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The Seal of God and the Mark of the Beast

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00:26 I'd like to welcome you all here
00:28 once again to End-time Apocalypse
00:31 as we dig deep into the Book of Revelation,
00:34 into the very heart of the Book of Revelation
00:36 to discover God's wonderful message for us all,
00:39 especially those of us
00:40 who are living at the very end of time,
00:43 at the climax of human history,
00:45 awaiting the soon return of Jesus.
00:48 This presentation I've entitled
00:50 The Mark of the Beast and The Seal of God.
00:54 So I want to welcome you all here,
00:55 I want to welcome those who are watching,
00:57 wherever you may be around the world,
00:58 a warm welcome to you,
01:00 and I pray that you'll be thoroughly blessed
01:02 through God's Word today.
01:04 As always, before we open up God's Word,
01:06 what do we need to do?
01:08 We need a prayer.
01:09 We need a prayer that the God that inspired this book,
01:12 the Bible, will also inspire us as we journey
01:15 through this all important subject together.
01:17 Let's pray.
01:18 Father in heaven, we ask and pray
01:20 that the Holy Spirit that inspired
01:22 the authors of the Bible will once again be present here
01:26 and that the Holy Spirit will illuminate
01:28 each and every scripture that will be shared,
01:31 so that the message may be clear
01:33 and may be convicting,
01:34 and ultimately it may draw us closer to Jesus,
01:37 for this is our prayer in His precious name.
01:40 Amen. Amen.
01:42 I want to share with you, right from the very outset,
01:45 that the Book of Revelation is filled with opposites,
01:49 many, many opposites.
01:50 And I have a number of them here up on the screen.
01:53 We have the lamb, that is Jesus Christ,
01:55 versus the dragon who is Satan.
01:57 We have the New Jerusalem versus Babylon.
02:00 We have the Holy Trinity on one side
02:02 and the counterfeit trinity on the other.
02:04 We have God's final message of love,
02:06 the three angels' messages
02:07 and then we have Satan's counterfeit,
02:10 the three frogs in Revelation 16.
02:13 We have the commandment keepers, God's people,
02:16 and then we have the commandment breakers.
02:18 We have the virgin, a symbol of God's church,
02:20 and then we have the harlot,
02:22 a symbol of the counterfeit church.
02:25 We have the bride and the lamb
02:26 and we have the harlot and the beast.
02:28 We have the saved that inherit the new earth
02:31 and we have the lost,
02:32 who is, sadly lost in the lake of fire.
02:35 We have those who inherit eternal life
02:37 as well as those who sadly perish
02:40 and suffer eternal death.
02:42 We have the righteous and the unrighteous.
02:43 We have the holy and the unholy.
02:45 And we have the seal of God and the mark of the beast.
02:47 So as you can see,
02:49 we have these two opposites in Revelation.
02:51 We have God's truth
02:52 and then we have the enemy's counterfeit.
02:55 And once again, we want to unpack
02:57 this all important subject today
03:00 of the mark of the beast and the seal of God,
03:03 an extremely important message, especially for those
03:06 who are living at the very end of time.
03:09 So as we continue together,
03:12 we're going to ask some all important questions.
03:15 And the first question is...
03:17 Let's take a look at the structure of Revelation.
03:20 I shared this in our previous presentation,
03:22 and we discover that at the very heart,
03:24 the very climax of the Book of Revelation
03:27 is Revelation 12 to 14.
03:31 This is where God focuses His attention,
03:34 especially for those
03:35 who will be living at the end of time.
03:37 We have the history of the Christian church
03:39 from the days of Jesus Christ
03:40 all the way to the end in Revelation 12.
03:44 The last verse of Revelation 12 describes out Satan
03:47 or describes who Satan in particular
03:50 hates at the end of time.
03:52 Revelation 13 describes how Satan seeks to destroy
03:55 God's people.
03:56 And then in Revelation 14, we have the response from God,
04:01 how He overcomes the enemy through His people,
04:04 who follow the Lamb wherever it goes,
04:06 share the three angels' messages,
04:08 God's everlasting love, and await the coming of Jesus.
04:12 So that's what we want to take a look at in this presentation.
04:15 We, once again, want to go to the Book of Revelation,
04:19 we want to go to Revelation 14,
04:23 and we want to take a look at this third and final message
04:27 that brings the world to a point of decision.
04:30 Notice what we read
04:31 in Revelation 14:9 and following.
04:35 "Then a third angel followed them,
04:37 saying with a loud voice,
04:38 'If anyone worships the beast and his image,
04:41 and receives his mark on his forehead or on his hand,
04:44 he himself shall also drink of the wine
04:47 of the wrath of God,
04:48 which is poured out full strength
04:50 into the cup of His indignation.
04:52 He shall be tormented with fire and brimstone
04:54 in the presence of the holy angels
04:56 and in the presence of the Lamb.
04:58 And the smoke of their torment ascends forever and ever,
05:01 and they have no rest day or night,
05:04 who worship the beast and his image,
05:06 and whoever receives the mark of his name.'"
05:08 And then verse 12, we have these words.
05:10 "Here is the patience of the saints,
05:12 here are those who keep the commandments of God
05:15 and the faith of Jesus."
05:17 So here we have God's final message
05:20 to the whole world.
05:22 It's the third angel's message that divides
05:24 the entire world into two camps,
05:26 those who are faithful to God
05:28 and keep all of His commandments
05:30 and those who worship the beast
05:32 and his image, and receive his mark.
05:36 Now the question is, would God tell us,
05:39 under no circumstances,
05:40 to worship the beast and his image,
05:42 and to receive his mark,
05:44 and then not make it abundantly clear
05:46 who the beast is, what the image is,
05:48 and ultimately, what the mark of the beast is?
05:50 Is that how God operates?
05:52 That's not how God operates.
05:54 God has never operated like that in all of Scripture.
05:56 God has always made it abundantly clear
05:59 what He invites His followers to...
06:02 What He invites His followers to do based on Scripture.
06:07 So we want to take a look at
06:11 who these three entities are.
06:14 The all important beast, what the mark of the beast is,
06:18 and what the image of the beast is.
06:19 You would have noticed in Revelation 14:9-11
06:23 that the beast, the image of the beast,
06:26 and the mark of the beast is mentioned
06:27 not once but twice.
06:29 At the very beginning of the third angel's message
06:31 and towards the end of the third angel's message.
06:34 Now you and I need to know what these three entities are
06:37 because this is speaking of those
06:39 at the very end of time,
06:40 and we'll look at that as we go along.
06:43 Now who is the beast?
06:44 In our last presentation,
06:46 we discovered that the beast represents
06:49 the Roman church state, the Roman papacy,
06:53 as it is also known,
06:54 this religiopolitical system that, sadly,
06:58 the enemy would use down through the centuries
07:01 and ultimately use in a grand way
07:04 at the end of time in order to bring deception,
07:07 in order to bring worship to the one
07:09 who is behind this system,
07:11 and that is the dragon as we discovered
07:13 from Revelation 13:4, and that is Satan himself.
07:18 So we have discovered that thus far.
07:20 Now once again, we need to make it abundantly clear
07:23 that God is here speaking of an institution,
07:25 He's speaking of a system that seeks to take away
07:28 from the prerogatives that belong to God
07:30 and God alone, and not the people
07:32 of this system.
07:33 Are we clear on that?
07:35 I made that abundantly clear in the previous presentation,
07:37 and if you haven't had an opportunity to view that,
07:40 I would encourage you to do that,
07:41 as that presentation sets the foundation
07:44 for this particular message
07:45 that we want to look at together today.
07:48 Now what is the mark of the beast?
07:51 That is our question for today,
07:53 that's the second of the three all important questions
07:56 there in the third angel's message.
07:58 Notice what...
08:01 Notice what many Christians believe.
08:03 Many Christians and non-Christians believe
08:05 that the mark of the beast is 666.
08:09 How many of you have heard that?
08:11 Okay.
08:12 Many believe that that is the mark of the beast,
08:14 666.
08:15 Well, that is not the mark of the beast.
08:17 I don't have time to unpack for you what 666 represents,
08:21 that we find in Revelation 13:18.
08:24 It's simply one more identifying mark
08:28 of this antichrist,
08:29 this beast power in Revelation 13,
08:32 but it is not the mark of the beast.
08:35 Now what is the mark of the beast?
08:38 If you go to Google, and you Google,
08:41 and you put in mark of the beast,
08:43 you'll discover that there are over 80 million hits.
08:47 Now how on earth is someone supposed to go through
08:50 all those websites
08:52 in order to determine the truth?
08:54 It's next to impossible, isn't that right?
08:56 I mean, how long would it take you?
08:57 How many lifetimes would you need to live
09:00 in order to go through all 83 million websites
09:04 that mention or speak of the mark of the beast?
09:08 Now is it possible for you and I
09:11 to understand the truth?
09:13 Do you think it's possible?
09:15 It is absolutely possible.
09:17 For we discover that those
09:18 who receive the mark of the beast, sadly,
09:21 that will be lost forever more.
09:24 God makes it abundantly clear what the mark of the beast is.
09:28 We have discovered that the beast power
09:30 is none other than the Roman church state.
09:33 So all we need to do is we need to ask
09:35 what is the mark of authority of the Church of Rome,
09:39 and there we will arrive
09:41 at what the mark of the beast is.
09:44 Does that make sense? Yes or no?
09:46 It absolutely does.
09:47 So let's find out
09:48 what the mark of the beast is.
09:54 Has God ensured that His end-time truth
09:56 is simple and clear?
09:57 The answer is obvious.
09:58 Absolutely indeed.
10:00 Notice what we read in chapter...
10:02 In Amos, the Book of Amos, 3:7.
10:05 "Surely the Lord God does..."
10:07 How much?
10:08 "Nothing, unless He reveals His secret
10:10 to His servants..."
10:11 Who?
10:13 "The prophets."
10:14 God does nothing, the Bible tells us,
10:16 that is of eternal significance to you and to me,
10:20 nothing that is of our eternal salvation
10:23 without first making it abundantly clear
10:26 just like any loving parent.
10:27 I'm a parent, many of you are parents,
10:29 there are those who are parents out there.
10:32 If there was something that was life threatening
10:35 in my home,
10:36 I would ensure my child knew about that, isn't that right?
10:39 I wouldn't keep my child in the dark.
10:43 I would make it abundantly clear
10:45 for the sake of my precious child.
10:47 We are the precious children of God.
10:50 There is an issue at the end of time relating to worship,
10:53 and as we have discovered in our previous presentation,
10:56 the central issue at the end of time is over worship.
10:59 What's the central issue over?
11:01 Worship. Who you will worship?
11:02 Will you give your allegiance to the Creator God
11:05 or will you give your allegiance
11:07 to the creature?
11:08 Jesus Christ or Satan?
11:11 They are the two choices at the end of time.
11:13 The issue is over worship.
11:15 It always has been from the very beginning of time
11:17 all the way through to the very end of time.
11:19 In fact, the two very central chapters
11:22 in the Book of Revelation, Revelation 13 and 14,
11:25 the word worship appears no less than eight times,
11:28 seven in reference to worshipping this beast power
11:31 that Satan uses to receive worship
11:34 and once for those
11:36 that will worship the Creator God.
11:39 Worship is the central issue.
11:41 And so God wants us to know,
11:43 that's why He makes it abundantly clear.
11:47 Did Jesus make it abundantly clear,
11:49 to those that would live in 70 AD,
11:53 when Jerusalem would be destroyed by the Romans,
11:55 the temple would be destroyed as to how they could escape?
11:58 Indeed, He did.
11:59 You read through the gospels,
12:00 and Jesus made it abundantly clear
12:02 how the Christians, His followers,
12:04 could escape before the Romans came
12:07 and destroyed the city,
12:09 and more than a million lives were lost.
12:12 And that is what we read in John 8:31, 32.
12:15 "Jesus says to those Jews who believed Him,
12:18 'If you abide in My Word, you are My disciples indeed.
12:21 And you shall..."
12:23 Do what?
12:24 "Know the truth, and the truth shall..."
12:25 What?
12:27 "Make you free.'"
12:28 God is in the business of sharing with us the truth,
12:31 and the Bible clearly tells us that His word is truth.
12:35 Jesus said in John 17:17, "Sanctify them by Thy word.
12:39 Thy word is truth."
12:40 Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life.
12:43 Jesus operates in the light,
12:46 the enemy operates in the shadows
12:49 and in the darkness.
12:50 If you and I abide in this book,
12:52 we have the promise that we will know the truth,
12:54 the truth that sets us free in Jesus Christ.
12:57 Notice this scripture
12:58 from the Apostle Peter in 2 Peter 1:19-21,
13:02 as to how we ought to relate to prophecy.
13:06 "And so we have
13:08 the prophetic word confirmed..."
13:09 Writes Peter.
13:10 "Which you do well..."
13:12 To do what?
13:13 "To heed as a light that shines in a dark place,
13:16 until the day dawns
13:17 and the morning star rise in your hearts,
13:19 knowing this first, that no prophecy of Scripture
13:23 is of any private interpretation,
13:25 for prophecy never came by the will of man,
13:28 but holy men of God spoke
13:29 as they were moved by the Holy Spirit."
13:32 So here we're told in the scriptures
13:34 that prophecy is not of private interpretation.
13:38 In other words,
13:40 you and I can only understand what the Bible is saying,
13:43 we can only understand
13:45 what the Book of Revelation is saying,
13:46 what the symbols and what the message
13:49 of the Book of Revelation is
13:50 when we allow scripture to interpret scripture.
13:53 Does that make sense? Yes or no?
13:55 There's no way we can understand
13:58 what the Bible is saying if we go to outside sources
14:03 and come up with our own ideas,
14:05 our own opinions in order to discover the truth
14:10 about what God is saying.
14:11 We must allow scripture to interpret scripture.
14:14 Scripture is not of private human interpretation.
14:18 So this day, as we take a look at this message,
14:22 we will allow scripture to interpret itself,
14:25 and by doing this, we will discover the truth
14:28 on this all important subject.
14:30 Notice as we go on.
14:32 Jesus shared, on a number of occasions,
14:35 that you and I can know the truth,
14:36 and the truth can set us free.
14:40 Revelation pictures two groups at the end of time.
14:43 As I've already pointed out, we discover that one group
14:46 has the seal of God on their forehead,
14:48 they are the saved.
14:50 The other group has the mark of the beast on their forehead
14:53 or on their right hand, and they are lost.
14:55 Now why does one group have the mark of the beast
15:00 on their forehead as well as on the hand?
15:02 Well, we'll discover,
15:03 not in this particular presentation,
15:05 but in the next presentation,
15:06 that the enemy seeks to receive worship through two means,
15:10 his two favorite methods are deception and coercion.
15:14 What where they?
15:15 Deception and coercion.
15:17 Those who will not receive him
15:21 and worship him willingly,
15:24 they will be forced through coercion.
15:27 And we're going to look at that in our next presentation.
15:29 Whereas, you can only receive the seal of God where?
15:32 In your forehead, only by choice,
15:35 only as an act of love and allegiance towards God.
15:39 So we want to take a look at these two groups
15:42 in this presentation,
15:43 the seal of God and the mark of the beast.
15:46 Those who receive the seal of God
15:48 cannot receive the mark of the beast.
15:51 If you have the seal of God,
15:54 you cannot receive the mark of the beast.
15:57 So what we want to begin is we want to take a look at
16:01 what is the seal of God
16:03 because if you receive the seal of God,
16:04 you cannot receive the mark of the beast.
16:07 It's impossible. They are two opposites.
16:10 Now where in the Bible do we find God's seal?
16:15 In particular, where in Revelation
16:17 do we find God's seal?
16:18 Notice what we read in Revelation 7:1-3.
16:24 "After these things I saw four angels standing
16:26 at the four corners of the earth..."
16:27 Writes John.
16:29 "Holding the four winds of the earth,
16:30 that the wind should not blow on the earth,
16:32 on the sea, or on any tree."
16:34 Here John is describing God about to let loose the winds,
16:38 and in particular,
16:40 for the pouring out of the seven last plagues.
16:43 And we discover from Revelation 16
16:46 that those who have the mark of the beast,
16:48 they receive God's seven last plagues
16:51 at the end of time when probation has closed.
16:54 That's what John here is describing.
16:57 Notice we continue on in verse 2.
17:00 "Then I saw another angel ascending from the east,
17:02 having the seal of the living God.
17:04 And he cried with a loud voice to the four angels
17:07 to whom it was granted to harm the earth and the sea, saying,
17:11 'Do not harm the earth, the sea,
17:13 or the trees till we have..."
17:15 Done what?
17:16 "Sealed the servants of our God..."
17:17 Where?
17:19 "On their foreheads.'"
17:20 So here we have God's servants,
17:23 those who are loyal to Jesus Christ,
17:25 those that have chosen to worship
17:27 the Lamb, Jesus Christ,
17:29 and they are sealed in their foreheads.
17:33 Now Revelation 14 continues
17:36 to paint this picture of those
17:39 who are faithful to God, those who are sealed,
17:42 those who do not receive the mark of the beast,
17:44 but instead, those who receive
17:46 the seal of God and are faithful to God.
17:48 Notice what we read in Revelation 14:1.
17:53 "Then I looked..."
17:54 Writes John.
17:55 "And behold, a Lamb standing on Mount Zion,
17:57 and with Him one hundred and forty-four thousand,
18:00 having His Father's name written..."
18:02 Where?
18:04 "On their foreheads."
18:05 So in Revelation 7,
18:06 we have God's people are sealed in their foreheads.
18:09 In Revelation 14:1, we have God's people receiving
18:13 the Father's name in their foreheads.
18:15 Now the seal and the name are synonymous.
18:19 A name in the Bible represents character.
18:23 Character.
18:24 And so this pictures a group of people at the end of time
18:28 who have the character of God.
18:30 These are individuals who were described,
18:32 a little later on Revelation 14,
18:34 as those who follow the Lamb wherever He goes.
18:37 They are completely sold out to Jesus,
18:40 they are faithful, they are loyal to Jesus.
18:42 They follow Him, they worship Him
18:44 no matter what the cost.
18:47 So who is this group of people?
18:50 That's what we want to take a look at in this presentation.
18:53 Let's ask another important question
18:55 as we seek to put the pieces together to discover
18:58 what the seal of God is,
19:00 and then we will easily understand
19:03 what the mark of the beast is.
19:05 What is the significance of having the seal of God
19:07 or the Father's name on your forehead?
19:10 Notice this scripture that we find in 2 Timothy 6:19,
19:14 where the Apostle Paul writes,
19:16 "Nevertheless the solid foundation of God stands,
19:19 having this..."
19:20 What?
19:22 "Seal." There's that word again.
19:23 "'The Lord knows those who are His..."
19:25 Let me just pause for a moment.
19:27 The Lord knows those who are His
19:29 because they have whose name on their forehead?
19:32 They have the Father's name on their forehead,
19:34 they have given their allegiance
19:37 to their Heavenly Father, to Jesus Christ,
19:39 they are safe and secure in His arms.
19:41 Let's continue reading.
19:43 "And, 'Let everyone who names the name of Christ
19:46 depart from iniquity.'"
19:48 Now I came across a devotional book
19:51 that I was reading from Dwight Nelson.
19:53 Dr. Dwight Nelson is also a pastor
19:55 there in the United States of America
19:57 in Pioneer Memorial Church, and in his devotional,
20:01 he points out the significance of a seal.
20:04 Notice these five points.
20:06 Firstly, a seal is significant in that it proves ownership,
20:11 it proves authenticity,
20:13 it proves that you have approval,
20:16 it's proof of irreversibility.
20:19 You remember King Darius?
20:21 He signed a decree whereby if anyone worshipped
20:26 any other god apart from the king for 30 days,
20:29 they would be thrown in the lion's den.
20:30 Do you remember that story in Daniel 6?
20:34 That law could not be changed,
20:37 it was the law of the Medes and the Persians,
20:40 it was sealed, it was irreversible.
20:44 In the same way when Jesus was buried,
20:47 that tomb received the Roman seal.
20:51 No one could open the seal because it had the Roman seal
20:56 on the tomb of Jesus Christ.
20:59 And number five, proof of likeness.
21:02 Ancient kings used cylindrical seals
21:06 to roll their likeness onto the soft wax,
21:08 so that all who would later see
21:11 the seal would recognize the likeness of the king.
21:13 I love that one because that tells me
21:16 that God's seal is placed on those individuals who,
21:21 more than anything else in this world,
21:22 want to be more like Jesus.
21:25 They want to be more like Christ in character,
21:29 in deportment, in everything,
21:32 they follow the Lamb wherever He goes.
21:36 Now what are the key ingredients
21:39 contained in a seal?
21:41 There are three key ingredients
21:44 that each and every seal contains.
21:47 An official government seal has these three elements
21:51 and they are the person's name,
21:54 their title, and their dominion.
21:58 These are the three elements that are all important
22:03 when it comes to a seal.
22:05 In fact, we have a seal on our currency,
22:10 on our Australian currency.
22:12 Here I have in my hand a one dollar Australian coin,
22:16 and on this one dollar Australian coin,
22:19 we have a seal.
22:20 It authenticates this as genuine currency.
22:25 And what do we have?
22:26 We have these three elements, we have the person's name,
22:30 we have their title, and we have their dominion.
22:34 And in the case of the Australian coin,
22:36 as you can see up there on the screen,
22:38 we have the name of the person,
22:42 who oversees this nation,
22:46 we are part of the Commonwealth Nations,
22:49 and we have the queen.
22:52 Her name, Elizabeth II,
22:55 her title is represented by what do you think?
22:59 By the crown, by the crown on her head,
23:01 she is the queen, that's her title,
23:03 and her dominion is Australia,
23:05 Australia is part of the Commonwealth.
23:08 We also have this seal
23:10 whenever the United States' President
23:12 or often, I should say,
23:14 when the United States' President stands up,
23:17 when he stands up, he stands behind a pulpit,
23:19 and on the pulpit, you may have seen,
23:21 is this seal, Seal of the President
23:25 of the United States of America.
23:28 Whether it be George Bush, whether it be President Obama
23:32 or whether it be Donald Trump, we have that seal.
23:35 Donald Trump,
23:37 president of the United States of America.
23:41 That's simply what a seal is.
23:43 A seal authenticates a document and a seal helps us to know
23:48 who the person is that is giving that seal.
23:53 Now where in the Bible do we find God's seal?
23:58 Now if God has told us,
24:00 and He has told us very clearly,
24:02 we have just discovered that from the Book of Revelation,
24:04 that God's people at the end of time will be sealed,
24:08 they will have the Father's name
24:10 written in their foreheads.
24:11 Now if that is so important, and it is
24:14 because this is a salvation issue,
24:17 you will either be saved and receive the seal of God
24:19 or you will be eternally lost and receive the mark
24:22 or the seal of the beast,
24:25 God will make it abundantly clear in His Word
24:28 where we are to find that seal,
24:30 and by finding the seal, it will be very simple
24:34 then for us to determine what the mark is,
24:36 what the mark of the beast is.
24:39 Well, we discover that
24:41 that the seal is found in God's Law.
24:45 Notice what we read here in Isaiah 8:16.
24:48 "Bind up the testimony..."
24:49 What's that next word?
24:51 "Seal..."
24:52 The what?
24:54 "The law among my..."
24:55 What?
24:56 "Disciples."
24:58 "Seal the law amongst my disciples."
24:59 In Revelation 14:3,
25:01 we have those who have the seal of God
25:04 and they are described as God's servants.
25:06 Do you remember that?
25:07 God's servants are His disciples.
25:09 And so the Bible tells us
25:11 that God's seal is to be found in His law
25:15 that His disciples keep.
25:17 Are we all on the same page?
25:18 So where do we need to go in order to find God's seal?
25:21 We need to go to His law.
25:23 We need to go to His law of love,
25:24 we need to go to the Ten Commandments.
25:27 Now as we have already pointed out,
25:29 the Ten Commandments are the very foundation
25:31 of God's government.
25:32 The Ten Commandments
25:34 are a transcript of God's very character.
25:36 You remember when Jesus was asked
25:39 what was the greatest law or what was most important?
25:42 What did He say?
25:43 "Love the Lord your God with..."
25:44 What?
25:46 "All your heart, soul, strength, and mind."
25:47 The first four commandments.
25:48 "And love your..."
25:50 What?
25:51 "Neighbor as yourself."
25:53 The last six commandments.
25:54 God's law of love is the very foundation
25:57 of God's government as I've pointed out,
25:59 it's the transcript of His character.
26:01 So let's go to the Ten Commandments
26:03 in order to find out where God's seal is.
26:07 So where in the Ten Commandments
26:09 do we find God's seal?
26:10 Of all Ten Commandments, there is only one commandment
26:13 that has those three elements.
26:14 Do you remember what those three elements were?
26:17 Name, title, and dominion.
26:19 Very good.
26:21 Name, title, and dominion.
26:22 And that commandment
26:24 is none other than the Sabbath Commandment,
26:27 the Fourth Commandment.
26:28 That's the only commandment
26:30 where you'll find those three elements of a seal.
26:33 The one who gives the law,
26:35 and that tells us who He is
26:37 based on the Fourth Commandment.
26:39 Let's take a look at it together.
26:40 In...
26:42 Sorry, in Exodus 20:11, we read these words.
26:45 "For in six days the Lord..."
26:46 There is His name.
26:47 "Made..."
26:49 There is His title. He's the creator.
26:50 "The heavens and the earth,
26:52 the sea, and all that is in them..."
26:53 That is His dominion.
26:55 And He did what on the seventh day?
26:57 "And He rested on the seventh day."
27:00 What's fascinating is that these words,
27:03 from the Fourth Commandment in Exodus 20:11,
27:07 are words that God shares with the entire world
27:12 at the end of time to worship Him as the creator.
27:16 And we find these words centered right there
27:20 in the very first angel's message
27:21 in Revelation 14.
27:23 Notice what we read in Revelation 14:7.
27:27 This is a message that needs to go to the entire world.
27:31 John writes, "Saying with a loud voice,
27:34 'Fear God and give glory to Him,
27:36 for the hour of His judgment has come,
27:38 and worship Him who made..."
27:40 What?
27:41 "Heaven and earth, the sea and springs of water.'"
27:43 This language that John is using here
27:46 in the Book of Revelation is taken directly
27:49 out of the Fourth Commandment, out of the Sabbath commandment.
27:52 Let's notice that the first angel's message
27:56 has the seal of God right there imbedded in it.
27:59 Notice.
28:00 I've given you
28:01 the Fourth Commandment that we have just looked at,
28:03 Exodus 20:11, above, and then below,
28:06 we have Revelation 14:7.
28:08 Notice.
28:09 "We fear God and give glory to Him, and worship Him..."
28:12 There is His name, referring to God.
28:14 "Who made..."
28:16 There is His title.
28:17 His dominion, "Heaven and earth,
28:18 the sea and springs of water.
28:20 So can you see that?
28:21 In the first angel's message,
28:23 we have God's truth as we have discovered,
28:27 and we have, in the first angel's message,
28:30 God' seal at the end of time.
28:33 In fact, we have God's seal at the end of time
28:37 right there at the very beginning of time
28:39 when God gave the Sabbath.
28:40 Let's go to Genesis 2:3.
28:43 And notice we find God's seal in the Sabbath blessing
28:47 that He gave in the Garden of Eden.
28:49 "Then God..."
28:50 There is His name.
28:52 "Blessed the seventh day and sanctified it,
28:53 because in it He rested from all His work..."
28:56 That is His dominion, heaven and earth,
28:58 the sea and the springs and all that is in them.
29:00 "Which God had created and..."
29:02 What?
29:03 "Made."
29:05 There is His title, He is the creator.
29:06 So we have God's seal placed at the very beginning of time
29:11 when God created this earth,
29:13 when He gave that blessing to Adam and Eve,
29:15 God's seal in the Ten Commandments,
29:18 God seal at the end of time.
29:20 Why is this so significant?
29:21 Because this helps you and I
29:23 to understand that we belong to God,
29:26 that we are created by God,
29:28 that we have been made in His image for His purpose,
29:33 and we have the opportunity
29:35 to have an intimate relationship with Him.
29:38 That is what the Sabbath is all about.
29:41 Notice what we read in Ezekiel 20:12.
29:46 The Sabbath is indeed the seal of God,
29:49 and it is made once again abundantly clear
29:52 in this scripture in Ezekiel 20:12.
29:55 God says, "Moreover I also gave them My..."
29:57 What?
29:59 "My Sabbaths, to be..."
30:00 A what?
30:02 "A sign between them and Me,
30:03 that they might know that I am the Lord
30:04 who sanctifies them."
30:06 The Sabbath was to be a sign between God and His people
30:10 in the same way that couples who get married
30:13 give one another a wedding ring.
30:15 Isn't that right?
30:16 What's a wedding ring?
30:17 A wedding ring is simply to openly share
30:22 with those around you that you belong to someone.
30:25 It's a sign, it's an outward sign.
30:27 In the same way, the Sabbath is God's sign
30:30 between Him and His people, and at the end of time,
30:32 Revelation describes it as God's seal.
30:35 Seal and sign serve in the same way,
30:38 they have exactly the same function
30:40 to describe God's people
30:43 and God's relationship with His people.
30:47 So how are we sealed?
30:49 Let's ask that all important question, how are we sealed?
30:51 Notice what we read.
30:53 We read in Ephesians 4:30, the Apostle Paul writes,
30:57 "And do not grieve the..."
30:59 Who?
31:00 "The Holy Spirit of God, by whom you were..."
31:02 What?
31:03 "Sealed for the day of redemption."
31:05 So who is it that seals us?
31:08 It's the Holy Spirit.
31:09 It's the Holy Spirit that seals us,
31:12 and the seal of God is the Sabbath
31:15 that through the Holy Spirit,
31:17 we receive that sealing and we receive that blessing.
31:25 If you keep all of God's Ten Commandments,
31:29 including the Fourth Commandment,
31:31 you cannot possibly get the mark of the beast.
31:36 Is that absolutely clear?
31:37 It is to me.
31:39 When I read my Bible, I discover the amazing truth,
31:44 the beautiful truth that if I,
31:46 by the grace of God and through His strength,
31:48 not to be saved, but because I have been saved,
31:52 am loyal to God and loyal to Jesus Christ,
31:57 and keep His commandments,
31:58 all ten of them including the one
32:01 that most of the Christian world
32:02 sadly have forgotten,
32:03 that begins with the word remember.
32:07 I am assured by, the grace of God,
32:10 that I will have the seal of God.
32:14 Have the seal of God.
32:16 It's God giving me that gift
32:20 as I show forth my allegiance to Him
32:22 and to His wonderful sacrifice.
32:24 Let me share with you Revelation 14:11,
32:27 I want to share with you something
32:28 that I only discovered a few years ago
32:29 as I was reading through Revelation 14:11.
32:33 Reading these words that we've looked at earlier.
32:36 "And the smoke of their torment ascends forever and ever.
32:38 And they have no rest day or night,
32:40 who worship the beast and his image,
32:42 and whoever receives the mark of his name."
32:44 I had read these words a number of times,
32:46 and one day, it hit me.
32:47 That those who worship the beast,
32:49 those who worship his image, those that receive the mark,
32:53 they have no what?
32:55 Rest.
32:56 No rest.
32:58 What is the Sabbath Commandment all about?
33:01 It's about rest, it's about resting in Jesus,
33:04 it's about resting in His salvation,
33:07 it's about realizing that I cannot do anything
33:10 to earn my salvation, nothing, and I rest in His grace,
33:15 and that is what the Sabbath is all about.
33:17 Sadly, those that have turned their back on their Creator,
33:21 that have turned their back on the Sabbath,
33:23 at the end of time, this will be the worship issue.
33:27 It will be over worship, it will be over the Sabbath.
33:30 They have no rest day or night.
33:34 What did Jesus say in Matthew 11:28?
33:37 "Come to Me, all you who labor
33:39 and are heavy laden, and I will..."
33:40 Do what?
33:41 "And I will give you rest."
33:43 "I will give you rest."
33:45 Does Jesus want to give rest
33:47 to His people at the end of time?
33:49 Indeed, He does.
33:51 Indeed, He does.
33:52 He invites us all to enter into His rest.
33:56 Hebrews 4 speaks of there remains
33:59 a rest for the people of God,
34:01 and that's in the continuous tense.
34:03 God invites each and every person
34:06 to enter into the rest that Jesus provides,
34:09 and the Sabbath is a symbol of that rest
34:12 in so many beautiful ways.
34:16 Notice what we read in Revelation 14:12.
34:19 Here are God's people,
34:20 those who are sealed at the end of time,
34:21 those who have entered into His rest.
34:24 "Here is the patience of the saints,
34:26 here are those who keep the commandments of God
34:30 and they have the faith of Jesus."
34:32 God will have people on planet earth
34:34 at the end of time,
34:36 who are faithful, who are loyal to God,
34:39 and keep all of His commandments.
34:41 You see, it's easy for you
34:44 and for me to say that I love God,
34:47 but loyalty is shown through obedience,
34:51 the highest form of the...
34:54 The highest form of loyalty that you can show
34:56 someone is obedience.
34:58 Isn't that right?
34:59 That's why Jesus said in John 14:15,
35:02 "If you love me..."
35:03 Do what?
35:05 "Keep My commandments."
35:06 When I got married, some 23 years ago,
35:10 I made a commitment to my wife.
35:14 There were wedding vows that were exchanged,
35:17 wedding vows of commitment, wedding vows of loyalty,
35:21 wedding vows, dare I use the word, of obedience.
35:23 Isn't that right?
35:25 Obedience is not a bad word.
35:27 Obedience is all about loyalty, it's all about commitment.
35:31 And God will have, at the end of time,
35:33 according to Revelation 14:12,
35:36 those who do not worship the beast or his image
35:39 or receive his mark, instead,
35:41 they are described as those who are loyal to God,
35:44 they keep the commandments of God,
35:45 and they have the faith of Jesus.
35:48 Two groups at the end of time, one group worship, sadly,
35:53 the dragon and receive his mark and the others worship the Lamb
35:59 and receive His seal.
36:01 So the question is,
36:02 and it's an elementary question,
36:05 what is the mark of the beast?
36:08 Now that we know that the seal of God is the Sabbath,
36:11 and we know that in Revelation, there are opposites,
36:15 countless opposites as we have already discovered
36:17 right at the very beginning of this presentation.
36:20 The opposite to the Sabbath is none other than what?
36:25 The first day of the week, Sunday.
36:28 That's the opposite to the Sabbath.
36:30 It's not difficult to find out.
36:32 You don't need to go to 80 odd million websites
36:34 in order to discover the truth, it's very simple,
36:37 and we receive all that from Scripture.
36:39 Now let's go a little bit further.
36:41 Notice what we have in Daniel 7:25,
36:44 where God, some 2,500 years ago,
36:47 predicted what would take place.
36:49 "He..."
36:51 That is this power that we identified
36:53 in our previous presentation as the Roman papacy.
36:56 "Would intend to change times and..."
36:58 What?
37:00 "Law."
37:01 God predicted
37:03 that this political religious institution
37:07 would seek to tamper with God's law,
37:09 and not only tamper with God's law,
37:11 but would seek to change God's very Ten Commandments,
37:16 His very Ten Commandments.
37:19 The commandments are clear, absolutely crystal clear,
37:23 written by God with His very own finger,
37:27 and yet, this institution would seek
37:29 to change God's Holy Law.
37:32 Holy law.
37:34 The Apostle Paul wrote about what would take place.
37:37 And notice what he wrote.
37:40 In 2 Thessalonians 2:3, 4, we read these words.
37:43 The Apostle Paul writes,
37:44 "Let no one deceive you by any means.
37:46 For that Day..."
37:47 Speaking of the coming of Jesus.
37:49 "Will not come unless the falling away comes first,
37:53 and the man of sin is revealed, the son of perdition,
37:56 who opposes and exalts himself above all that is called God
37:58 or that is..."
37:59 What?
38:00 "Worshiped..."
38:02 There is that word again.
38:03 "So that he sits as..."
38:04 Who?"
38:06 As God in the temple of God,
38:07 showing himself that he is..."
38:08 What?
38:10 "God." So there is a power.
38:11 And the Apostle Paul here is describing, sadly,
38:13 the apostate Christian church
38:16 that fell away from Bible truth apostasy, Apostasia.
38:20 And the Apostle Paul describes this power as the man of sin.
38:27 1 John 3:4 defines what sin is for us, one definition,
38:33 and that is that sin is what?
38:35 Lawlessness, breaking God's law,
38:37 tampering with God's law.
38:39 And that is exactly what we find
38:42 taking place down through the Christian...
38:45 Down through the centuries
38:47 by the apostate Christian church.
38:50 Notice what the church says
38:54 regarding the head of the church,
38:57 the bishop of Rome,
38:59 "The pope is of so great authority
39:02 and power that he can modify, change..."
39:05 Interesting language that we find in Daniel 7:25.
39:09 "Or interpret even..."
39:10 What?
39:12 "Divine laws.
39:13 The pope can modify divine law
39:15 since his power is not of man but of..."
39:17 Who?
39:18 "Of God."
39:20 And that's from the Catholic
39:21 Ferraris' Ecclesiastical Dictionary.
39:23 So the Church of Rome claims that it has the power,
39:27 that God has given it the power in order to change,
39:33 reinterpret even God's Ten Commandments.
39:37 That's exactly what we read in 2 Thessalonians 2,
39:40 that is exactly what God said, in Daniel 7:25,
39:44 would take place during the Christian era,
39:48 and we can see that.
39:49 And the church acknowledges that that is the reason
39:53 why it claims to change the law of God
39:56 because it has been given that power from God.
40:00 As we discovered in our previous presentation,
40:04 sadly, and this is the reality,
40:06 I have to share the reality as it is,
40:08 the truth is that that the Church of Rome
40:10 has committed blasphemy on two accounts.
40:14 Number one, claiming.
40:16 The claiming to be God on earth,
40:18 that's blasphemy according to Scripture.
40:21 And secondly, claiming to forgive sins,
40:24 which belongs to God and God alone.
40:26 So the Bible tells us that this would be the case,
40:30 and today, we have the evidence for that.
40:32 Notice this announcement that he has made.
40:38 This announcement is made in Latin.
40:40 Before I read it to you,
40:42 let me just give you the context.
40:44 When a new pope is elected, you have seen pictures,
40:48 they're on in St. Peter's Basilica,
40:52 they're up there on the veranda
40:54 or whatever it's called up there,
40:56 and they are introduced
40:57 before the world as the new pope.
41:00 You may remember that.
41:01 You've probably seen pictures of that I'm sure.
41:03 Well, when the new pope,
41:05 the new pontiff is welcomed onto the stage,
41:11 when he is introduced to the world,
41:14 these words, that I have that I have changed...
41:18 That I've put into English, are spoken in Latin.
41:22 Now I don't know what the words are
41:23 because they're in Latin and I don't speak Latin,
41:25 but these are the words that are spoken by the person
41:28 who introduces the pope.
41:30 And in this case, it was the last pope,
41:33 the current pope that we have that is Pope Francis.
41:35 Notice these words.
41:38 "I announce to you a great joy.
41:40 We have a Pope!
41:42 The Most Eminent and Reverend Lord, Lord,
41:46 Jorge Mario Bergogli,
41:48 Cardinal of the Holy Roman Church.
41:51 Jorge Mario Bergogli,
41:53 who takes to himself the name, Francis."
41:55 Did you notice in those words, "We have a Pope.
41:58 The most Eminent and Reverend Lord."
42:02 And not mentioned once about twice?
42:03 So right from the very outset,
42:06 as the pontiff is invited to lead
42:10 1.2 billion Roman Catholics,
42:13 he is introduced to the world
42:15 as Lord, the Eminent Lord.
42:19 Now that shouldn't surprise us because dignitaries,
42:22 politicians, presidents, kings and queens,
42:24 when they refer to the pope, they often will refer to him
42:28 as Holy Father or Your Holiness.
42:32 Those terms, Holy Father,
42:34 Your Holiness they belong to who alone?
42:36 To God alone.
42:37 That ain't belong to any mere mortal.
42:40 But the church claims
42:42 that the pope is God's representative
42:47 on earth,
42:48 and in that way, has all the prerogatives
42:52 that belong to God and God alone.
42:54 The last time I checked my Bible, Jesus said,
42:57 "I am leaving and I'm sending you My representative."
43:02 And He didn't say that His representative
43:04 would be Peter
43:05 and those who would succeed Peter,
43:07 but His representative would be the Holy Spirit.
43:09 Who would be the Holy Spirit
43:11 that Jesus would send in His name?
43:13 It would be the Holy Spirit.
43:14 Now Holy Spirit is the one that leads us into all truth.
43:18 No human being, no human institution
43:21 has the right to claim to be God on earth,
43:27 to stand in between humans and God.
43:31 Jesus Christ through His Holy Spirit
43:33 is our representative.
43:36 I have here in my hand The Convert's Catechism
43:41 of Catholic Doctrine.
43:43 It's a catechism that is used
43:45 to teach Roman Catholics
43:49 what the church believes, what the church teaches,
43:52 what the church practices, and it's also a document
43:55 that others can read in order to find out
43:58 what the church believes and teaches.
44:00 Notice this question and answer
44:03 that I found in this little booklet.
44:06 "Why do we observe Sunday instead of Saturday?"
44:09 The answer, "We observe Sunday instead of Saturday
44:12 because the Catholic Church transferred
44:14 the solemnity from Saturday to Sunday."
44:18 So the church is very open, very honest,
44:20 and I praise the Lord
44:21 that the church is open and honest,
44:23 I praise the Lord for that fact.
44:25 And does it make it right?
44:27 Certainly not.
44:28 But the church is at least open and honest.
44:30 And the church simply says the reason why
44:33 we observe Sunday the first day of the week
44:36 rather than Saturday the seventh day of the week
44:38 is because we change the day of worship
44:42 from the seventh day of the week
44:43 to the first day of the week.
44:46 What did God say in Daniel 7:25?
44:48 There would come a power that would seek to do what?
44:50 To change times and laws.
44:56 And so today, we are simply living out,
45:02 Christianity today is living out this change
45:05 that has taken place hundreds and hundreds
45:08 and hundreds of years ago, after the time of Christ,
45:11 after the time of the disciples.
45:14 Notice these words
45:17 from the Catholic Record of London,
45:19 Ontario, Canada, September 1, 1923.
45:23 "Sunday is our..."
45:25 What?
45:26 "Our mark of authority...
45:27 the church is above the Bible, and this transference
45:30 of Sabbath observance is proof of that fact."
45:36 The church openly states,
45:37 and that's from a church source,
45:39 the church openly states that
45:42 Sunday is that special mark of authority.
45:45 And you and I ought not to wonder
45:49 and be confused about that statement
45:51 because at the very heart of God's law is the Sabbath,
45:56 and at the very heart of God Sabbath
45:58 is His seal.
46:00 The Sabbath tells us
46:02 who gave the commandments of God.
46:04 The Sabbath tells us where we came from,
46:07 that we were created by our loving God.
46:09 The Sabbath tells us everything, who we are,
46:12 what we are, and ultimately, where we are going.
46:15 The Sabbath is God's final sign at the end of time.
46:21 Does anyone have the mark of the bass today?
46:24 That's a good question that I'm often asked.
46:27 After getting to this point in the presentation,
46:30 those who are worshipping on Sunday or have loved ones,
46:34 friends that worship on Sunday, they are very anxious,
46:39 and they ask this question,
46:41 "Do those who worship on Sunday today,
46:43 do they have the mark of the beast?"
46:46 What's the answer?
46:47 Well, the answer comes to us from the Book of Revelation.
46:50 Notice what we discover.
46:51 Revelation 13:16-17 will answer that question
46:55 by reading the scripture.
46:58 John writes, "He causes all..."
47:00 That is this power
47:03 that we're going to identify in just a little bit.
47:05 I almost did.
47:07 "Both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave,
47:10 to receive a mark on their right hand
47:12 or on their foreheads,
47:13 and that no one may..."
47:15 Do what?
47:16 "Buy or..."
47:17 What?
47:19 "Sell except one who has the mark
47:20 or the name of the beast, or the number of his name."
47:22 Revelation tells us that at the very end of time
47:24 just before Jesus comes, at the very end of time,
47:29 there will be those who will not be able to buy
47:35 and sell unless they have this mark of authority
47:40 that will be imposed worldwide.
47:42 And how will that happen?
47:43 We'll get to that in our next presentation.
47:47 Does anyone have the mark of the beast today?
47:49 The answer is what?
47:50 No. No. Why?
47:52 Because I worship God on the seventh day Sabbath,
47:55 and I can buy and I can sell.
47:57 Amen?
47:59 So if you can buy and sell today,
48:03 that means the mark of the beast
48:04 has not been imposed.
48:06 But the day is coming, the day is coming.
48:09 Revelation makes that abundantly clear,
48:12 when unless you are willing to go
48:15 with this new worldwide religious system
48:18 that will be established.
48:20 You will not be able to buy
48:23 or sell unless you set aside Sunday.
48:27 Now I don't know what that's going to look like,
48:29 the Bible doesn't tell us,
48:30 but the Bible simply says that Sunday will one day
48:36 become the sign of allegiance to this new worldwide system
48:42 that will seek to impose worship,
48:44 even at the cost
48:46 of not being able to buy and sell.
48:50 In fact, we're going to look at
48:52 what else will be instituted for those
48:55 who will not be able to buy and sell
48:57 in our next presentation.
48:58 But let's ask this question as we seek to land,
49:01 "Is there a growing call to set aside Sunday
49:03 as a special day for worship, family, and rest?"
49:07 Indeed there is.
49:09 Notice back in 1998, Pope John Paul II,
49:14 he put out this encyclical that had some 80 odd points,
49:19 a number of pages, and it was entitled Dies Domini
49:23 back on the 31st of May, 1998.
49:27 Dies Domini, Latin for the day of the Lord.
49:31 And in this encyclical, Pope John Paul II
49:34 stated the importance of keeping the Lord's Day holy,
49:38 for family, for rest, for relationships, for health,
49:42 and so on and so forth.
49:43 Notice how the encyclical begins.
49:46 Just reading to you that first point there.
49:48 "The Lord's day,
49:50 as Sunday was called from apostolic times..."
49:53 Let's just pause there for a moment.
49:55 I think our dear friend Pope John Paul II
49:58 got that awfully wrong
49:59 because the last time I read my Bible,
50:02 the Bible tells me that the Lord's day
50:04 is not Sunday from apostolic times,
50:06 the Lord's day,
50:08 according to the commandment, is what day?
50:09 It's the Sabbath day.
50:10 Jesus said in Mark 2:27, 28, "I am the Lord of the Sabbath."
50:16 The Sabbath is the Lord's Day,
50:17 and not the first day of the week.
50:20 Notice as we take a look at this growing insistence
50:25 to keep Sunday holy.
50:27 We have this news article that
50:30 I came across from the Vatican news source.
50:34 The title Pope...
50:36 This is from Pope Benedict.
50:38 "A family's right to work and Sunday rest."
50:42 Here's another one, this time from Pope Francis.
50:48 This is what he had to say back in July of 2014.
50:52 This was the title, "Keeping stores open on Sunday
50:55 is not beneficial for society, Pope Francis."
50:58 Notice these words underneath the subheading.
51:01 "Pope Francis says opening businesses on Sundays
51:04 is not beneficial for society
51:06 because the priority should be 'not economic but...'"
51:09 What?
51:10 "But human,' and that the stress
51:11 should be on families and friendships,
51:14 and not on commercial relationships."
51:17 The Pope Francis has been sharing
51:20 over and over again that what is important
51:22 at the end of the day is not profit but people.
51:26 Would you agree with that?
51:27 I would agree with that.
51:29 Families are disintegrating before our very eyes,
51:33 marriages are disintegrating,
51:34 people are under more and more stress
51:37 and anxiety chasing the almighty dollar,
51:40 and Pope Francis is saying we need to get back to Sunday
51:44 because Sunday worship,
51:46 Sunday rest brings families closer together,
51:49 it's good for the environment many will say,
51:51 where we set aside one day to reconnect,
51:54 one day to rest, one day to refresh,
51:57 and the day that is being put forth
51:59 over and over again is Sunday,
52:02 and it's not only from the Church of Rome.
52:05 Notice this.
52:07 This is from a website that I came across
52:09 the Lord's Day Alliance of the United States.
52:12 This is by a group of Evangelical leaders
52:16 and lay people that are seeking
52:18 to institute the Lord's Day
52:20 or Sunday for the entire nation,
52:23 for the entire United States.
52:25 Notice the title.
52:26 "Sunday as a..."
52:27 What?
52:29 "Mark of..."
52:30 What? "Of Christian Unity."
52:32 I found that fascinating.
52:33 "Sunday as a Mark of Christian Unity."
52:36 And the Bible indeed says that at the end of time,
52:39 Sunday will not only be a mark of Christian unity,
52:42 but Sunday will be the mark, the mark that will unite
52:47 the entire world in allegiance
52:49 and worship to not Jesus Christ,
52:53 but the antichrist, who, ultimately,
52:56 is being used by Satan himself.
52:59 It will be the mark at the end of time,
53:02 but not in a positive way.
53:04 This was another website that I came across,
53:06 Keep Sunday Special, and this is from England,
53:10 and there's a group of Christians there
53:12 that are seeking to keep Sunday special
53:15 for the sake of family, for the sake of health,
53:18 for the sake of financial well-being,
53:20 for the sake of getting our priorities back on track
53:25 because the truth is our priorities
53:27 have gone out the window.
53:28 Haven't they?
53:29 Especially, in the western world.
53:32 And the church, the churches, both Roman and Catholic,
53:36 and other Christian churches are coming together to seek
53:39 to bring about a way to get us all back on track.
53:44 Now "How will Sunday be enforced around the world
53:48 as a day dedicated to worship, family, and rest?"
53:54 We're going to take a look at that
53:55 in our next presentation
53:57 when we take a look at the United States' role
54:00 in Bible prophecy.
54:02 The United States of America will play the leading role
54:07 in enforcing Sunday as the day of rest,
54:11 Sunday as the day of allegiance to the enemy.
54:15 The United States of America will take that leading role.
54:20 It's sad to even think about, let alone to contemplate,
54:24 let alone read from Revelation that this will be the case.
54:28 This nation that God has blessed more than
54:31 any other nation, upon whom the sun shines.
54:34 This nation that has been blessed beyond measure,
54:37 this nation that has begun on the right foot,
54:40 on the right platform
54:41 will sadly turn its back on Jesus Christ,
54:45 turn its back on its foundations
54:47 that it was established on.
54:48 We're going to take a look at that
54:50 in our next presentation,
54:52 how the United States will lead the world in bringing
54:56 about that final issue of worship to ahead,
55:01 that issue between the people of God,
55:04 who receive the seal of God, who worship God
55:07 according to His ways, according to His laws,
55:09 according to His Word, and honor and keep the Creator
55:13 by honoring the Sabbath day
55:15 that He has given as a memorial of His creation,
55:18 and that group of people,
55:19 who will choose to turn their backs on the Creator
55:22 and will instead worship the creature
55:25 rather than the Creator.
55:26 I want to finish off with this scripture
55:28 in John 14:15, where Jesus says,
55:32 "If you love Me, keep My..."
55:33 What?
55:35 "Keep My commandments." It's all about love.
55:37 "If you love Me, keep My commandments."
55:40 Today, Jesus is inviting us, those of us who are here,
55:44 He is inviting you, wherever you might be,
55:47 He is inviting us all
55:50 to show our loyalty to Jesus Christ
55:54 by worshipping Him on the day
55:56 that He has set aside for worship,
55:58 the seventh day, the Sabbath day,
56:00 by keeping His commandments, His commandments of love.
56:04 What are His commandments?
56:06 His commandments are commandments of love.
56:11 I want to thank God for His Word,
56:13 I want to thank God that He has made
56:14 it abundantly clear what His truth is.
56:17 That in this presentation, through God's Word,
56:20 not through what I have said, but through what God
56:23 has said in His Word, as we have compared
56:25 scripture and scripture, we have discovered
56:27 the wonderful truth of God,
56:30 and His plans for us,
56:31 and how we can be sealed for evermore,
56:33 and enjoy eternal presence with Him.
56:36 Let's pray together.
56:38 Father in heaven, we want to thank You
56:39 so much for Your Word.
56:41 We thank You so much that at the end of time,
56:43 when the deceptions are greater than
56:45 they have ever been,
56:46 You have given us the sure word of prophecy
56:49 that helps us to know and understand
56:52 how we can remain faithful and loyal to You
56:55 in the midst of deception, in the midst of coercion,
56:58 in the midst of everything the enemy will throw at us.
57:03 I pray that You will bless us, keep us close to Jesus,
57:05 keep us in His Word,
57:07 and we pray all this in the precious name of Jesus.
57:10 And everyone said amen.


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