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00:27 A science fiction story that was written
00:29 some years ago tells of a very, very intriguing idea.
00:35 An editor invented a printing press
00:38 and using Einstein's theories of time and space
00:42 he invented this printing press
00:44 that instead of printing the news
00:46 that happened in the last 24 hours,
00:49 invented a printing press
00:50 that was going to tell the news
00:52 that was going to happen in the next 24 hours.
00:56 And so this frantic editor as this printing press
00:59 began to print and tell things
01:01 that were going to happen in the next 24 hours.
01:03 This frantic editor tried to warn people
01:06 who were involved in car accidents
01:08 and other tragedies
01:10 and things that were terrible in their lives.
01:13 He tried to tell them about it before it happened.
01:15 But they wouldn't listen to him.
01:16 And they thought he had gone crank.
01:18 And finally in desperation he destroyed the printing press.
01:25 Now of course no such printing press
01:27 has ever been invented nor ever will be
01:29 because there's one thing that human beings can't do.
01:33 And that is foretell the future.
01:37 I mean if we could tell the future
01:39 all we would have to do,
01:41 the next horse race that takes place.
01:44 All you'd need to do is put all your money on the horse
01:47 that you know is going to win
01:48 and you could become a very rich person.
01:50 Isn't that right?
01:52 And it wouldn't seem to be very difficult to me
01:54 if someone claims that they can read the future
01:56 to be able to tell which horse
01:57 is going to win next race.
01:59 Because you haven't got
02:00 to tell her the long way in advance,
02:01 only what half an hour before the horse race.
02:06 Or if you don't like horse races what about lotto?
02:10 Pick six numbers
02:12 and you could become a multimillionaire.
02:15 And once again if you can read the future
02:17 if human beings can read the future surely.
02:20 It shouldn't be very hard to do that.
02:22 But the trouble is nobody can do it.
02:24 Now every now and again someone backs the right horse
02:26 and they get the right numbers
02:28 but get them to do at the next week
02:29 or the next week or the next week.
02:32 Impossible, because nobody can read the future.
02:36 But I wanna tell you this.
02:37 God actually guarantees He can read the future.
02:42 And He has written it down, so that we today can read
02:46 what was written thousands of years ago
02:49 and as it comes to pass before our eyes today
02:53 it gives us tremendous confidence
02:54 that we're not following some made up story or fairytale.
02:59 And that written material its called prophecy
03:03 has actually been written in the Bible.
03:06 Now I know that there maybe some of my friends here today
03:09 who maybe, have got
03:13 some very skeptical views about the Bible.
03:15 I wonder whether the Bible is true,
03:17 whether it's just full of fairy stories.
03:21 Story of Adam and Eve
03:22 and all that just a fairy story.
03:25 Well, I want to assure you over these series of programs
03:29 that I'm going to give you evidence
03:31 that this book is indeed God's book.
03:36 Matthew 16, it says,
03:37 "Then the Pharisees and Sadducees came,
03:40 and testing Him asked that He would show them
03:43 a sign from heaven.
03:45 He answered and said to them, "When it is evening you say,
03:48 it will be fair weather, for the sky is red,"
03:51 and in the morning,
03:52 "It will be foul weather today,
03:53 for the sky is red and threatening."
03:56 Hypocrites! You know how to discern the face of the sky,
04:00 but you cannot discern the signs of the times."
04:07 Now, Jesus, called these men hypocrites,
04:10 that is the religious leaders of the day
04:12 because they could go out at night
04:14 and they could see a red sky.
04:17 And what does usually a red sky suggest
04:19 when you see it in the evening?
04:22 That shows it's going to be, what, good weather tomorrow?
04:24 On the other hand, if you get up in the morning
04:26 and you noticed a red sky in the east.
04:28 What does that usually suggest?
04:30 Not so good.
04:31 We have a saying, aren't we?
04:32 Shepherd's delight and a shepherd's warning.
04:36 And these men were as good as the weather bureau.
04:39 They knew what type of weather
04:42 because they studied the signs in the sky
04:44 but they knew nothing about the signs of the times.
04:48 And, Jesus said, that they ought
04:51 to have understood the signs of the times.
04:55 In fact, on one occasion, the disciples came to Jesus
04:58 while He was on His own, separate from the crowds.
05:02 It's recorded over here in Matthew 24.
05:04 If you'd just come over a little further
05:05 to Matthew 24.
05:07 And they asked Him the question
05:09 because they had heard, Jesus, speak so often
05:11 about the signs of the times.
05:14 That they got, Jesus, alone by themselves one day
05:17 and this is the question they put to Him.
05:20 "Now as He sat on the Mount of Olives."
05:23 This is verse 3 down the bottom see.
05:26 "The disciples came to Him privately, saying,
05:29 "Tell us, when will these things be?
05:33 And what will be the sign of Your coming,
05:37 and the end of the age?"
05:40 And so the disciples wanted to know
05:45 the answer to this question from Jesus.
05:47 How will the world end?
05:48 What will be the sign of Your coming
05:50 and the end of the world?
05:51 And it's interesting to notice what, Jesus, said.
05:54 You would expect for Him
05:56 immediately to say, well, the first sign will be
05:59 and then to start listing them off.
06:00 But He doesn't do that.
06:02 Have a look at verse 4 as to what He says.
06:05 Jesus, answered and said to them,
06:07 "Take heed that no one," what, "deceives you."
06:14 So He starts with a warning.
06:16 Because He said there's going to be an awful
06:18 lot of deception regarding my coming.
06:22 Because there is going to be
06:23 lots of people claiming to be this
06:26 and claiming to be that.
06:27 And what proportion of the population is the many
06:30 when it says they will deceive many.
06:33 What proportion of the population would many be?
06:39 Not all, would it? Many is not all.
06:43 The majority, that's right, the majority.
06:45 So it has to be at least 51 percent,
06:47 isn't that right? To be the many.
06:51 So at least we would say half the population
06:56 is deceived regarding, the coming of Jesus, at least.
07:00 Many are going to be deceived.
07:02 And He says here that they, as it says in verse 5
07:09 "For many will come in My name,
07:10 saying, I am the Christ, and will deceive many."
07:15 That's the vast majority.
07:18 And so that's why when we go out to talk to people
07:21 about the coming of, Jesus, we have to recognize that
07:24 the vast majority of people are deceived.
07:27 They do not know.
07:31 That's why we must go to the Bible
07:32 to find out what, Jesus said.
07:34 Not to ask this one or that one
07:36 because they may be amongst the group that are deceived.
07:40 We must go to what, Jesus said.
07:42 And here in Matthew Chapter 24,
07:44 Jesus, gives us five great signs
07:48 that are going to take place before He returns.
07:51 First of all, signs in the religious world.
07:55 Then He talks about signs in the political world.
08:00 Then He talks about signs in the natural world.
08:04 Signs in the economic world
08:06 and finally signs in the social world.
08:09 Let's have a look first of all at the signs
08:11 that He spoke about in the religious world.
08:13 Verse 5, "For many will come in My name
08:19 saying, I am the Christ."
08:22 Now when it says that they will come in My name
08:25 what does that mean?
08:28 Does that mean that they are the atheists?
08:30 They are the soothsayers?
08:34 And those dabbling in witchcraft?
08:36 Is that what it's talking about?
08:38 Not necessarily at all.
08:39 It's talking about those who claim
08:43 to be followers of Christ, that is the religious world.
08:48 The Christian world.
08:50 They are the ones Jesus said to be careful about
08:53 because they--in what they teach.
08:56 They're going to deceive many.
08:58 The vast majority and so the very first thing
09:01 that we noticed about His coming is a warning.
09:05 Be very careful Jesus said.
09:07 There is a lot deception and so that ought to
09:09 put us on full alert as we study the subject
09:12 to be very, very careful in our study
09:15 and that's the reason why we've gone to the expense
09:17 of giving you all a Bible
09:18 because I don't want you to go home
09:20 from this meeting saying, well,
09:21 that's what, Geoff Youlden teaches.
09:25 Or that's Geoff Youlden's opinion.
09:27 In all honesty friends, what my opinion is
09:30 and with all due respect to you what your opinion is
09:33 really in the bottom line doesen't count.
09:35 Because the only opinion
09:37 that really matters is what God says.
09:40 And that's why we want you to see it
09:42 with your own eyes.
09:43 We want you to study this book.
09:45 Because by the time the series finishes
09:47 I want you to feel
09:48 that you're very comfortable with the Bible.
09:51 And that you are finding your way round it.
09:54 And so Jesus said, "Be very, very careful,
09:58 there is going to be a lot of deception
09:59 regarding My coming."
10:01 Then He began to talk about signs in the political world.
10:04 Have a look at verse 6. Matthew 24, now verse 6.
10:10 "And you will hear of wars and rumors of wars.
10:15 See that you are not troubled,
10:16 for all these things must come to pass,
10:18 but the end is not yet.
10:20 For nation will rise against nation,
10:23 and kingdom against kingdom."
10:25 When you say, we've always had wars.
10:28 Absolutely, we have always had wars.
10:31 Wars in themselves are not a sign of Christ coming
10:34 because as we all admit there's always been wars,
10:37 well, it is human nature until
10:38 human beings' on the world
10:40 there's going to be wars and unrest and unhappiness.
10:46 But what we are facing as we study the Bible
10:49 is an increase of the signs
10:53 as we get closer to the coming of Jesus.
10:55 That's what we're going to notice.
10:57 For example, let me give you some history.
11:00 Historians estimate that up until the, First World War,
11:05 there have been about 900 major wars in the world, 900.
11:11 But in the First World War,
11:16 over seven million men and women died.
11:20 In fact, up until the, First World War,
11:24 there were seven times more people killed in that war
11:30 than historians estimate than all the human wars
11:34 put together, seven times.
11:38 But Jesus said, these things were only going to be
11:40 but the beginning that was
11:41 followed by the, Second World War.
11:43 And since the, Second World War,
11:45 in which millions more died,
11:47 we've hardly had a year of peace.
11:51 And when we think of, Korea, and, Vietnam,
11:53 and, Cambodia, and Afghanistan,
11:55 and Ethiopia, and Angola, and Lebanon, and Iraq
11:59 and Kurdistan, and Armenia,
12:01 Nicaragua, and El Salvador, Burundi, Bosnia,
12:05 Anglia, Angola, and the list goes on and on and on
12:08 and we'll continue to go on and on and on.
12:13 We're going to see
12:14 an intensification of these things
12:16 the closer we get to the coming of Jesus.
12:18 That's what, Jesus, was talking about here.
12:21 In fact if you'd come over
12:22 to the book of Luke now, the 21 Chapter.
12:25 Now Luke is recording exactly the same sermon
12:29 that Jesus preached,
12:30 that's recorded in Matthew 24.
12:32 You understand that Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John
12:36 really are covering the same history
12:39 that was regarding the life of Jesus.
12:44 And so there are some similarities
12:45 between Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.
12:48 Now Luke 21 is Luke's recording of the same sermon
12:52 that Matthew recorded in Matthew Chapter 24.
12:55 Only that Luke gives some aspects that Matthew didn't
13:00 and Matthew gives something that Luke didn't.
13:02 And you'd expect that with eyewitnesses
13:03 because we all have a different perspective.
13:06 We might see the same event but we will describe it
13:08 a little differently, isn't that right?
13:10 And so you find some slight differences
13:13 that helped to round out the full picture.
13:16 And here in Luke Chapter 21 and verse 25,
13:19 Jesus, also added in that same sermon.
13:22 "There will be signs in the sun,
13:25 in the moon, and in the stars,
13:28 and on the earth distress of nations, with perplexity,"
13:37 Now what does that mean?
13:39 What does it mean
13:42 that the nations would be perplexed?
13:47 Well, let me illustrate.
13:48 Say, you're going home from this meeting this afternoon
13:53 and as you rounded your straight corner
13:57 suddenly you see your house going up in flames.
14:05 The feelings that would come over you at that stage
14:09 that's how the Bible describes
14:10 it is being perplexed.
14:15 There's just no way of resolving the problem.
14:21 And Jesus said here,
14:22 "The nations will be perplexed."
14:25 For example, let's consider for a moment the Middle East.
14:28 How you're gonna solve the problem
14:30 between the Jews, and the Arabs?
14:33 You know, I've been in the Middle East
14:34 many, many times.
14:35 I'd spoken to both Arabs and Jews.
14:37 And I want to tell you this
14:38 that when you speak to the Arabs
14:40 you feel that they have watertight case.
14:41 When you speak to the Jews,
14:44 you feel that they've got a watertight case.
14:50 And when in 1948 this line was drawn
14:52 and if you happened to be on the wrong side
14:55 and if you are an Arab you had to leave your farm
14:59 that had been in your family
15:01 for hundreds and hundreds of years
15:02 and get over to the other side.
15:04 And when you got over to the other side
15:06 they didn't provide you with a nice alternate farm.
15:09 They put you into camps.
15:13 And many of those families have been
15:16 living in those camps ever since 1948.
15:22 And you can imagine the feelings
15:24 that are in those peoples' hearts.
15:26 You imagine the feral thugs came in
15:28 and took you-- push you out of your house
15:30 and then put you in some camp
15:32 with hardly running water and so forth.
15:34 You wouldn't feel too,
15:36 you know, magnanimous toward them, would you?
15:39 Now, I am not excusing the Arabs
15:41 but I wanna tell you that many of the suicide bombers
15:45 that's where they come from, from these camps.
15:50 Because they've got nothing to live for
15:51 and the hatred that has been built up in their hearts,
15:55 the resentment against the interferences
15:59 taking place in those countries.
16:03 And particularly against the Jews, is something
16:06 which is very hard to describe but it go so deep.
16:11 And they live for one thing and one thing only
16:13 and that is to drive
16:14 every Jew into the Mediterranean Sea.
16:17 That's what they live for.
16:19 And if they die in the process, so be it.
16:22 But as long as they can advance the cause
16:24 that there-- they're joining.
16:26 How you're gonna solve them?
16:28 I don't know and I don't know any other political leader
16:31 that has any idea how to solve it.
16:33 And that's why Jesus said,
16:34 the nations will be absolutely perplexed
16:38 as they see what's happening in the world.
16:41 In fact, notice the next verse, verse 26,
16:44 "Men's hearts failing them from fear
16:48 and the expectation of those things
16:50 which are coming on the earth."
16:53 The more people know of what's happening in the world
16:55 and the more educate you are today.
16:57 The more widely you all read.
16:59 And the more exposed you are
17:01 to what's happening in the world
17:02 the more fear comes into your heart.
17:05 Because when the, Soviet Union, for example was broken up
17:09 some of the nuclear weapons
17:10 that the, Soviet Union, had have gone missing.
17:14 And world leader still don't know where they all are.
17:17 Many believe today that there is a great,
17:20 a high probability that some of those
17:23 maybe in the hands of a terrorist organization.
17:27 Now you imagine if that is true.
17:30 Imagine if, Osama Bin Laden, had in his hands
17:36 the possibility of exploding a nuclear weapon.
17:45 And not only are we fearful today about terrorism
17:48 of course that's only thing.
17:50 What about now
17:51 the possibility of the tsunamis.
17:56 And I'll tell you most of us in, Australia,
17:58 and around the world think that the most
18:01 ideal place to live is on the water.
18:07 And we all thought that, Australia, was
18:09 going to be pretty well protected from tsunamis
18:12 until very recently one hit up there
18:14 in the, Solomon Islands, and they all got panicked.
18:16 All down the eastern coast of Australia
18:19 right down to, Sydney.
18:23 And they were on high alert for a great tsunami
18:28 or tidal wave coming in.
18:30 And the Bible is saying here
18:32 that men's hearts are going to fail in
18:35 from fear in the expectation of those things
18:39 which are coming on the earth."
18:40 And I believe as days and weeks
18:44 and the years roll by, we are beginning to see
18:47 more understanding of this verse
18:49 than we've ever understood in the past.
18:52 And Jesus said here, "Be very, very watchful."
18:55 Signs in the political world.
18:59 And sometimes people say to me.
19:00 Well, Geoff, does the Bible say
19:03 anything about nuclear war?
19:04 Well, just come over to Revelation Chapter 11
19:06 and verse 18.
19:07 Revelation Chapter 11 and verse 18,
19:10 its page 1,182 at the back of the Bible, 1182.
19:17 And verse 18 is half way down the outside column,
19:20 and this is what it says.
19:21 Revelation Chapter 11 and verse 18,
19:25 "The nations were angry, Your wrath has come,
19:31 And the time of the dead, that they should be judged
19:34 that You should reward Your servants the prophets
19:37 and the saints, And those who fear Your name,
19:39 small and great, And should destroy those who," what?
19:44 "Destroy the earth."
19:45 I'm gonna suggest to every person
19:51 that its only the generation that has lived
19:54 since the, Second World War,
19:56 that has had the possibility of destroying this earth.
20:01 We have got the possibility now with the bomb
20:03 and of course more recently with pollution.
20:08 And the Bible says that God is going to destroy
20:11 those who attempt to destroy the earth.
20:15 And once again this is just another sign
20:18 that, Jesus is coming and coming soon.
20:22 And I wanna assure you this
20:24 that this world has cost God far, far too much
20:28 that He is going to allow some terrorist organization
20:31 or some person here or there to destroy the earth.
20:34 God is going to write
20:35 the last sentence on the earth.
20:37 And He is going to write it
20:39 when He comes back the second time.
20:41 Now that doesn't mean that in between now and then
20:45 that there's going to be not some--great turmoil
20:49 and men's hearts are going to fail in from fear
20:52 in the expectation of those things
20:54 which are coming on the earth.
20:57 Let's go back to Matthew 24 because Jesus now talks about
21:00 signs in the physical world, or the natural world.
21:03 Come back to Matthew Chapter 24.
21:06 Matthew Chapter 24 and verse 7.
21:11 And this is what it says.
21:12 Matthew 24 and verse 7,
21:14 "For nation will rise against nation,
21:17 and kingdom against kingdom,"
21:19 then it says, "And there shall be," what
21:23 "Famines," yes "pestilences,
21:27 and earthquakes in various places."
21:30 Now look I don't have to prove tonight
21:33 or today what I'm gonna share with you
21:36 because you notice as well as I.
21:38 You watched the news. You're intelligent.
21:40 You see what's going on in the world.
21:42 All I am doing today is I want to point out
21:46 that the Bible was written 2,000 years ago
21:48 at least this part of the Bible
21:49 was written 2,000 years ago.
21:53 And what gives me tremendous confidence
21:56 is as we see these very events
21:59 happening before our eyes today
22:02 it gives us confidence
22:04 that we were not following a fairytale, get the thought?
22:08 And so Jesus mentions pestilences.
22:10 Now what are pestilences?
22:14 Well, I guess here in, Australia, we call them pests.
22:17 You know we like to shorten everything pests.
22:21 You know the amazing thing is this.
22:22 That while all the amazing discoveries
22:26 have been made in the medical world
22:28 it seems that the germs and the bugs
22:30 are always one step ahead of us.
22:34 And it seems to me
22:35 that while the doctors have been going to college,
22:38 the bugs and the pests have been going to university
22:42 because they always seem to be
22:43 just that much further ahead, don't they?
22:47 And Jesus mentioned pestilences.
22:49 And those of us who come from a farming background
22:51 realized today that we are spraying for things
22:53 that we never had to spray for in the past.
22:58 And the tragic thing is today is that the very things
23:03 that mankind has discovered in the last hundred years.
23:09 I'm thinking of things like penicillin
23:12 that have been made to protect us.
23:14 These very things because many of these antibiotics
23:18 have been over prescribed now
23:22 the human organism is building up
23:23 an immunity against it and so the very things
23:25 that were once there to save us
23:28 are no longer providing that strong barrier.
23:32 And Jesus mentioned pestilences.
23:35 I picked up a book recently written by Laurie Garrett
23:38 that's a lady.
23:39 And she maintains that in the world today
23:44 there are superbugs.
23:47 She wrote the book,
23:48 the title of the book is "The Coming Plague."
23:51 And she talks about HIV and Ebola
23:54 and Marburg and the virus that killed that horse trainer
23:58 up in Queensland, a number of years ago
24:00 which they still haven't worked out
24:01 what killed him and the horses.
24:03 It's a mystery.
24:06 And she's been writing all these up
24:07 and she is saying that the viruses
24:11 and so forth that are starting
24:12 to break out in the world now
24:14 are due to the transmission of disease
24:18 because of aeroplane travel.
24:21 You know disease can be taken to one part of the world
24:23 to the other in a very short amount of time
24:25 and the sexual revolution.
24:28 Once again if Jesus doesn't come soon
24:32 the very things that we felt
24:35 secure about could destroy us again.
24:41 And then Jesus mentioned after
24:45 famines and then pestilences,
24:48 He mentioned earthquakes in various places.
24:52 Now once again I don't have to remind you
24:55 about earthquakes.
24:58 And while it's true that we have always
25:00 had earthquakes nobody is suggesting
25:02 that earthquakes are a phenomena
25:04 of the 20th and 21st Century not at all.
25:07 There have been major earthquakes in the past
25:10 but let me tell you very few.
25:13 If you pick up the internet or the encyclopedia
25:16 you check back through on to the subject of earthquakes.
25:19 And you will be surprised at the intensity
25:22 of the number of earthquakes
25:24 that are taking place in the world now.
25:26 They believe over 6,000 every year.
25:29 Fortunately all of them aren't number 6
25:31 on the Richter scale and above.
25:34 Otherwise the world would be really in a mess.
25:37 But we are seeing sufficient
25:39 of those earthquakes to realize
25:43 that there is an increased in the intensity.
25:45 And that tsunami that killed,
25:47 well, over three hundred thousand people in Asia.
25:52 That is nothing more or less than
25:54 an earthquake, isn't it?
25:55 That's what it is.
25:57 And it's an earthquake underneath the sea.
26:01 And that's why we have no control.
26:05 And no country really is immune
26:08 from the possibilities of being wiped out.
26:14 We've already seen New Orleans.
26:18 And that all give us a clue as to what can happen.
26:25 And who knows what's going to happen in the future
26:27 but, Jesus, mentioned earthquakes along with famines
26:31 and along with pestilences and along with earthquakes.
26:34 The three seem to go together.
26:37 And when it comes to famines that we were talking about
26:40 I can assure you this that in this country
26:42 and in the western world we don't understand
26:44 what it means to go to bed starving.
26:47 In fact, many of us here in the western world,
26:52 we have a problem the other way.
26:56 But I can tell you they don't have
26:58 weight loss classes in India or in some of those countries.
27:02 And in Africa where people can hardly get any food.
27:06 If they get a little food one meal per day
27:09 they are doing very, very well.
27:11 If you've been watching what's happening
27:12 in Northern Africa like Sudan
27:14 and so forth terrible things.
27:15 I mean it's just any parent that has a child
27:18 and sees those poor mothers
27:20 with their little children dying in their arms.
27:22 Just imagine the feelings that are going through
27:26 those poor peoples' hearts.
27:28 And that's not just happening in one case
27:31 that's happening in millions.
27:34 We live in such a wonderful country.
27:35 We feel immune.
27:37 We don't even feel part of that same world.
27:41 But anyone who has travelled around the world
27:43 knows that famines, the lack of food
27:46 for a large percentage of the world's population today
27:51 is something which is tragic, tragic.
27:56 Then Jesus went on to say in Matthew 24,
27:58 and made a statement in verse 15.
28:01 I want you to notice what Jesus said here
28:03 in Matthew 24 verse 15.
28:06 "Therefore, when you see
28:07 the abomination of desolation,
28:10 spoken of by Daniel the prophet,
28:13 standing in the holy place."
28:15 Matthew adds whoever reads, let him understand.
28:18 You know it's interesting that Jesus here
28:20 nominated in His discussion
28:23 about the Second Coming and the signs.
28:25 Which particular prophet did Jesus say,
28:28 we ought to study and understand.
28:31 Daniel, the prophet.
28:33 And yet the tragedy is Daniel is a prophet
28:36 that's hardly ever referred to by Christians.
28:38 Hardly know anything about Daniel.
28:41 And yet Jesus said, study and understand it.
28:44 Because in the context of His Second Coming
28:47 Daniel has a lot to say.
28:49 Let me just give you an illustration.
28:50 Come back to Daniel Chapter 12.
28:54 Daniel Chapter 12 and you've got the page there.
28:58 Daniel Chapter 12 and verse 4.
29:04 Daniel Chapter 12 and verse 4,
29:07 and here Daniel is writing about these times
29:10 and this is what he said,
29:13 "But you, Daniel, shut up the words,
29:16 and seal the book until" when "The time of the end."
29:25 Now let me illustrate.
29:27 Here on the screen we have the end of time.
29:33 Now the end of time is when Jesus is going to come back.
29:40 But the time of the end is that little period of time
29:44 just before He returns.
29:46 Can you see there the time of the end?
29:50 And Jesus is saying through Daniel
29:52 that the book of Daniel was going to be sealed up,
29:55 that is people wouldn't understand it.
29:57 It would be sealed from understanding.
29:58 Seal up until the time of the end.
30:02 As I said the time of the end is not the end of time.
30:05 The end of time is when Jesus returns.
30:07 But the period just before He comes back
30:09 is known as the time of the end.
30:11 Now how will we know when the time of the end begins?
30:15 Well, verse 4 goes on to say, "Many shall run to and fro."
30:19 And what's going to increase?
30:22 Knowledge is going to increase.
30:26 One of the great signs that we're living
30:28 in the time of the end is going to be
30:30 an explosion in knowledge.
30:34 Tell me, do we live in such a world today?
30:38 Are we seeing an explosion in knowledge today?
30:42 My, oh my, anyone who would think
30:44 otherwise would have their-- be an ostrich
30:46 and hid their head in the sand.
30:48 And we've all experienced that with children at school.
30:50 You know you spend large numbers of dollars
30:52 on text books for your children.
30:54 You say, kids, now listen.
30:56 You look after that text book because when Mary comes along
30:59 into the same class she can have the book.
31:02 We don't have to buy it a second time.
31:06 And what happens when Mary gets to that same class.
31:10 That text book is out of date
31:12 it's particularly in the sciences
31:16 because science is changing you know.
31:18 You never need to worry about what science is today's.
31:20 What science is today and what science is tomorrow
31:23 will probably be two different things.
31:27 I picked out a magazine recently,
31:29 a little article that was written in 1850.
31:32 And it said, 50 reasons why
31:34 a scientist could no t believe in God, 50 reasons.
31:40 There wouldn't be one scientist in the world today
31:43 who would agree with any one of those 50.
31:48 And yet if you followed science back in 1850,
31:51 you couldn't believe in God
31:52 because of what science was saying.
31:54 Wow, science.
31:56 You see to know anything really for sure
32:01 you've got to know everything, isn't that right?
32:05 That's true, isn't it?
32:07 To be absolutely certain about anything
32:10 you have to know everything because otherwise
32:13 it might be a little bit of knowledge out here
32:15 that you don't know
32:16 which would completely change your conclusions
32:18 if you knew about it before.
32:20 Now who of us-- which scientist in the world
32:23 would like to claim that they know everything
32:24 about even their own discipline?
32:27 There is none.
32:29 That's why every scientist ought to be
32:30 the most humble person in the world.
32:33 Not making dogmatic statements
32:36 about anything because he or she is in a discipline
32:41 that is changing like a chameleon
32:43 with its skin every day.
32:47 New knowledge is coming to pass
32:48 because we are understanding more about the universe.
32:52 In the time of the end
32:53 knowledge is going to explode.
32:55 Take computers.
32:57 Amazing world in which we live.
33:01 God said that this would be a great sign
33:04 of the end of the world. You know air travel.
33:07 Air travel is an amazing thing too.
33:09 I mean, we take it for granted so much today.
33:11 It's only over a hundred years ago
33:13 that men were able to fly.
33:16 In the First World War,
33:18 aeroplanes flew at 67 kilometers an hour.
33:21 Now most of you travel faster to get to the meeting
33:24 than they flew in the First World War.
33:26 And today they're getting faster and faster and faster.
33:32 You know I had heard about a lady over there in Sydney.
33:34 She wanted to come over here to Perth.
33:38 And she rang up Qantas
33:40 because she wanted to find out
33:41 how long will it take to fly
33:43 from one part of Australia to the other.
33:47 Now anyone you all know that flying from one way
33:51 is different to flying the other ways,
33:53 isn't that right?
33:54 When you fly from Sydney to Perth,
33:56 that is you fly from east to west
33:58 it takes you longer than flying from west to east
34:02 because when you fly west to east
34:04 you got the flat tailwinds usually
34:05 and if it's a good tailwind
34:07 that could cut off half an hour,
34:08 three quarters of an hour of a four hour journey.
34:13 And so when she rang up Qantas,
34:15 she said, "How long will it take me to fly?
34:16 Well, the air clerk wasn't quite certain
34:19 and so he said to the lady, "Just a minute."
34:23 "Thank you" said the lady and she hang up.
34:25 Now we haven't got that fast yet, have we?
34:28 But I wanna tell you this that we are going there
34:30 in a big way because God said
34:33 that knowledge is going to dramatically increase.
34:38 And we are seeing that today a blind man would see it.
34:41 People say to me, well, Daniel must have been
34:42 a pretty smart man to be able to work all this out.
34:46 I don't think that he is much smarter than any of us.
34:49 Because look notice what he said here in Daniel 12.
34:52 You still got it open, have you?
34:53 Daniel 12 and verse 6, verse 6.
35:01 "One said to the man clothed in linen,
35:03 who was above the waters of the river,
35:05 How long shall the fulfillment
35:07 of these wonders be?'"
35:09 How long is it going to be
35:10 until all these things take place?
35:14 Notice the answer, verse 8, "Although I heard,
35:18 I did not," what "understand."
35:22 So did Daniel understand what he was writing?
35:26 No, he didn't. He admitted that.
35:29 But you see Daniel wrote down what God told him.
35:34 And that's why when you read the Bible today
35:37 it doesn't sound like a book
35:38 that was written 2,500 years ago when Daniel lived.
35:46 You know you pick up another book
35:47 that was written 2,500 years ago
35:50 it wouldn't sound very up-to-date would it?
35:51 It would reflect the thinking of the times
35:55 but not the Bible.
35:57 Because the Bible was written by someone
35:59 who knows the end from the beginning
36:02 and has written it down so that when we read it today
36:05 it sounds, well, pretty up-to-date.
36:07 Sounds as if it could have been written
36:08 just in the last year or two
36:12 because God can see the end from the beginning.
36:15 And although Daniel didn't understand
36:17 he still wrote down exactly what God told him.
36:21 That's why we can have
36:22 tremendous confidence in this book.
36:25 Now I wanna look at signs in the economic world.
36:28 Just come over to the book of James
36:31 toward the back of the Bible.
36:33 Right over toward the back the book of James.
36:39 And we will read here Chapter 5.
36:44 James Chapter 5, after Hebrews
36:53 comes James the fifth Chapter page 1,161
36:56 and this is what it says.
37:00 "Come now, you rich, weep, and howl
37:04 for your miseries that are coming upon you!"
37:07 Now we don't often associate the rich weeping
37:09 and howling but here James is saying
37:12 the rich are going to weep and howl for their miseries.
37:16 Well, right why?
37:17 Verse 2, "Your riches are corrupted,
37:20 and your garments are moth-eaten."
37:23 Now we all understand that language.
37:26 You know if you had your good suit
37:28 or your good dress hanging up in the wardrobe
37:30 and you haven't worn it for a while
37:33 and you find when you go to put it on that the silverfish
37:37 or the moths have been into it.
37:40 Not a nice feeling isn't it? Ruined.
37:44 And that's how the Bible is describing
37:47 the rich are going to regard their riches.
37:49 They're going to be moth-eaten, useless.
37:52 Verse 3, "Your gold and silver are corroded,
37:54 and their corrosion will be a witness against you
37:57 and will eat your flesh like fire.
37:59 You have heaped up treasure in the last days."
38:02 So the Bible is saying there's going to be
38:03 a great accumulation of wealth in the last days.
38:07 By the way are we seeing that today?
38:10 Even in this part of the world
38:11 I understand that things are on a pretty good role.
38:16 Riches are increasing.
38:19 But then notice
38:20 what the Bible talks about verse 4,
38:24 "Indeed the wages of the laborers
38:26 who mowed your fields,
38:28 which you kept back by fraud, cry out,
38:31 and the cries of the reapers
38:33 have reached the ears of the Lord of Sabaoth.
38:36 You have lived on the earth in pleasure and luxury,"
38:38 that is talking about the rich
38:40 "You have fattened your hearts
38:41 as in a day of slaughter.
38:42 You have condemned, you have murdered the just,
38:44 he does not resist.
38:46 Therefore be patient, brethren,
38:47 until the coming of the Lord.
38:51 See how the farmer waits
38:52 for the precious fruit on the earth,
38:53 waiting patiently for it until it receives the early
38:56 and the latter rain. You also be patient.
38:59 Establish your hearts,
39:00 for the coming of the Lord is at hand."
39:03 What is James talking about here?
39:05 He is saying there is going to be great conflict
39:07 between two groups of people in the last days.
39:10 First of all there's going to be
39:11 a great accumulation of wealth
39:13 and eventually that wealth is going to be
39:16 regarded as worthless.
39:18 It's like the moths have got into the garments.
39:21 And the gold and silver have become corroded.
39:23 They're gonna become worthless.
39:25 At the same time that that's going to take place
39:28 then we find this other class of people
39:30 the laborers who have worked,
39:33 have been diddled out of their money.
39:38 They haven't had a fair share.
39:41 And there's going to be these two groups of people.
39:44 Now the Bible is not taking side in saying,
39:46 it's the laborers against the capitalist.
39:49 One's right and the other is wrong.
39:51 That's not what the Bible is saying.
39:53 All the Bible is saying is that
39:54 there is going to be two groups of people
39:59 and they're going to be in conflict.
40:03 Once again I don't need to remind you of the conflict
40:06 that is often waged between those who are
40:09 regarded as the capitalist and those who are regarded
40:12 as the laborers or the unionist.
40:15 God said that there is going to be problems
40:17 between capital and labor and once again that
40:20 this is going to be a sign of Jesus coming.
40:23 God says, be patient, don't lose your confidence
40:27 now as you see this taking place
40:29 because the coming of the Lord
40:32 is about to take place.
40:35 Establish your hearts, be confident.
40:40 Then Jesus talked about the fifth sign
40:43 that I want to underline.
40:45 Come back to Matthew Chapter 24 again.
40:47 Matthew the Chapter 24 and its page 961,
40:54 Matthew 24 and this time verse 36.
41:01 I think we'll start with verse 36, perhaps verse 37.
41:06 Maybe we better start with verse 37.
41:11 Jesus said, "As the days of Noah were,
41:15 so also will the coming of the Son of Man be."
41:21 So Jesus says, as it was in the days of Noah
41:25 it's going to be a mirror image of the days
41:28 just before Jesus returns.
41:30 Is that what it say? Exactly.
41:34 So if we go back now to the days of Noah
41:37 and we need to-- when we think of Noah,
41:38 we've gotta go right back to the beginning
41:42 and we go back to Genesis Chapter 6
41:44 right at the very beginning.
41:47 Genesis Chapter 6 and verse 1, page 5.
41:52 Right at the very beginning.
41:53 As it was in the days of Noah,
41:56 so it's going to be in the days of
41:58 coming of the Son of Man, all right.
42:00 What were conditions like just before the flood?
42:04 Have a look at verse 1.
42:06 "Now it came to pass, when men began to multiply
42:11 on the face of the earth,
42:12 and daughters were born to them
42:16 that the sons of God saw the daughters of men,
42:18 that they were beautiful,
42:19 and they took wives for themselves of all
42:22 whom they chose."
42:25 This would suggest
42:27 that there was a tremendous increase in the population
42:30 just before the flood.
42:35 Some estimate the population of the world
42:38 before the flood was very, very high, extremely high.
42:45 And it seems from the statement
42:48 that's made here.
42:49 "They took wives for themselves of all
42:51 whom they chose."
42:53 That this is referring to polygamy.
42:57 Well, he say we don't have polygamy today.
43:00 Well, no, that's true, we don't have polygamy
43:03 but maybe if it was not against the law we might.
43:11 But we have what is something very similar in today's world
43:15 it's called easy divorce.
43:19 In which instead of having many at the one time
43:22 we have a string of them.
43:26 In fact it's interesting that in 1870,
43:30 there was one divorce for every 34 marriages.
43:32 Do you know what it is today?
43:36 Nearly not quite but nearly one in very two.
43:40 So I tell young couples when they're about to get married
43:42 you're chances are only 50%.
43:46 That's what the law of averages says,
43:48 50% that you're going to survive a number of years.
43:55 And of course this has tremendous repercussions
43:57 in our society today because anybody who's been
44:01 through divorce knows the sadness
44:04 and the interruption of life that takes upon
44:08 and the toll that that takes upon a person.
44:10 You know in Britain today and in Australia
44:12 it's not much different,
44:13 nearly 30% of births are outside marriages, 30%.
44:22 And if we read on here in Genesis Chapter 6.
44:26 We read a description
44:29 describing the conditions in the world
44:32 just before the flood.
44:33 Notice what they were
44:34 in Genesis Chapter 6 and verse 11.
44:40 "The earth also was corrupt before God,
44:44 and the earth was filled with," what, "Violence."
44:49 Two words described the antediluvian world.
44:53 One was corrupt and violent.
44:56 Tell me would that describe our world today?
45:00 I don't have to prove that to anybody.
45:03 Nobody will doubt that corrupt and violent.
45:06 Why are you saying you couldn't describe our world
45:08 better than that?
45:12 Today we can hardly trust anybody.
45:17 In fact the very people that have been in our society
45:20 who we should look up to today have let us all down.
45:27 And we have politicians
45:28 in which corruption is just rife with.
45:33 And I believe that that one thing
45:35 that has contributed to both corruption and violence
45:39 in our society today
45:40 more than any other single thing
45:43 it is what is turned out of Hollywood.
45:47 That is influencing our society
45:49 like nothing else on this earth
45:53 because people are spending more and more time watching
45:59 rather than reading any longer.
46:03 Fewer and fewer people are reading
46:05 because they're spending all their spare time
46:08 in watching television or going to the theatre
46:10 or videos or whatever what happen to be.
46:14 And what is being turned out from Hollywood today
46:18 is influencing our society in a very, very mark way.
46:24 Let me just give you some evidence of that.
46:28 Back in 1981, now that's a long time ago.
46:35 Two researchers Joyce Sprafkin
46:38 and Theresa Silverman
46:39 monitored 58 programs on prime-time television.
46:43 Now prime-time television is the time
46:45 between 6:00 and 10:00 at night
46:46 when everybody the families are watching.
46:49 All right. Prime-time.
46:51 They monitored 58 programs in prime-time television.
46:58 They found this, 41 instances of sex outside marriage
47:05 and only six between married people.
47:08 Forty-one outside marriage, six inside marriage.
47:13 Forty one to six, all right.
47:16 What is it today?
47:19 Well, the extra marital sex
47:21 has dramatically increased from April 28
47:24 the other year to May 25,
47:27 dialog 615 instances of sexual activity depicted
47:31 or discussed on prime-time television.
47:34 I'm not talking about late night television.
47:36 I'm talking about prime-time television.
47:47 favoring sex outside marriage.
47:52 Now what's that saying?
47:56 What's the message that is coming through
47:59 to young people to impressionable
48:00 young people particularly.
48:03 What's the message?
48:06 That's life, that's what you do.
48:11 In fact if a girl by the age of 21
48:14 the pressure seems to be that if a girl hasn't experimented
48:18 and so forth by the age of 21
48:19 there's something wrong with her.
48:23 That's the impression that's gained
48:25 as you watch television.
48:26 Now I don't believe that
48:27 that is the case in real life.
48:30 But that would be the impression that you get
48:32 when you watch the media.
48:37 Five hundred and seventy one to thirteen.
48:43 Hollywood is telling us that there is no fun without sin.
48:47 No kiss except a stolen one.
48:49 Let me tell you about "Silence of the Lambs."
48:52 Now once again this is an oldie.
48:55 Few years ago now.
48:57 The reason I still mention it
48:59 is because it is only the third film in history
49:04 to win all the major awards, best screenplay,
49:09 best director, best actor, best actress, best director,
49:13 it won a lot.
49:14 It's only the third film in history to ever do that.
49:19 Now what was "Silence of the Lambs" about?
49:24 Well, let me read you what a film critic said.
49:27 The plot of "Silence of the Lambs,"
49:30 sent us on a transvestite serial killer
49:33 who stuffs the larvae of the rare moth
49:35 down the throats of his victims
49:37 after he has skinned them.
49:39 He selects overweight women as the target of his wrath,
49:43 holding them prisoner and starving them for a time
49:45 before slaughtering them so that their skin
49:47 will hang loose on their frames.
49:50 The criminals are so bizarre
49:52 and extreme in their sadistic pleasures
49:54 that they are more ridiculous than frightening.
49:57 Now remember that's the film that won all the awards.
50:01 The third in history to ever do that.
50:05 And it's about that.
50:06 I tell you friend, I refused to go along
50:09 and waste my time and money on some perverted director
50:14 or writer who has written a script like that.
50:17 That does not reflect
50:18 where the vast majority of human beings are
50:21 Christian or non-Christian.
50:23 That's not where the majority are
50:25 but the trouble is we sit back and we absorb
50:28 and we watch that rebel out of a sick mind.
50:37 Then could I mention about violence.
50:39 Since 1955 T.V. characters have been murdered
50:42 1,000 more than it happens in real life.
50:46 And on normal nights viewing quoted the Rothman, Litcher
50:48 and Litcher report that you would see
50:50 15 to 20 robberies, rapes, assaults and other crimes.
50:54 And then today could I remind you about the rise of AIDS
50:58 in some African countries nearly 25% of the population.
51:02 South Africa when I was there recently,
51:03 25% of the population is HIV positive.
51:08 Huge amount!
51:10 Population numbers are being rolled back
51:12 because of the fact that so many people are dying.
51:16 Magic Johnson, you remember him?
51:18 The great basketball player.
51:20 Made a shocking disclosure after admitting
51:21 that he'd had woman after woman after woman.
51:23 He said, "I thought my body can handle it
51:25 but I've discovered that
51:26 even Magic Johnson is subject to laws of nature."
51:28 Because you'll remember that he was HIV positive.
51:34 Last verse, I wanna end on something positive.
51:37 Luke Chapter 21, just come over there
51:40 because while there is lots of negativity in the world
51:44 the Bible ends on a positive note
51:46 and I want to read it what it says.
51:48 Luke 21 and verse 25, 26.
51:52 We read, "Men's hearts failing them from fear"
51:55 says in verse 27.
52:00 "Then they will see," this is Luke 21 verse 27,
52:03 "Then they will see the Son of Man
52:05 coming in a cloud with power and great glory.
52:08 Now when these things begin to happen,"
52:11 what are we to do?
52:12 "Look up and lift up our heads,
52:15 because our redemption draws near."
52:18 When we see all these things happening in the world today
52:20 what are we to do become terribly frighten
52:22 and discouraged? No.
52:24 we are not to be discouraged.
52:26 Notice of confidence because Jesus said,
52:29 all these things must take place
52:30 and as you see them taking place,
52:32 take fresh courage, look up
52:35 because Jesus is about to return.
52:38 And I wanna remind you of a message of hope
52:42 because Jesus has told us these things
52:44 not to frighten us but because He loves us.
52:46 Listen if I knew that your house was going to burn down
52:50 in the next 12 months and you knew that
52:52 I knew and you had confidence that I was right
52:56 that your house was going to burn down
52:57 in the next 12 months.
52:59 Would you want me to tell you that
53:00 or would you not?
53:04 Would you want me to tell you?
53:05 Why would you want me to tell you?
53:08 Yes, so that you could be prepared.
53:10 Isn't that right?
53:11 You might want to make sure
53:12 your insurance was up-to-date, huh?
53:14 That's the first thing you'd do.
53:16 You might wanna take out your pictures,
53:17 you know, your family pictures
53:19 that are valuable to you that you can never replace.
53:21 You'd be able to make preparation, right?
53:24 That's why Jesus has told us these things.
53:26 Not to frighten us but so that we can be prepared.
53:31 Because whether we believe it or not Jesus is coming.
53:34 We have read evidence after evidence
53:36 and there's far more and I'm gonna share with you
53:38 night by night more evidence that the Bible is true.
53:42 And as we see these things taking place today
53:45 it gives us fresh confidence
53:49 that the book that has been the shoulders of
53:52 so many down through the years is true
53:57 and that we can trust it.
54:00 And today in these last times God wants us to be ready.
54:08 And I tell you this in my hand on hearts
54:11 I want to be ready when Jesus comes
54:13 and in fact I'd like to raise my hand to God and say,
54:15 "God help me to be ready when you come."
54:18 Who'd like to join me and say I want to be ready?
54:20 Yes, God bless you.
54:21 Because as we make a decision to follow Jesus
54:24 then we can be ready.
54:25 Let's just bow our heads together in prayer.
54:28 Wonderful Father in Heaven,
54:29 I just want to thank you again
54:32 at this very time for all the signs
54:33 that you have told us about.
54:36 Signs that tell us in the heavens
54:37 and on the earth that Jesus is coming soon
54:40 and we want to be ready.
54:41 You have told us because you love us.
54:43 That you don't us to be lost.
54:44 You want us to understand the times in which we live.
54:47 And so I pray today that you will bless us
54:50 now as we go home. We want to be ready.
54:52 Bring us back again tomorrow night
54:54 as further we look in these wonderful, wonderful truths.
54:58 I pray for Jesus sake, amen.


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