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00:27 Do you know that today 90% of people who die
00:31 are dying prematurely?
00:34 That is, they are dying before they should die.
00:37 90%.
00:40 4% of people die of old age.
00:43 Now I wish I had a cure for that
00:45 but I haven't got a cure for that.
00:48 6% of people die through accidents.
00:52 And unfortunately there's not much that we can do about that
00:55 either. That totals 10%.
00:58 The other 90% of people who die
01:01 are dying before they should die
01:04 through premature illness and sickness.
01:09 And it's not God's plan that any of us die prematurely.
01:14 In fact, let me read you a text of scripture
01:17 over here in the third book of John just near Revelation.
01:20 You'll see III John is the book next to Jude that's
01:23 next to Revelation. They're both very, very short books...
01:26 that is: John... III John, and Jude.
01:29 So you will find them very close to the beginning of the book
01:34 of Revelation. III John verse 2. And this is what it says:
01:50 Now notice here the Bible equates two things together
01:54 that are very important. What are the two things
01:56 that seem to be as important as one another?
02:01 Health. And what's the other thing? Soul.
02:04 What's that mean?
02:11 Yes, it's talking about our spiritual life.
02:13 It's talking about that side of our life.
02:15 The spiritual and the physical: that's really what it's saying.
02:19 The health is the physical;
02:20 the soul is referring to the spiritual.
02:22 And here John is equating the two things together
02:26 because he wants our health to be good just as
02:31 our soul prospers.
02:33 Now for many years the church that I was brought up in
02:38 I don't remember hearing a single sermon ever -
02:42 no emphasis whatsoever - on the subject of health.
02:47 And yet the Bible is full of good material.
02:50 It's like any mother.
02:52 There isn't a mother around, I'm sure, that is not concerned
02:56 that her child gets the very best in life.
02:59 So we give them the best food,
03:01 we give them the best opportunity because
03:04 that's what love does.
03:06 And God does the same thing.
03:08 He wants us to have the very best in life.
03:11 Because you know yourself, you remember back when you were last
03:17 sick... did you feel like studying spiritually?
03:21 Did you feel like praying?
03:22 Did you feel on top of things?
03:24 Of course not. And that's why God wants us to be in health:
03:28 because when we are in good health
03:31 the whole of life takes on a different perspective,
03:33 isn't that right?
03:35 And God wants us to be on top of things.
03:37 He wants us to feel optimistic.
03:39 He wants us to have a good wholesome mental attitude
03:43 to life, and that's all related to our health.
03:47 And so when we study this morning about the seven great
03:51 health laws of the Bible we are dealing with a very,
03:54 very important subject.
03:56 Would you come back to the first health law?
03:58 It's found in the book of Exodus at the beginning of the Bible.
04:01 Chapter 15 of Exodus and verse 26.
04:05 Exodus 15 and verse 26.
04:08 And here God is speaking through Moses to the children of Israel,
04:12 but this text applies to us just as much as it did to them.
04:17 Exodus 15 and verse 26. It says:
04:42 Now this is the first time that healing is mentioned
04:46 in the Bible. You know, I meet many Christians today
04:48 who put a lot of emphasis on healing people
04:51 when they're sick. You know, I always tell them
04:54 that the Biblical teaching is even... even greater than
04:58 healing. And I believe in healing.
05:00 I believe in a God who does heal.
05:02 But the Bible teaches something even better than healing...
05:05 and that is good health.
05:07 Because I don't want to get sick in the first place.
05:11 And if we follow the principles that God has given here
05:15 then many of the diseases that afflict everybody else -
05:19 and this is what Exodus is talking about -
05:22 the diseases that affect the Egyptians, because this was
05:25 given in the context of the children of Israel
05:27 living in Egypt. The diseases that affected everybody else
05:31 around them. If the Bible was being written today, it would
05:33 talk about the Australians.
05:35 If it was written in this part of the world.
05:37 What affects everybody else that surrounds us
05:39 God will keep us from those diseases if...
05:44 And what's the if? What's the condition?
05:47 Yes, that we keep His command- ments and we are obedient.
05:52 Isn't that right? So the first great health law in the Bible
05:55 is to obey what God has asked us to do.
06:00 Obedience.
06:02 That law itself will open up wonderful opportunities for us.
06:08 All right, let's have a look at the second great health law.
06:10 Come over to Leviticus which is chapter 11
06:13 of Leviticus and verses 46 and 47.
06:17 Leviticus 11 verses 46 and 47.
06:40 What law do we call this?
06:42 When God says there are certain things that you can eat,
06:44 there are certain things that you must not eat...
06:47 what do we call that today?
06:48 Diet. Yes, that's the law on diet.
06:51 And we'll come back and talk about that in just a moment.
06:54 Come over to chapter 14 and verse 8.
06:58 Leviticus chapter 14 and verse 8.
07:17 What do we call that when we keep our bodies clean?
07:21 That's hygiene. Yes.
07:23 And most of us don't have to be convinced about that.
07:26 We're very particular about that and so we should be.
07:29 But the Bible outlined that 3-1/2 thousand years ago
07:32 that we're to keep our bodies clean.
07:34 Come back to Exodus chapter 20.
07:36 Exodus 20 and verse 9: this is the Ten Commandments.
07:41 And we're going to notice one of the commandments
07:45 that we've been talking about in the past, but
07:47 we're going to notice another emphasis.
07:50 A broader understanding of this commandment -
07:53 the fourth commandment - verse 9, when it says:
08:04 So the Bible outlines the principle of six days work
08:08 followed by the seventh day which is a day of rest.
08:12 That's the law of labour and rest.
08:15 And it's interesting that medical people today are
08:20 recognizing the necessity of having one day every week
08:23 as a rest day.
08:26 Now it's interesting that the Bible has taught that
08:28 right from the very beginning. And God chose that day.
08:31 The Bible never gives that privilege to us
08:34 to choose the day of our rest.
08:36 God has chosen that, and the reason He has chosen it
08:39 is so that we will always remember His creation.
08:43 That's why the seventh day has been chosen.
08:46 And God says you are to work for six days
08:49 and then rest on every seventh.
08:52 And it's interesting that the body clock works on that
08:55 principle. And people can ignore that, of course.
08:58 We know plenty of work-a-holics we call them
09:00 who work week after week seven days after seven days.
09:04 And you can get away with it for a while until finally
09:07 your health will crack.
09:09 And much of the stress that's in our society today
09:12 is due to the fact that people have ignored this simple
09:15 principle of six days work then having one day a complete rest.
09:20 Change gears... change the pace
09:24 so that we can be refreshed.
09:26 And God says that we are to spend that time both with Him
09:29 and with our family.
09:31 That's the Sabbath... the seventh day of the week.
09:34 Have a look at verse 14... another great health law.
09:41 That is a very important law, too.
09:44 Come over to Numbers now...
09:46 Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, and Numbers chapter 5.
09:50 And I'm going to read you another great health law.
09:53 See if you can summarize this into one word.
09:56 Numbers chapter 5 and verse 1.
10:28 What do we call that? When someone has a communicable
10:31 disease like leprosy and they are to be separated
10:35 from everybody else that doesn't have leprosy
10:39 or a communicable disease, what do we call that?
10:41 That's quarantine.
10:43 And that principle of quarantine was taught 3,500 years ago.
10:49 And by the way, it wasn't until the church stepped in
10:52 in the Middle Ages when the black death and leprosy
10:55 were having such a terrific effect upon the lifestyle
11:01 of people in the Middle Ages where they separated those
11:04 who had those communicable diseases from those who didn't
11:07 have it that finally those diseases were halted
11:10 in the Middle Ages.
11:11 And God had outlined that 3,500 years ago.
11:16 I remember some years ago I was studying the Bible with
11:19 a medical doctor. And he professed that he didn't believe
11:22 in the Bible. He didn't believe in God.
11:25 And so I outlined to him a study from the Bible
11:28 on what we are studying this morning.
11:30 And we went through the health principles of the Bible.
11:33 And I got about this far and I said to him:
11:36 "Doctor, if you don't believe that God in...
11:39 the Bible was inspired by God
11:42 and that men wrote down what God told them,
11:45 how come the Bible is so far ahead of medical science?
11:50 Where did Moses get this advanced information from
11:53 if he didn't get it from God? "
11:55 You know what he said?
11:58 He said: "He probably copied it while he was down there
12:01 in Egypt. "
12:03 Well I said: "Listen, that's interesting because
12:06 how come that even those countries today -
12:11 and I don't say this in any way to cast any aspersions
12:14 against any person from those countries... not at all -
12:17 but it's wonderful when you think that the Bible comes
12:20 out of the Middle East and yet one of the biggest problems
12:25 when you go to the Middle East today is hygiene. "
12:29 I've been there many, many times and so I know the problem.
12:33 I was walking down the streets of Cairo one day
12:36 and I saw in the distance one of the Egyptians had
12:40 one of these old milk cans. You remember the
12:43 old milk cans that they used to put the milk in?
12:48 Yeah, big thing... big silver thing.
12:50 Where he'd got this thing from I have no idea.
12:52 But there it was, on the streets on the foot path in Cairo.
12:56 And he saw me coming down toward him. And of course,
12:58 any paleface in that country is a millionaire, you see?
13:02 So he had milk, and he wanted me to buy some of his milk.
13:05 And as I got a little closer I noticed
13:08 that he wanted to impress me that he had some good milk.
13:12 So first of all he went down and dipped down and got the ladle
13:15 from the bottom of the tin.
13:18 Good place to keep it. He brought it up and of course
13:20 it was dripping with milk back into the tin.
13:23 Then as I got closer I noticed that what he did is
13:26 he dipped the ladle in the milk again and then ran it down
13:29 his left arm because what he was trying to show me
13:33 was that there was no water in his milk.
13:35 Because water in milk goes a gray color
13:38 and he was trying to show me
13:39 that there was no water in his milk.
13:42 It was pure white milk.
13:44 But it sort of made me feel like a drink of milk
13:46 because I noticed what he was doing with his left hand
13:48 before as I was walking down.
13:52 And hygiene in these countries is a major, major problem.
13:56 Now you would think that oranges you'd be safe.
14:00 But you know what they do with oranges?
14:02 They get... they buy the oranges from the orchardist
14:05 then they get syringe needles full of water
14:07 and they push the water into the orange through the skin
14:13 to increase the weight of the orange
14:15 so they get more for their orange.
14:17 When you peel it you think: "Whoa, this is a very juicy
14:19 orange. " What you don't realize is that it's water.
14:23 And water - as we all know - that's not been boiled
14:27 is a most lethal thing.
14:30 I wouldn't even eat an apple unless I had peeled it
14:34 and dipped it in "get off" over in those countries
14:37 because you'd never be sure who's touched it.
14:40 Even when the aeroplane lands in those countries
14:44 and then takes off and they supply a meal
14:46 I won't eat any food that's not piping hot
14:51 because I can be never certain who's touched what.
14:56 And as I said, I'm not saying this to cast any aspersions
14:59 against them. Not at all!
15:01 But I'm just trying to highlight the fact that the Bible
15:05 comes out of those countries.
15:09 In fact, very recently in the last few years
15:13 they have found one of the Egyptian books
15:18 called the Papyrus Ebers.
15:22 Now the reason why I'm interested in this
15:25 is because it was written around about
15:31 the very time that Moses was writing the books
15:35 of Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy...
15:39 around about 1,500 years BC.
15:43 And so when they discovered this medical book
15:46 in one of the great tombs, my ears immediately pricked up.
15:52 I was interested to find out what was the latest medical
15:57 knowledge at the very time that Moses wrote the Bible...
16:01 or wrote the first five books of the Bible.
16:05 Well, I copied down some of their cures. For example,
16:09 if you had an embedded splinter it says apply worm's blood
16:14 and ass's dung.
16:16 Now since dung is loaded with tetanus spores, is it any wonder
16:20 that lockjaw took a heavy toll on splinter cases?
16:25 Several hundred remedies advised in this Egyptian medical
16:28 book include lizard's blood, swine's teeth,
16:31 putrid meat, stinking fat,
16:33 moisture from pig's ears,
16:35 ass's hooves, excretement from animals including human beings,
16:39 donkeys, dogs, cats, and even flies.
16:44 One of the cures that was written out says:
16:47 "a large beetle. Cut off his head and his two wings.
16:51 Warm him and put into fat.
16:54 Apply him. If then you wish to drive it away... "
16:57 that's the disease away... " then warm his head
17:00 and his two wings. Put into snake fat,
17:04 warm it, and let the man drink it. "
17:06 I tell you: castor oil doesn't sound so bad after all, does it?
17:13 But can you imagine? Just think about it.
17:16 Imagine if Moses had put one of those advanced cures
17:19 in the Bible today?
17:21 Can you imagine how the critics would laugh?
17:24 Imagine the field day that they would have against the Bible
17:27 and God if Moses had been tempted to put one of those
17:30 up-to-date cures in the Bible.
17:34 But he didn't because he wrote down what God told him.
17:38 And when we read the Bible medically today
17:40 we find that the Bible sounds as if it were only written
17:45 yesterday. In fact, I've had people say to me:
17:47 "Well, what's news about that? "
17:49 Well, let me tell you something:
17:51 it is big news!
17:53 Because what we understand today about medical science
17:57 is only very recent comparatively speaking.
18:02 Let me illustrate. Just come over to Numbers
18:04 and we'll read the next health law, the seventh health law.
18:08 Numbers chapter 31 and verse 22.
18:13 See if you can tell me what this is talking about in one word.
18:16 Verse 22 of Number 31 where Moses writes:
18:42 What do we call that?
18:44 That's sterilization.
18:46 Three thousand five hundred years ago the Bible taught
18:51 sterilization. We still know that fire is the best
18:54 antiseptic that we have and water is the next best...
18:58 boiling water.
19:01 God outlined that thousands of years ago
19:04 and we still haven't improved on it today.
19:08 In fact, you may be interested to know that in 1840
19:12 in Vienna... Now Vienna in 1840 was the leading health
19:17 city in the world. That's where all the leading medical people
19:22 were gathered... in Vienna in 1840.
19:24 You know that one woman in every six was dying
19:26 in the maternity wards and they couldn't work out
19:29 why so many women were dying giving birth to children.
19:31 You know what they were doing in 1840?
19:34 The very first thing the doctor would do when he came into
19:36 the hospital that morning is that they would carry out
19:39 autopsies on the people that had died during the night.
19:44 Without washing their hands, without wearing gloves,
19:48 they would go straight up then into the maternity wards
19:50 and they would carry out pelvic examinations
19:53 of the women who were about to give birth.
19:55 And they couldn't work out why so many women were dying
20:02 until one young doctor by the name of Semmelweis -
20:07 he was only a young fellow... just graduated -
20:11 suggested that doctors ought to wash their hands.
20:17 And if you read the story, it's one the most sad stories
20:21 in medical history, they hounded that young guy.
20:24 They said: "How dare you come along and suggest that we
20:27 ought to wash our hands? "
20:31 And they forced him out of the medical... In fact, they...
20:34 we believe that it forced him to commit suicide.
20:37 He was just hounded.
20:39 That was in 1840.
20:43 And anyone who's been into a hospital...
20:45 those of you who are medical people go into an operating
20:48 theatre... I remember when I have been in there a few times
20:51 and I was invited in to watch an operation or two
20:56 and we had to wash... the scrub up before you go in
20:59 is something to behold.
21:02 Scrub scrub scrub scrub.
21:04 And then you have to put these big gloves on and a gown
21:07 and a hat and slippers.
21:09 And you go into the operating theatre.
21:12 They usually have doors that have no handles.
21:14 You just push against the doors, they open.
21:16 And then, you know, you're walking in like this
21:20 because you can't have your hands touch anything.
21:23 Because they are so particular today about the spread
21:27 of disease in hospitals particularly.
21:29 And rightly so!
21:32 We all feel much safer because of those high...
21:36 high views of the spread of disease.
21:39 But we've got to remember that it wasn't that long ago
21:43 when doctors didn't wash their hands.
21:45 And yet the Bible outlined that thousands of years ago.
21:49 Just come back to Leviticus chapter 11 because I want to
21:54 read you now this matter of diet
21:57 because this is very, very significant.
21:59 Leviticus chapter 11 and verse 46
22:02 where the Bible talks... Remember we spoke about the
22:06 distinction between clean and unclean.
22:08 Just let me remind you, verse 46:
22:27 So the Bible says there are some things that we can eat
22:30 and there are some things that we mustn't eat.
22:33 If you go back to the beginning of the chapter, it gives us
22:37 some principles that we can follow, very simple principles.
22:40 Verse 2 chapter 11:
23:31 So the Bible here outlines a very, very simple principle.
23:35 As far as the animals are concerned, what two things
23:38 must an animal have in order to be considered clean?
23:42 It must chew the cud like an old cow
23:45 and it must divide the hoof.
23:48 It must have not one or the other...
23:50 it must have them both to be clean.
23:52 Now there's a simple principle with the fish, too.
23:55 If you notice verse 9 it says:
24:18 So once again when it comes to the fish
24:21 there is a very simple principle too.
24:23 And the principle is that a fish must have two things:
24:26 fins and scales in order to be clean.
24:30 Because any fish or sea creature
24:34 or water creature of any description that does not have
24:37 both fins and scales is unclean.
24:39 Now when it comes to the birds there is no simple principle.
24:45 But most of the birds that are mentioned from verse 13 on here
24:48 "These ye shall regard as an abomination among the birds:
24:51 they may not be eaten... " And then it mentions the eagle,
24:55 the vulture, the buzzard, the kite, and the falcon.
24:57 The raven and the ostrich and so forth... the owl.
25:01 I don't think too many of us are tempted to have
25:03 too many of those things on our plates.
25:06 But it's interesting that when you go through the principles
25:11 that God has outlined when it comes to the animals,
25:13 when it comes to the fish, and when it comes to the birds,
25:17 you will find that there's one characteristic of all that are
25:20 regarded as being unclean and that is
25:23 they are scavengers.
25:27 And God says if you want to look after your health,
25:31 if you want to preserve your health, do not eat these things.
25:39 Now I've been telling you that one of the great
25:44 discussions that I had with Professor Walter Fine
25:49 who's a zoologist is we went through scientifically
25:53 and he gave the reasons that medical science today
25:57 knows why there is a distinction.
26:01 You take the rabbit.
26:04 You know the rabbit is a vegetarian.
26:06 People say: "Well what would be wrong with a rabbit? "
26:08 Well the rabbit does something which many people don't know
26:11 and that is
26:14 when its food goes through the rabbit the first time
26:20 it's not fully digested.
26:23 You see, a cow has many stomachs, doesn't it?
26:27 But a rabbit doesn't.
26:30 And so what a rabbit does is it licks its feces
26:33 as it goes through the first time and then goes through
26:36 the second time.
26:38 And when you see the hard pellets that a rabbit has
26:41 that's been through the second time.
26:43 And God said: "Don't eat the rabbit
26:48 because of the poisons that go back into the system. "
26:52 And all of the fish and so forth. People talk about
26:56 mussels and crabs and crayfish and lobsters and oysters.
27:01 All of them God says: "Don't touch! "
27:04 Because all of those things have a purpose in mind.
27:07 God intended them for a purpose and that was
27:10 to keep the waterways clean.
27:13 And with all the pollution that goes into our waterways today
27:18 they work overtime
27:20 to try to keep them at least relatively clean.
27:22 They are able to absorb those poisons.
27:25 But if you and I eat them
27:28 then we are getting a super duper dose of those poisons
27:31 that they are absorbing. Get the thought?
27:33 And God said: "Don't eat them! "
27:37 Now there are no reasons given here,
27:40 and I don't think we know the full reasons.
27:43 Medical science certainly has helped us with much
27:46 but whether we know all the reasons yet
27:49 I'm not sure about that.
27:50 God just says: "Don't eat them! "
27:54 And when a parent says to the child
27:57 "Don't do that, " the parent doesn't always give a reason.
28:02 Because the parent expects the child to be obedient
28:05 because they are the parent and they love the child.
28:08 The same was with God.
28:11 God doesn't always give us a reason.
28:13 Sometimes He does, but in this case He hasn't.
28:16 He just says: "Don't eat it! "
28:18 And those of us who obey those instructions
28:23 certainly have a greater chance of living longer
28:29 and not getting premature sickness and disease
28:33 because they carry disease.
28:36 Let me read you something else that's very interesting.
28:38 Come back to Leviticus chapter 7
28:40 and see if your doctor has not said something like this to you
28:45 recently if you've been to see him.
28:46 Leviticus chapter 7 and verse 23.
28:50 Leviticus 7 and verse 23 where Moses writes:
29:03 So God said clearly here that while clean flesh
29:08 was permitted... And let me say this:
29:10 it's not a sin to eat clean flesh.
29:12 However, there are certain restrictions.
29:16 One is that we are not to eat any fat.
29:21 Now every doctor today that's aware
29:24 of the situation of heart disease
29:26 says the same thing now, don't they?
29:29 They say to cut down on animal fat.
29:34 Because it is animal fats which are probably the greatest
29:39 contributing cause to heart disease.
29:44 You know what fat does in your diet.
29:47 If you have an artery - and I'm exaggerating, of course.
29:50 You know arteries aren't this big -
29:51 But what happens is that the blood has to flow through
29:56 our arteries.
29:59 But as we eat animal fats of all descriptions,
30:04 gradually what can happen is that the artery
30:08 instead of being nice and wide gets smaller and smaller
30:11 on the inside because it gets clogged up
30:16 with fatty tissue.
30:19 Like an old water pipe that's been in the ground for
30:21 a long time it gradually calcifies
30:24 and instead of the water being able to get through easily
30:27 it can finally block it up. Now that's exactly what happens
30:29 with our arteries.
30:32 And the more we eat of animal products -
30:36 not just fat on meat but anything that comes
30:40 from an animal or a bird - any product
30:45 that goes back to an animal from its origin
30:49 all contribute to the clogging of our arteries.
30:54 And the more that we eat of those animal products
30:58 then the greater the chance of that artery
31:03 gradually getting smaller and smaller.
31:05 And now what happens finally is that the heart has to
31:08 keep pushing the blood through. Obviously.
31:11 So that puts a tremendous strain upon the heart
31:14 and wears it out
31:17 because the heart is a muscle.
31:19 Gradually if it has to work very hard, gradually, gradually
31:23 gets worn out... prematurely.
31:26 Or what else can happen and what usually happens first
31:31 is that under the pressure that the heart has to push
31:34 the blood through, what can happen is that some of that
31:38 fatty tissue will move... it will break off.
31:42 Now what can happen is that it might break off
31:45 and block out the last 50%
31:48 of the artery that is still clear...
31:50 it will block it off say 50%
31:52 and a person will have - if it's near the heart -
31:55 we'll say a person has a heart attack, a mild heart attack.
31:59 If it's near the head, we say they have a mild stroke.
32:02 On other occasions what will happen is that that fatty tissue
32:07 will actually move and block the artery off completely
32:10 and then a person will just drop dead like that.
32:14 Or if it's up near the head, a person will just drop dead
32:17 like that. Because the artery has been blocked off
32:21 and the blood's got to get through.
32:23 Well if it doesn't get through a person just dies.
32:25 And we've all heard of people dying just like that.
32:28 And God said: "Do not eat the fat. "
32:32 The other restriction God gave when it came to clean meat
32:37 was recorded over here in Leviticus 17.
32:42 Leviticus chapter 17 and verse 10.
32:45 And see how wonderful this statement is.
32:47 Leviticus 17 and verse 10:
33:04 So the Bible also restricted the people
33:07 from eating not only fat from the meat
33:10 but also the blood from the meat.
33:14 By the way, if people followed that counsel today
33:19 very little meat would be eaten
33:22 because it is the fat and the blood that give meat its taste.
33:27 You take the fat off, completely get rid of the fat
33:31 and take the blood out, there's practically no taste to meat
33:33 whatsoever. And that's why very little meat would be eaten
33:36 if you followed the counsel that God has given.
33:38 But of course today that counsel is not followed.
33:43 No wonder we are opening ourselves to disease.
33:47 Because you know as well as I do that if there's something wrong
33:51 with you and you go to the doctor,
33:54 what will the doctor do first?
33:56 When you go to him and say: "Doctor, I'm not feeling well.
33:58 There's something wrong with me. "
33:59 what's the very first thing he'll do?
34:01 He'll take a blood test.
34:03 Why? Because if there's any disease in your body
34:07 it will be in the bloodstream.
34:09 Because the blood has two major functions.
34:12 Many functions... but two major ones:
34:15 one is to carry the oxygen to the muscles, the blood,
34:20 and then secondly to take the waste products
34:23 in the form of urea back to the kidneys
34:25 whereby they are excreted.
34:28 And any poisons that are in the body will be in the bloodstream.
34:34 And God said: "Don't touch the blood. "
34:37 Because He knew that if the animal has any disease
34:42 it'll be in the bloodstream.
34:45 That's why the Jews in following this counsel
34:49 have still today kosher meat...
34:52 which is meat that is practically white.
34:55 It has the blood all drained out of it.
34:57 They used to put it in a salt solution. Through the form
35:00 of osmosis it would suck out the blood anyway.
35:04 And so very very little meat would be eaten today
35:08 if we followed this counsel.
35:12 And the tragedy is,
35:15 of course, that as the cancers are rising in our society
35:23 the cancers are also rising in the meat world.
35:29 And what'll happen is when an animal goes to the abattoir
35:33 and they find that it has a cancerous stomach
35:37 or a cancerous liver or a cancerous ear or something,
35:42 what do you think they do with the rest of the animal
35:44 when they find that?
35:47 They just pass it on and the whole thing is not used?
35:52 Is that the case? Absolutely not.
35:54 You would be very, very naive if you thought that.
35:57 What they simply do is they cut out what appears to be
36:01 the diseased section, and the rest of the animal goes through.
36:05 And what you and I - if we eat that type of meat -
36:09 what you and I don't realize when we go to the butcher's
36:14 is that this meat was part of an animal that had cancer.
36:20 People say to me: "Well, doesn't cooking kill it? "
36:24 Cooking will kill some.
36:27 But there are some of those diseases and viruses
36:32 which require extreme high temperatures
36:34 and to kill them you would have to destroy the meat
36:37 because there wouldn't be any meat left if you cooked it
36:40 to the extent that it needs to kill some of the viruses.
36:44 And today, of course, we live in a society
36:47 which loves to have some of its meat rare.
36:50 And of course, the rarer the meat is
36:55 the more dangerous it is
36:56 because at least cooking will kill some.
37:00 And I believe that in God's love and His mercy to us
37:04 He told us: "Don't eat those things. "
37:07 Not because He's trying to be a spoil sport
37:10 and to take away that which tastes good.
37:12 That's not the reason why God has told us these things.
37:15 He's told us so that He wants to protect us from getting
37:18 premature sickness and premature disease.
37:23 Because the facts are that if you know anything about
37:26 animal husbandry today that the rise of cancers
37:29 and diseases in animals is going up in the same proportion
37:33 that the human cancers are going up.
37:35 And there seems to be some correlation between the two.
37:39 I don't think we understand yet all of the relationship.
37:42 But there is a very very heavy relationship between the two.
37:46 And God said: "Don't touch it
37:49 if you want to preserve your health. "
37:53 People say to me: "Well isn't there diseases also in
37:57 the vegetable world? "
37:59 Yes there are!
38:03 But it's interesting... if you go to the hospital
38:09 you find people dying of heart disease, cancer, and so forth.
38:13 You go to the abattoir and you find exactly the same:
38:15 animals with the same diseases.
38:17 You go out to the orchard and you find diseases like
38:21 wooly aphids and cotton moth and red spider.
38:27 In all my visits to the hospital
38:31 I have never ever heard a person dying of wooly aphids.
38:36 And even red spider's not a problem, is that right?
38:39 Because obviously the diseases in the vegetable and the fruit
38:44 world are not transmitted to human beings.
38:46 Whereas the diseases in the animal world are the same
38:51 as in human beings so they are transmitted.
38:56 People say to me: "What about the sprays? "
38:58 Well that is an issue.
38:59 And if you can grow your own and nurture your own
39:03 that's the very best because sprays are a problem.
39:06 But let me remind you of something:
39:07 sprays are far more lethal when it comes to the animals
39:11 than it is with the fruits and vegetables
39:13 because the animals absorb far more of those sprays
39:18 in their fatty tissues.
39:21 So that when you eat meat, you are getting a super duper dose
39:26 of the poisons. Whereas in the fruit and vegetable world
39:30 it's possible that you may get a slight dose here and there
39:34 but it's much less lethal because it will probably
39:40 be only a slight dose. Whereas with the animals
39:44 it will be a super duper dose because they have been absorbed
39:47 over the period of the life of the animal.
39:50 That's why I believe today that the very best diet
39:55 if you really want to know the very best diet
39:58 that's available to mankind today
40:00 it's the diet that God gave to Adam and Eve
40:03 back in the Garden of Eden.
40:05 And it consisted of three things originally.
40:08 One was fruits,
40:10 the second were grains,
40:12 and the third one nuts.
40:16 And a little later God added one more: vegetables.
40:20 And I believe that they very best diet today
40:24 are those four things: fruits, grains, nuts, and vegetables.
40:29 And it's interesting today that medical science
40:32 is pouring out a deluge
40:36 of information that backs up what God said.
40:41 Huge amount of evidence.
40:43 Almost daily more and more evidence is coming to light.
40:48 In fact, the dairy industry
40:52 and the chicken industries are so concerned
40:55 that's why you are seeing a concerted effort on television
40:58 to advertise the milks and so forth.
41:00 Because it's making a big impact.
41:03 Because more and more people are becoming convinced today
41:07 that animal products are not good for you
41:11 no matter what product it is from an animal.
41:13 Whether it's milk or cheese or eggs... anything of those
41:16 products are dangerous.
41:19 And the more that we eat of those things
41:22 the more we are putting our health at risk.
41:28 The less that we eat of those things
41:31 and the more we eat of fruits, grains, vegetables, and nuts
41:35 the healthier we are.
41:36 I was interested to pick up in a very popular magazine
41:41 the Reader's Digest. Now I wouldn't go to the
41:44 Reader's Digest for our final word, but it's interesting
41:46 when you get magazines that are popular
41:49 and for the consumer, they are now supporting this very thing.
41:55 The title of this is entitled Foods That Fight Cancer.
42:00 And it's interesting. As we read here we find
42:03 "Diet is now considered a major weapon against cancer.
42:07 The United States National Cancer Institute estimates that
42:10 about 1/3 of all cancers are linked to diet. "
42:14 How many was that?
42:15 One third. "And recent research indicates
42:20 that what you eat may help to significantly reduce your risk.
42:24 Cancer develops over a long time, which means
42:27 that you have years - typically decades - in which to hinder
42:30 or promote it. Researchers are finding that what you eat
42:33 may interfere with cancer growth at various stages.
42:36 For example, certain foods can block chemicals
42:39 that initiate cancer. " And guess what foods they are!
42:44 "Fruits, grains, vegetables, and nuts. "
42:48 They're the foods, this article goes on to say,
42:51 that fight cancer.
42:54 Wonder of wonders.
42:56 Then it goes on to say: "A recent review of 170 studies
43:01 from 17 nations... " Now listen: any person
43:04 here who's done any serious study, you know,
43:08 for a higher degree - Ph. D. or M.A. and so forth -
43:12 knows that 170 studies from 17 nations
43:16 is a very, very broad study.
43:20 So we're not just talking about one country.
43:22 We're not just talking about one study,
43:23 we're talking about 170 studies from 17 different nations
43:28 including this country Australia.
43:29 And it shows this:
43:31 "It revealed that the people who eat the most fruit and
43:34 vegetables have about half the cancer rates of those who eat
43:37 the least. " And it talks about, um,
43:42 "the cancers of the lung, colon, breast, cervix,
43:45 esophagus, oral cavity, stomach, bladder, pancreas,
43:48 and ovary. In fact, some research suggests that
43:52 frequent consumption of fruit and vegetables
43:54 can cut the risk of lung cancer even in smokers. "
43:57 And then the article goes through and shows
44:02 that the benefits of all the different fruits and vegetables
44:06 and nuts and so forth. Goes through it.
44:11 And it's interesting. Well you say: "Does this work? "
44:14 That's a good question to ask: does it work?
44:17 Well let me give you a test case.
44:21 Seventh-day Adventists who have endeavored to follow
44:26 this counsel...
44:30 Seventh-day Adventists live up to 10 years longer
44:35 than everybody else. Did you know that?
44:37 Ten years!
44:40 You know, if you ever wanted a good reason to become
44:42 a Seventh-day Adventist, that's a good one.
44:44 Isn't it? Give you an extra 10 years.
44:49 Why is that? Why do Seventh- day Adventists live up to
44:52 ten years longer? And listen, friends, they would live
44:54 a whole lot longer if everybody did it.
44:56 I wish I could say that there was 100% of adherence to this.
45:03 But there's not, unfortunately.
45:06 But, if everybody did,
45:10 then the years would be a lot longer.
45:16 So in other words, what we're saying is
45:19 that if everything is going according to plan,
45:22 particularly from youth... And this is where you mothers -
45:26 or the ones who do the cooking in the family -
45:28 have such a big responsibility
45:30 because you determine the taste buds of your children.
45:35 You feed them plenty of fruits, grains, vegetables
45:38 they will grow up liking those things.
45:42 Feed them lots of other things and they'll grow up
45:44 liking those things.
45:46 So you have a tremendous responsibility
45:49 in guiding the future health of your children by teaching them
45:55 the right things right from the cradle.
46:00 If we follow this counsel, we can live a whole lot longer
46:04 than ten years.
46:06 And ladies, let me tell you something:
46:09 instead of wasting your money on all of these potions
46:12 about looking younger and so forth
46:14 the best way to look younger is to follow this diet.
46:17 That's the best way.
46:21 The best way to have a good skin is to follow this counsel.
46:27 The best way to feel good in the morning
46:30 is to follow this counsel.
46:33 You know once when I was drinking a lot of milk
46:36 and so forth I used to wake up in the morning...
46:39 You know how you have phlegm in your throat?
46:41 I just thought it was part of normal life
46:44 until I gave it away. I've never had a problem since.
46:48 Because the body was trying to get rid of it all...
46:50 all the poisons in it.
46:53 And I believe that God has given to us wonderful counsel.
46:58 That if we follow this counsel we will feel better
47:03 and when the morning comes around we'll spring out of bed.
47:08 And we'll feel good; our minds will be clear.
47:12 And God wants us to have the optimum of health.
47:16 He doesn't want us to be sick and not feel 100%.
47:20 And I would like to challenge you to try it.
47:23 You know the book of Daniel tells us
47:25 that it only took Daniel 10 days to prove to the Babylonians
47:28 that he looked better and was better
47:31 than all the rest who were eating all the Babylonian food.
47:35 You put it to the test.
47:38 Give yourself a 10-day test.
47:40 That's a Biblical time... ten days.
47:44 And you'll feel better.
47:48 Body might get a bit of a shock for a while...
47:50 but it'll get used to it.
47:53 And you can change your taste - let me encourage you -
47:56 because our tastes are educated.
48:00 If we like those foods that are not good, it is because
48:04 you have educated your taste to like them.
48:07 You can educate your taste buds to like the good things.
48:14 And of course, with good health and eating and diet
48:17 comes another thing... and that is exercise.
48:21 Many of us don't get enough exercise.
48:25 God wants us to be exercising every day.
48:29 And you don't have to be a marathon runner to exercise.
48:32 Just do a good, brisk walk.
48:34 We've been told that that's the very best exercise is walking,
48:37 actually.
48:39 Not necessarily running... but walking.
48:43 But not strolling and smelling the roses... not that type
48:46 of walk. A walk that causes you... the heart to beat.
48:51 And less salt in our diet.
48:54 And laying aside things like smoking and alcohol.
49:00 All of those things, if we follow the counsel,
49:03 then we will feel better.
49:06 And God wants us to have the optimum in life.
49:09 You know, Seventh-day Adventists run a lot of aged care homes.
49:14 We like to care for our old people.
49:17 It's a responsibility we all have
49:19 to care for those in the sunset years of their life.
49:22 And we run a lot of these aged-care facilities.
49:25 And of course many people want to get into them.
49:30 As they get older they want to get into our homes for the aged.
49:34 But it's very difficult to get in because
49:39 when you go to... there you find that there's no room.
49:44 And you know the reason there's no room?
49:46 They won't die!
49:49 They live too long!
49:52 You go to our homes for the aged and you will see lots of people
49:55 up around 90. That's a young person at 90!
50:01 Ninety-five... even up to 100 and over 100.
50:05 And they're not sort of sitting in the corner
50:08 dribbling out the side of their mouth.
50:10 Most of them have their facilities still.
50:14 And because... when you follow the counsel that God has given
50:20 then we have the very best in life. Now let me say this
50:24 because not all disease that we get is due to faulty diet.
50:30 We must understand that and I'm not suggesting that.
50:34 Because when we were born it would have been a good idea
50:37 if we had the choice of choosing your parents.
50:39 Because that certainly has an effect, doesn't it?
50:42 Because if you have had a weakness in your family
50:46 healthwise that goes back some generations
50:50 that no doubt can affect you.
50:52 But what I'm saying is this:
50:55 that if we follow the counsel that God has given in His Word
51:00 even those who are born with not the same opportunities
51:03 and perhaps with weaknesses that others haven't got
51:07 we will still live longer than we would have if we didn't
51:11 follow the counsel. Get the idea?
51:13 So it's still positive.
51:18 And I'm very excited about this matter of health.
51:21 You see, when it comes to the matter of health
51:23 this is one of the areas that we can prove that the Bible
51:27 is true. Because medical science today
51:30 can empirically measure these things.
51:36 And no science has done more work than the area
51:41 of health because people are becoming more and more
51:45 interested in health and governments are becoming
51:46 more concerned about it because of the cost.
51:49 And so lots of money is being spent in doing research.
51:54 And the interesting thing is on the wake of the evidence
51:59 over and over and over again
52:02 the evidence is coming out on the side of what God wrote.
52:07 That's what gives me tremendous confidence that we're not
52:11 following some made-up story when we read the Bible.
52:14 There are many things in the Bible we can't prove.
52:17 We can't prove that Jesus is coming again...
52:19 scientifically, that is.
52:22 We believe that by faith.
52:25 But there are some things in the Bible that we can establish
52:29 and prove in the scientific way, and one of them is
52:33 the subject of health because that can be measured.
52:37 And the more they study, the more is coming out in favor
52:42 of what the Bible wrote down: fruits, grains,
52:46 vegetables, and nuts.
52:49 And the more that we are able to put those into our diet
52:52 the healthier we are going to be.
52:54 Let me read you um... I ought to say this.
52:57 Sometimes people say: "Well when Jesus died on the cross
53:00 didn't He do away with these things? " Listen friend,
53:01 when Jesus died on the cross He didn't make the pig clean.
53:07 And those health laws that we're talking about: hygiene,
53:10 quarantine. We don't believe they were done away with, do we?
53:14 Why would we believe like some Christians teach
53:17 that the distinction between clean and unclean
53:18 is no longer valid? We don't say that when it comes to hygiene.
53:22 We don't say that when it comes to sanitation and all of these
53:25 other marvelous laws.
53:27 Of course they weren't done away with.
53:29 They were binding back there and they are still binding today.
53:34 And at the Garden of Eden God saw that that was the very
53:36 best diet. It's still the very best diet.
53:39 And if ever there's a time in world history
53:41 when we ought to be adhering to the counsel that God gave
53:44 in the beginning it is now.
53:45 The further away we get from the Garden of Eden
53:47 the more necessary it is to follow that counsel.
53:52 Let me just read you a verse over here in I Corinthians.
53:56 Come over to I Corinthians chapter 3
53:59 and verse 16.
54:05 I Corinthians 3 and verse 16
54:11 where it says:
54:31 So in actual fact the Bible is saying
54:33 our bodies are like unto what?
54:36 The temple or the church.
54:39 And we would not think it right to drag into the church here
54:44 a rotten bag of potatoes, would we?
54:48 No one would want to do that
54:52 because we just don't think that's the right thing to do.
54:56 Now if that's true when it comes to a physical building,
55:00 how much truer it is when it comes to our bodies.
55:04 Our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit.
55:06 Tell me, what type of a witness is it if I'm going around
55:09 sick all the time? And I don't enjoy health
55:13 and it affects my attitude. It affects my depression;
55:16 it affects everything else. What type of a witness is that
55:19 to anybody? Not a very good one I would imagine.
55:22 Is that right? But on the other hand,
55:25 if you exude enthusiasm and you exude health,
55:31 that is a great witness.
55:34 And that's why it is important that we share these things
55:39 and we have these things. Because we are...
55:41 our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit
55:44 and God wants to dwell in our bodies.
55:47 And just as if we defile God's church here
55:51 God is not happy, God is 1,000 times more upset
55:55 when we defile our bodies
55:57 because our bodies is where God wants to dwell.
56:01 He wants us to be a living witness.
56:04 A living temple... a living example
56:08 to all that we come in contact with day by day.
56:11 And just by our very presence we are a witness
56:15 because our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit.
56:19 In chapter 10 of Corinthians and verse 31...
56:25 Chapter 10 of Corinthians and verse 31
56:28 Paul again adds this statement:
56:43 We're to bring glory and honor to our Savior
56:48 through our bodies.
56:50 We are to be a witness to all that we come in contact with.
56:54 And I thank God every day for the knowledge that He's
56:57 given to us on health.
57:00 I'm just so grateful for that.
57:02 Because the person who benefits from the subject that we're
57:06 talking about today is not the person down the road...
57:11 the person across the world.
57:13 The person who benefits is ourselves, isn't that right?
57:16 We are the ones! If we adhere to this, I tell you
57:19 you will feel a difference!
57:21 You'll be like Daniel.
57:23 Stand out fairer and fatter.
57:26 That word fatter doesn't mean this way...
57:29 it means more ruddy and healthy complexioned.
57:32 That's what the Bible means by "fairer and fatter. "
57:34 Because if you're thin and so forth that doesn't give a good
57:38 witness either. The word "fat" there doesn't mean weight.
57:41 It means to be in good health!
57:44 And if we follow God's counsel...
57:47 We already have examples in the Bible
57:50 because Daniel must have been very tempted to take hold
57:53 of the Babylonian food... but he stood firm for God
57:56 and God wonderfully blessed him. And He'll bless you
57:59 and He'll bless me, too.
58:01 Let's just bow our heads together in prayer.
58:02 Our wonderful Father in heaven, I want to thank you
58:05 again today for the wonderful counsel that You have given
58:08 to us on the subject of health.
58:10 Thank you, Lord, that You have given it not because
58:12 You are restricting us but because You love us
58:14 and You want us to have the very best in life
58:16 like any good mother. And so I pray, Lord, that You
58:19 will help us to take this seriously
58:22 and to understand it and to learn more and more.
58:24 I pray for Jesus' sake, Amen.


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