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00:27 Welcome to End-time Apocalypse.
00:30 I just want to welcome each and every one of you
00:32 wherever you may be watching or listening from,
00:34 I want to welcome
00:35 the audience here at 3ABN, as together,
00:38 we will journey
00:39 through the last book of the Bible,
00:41 the Book of Revelation,
00:42 which is becoming more and more one of my favorite books
00:46 in all the Bible.
00:47 We're going to go on this six part journey together.
00:51 Today's topic is Expect the Unexpected
00:54 as we tap into the very heart of the Book of Revelation.
00:58 Now the Book of Revelation, as we'll discover,
01:00 is a book all about Jesus Christ,
01:03 His plans for us as well as Jesus Christ
01:06 unveiling the plans that the enemy has for us.
01:09 Now why have I entitled it End-time Apocalypse?
01:12 Well, end-time is self-explanatory.
01:14 The word apocalypse
01:15 is the word that means unveiling or revealing.
01:20 And so we're going to reveal the wonderful truth
01:23 from God's Word together in this wonderful book.
01:26 But before we open up
01:27 God's Word, what do we need to do?
01:29 We need to pray.
01:30 We need to pray that the Holy Spirit
01:31 that inspired the Bible,
01:33 that inspired the Book of Revelation,
01:35 will inspire and impress us as we journey together.
01:38 So let's pause and pray for a moment.
01:40 Father in Heaven,
01:41 we just want to thank You so much for the privilege
01:44 of opening Your Word and together,
01:46 as we begin this exciting journey
01:48 in the Book of Revelation,
01:49 we pray that You'll open our hearts and our minds
01:51 that we may be willing and able to receive
01:54 what the Holy Spirit has to say to us,
01:58 those of us who are living at the end-time
02:00 of earth's history.
02:01 And for that, we thank You and praise You
02:03 in Jesus' name, amen, amen.
02:06 So let's go to the Book of Revelation
02:08 and notice how the Book of Revelation begins.
02:11 It begins with these words.
02:12 In Revelation 1:1,
02:14 "The Revelation of Jesus Christ, writes John,
02:17 which God gave Him to show His servants,
02:20 things which must shortly take place.
02:22 And He sent and signified it by His angel
02:25 to His servant John."
02:26 So right from the very outset,
02:28 we discover that the Book of Revelation
02:29 is all about Jesus and it was given by God
02:33 through Jesus Christ to His servant John in signs,
02:37 or in symbols.
02:39 There are a number of symbols in the Book of Revelation
02:41 and here are just several...
02:43 The woman that represents the church,
02:45 the beast represents a kingdom, the dragon represents Satan,
02:49 and the lamb represents Jesus Christ.
02:52 So it's a book that can only be understood
02:54 as we understand the symbols.
02:57 Now all the symbols are unpacked
02:59 in other scriptures in the Bible,
03:01 in particular, the Old Testament.
03:03 Notice, the Book of Revelation continues on.
03:06 In verse 2, "Who bore witness to the word of God,
03:09 and to the testimony of Jesus Christ,
03:10 to all things that he saw."
03:12 Revelation 1:3, it says, "Blessed is he who reads
03:16 and those who hear the words of this prophecy,
03:18 and keep those things which are written in it,
03:20 for the time is near."
03:22 So there is a wonderful blessing
03:24 given to those who will study and learn
03:27 and read the Book of Revelation
03:29 and especially keep those things
03:31 that are written in it.
03:33 Now the Book of Revelation is the great controversy,
03:37 the great controversy.
03:39 It's the great controversy in Revelation
03:43 and it's over worship.
03:44 That is what the Book of Revelation is all about.
03:47 In fact, as we take a look at the structure
03:50 of the Book of Revelation,
03:51 we discover something very, very fascinating.
03:54 Notice the structure of the Book of Revelation.
03:57 We have the first part of the Book of Revelation,
03:59 the prologue that matches with the epilogue
04:02 right at the end.
04:03 The second part of the Book of Revelation
04:05 matches with the second last part
04:07 and so on and so forth
04:08 until you get to the very climax
04:11 of the Book of Revelation,
04:12 the very heart of the Book of Revelation is found there,
04:16 in Revelation 12 to 14.
04:20 This in fact is the bull's eye.
04:22 Scholars refer to this aspect of the Book of Revelation
04:26 as a chiasm.
04:28 Some of you may be familiar with archery.
04:30 And in archery, where is the greatest score?
04:33 That's right there in the center
04:35 and that's called the bull's eye.
04:36 So the most important part of the Book of Revelation
04:39 is right there in the very heart,
04:42 right there in the very center and so together,
04:44 during this six part series, we want to take a look
04:47 at the very heart of the Book of Revelation.
04:49 We won't examine everything
04:51 there in those three chapters, chapters 12 to 14,
04:54 but we will take a look at some of the key points
04:57 that especially relate to us as we are living
04:59 at the end of time in earth's history.
05:03 Now we want to take a look at the three angels' messages
05:07 in the Book of Revelation.
05:08 Revelation has a final appeal
05:12 that God gives to the entire world
05:15 and that appeal is spoken of
05:17 as the three angels' messages that we find
05:19 in Revelation 14:6-12,
05:23 and these three messages prepare the world
05:25 for the second coming of Jesus
05:27 because what follows these three messages
05:29 is the second coming
05:31 and that's how Revelation 14 ends
05:33 in the very heart of the Book of Revelation.
05:37 So let's take a look at these three angels' messages
05:41 and this is just simply a summary.
05:44 The first angel's message is all about
05:47 worshiping the creator, following God's truth.
05:49 This is God's final call
05:51 and God invites the entire world
05:53 to worship Him as the creator and to follow His truth.
05:55 The second angel's message exposes Satan's deceptions.
06:00 And in the third angel's message,
06:02 God says, "Choose who you will worship,
06:05 the creator, Jesus Christ, or the created one, Satan.
06:09 Either the Ten Commandments of God
06:11 or the traditions of man."
06:13 This is a very simple summary of the three angels' messages.
06:18 I have summarized the three angles' messages
06:20 in six words.
06:21 Notice, we have these...
06:24 We have the three angels' messages
06:26 in six words.
06:27 The first angel's message is God's truth.
06:30 The second angel's message, God exposes Satan's lies.
06:33 And in the third angel's message,
06:35 God says it's your choice.
06:36 So can you see how this message is extremely important?
06:40 There is no other message on the planet
06:43 that is more important.
06:45 In fact, the everlasting gospel
06:49 is that gospel that Jesus said
06:51 will be preached in all the world.
06:52 And that's how Revelation 14:6 begins.
06:55 It says this is the everlasting gospel
06:58 that needs to go to every nation,
06:59 kindred, tongue, and people.
07:01 And then that everlasting gospel is unpacked
07:03 in these three angels' messages.
07:06 So together, we want to take a look
07:08 at these three angels' messages.
07:11 And today, we want to begin
07:12 by taking a look at the third angel's message,
07:15 this third angel's message that prepares the world
07:18 to make a choice as to who it will serve,
07:20 whether it will worship Jesus Christ
07:23 or whether it will worship the enemy.
07:26 The entire Bible is about worship.
07:29 The worship war
07:30 doesn't only take place at the end of time.
07:32 The worship war began when Lucifer rebelled in heaven
07:36 and that same worship war will continue all the way down
07:40 through time, until at the very end of time
07:42 that worship war will climax.
07:44 So we want to take a look at the climax
07:46 of the worship war in the third angel's message.
07:50 Notice what we read in Revelation 14:9.
07:54 "Then a third angel followed them,
07:56 saying with a loud voice,
07:57 'If anyone worships the beast and his image,
08:00 and receives his mark on his forehead or on his hand,
08:05 he himself shall also drink of the wine
08:07 of the wrath of God,
08:08 which is poured out full strength
08:10 into the cup of His indignation.
08:12 He shall be tormented with fire and brimstone
08:15 in the presence of the holy angels
08:17 and in the presence of the Lamb.
08:19 And the smoke of their torment ascends
08:21 forever and ever,
08:22 and they have no rest day or night,
08:24 who worship the beast and his image,
08:26 and whoever receives the mark of his name.'"
08:28 And then notice verse 12.
08:30 "Here is the patience of the saints,
08:32 here are those
08:33 who keep the commandments of God
08:35 and the faith of Jesus."
08:37 Did you notice
08:38 that in this third angel's message
08:40 there is a very strong warning?
08:41 In fact, many consider
08:43 this to be the strongest warning
08:44 in all the Book of Revelation.
08:47 There is a warning against worshiping the beast
08:50 and his image and receiving his mark.
08:54 There will be one group on the planet,
08:57 sadly that will be the majority,
08:59 who will worship the beast and his image
09:00 and receive his mark.
09:02 There will be another group according to verse 12,
09:04 as we've just read
09:06 that will worship the creator God
09:08 that will keep the commandments of God
09:10 and they will have the faith of Jesus.
09:14 Now what we need to do is we need to ask
09:17 a very, very important question
09:19 because this is a life and death,
09:21 an eternal life and eternal death question
09:24 that needs to be answered.
09:25 Our eternal destiny is at stake depending on the decision,
09:29 depending on the choice that you and I will make.
09:32 So we need to ask this all important question
09:35 and that is, "Why is it so important
09:38 that we know the truth?"
09:40 Notice what we read in Revelation 13:3.
09:45 "And I saw one of his heads
09:46 as if it had been mortally wounded,
09:49 and his deadly wound was healed.
09:51 And all the world marveled and followed the beast."
09:54 The Bible tells us that at the end of time,
09:57 the entire world will wonder and follow
10:00 after this beast power.
10:02 Now we have discovered briefly and we'll discover some more
10:05 that a beast in Bible prophecy represents a kingdom.
10:09 What does a beast represent in Bible prophecy?
10:11 A kingdom. A kingdom. A nation.
10:14 So the Bible tells us that this power,
10:18 this kingdom will seek to receive worship,
10:22 worship that belongs to Jesus Christ alone.
10:25 But who will the world be worshipping ultimately
10:30 when it worships this power or follows and marvels
10:33 after this power?
10:35 Notice what we continue to read in Revelation 13:4.
10:38 "So they worshiped..."
10:39 Who?
10:40 "The dragon who gave authority to the beast,
10:42 and they worshipped the beast, saying,
10:44 'Who is like the beast?
10:45 Who is able to make war with him?'"
10:47 So those at the end of time who worship the beast,
10:49 who give their allegiance to the beast, follow the beast,
10:52 marvel after the beast, they are ultimately
10:55 not worshipping the beast,
10:57 they are worshipping the dragon.
10:59 And according to Revelation 12:9,
11:02 the dragon is a symbol for Satan and the devil.
11:07 We ought not to be surprised, for the devil has always worked
11:12 through powers, through institutions,
11:15 has always worked through a front man.
11:17 Right at the very beginning of time,
11:20 Satan through the serpent deceived Eve, isn't that right?
11:25 At the end of time, Satan will use this power
11:29 that in Revelation 13 is described
11:31 as this beast power, that we will discover
11:33 who this beast power is, and through this power,
11:36 Satan will ultimately seek to receive worship
11:39 that belongs to God alone.
11:43 That is extremely important.
11:45 You and I need to know who this power is.
11:47 We need to know in order that we may remain
11:50 true to Jesus Christ and worship Him in spirit
11:54 and in truth.
11:56 Now where do we find
11:58 a description of this beast power?
12:00 Notice what we read in Revelation 13:1
12:04 where this beast power is described by John.
12:07 "Then I stood on the sand of the sea.
12:09 And I saw a beast rising up out of the sea,
12:11 having seven heads and ten horns,
12:14 and on his horns ten crowns,
12:16 and on his heads a blasphemous name.
12:20 Now the beast which I saw was like a leopard,
12:23 his feet were like the feet of a bear,
12:24 and his mouth like the mouth of a lion.
12:27 The dragon gave him his power, his throne,
12:29 and great authority."
12:31 So here we have this very strange looking beast
12:34 that has seven heads and ten horns.
12:37 Here is an artist impression
12:39 of what this beast may have looked like
12:41 that John saw in vision
12:43 with seven heads, ten horns,
12:48 a leopard for a body,
12:52 head of a lion and feet of a bear.
12:57 This beast, who is this beast?
13:00 You and I need to know who this beast is.
13:04 We discover that this beast is a beast
13:06 that will seek to receive worship,
13:08 that will seek to receive allegiance
13:10 from the entire world
13:11 and the dragon is the one who gives this beast his power,
13:15 throne, and great authority.
13:17 And who is the dragon did we discover?
13:19 Ultimately Satan.
13:20 A symbol for Rome, pagan Rome,
13:23 but ultimately a symbol for Satan.
13:26 So who is this beast power?
13:29 We discover that this beast power
13:31 is none other than the antichrist.
13:33 Now the antichrist is a term
13:35 that simply describes the adversary of Christ,
13:40 in the place of Christ is what that word means.
13:44 Antichrist, that word antichrist,
13:45 it comes from the Book of 1 and 2 John
13:49 where that term on five occasions
13:51 refers to the antichrist.
13:53 Now the ultimate antichrist
13:55 who seeks to be in the place of Christ,
13:58 who is in opposition to Christ, is who?
14:00 It's the devil and Satan, isn't that right?
14:02 That's the ultimate antichrist
14:03 but as we have already discovered,
14:05 Satan doesn't come out in the open,
14:08 instead he works behind the scenes
14:11 through systems and through powers
14:13 in order to achieve his objectives,
14:15 isn't that right?
14:16 That's just how Satan has always worked,
14:18 through deception.
14:20 And so, you and I need to understand
14:22 who this antichrist is at the end of time
14:25 that Satan will seek to use in order to receive worship.
14:30 The antichrist or this beast power
14:32 has been described in a number of other ways
14:36 in Scripture.
14:37 Not only the antichrist but it's described as the beast
14:40 as here in Revelation 13, as Babylon in Revelation 17,
14:45 which we'll get to in another presentation,
14:46 as the harlot, the man of sin in 2 Thessalonians 2,
14:51 as well as the Son of Perdition
14:53 in 2 Thessalonians 2
14:55 and the little horn power in Daniel 7.
15:00 Now what we'll discover is that Daniel 7
15:04 and Revelation 13 look at the same material
15:08 but they add different things.
15:11 Daniel picks up important facts that Revelation omits
15:15 and so on and so forth.
15:17 So when we combine Daniel 7 and Revelation 13,
15:21 we discover who this power is and it becomes so, so clear
15:27 and so, so obvious.
15:28 So let's go to the Book of Daniel
15:30 where this antichrist power, this beast power
15:33 of Revelation 13 is in Daniel 7
15:36 described as this little horn power.
15:38 Now the Book of Daniel is the companion book
15:42 to the Book of Revelation.
15:44 The Book of Daniel helps us understand
15:46 the Book of Revelation in a very beautiful
15:48 and in a very powerful way.
15:50 Now in Daniel 2,
15:53 we have this image that King Nebuchadnezzar saw
15:56 and this image was a description
15:59 that God gave to King Nebuchadnezzar
16:01 of the kingdoms that would follow his kingdom
16:04 all the way through to the very end of time.
16:07 The head of gold in Daniel 2
16:10 represents the kingdom of Babylon,
16:12 the arms and chest of silver
16:15 represent the Medo-Persian Empire,
16:17 the belly and thighs of bronze represent Greece,
16:21 the legs of iron represent Rome
16:23 and the feet made up of iron and clay
16:26 represent the division of the Roman Empire
16:29 as it was divided and as it is today
16:32 in Western Europe, ten toes
16:35 representing the ultimate division
16:37 of the Roman Empire with ten tribes ultimately
16:41 made up that Roman Empire,
16:44 ten nations that we have there in Europe.
16:47 Now in Daniel 7, we have four beasts
16:52 that Daniel sees in vision, and these four beasts
16:57 are simply the four kingdoms that Daniel has described
17:02 to King Nebuchadnezzar in Daniel 2.
17:05 It's God here repeating this prophecy
17:07 but enlarging on it.
17:09 Now in Daniel 7,
17:11 we won't have time to read verses 1 to 7
17:14 in the interest of time but in...
17:16 God begins by describing a lion
17:20 that represents Babylon,
17:22 then God describes the bear that represents Medo-Persia,
17:26 then God describes this four headed leopard
17:30 that represents Greece
17:31 and then these dragon that represents Rome
17:34 that has ten horns and that describes
17:37 the kingdoms that arose out of the pagan Roman Empire
17:41 as it broke apart but then in verse 8,
17:45 we have a new bit of information,
17:48 we have some more information that we don't have in Daniel 2.
17:54 Daniel 7:8, "I was considering the horns,
17:57 and there was another horn, a little one,
17:59 coming up among them,
18:00 before whom three of the first horns
18:02 were plucked out by the roots.
18:04 And there, in this horn,
18:06 were eyes like the eyes of a man,
18:07 and a mouth speaking pompous words."
18:10 Now this as we'll discover is this antichrist power
18:15 that the Bible speaks of at the end of time.
18:17 This is this kingdom,
18:19 this beast power of Revelation 13.
18:23 These two powers are one and the same.
18:26 And together as we put the pieces
18:29 of this jigsaw puzzle together,
18:31 we will discover who this power is
18:34 that the Bible is talking about.
18:36 Who is this kingdom?
18:39 As I pointed out, the little horn of Daniel 7:8
18:42 is the same power of Revelation 13:1
18:46 that is described as the beast.
18:50 Notice what we read.
18:53 Here we gonna put some pieces together.
18:55 Let's take a look at ten identifying marks
18:58 of the antichrist kingdom.
18:59 Firstly, we discover that it comes up
19:02 amongst the ten kingdoms, that is,
19:04 it arises in Western Europe, notice what we read.
19:08 "I was considering the horns, writes Daniel,
19:10 and there was another horn, a little one,
19:13 coming up among them..."
19:15 So this power comes up
19:18 amongst the ten kingdoms of Europe.
19:21 It comes up there in Western Europe.
19:23 So that's the first identification mark
19:25 that we have there in verse 8 in Daniel 7.
19:28 Let's continue on.
19:29 Notice the second identification mark.
19:33 It comes up after the ten kingdoms
19:35 are already established.
19:37 Notice what we read.
19:39 Daniel writes,
19:40 "I was considering the horns..."
19:42 I was considering the horns.
19:44 He is considering these ten horns
19:46 there in Daniel 7:7,
19:49 and as he is considering these ten horns,
19:51 he sees this little horn coming up amongst them.
19:56 So it must arise there in Western Europe
19:59 amongst the nations of Western Europe.
20:03 Let's go to our third point together.
20:07 It is a small Western European Kingdom.
20:10 A small Western Europe Kingdom, notice what those texts says.
20:14 "I was considering the horns, and there was another horn,
20:17 a little one."
20:19 Now when God gives us specific details such as this,
20:22 it's for a reason.
20:24 There is this little horn power that arises,
20:27 this little kingdom that will arise there
20:30 in Western Europe.
20:31 After the period of 476 A.D,
20:35 when those ten nations of Europe
20:36 were well and truly formed, this little kingdom will arise.
20:41 Let's keep going.
20:42 Notice our fourth identification mark.
20:44 It uproots three kingdoms by the roots.
20:47 Notice what we read.
20:49 "I was considering the horns, and there was another horn,
20:52 a little one, coming up among them,
20:54 before whom three of the first horns
20:56 were plucked out by the roots."
20:59 Now this is so important
21:01 that Daniel describes this point two other times
21:06 in Daniel 7.
21:07 On three occasions, we have this all important fact
21:11 that this power will uproot three of the nations of Europe
21:16 by the roots.
21:18 In other words, they will be completely gone.
21:20 That's our fourth point.
21:22 Let's take a look at our next point together.
21:25 Point number five,
21:27 it had eyes like the eyes of a man.
21:30 Notice what the text says.
21:32 And it says,
21:36 "There were eyes like the eyes of a man,
21:38 and a mouth speaking pompous words."
21:40 Eyes like the eyes of a man.
21:42 It's interesting when we take a look at Daniel 7:13,
21:46 notice how Jesus Christ is here described by Daniel.
21:50 He writes, "I was watching in the night visions,
21:53 And behold, One like the Son of Man,
21:56 Coming with the clouds of heaven!"
21:58 Here Daniel is describing Jesus Christ
22:00 and he describes Him as one like the Son of Man.
22:04 Here we have this power
22:06 described with eyes of an eyes of a man.
22:10 This is a counterfeit power to Jesus Christ.
22:13 How do we know that?
22:14 Because the rest of the text tells us
22:16 that this power is an intelligent power
22:19 that seeks to take away from the prerogatives
22:21 that belonged to God alone.
22:24 Eyes are a symbol of intelligence in the Bible.
22:28 It's also a symbol of pride.
22:32 Pride you have in Proverbs 6:16,
22:36 there the Bible says the Lord hates haughty eyes.
22:39 So this power is prideful, this power is arrogant,
22:44 and this power seeks to take away the prerogatives
22:47 that belonged to the Son of Man.
22:49 So Daniel here describes this power,
22:52 eyes like the eyes of a man, to help us understand
22:56 this interaction that is taking place.
22:59 Let's take a look at our next identification mark
23:02 that identifies this antichrist kingdom.
23:05 Point number six.
23:06 It speaks pompous or blasphemous words
23:09 against God.
23:11 And notice what we read in Daniel 7:8.
23:14 Right at the end of verse 8, we read,
23:16 "And it had a mouth speaking pompous words."
23:20 A mouth speaking words of blasphemy.
23:25 Two other times those words are mentioned in Daniel 7
23:29 that this power speaks pompous words.
23:32 In Revelation 13, we also have this description.
23:37 Revelation 13:1, it says,
23:39 "And I saw a beast rising up out of the sea,
23:42 and on his heads a..."
23:43 What?
23:45 "A blasphemous name."
23:47 Now on three other occasions in...
23:49 Sorry in Revelation 13, this power is described
23:54 as a blasphemous power.
23:55 So in Daniel,
23:57 three times this word is described as a power
24:01 that speaks pompous words
24:03 or words of blasphemy and in Revelation,
24:05 we have this power described on four occasions
24:07 that it speaks of blasphemy.
24:09 So seven occasions in total, in Daniel and Revelation,
24:13 this power is described as being a blaspheming power.
24:16 So this is extremely important
24:17 because God has repeated this point,
24:20 not once, not twice, not three time,
24:21 but seven times in order to make the message
24:24 absolutely crystal clear.
24:26 So let's ask according to the Bible,
24:29 what is blasphemy?
24:32 Well, firstly, blasphemy is seeking
24:35 to make oneself equal to God.
24:38 That is what blasphemy is.
24:39 Notice what we read in John 10:30-33.
24:45 Jesus says, "I and My Father are one.'
24:49 Then the Jews took up stones again to stone Him.
24:52 And Jesus answered them, 'Many good works
24:54 I have shown you from My Father.
24:56 For which of those works do you stone Me?'
24:59 "The Jews answered Him, saying,
25:01 'For a good work
25:02 we do not stone You, but for..."
25:03 What?
25:05 "But for blasphemy, and because You, being a Man,
25:07 make Yourself..."
25:08 Who?
25:09 "God.'"
25:11 So according to Scripture an individual, an institution,
25:14 any earthly power that claims to be God,
25:19 that is blasphemy.
25:20 Now was Jesus God? Absolutely.
25:24 The Bible is very clear.
25:25 Jesus Christ is the Son of God, He is God.
25:29 So could Jesus claim to be God? Absolutely.
25:34 Because He was God.
25:35 But for an individual, to claim the prerogatives
25:39 that belong to God alone to say, I am God,
25:41 according to Scripture, that is blasphemy.
25:43 So this power will claim to be God on earth.
25:49 That's a huge clue, a huge clue,
25:51 as we seek to identify this end-time antichrist power.
25:56 Now there's a second definition.
25:59 Notice blasphemy.
26:00 Sorry, well, before we get to that,
26:02 the Apostle Paul, he also reflects on this power
26:06 and notice how he describes it.
26:08 In 2 Thessalonians 2:3, 4, the Apostle Paul writes,
26:12 "Let no one deceive you by any means, for that Day..."
26:16 And he is speaking of the second coming of Jesus
26:18 here when he speaks of that day.
26:20 "Will not come
26:22 unless the falling away comes first..."
26:24 That word there, falling away, is the word Apostasia,
26:27 well, apostasy,
26:28 so this falling away from truth.
26:30 "And the man of sin is revealed..."
26:32 There is another term that describes the antichrist.
26:36 "The son of perdition..."
26:37 There is another term.
26:39 "Who opposes and exalts himself above all that is called God
26:42 or that is worshipped, so that he sits as God
26:45 in the temple of God,
26:46 showing himself that he is..."
26:48 What?
26:49 "He is God."
26:50 So the Apostle Paul is very clear.
26:52 This power would arise and he describes this power
26:54 as the man of sin, the son of perdition
26:57 that will seek to take onboard the prerogatives of God
27:00 that will seek to sit in the temple of God
27:02 amongst the people of God claiming that he is God.
27:06 And the Apostle Paul, interestingly enough
27:10 refers to this power as the son of perdition.
27:14 There are only times in The New Testament
27:17 where that phrase, son of perdition, appears.
27:20 Once here, by the Apostle Paul,
27:22 to describe this antichrist power
27:26 and another time those words are used by Jesus
27:29 to describe the work of one of His 12 disciples,
27:33 Judas.
27:35 Now Judas was part of Jesus' 12.
27:38 He was someone from the inside.
27:40 And so what the Apostle Paul is saying is that this power
27:44 unlike what many out there will think,
27:46 unlike what you may read on the internet,
27:49 this power comes from within and not from without.
27:54 Now, is that deceptive, yes or no?
27:56 Absolutely.
27:58 That's why I have entitled this message,
27:59 expect the unexpected.
28:02 Most Christians today around the world
28:04 are looking forward, are looking for the antichrist
28:08 to come from outside
28:10 rather than be inside the Christian church,
28:13 where the Apostle Paul says we need to look inside.
28:17 Let's take a look at the second definition,
28:22 according to the Bible, of what constitutes blasphemy.
28:25 And that is,
28:27 claiming the power and authority to forgive sins.
28:29 Notice the scripture.
28:31 We read in Luke 5:20, 21,
28:36 "When He saw their faith, He said to him..."
28:38 That is Christ.
28:40 "Man, your sins are forgiven you.'
28:42 And the scribes and the Pharisees
28:44 began to reason, saying,
28:45 'Who is this who speaks..."
28:47 What?
28:48 "Blasphemies?
28:50 Who can forgive sins but..."
28:51 Who?
28:52 "God alone?' "
28:54 So blasphemy is when you being a human being,
28:57 when you being a mere mortal,
28:59 claim that you have the power to forgive sin.
29:03 The Bible is very clear.
29:04 God alone can forgive sin.
29:08 The Bible says that Jesus Christ,
29:10 He is our mediator between us and God.
29:14 Jesus Christ did not commit blasphemy
29:16 because He was God, as we have already established.
29:18 And He is able to forgive sins, but if you claim
29:22 that you are able to forgive my sins,
29:24 you are able to forgive someone else's sins,
29:26 that is blasphemy.
29:27 God alone is able to forgive sins.
29:29 So this power will not only claim
29:31 to be God on earth,
29:33 but this power will claim the prerogative
29:37 of seeking to forgive sins, and that according to Scripture
29:41 is blasphemy.
29:44 Now we continue on to point number seven.
29:48 Point number seven,
29:50 it will be a greater or different kingdom
29:52 from the other ten.
29:54 Notice what we read in Daniel 7:20.
29:59 "And the ten horns that were on its head,
30:01 and the other horn which came up,
30:02 before which three fell,
30:04 namely, that horn which had eyes
30:06 and a mouth which spoke pompous words,
30:08 whose appearance was greater than his fellows."
30:11 So this power will be greater.
30:14 It will be more powerful than the other ten kingdoms.
30:18 Not only will it be greater but it will also be different.
30:21 Notice what we read in verse 24.
30:24 "The ten horns are ten kings
30:25 who shall arise from this kingdom.
30:27 And another shall rise after them..."
30:29 That is this little horn power.
30:31 "He shall be different from the first ones,
30:33 and shall subdue three kings."
30:35 Now how is this power greater and different?
30:38 Well, it's greater in that this power
30:40 was more mighty than all the other kingdoms.
30:45 This power was different in that it was a political
30:49 as well as a religious kingdom.
30:52 The other kingdoms were political,
30:54 this kingdom was both political and religious.
30:58 Let's continue.
31:00 Point number eight,
31:02 it intends or thinks to change God's times and law.
31:06 Notice what we read in Daniel 7:25.
31:10 "He shall speak pompous words against the Most High,
31:13 shall persecute the saints of the Most High,
31:15 and shall intend to change times and law."
31:20 This power will seek to take onboard the prerogatives
31:24 that belong to God and God alone,
31:27 the God who gave the Ten Commandments.
31:30 This power will seek to change God's law.
31:35 Now can any man change God's law?
31:37 No.
31:39 God wrote His Ten Commandments in tablets of stone,
31:44 tablets of stone from His very throne room
31:47 and He gave them to Moses.
31:50 Those tablets of stone were written by God
31:53 with His own finger and they were to last
31:56 until the end of time, they are to last forever more.
31:59 You see, God's law is the foundation
32:02 of His government.
32:03 God's law is a transcript of His character.
32:06 And for a power to claim to change God's law,
32:11 that is something that is beyond belief,
32:15 that is something beyond imagination.
32:17 But that's what God says this power will claim to do,
32:20 will claim or think to change God's law.
32:25 We continue on, point number nine.
32:28 It shall persecute God's saints.
32:30 Notice what we read in Daniel 7:25.
32:34 "He shall speak pompous words against the Most High,
32:37 and shall persecute the saints of the Most High."
32:41 This power will seek to persecute God's people
32:44 in the name of God because this power claims
32:50 to work on behalf of God, isn't that right?
32:52 So this power persecutes God's people
32:56 in the name of God.
32:58 Revelation 13 also describes this all important point.
33:02 Revelation 13:7, we read, "It was granted to him..."
33:07 That is to this beast power, this antichrist power.
33:10 "War with the saints and to overcome them..."
33:15 And now finally, we move to our last and tenth point.
33:20 It has religious and political authority
33:23 for 1260 years.
33:25 Notice what we read in Daniel 7:25.
33:29 The last part of Daniel 7:25 reads,
33:33 "Then the saints shall be given into his hand for a time
33:37 and times and a half a time."
33:39 Now what does all this mean?
33:41 A time, times and a half a time.
33:44 That's not the kind of language that we use today
33:47 to describe time.
33:49 But this is how the Bible,
33:50 how Bible prophecy describes time
33:53 when it comes to prophetic time.
33:56 Now a time represents 1 year
34:00 or 360 days,
34:02 times represents two years or 720 days,
34:06 half a time is half a year or 180 days.
34:10 That gives us a total of 1260 days.
34:15 In Daniel 4, there we discover
34:18 that King Nebuchadnezzar went out
34:23 and enjoyed the green grass of the field,
34:27 the Bible says, for seven times,
34:30 for seven times, for seven years.
34:33 So a year represents one time, according to Scripture.
34:38 Now we have this period of time not only in Daniel
34:44 but also in Revelation.
34:46 Notice what we read in Revelation 13:5
34:49 that describes the extent of the rule and reign
34:54 of this antichrist power.
34:56 "And he was given a mouth speaking great things
34:59 and blasphemies,
35:01 and he was given authority to continue
35:03 for forty-two months."
35:05 Forty-two months.
35:07 Now in a biblical month, there are 30 days.
35:11 Not all of our months are 30 days
35:13 but a biblical month is 30 days.
35:16 So 42 times 30 gives you have many?
35:21 Twelve hundred and sixty. Twelve hundred and sixty.
35:24 And what's fascinating about this period
35:26 is that the Books of Daniel and Revelation
35:29 refer to this period in three different ways.
35:32 We've looked at two, there is one other way
35:35 in order to make it crystal clear
35:37 what period of time
35:39 we're looking at in order to identify
35:40 who this power is.
35:42 Notice what we have here on the screen.
35:44 This religiopolitical power is described in Daniel 7:25,
35:50 Daniel 12:7, and in Revelation 12:14,
35:55 as ruling for a time, times and half a time,
35:59 were those three and a half years
36:00 as we've already discovered.
36:03 It's also described as ruling for 42 months
36:08 in Revelation 13:5 which we've just read,
36:11 as well as Revelation 11:2.
36:13 But it also is described in Revelation 11:3
36:17 and Revelation 12:6, as ruling and reigning
36:21 for 1260 days.
36:23 So can you see how important this point is?
36:26 God has identified the time of this prophecy
36:32 in three different ways so that you and I
36:34 would not miss it, just in case we didn't understand the time,
36:38 times and a half a time
36:39 or we didn't quite get the 42 months,
36:42 God makes it simple and clear and he says this power
36:45 will rule and reign for 1260 days.
36:50 Now we need to ask,
36:52 what is a day in Bible prophecy?
36:55 What does a day represent in Bible prophecy?
36:57 Now it's a symbol and notice what we find
37:00 in the Book of Numbers 14:34.
37:05 God says,
37:07 "According to the number of the days
37:09 in which you spied out the land..."
37:11 He is speaking to the children of Israel.
37:13 "Forty days,
37:14 for each day you shall bear your guilt for..."
37:16 How long?
37:18 "One year, namely forty years,
37:20 and you shall know my rejection."
37:22 So in Bible prophecy, a day represents one year.
37:27 How long does a day represent in Bible prophecy?
37:29 One year. One year.
37:31 So those 1260 days, those 42 months,
37:36 that time, times and half a time,
37:37 those three and a half years are literally 1260 years.
37:43 This power will rule and reign
37:45 for 1260 years.
37:49 So with that in mind,
37:53 let's notice this incredible comparison
37:57 between Daniel 7 and Revelation 13
37:59 that helps us to know beyond a shadow of a doubt
38:02 that these two powers are one and the same,
38:05 that the little horn power
38:06 is this sea beast of Revelation 13.
38:11 They both arise from the sea.
38:14 The same beasts are used in both chapters,
38:17 seven heads and ten horns appear in both chapters,
38:22 blasphemes God, it's a religious power,
38:25 that's in both chapters, we have persecuting the saints,
38:28 that is its political authority in both chapters,
38:31 and it maintains religiopolitical authority
38:33 for 1260 years and the issue is worship.
38:38 So this makes it absolutely crystal clear
38:42 that these two chapters
38:45 are speaking of this one entity,
38:48 this one all important entity.
38:51 Now, I want to share with you
38:54 something that is absolutely profound
38:56 that helps us to understand
38:58 that this power is being used
39:02 and will be used at the end of time
39:05 by Satan himself
39:07 in order to take onboard the prerogatives
39:09 that belong to Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ alone,
39:12 to take onboard the prerogatives of worship
39:16 that belong to Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ alone.
39:19 We will now take a look at ten incredible comparisons
39:24 between Jesus Christ and His ministry
39:27 and His authority and how Satan seeks to counterfeit
39:32 the prerogatives, the ministry
39:35 that belongs to Jesus Christ that he espoused in his time
39:39 here on earth with the power and the work of the antichrist
39:44 at the end of time.
39:46 It's almost as if Jesus Christ has a twin.
39:49 When you take a look at the comparison
39:51 between Jesus Christ and what the antichrist
39:55 seeks to do, and how Satan seeks to mirror the ministry
40:00 and the work of Jesus Christ.
40:02 This is absolutely incredible.
40:03 Notice these ten points
40:05 and just in case you're wondering,
40:07 I saw a number of these in the texts
40:09 but there are a number that I didn't see in the text
40:11 that I was blessed to gather and to gain
40:14 from a number of scholars
40:15 that are all seeing the same thing,
40:17 that are seeing this incredible comparison.
40:19 Notice these ten points.
40:21 I'll have them up on the screen.
40:23 Antichrist, a counterfeit for Jesus Christ,
40:26 as we read in 2 Thessalonians 2:3, 4,
40:31 earlier on.
40:32 The beast of Revelation 13 acts under the full authority
40:35 and power of the dragon, that is Satan.
40:38 We read about that in Revelation 13:4.
40:40 Jesus stated that He acted in the full authority
40:43 of the Father, Matthew 28:8.
40:46 Notice, point number two.
40:48 The beast comes up from the water
40:50 to begin his activity, Revelation 13:1,
40:54 Jesus comes up from the water to begin His ministry
40:58 and you can read about that in Luke 3:21-23.
41:02 Point number three, the beast resembles the dragon,
41:05 Revelation 12:3 and 13:1.
41:08 Jesus said, "He who have seen Me
41:10 has seen the Father,"
41:12 John 14:9.
41:13 Can you see these incredible comparisons?
41:17 It's incredible. Let's continue reading.
41:20 Point number four, the beast receives his power,
41:23 throne, and authority from the dragon,
41:25 Revelation 13:2, 4.
41:28 Jesus receives His power, throne, and authority
41:30 from the Father, Matthew 28:8.
41:33 Point number five, the beast rules for 42 months,
41:36 Revelation 13:5.
41:38 Jesus ministry lasted for approximately 42 months.
41:42 You can discover that in Daniel 9:24-27.
41:47 Point number six,
41:48 the beast was slain, Revelation 13:3,
41:51 Jesus was slain, Revelation 5:6,
41:55 and obviously the gospel accounts.
41:57 Point Number seven, the beast came back to life,
42:01 Revelation 13:3.
42:02 Jesus came back to life and was resurrected.
42:05 Point number eight, the beast receives worship
42:08 after his mortal wound is healed,
42:10 Revelation 13:3-4, 8.
42:13 Jesus received worship after His resurrection,
42:16 Matthew 28:17.
42:18 Point number nine, the beast was given
42:20 universal authority over the earth
42:22 after the healing of his mortal wound,
42:24 Revelation 13:7.
42:26 Jesus was given all authority in heaven and on earth,
42:29 Matthew 28:18 after His resurrection.
42:32 And finally, point number ten,
42:34 the beast seeks to win over all nations, tribes, tongues,
42:38 and peoples, Revelation 13:7.
42:41 Jesus seeks to win over all nations, tribes, tongues,
42:44 and peoples, Revelation 14:6.
42:47 So can't you see with me that this power
42:52 seeks the prerogatives that belong to Jesus Christ
42:56 and Jesus Christ alone?
42:58 The enemy has in such a fine way
43:03 brought about this counterfeit
43:05 in order to deceive the entire world
43:08 into worshipping him at the end of time.
43:11 As I have already pointed out at the very outset
43:14 and I want to share with you once again,
43:16 the final war at the end of time
43:19 will be over worship.
43:21 Over what? Over worship.
43:23 Who will you give your allegiance to?
43:27 The enemy is seeking to win your allegiance.
43:31 The enemy is seeking to win your worship.
43:34 And he seeks to do that through deception
43:37 and as we'll discover in an upcoming presentation,
43:40 also through coercion,
43:42 whereas Jesus seeks to win your allegiance,
43:45 Jesus seeks to win your worship
43:47 through love,
43:49 through kindness,
43:51 by giving you the choice.
43:53 At the end of time,
43:55 the final war will be over worship,
43:58 make no mistake about that.
44:01 The first war in heaven was over worship
44:03 when Lucifer wanted to be like God,
44:06 the Bible tells us in Isaiah 14:12-14.
44:11 He wanted to be just like God.
44:15 At the end of time, Lucifer, who is now Satan and the devil
44:20 will seek to be worshiped, will seek to receive
44:24 that which belongs to God and God alone.
44:26 The first murder was over worship
44:29 when Cain killed his brother Abel.
44:31 The final murder,
44:32 according to the Book of Revelation
44:34 will be over worship,
44:35 when those who worship the beast and his image
44:38 and receive his mark will persecute
44:40 the people of God,
44:41 who keep the commandments of Jesus
44:44 and have the faith of Jesus.
44:46 The ultimate war is over worship,
44:49 it is over allegiance, over allegiance.
44:53 Let's take a look at
44:56 Daniel 7:19, 20.
45:01 Daniel writes, "Then I wish to know the truth
45:05 about the other horn, that is this little horn,
45:08 which spoke pompous words."
45:10 Daniel wanted to know the truth.
45:13 He wanted to know the truth who this power was.
45:16 He wanted to know who this power was.
45:20 Do you want to know who this power is?
45:23 Does God want us to know who this power is?
45:25 Absolutely. God wants us to know the truth.
45:30 He has made it crystal clear.
45:31 He has revealed to us these ten identification marks
45:35 that make it absolutely crystal clear
45:38 who this power is, and there are many others
45:41 that we haven't had time to unpack in this presentation.
45:47 God wants us to know who this power is,
45:50 God wants us to know the truth, for Jesus said,
45:53 "You will know the truth and the truth will..."
45:56 Do what?
45:57 "The truth will set you free,"
45:58 John 8:32.
46:01 The beautiful truth that sets us free
46:03 from the deceptions of the enemy,
46:05 I want to know the truth.
46:07 I'm sure you want to know the truth.
46:09 I'm sure you out there, wherever you may be watching
46:11 want to know the truth and ultimately God wants us all
46:15 to know the truth.
46:16 So who is this power, who is this kingdom
46:18 that Revelation, that the Book of Daniel,
46:21 that the Apostle Paul in 2 Thessalonians 2
46:25 identifies as this antichrist power
46:28 that seeks to take over the prerogatives
46:31 that belong to God alone,
46:33 that is used by the enemy in order to receive worship
46:37 at the end of time.
46:38 This power is none other than the Church of Rome,
46:43 the Roman church state.
46:47 That's who this power is describing.
46:50 Now before we continue on, I need to make it
46:53 absolutely clear
46:56 that God here is identifying a system,
46:59 He's identifying a power, God is here
47:03 not speaking of the individuals
47:06 that are part and parcel of this system,
47:09 that are part of the Roman church.
47:11 Today, there are some 1.2 billion
47:14 Roman Catholics around the world.
47:18 Many, many, millions upon millions,
47:20 only God knows how many, who are sincere, who love God,
47:24 who follow Him to the best of their ability,
47:26 who know the scriptures and love the scriptures.
47:31 They are part of this church, they are part of the system.
47:34 God here is not speaking of the precious men and women
47:38 that make up the Roman Catholic Church.
47:41 God here is identifying a power,
47:44 a system that takes away from the prerogatives
47:47 that belong to God and God alone.
47:49 You see, God is not against people.
47:52 God has never been against people.
47:55 For Jesus Christ came into the world
47:57 to save sinners, isn't that right?
47:59 For God so loved the world, the people of the world.
48:03 But God exposes systems and powers
48:08 that Satan uses, don't miss that,
48:12 that Satan uses
48:14 in order to take onboard the prerogatives
48:18 that belong to God and God alone
48:22 and that ultimate prerogative is worship.
48:25 So God unveils, God reveals through the Book of Revelation,
48:30 through the Book of Daniel, through the rest of Scripture,
48:33 God reveals Satan's plans in order to deceive you
48:37 and may to deceive the world into receiving worship.
48:43 I'm an Australian. I'm proud to be an Australian.
48:46 I'm blessed to be born in this country.
48:48 But I'm not necessarily proud with what my ancestors did
48:53 to those who lived in Australia,
48:55 those who were here before we got here
48:57 and that is the aboriginal people.
49:00 If you're a German,
49:01 you may be proud to be a German,
49:03 but you are not proud, what that man Hitler did.
49:08 Today, there are Muslims all around the world
49:10 who are proud to be Muslims and they're beautiful people.
49:14 But they do not associate with terrorists,
49:17 they do not associate with ISIS and others
49:20 who in the name of God, in the name of their God,
49:24 commit these horrendous acts.
49:27 God loves people
49:29 and God is pointing out a system, a power
49:33 that takes over the prerogatives
49:35 that belong to God and God alone.
49:39 Now it's interesting when we take a look
49:40 at the Roman church state flag.
49:44 There you'll notice two keys, the keys of Peter.
49:48 One is gold, one is silver.
49:51 The gold one represents
49:53 the spiritual power of the church
49:56 and the silver one represents the political power
49:59 of the church.
50:01 So that's fascinating when you take a look
50:02 at even the flag itself,
50:05 it describes both the political and the spiritual power
50:08 of the Church of Rome.
50:11 Let's take a look at
50:13 these ten identification marks
50:15 and let's see if the Church of Rome
50:17 does fulfill each one.
50:19 It comes up amongst the ten kingdoms.
50:21 Indeed.
50:23 The Vatican is located there in Rome, in Western Europe.
50:26 It comes up after the ten kingdoms
50:27 are established.
50:29 Indeed.
50:30 The Church of Rome received its power in 538 A.D,
50:33 its political power from Justinian.
50:38 It is a small Western European Kingdom.
50:40 Indeed.
50:41 The Church of Rome, just over one hundred acres.
50:44 It uproots three kingdoms by the roots.
50:46 That's exactly what took place.
50:47 The Herulites, the Ostrogoths and the Vandals
50:49 were uprooted in order to make room,
50:52 in order to make way for the Church of Rome.
50:54 It had eyes like the eyes of a man.
50:55 Indeed.
50:57 It has a man at the forefront.
51:00 It speaks pompous blasphemous words against God.
51:03 Indeed.
51:04 The Church of Rome
51:05 claims that the pope is God on earth
51:07 and claims that it has the power
51:09 to forgive sins.
51:10 Number seven, it will be a great/different kingdom
51:12 from the other ten kingdoms and indeed,
51:15 that is exactly what we find that the Church of Rome
51:17 is a political as well as a spiritual power.
51:20 It intends or thinks to change God's times and laws.
51:23 And that is exactly what we have.
51:25 The Church of Rome, in its catechism
51:28 has deleted the second commandment
51:30 that deals with image worship and bowing down to images
51:35 and making images and has divided up
51:37 the tenth commandment into two.
51:41 It shall persecute God saints, and indeed.
51:44 Sadly, the Church of Rome
51:45 in the name of God down through the centuries
51:47 has persecuted millions of God's people.
51:51 It has religious and political authority
51:53 for 1260 years and that too is the case.
51:56 For the Church of Rome
51:57 ruled as a religiopolitical power
52:01 for 1260 years from 538 to 1798 A.D.
52:07 And we're going to take a look at that some more
52:09 in the next presentation.
52:12 Now what I have shared with you, my friends,
52:16 is not new to me.
52:18 This was shared by the Waldenses,
52:21 by Hugh Latimer, Ulrich Zwingli,
52:24 Philip Melanchthon, John Knox,
52:27 Thomas Cranmer, Nicholas Ridley,
52:29 Martin Luther, John Wycliffe,
52:32 William Tyndall, John Wesley,
52:35 John Calvin, John Huss and a host of others.
52:40 What I've shared with you
52:42 regarding this antichrist power,
52:43 this antichrist kingdom has been commonly established
52:48 by Christians, by the reformers down through the centuries.
52:53 Today, you won't hear this message
52:55 for obvious reasons.
52:57 But this is the truth.
52:59 The Bible points to this power that we have identified
53:02 as the Roman church state as the end-time antichrist
53:07 through whom the enemy will work
53:09 in order to receive worship,
53:11 in order to deceive the whole world
53:13 into worshipping him.
53:15 Now how does this prophecy end in Daniel 7?
53:19 Notice what we read in Daniel 7:26, 27.
53:24 "But the court shall be seated,
53:27 and they shall take away his dominion..."
53:29 That is this little horn power, this antichrist power.
53:33 "To consume and destroy it forever.
53:35 Then the kingdom and dominion,
53:37 and the greatness of the kingdoms
53:39 under the whole heaven, shall be given to the people,
53:41 the saints of the Most High,
53:43 His Kingdom is an everlasting kingdom,
53:45 and all dominions shall serve and obey Him."
53:49 So who is it that wins at the end of the day?
53:52 Is it Satan through the antichrist?
53:56 No.
53:57 At the end of the day, the Bible is clear,
54:00 God and His people will gain the victory.
54:04 God and His people will have ultimate dominion.
54:08 There will be no more deception.
54:10 There will be no more persecution.
54:12 God will rule and reign with His people forevermore.
54:17 God will establish His final kingdom
54:20 of love, justice, and mercy.
54:23 That is how this prophecy in Daniel 7 ends.
54:26 In fact, that is how the prophecy
54:28 in Revelation 13 ends.
54:30 It ends with God's people
54:33 standing tall on Mount Zion,
54:36 the place of victory, standing tall with Jesus Christ
54:42 in their midst, for they have overcome
54:45 through Jesus Christ.
54:46 They have been faithful to Jesus Christ.
54:48 They have worshiped Jesus Christ
54:49 and Jesus Christ alone.
54:51 And now they are saved forevermore.
54:54 You and I have an opportunity, my friends,
54:56 we have an opportunity to invite Jesus into our hearts
55:00 and into our lives.
55:01 I don't know about you,
55:03 but I want to worship Jesus Christ
55:05 and Jesus alone, amen?
55:06 Amen.
55:08 I want to worship Jesus Christ, I want to be faithful to Him,
55:10 and I thank God, through His Word,
55:13 through the Book of Revelation, that revealing book,
55:17 the unveiling book, the book that tells us
55:19 about Jesus and His plans for us and the enemy
55:22 and his plans for us.
55:23 I thank God that through the Book of Revelation,
55:26 we can know the truth, the truth that sets us free
55:30 in Jesus, the truth that enables us
55:32 to worship Jesus Christ
55:34 in spirit and in truth.
55:38 We want to thank God for His beautiful truth.
55:41 We want to thank God for what He has blessed us with
55:44 and we're going to close by praying and thanking God.
55:47 So let's just pause and pray as we thank God.
55:50 Father in heaven, we want to thank You
55:52 for Your Word, we want to thank You
55:54 that through the books of Daniel and Revelation
55:57 and many other passages in Scripture,
55:59 Father, You have revealed to us
56:03 the beautiful truth of how we can worship
56:07 Jesus Christ in spirit and in truth.
56:09 You have also revealed to us how the enemy will seek,
56:13 especially at the end of time, to take the worship
56:16 that belongs to Jesus Christ alone
56:18 and to receive that for himself.
56:20 Thank you, Lord, for Your Word.
56:22 We ask and pray that You will bless us
56:23 as we continue to spend time in Your Word,
56:26 as we continue to study Your Word.
56:28 May Your Word be that which is a lamp
56:32 unto our feet and a light unto our path today
56:34 and until Jesus comes, is our prayer in His name.
56:37 And everybody said amen and amen.


Revised 2018-08-29