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Participants: Pr. William Lee (Host), Brandon Dent, Colin King PhD, Stephen Barber


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00:01 Hi, welcome to "For Guys Only."
00:02 A program designed to speak to the needs of the urban man.
00:06 I'm, Pastor William Lee,
00:07 and today we have a very exciting
00:09 and interesting topic.
00:11 Today the title of our program is
00:13 "As For Me And My House."
00:15 Stay tuned as we go into today's broadcast.
00:32 Gentlemen, it's so good to see each one of you
00:34 all again today for another broadcast,
00:37 as always we always have very interesting
00:39 and provocative discussions.
00:41 And today, I believe you'll be no different at all.
00:44 But before we get into this I just want to you know,
00:45 there are viewers, audience now today who we have with us.
00:49 And so I just want to kind of introduce ourselves today.
00:51 So I'll start right here with, Stephen,
00:53 kind of let everybody who you are
00:55 and little bit about yourself.
00:56 Okay, Well, my name is Stephen Barber,
00:58 I'm the Lake Region Conference Ministry Director,
01:01 owner, entrepreneur owner of S&B seasonings
01:05 and executive chef.
01:08 All right, very good, Dr. King.
01:10 My name is Colin King,
01:11 I'm a father of two, husband of one.
01:16 I'm also a trained clinical psychologist
01:19 and I'm happy to be here on the show today.
01:21 All right, all right, very good.
01:23 Hi, my name is Brandon Dent,
01:24 I am a retired automotive executive
01:28 and now I'm running my own marketing firm
01:31 and I have two grown sons and a teenage daughter at home.
01:36 I've been married for 27 years now.
01:38 Okay, very good, and I'm Pastor William Lee.
01:41 I pastor at Lake Region Conference
01:42 of Seventh-day Adventist and happily married.
01:45 I have two boys, six year old as well as a 18 month old.
01:49 So as always we're very excited to get start today.
01:52 Hey, as we get started today, let's have a word of prayer
01:55 and just kind of jump right into our topic right now.
01:57 So let's pray.
01:58 Father God, we thank You
02:00 for the time that we have today.
02:01 I ask God that Your spirit will bless us
02:03 and bless our viewers even now for we ask you in, Jesus' name.
02:06 Amen. Amen.
02:08 We always kind of start off guys,
02:09 with a biblical foundation.
02:11 We always want to have a text
02:12 that kind of springboard us forward for our discussion.
02:15 So and our text is again,
02:17 as our title is "As For Me and My House"
02:19 the Bible says in Joshua 24:15,
02:23 Bible says "And if it seem evil unto you to serve the Lord,
02:27 choose you this day whom ye will serve,
02:30 whether the gods of your fathers served
02:32 that were on the other side of the flood,
02:34 or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell,"
02:38 but Joshua says "but as for me and my house,
02:42 we will serve the Lord."
02:45 What an awesome declaration that Joshua makes that,
02:49 listen we're not going to serve any other god,
02:51 but Joshua says that my household
02:53 is going to serve the Lord.
02:56 That's right. I love that about Joshua.
02:58 You know, as we get our discussions today clearly
03:01 you know, roles are need to be out lined,
03:04 a man's role in the home
03:07 and the man's role in the home needs to clarified.
03:09 You know, there are so many issues as relates to,
03:13 you know, men being present in the home
03:15 and anyway that you know being outside of the home as well.
03:18 But kind of help us out today guys,
03:20 you know, there are some challenges
03:22 especially that's relates to men leading out in the home,
03:25 whether it be, you know, taming allowing certain
03:27 you know, terror practices in the home,
03:29 whether they are not doing family devotions in the home,
03:33 that is a plethora of issues that's relates to,
03:36 I want to serve the Lord in my house
03:37 and the your children say you know, what?
03:39 Well, I want to do other things
03:40 is other things that I want to do
03:42 and I want to serve the Lord you know, later on.
03:44 What position do we take as Christian men,
03:48 'cause we all, we all are Christian men,
03:50 what position do we take as Christian name
03:52 to set you know, the standard for our home
03:55 in leading our families in the way
03:58 that God wants us to lead them?
04:00 That's gonna put up for Union boss to answer right now.
04:03 I think it's important to setup,
04:04 set this topic up a little bit.
04:08 Joshua lived in a time when
04:13 you know, the wife, the wife or wives
04:17 did not have a whole the lot of sway.
04:20 They didn't have a say,
04:21 they were held to be obedient in the home
04:25 and a wife that was too out of control
04:27 could by law be stoned.
04:30 Children that were disrespectable
04:32 they could be stoned.
04:34 So he had a lot backing up his ability to stand up
04:39 and make that that declaration
04:43 and do it with resolution.
04:46 Men, the challenge for the men today
04:49 is that I think we are still held responsible
04:52 for the spiritual direction
04:54 of the family we're still priests,
04:57 but we can't necessarily make a grown woman,
05:02 a spouse okay, do anything even good,
05:08 if we force the issue,
05:10 it could actually become a criminal, okay.
05:13 So now we're caught in this challenging place
05:16 in between wanting to do the role
05:21 that God has playing it-- placed us in
05:24 as spiritual leaders of the home
05:26 and the limitations
05:28 that our culture, society and our laws
05:32 placed on us in that effort.
05:35 So, Okay, Okay, if you had any other thoughts
05:38 as what he said?
05:39 Yes.
05:41 Well, we think about Elijah
05:42 and the time period that he was in.
05:43 Well, he actually made a bold statement
05:45 like you have said earlier, that "as for me and my house."
05:48 So he's saying I'm making this decision
05:51 that me and my house, we're going to serve the Lord
05:54 and when I think about
05:56 everything that they went through in that time period,
05:59 everything that they've, they've come across,
06:01 all the influence they've run into,
06:02 it was a very, very bold statement to say,
06:06 because people at that point and time were on fence.
06:09 They were saying, well,
06:11 you know, we can serve this guy,
06:12 we can be influenced this way you know,
06:13 we can sway back and fourth
06:15 and, still remember the gods of our fathers.
06:17 But we're not serving them whole hearted
06:19 and what Joshua had to do,
06:21 Joshua was one of the men that were alive,
06:24 it was something that we have to remember to,
06:25 Joshua was one of the men that were allowed to live
06:28 pass that generational point
06:31 that, that, declaration that Moses got
06:33 when they had worshiped the golden calf.
06:35 It was Caleb and Joshua those were the only two
06:38 that lived past their 40 years.
06:40 So he had that firm foundation
06:42 and has seen everything that they had come across,
06:45 in the, on the land of, in the wilderness.
06:48 So he was chosen leader, he just had the book backup
06:51 and say, God is the one that took us through,
06:54 God is the one that's caring us through.
06:56 So, as for me and my house, you do what you want,
06:59 but as for me and my house we're going to serve the Lord.
07:02 A decision needs to be made right here,
07:04 I'm standing, right here.
07:05 As the man of the house, he was saying that,
07:09 this is the direction that we need to be in,
07:12 this is the direction we need to go in
07:14 and even what Brandon Dent was saying,
07:16 oh I'm sorry Mr. Dent was saying that,
07:19 I know, I know, that's my fault.
07:21 Oh it's okay.
07:22 Well, he was saying about starting a household
07:25 or getting evolved with the household.
07:27 All of this should have been planned and outlined
07:29 before you even took your vows
07:31 to say that, to see that
07:33 the women respect you as a decision maker.
07:35 Does the, does the wife or spouse respect you
07:39 and know you well enough to be priest of the house,
07:41 provider of the house and protector of the house.
07:43 You know, she's giving herself
07:45 and everything that she's encompassing over to you,
07:48 the father is giving you know, that over to you
07:50 that's why you know, we with the father
07:52 gives her away in the wedding,
07:53 because he in trusting you to his daughter,
07:54 but now when daughters are making that decision as well.
07:57 You know, they have to see that
07:58 so they're moving forward
08:01 all of that has to be considered to say that,
08:04 yes as for me and my house we are going to serve the Lord.
08:07 Okay, Okay, now help me out guys
08:11 as Joshua makes this,
08:12 you know, he makes this bold declaration
08:14 but I don't-- in my mind,
08:16 I don't see Joshua, you know,
08:17 standing in his living room at home you know, and saying,
08:20 "hey everybody, we are going to serve the Lord."
08:22 It seems as of Joshua you know, he has a pulse of his family.
08:26 He knew what was going on in his household
08:29 and I think as men we have to have the pulse
08:32 of our household right on our fingertips.
08:35 You know, my father's name is not Joshua
08:37 but he knew Joshua
08:39 and as we were growing up there were some basic things
08:42 that my father told us that you know
08:44 as far as you know, entertainment,
08:45 even watching cartoons on televisions.
08:48 You know, there are certain cartoons
08:50 that my father, you know, when he came on,
08:51 my father said uh, uh, turn that mess off.
08:54 You are not going to watch,
08:56 you know, such as such on television.
08:58 And as I look back on now
09:00 it's like you know I was bit advanced.
09:01 Like why can't I watch it?
09:03 But as I look back on it,
09:04 I see you know, man, God, my father was
09:06 you know he was, Joshua, he was this man
09:08 that was so to speak a watchman.
09:10 He was trying to look out
09:11 for the things that were coming into our home.
09:14 But entertainment is a serious issue's in our,
09:17 in our families.
09:18 You know, what do we do to help a dress
09:22 you know, some of the stuff
09:23 that is being brought into our home as men,
09:26 not ruling though with an iron fist,
09:29 we never want to rule with that fist.
09:30 What can we do to help all of you
09:32 especially as we say entertainment?
09:35 You know, I,
09:39 I am going to differ and I think I should,
09:43 in terms of the role of the man in the house.
09:47 You know, I agree that the, the man or the male
09:51 should always champion to cause of a spirituality,
09:55 should always you know, without compromise.
09:59 But before we answer that question
10:02 let us take a look in terms of what's happening.
10:04 As far back at 2004,
10:08 black women had overtaken black men
10:11 in post secondary institutions,
10:16 now we have more educated,
10:19 more, more talented black women than black men in the US.
10:24 As a matter of fact, if you watch that showing
10:27 MSNBC Breadwinner wives,
10:31 these are women
10:33 who're bringing in more money than men,
10:36 which actually now is a cause for divorce
10:38 because some men can't deal with the fact
10:41 that their wives are more marketable.
10:44 So let me, let me just set this up for you.
10:47 So if you have a woman
10:48 who is paying the majority of the bills,
10:52 who is more educated than you,
10:55 who has more sway who are you to tell this woman
11:00 that she can't watch this T.V show
11:02 when she bought a T.V.
11:04 Well.
11:05 And when she's paying for the program.
11:06 Okay.
11:08 What are we talking about here, gentlemen.
11:09 Okay.
11:10 Well, I-- I'm glad you brought that up.
11:12 That's all right.
11:13 Because there, there are a lot of them,
11:16 there are lot of men
11:17 who don't and this goes back to the identifying part.
11:21 We don't identify with who we are.
11:23 If we're identifying with who we are
11:25 as God has given us ordination
11:29 over the household to say that,
11:31 I'm gonna use you to be the guide,
11:34 I'm gonna use you to set the standard.
11:38 There's a high responsibility to be a man in America.
11:41 Well, not just in America
11:42 but to be a man in miracle household
11:44 and if we sensor our focus,
11:46 and if we sensor our responsibility
11:48 around the God ordained precepts
11:51 money is just another factor that comes into the picture.
11:54 So my wife can, can have three million dollars,
11:57 but if she trust her husband to be the steward
12:00 of whatever comes in to that house,
12:03 then it's, a whole another perception to me.
12:07 My wife can make more money,
12:08 as a matter my wife does make more money than me.
12:10 She does but she trusts me to make good decisions.
12:13 I'll come up and say,
12:15 "babe, I'm no good at keeping the books.
12:17 I'm flat out.
12:18 I'm no good at keeping the books.
12:20 Babe, can you keep the books?
12:21 Can you do this?"
12:22 But see it came from the husband,
12:24 the direction came from the husband
12:26 and she's like, "well, oh.
12:28 Okay I'll keep the books, I can do this, I can do that,
12:30 I can do the other, there's no problem."
12:33 But it's about responsibility and delegation as well,
12:38 as not just beating you're chest
12:40 and saying I'm a man.
12:41 I want you to say it's not about beating your chest
12:42 and saying that, I'm a man.
12:44 But it's about being a responsible steward
12:47 to everything that God encompasses
12:48 or puts within you're perimeter.
12:51 Yes, kind of interesting, my,
12:53 my parents halfway through their careers,
12:56 my, my mother's career just took off
12:58 and she begin out earn my father significantly.
13:03 But it's kind of interesting
13:05 and probably from me being a young teen
13:08 only it was that way and the gap just continued
13:12 until retirement.
13:14 But it's kind of interesting that family worship,
13:21 it was regular.
13:23 Morning and evening my father sounded the alarm.
13:28 Okay. Okay.
13:30 The hymn book was opened and my brother who plays--
13:34 very accomplice pianist,
13:36 he played the hymn's and we sang
13:40 and he did the morning watch
13:42 and he did the Sabbath school lesson
13:45 and without fail.
13:47 There were times when because my mom worked so hard,
13:50 that she just came in and went to bed.
13:52 You know, it's kind of he, he was always open to her,
13:57 but if she did not wanted to do it, he did not force it,
14:02 but he did set the spirituality of our home.
14:07 He was Sabbath school teacher for the teens.
14:10 So happen just you know, to be our class,
14:13 so we were getting that at home,
14:14 we were getting that church.
14:17 There were things that my mom thought,
14:19 you know, it might not be so bad for the kids to do this.
14:23 My father if he felt there was a strong moral issue,
14:26 he drew a hard line, a very hard line.
14:30 And it's kind of interesting when I had my lowest moment,
14:35 when the devil challenged me the most in my life,
14:40 the person I want to call
14:41 as a young black boy who doubted on my mom
14:45 and had had sort of a relationship
14:48 of utility with my dad,
14:50 even though I love him.
14:52 When the spiritual challenges came,
14:55 did not wanted to talk to mom,
14:57 I wanted to talk to dad
14:58 'cause I felt like this man has the connection
15:03 that I have experienced through him with God
15:07 that I need right now.
15:09 And I think that's a good example
15:11 of how a man can say, listen the spiritual program,
15:16 I'm going to make sure, for my house,
15:18 I'm going to make sure that I structured that program.
15:22 Now, wife, she's an adult
15:25 and she can make decisions that relates her own
15:27 personal involvement in that program,
15:29 but my house will not go absent of that program
15:33 and my effort to manage that program.
15:39 Okay, now you're, you're smiling,
15:40 what do you think about it?
15:42 I am, I am, I am because the rules,
15:45 the rules have changed,
15:48 more so over the last ten years,
15:51 dramatically over the last five years.
15:53 I absolutely agree that my dad
15:57 should be the patriarch of their family
16:00 and I should lead out spiritually
16:02 and in other areas.
16:04 I mean let me just paint a scenario for you.
16:07 If my wife is a pediatrician
16:10 and my son needs to get his tonsils removed
16:15 as the man of the family,
16:17 being a non-medical person
16:20 that's not a decision that I should make.
16:22 I should consult to my wife, she is the expert.
16:26 You know, she is the most educated person here
16:29 so I should consult with her before I come to a conclusion
16:33 and before we agree in terms of how we will proceed.
16:38 I think one of the reasons
16:39 why we're running into a lot of problems
16:41 is that as a male I feel that in every aspect of the family,
16:46 you know, I was ruled supreme,
16:49 you know, even down to the decorations of the home,
16:53 the painting, the carpet.
16:55 If my wife is a person who can spot a better deal
16:59 and who can drive a hard bargain,
17:01 I want her to lead.
17:02 As the male I still continue to play an important role
17:07 and as the leader I should be the first one
17:10 to take the trashcan out.
17:12 I should be the first one to empty the dishwasher.
17:15 I should be the first one to say I am sorry.
17:17 Leading doesn't necessarily mean it
17:19 I have to be at front,
17:21 I can also lead from behind,
17:23 that is the only point I wanted to make into this topic.
17:26 You know, I think that's a great point.
17:27 I think it's a great point because again,
17:29 you know, that declaration sound
17:30 as if he's so stern as if you know,
17:32 he just whips his family into shape.
17:34 But what I do hear guys,
17:36 is that it is so critical for the man
17:39 to be submitted to God.
17:41 You know, I hear that in our conversation
17:43 over and over again because as he submits himself to God,
17:47 you know for God to lead him
17:49 and that's the only way really he can lead his family,
17:51 you know, anywhere.
17:52 You know, interestingly and keeping with,
17:57 Dr. King's, point you know, bringing that
17:59 in my parent's example together.
18:02 My dad tried to the family's finances
18:08 and he was terrible at it.
18:10 Now my mom is an expert at it.
18:14 So at some point in time she waited for him
18:18 to come to a point of realizing that he,
18:23 that wasn't his thing.
18:25 And so I mean, she could have been more forward
18:30 and said listen this is not working
18:31 and let's, let's do this and he would have been open,
18:34 but she was from a different era
18:36 and so as she took a different approach.
18:37 The point is that my father offered no resistance
18:41 to the, to the idea of her handling the books
18:45 and that's when the family's financial situation
18:47 just went up, way up.
18:50 But he was, he understood that
18:53 even though he was going to manage
18:56 and lead the spiritual program of the house
18:59 but that did not mean that he had to be upfront
19:01 in all aspects of the family dynamics.
19:05 Another point I want to mention also
19:08 is that the very definition of family has changed.
19:13 In biblical times, family meant husband wife,
19:20 children, servants, grandparents, uncle,
19:23 aunt and so on and so forth.
19:25 In today's vernacular there's a,
19:28 you know, there's multiple definition for family,
19:30 you know, we have the single parent household.
19:34 And by the way within the African-American community
19:38 we have more than 65 percent of women
19:41 who are leading their households.
19:44 We need to recognize that.
19:46 You know, we have blended families
19:49 where you have stepchildren
19:51 now living together as a family.
19:55 We have gays and homosexual families
19:59 and I know that these topics
20:01 may not be relevant to this discussion
20:03 but when, when we think of family
20:05 we want to carefully consider what are we talking about
20:09 because what if this household is lead by a single mom?
20:14 Sure, sure, sure you know,
20:16 that's a very interesting point,
20:18 but if anyone, you know, for the man that's here,
20:21 even viewer is right now and the man has that desire
20:25 you know, as Stephen is talking about.
20:27 The man has desire, he's saying to himself,
20:29 you know what, I really want to get
20:31 my family back together again.
20:33 I want to bring my family to where God wants them to be.
20:37 There has to be some type of practical steps
20:39 that that he should take in order to achieve that,
20:42 especially as it relates to discipline in the home.
20:44 You know, there was a story
20:45 recently in the news of a mega pastor,
20:49 that has some, some real issues with his teenage daughter.
20:52 You know, daughter went to graduation party,
20:55 late at night it was at the 12 o'clock
20:56 and as pastor he said you know, absolutely not, you can't go.
21:01 And it ended up you know,
21:02 she called the police on her pastor,
21:05 on her father, which happen to be a pastor
21:07 and it made you know the news,
21:09 headline news that you know, this pastor goes to jail
21:12 because he folded his arms, so to speak and said no,
21:15 you are not going to leave the house
21:18 because again you know, in his mind as for me
21:21 in my house we're gonna serve the Lord, you know.
21:23 There're some challenges though that we face as,
21:27 men when we want to take that priesthood status you know.
21:33 Kind of talk about that challenge you know,
21:34 whether be discipline or any other area.
21:37 Well, help us, help that brother right now
21:40 understand what practical steps
21:42 can he take really to lead his family
21:45 the way God want him to go?
21:48 Well, you know as a leader I've got to be responsible,
21:53 I've gotta be consistent, I've got to be selfless,
21:59 I've got to be the first one to say I'm sorry
22:02 because you know, we can't coheres people into obedience.
22:07 You know, we can only lead by example.
22:09 So for the person who is watching,
22:12 who is saying I want to leave my family
22:15 to God or back to God,
22:18 my advice would be that you've got to take the first step up
22:23 and pull your family along with you.
22:25 Don't try to bully them, don't try to force them,
22:28 be the man step up be responsible
22:31 you know, be fiscally responsible,
22:34 be spiritually responsible.
22:36 You know, start the morning and evening devotions
22:40 but let them see you praying, let them see you crying,
22:43 let them see you leading
22:44 without trying to force it on them.
22:46 Yeah, okay. Okay.
22:48 I'll have to say that add to Dr. Colin,
22:51 be a decision maker.
22:52 You know and the best way to do
22:55 because if you're not the decision maker,
22:56 you're sitting at home saying that,
22:57 but I'm not good at making decision,
22:59 I'm not good at this then practice making decisions.
23:03 Tell your self that "okay, I need to take that trash off,
23:06 I need to otherwise I'll have mites,
23:08 otherwise I'll have bugs."
23:10 You know, I need to tell my child that
23:14 they can't watch this program or that program
23:16 because it leads to or as a door opener
23:19 to this type of lifestyle or this type of thing,
23:22 to doing drugs, to drinking,
23:23 to something hanging out with the wrong crowd.
23:25 That's why start practicing and going over
23:28 but be a decision maker in your own mind
23:31 and in your own heart, to your children,
23:33 to your family and even around you
23:36 because God gave you that domain,
23:40 He gave you that area
23:42 that you are to have decision or dominion over
23:46 whether it's the church, whether it's the--
23:48 not only the total dominion when I say these areas.
23:50 Whether it's the church, whether it's your neighborhood,
23:52 whether it's your workplace be a decision maker
23:54 even as Joshua was as per me
23:55 and my house we will serve the Lord.
23:57 Beside this day, whom you're gonna serve
24:01 and what you're gonna stand for.
24:04 You know this thing the situation
24:06 with the pastor and his daughter
24:08 that takes us all the way back to the challenge,
24:10 the set up that I did
24:11 at the beginning of this program.
24:15 Children have rights, how much can you do with them?
24:17 Pets have rights.
24:19 How much can you regulate your pets?
24:21 You know, but here's the deal.
24:23 Balance is the key.
24:25 You start by plugging into the divine.
24:28 Get up every morning, concentrate yourself to God
24:30 and say listen Lord, I may not know how to find
24:34 the right balance between what's society says
24:37 and I think I cannot do what You require of me
24:39 but You can step me through that
24:42 just as You did with Daniel,
24:43 just as You did with the three Hebrew boys.
24:47 Don't forget that You have the Creator of the universe
24:52 who can help navigate that whole scene for You.
24:55 He will inspire you, he will give you a path
24:59 that is right for you to take and once you have that path,
25:03 popular or not and I think that was Joshua's point.
25:07 Popular or not, you have to be resolute in moving that for.
25:12 That's good, that's good.
25:14 You know there is you know, I'm always thinking about
25:16 you know, the balance that you just talked about as well,
25:18 there is a single woman right now
25:20 who is listening to this conversation
25:22 and she is saying "wow, you know, that sounds great
25:25 but you know what, I'm struggling,
25:28 you know, because I'm Joshua in my own house
25:31 and she wants to take some practical steps as well.
25:35 I know this is "For Guys Only"
25:36 but well, let's think about this for a second you know.
25:38 What can she do as well to help lead her house back to God
25:43 or are the steps exactly the same?
25:45 Now, what kind of women do you try to you know,
25:47 win their home to God as well?
25:49 You know, single parents have the difficult time
25:53 leading their family
25:55 and families that are lead by women
25:58 have even more difficult time
26:00 because that male figure is missing
26:03 which I think is critical.
26:06 I am mentoring a young man and his mom is a single parent
26:12 and so many times when he gets himself from trouble
26:15 she will ask me to make that intervention for her.
26:18 So what can a single mom do,
26:20 I think she can involve trusted people around her
26:25 especially a trusted male figure
26:28 to make the intervention where she may not be effective
26:31 in making a particular intervention.
26:34 I agree with that completely.
26:36 My mom was a single parent you know, raising three of us.
26:40 Myself, my brother, and sister
26:42 and she came into the realization
26:44 that I can't raise these boys on my own.
26:47 You know, there are, there are aspects
26:49 to the male genome that I just don't have a clue about.
26:53 So, she asked and did that in old school ways
26:58 they went in and they asked men in the church,
27:00 can you help minister my boys?
27:02 And back then it was more close than it is now.
27:04 You know, women grab their husband
27:06 and you're not getting my husband out there
27:07 with that single woman
27:09 you know, all that kind of thing.
27:10 So what happened was there were some men
27:12 that actually took an interest in me.
27:13 They saw my mothers plea and they understood
27:16 and they would always come up and lift me up and talk me
27:19 "hey, go talk to that young lady there,
27:21 she's been looking at you."
27:22 "No, no, no I don't want,"
27:24 "get over there and talk to that lady
27:25 you know I, you know I want you to do over there."
27:27 And they really, really wanted to see the best for me
27:31 and for the men and the boys in the church.
27:33 You know guys,
27:34 our time is up amazingly already
27:36 but I challenge you my brother,
27:38 to submit yourself to God and you submit to God,
27:40 God really does begin to do the work in your life.
27:44 Until next time may God continue to bless you,
27:47 may God keep you as you walk with Him
27:48 and as you first submit to Him
27:51 so that your family can be all that God would have it to be.
27:54 Until next time I'm Pastor William Lee,
27:56 enjoy your day.


Revised 2016-03-15