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The Counter-Reformation: Yesterday and Today

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00:27 Hello, and welcome to part three
00:31 of The Reformation Revisited.
00:33 I'm Graham Wier.
00:34 And this six-part series
00:37 is an examination of the Great Protestant Reformation
00:40 and its implications
00:42 for the survival of Christianity today.
00:46 In this episode
00:47 we're going to look at some of the tactics
00:49 of the enemy
00:50 to destroy the Reformation spirit
00:53 both in the past and today
00:57 because the Counter Reformation is still going forward,
01:00 we need to look at what's happening today.
01:02 Let's begin with a prayer.
01:09 Loving Father in heaven,
01:11 we pray Thee and thank Thee
01:13 for an opportunity to consider the wonderful heritage
01:16 You've given us as Christian.
01:20 The price that is being paid for the freedom
01:22 that we enjoy today
01:24 and we are conscious
01:26 that the enemy of our righteousness,
01:29 Satan himself,
01:31 seeks to destroy this Protestant Reformation
01:35 and it is even being announced
01:36 that the Protestant Reformation is over.
01:40 Lord, we know it is not over.
01:42 It will not be over until you come,
01:45 so we pray that You will bless us today
01:47 as we go through this program as we examine this material.
01:52 We pray that You will give us eyes to see
01:55 and ears to hear and more than this,
01:59 we pray that You will give us heart inclined
02:02 to do Your will
02:04 because we ask these things in Jesus' precious name.
02:07 Amen.
02:12 Our text today is 1 Peter 5:8-11
02:18 and I'll be reading from the screen
02:20 because that makes it easier for the viewers
02:22 to see the text and it says this:
02:25 Be sober, be vigilant because your adversary,
02:30 the devil, as a roaring lion,
02:32 walketh about seeking whom he may devour.
02:38 And verse 9 says,
02:39 "Whom resist steadfast in the faith,
02:43 knowing that the same afflictions
02:45 are accomplished in your brethren
02:47 that are in the world."
02:49 And verse 10 says, "But the God of all grace,
02:51 who hath called us
02:53 unto his eternal glory by Christ Jesus,
02:56 after that ye have suffered a while,
02:59 he will make you perfect,
03:01 stablish, strengthen and settle you.
03:04 To him be glory and dominion for ever and ever, Amen."
03:09 That's a good text, isn't it?
03:11 Well, the Protestant Reformation
03:13 was one of the greatest events in world history.
03:16 By the mid 16th century,
03:18 this movement had swept right throughout Germany
03:21 and was advancing to Switzerland,
03:24 England, France, Austria, and many other parts of Europe
03:29 and the Roman Catholic Church was seriously concerned
03:33 because at this time they had the Muslims waging war
03:36 against some of their territories
03:38 and they had the Protestants fighting them from within
03:41 and they were in trouble.
03:43 Not only was the church in trouble
03:45 but the devil was also in trouble
03:48 because here was a Christian movement
03:49 calling for a return to the Bible
03:52 and the Bible only.
03:55 The devil knew fully well
03:56 that if the Bible were taken seriously,
03:58 there would be a return to the commandments,
04:01 a return to the truths,
04:02 and a return to Jesus
04:04 as the only source of salvation.
04:06 So what was the solution?
04:09 The Roman Church conscious of the truth
04:12 of some of the Protestant claims,
04:14 they wanted to have its own reformation.
04:16 So it started what it called the Catholic Reformation
04:21 but which later became known
04:22 as the great Counter Reformation
04:25 because of it's preoccupation
04:27 with cantering the advances of the Protestants.
04:32 While the Catholic Church met together
04:33 over a number of years
04:35 in the northern Italian city of Trent
04:37 and this commission of cardinals
04:39 was given the task of institutional reform
04:43 that addressed contentious issues
04:45 such as corrupt bishops and priests' indulgences
04:49 and other financial abuses.
04:52 They also instituted two main instruments
04:55 to counter the Protestant Reformation.
04:58 The first of these was to duplicate
05:00 the Spanish inquisition
05:02 and establish it more fully in Italy
05:04 and other parts of Europe.
05:07 This ruthless suppression effectively branded those
05:10 who didn't agree with the church
05:12 as enemies of the State
05:15 and caused a huge number of them
05:17 to lose their lives.
05:19 More than 100 million, more than four times
05:22 the population of Australia were murdered
05:26 because they didn't agree with the church.
05:30 But one of the biggest weaknesses of the church
05:32 of that period was their religious order.
05:35 No one really took them seriously.
05:38 So the second major initiative of the council
05:41 was to establish a number of new monastic orders
05:44 with improved education, clear purposes,
05:48 and more responsible administration
05:50 and among these,
05:52 the Jesuits were the most outstanding.
05:55 Organizing their order along military lines,
05:58 that were characterized by careful selection,
06:00 rigorous training, and iron discipline.
06:05 The pioneer for the Jesuits was Ignatius Loyola.
06:10 He was a Spanish man
06:11 who had been physically disabled
06:12 by a cannonball during battle.
06:15 Loyola turned to religion with great fervor
06:18 and fanaticism
06:20 and he was a brilliant visionary
06:21 who would let nothing stand in the way of his dream
06:25 and that dream was to wipe out Protestantism
06:28 and reestablish the one Holy Catholic Church.
06:33 The Jesuits grew from just 10 members
06:35 to over 15, 000
06:37 and they spanned the globe within the first 100 years.
06:41 Their induction ceremony
06:42 and oath of allegiance
06:44 make for frightening reading even today.
06:49 It clearly demonstrates their absolute determination
06:52 to destroy Protestantism
06:54 and all its systems of government
06:56 so not just the religion
06:58 but also the secular government
06:59 that's based on Protestant principles.
07:02 I want you to take a look at the sample
07:04 of just a part of their oath of allegiance
07:09 and it says, I'm quoting,
07:11 "I do further declare, that I will help, assist,
07:15 and advise all or any of his Holiness' agents
07:19 in any place
07:21 wherever I shall be, in Switzerland,
07:24 Germany, Holland, Denmark, Sweden,
07:29 Norway, England, Ireland, or America
07:34 or in any other kingdom or territory
07:37 that I shall come to,
07:38 and do my uttermost
07:40 to extirpate
07:41 the heretical Protestants or Liberals' doctrines
07:45 and to destroy all their pretended powers,
07:48 legal or otherwise."
07:52 Well it gets a lot more specific than that
07:55 and you might well ask the question,
07:57 is this still relevant today?
07:59 Is it still in use today?
08:02 Well, you can examine the evidence for yourself
08:04 on this website
08:06 but be warned it isn't bedtime reading.
08:11 So if you go into bible believers
08:19 you'll find it
08:20 and you can read it for yourself.
08:21 I tell you what, it's not very pleasant,
08:24 and I haven't revealed the worst part of it to you.
08:28 Well, if you do an examination
08:30 of the history of this organization
08:31 from many sources
08:33 it seems to reveal a number of tactics.
08:36 One of them
08:37 is that they will infiltrate key organizations
08:41 particularly as a churchee
08:44 and especially in the key positions
08:46 of academic influence and administrative control.
08:50 This was their key strategy.
08:52 And then slowly overtime they would introduce error
08:57 deliberately designed to create arguments and division.
09:02 Just little differences of opinion at first
09:05 and then larger more important divergences
09:09 until eventually as more people became involved,
09:13 they would be splits
09:15 and smaller offshoots would form,
09:20 which in time
09:21 would also experience arguments and division
09:24 and still more splits
09:26 and still other offshoot groups,
09:29 until eventually the original structure
09:32 became shattered by internal divisions
09:35 into a million fragments like an exploding rock,
09:39 or perhaps an even much more subtle
09:42 and more dangerous strategy,
09:46 instead of shattering the organization
09:47 into nonexistence by internal explosions,
09:51 they would gradually introduce "issues" and "policies"
09:57 that were designed to create compromise
09:59 and conformity
10:02 and eventually neutralize
10:04 the distinctive prerogative organizational papacies
10:08 without destroying its structure,
10:11 but instead would turn it into a tool
10:13 that would aid Jesuit papacy.
10:16 And it's helpful to remember at this point
10:18 that these purposes are clearly stated
10:20 in their own documents.
10:22 Remember,
10:23 it's the total destruction of Protestantism
10:26 and eventually the democratic
10:28 and republican systems of government,
10:30 did you note that?
10:32 Not just the religion
10:34 but the democratic
10:36 and republican systems of government
10:37 that originated in the minds of the Protestant refugees
10:41 from papal state supported persecution.
10:45 So this text tell us
10:47 that they are not only against Christianity,
10:50 they also are against democracy and Protestantism
10:55 and republicanism.
10:58 They may say they're not,
11:00 but the evidence proves otherwise.
11:03 One very prominent author,
11:05 the most prolific woman writer in American history,
11:08 Ellen White,
11:10 she wrote The Great Controversy book
11:12 which was a great commentary on Christian history.
11:15 She actually had much to say about the Jesuits.
11:19 I'm going to quote here
11:20 so you can see for yourself what she had to say.
11:22 Remember this was written 150 years ago.
11:28 She said that Jesuits were the most cruel,
11:30 unscrupulous and powerful of all the champions of popery.
11:35 Cut off from earthly ties and human interest,
11:38 dead to the claims of natural affection,
11:41 reason and conscience, holy silence,
11:44 they knew no rule,
11:46 no tie but that of the order and no duty
11:51 but to extend its power.
11:54 The gospel of Christ had enabled its adherence
11:56 to meet danger
11:57 and endure suffering undismayed
11:59 by cold, hunger, toil, and poverty,
12:03 to uphold the banner of truth in the face of the rack,
12:06 the dungeon, and the stake.
12:08 To combat these forces,
12:10 Jesuitism inspired its followers
12:13 with a fanaticism that enabled them
12:15 to endure like dangers
12:17 and to use in the fight against truth
12:20 all the weapons of deception.
12:23 There was no crime too great for them to commit,
12:26 no deception too base for them to practice,
12:29 no disguise too difficult for them to assume.
12:33 That the perpetual poverty and humility
12:37 it was their studied aim to secure wealth and power
12:40 to be devoted
12:41 to the overthrow of Protestantism
12:44 and the re-establishment of the papal supremacy.
12:49 When appearing as members of their order,
12:51 they wore a garb of sanctity, visiting prisons and hospitals,
12:56 ministering to the sick and the poor,
12:59 professing to have renounced the world
13:01 and bearing the sacred name of Jesus
13:03 who went about doing good.
13:06 But under this blameless exterior,
13:09 the most criminal and deadly purposes
13:11 were often concealed.
13:14 It was a fundamental principal of the order
13:16 that the end justifies the means
13:20 and by this code lying, theft, perjury,
13:26 assassination, were not only pardonable
13:30 but commendable
13:32 when they serve the interest of the church
13:35 and the various disguises the Jesuits work their way
13:38 into offices of state,
13:40 claiming out to be the counselors of king
13:43 and shaping the policy of nations.
13:46 They became servants,
13:48 to act as spies upon their masters.
13:51 They established colleges for sons of princes and nobles
13:55 and schools for the common people
13:58 and the children of Protestant parents
14:00 were drawn into the observance of popish rites.
14:04 All the outward pomp and display
14:05 of the Roman's worship
14:07 was bought to bay to confuse the minds
14:10 and dazzle and captivate the imagination,
14:13 and that's the liberty
14:14 for which the fathers had toiled and bled,
14:16 were betrayed by the sons.
14:20 The Jesuits rapidly spread themselves over Europe
14:23 and wherever they went,
14:25 they followed every Bible of popery
14:28 to give him greater power,
14:29 a bull was issued reestablishing the inquisition.
14:33 Notwithstanding the general abhorrence
14:35 with which it was regarded even in Catholic countries,
14:39 this terrible tribunal was again set up
14:41 by popish rulers,
14:43 and atrocities too terrible to bear the light of the day
14:47 were repeated in its secret dungeons.
14:50 In many countries,
14:52 thousands upon thousands
14:53 of the very flower of the nation,
14:56 the purist and the noblest,
14:59 the most intellectual and the highly educated,
15:02 pious and devoted pastors,
15:05 industries and patriotic citizens,
15:08 brilliant scholars, talented artists,
15:11 skillful artisans were slain
15:14 or forced to flee to other lands."
15:19 Not a pretty picture, is it?
15:23 Even earlier than Ellen White,
15:25 the second president
15:26 of the United States, John Adam,
15:29 he saw this evil society developing
15:31 and he tried to warn
15:33 his successor Thomas Jefferson in 1816
15:37 and in his letter to Thomas Jefferson,
15:40 he said this:
15:42 "I do not like the reappearance of the Jesuits.
15:45 Shall we not have regular swarms of them here,
15:48 in as many disguises
15:50 as only a king of the gipsies can assume,
15:53 dressed as printers,
15:54 publishers, writers, and schoolmasters?
15:57 If ever there was a body of men
15:59 who merited damnation on earth and in Hell,
16:01 it is this society of Loyola's."
16:05 And another president, Abraham Lincoln,
16:08 was also well aware of the underhand work
16:11 of the Jesuits when he wrote this statement.
16:15 He said the war,
16:16 he was talking about the American Civil War
16:18 of 1861 to 1865,
16:20 he said, "The war would never have been possible
16:23 without the sinister influence of the Jesuits."
16:27 And unfortunately today
16:29 the purposes of the Jesuit order
16:31 appear to be frighteningly close to fulfillment.
16:36 Over 30 years ago,
16:37 a former Jesuit, Alberto Rivera,
16:40 revealed that a prearranged signal
16:42 would indicate
16:43 when all the churches of America
16:46 had been successfully infiltrated by the Jesuits.
16:50 All the churches of America, not one of them left out.
16:54 And he said the sign
16:56 that would be given would be this.
16:58 A president would take his oath of office
17:01 facing an obelisk like this one in Washington DC
17:06 and this happened on January 20, 1981,
17:12 when president Reagan for the first time in history
17:16 the swearing in ceremony of the United States President
17:19 were moved from the east side to the west face
17:21 of the Capitol Building
17:23 and president Reagan took his oath of office
17:25 while facing
17:27 the Washington monument, an obelisk.
17:31 So recorded history leaves us
17:33 no doubt that the establishment of a Jesuit order
17:36 is one of Rome's most effective weapons
17:38 against Protestantism.
17:40 Now we are going to go back and we're going to take a look
17:42 at some of the other issues
17:44 that arose at the Council of Trent.
17:46 It wasn't just the Jesuits, they had other strategies.
17:52 The foundation doctrine of a Protestant
17:55 was Sola Scriptura,
17:56 The Bible and the Bible only.
18:00 This doctrine revealed to everyone
18:01 the great gap between what the church said
18:04 and what the Bible told
18:06 and challenged Rome's claim
18:07 that church tradition carried more authority than the Bible.
18:11 Knowing this,
18:12 some members of the council argued
18:14 for a return to the Bible
18:16 and they felt this would be the best foundation
18:19 for a revival in their own church.
18:22 Sounds good, but this approach was overwhelmingly defeated.
18:27 There was a clean majority
18:29 who voted for the church to continue to uphold tradition
18:33 and church authority over the Bible.
18:37 The turning point came
18:39 when the Archbishop of Reggio gave his speech proving
18:42 that the Protestants also believe
18:45 in the authority of the church over tradition.
18:49 He said they do not really believe in the Bible
18:52 and the Bible only and this was his evidence.
18:57 He pointed to the fact
18:58 that the Protestants were keeping what day?
19:01 Sunday.
19:02 Sunday.
19:04 A day of worship established
19:06 by church tradition and authority,
19:09 and certainly not a day of worship
19:11 based on the Bible.
19:13 He admitted this quite openly.
19:17 He said this,
19:20 "The Sabbath, the most glorious day in the law,
19:22 has been changed into the Lord's day.
19:25 These and other similar matters
19:27 have not ceased by virtue of Christ's teaching,
19:31 for he says he has come to fulfill the law,
19:33 not to destroy it,
19:35 but they have been changed
19:37 by the authority of the church."
19:40 Well, this statement gave
19:42 the Church of Rome great courage
19:43 and confidence in their faith.
19:46 But there was still something else
19:47 that they knew
19:49 was their theological Achilles heel.
19:53 The reformers have based their opposition
19:54 to the papacy on Bible prophesy in the Book of Daniel 2.
19:59 And these time prophecies had acutely identified
20:03 all the major world powers
20:04 that would arise throughout history
20:07 from the time of Babylon
20:09 until the second coming of Christ.
20:12 They correctly understood that the head of gold
20:14 or the image
20:16 that King Nebuchadnezzar
20:17 saw in his dream in Daniel 2
20:20 represented the nation of Babylon,
20:23 and that the chest and arms of silver
20:25 represented the Medes
20:27 and the Persian which arose after Babylon,
20:30 and the belly and the thighs of brass
20:32 were the symbol of Greece which arose next,
20:35 and that the legs of iron
20:36 represented the iron monarchy of Rome
20:39 which arose after Greece,
20:41 and that the feet and toes of part iron and part clay
20:45 symbolized the divided nations of western Europe.
20:49 And finally they also understood
20:51 that the rock which descended from the heaven
20:54 and smashed the image in the feet represented
20:57 the second coming of Christ to set up His righteous kingdom
21:01 that would never be overcome or destroyed.
21:04 They understood all that.
21:07 And as well as this they had correctly pinpointed
21:09 their own time period in Bible prophecy
21:13 and they identified the papacy as the antichrist of Daniel 7
21:19 and the whole of Revelation 17.
21:22 They had correctly calculated
21:24 that the beginning of the cult 60 days or years
21:28 prophesied in the Book or Revelation began in AD 538
21:33 when the Roman Catholic Emperor Justinian,
21:36 united church and state for the first time,
21:40 and they predicted it would end in the year 1798,
21:43 which it did on 11th of February of that year.
21:48 Exactly 1260 solar years from 538 because on that day,
21:54 Napoleon General Berthier took the pope prisoner.
21:58 He abolished the church-state relationship
22:00 and established the Roman Republic.
22:04 Well, this theological discovery
22:06 threatened the very existence of the Roman Church.
22:09 It was definitely
22:11 their theological Achilles heel.
22:14 So the Council of Trent
22:16 was effectively a council of war
22:18 that had they come up with a strategy
22:19 to fight this theological threat.
22:23 Well, the Jesuits, the great academics,
22:27 the brilliant scholars in the church said
22:30 we'll take care of this one, let us fight it.
22:34 And finally after being granted a period of time
22:37 to study the problem,
22:38 they came up
22:40 with two alternative approaches
22:43 deliberately designed to counter the reformation
22:47 by undermining
22:48 its approach to Bible study and interpretation.
22:53 In the first one,
22:55 Alcasar invented a doctrine called Preterism
23:00 and this doctrine applied
23:02 the prophecies in Daniel and Revelation
23:05 to the Jews and pagan Rome.
23:07 He wrote, "All those prophecies occurred in the past
23:10 and cannot be applied to Papal Rome."
23:15 But outside the Catholic Church
23:16 these theories were not well accepted
23:19 and had little impact and eventually
23:20 that just faded away.
23:23 Another Jesuit scholar, Francisco Ribera,
23:26 according to Wikipedia
23:28 and you can look this up for yourself.
23:30 In order to remove the papacy of the Catholic Church
23:32 from consideration of the antichrist,
23:35 he wrote a 500-page commentary on the Book of Revelation,
23:39 and in this book he proposed
23:41 that the first few chapters of the apocalypse
23:44 actually applied to ancient pagan Rome
23:47 and the rest to a future period
23:49 of three and a half literal years
23:51 immediately before the second coming of Christ.
23:55 He said the antichrist would do the following things.
23:59 They would persecute Christians.
24:01 Deny Jesus.
24:03 Kill the two witnesses of God.
24:05 Pretend to be God.
24:07 Abolish Christianity.
24:09 Destroy Rome.
24:11 Rebuild a Jewish Temple.
24:13 And conquer the world.
24:15 Remember he cooked all these up.
24:17 This is just a theory.
24:19 To prove these deliberately false conclusions,
24:22 Ribera proposed
24:24 that the 1260 days and 42 months
24:26 and three and a half times of prophecy,
24:29 in Revelation 11 and Daniel 12
24:31 were not really 1260 years
24:35 based on the year-day principle,
24:37 which we'll find in Numbers 40:34 and Ezekiel 4:6.
24:42 But he said it was a literal three and a half years,
24:45 and therefore he hoped to disprove
24:47 the Protestant finding
24:49 and deflect the tension away from the papacy.
24:53 So the Protestant's prophetic time chart
24:55 that identified the papacy
24:57 is the year to Christ was censored by the Jesuits
25:01 and it was replaced
25:02 with a deliberately designed lie
25:05 that twisted Daniel's prophecy about Christ
25:09 and applied them to an antichrist.
25:11 Of course, it would be a Jew
25:13 who would appear at some unspecified time
25:16 way off in the future.
25:19 Instead they came up with this.
25:23 During this theoretical 70th week at the end of time,
25:27 Christ would come secretly and the saints would vanish.
25:31 Go to secret rapture.
25:34 But the Bible says in Revelation 1:7
25:36 that every eye will see Him when He comes.
25:39 That's hardly a secret, isn't it?
25:42 There is no secret rapture.
25:44 He prepares it after the rapture,
25:46 futurism claim that an individual antichrist
25:49 would make an agreement with the Jews,
25:51 the temple in Jerusalem will be rebuilt
25:53 and Jewish sacrifices would be reinstituted.
25:57 And then, he said, the antichrist
25:59 will break his agreement with the Jews,
26:01 there will be a great tribulation.
26:03 The Jews will be converted
26:04 and 144,000 of them would preach to the world
26:08 and, therefore, he said
26:09 all the Old Testament prophecies concerning the Jews
26:12 will be fulfilled at that time.
26:16 Well, these two deliberate deceptions
26:18 by the Jesuits effectively shifted the focus
26:22 away from the pope to the antichrist
26:23 of the Bible prophecy.
26:25 One pointed to the past,
26:26 the other one pointed to the future.
26:29 And unfortunately these lives
26:32 have been so devilishly effective
26:36 that today almost all of Protestant denominations teach
26:41 that there will be a secret rapture
26:43 followed by the coming of the antichrist.
26:45 Have you noticed that, folks?
26:47 If you look at the teachings of other denomination,
26:50 you'll find out.
26:53 And you might even find, if you look carefully,
26:58 that the foreign policy of the United States
27:02 is built on this kind of theology.
27:07 So you can see today if you look back at history
27:10 that what the papacy couldn't accomplish by fear,
27:13 torture, and slaughter,
27:15 they're now accomplished by stealth,
27:18 infiltration into political
27:20 and financial positions of power
27:22 and appearance of reform party
27:25 and deceptive theology
27:28 that seeks to bring all Protestants back together
27:30 with Rome with the pope as their leader.
27:36 So we need to ask the question.
27:39 Just how close are we today
27:41 to the fulfillment of the papacy's goal
27:43 of the total destruction of Protestantism?
27:47 How close are we really?
27:49 I want you to watch this video clip
27:50 from Pastor Doug Batchelor of Amazing Facts.
27:56 Now why is it historic?
27:58 Because in 1999 the Roman Catholic Church
28:02 and the Protestant Lutheran Church
28:05 signed an agreement
28:07 that brought an end to the protest.
28:10 Luther believed that we were saved
28:13 by grace through faith alone.
28:16 Oh, yes.
28:18 Amen.
28:19 A little correction.
28:21 It wasn't just Luther that believed this.
28:24 It was tens of thousands of dedicated Christians
28:28 that wanted to get back to the Bible.
28:29 Hus believed it, Wycliffe believed it,
28:31 Tyndale believed it,
28:33 all the great reformers believed it.
28:34 It wasn't just Luther.
28:36 But that's not it.
28:38 The Catholic Church believed that we were saved by works
28:42 and that was their protest.
28:45 In 1999, they wrote this together,
28:49 because in the Protestant Church
28:51 there were lot of cheap salvations.
28:53 People were getting born again but no fruit whatsoever
28:56 and because we didn't even look for fruit,
28:58 it wasn't the issue,
28:59 'cause it wasn't necessary for salvation and no it's not.
29:03 But it's the good judge if you are saved.
29:05 That's right.
29:07 So what these two churches did,
29:08 they put the two definitions together.
29:09 Listen to it.
29:11 I'm reading verbatim from the Catholic Vatican website.
29:15 "Justification means
29:17 that Christ himself is our righteousness
29:21 in which we share through the Holy Spirit
29:24 in accord with the will of the Father.
29:27 Together we Catholics and Protestants,
29:31 Lutherans believe and confess
29:34 that by grace alone in faith in Christ's saving works
29:41 and not because of any merit on our part
29:45 we are accepted by God and receive the Holy Spirit
29:49 who renews our hearts
29:51 while equipping and calling us to good works."
29:57 Amen.
30:00 This may sound like it was just the Protestant Luther.
30:03 Luther didn't protest against one thing.
30:05 He nailed 95 different points of protest
30:09 on the doors of the Wittenberg Church.
30:11 This is addressing one of the issues.
30:13 This is not the only issue
30:15 and you'll notice that in the wording,
30:17 in the language that's used in this agreement,
30:19 it's really convoluted and cagey
30:21 because the Catholics were looking for a wording
30:24 where they would not need to renounce
30:26 what they formally believed
30:27 or say there was anything wrong with their doctrines.
30:29 And so...
30:31 We don't have time to go into that
30:32 but it's not exactly what it appears on the surface.
30:38 This brought an end to the protest of Luther.
30:43 Brothers and sisters, Luther's protest is over.
30:47 Is yours?
30:52 In 1999 this was signed by the Lutheran Church,
30:56 the federation worldwide,
30:58 later about five years later
31:00 the worldwide Methodists signed the same agreement,
31:02 but as of today
31:03 we still have had no Protestant evangelical
31:06 that will stand up and sign this agreement
31:08 to agree with our brothers and sisters
31:10 that we're saved by grace through faith to good works.
31:15 That's right.
31:16 And I believe that's something that needs to be fixed.
31:19 Let's pause.
31:20 So he is really throwing down the gauntlet.
31:22 He is saying Lutherans have signed an agreement
31:25 that the protest is over
31:26 and the Methodists signed this agreement,
31:28 now we're looking for the Evangelicals
31:31 and the Pentecostals to sign this agreement
31:33 and so we can all be one again.
31:35 The Protestant Reformation, not necessary,
31:39 we're all in harmony now.
31:41 There's a challenge for you.
31:44 So the protest has been over for 15 years,
31:49 and I get a bit cheeky here
31:50 because I challenge my Protestant pastor friends,
31:53 if there is no more protest,
31:55 how can there be a Protestant Church?
32:00 I think it's easy for us to see where this is going.
32:04 The distinction between Protestants and Catholics
32:07 is being chipped away at.
32:10 This is a movement toward a one-world religion.
32:13 This is exactly what prophecy says
32:15 has to happen before Jesus comes back.
32:17 The world's being shaken right now.
32:19 There will only be two groups when Christ comes back.
32:22 One group will have the seal of God,
32:24 the other group will have the mark of the beast.
32:26 Obviously if there are
32:27 33,000 different Christian denominations,
32:29 something has to happen
32:31 to polarize these two groups into those,
32:34 one of those two camps.
32:36 This is where you're seeing
32:37 prophecy being fulfilled right now, friends.
32:39 These are the kind of statements,
32:40 these are the kinds of appeals
32:42 that would be made to bring everybody together
32:45 into one unified body where we downplay doctrine,
32:49 downplay the Bible.
32:54 Ellen White saw this coming 150 years ago
32:58 and she wrote about it.
33:00 This is what she said,
33:03 "The Protestants of the United States
33:04 will be foremost in stretching their hands
33:06 across the gulf to grasp the hand of spiritualism,
33:12 they will reach over the abyss
33:14 to clasp hands with the Roman power,
33:18 and under the influence of this threefold union,
33:21 this country,
33:22 and she is talking about the United States,
33:25 will follow in the steps of Rome
33:27 in trampling on the rights of conscience."
33:33 So what is this threefold union she is speaking about here?
33:36 It is simply this.
33:38 She is saying that the Roman Church
33:40 will gain the cooperation of secular governments
33:43 and the new-age minded public
33:46 who although professing no religion
33:49 nevertheless follow many of the ideas of spiritualism
33:52 and even mysticism and also the third one,
33:57 Apostate Protestantism,
33:59 meaning Protestants who have unwittingly embraced
34:02 the ideas of Romanism.
34:04 They are being tricked.
34:05 They had many sincere people in this other denomination.
34:09 They're not aware of what Satan is doing
34:11 through his agent and they are being tricked.
34:15 They've embraced the ideas of Romanism.
34:18 These three significant voices of the modern age
34:21 will unite together to promote the agenda of Rome,
34:26 which although claiming to be working
34:28 for the common good of all people
34:30 and to save the planet from looming destruction,
34:33 but nevertheless will quickly work
34:35 to bring in laws that actually trample
34:38 on the rights of conscience of any descendant.
34:42 And ultimately, in particular,
34:44 anyone who refuses to participate
34:46 in her unbiblical worship practices.
34:51 I'm quoting again from Ellen White.
34:52 She said that "Papists, Protestants,
34:54 and worldlings alike
34:56 will accept the form of godliness without the power,
34:59 and they will see in this union
35:01 a grand movement for the conversion of the world
35:04 and the ushering in of the long-expected millennium."
35:07 Remember the rapture theory?
35:11 "When our nation, the United States,
35:13 shall so abjure the principles of its government
35:16 as to enact a Sunday law,
35:18 Protestantism will in this act join hands with popery.
35:24 It will be nothing else than giving life to the tyranny
35:26 which has long been eagerly watching for its opportunity
35:30 to spring again into active despotism."
35:35 And Ellen White wasn't the only one
35:37 to have serious concerns about the idea of unity at any cost.
35:42 That great English preacher of the 19th century,
35:45 Charles Spurgeon, had this to say,
35:49 "A chorus of ecumenical voices keep harping the unity tune.
35:54 What they are saying is,
35:55 'Christians of all doctrinal shades and beliefs
35:57 must come together in one visible organization,
36:00 regardless...
36:01 Unite, Unite!'
36:03 Such teachings, he says,
36:05 is false, reckless, and dangerous.
36:08 Truth alone must determine our alignments."
36:12 He said, "Truth comes before unity.
36:15 Unity without truth is hazardous."
36:18 He said, "Our Lord's Prayer in John 17
36:20 must be read in its full context."
36:22 Look at verse 17:
36:24 "Sanctify them through thy truth."
36:26 And what is thy truth that he say?
36:28 "Thy Word is truth."
36:31 "Only those sanctified through the Word
36:33 can be one in Christ.
36:35 To teach otherwise, he said, is to betray the gospel."
36:39 Amen? Amen.
36:41 It is, isn't it?
36:43 In our own world,
36:45 president of the Seventh-day Adventist Church,
36:46 Pastor Ted Wilson in his first inaugural sermon in 2010,
36:51 he quietly warned about drifting away
36:54 into deceptive theology that tended towards unity
36:58 at the expense of truth.
36:59 When he said this, he was thing ahead.
37:03 He said, "Don't reach out to movements
37:04 or megachurch centers
37:06 outside the Seventh-day Adventist Church
37:08 which promise you spiritual success
37:10 based on faulty theology.
37:13 Stay away from non-Biblical spiritual disciplines
37:16 or methods of "spiritual formation"
37:19 that are rooted in mysticism such as "contemplative prayer",
37:23 "centering prayer", and the "emerging church" movement
37:26 in which they are promoted."
37:28 He said, "Go forward, not backward!
37:31 Stand for truth though the heavens fall.
37:34 Don't succumb to fanatical or loose theology
37:36 that wrests God's Word
37:38 from the pillars of Biblical truth
37:40 and the landmark beliefs
37:41 of the Seventh-day Adventist Church."
37:43 Can you say amen to that? Amen.
37:46 He says, "Today my dear brothers and sisters
37:48 of the Seventh-day Adventist Church."
37:50 And I think we can say this to other denominations as well.
37:54 "We must stand firm on the foundations of scripture."
37:57 What do you say, folks?
37:58 This is the basis of the Protestant Reformation.
38:01 "As God's "people of the Book", let us read the Bible,
38:05 let us live the Bible, teach the Bible,
38:09 and preach the Bible with all power from on high."
38:12 What do you say? Amen.
38:13 That's a good statement.
38:16 So, friend, we ask the question,
38:17 "Where do you stay in today?"
38:20 Have you been a victim of deceptive teaching
38:23 that although claiming to lead you into truth,
38:26 have actually led you further away from it?
38:29 Has that been your situation?
38:32 Would you like to learn more about the real truth?
38:36 The truth that the enemies of God hate
38:39 and they do their most,
38:40 their utmost to obscure
38:42 while claiming to be the followers of God.
38:46 The truth about Jesus Christ as the Son of God
38:48 who came to this world
38:50 to demonstrate the love of God in doing everything possible
38:53 to save man from seeing an eternal separation from God.
38:58 The truth that out of profound gratitude
39:01 lead to a deep desire
39:03 to be obedient to his commandments
39:05 and live a new life free from sin.
39:09 Not in order to be saved,
39:12 we don't keep the commandments in order to be saved.
39:14 That's a fallacy. We are not legalists.
39:17 We keep the commandments out of gratitude
39:21 for what God has done for us, isn't that so?
39:23 It's the response to the belief of salvation,
39:27 not a means to salvation.
39:28 There is a big difference.
39:31 As the will of man cooperates with the will of God,
39:34 in accordance with his divine words in the Bible,
39:37 it becomes omnipotent.
39:40 Isn't that good news?
39:42 It becomes supernaturally empowered.
39:44 We're not left to overcome temptation
39:47 or accomplish great things, you know, own human strength.
39:51 Whatever is to be done at his command
39:53 may be accomplished in his strength.
39:57 All his biddings are enabling.
40:00 He gives us supernatural hope
40:02 to overcome seemingly impossible obstacles
40:05 and move forward as we go in grace
40:10 and practical godliness.
40:11 That's good news, isn't it?
40:14 If you would like to learn more for our viewers,
40:17 if you would like to learn more about the wonderful truth,
40:20 I would like to invite you today
40:21 to respond to this special offer.
40:24 Pick up your pen and write this down.
40:27 Here is the information you need.
40:33 Inspired by the Reformation,
40:35 The Great Controversy DVD production
40:37 is a musical and historical journey through Europe.
40:41 It Is Written's John Bradshaw
40:43 joins Fountainview Academy to host this production
40:46 filmed in five different countries of Europe
40:48 at historically meaningful sites.
40:51 These young musicians share not only music
40:54 but personal testimonies
40:55 and powerful reformation stories
40:57 still relevant to our lives today.
41:02 To order your own set of
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41:13 That's,
41:18 or you may call them in North America
41:20 on 1-877-490-4141.
41:30 Friend, time is running out fast.
41:33 Do you believe that?
41:35 Can you see it happening?
41:36 Can you see the times fulfilling?
41:39 The prophesied events
41:41 that we've been writing for for so long
41:42 are happening right in front of our eyes.
41:46 It won't be long before we see Jesus
41:48 coming back in the clouds just as He promised.
41:52 And He wants you to be ready.
41:55 He wants to take you with all the faithful of all ages
41:58 whom He will raise from their grave back with Him
42:02 to live for eternity
42:04 in a new heaven and a new earth,
42:07 no longer contaminated with sin and death.
42:10 Isn't that the hope we're waiting for?
42:12 Amen.
42:13 Isn't that what we do all this work for?
42:16 Isn't that what we strive for?
42:19 Will you be ready?
42:21 Will you make a decision to stand up for Jesus?
42:24 Right now, as you listen to this beautiful message
42:28 by Pastor John Bradshaw
42:30 and the Fountainview Academy Orchestra.
42:40 Now this is history.
42:44 At one time in his life, Martin Luther was captured.
42:48 As it turned out, he was captured
42:50 by some of his own supporters
42:52 and he was brought here to the Wartburg Castle
42:56 in Eisenach in Germany.
42:59 You see, while he was here,
43:00 and he was here for about ten and a half months,
43:02 Martin Luther was used by God
43:05 to translate the New Testament into German.
43:09 Without the Bible there could be no reformation,
43:12 so Luther translated the Word of God
43:15 into the language of the people
43:18 and he did it right here in this very room.
43:22 Over the years and years gone by,
43:25 I mean, many of Martin Luther's supporters
43:28 came to this room to leave their mark.
43:31 They have carved their name
43:33 and the date of their visit into the walls of this room.
43:37 In fact, one reason why Luther's original desk
43:39 is not extant today
43:42 is because over the years his supporters came here
43:44 and they would take away a little piece of his desk.
43:47 In the end it simply ceased to exist.
43:49 Interesting story about his time here.
43:51 Luther was brought here secretly
43:53 and even the soldiers who worked here
43:54 didn't know who he was.
43:56 They were told he was a man named Junker Jorg,
43:58 George the noble, and so Luther who grew his beard
44:02 and grew out his hair was incognito.
44:05 Many people thought he was dead.
44:06 His enemies were rejoicing.
44:08 They were confident that he was dead.
44:10 But Luther was anything but dead.
44:12 He was very much alive
44:14 and because he had spent time here
44:16 during which he could translate the Bible.
44:18 The Bible was very much alive.
44:21 And because the Bible had been delivered
44:22 into the hands of the people in their own language,
44:25 the reformation in Germany
44:27 and then throughout the world was surging forward.
44:59 Stand up, stand up for Jesus
45:03 Ye soldiers of the cross
45:07 Lift high His royal banner
45:11 It must not suffer loss
45:15 From victory unto victory
45:20 His army shall He lead
45:24 Till every foe is vanquished
45:28 And Christ is Lord indeed
45:40 Stand up, stand up for Jesus!
45:44 The trumpet call obey
45:48 Forth to the mighty conflict
45:52 In this His glorious day
45:56 Ye that are His now serve Him
46:00 Against unnumbered foes
46:04 Let courage rise with danger
46:08 And strength to strength oppose
46:41 Stand up, stand up for Jesus
46:45 Stand in His strength alone
46:49 The arm of flesh will fail you
46:53 Ye dare not trust your own
46:57 Put on the gospel armor
47:01 And watching unto prayer
47:05 Where duty calls or danger
47:09 Be never wanting there
47:22 Stand up, stand up for Jesus
47:26 The strife will not be long
47:30 This day the noise of battle
47:34 The next the victor's song
47:38 To him that overcometh
47:42 A crown of life shall be
47:46 He with the King of glory
47:50 Shall reign eternally
47:54 Stand up, stand up
47:57 Stand up
48:09 What do you say?
48:11 Amen. Amen.
48:13 Beautiful music? Yes.
48:14 Harmonic music.
48:16 Just a little taste of heaven.
48:18 Let us pray.
48:24 Loving Father in heaven,
48:26 we pray Thee and thank Thee so much for the provisions
48:28 You've made for us to learn the truth.
48:31 You've shown us the mighty heritage
48:34 of the Protestant Reformation.
48:37 You've shown us the plans,
48:39 the strategies of the enemy of all righteousness,
48:43 your personal enemy, Satan.
48:45 He has worked through his agents,
48:47 his unwitting agents on this earth
48:50 to corrupt and turn Your people
48:53 away from the great goal of reuniting with You.
48:57 We certainly do want unity,
48:59 but Lord we want unity with You.
49:02 And we want unity on the basis of truth with our brethren,
49:07 not the unity without doctrine,
49:10 for we perceive that the Protestant Reformation
49:12 is far from over.
49:14 Now, please bless us as we move forward
49:16 in faith and practice.
49:18 Give us the ears to hear, eyes to see,
49:20 and move their heart, Lord, to do according to Thy will,
49:25 to reach out to others
49:26 and to spread this wonderful message of truth
49:29 while the window of opportunity is open
49:33 because we perceive it is fast closing.
49:36 And Lord, we are conscious also of the fact
49:40 we need the Holy Spirit's power to do it.
49:42 We cannot do it alone,
49:43 we cannot keep that commandment alone,
49:46 but we know and we're confident that You've told us,
49:49 we can keep it in Your power
49:50 because that's what Jesus demonstrated.
49:53 So please bless us as we move forward
49:55 in faith and practice.
49:56 We thank You for hearing us in Jesus' precious name.
50:00 Amen.


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