book.
12:07 So any of the recipes that are not in the book,
12:09 you're gonna get them if you order the book.
12:11 So you just make your selection
12:12 of some different colorful things.
12:14 And if you use some of the gluten meat,
12:17 the vegetarian meat
12:18 like we demonstrated in one of our last few classes,
12:22 or you can use that for the meat on your skewers,
12:25 or you could use tofu.
12:28 And here today we have the tofu
12:30 on our shish kebab sticks.
12:31 And here's what you do to the tofu.
12:34 First of all, you make a homemade teriyaki sauce.
12:36 Now the reason we home make so many things
12:39 is just because the teriyaki sauces
12:42 and all the other kind of sauces
12:44 are so full of vinegar and spices when you buy them
12:47 that we have found ways to make them very appetizing
12:50 with just natural things.
12:52 So the teriyaki sauce,
12:54 you can start with two cups of...
12:55 This is a humongous amount,
12:57 I'm not sure you need to make this much.
12:58 But it's two cups of soy sauce, one half cup lemon juice,
13:03 one half cup water,
13:05 one and a half tablespoons onion powder,
13:08 and one teaspoon garlic powder, and a half a cup of honey,
13:12 it's kind of that sweet sour.
13:13 So you just mix this together
13:15 and you get about three and a half cups.
13:16 And this is what you kind of marinate the gluten chunks
13:19 or the tofu chunks into so that the flavor is there.
13:23 And then you just put these on a cookie sheet
13:25 and you bake these in the oven at 350 for about 20 minutes.
13:29 So that's the way these have been done here.
13:32 And when you get that finish,
13:33 then you just start putting on some of your vegetables
13:37 right on to the sticks here.
13:39 And you can buy these wooden shish kebabs sticks
13:42 in most places.
13:43 We just found these very easily in the market.
13:46 Here I've got one just about ready to add
13:48 a couple more things here.
13:51 And there we have it.
13:52 And these are going to be baked in the oven.
13:58 And we don't have a cookie sheet here,
14:00 but this is a pie plate.
14:01 We have another sauce,
14:03 you might want to jot this down,
14:04 this is what we call our shish kebab sauce.
14:09 And let me just tell you what's in this sauce here.
14:30 So I think it's wonderful that you can get that sweet and sour
14:32 and all this nice flavor without the irritating things.
14:36 So what you do is you mix up the sauce here.
14:39 And as you can see, it's been sprinkled
14:40 right on some of these things
14:42 like you can just kind of like sprinkle it on
14:44 and kind of give it some more flavor.
14:47 And then these are baked in the oven.
14:50 And let's see,
14:52 the temperature for this part of it is also 350
14:56 and it takes 5-7 minutes.
14:59 And you put these on a sprayed cookie sheet.
15:02 So that's one of the items that you can make for parties
15:05 and they're very popular.
15:08 I'll just take this out and go and bake them a little more.
15:11 See if we can...
15:13 Good. That's great.
15:14 There's more exciting things here.
15:16 Excuse me. Right.
15:17 And while you're doing that, we're going to talk about
15:19 the next one we're going to show you
15:20 is tofu spaghetti sauce,
15:23 spaghetti balls with sort of a sauce,
15:25 a sweet and sour sauce over the top.
15:27 People like these finger foods,
15:29 you know, with that sweet and sour is kind of popular.
15:31 So we have found a way to make it very healthful
15:33 sweet and sour sauce.
15:35 And we're going to show you that one next.
15:37 And if you do have the cookbook,
15:39 the tofu spaghetti bowl recipe that we have here
15:43 is on page 128,
15:45 that we will talk about the ingredients
15:47 in case you don't have the book.
15:48 And I know we're reading recipes way too fast
15:51 for you to probably copy down
15:52 because we're crowding all of this into half an hour
15:54 and we're just trying to give you
15:56 as many ideas as we can.
15:58 But aren't these lovely kind of like non meatballs
16:01 made from tofu and other ingredients.
16:04 All right, so the ingredients
16:06 for the tofu spaghetti balls is:
16:38 Right.
16:39 Now you just take that and you make it
16:41 into the shape of the meatballs instead of
16:43 or you could fry these as patties,
16:45 and these are kind of nice for like veggie burger patties
16:49 for or like a hamburger patty also.
16:51 But we've just shaped them
16:52 and we brown these on a cookie sheet in the oven.
16:56 And if you do it in the oven,
16:57 then you just do it at about 350 for about 30 minutes.
17:02 And that's all you need to do.
17:04 And then these are nice
17:05 with the sweet and sour sauce here.
17:08 This is a nice sweet and sour sauce here.
17:10 It looks quite similar to the kind
17:12 that you would get if you went to eat
17:14 some kind of oriental meal.
17:16 And it's very nice.
17:17 I'm going to tell you about that now.
17:19 The sweet and sour sauce.
17:22 So here are the ingredients:
17:43 And what you need to do here is just to put it in a saucepan
17:47 over medium heat and stir it with a wire weapon
17:50 till it's thickened.
17:52 And then you can put this in a pretty bowl,
17:54 it's surrounded with your meatballs
17:56 and you can just serve these at a party for meatballs,
18:00 either cold or warm.
18:02 And this is a very nice way to get
18:04 a natural kind of the sweet and sour.
18:07 So you'll use the pineapple sweetness
18:10 and you use the lemon juice tartness
18:12 which is God's natural way.
18:15 So that's another quick one.
18:17 Now if I had somebody just magically make those,
18:20 I could throw a party quite often, couldn't I?
18:22 Looks like we're making a lot of things here
18:23 pretty fast.
18:25 Okay.
18:27 What we want to do next is to show you
18:29 a platter of some sandwich things
18:32 that are fun to make
18:34 when you have a party to celebrate.
18:38 We just want you to see that commercially available products
18:42 can be used too, and these are all meatless.
18:44 Did we bring the packages
18:46 of this meatless sandwich lunchmeat here?
18:49 I have them right here for you.
18:51 Okay.
18:52 These products that you see here
18:54 on the platter are not meat at all,
18:56 but they look like lunch meat.
18:58 Actually there's many different kinds available
19:00 and you will probably find some of these
19:02 in your natural food stores.
19:04 But I have some of the packages here
19:05 just to kind of give you an idea.
19:07 This is called meatless wham instead of a ham.
19:10 And you can do lots of different things with this.
19:12 It's meatless vegetarian
19:14 and it's made from a soy protein fiber.
19:18 Here's a meatless corned beef.
19:21 Similar product with a little different flavor.
19:23 It's made out of the soy protein fiber.
19:26 And here we have the meatless corned beef.
19:28 So we have just used the variety of these
19:31 to make a nice beautiful lunch platter.
19:34 And if you serve some kind of
19:36 nice little whole wheat dinner rolls
19:37 and some of that homemade menus and mustard
19:39 that we've shown you in other classes,
19:41 it goes really nice for them to come along your buffet line
19:44 and help themselves to some sandwich things.
19:47 These are the commercially available cheeses.
19:49 There's a quite a number now of the various nondairy cheeses
19:54 that are in the supermarkets.
19:55 And they taste really quite nice like mozzarella,
19:57 they have one in jack cheese, and cheddar type cheeses.
20:01 But they're really not cholesterol at all.
20:05 So this is our cheese
20:08 and lunch meat platter for the parties.
20:12 We thought, we'd better show you a dessert
20:14 before we finish our party here.
20:17 We wouldn't want to have a party without a dessert.
20:19 We're going to make some carob pudding
20:22 and some cookies here
20:23 that could go nicely for a party.
20:25 And the recipe for the pudding is on page 222 here
20:29 in the cookbook.
20:31 It's actually called carob cream pie
20:32 here in the book.
20:34 And we're just going to use it in like pudding.
20:36 And if you want to go ahead, Myrna, and bring that...
20:40 I'll bring that just in a minute.
20:41 Pudding so that we can just show them
20:42 what that looks like here,
20:45 we'll show you how easy it is to make carob pudding.
20:47 Now why carob pudding?
20:49 It just so happens that chocolate is not a health food.
20:54 Whoa, there it is. That's so pretty.
20:56 This is the carob pudding right here in the glass.
20:59 And these are some other cookies
21:00 we're gonna talk to you about those too.
21:02 But chocolate is high in fat
21:05 and chocolate contains caffeine and theobromine
21:08 which are irritating chemical substances.
21:12 And it's just more bitter.
21:15 And so it takes more sugar added to it
21:17 when they make chocolates in different ways.
21:19 Carob is not going to taste exactly like chocolate.
21:22 But it's a very nice alternative.
21:25 And so I buy the carob powder, it looks here like this.
21:29 It's just very brown kind, it looks like cocoa powder.
21:33 And you can buy this in natural food stores
21:35 and use it in place of chocolate,
21:37 you can make hot drinks for like a hot chocolate
21:40 with it only it's carob.
21:41 And you can use it
21:43 for all different kinds of cakes and desserts
21:45 and things like that.
21:46 And the nice thing about it is that it isn't irritating.
21:48 It's actually nutritious that has protein
21:51 and the B vitamins in it.
21:52 And it's sweet naturally.
21:54 So you don't have to add as much sweet to compensate,
21:58 and it's low in fat.
21:59 So it's a very nice product.
22:01 And if you've ever seen those trees
22:03 with those big brown pods,
22:04 they're the locust beans
22:06 that's what they make as carob out of.
22:08 Now, got to find a blender here.
22:10 And we'll just whiz this mixture up.
22:12 Let's take a look at the ingredients list
22:14 for the carob cream pie:
22:43 All right, we're going to take these ingredients,
22:45 and just put them in the blender,
22:47 and whiz them up.
22:48 That's an easy way to do it.
22:49 So here we have the milk.
22:51 This is tofu milk that we're using.
22:54 And we'll add the one half teaspoon vanilla.
23:00 If you get more, it's okay.
23:03 And we have that carob powder that we talked about here.
23:08 And the cornstarch will thicken it.
23:10 And you just cook this in the double boiler
23:11 and that cornstarch just gets real nice here.
23:14 I'm going to borrow this spoon right here
23:16 and see if we can get that honey out.
23:19 This is the sweetness.
23:20 And if you want to use the dates
23:21 instead for the sweet, that's fine too.
23:24 Cashews make it creamy and smooth.
23:27 And that's it.
23:29 Oops, a little tiny bit of salt here.
23:31 And here we go.
23:32 Let's just see if we can whiz that up smooth.
23:58 Okay, this is going to go
23:59 into the top of a double boiler.
24:01 Remember that when you use a double boiler,
24:03 you put a little water in the pan underneath
24:05 and then on the top we put the mixture.
24:08 And you put this over like medium high heat.
24:12 And you just stir once in a while
24:13 with your wire whip here.
24:15 And just keep working with it until it gets nice and thick.
24:18 You know, you can break cornstarch down
24:19 so that it's too runny.
24:21 So don't get on real high heat.
24:23 Hey, and then the cookies that we have here
24:26 are called kitchen sink cookies
24:28 because they have so many different things in them.
24:32 And the recipe is on page 226 here in the cookbook.
24:37 We can't take the time to tell you
24:39 the whole list of ingredients.
24:40 But these are so healthy
24:42 because they have whole wheat flour,
24:43 soy flour, rolled oats, coconut milk powder,
24:46 carob chips, nuts, sesame seeds,
24:48 all kind of different things.
24:50 And they're very delicious, we've had a hard time
24:52 keeping our crew people out of these cookies this week.
24:56 So here we have a lot of these nice wonderful party foods here
25:01 that we've talked about today.
25:04 And we have lined them all up here.
25:07 And here's...
25:08 Oh yes, one more idea
25:10 that we have already to share with you.
25:11 We showed you how to make whole wheat pizza
25:13 in one of the other classes
25:16 and we have this cashew pimento cheese sauce recipe
25:19 that's back here on about page 50.
25:22 Oops, no it's 80, page 80.
25:24 And this is a whizzed up mixture in the blender
25:26 that takes the place of your cheese sauce,
25:28 your cheese in the recipe.
25:30 So you take some kind of a pizza sauce
25:33 and you put it over your English muffin.
25:35 We've kind of toasted these English muffins just a little
25:38 so that they're not real soft.
25:40 And then you put the sauce over it,
25:43 and you sprinkle some of this cashew pimento cheese on it,
25:47 sprinkle a little bit of onions,
25:50 or bell peppers, or something on it.
25:52 And you put these back on the cookie sheet
25:54 and you can toast these in the oven
25:56 just like you would make
25:57 your little English muffin buns.
25:59 And these are really, really nice
26:02 for individual sandwiches for the party.
26:05 And I think these are a hit with teenagers too.
26:09 I think so too.
26:10 And so again we have the walnut-olive dip
26:12 made from the tofu here with all the fresh vegetables.
26:16 I don't know if you're into eating fresh vegetables,
26:19 but they're really wonderful.
26:21 Chew them well and they digest beautifully.
26:24 And they're dried vegetables that we have here
26:26 with the hummus.
26:28 There is that garbanzo with the tahini,
26:30 sesame seed butter inside.
26:32 It is a very nice thing and a conversation piece.
26:36 This will be the conversation piece for your party
26:38 because not too many people serve dried vegetable chips.
26:43 And our shish kebabs, our vegetable shish kebab,
26:45 we haven't really baked these
26:47 and you would have these baked a little bit.
26:48 But these are really nice to have on a buffet table.
26:53 All right, and then we have our carob pudding
26:55 and our kitchen sink cookies here.
26:58 And lastly we have our lunch meats,
27:01 and our cheeses, and our other sandwich things.
27:06 And we're so glad that you could join us today
27:08 for our party.
27:09 And we hope that you'll try some of these things too.
27:11 We want to thank you for being here.
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Revised 2018-11-05