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00:25 Hello, everyone, I'm Graham Weir.
00:27 Welcome to part four of the Reformation Revisited.
00:32 This is the sixth part dynamic series
00:35 examining the great Protestant Reformation
00:38 and its vital implications
00:39 for the survival of Christianity today.
00:43 In this presentation, we are going to take a look
00:46 at the crisis that God's people can expect to encounter
00:50 during the end times of earth's history.
00:52 And we'll also reveal how God's Word
00:56 provides a discernment and spiritual defenses
00:59 that are needed to withstand the attacks of the enemy
01:03 and maintain a genuine spirit of the reformation.
01:07 Let's begin with a prayer.
01:13 Loving Father in heaven, we pray Thee and thank Thee
01:16 for an opportunity to come together
01:19 and share the wonderful truth from Thy word.
01:22 We're conscious that You're showing us
01:25 the great heritage of the reformation
01:27 and its implication for today.
01:29 We're conscious that many are saying
01:32 that the Protestant Reformation is over.
01:35 It is finished.
01:36 But we do not believe that,
01:38 and Lord we want you to bless us
01:41 with your presence this morning, this afternoon,
01:45 and show us Lord that there is much work to be done,
01:48 and that this time is running out.
01:51 Your people need to wake up through Your lens
01:54 and be prepared for Your coming.
01:55 Help us Lord to do this.
01:57 Give us eyes to see, ears to hear,
02:00 and incline our hearts to want to do Your work
02:03 because we ask these things in Jesus' precious name.
02:07 Amen.
02:14 Now Bible says
02:17 in 2 Thessalonians 2:7-8.
02:21 We're going to have a look at that.
02:23 2 Thessalonians 2:7-8.
02:29 And it says this,
02:32 "For the "Mystery of Iniquity" doth already work:
02:36 only he who now letteth,"
02:38 and that word means obstruct or hinder.
02:42 "Will continue to let until he be taken out of the way...
02:45 And then shall that Wicked be revealed,
02:48 whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth
02:51 and shall destroy
02:53 with the brightness of his coming..."
02:55 So you must ask the question,
02:57 what is this mystery of iniquity spoken about here?
03:03 Well, we can get a clue
03:04 from that amazing Bible commentary
03:06 called The Great Controversy
03:08 which uses some very interesting libels
03:11 to describe this mystery of iniquity.
03:14 Let's take a look, and I'm quoting,
03:18 it says, "Little by little,
03:20 at first in stealth and silence,
03:22 and then more openly as it increased in strength
03:25 and gained control of the minds of men,
03:28 "the mystery of iniquity" carried forward
03:30 its deceptive and blasphemous work.
03:34 Almost imperceptibly the customs of heathenism
03:38 found their way into the Christian church."
03:42 Well, this statement gives us a clue
03:44 that the mystery of iniquity
03:46 has something to do with the customs of heathenism.
03:50 Now let's go a little further.
03:53 She says, "The spirit of compromise and conformity
03:56 was restrained for a time by the fierce persecutions
04:00 which the church endured under paganism."
04:02 So here we get another libel.
04:04 The spirit of compromise and conformity.
04:08 We'll keep reading.
04:10 "But as persecution ceased,
04:12 and Christianity entered
04:13 the courts and palaces of kings,
04:15 she laid aside
04:17 the humble simplicity of Christ and His apostles
04:19 for the pomp and pride of pagan priests and rulers,
04:24 and in place of the requirements of God,
04:26 she substituted human theories and traditions."
04:30 Another libel, human theories and traditions.
04:35 We continue, "The nominal conversion of Constantine,
04:38 in the early part of the fourth century
04:41 caused great rejoicing,
04:43 and the world cloaked with a form of righteousness,
04:46 walked into the church."
04:48 Under a cloaked pretended Christianity,
04:51 Satan was insinuating himself into the church
04:54 to corrupt their faith
04:56 and turn their mind from the word of truth.
04:59 Most of the Christians
05:01 at last consented to lower their standard,
05:04 and a union was formed between Christianity and paganism.
05:07 Now here is another clue.
05:09 They consented to lower their standard.
05:14 Although the worship is vital professed to be converted
05:16 and united with the church,
05:19 they still clung to their idolatry,
05:21 only changing the objects
05:23 that they worship to images of Jesus,
05:25 and even of Mary in the sense.
05:27 They simply changed the libels on pagan idols.
05:31 The foul living of idolatry,
05:33 thus brought into the church continued its diabolical work.
05:36 Unsound doctrines, superstitious rites,
05:39 and idolatrous ceremonies
05:40 were incorporated into her faith and worship.
05:44 And as the followers of Christ united with idolaters,
05:47 the Christian religion became corrupted,
05:50 and the church lost her purity and power.
05:54 So you see another clue
05:56 that causes corruption and a loss of power,
06:00 a loss of purity and power.
06:03 Now if we put all these libels together,
06:05 we get a very clear picture of the mystery of iniquity.
06:09 We see that it involves at least six of these factors.
06:14 Number one, the customs of heathenism.
06:17 Number two, compromise and conformity.
06:21 Number three, human theories and traditions.
06:24 Number four, it lowers standards.
06:27 Number five, it causes corruption.
06:30 And number six, it causes a loss of purity and power.
06:36 So we can see here in Paul's second letter
06:38 to the believers in Thessalonica
06:40 that he was showing them exactly how the enemy of Christ
06:44 would deceitfully work to gradually undermine
06:47 and overthrow their faith.
06:50 Now let's read verses 8 and 9 in 2 Thessalonians 2.
06:55 It says, "And then shall that wicked be revealed,
06:58 whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of His mouth,
07:01 and shall destroy
07:03 with the brightness of His coming.
07:05 Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan
07:08 with all power and signs and lying wonders."
07:14 So Paul is saying that in the falling away,
07:16 a power would arise as an agent of Satan,
07:19 and this power would use a combination
07:23 of customs of heathenism,
07:25 compromise and conformity,
07:27 human theories and traditions, to lower Christian standards,
07:31 and cause corruption of their faith,
07:34 and a loss of purity and power to the followers of Christ.
07:38 And furthermore, he would drive this destructive process
07:42 by means of overpowering lies and deceitful delusions.
07:49 And Paul reveals even more details
07:52 when he says,
07:53 "And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness
07:56 in them that perish,
07:58 because they received not the love of the truth,
08:00 that they might be saved.
08:02 And for this cause, God shall send them strong delusion,
08:09 that they should believe a lie."
08:12 And verse 12 says, "That they all might be damned
08:14 who believed not the truth,
08:16 but had pleasure in unrighteousness."
08:19 So in these verses,
08:21 Paul hold out both a promise and a warning.
08:25 The promise is that the only one shall be deceived
08:28 will be those who receive not the love of the truth
08:32 that they might be saved.
08:33 And note here, Paul's key word, the love of the truth.
08:37 He wasn't just talking about
08:38 those who said that they do hear it,
08:41 they did believe it,
08:44 and they professed to receive it.
08:46 But even in spite of their outward profession,
08:48 they don't love it enough
08:49 to make their guide and rule of life.
08:54 They just seemed to be satisfied
08:56 with some kind of intellectual assent
08:58 without seeing any kind of need to reform their way of life.
09:02 So they professed to receive the truth
09:05 but they didn't love it enough
09:06 to make it their guide and way of life.
09:08 That's what he's talking about here,
09:09 not just those who received the truth.
09:12 And the Bible itself warns about this kind of attitude
09:15 in James 1:22 to 25.
09:19 And we're going to have a look at that text.
09:21 James 1:22 to 25.
09:25 And it says this, "But be ye doers of the word,
09:32 and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves.
09:36 For if any be a hearer of the word, and not a doer,
09:39 he is like unto a man beholding his natural face in a glass.
09:43 For he beholdeth himself, and goeth his way,
09:47 and straightway forgetteth what manner of man he was.
09:51 But who so looketh into the perfect law of liberty,
09:54 and continueth therein,
09:56 he being not a forgetful hearer,
09:58 but a doer of the word,
10:00 this man shall be blessed in his deed.
10:04 Now let's go back to 2 Thessalonians 2.
10:08 Paul's warning in verse 11 and 12 makes it very clear
10:11 that if a person professes to be a believer in God,
10:15 but chooses to be carelessly ignorant of His word,
10:19 and I'm not talking about those who don't have
10:21 access to the Bible or can't read it,
10:23 I'm talking about those who do have the Bible
10:26 but choose to ignore or neglect it.
10:29 Or worse, misinterpret it to fit their own opinions.
10:33 When people do that, then the result will be
10:36 that God will not protect them from believing lies.
10:40 Lies that lead to strong delusions.
10:43 Delusions so bad that damnation
10:46 and loss of eternal life would be the end result.
10:49 You don't want to be deluded like that, do you?
10:52 No way.
10:54 Paul makes it very plain that his warnings
10:57 are an incredibly serious matter.
10:59 Not only for the believers in Thessalonica,
11:02 but I believe God intended it also for all believers today.
11:07 What do you say?
11:08 It's important.
11:10 Therefore it's vitally important
11:11 that God's people understand
11:13 exactly how to identify such potentially deadly delusions
11:18 to avoid becoming ensnared by them.
11:21 And thankfully, God's living word in the Bible
11:24 makes the evidence so clear even a child can understand it.
11:29 Let's explore the evidence God has given us
11:31 in biblical history.
11:33 I'm not going to quote all the texts.
11:35 I'm not going to read all the text
11:36 to you from the Bible.
11:38 We're just down to summarizing,
11:39 because there is a lot of material in here,
11:41 and we have limited time.
11:42 So I'll be summarizing some of them.
11:45 Isaiah 14:12 to 14,
11:47 records a nature of the very first conflict
11:50 in the controversy between good and evil.
11:53 We will look up this one.
11:55 It says in Isaiah 14:12 to 14.
12:01 We'll have a look at that.
12:03 We will read this one.
12:05 And it's Isaiah 14:12 to 14, and it says this.
12:12 "How art thou fallen from heaven,
12:13 O Lucifer, son of the morning!
12:15 How art thou cut down to the ground,
12:17 which didst weaken the nations!
12:20 For thou hast said in thine heart,
12:21 I will ascend into heaven,
12:23 I will exalt my throne above the stars of God.
12:26 I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation,
12:29 in the sides of the north.
12:32 I will ascend above the heights of the clouds;
12:36 I will be like the Most High."
12:39 So what's the problem?
12:41 What was Lucifer striving for in his conflict?
12:45 The Bible tells us, he wanted to be like the Most High.
12:50 So clearly, he wanted to be worshiped like God.
12:56 So we see that the first conflict
12:57 in the great controversy was over what?
13:01 Worship. Worship.
13:02 That was the key.
13:05 Now, if we look at the first conflict in human history
13:07 as recorded in Genesis 4:3 to 8.
13:12 We won't read this one,
13:13 but we see again that worship is a focus of the conflict.
13:17 Not who to worship this time but how to worship.
13:21 Worship was the issue again.
13:25 And if we consider the conflict between Elijah, Ahab,
13:28 and the priest of Baal on Mount Carmel,
13:31 you can look it up if you want to after the program.
13:33 It's in 1 kings 18:17 to 39.
13:37 Once again, we see that the conflict in this story
13:40 was clearly a conflict over who?
13:43 To worship.
13:46 And notice also that all the people in this story
13:49 were of the same nation.
13:50 But most of them had become ensnared by other pairing lies
13:54 and deceitful delusion
13:56 that involved the same six identifiers
13:59 we just spoke about earlier.
14:00 Let's look at them again.
14:03 The customs of heathenism, compromise and conformity,
14:08 human theory and traditions, the lower standards,
14:12 it cause corruption, and a loss of purity and power.
14:16 That's what they're involved in.
14:19 And there are other examples.
14:21 In Daniel 3, Daniel's three friends
14:24 who are thrown into the fiery furnace
14:27 because they refused to bow down
14:28 before King Nebuchadnezzar's image
14:30 on the plain of Dura,
14:31 were involved in a conflict about what?
14:35 Worship.
14:36 Who will they worship?
14:40 And take a look at the experience
14:41 of Christ Himself
14:42 during His temptation by Satan after 40 days of fasting.
14:46 We will read this one in Matthew 4:8 to 10.
14:52 This is very interesting.
14:53 Matthew 4:8 to 10.
14:57 And verse 8 says,
14:59 "Again, the devil taketh him up
15:01 into an exceeding high mountain,
15:03 and sheweth him all the kingdoms of the world,
15:05 and the glory of them.
15:07 And saith unto him,
15:10 'All these things will I give thee,
15:12 if thou wilt fall down and worship me.'
15:17 Then saith Jesus unto him, 'Get thee hence, Satan.
15:20 For it is written, Thou shalt worship,'" who?
15:23 "'The Lord thy God,
15:26 and him only shalt thou serve.'"
15:30 So we see here again
15:31 that Bible illustrates a conflict over who to worship.
15:37 And all through the history of The Dark Ages,
15:40 more than 100 million martyrs were tortured and murdered
15:44 because they refused to participate
15:46 in false worship.
15:50 So for the student of God's word,
15:51 it should be no surprise
15:53 that the final conflict in human history,
15:56 and therefore the basis of all delusions
15:59 can be expected to center around three issues.
16:05 Number one, who we worship.
16:08 Number two, how we worship.
16:12 And number three, when we worship.
16:17 Now when God wrote the Ten Commandments
16:19 with His finger on stone,
16:20 He even gave us a hint
16:22 that the issue of how we worship would arise
16:26 right there in the Ten Commandments
16:28 in Exodus 20:3.
16:31 Let's have a look at this one.
16:33 Exodus 20:3.
16:39 Exodus 20:3.
16:43 And it says, "Thou shalt have no other gods before me."
16:48 So you see here in the first commandment
16:50 that it opposes the worship of false god.
16:53 Is that right?
16:54 It opposes the worship of false god.
16:57 Now let's look at the second commandment
16:59 in verses 4 and 5.
17:03 Verse 4 says, "Thou shalt not make unto thee
17:05 any graven image,
17:07 or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above,
17:10 or that is in the earth beneath,
17:12 or that is in the water under the earth."
17:14 So that's the reinforcement of the first one, isn't it?
17:17 Now look at some more.
17:18 "Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them,
17:21 nor serve them,
17:22 for I the Lord thy God am a jealous God,
17:25 visiting the iniquity
17:27 of the fathers upon the children
17:28 unto the third and fourth generation
17:32 of them that hate me."
17:34 So we see that the second commandment
17:36 reinforces the first one.
17:38 But it also implies something else,
17:41 and I wonder if you can see it.
17:44 It says, "Don't worship the true God in a false way."
17:49 Did I make it clear?
17:51 Now plenty of people out there who worship idols.
17:53 They don't worship the idols.
17:54 I say, they don't worship the idols,
17:56 that the idol is just a symbol of the God they worship.
17:59 But the Lord says in the Bible,
18:01 "Don't worship the true God in a false way."
18:06 Because God put that there,
18:07 because in you that men would be inclined
18:09 to invent their own ideas of how to worship.
18:12 And that was exactly what Cain did,
18:15 and Jeroboam, and many others.
18:17 They thought their own opinion was more important
18:20 than what God says.
18:22 You know, sometimes people say, "Oh, yeah.
18:24 God may say, but I think..."
18:27 What's the God?
18:29 "I think."
18:30 They don't worship the God of heaven,
18:32 they worship the God called "I think",
18:35 a god of their own opinions.
18:37 So it is a conflict between Christ and His followers,
18:40 and Satan and his followers.
18:44 And the Sabbath versus Sunday issue in the last days
18:46 will be a conflict about when we worship.
18:48 Isn't that so?
18:50 When we worship.
18:51 And this is the conflict between
18:52 Christ and His followers,
18:54 and Satan and his followers.
18:56 And the weapons of each party are entirely different.
19:00 Christ always appeals to the record
19:02 with unfailing love and personal sacrifice
19:06 as we read early in the Bible.
19:08 But his adversary Satan resort
19:10 to every means of false and deception.
19:14 Christ impacts their emotions by appealing to reason.
19:18 He says in Isaiah 1:18,
19:20 "Come now, let us reason together."
19:24 But in contrast, Satan appeals to our emotions
19:28 in order to twist our reason.
19:31 He says, "Come now and let us experience together.
19:35 Experience the alluring attractions of sin.
19:37 If it feels good, do it.
19:40 Experience the wealth of ill-gotten game.
19:43 Feel the emotion of serving self.
19:45 Feel the freedom, so called, of accepting that God's law
19:49 was done away with at the cross,
19:51 not necessary anymore."
19:54 But, friend, Paul's combination of warning and promise
19:57 to the Thessalonians also informs us today
20:00 that as the spirit of compromise,
20:02 conformity, and disobedience
20:05 would continue to drive the world
20:07 and God's precious people
20:08 away from the light of truth back into the dark ages.
20:13 So God's Holy Spirit of, what's it say?
20:17 Obedience would continue to send the reformation call
20:22 out of darkness into light.
20:26 Now let's take a look at Revelation 14:6 and 7.
20:30 And it says this.
20:33 "Then I saw another angel flying in the midst of heaven,
20:36 having the everlasting gospel
20:38 to preach to those who dwell on the earth,
20:40 to every nation, tribe, tongue and people.
20:44 Saying with a loud voice,
20:45 'Fear God, and give glory to Him,
20:49 for the hour of His judgment is come,
20:51 and worship Him that made heaven, and earth,
20:55 and the sea, and the fountains of waters.'"
20:58 So we see here that God's last warning message
21:00 to the world is a final call, how to worship Him,
21:07 the true way by obedience.
21:09 Is that clear?
21:12 Also we see that the angel's messages
21:14 appealed with a loud voice to fear God.
21:18 Well, what does it mean to fear God?
21:21 It simply means to reverence or obey God.
21:25 And it also calls us to give glory to Him.
21:28 What does that mean?
21:30 It simply means that out of profound gratitude
21:32 for what He's done to save us through His son,
21:35 we want to demonstrate our love for Him
21:38 by honoring Him in all that we do.
21:40 What do you say, folk?
21:43 In speaking, in eating, in dressing, in our behavior,
21:48 everything we do in private or in public
21:50 is being observed by unfallen beings on other world.
21:54 Do you believe that?
21:56 We are actors on the theater of the universe.
22:00 All right, what's the conflict between
22:01 good and evil on this planet?
22:03 With the most intense interest, you might say why.
22:07 Why would they be so interested
22:08 on what happens on this horrible place?
22:11 Simply because they want to be reassured
22:14 that those whom God intends to save
22:16 and bring back to them to live with Him for eternity
22:20 can safely be trusted
22:21 never to entertain disobedience.
22:24 Like those who are cast out to the earth with Lucifer.
22:28 Makes sense? It's simple.
22:31 The true remnant church
22:33 will be ready for Jesus to come.
22:34 Will call men and women to be obedient in who they worship,
22:40 how they worship, and when they worship.
22:44 It will encourage obedience to worship Him on the day
22:48 that is clearly specified, the true Sabbath day,
22:52 the seventh day of the week.
22:55 And it will teach that God's holy word has more authority
22:58 than man-made opinions and traditions.
23:00 What do you say? Amen.
23:04 On the other hand, Christ enemy
23:06 will now outwardly professing belief in the truths
23:10 whereby its false worship practices
23:13 speaks people to be
23:15 the opposite of obedience, disobedient.
23:19 By worshiping according to man-made ideas and traditions
23:22 instead of the Word of God.
23:24 And on a day that God did not command, Sunday,
23:28 the first day of the week.
23:31 It would certainly teach people to regard the Ten Commandments
23:34 as done away with at the cross.
23:37 And that we can safely ignore doctrine
23:39 for the sake of universal unity.
23:42 Have you heard that before?
23:44 Don't worry about doctrine, just come together for unity.
23:49 When we look back at the emergence
23:50 of the spirit of compromise, conformity,
23:53 and disobedience during The Dark Ages,
23:55 we discover that one of the major step that took
23:59 was to change the law of God in such a way
24:02 that it would deceive the people into thinking
24:05 it hadn't been changed at all.
24:07 Take a look at these two versions
24:09 of the commandments.
24:11 On the left, you see them just as they appear in the Bible
24:14 in Exodus 20:3 to 11.
24:17 And on the right, you see them
24:18 as they commonly appear in Roman Catholic catechism.
24:23 And you can see, there is a profound difference.
24:26 The second one about images has been removed entirely,
24:30 and the third one put in its place.
24:34 The fourth one has had over 90% of it removed,
24:38 particularly the part that identifies
24:41 which day is the Sabbath.
24:44 And to make up for the removal of number two,
24:46 the tenth has been divided into two commandments
24:49 to make up the number ten.
24:51 So if a reader was not familiar
24:53 with the original in God's word,
24:55 they will be not aware that any significant change
24:58 had been made
25:00 that's subtle, that deceptive, it sure is, isn't it?
25:06 To summarize, the two rival powers
25:07 in the end time crisis
25:09 will call every inhabitant of the world
25:11 to worship God according to their commands.
25:16 One power will lovingly knock on the door of our heart
25:20 and invite us to worship God the true way
25:24 according to His word in the Bible.
25:28 The rival power will at first, deceitfully coerce,
25:31 then ruthlessly demand that we worship God
25:34 the false way according to man's word, tradition.
25:40 On the side of the antichrist power,
25:42 we can expect to see a unity of church and state
25:47 to develop an international system of government
25:51 which initially will appear to have very noble goals
25:55 of saving the planet,
25:56 stopping all wars, and ending poverty.
25:59 But behind the scenes, we can expect,
26:04 it will quickly become highly repressive and brutal
26:07 against anyone who refuses to participate
26:11 in its system of social reorganization,
26:14 and eventually, particularly those
26:17 who refuse to be involved
26:20 in its legislative false worship practices.
26:26 And we can see this system developing
26:27 in the speeches of the previous pope,
26:30 Benedict XVI in 2009.
26:33 Listen to these words.
26:37 He said, "There is urgent need
26:39 of a true world political authority,
26:43 as my predecessor Blessed John XXIII
26:45 indicated some years ago.
26:47 Such an authority would need to be regulated by law..."
26:52 Notice the language.
26:54 "To observe consistently
26:56 the principles of subsidiarity and solidarity."
26:58 You know what that means?
27:00 Subsidiarity simply means that your goods can be
27:03 shared with those who don't have them.
27:05 You don't have any right to own anything.
27:07 Your house can be used to house other people.
27:11 If they don't have a home,
27:12 they are told to come and live in your house,
27:13 and you can't do anything about it.
27:15 Your car can be shared with others.
27:17 It all becomes common property.
27:19 That's what subsidiarity means.
27:20 And solidarity means everybody together,
27:23 they work for the common good.
27:26 To seek to establish, as he says,
27:27 "The common good, and to make a commitment
27:30 to securing authentic integral human development
27:34 inspired by the values of charity in truth."
27:36 Sounds flowery, doesn't it? Sounds good.
27:40 "Furthermore such an authority
27:42 would need to be universally recognized
27:44 and be invested with the effective power
27:48 to ensure security for all,
27:50 regard for justice and respect for rights."
27:54 Except, of course, your individual rights.
27:58 And also in the words of the current pope Francis,
28:01 in 2015, encyclical Care of Our Common Home,
28:06 in which he was promoting the common good.
28:08 He said this.
28:11 "International climate negotiations
28:13 cannot make significant progress
28:15 due to positions taken by countries
28:17 which place their national interests
28:19 above the global common good.
28:23 Climate change," he says,
28:24 "is a global problem whose solution
28:26 will depend on our stepping beyond national affiliations
28:30 and coming together for the common good.
28:32 The establishment of a legal framework..."
28:35 There is that language again.
28:37 "Which can set clear boundaries and ensure the protection of
28:40 ecosystems has become indispensable."
28:45 No wonder people listen to this.
28:47 No wonder people follow it. It seems so good.
28:49 He's gonna save your planet.
28:52 But some Christian commentators can see the hidden agenda
28:56 behind such outwardly commendable language.
28:59 Now one of them Pastor Steven Bohr
29:01 from California, he had this to say.
29:03 Interesting to note his words.
29:06 He said, "The Pope's encyclical,"
29:08 which was released June 18, 2015,
29:12 "published about two months after the 'Climate Change
29:14 and the Common Good' declaration,
29:16 suggested that the elimination of carbon gases,
29:19 car pooling, planting trees, turning off unnecessary lights,
29:24 restricting the use of air conditioning,
29:27 recycling, and boycotting certain products
29:30 as well as giving the planet a..."
29:34 What he says?
29:35 "Sunday rest will help solve the problem."
29:41 And Pastor Bohr says,
29:43 "Of course, one of the Pope's provisions
29:44 of the 'save the planet'
29:45 crusade is making Sunday a day for the environment to rest,
29:50 for families to strengthen their ties
29:51 by attending Mass,
29:53 and to give the poor a break from what he perceives
29:56 as the endless
29:57 and dehumanizing cycle of Capitalist life."
30:02 He said, "The not too subtle insertion of Sunday
30:05 at the end of the encyclical
30:07 appears innocuous or innocent at first,
30:10 but as Adventists,
30:11 we know
30:13 what the papacy's ultimate purpose is
30:15 in bringing global climate change
30:18 to the forefront."
30:19 Can you see that, folk?
30:21 It's a lever.
30:22 It's a lever to bring about a system
30:25 of one world government that anybody would unite
30:27 on this platform of saving the planet.
30:30 But there is an evil purpose behind it.
30:34 What many failed to understand Pastor Bohr says,
30:37 "Is that the word papacy
30:39 does not refer to the Roman Catholic Church
30:42 as a religious entity."
30:45 He says, "It is rather a code word
30:47 for a system
30:48 that unites church and state and whose leader,
30:52 in union with the Council of Bishops,
30:54 claims to have the divine right to global jurisdiction,
30:59 in both religious and secular matters.
31:02 He says, little does the world realize
31:04 what the ultimate aspirations of the papacy really are,
31:08 "Global dominion with an iron fist."
31:14 And note, I didn't make that up.
31:16 I'm simply quoting historians.
31:20 And believe it or not,
31:22 this isn't some startling horrific news.
31:25 A hundred and fifty years ago,
31:28 Ellen White predicted in her Christian commentary,
31:31 Last Day Events,
31:33 that worship would be the centerpiece
31:35 of the final conflict.
31:36 Listen to these words.
31:39 She says, "When our nation, United States,
31:43 in its legislative councils,
31:44 shall enact laws to bind the consciences of men
31:48 in regard to their religious privileges,
31:51 enforcing Sunday observance,
31:54 and bringing oppressive power to bear
31:56 against those who keep the Seventh-day Sabbath..."
32:00 What's the target of these laws?
32:03 "The people who keep the Seventh-day Sabbath..."
32:05 Very interesting.
32:07 "The law of God will, to all intents and purposes,
32:11 be made void in our land,
32:12 and national apostasy will be followed," by what?
32:16 "National ruin."
32:18 Little did these people know who are framing these laws,
32:20 what they are shaping the country up for,
32:23 national ruin.
32:25 If I could see ahead, if I could see this quote,
32:28 they'd be horrified and think twice about it.
32:31 My friend, you must ask the question
32:33 just how real is this?
32:35 Can we really believe
32:36 that the United States is close to making
32:38 such drastic changes to their laws,
32:41 changes so drastic as to alter their constitution
32:44 to get rid of that great principle
32:46 of separation of church and state,
32:49 that great principle that is the foundation
32:51 of their national prosperity and freedom?
32:53 Is that really possible?
32:56 I'm sure, most Americans, and most Australians,
32:58 and many people around the world
32:59 would ask these question.
33:01 Come on.
33:02 I would say, "This is impossible.
33:03 This nation was founded on religious freedom."
33:06 Well, I want you to watch
33:08 this amazing video from Amazing Discoveries.
33:13 These are the issues of the day.
33:16 The Christian post says,
33:18 "Megachurch Pastor Jack Graham ready to champion Donald Trump
33:24 after meeting with 900 evangelicals."
33:28 Now he is also one of those that went to the pope.
33:30 "Former Southern Baptist Convention president
33:33 and megachurch Pastor Jack Graham says
33:36 that he is ready to champion Donald Trump
33:39 after attending the meeting
33:40 between the presumptive Republican nominee
33:42 and over 900 evangelical pastors
33:44 and activists in New York City on Tuesday."
33:49 These people are,
33:51 on the one hand now
33:52 the advisers to the president, and to bring about this change,
33:59 this making America great again.
34:02 And on the other hand,
34:03 they are the ones
34:05 who are negotiating with the papacy
34:08 for reunification.
34:13 In fact, that is exactly what Donald Trump vowed to do.
34:17 "Donald Trump vowed to close
34:19 the gap between church and state
34:21 according to Time.
34:23 And it states
34:25 that the GOP presidential nominee
34:27 has tripled down
34:28 with one base of political support
34:31 that has steadfastly remained with him
34:34 white, evangelical voters -
34:36 by promising to dismantle the laws
34:38 that separate church and state in America."
34:43 Now, it's fascinating what he said on the issue.
34:47 "And if you look what's happened to religion,
34:49 if you look at what's happening to Christianity,
34:52 and you look at the number of people
34:54 going to the churches
34:55 and the evangelicals know this also,
34:58 it's not on this kind of climb,
35:00 it's on this kind of a climb of slow and steady
35:04 in the wrong direction,' Trump said.
35:07 'A lot of it has to do with the fact
35:09 that you've been silenced,
35:11 you've been silenced like a child
35:13 has been silenced.
35:14 You have a chance to do something
35:16 that will be earthshaking,'
35:18 he said, 'I literally mean it earthshaking.
35:22 You got to get your people out to vote.'"
35:26 This is what Donald Trump promised.
35:28 But then he is promising precisely
35:31 what the Bible said would happen.
35:34 "An earthshaking event
35:36 that will induce God to intervene in human affairs."
35:41 It's interesting that both Donald Trump
35:44 and Pence said that they cherished the Sunday
35:50 because that was part of their heritage,
35:53 and that is what they remember of their childhood.
35:56 Now the Lord's Day Alliance
35:57 in the Boston Globe said the following.
36:00 "The Lord's Day Alliance founded
36:02 by six major Protestant denominations in 1888."
36:07 I find these dates so fascinating.
36:11 "Spent a century fighting to force industrialists
36:15 to give workers time to attend religious services
36:18 and later to protect the Blue Laws."
36:21 Those are the ones
36:22 that bring in Sunday legislation.
36:25 "But little by little drinking, sporting, shopping
36:30 became permissible on Sundays.
36:32 In the last 20 or so years,
36:34 the group has shifted to advocating
36:36 to an internal recognition of the Sabbath.
36:40 The point is where can a stressed out society
36:43 find regeneration and renewal?
36:46 Said Reverend Rodney Peterson,
36:48 executive director of the group who drew dozens of people
36:52 to an interfaith conference on Sabbath of sermons,
36:55 last week at the old South church
36:58 in Copley Square."
36:59 So this was reported in the Boston Globe
37:01 on November the 2nd, 2016.
37:05 This is an evangelical agenda
37:08 to bring Sunday back into the mainstream again.
37:13 And here we have candidates,
37:15 I believe that are in a position
37:19 and have the power base to do it
37:23 because for the first time
37:25 Republicans control both houses.
37:28 This is one of the most powerful presidents
37:31 that the United States has ever had.
37:34 And if ever there was an opportunity
37:37 to bring about
37:38 the prophetic scenario, it is now.
37:41 I'm not saying, it will happen,
37:43 I'm saying,
37:44 it is possible for it to happen.
37:48 Revelation 13:15 says,
37:51 "And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast,
37:56 and that the image of the beast should both speak,
37:59 and cause that many as would not worship
38:02 the image of the beast should be killed."
38:08 Is this the time
38:10 in which this prophecy will be fulfilled?
38:14 Only time will tell.
38:18 Friends, the warning from the pens of history
38:21 and prophecy are beginning to risen out
38:24 with approaching thunder,
38:26 and I believe the time for Christians everywhere,
38:29 and especially all American to remember this great counsel,
38:33 written 150 years ago
38:36 in that famous Bible commentary,
38:38 the Great Controversy.
38:39 It says this.
38:41 "To protect liberty of conscience
38:43 is the duty of the state,
38:45 and this is the limit of its authority
38:48 in matters of religion.
38:50 Every secular government that attempts to regulate
38:53 or enforce religious observance
38:56 by civil authority
38:57 is sacrificing the very principle
39:00 for which evangelical Christians
39:02 so nobly struggled."
39:03 That's good counsel, isn't it?
39:05 Well, you need to remember it.
39:07 And remember more than one hundred million people died
39:11 in defense of this religious freedom
39:14 we enjoy today.
39:15 Freedom from state control of their consciences.
39:18 Will they who received death now be conveniently forgotten?
39:23 The final crisis in the last days
39:25 will be about the same issue is when it began.
39:29 Worship will be the centerpiece issue
39:31 that determined the eternal destiny of million.
39:34 The final crisis will focus on the first four commandment
39:40 because these, they are with worship issue.
39:43 Who we should worship?
39:45 When we should worship?
39:46 And how we should worship?
39:48 All encased in the first four commandment.
39:51 So in the light of this history,
39:53 every person who sincerely wants to know God
39:55 must ask the question,
39:57 how can I identify
39:59 delusive false worship practices?
40:03 Well, based on the enemy strategies,
40:05 the customs of heathenism, compromising, conformity,
40:09 human theories and traditions, with lower standards,
40:14 it causes corruption and a loss of purity and power.
40:18 I've made up a little list of identifiers
40:20 that might help you.
40:21 The first one
40:23 is where it's talking about creeping compromise.
40:25 You can expect to see deliberate emphasis
40:27 of distinctive doctrines
40:29 in an attempt to make worship more relevant
40:33 or attractive to unbelievers.
40:36 This will pull standard down
40:38 rather than according to God' standard.
40:39 I'm not just talking about our church,
40:41 I'm talking about Christianity in general.
40:44 Any teaching that does this,
40:46 we can see
40:47 that is the false worship system.
40:50 The second one would be diluted truth.
40:53 It would teach a social psychology gospel
40:57 with little or no call to repentance,
40:59 revival and reformation.
41:01 Just love one another.
41:03 And the third one,
41:05 truth versus present truth.
41:09 They will preach the generic truth,
41:11 no different from the preachings
41:13 of any other denomination.
41:15 They will ignore the distinctive end time
41:19 three angels' messages in Daniel and Revelation.
41:23 And these present truths are vital.
41:26 Now do you believe that?
41:27 The three angels' messages in Revelation 14
41:31 are vital information for the world at this time.
41:35 And it's very unlikely you are heathen outside
41:38 the Seventh-day Adventist church.
41:40 This is the place to be. What do you say?
41:44 Feeble and defective that ought might be,
41:46 it is still the apple of God's eye
41:48 and this is the only place
41:49 you'll find all these doctrines too.
41:52 And the fourth one,
41:54 it will ignore the importance of the sanctuary message
41:57 of Christ's final atonement ministry
42:00 in the most holy place of the heavenly sanctuary.
42:05 It will neglect the call to repentance, revival
42:07 and sanctification
42:09 and obedience as a response
42:12 to the grace of Christ.
42:16 Not in order to be saved
42:18 but as a response to the grace of Christ.
42:20 That's why we keep the commandments, isn't it?
42:22 We don't get saved by it. We are not legalist.
42:25 And the fifth will be teachings
42:27 that tend to corrupt basic doctrines
42:29 and cause a loss of purity and power
42:31 in the Christian's life.
42:32 For example, the doctrines of faith without work.
42:37 Or the opposite here, of works without faith.
42:42 True faith will be exhibited in good works.
42:45 For faith without work is what?
42:48 Dead.
42:49 All who have an honest heart receive the gospel message
42:53 will long proclaim it, won't they?
42:55 The heaven born love of Christ must find expression.
42:58 Do you agree? Yes.
43:00 You got to talk about it.
43:04 Faith and works go hand in hand.
43:08 They act harmoniously in the work of overcoming.
43:12 Works without faith are dead,
43:14 and faith without works are dead too.
43:18 Isn't that so?
43:21 Work will never save us.
43:23 It is the mode of Christ that will abide in our behalf.
43:26 Through faith in Him,
43:27 Christ will empower and enable us
43:30 to overcome sin
43:31 and to demonstrate His love for us in our life.
43:35 Isn't that true?
43:36 You might have heard the claim
43:38 that it's impossible to keep the commandments
43:39 or stop sinning till Jesus comes.
43:41 Have you heard that?
43:44 Well, if there is anything more dangerous
43:47 than out right here is truth mixed with error.
43:51 If you put a drop of poison in a glass of water,
43:54 it might still taste like ordinary water
43:55 but it will still kill you, won't it?
43:59 The partial truth is, and, of course,
44:01 we can't stop sinning by our own power.
44:05 But the rest of the truth is,
44:07 that we deny the power thereof
44:10 when we refuse to believe
44:11 that Christ has the supernatural power
44:14 to enable us to overcome sin and keep the commandments.
44:18 What do you say?
44:20 That's simple, isn't it? Why do people fight over this?
44:24 To neglect this point is to leave people uninformed
44:27 of the reality
44:29 that the Savior took upon Himself
44:31 the infirmities of humanity
44:33 and lived the sinless life in order to demonstrate
44:37 that men might have no fear,
44:39 that because of the weakness of human nature
44:41 they could not overcome.
44:43 To teach that it is impossible to overcome sin
44:47 is to corrupt the water of life with poison.
44:49 What do you say?
44:52 The inevitable result will be a loss of purity and power
44:56 in the Christian's life.
45:01 2 Peter 1:4 gives us this assurance,
45:05 and you can see this text on the screen.
45:08 It says, "Exceeding great and precious promises are ours,
45:12 that by these we might be..."
45:14 What it says?
45:16 "Partakers of the divine nature,
45:19 having escaped the corruption
45:20 that is in the world through lust."
45:23 And Ellen White often described counsel.
45:26 She says, "The Savior took upon Himself
45:28 the infirmities of humanity and lived a sinless life,
45:31 that men might have no fear
45:34 that because of the weakness of human nature
45:36 they could not overcome."
45:38 Isn't that good news?
45:41 And there's just one more identifier
45:42 of delusive worship practices
45:45 that I want to mention in this presentation.
45:48 And this practice is one that can potentially
45:50 cause enormous loss of purity and genuine Godly power
45:56 in the Christian's life.
45:58 And it is this.
46:00 Disharmonic music.
46:04 Disharmonic music.
46:07 Ellen White had a terrible experience
46:09 with disharmonic music over 150 years ago.
46:12 And she warned would appear again
46:14 towards the end of time.
46:16 Listen to her report.
46:18 She said, "A bedlam of noise shocks the senses and perverts
46:21 that which if conducted aright might be a blessing.
46:25 The powers of satanic agencies blend
46:27 with the din and noise to have a carnival,
46:30 and this is termed the Holy Spirit's working."
46:34 She says, "Those things
46:35 which have been in the past will be in the future.
46:39 Satan will make music a snare by the way
46:43 in which it is conducted."
46:47 She says, "Let us give no place to strange exercisings,
46:51 which really take the mind away
46:53 from the deep movings of the Holy Spirit.
46:55 God's work is ever characterized
46:57 by calmness and dignity."
47:00 By calmness and dignity.
47:03 You ever listen to rock music?
47:05 Anybody?
47:06 Ever listen to rock music?
47:09 Did it leave you feeling calm and dignified?
47:13 Hardly.
47:16 Do you ever listen to Christian rock music?
47:18 We listen to Christian rock music.
47:22 Did that leave you feeling calm and dignified?
47:25 It didn't.
47:28 Well, the words might have been Christianized
47:29 but that didn't change your feeling, did it?
47:32 That is an important question.
47:35 It is the common belief today that the church's music
47:37 is really a matter of personal taste,
47:40 maybe culture.
47:42 It is really thought of in terms of its signs.
47:46 Its physiological effects on the human organism.
47:50 And what a fascinating study that would be.
47:53 You know, when we talk about food and diet,
47:56 we don't talk about
47:58 to determine the difference between
48:00 healthy and unhealthy food.
48:02 We don't talk about taste and culture, do we?
48:05 We analyze the food,
48:07 then you have dietician analyze food
48:08 and they can tell you
48:10 the effects of certain elements of food,
48:12 certain types of food on human organism.
48:14 That's how he tells the difference between
48:16 healthy and unhealthy food.
48:18 How fantastic it would be if we had some Adventists
48:21 or some scientists
48:23 who could investigate
48:24 the physiological elements of music,
48:26 the various aspects of music.
48:29 And examine the effects on the human organism.
48:32 Wouldn't that be a fascinating study?
48:34 I wonder what the conclusions will reveal.
48:38 The general attitude, it seems to be
48:40 that if the words are Christian and it feels good,
48:41 well, it must be okay.
48:43 And anyway, you might have heard
48:45 the statement that music is morally neutral.
48:48 But is it really morally neutral?
48:51 Does it make no difference to our behavior
48:53 what kind of music we listen to?
48:57 When we understand that before his fall,
48:59 Satan was the leader of heavenly music.
49:02 Shouldn't that fact make us be careful,
49:04 what kind of music we listen to?
49:06 What do you say?
49:09 To make a decision about music based on personal preferences,
49:12 or culture, or age
49:14 is a very unscientific approach.
49:18 So you must ask the question,
49:20 well, is all music disharmonic and dangerous?
49:24 Well, of course not.
49:26 So how can a Christian make his decision?
49:29 Well, perhaps, we can take a note
49:31 of the advice of our current world president,
49:33 Dr. Ted Wilson.
49:37 Right back at his inaugural sermon
49:38 back in 2010,
49:40 he made some very interesting statements,
49:41 and he said this.
49:44 "Go forward, not backward!
49:46 Use Christ - centered,
49:48 Bible-based worship
49:49 and music practices in church services.
49:52 While we understand
49:53 that worship services and cultures
49:55 vary throughout the world,
49:57 don't go backwards into confusing pagan settings
50:01 where music and worship become so focused
50:03 on emotion and experience
50:06 that you lose the central focus
50:08 on the Word of God.
50:11 All worship, however simple or complex should do one thing
50:15 and one thing only,
50:17 lift up Christ and put down self."
50:19 Isn't that good advice?
50:22 "Worship methods that lift up performance
50:24 and self should be replaced
50:26 with a simple and sweet reflection
50:29 of a Christ-centered, biblical approach.
50:32 To define it too closely is impossible,
50:34 but when you read in Scripture
50:36 of the holiness of God's presence,
50:38 the Holy Spirit will help you to know
50:40 what is right and wrong."
50:42 Friends, our personal decisions about who we worship,
50:44 how we worship,
50:46 and when we worship
50:47 are far greater consequence than just cultural
50:50 or age group preferences.
50:51 Our worship choices will automatically determine
50:54 our eternal destiny.
50:57 And God's true followers will be distinguished as those
51:00 who keep the commandments.
51:01 Uphold sound doctrine.
51:03 Chose worship practices in harmony with the Bible.
51:07 Chose health supporting lifestyle
51:09 and dietary practices.
51:10 And the Bible assures us that in the last day,
51:13 God's remnant people
51:15 will be a people of obedience
51:20 that will honor God in everything that they do.
51:23 And the Bible confirms
51:24 this doctrine in Revelation 14:2,
51:26 it says, "Here is the patience of the saints:
51:29 Here are they that keep the commandments of God,
51:31 and the faith of the Jesus.
51:33 God's true remnant will automatically triumph
51:35 in the great conflict over worship.
51:38 Thus proving
51:40 to the entire watching universe that, indeed,
51:42 holiness is possible even in this sinful world."
51:46 What do you say? Amen.
51:47 That's our task.
51:48 Think about these wonderful promises
51:51 as you watch this moving story by Pastor John Bradshaw,
51:54 and the hidden faith of our fathers.
51:59 Now, this makes it real.
52:03 The church of the cave,
52:05 ancient temple of the faith
52:09 revives the heroic spirit of the fathers
52:12 who praying,
52:15 suffered and died
52:18 for liberty of conscience.
52:22 Here in the Waldensian Valleys in Northern Italy,
52:25 people really suffered for their faith.
52:30 They were committed to God, to live way back up here,
52:35 the winters were just so harsh, life was difficult.
52:40 But here they lived so that they could cling
52:43 to the faith once delivered to the saints.
52:47 And being here and thinking that people way up here
52:51 suffered persecution,
52:52 speaks to the ferocious zeal of the persecutors.
52:58 It's not easy to get up here.
53:00 And if you're gonna pursue somebody
53:03 for the purpose of persecuting them,
53:07 you've got to be as committed to persecuting
53:11 as the believers were to following Jesus in faith.
53:18 Behind me is one of the very caves
53:21 in which Waldensian believers worshiped,
53:25 and prayed, and hid, and were persecuted.
53:30 They worshiped in caves
53:32 because worshipping in their homes
53:34 or in churches was not an option.
53:37 Again, no crimes were committed by these people,
53:41 other than they felt that in their heart
53:44 they had to cling to the Bible
53:47 and follow what they believed was a pure faith
53:50 rather than the tradition laden works
53:54 based faith that was forced upon them
53:58 by the ruling church.
54:01 Today, we have freedom to worship,
54:04 freedom of religion.
54:05 Today, we can be thankful to those faithful saints
54:10 who paid so great a price
54:13 that we could follow the faith of our fathers.
54:19 Faith of our fathers, living still
54:25 In spite of dungeon, fire, and sword
54:32 Oh, how our hearts beat high with joy
54:38 Whene'er we hear that glorious Word!
54:44 Faith of our fathers, holy faith!
54:50 We will be true
54:53 To thee till death
54:59 Our fathers, chained in prisons dark
55:05 Were still in heart and conscience free
55:11 How sweet would be their children's fate
55:17 If they, like them, could die for thee!
55:23 Faith of our fathers, holy faith!
55:29 We will be true
55:32 To thee till death
55:37 Faith of our fathers, we will love
55:43 Both friend and foe in all our strife
55:49 And preach thee, too,
55:52 as love knows how
55:56 By kindly words and virtuous life
56:02 Faith of our fathers, holy faith!
56:08 We will be true
56:11 We will be true
56:15 We will be true
56:19 To thee
56:22 Till death
56:29 Let us pray.
56:34 Loving Father in heaven,
56:36 we pray Thee and thank Thee so much
56:38 for the faith of our fathers,
56:41 the incredible price that was paid
56:42 for freedom of religion,
56:45 freedom to worship.
56:47 Lord, keep us conscious of these things
56:50 as we consider the events about to explode upon the work
56:54 rather overwhelming surprise for many.
56:57 Help us Lord to remain steadfast
56:59 and immovable,
57:01 and give us eyes to see, ears to hear,
57:04 and hearts inclined to do Your will
57:06 as we move forward in faith and practice
57:09 because, Lord, we long for You to come.
57:11 Please come, Lord Jesus,
57:13 and we thank You in Your precious name, amen.


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