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00:26 I'd like to welcome you all to Focus on God's Word.
00:30 And it's great to see you all here again
00:34 as we plunge into another message in End-Time Apocalypse.
00:40 Today's message of entitled God's Final Call.
00:45 And for those who are here a warm welcome to you
00:47 as well as for those who are watching
00:49 around the world wherever you may be
00:51 glad that you can join us as we open God's Word together.
00:55 And in particular we are going to the Book of Revelation,
00:58 the Apocalypse as it is also known
01:01 that reveals Jesus Christ
01:04 in all His beauty, in all His fullness,
01:06 and reveals the wonderful truth
01:08 that Jesus Christ has especially for those
01:10 that will be living prior to His second coming.
01:13 We have been looking
01:15 at the very heart of the Book of Revelation
01:18 for those that have been here
01:19 or those that have been watching
01:21 during the past three episodes in the six part series
01:23 we have been going to the very heart
01:25 of Revelation to Revelation 12-14
01:28 where God in a very special way
01:30 shares with those at the end of time
01:33 the great issues that will prepare
01:36 the people of God, those who choose Jesus Christ
01:39 to be ready for His soon return.
01:42 So today we want to take a look at
01:44 one more all important message
01:46 in the final message of God's love,
01:49 the three angles messages in Revelation 14.
01:53 Now I don't know about you,
01:54 but I have been to the airport a number of times.
01:58 You have seen this screen at the airport,
02:01 I'm sure final call, final boarding.
02:05 Anyone here missed the plane? Okay.
02:08 You have missed the plane, Will.
02:10 I have almost missed the plane
02:12 on several occasions, but not quite,
02:14 but when you're at the airport you see people scampering
02:17 and running to the gate to get to the plane.
02:20 And the plane generally doesn't wait, does it?
02:22 Unless you're very important, it doesn't wait.
02:24 Those doors shut and if you miss it out on the plane
02:28 for whatever reason, it's just too bad,
02:30 so sad, you have to wait for the next plane.
02:32 However, in Revelation we have God's final call
02:36 and there isn't another plane coming,
02:38 there is only one opportunity to get on board
02:41 to get on board and make it to the New Jerusalem
02:44 with Jesus Christ, our Lord.
02:46 So today we want to take a look at
02:47 Revelation's final call,
02:49 Revelation's last appeal is another way of looking
02:53 at this all important subject.
02:55 And before we begin and before we open up God's Word,
02:57 what do we need to do?
02:59 We need to pray we need to ask God
03:01 to bless our time together in His Word.
03:03 So let's pray.
03:04 Father, in heaven, once again
03:06 it's a privilege for us to open up Your Word.
03:09 And especially to take a look at these all important
03:14 three angles' messages that You have given to the world
03:18 in order to prepare people who are ready for Your coming.
03:22 So Father, as we open Your Word,
03:24 open our hearts and our minds that we may be willing and able
03:27 to understand the message that You have for us
03:30 for this is our earnest pray in Jesus' name we pray.
03:33 Amen, amen.
03:35 Once again, we are going to the Book of Revelation,
03:38 we're going into the very heart of Revelation,
03:40 we're going to the three angels' messages of Revelation.
03:43 And I thank God that He has established,
03:47 He has divinely established 3ABN
03:50 or Three Angels Broadcasting Network,
03:53 that is broadcasting God's final message of love
03:56 to the world around the world.
03:57 And today in these three angles' messages
04:00 we want to go to the second angel's message.
04:04 Before we take a look at the second angel's message,
04:07 you'll notice that
04:08 we have looked at the first angel's message
04:10 that deals with worshipping the creator following God's truth.
04:14 We have also unpacked the third angel's message
04:16 which is all about choosing who we will worship
04:19 whether it's the creator, Jesus Christ,
04:21 so the created one, ultimately Satan,
04:24 the commandments of God and the traditions of man.
04:27 But today in particular
04:28 we're going to take a look at the second angel's message
04:31 where God exposes Satan's deceptions.
04:35 And I've shared with you that God divinely inspired me,
04:39 impressed me some time ago, someone asked me
04:42 where did you come up with a summary
04:44 of the three angels' messages in six words.
04:47 And I shared that God gave that to me.
04:50 So I take no credit for that.
04:51 But here are the three angels' messages
04:53 summed up in six words, easy to remember.
04:56 We have the first angel's message
04:57 where God shares His truth,
04:59 the second angel's message
05:01 where God exposes Satan's lies,
05:03 and in the third angel's message God says it what?
05:06 Your choice either to accept My truth
05:09 or to accept Satan's lies, your choice.
05:12 Today we want to take a look at the second angel's message
05:16 where God in a very special way exposes Satan's lies.
05:21 Notice these words that we find in Revelation 14:8,
05:26 "And another angel followed, saying,
05:28 'Babylon is fallen, is fallen, that great city,
05:32 because she has made all nations drink of the wine
05:35 of the wrath of her fornication."
05:36 This is the second angels' message.
05:39 And God here clearly identifies a system
05:42 that He refers to as Babylon, as what?
05:45 As Babylon and we'll discover what Babylon means
05:48 and what Babylon is the symbol of.
05:51 You remember there are two cities
05:53 in the Book of Revelation
05:54 we looked at that on a previous occasion
05:56 is the New Jerusalem that represents the City of God,
05:59 that the people of God will inherit.
06:01 And then we have Babylon
06:03 that represents the city of Satan
06:05 and sadly those that have chosen
06:07 to align themselves with him
06:09 and the city that they will inherit.
06:12 And so we want to take a look at Babylon.
06:15 In Revelation 18:2, we have a repetition
06:19 of the second angel's message from Revelation 14:8.
06:22 Notice these words,
06:24 "And he cried mightily with a loud voice, saying,
06:26 'Babylon the great is fallen... is what?
06:28 "Is fallen and has become a dwelling place of demons,
06:31 a prison for every foul spirit,
06:33 and a cage for every unclean and hated bird!
06:36 For all the nations...
06:38 How many of the nations?
06:39 "All the nations have drunk of the wine
06:41 of the wrath of her fornication,
06:42 the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her,
06:46 and the merchants of the earth have become rich
06:48 through the abundance of her luxury."
06:51 So notice here in this message we are told very clearly
06:54 that the kings of the earth
06:55 that is the political leaders have been taken in by Babylon,
06:59 not just the political leaders, but the merchants.
07:02 The economy is saturated with the principles of Babylon.
07:05 So but the political
07:07 and the economic system of the world is full
07:12 and because it has taken on board
07:14 the principles of Babylon.
07:16 Let's continue reading.
07:18 "And I heard another voice from heaven saying,
07:20 'Come out of her," what? "My people."
07:23 So God has His people in Babylon.
07:25 Notice, "Lest you share in her sins,
07:28 and lest you receive of her plagues.
07:30 For her sins have reached to," where?
07:33 "To heaven, and God has remembered
07:34 her iniquities or her sins."
07:37 God makes that abundantly clear
07:39 that Babylon is fallen, is fallen,
07:42 and Babylon will ultimately be destroyed.
07:46 In fact, Revelation 19
07:48 describes the second coming of Jesus
07:50 after the destruction and the fall of Babylon
07:53 which we want to take a look at today.
07:56 Now as we continue to take a look at
07:58 this all important subject of Babylon,
08:00 we discover that God says come out of her My people.
08:04 Now when I think of those words that come from heaven,
08:07 I can't help but think of John 10:27,
08:11 where Jesus Himself said, "My sheep hear," what?
08:14 "My voice, and I know them, and they do," what?
08:17 "They follow Me."
08:18 So there is a voice that comes from heaven, John records.
08:22 And that voice is crying out in a mighty loud voice.
08:27 The words there are megaphone in the original Greek.
08:30 So it's a megaphone voice that God is using
08:34 to share a message with His people
08:36 that are currently in Babylon.
08:39 And He says, "Come out of her My people."
08:43 Jesus says, "My sheep hear my voice.
08:46 And they know Me, and they follow Me."
08:49 Could it be that voice that comes directly from heaven,
08:54 we're not told that that voice comes from an angel.
08:56 Could it be that that voice is none other than
08:59 the voice of Jesus Christ?
09:02 Who else let me ask you,
09:04 who else is able to say
09:07 my people more so than Jesus Christ Himself.
09:12 Who is the one?
09:13 Who is the one that purchased us with His blood?
09:16 It's Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ.
09:19 Could it be that He is the one
09:20 crying out with a loud voice from heaven saying,
09:24 "Come out of Babylon, My people, My people."
09:28 So let's ask the question,
09:30 who or what represents Babylon?
09:34 Notice what we discover in Isaiah 14:4
09:38 "Who is at the very heart of Babylon this fallen system.
09:43 Take up this proverb against the king of Babylon and say..."
09:46 This is God speaking now to Isaiah.
09:50 "How the oppressor has ceased, the golden city ceased!"
09:54 The king of Babylon...
09:56 Now, who is God speaking of
09:58 when He speaks of the king of Babylon
10:01 here in Isaiah 14:4.
10:04 As we continue reading in Isaiah,
10:07 notice what we discover in verse 12
10:09 who is this king of Babylon in an ultimate sense.
10:13 Isaiah 14:12 we read these words,
10:16 this is God speaking,
10:17 "How you are fallen from heaven, O who?"
10:20 "O Lucifer, son of the morning!
10:22 How you are cut down to the ground,
10:25 you who weakened the nations!"
10:26 So who is the ultimate king of Babylon?
10:30 It's a Lucifer
10:31 who became the devil and Satan, the Bible says.
10:35 And so here we have the ultimate king of Babylon
10:39 and that is none other than Satan himself.
10:42 However, as we will discover Satan has used
10:47 and is using systems, human systems
10:50 in order to receive worship, in order to receive what?
10:54 Worship,
10:55 for we have discovered over and over again
10:57 that the central issue in the Book of Revelation is worship.
11:00 In fact the central issue in the entire Bible
11:04 from Genesis to Revelation is worship.
11:07 The central issue at the end of time
11:09 will center around worship.
11:11 Who you will worship?
11:13 Whether it will be Jesus Christ,
11:15 our Creator and Savior,
11:16 or whether it will be the enemy of our souls
11:20 and that is the devil and Satan worship.
11:24 So at the end of time
11:26 we'll discover that the enemy uses this system Babylon
11:30 and will discover from the Bible
11:32 what this system Babylon is at the end of time
11:35 in order to deceive the world into worshipping him.
11:40 Let me share this with you.
11:41 Babylon represents rebellion against God,
11:47 persecution against God's people,
11:49 and a counterfeit system of worship
11:52 that Satan has established in order to usurp worship
11:56 that belongs to God alone."
11:58 That is Babylon in a nutshell,
12:01 and Satan has always worked through a front man,
12:05 he has always worked through a system or a power
12:08 in order to deceive right from the very beginning of time.
12:12 Satan used the serpent in order to deceive Eve.
12:15 Isn't that right?
12:16 So he has always used a front man,
12:20 he never comes out in the open.
12:22 In fact the Bible says, Paul writes
12:25 that Satan can appear as an angel of what?
12:28 As an angel of light in order to deceive.
12:31 And that's how deception work, a con man or a con woman
12:35 doesn't come out in the open, do they?
12:38 They look slick, they look lovely,
12:40 they look very fine on the outside,
12:42 but on the inside they are sinister
12:45 and they are deceptive to the very core,
12:47 isn't that right?
12:48 That's exactly how deception works.
12:51 Now let's just take a brief look at
12:53 how Satan has used the system of Babylon,
12:56 the system of confusion, rebellion
13:00 and ultimate persecution against God and His people
13:04 during the past, during the ages
13:08 from the very beginning of time.
13:09 Let me just put up for you a number of points
13:11 Babylon from Genesis to Revelation.
13:13 At the very beginning we've got the Tower of Babel.
13:16 The Tower of Babel.
13:18 That's where the word Babylon comes from,
13:21 from the Tower of Babel immediately after the flood.
13:25 And that's where God confused the languages,
13:27 that's why we have so many languages today in the world,
13:30 it all comes from the Tower of Babel.
13:32 And in fact the word babble or babbling
13:36 comes from Bible and Babylon.
13:38 When you're babbling, you don't know
13:39 what you're saying isn't that right?
13:41 When a baby is babbling,
13:42 no one knows what the baby is saying
13:44 except for the mother, isn't that right?
13:45 That's absolutely right.
13:47 And so, Bible represents confusion.
13:51 And then we have Nebuchadnezzar
13:53 and the ancient city of Babylon.
13:56 And you remember Nebuchadnezzar,
13:58 he is the one who was the brilliant architect
14:01 behind the city of Babylon,
14:03 and he is the one in Daniel 4 who says,
14:06 "Is not this great Babylon that all I have built
14:10 by my mighty hand, for my splendor."
14:12 And so Babylon at the very heart of Babylon is pride,
14:16 is arrogance, it's lifting oneself up,
14:20 that is Babylon.
14:23 We have Pagan Rome as Babylon.
14:25 We have Peter in the Book of 1 Peter 5:13.
14:31 There Peter, he describes
14:34 the saints in Rome as living in Babylon.
14:38 So Pagan Rome was a symbol of Babylon.
14:42 And Pagan Rome persecuted the people of God,
14:44 isn't that right?
14:45 Pagan Rome persecuted the people of God.
14:47 So once again these themes of persecution,
14:50 these themes of deception, these themes of arrogance,
14:54 they all come through
14:56 and they are all describing this fallen system of Babylon
15:00 who has as its ultimate king, who?
15:03 Satan.
15:05 Satan is the ultimate king of Babylon
15:07 that works through these human systems.
15:09 And so we come to Babylon in the end-time,
15:14 Babylon in the end-time.
15:17 Now, do we find a clear description of Babylon
15:20 at the end of time in the Book of Revelation?
15:23 Indeed we do.
15:25 We have this woman
15:26 that is adorned with gold and pearls,
15:29 she has a cup in her hand
15:31 that we discover in Revelation 17,
15:34 a golden cup filled with abominations
15:37 that she shares with the nations,
15:39 she is dressed in purple and scarlet,
15:42 and she is riding this scarlet beast
15:44 that has seven heads and ten horns.
15:47 We have come across this kind of beast before, haven't we?
15:51 In Revelation 12, and Revelation 13,
15:55 and Revelation 17.
15:56 And what encourage you to go home.
15:59 Well, those who are watching, wherever you may be watching,
16:02 open up your Bible to the three descriptions
16:04 of this seven headed beast with ten horns
16:08 in Revelation 12, Revelation 13,
16:10 and Revelation 17.
16:11 And you'll discover that
16:12 there are minor differences between the three,
16:15 minor differences between the three.
16:17 I won't tell you what they are.
16:18 I want you to go home and find that out for yourself.
16:20 But what does that tell me?
16:22 That tells me that this power is essentially the same,
16:25 but works in lightly different ways
16:29 at different periods of earth's history.
16:32 Very, very interesting.
16:34 Now as we take a look at this woman
16:37 that is riding this scarlet beast,
16:39 we have this description
16:41 in Revelation 17:1 and onwards.
16:44 John writes, "Then one of the seven angels
16:47 who had the seven bowls came and talked with me..."
16:50 That is the seven bowls filled with the seven last plagues,
16:53 God's wrath.
16:55 "Saying to me, 'Come, I will show you
16:57 the judgment of the great harlot
16:59 who sits on many waters with whom
17:01 the kings of the earth committed fornication,
17:03 and the inhabitants of the earth were made drunk
17:05 with the wine of her fornication.
17:08 So he carried me away
17:10 in the Spirit into the wilderness.
17:11 And I saw a woman sitting on a scarlet beast
17:14 which was full of names of blasphemy,
17:16 having seven heads and ten horns.
17:19 The woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet,
17:22 and adorned with gold and precious stones and pearls,
17:24 having in her hand a golden cup full of abominations
17:27 and the filthiness of her fornication."
17:30 Verse 5, "And on her forehead a name was written: Mystery,
17:34 Babylon the," what?
17:35 "Babylon the great, the mother of Harlots,
17:38 and of the abominations of the earth."
17:41 And verse 6, "I saw the woman, drunk
17:44 with the blood of the saints
17:45 and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus.
17:47 And when I saw her, I marveled with great amazement."
17:51 So here is John and he sees this vision
17:55 of this woman that is riding this scarlet colored beast.
18:01 And the Bible says, he wonders with great amazement.
18:05 He understands what is taking place
18:08 to a degree at least because he understands
18:11 the symbols that God is employing here
18:15 because those symbols are found in the Old Testament.
18:18 The Old Testament that John is very familiar with.
18:20 And so he is picking up a picture
18:23 of what is taking place.
18:24 And it's not a very pretty picture indeed.
18:28 He discovers that this woman
18:32 that represents the church
18:35 has become corrupt, extremely corrupt
18:38 that now she is described as a harlot.
18:42 But I don't want to get ahead of myself,
18:44 so we want to unpack what these symbols all are
18:47 but before we do that, let's ask another question
18:50 as we seek to understand
18:53 who or what Babylon constitutes at the end of time.
18:56 So let's ask the question, who is the scarlet harlot
18:59 and the scarlet beast?
19:01 Answer.
19:03 In Revelation 17:18, we have the answer.
19:06 "And the woman whom you saw is that," what?
19:10 "That great city, speaking of Babylon,
19:12 which reigns over the kings of the earth."
19:17 Notice, the woman is riding the beast.
19:21 What does that tell us?
19:22 That tells us that the woman is in control.
19:26 The woman is in control.
19:28 So we'll discover that this woman
19:30 represents a church.
19:32 And this church, this religious system
19:34 is in charge of the beast
19:36 and the beast represents the kingdoms of this world,
19:40 seven heads and ten horns, ten being a complete number,
19:45 a number that represents the entire globe,
19:48 all the kings and the kingdoms of this world.
19:51 And so this religious power is in control
19:56 of the political systems of this world.
20:00 Now the truth is at the end of time,
20:05 Satan will seek to receive worship
20:07 from all the inhabitants of the world
20:10 through his end-time system of Babylon,
20:13 that great harlot that receives
20:15 her influence and power from the beast
20:19 or from the nations of this world.
20:23 Now who does the scarlet harlot represent?
20:27 The scarlet harlot represents
20:29 none other than the Roman church-state.
20:33 The Roman church-state
20:35 is a symbol of this scarlet harlot
20:38 in Revelation 17.
20:40 Now we have already looked at this in the past,
20:42 we've discovered that the antichrist
20:45 of Bible prophecy is none other than the Roman church-state.
20:49 This definition or this truth concerning
20:55 the scarlet harlot
20:56 is not new to Christians today or Christian scholars today.
21:00 This is something
21:01 that was believed by the reformers
21:03 for hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years.
21:06 The reformers like Martin Luther,
21:09 and John Hus, and Wycliffe, and Zwingli,
21:13 they all read Revelation 17
21:17 and they all came to the conclusion
21:19 based on the symbolism, based on the evidence,
21:23 Revelation 17 pointed to none other
21:26 than the apostate Christian Church
21:29 of the Dark Ages,
21:30 or the Roman church-state
21:32 as she is now known or the Roman papacy.
21:36 So let's take a look
21:38 if the description here in Revelation 17
21:41 does indeed fit the Roman papacy
21:45 as the final fulfillment of Babylon
21:48 that the enemy will use at the end of time
21:52 in order to receive worship from the entire world.
21:55 That's what we need to know.
21:57 And by the way before we continue,
21:59 there may be some
22:00 that are watching this for the very first time
22:02 and you haven't had a chance to catch up
22:03 on the previous three episodes where we have set a foundation
22:07 for the subject that we're looking at today.
22:10 I want to make it crystal clear that when God,
22:13 when God points the finger
22:16 or when God pinpoints a system,
22:19 He is indeed doing that, a system.
22:22 God is not here speaking against
22:25 Roman Catholic Christians around the world.
22:28 That number over one billion around the world.
22:31 God here is not against, speaking against people,
22:34 but God is against systems, against powers
22:38 that take away from the prerogatives
22:40 that belong to Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ alone.
22:42 Amen?
22:44 And I too, I am not against people,
22:46 I love all people, Christians, Muslims,
22:49 Hindus, Buddhists, atheists, New Ages, agnostics,
22:54 you name them I love them all because Jesus said,
22:58 we ought to love everyone, isn't that right?
23:00 And Jesus loved and loves
23:03 every single person on the planet
23:05 regardless of whether they accept Him
23:07 as Lord and Savior or not,
23:08 that does not change the love that Jesus has
23:11 for every single person on the planet.
23:13 In the same way,
23:14 I love every single person on the planet,
23:17 I have respect for every single person,
23:19 no matter their belief system
23:23 or whether they have a belief system.
23:26 I love every single person
23:27 and respect every single person,
23:29 but one thing above and beyond
23:31 everything else I love and that is God's truth.
23:33 Amen?
23:35 I love God's truth.
23:38 And God's truth for me is paramount.
23:41 God's truth for me trumps everything else in this world
23:45 because God's truth is most important,
23:48 is most important.
23:50 So God here exposes Satan's lies
23:53 in the second angels' message
23:55 in order that you and I may have an opportunity
23:58 to choose to follow what?
24:00 God's truth.
24:02 That is why God goes to such great lengths
24:05 to expose Babylon in the end of time,
24:07 so that you and I will have the opportunity of serving
24:10 and being faithful to Jesus Christ
24:13 and worshipping Him according to His Word
24:16 in spirit and in truth.
24:17 So is that clear, yes or no?
24:19 Yes. I really hope it is.
24:20 Because I don't want anyone thinking,
24:22 oh, this Pastor Danny,
24:25 he's giving the Roman Catholics a good bashing.
24:29 And that's not what it's all about,
24:30 I would never do that, never have done that
24:32 and do not believe
24:33 that is in the Spirit of Christ,
24:35 but I do believe
24:36 that it's important to point out the truth
24:39 in order that the deception may be exposed
24:42 and those who want to follow the truth can do that.
24:45 So let's take a look at end-time Babylon.
24:47 Firstly, it's an unfaithful church,
24:50 an unfaithful church.
24:52 Notice what we read in Revelation 17:1
24:55 And I just want to take a look at that last sentence
24:58 where John is told,
25:00 "Come, I will show you
25:01 the judgment of the great harlot
25:03 who sits on many waters."
25:05 Now in Scripture we have,
25:07 in Revelation we have two women,
25:10 we have the pure woman
25:12 that represents the pure church of Christ
25:14 and she is referred to as a virgin,
25:16 she is found in Revelation 12,
25:18 and we're going to deal with her
25:20 in the next presentation,
25:22 and then we have this false woman
25:23 or this counterfeit church
25:25 that represents the false church,
25:28 and she is the one described here
25:29 in Revelation 17.
25:31 Now a woman is a symbol of the church in Bible,
25:37 in Bible prophecy
25:38 and the woman as a symbol appears over and over again
25:41 in both the Old Testament and the New Testament.
25:43 Let me just give you one scripture.
25:44 Here we find in Jeremiah 6:2 where God says,
25:49 "I have likened the daughter of Zion,"
25:51 there he is speaking of His people Israel,
25:54 "To a lovely and delicate," what?
25:56 "Woman."
25:57 So in the Bible, a woman represents, what?
26:00 The church.
26:01 If she is a virgin
26:02 she represents the pure church of God
26:05 that is married to Jesus Christ.
26:07 If she is a harlot,
26:09 well, then she's not married to Jesus Christ,
26:11 she seeks to be married with the nations of this world
26:15 and that is that fornication, and I'm getting ahead of myself
26:17 and we'll get there in just a little bit.
26:20 Let's take a look at point number two.
26:22 Point number two,
26:23 end-time Babylon is described
26:24 as persecuting God's faithful people.
26:26 Notice what we read.
26:28 "I saw the woman, drunk with the, what?
26:30 "The blood of the saints and with the blood, of who?
26:33 "The martyrs of Jesus."
26:36 It's a fact.
26:38 It's a sad fact of history that the apostate church,
26:42 the Church of Rome persecuted
26:45 millions and millions and millions of people
26:48 down through the centuries.
26:51 The Dark Ages are called dark,
26:52 not only because truth was almost extinguished,
26:56 Bible truth
26:57 but those that love the truth, those that were not in harmony
27:00 with the teachings of the church of the day
27:04 suffered horrible persecution.
27:06 In fact, Pope John Paul II in the year 2000
27:09 for the very first time acknowledged the sins
27:13 of persecution that the church had committed
27:16 in the name of God and asked for forgiveness.
27:19 Pope Francis several years ago
27:23 met with the Waldensian leaders
27:26 there in Italy for the very first time
27:28 and apologized and sought forgiveness
27:30 for the persecution the Church of Rome
27:33 inflicted upon the Waldensian Christians.
27:36 So this is a fact of history, up to 50 million people,
27:42 up to 50 million Christians were sadly killed
27:44 because of their faith in Jesus Christ
27:48 and His Word, and His truth,
27:50 and their unwillingness to go along
27:53 with the church of the state.
27:55 Let's go to our third point.
28:00 End-time Babylon would blaspheme against God.
28:04 We've already looked at this in our very first presentation.
28:07 We discovered that this system is described as
28:13 if we take a look full of the names of what?
28:16 Blasphemy.
28:18 It's full of the names of blasphemy.
28:20 Now according to the Bible what is blasphemy?
28:22 We've discovered that according to the Bible,
28:25 blasphemy is making oneself equal to God
28:27 and claiming the power and the authority
28:29 to forgive sins.
28:30 Does the Church of Rome claim that the bishop of Rome
28:34 or the pope as he is known today
28:36 is God's representative on earth
28:39 that he speaks as God on earth?
28:41 Indeed.
28:42 That is why he is referred to as your holiness,
28:45 he's also referred to as the Lord in the church
28:49 and he's referred to as Holy Father.
28:52 And so this is blasphemy for an individual,
28:56 a human being to claim the prerogatives
28:58 that belong to God and God alone
29:00 and that he's claiming to be God on earth,
29:02 that is blasphemy.
29:05 Forgiveness of sin, who alone can forgive sin?
29:08 God. God.
29:09 Jesus Christ is our mediator. God alone can forgive sin.
29:14 No human being has the power
29:16 or the authority given by God to forgive sin.
29:20 To claim the power
29:22 and the prerogatives of forgiveness is to blaspheme.
29:27 The Church of Rome sadly commits these two acts
29:31 of blasphemy even to this very day.
29:34 Point number four,
29:36 End-time Babylon or the Roman papacy
29:40 commits fornication with the nations.
29:44 Is the papacy involved in a very political way
29:50 with the nations of this world?
29:52 Indeed, it is.
29:54 Notice what Revelation 17:2 says,
29:57 "With whom the kings of the earth
29:59 committed fornication,
30:00 and the inhabitants of the earth were made drunk
30:02 with the wine of her fornication."
30:05 Now, what is fornication?
30:07 Fornication is an illicit union,
30:10 an illicit union,
30:12 and this term fornication appears not only twice,
30:14 but it appears one other time in Revelation 17:4,
30:18 where it says, "She has in her hand
30:21 a golden cup full of abominations
30:24 and the filthiness of her fornication."
30:26 So this is a big deal as far as God is concerned.
30:29 He mentions this point no less
30:31 than three times here in Revelation 17:1-6.
30:35 Now, what is fornication?
30:38 Fornication is simply this spiritual fornication,
30:42 physical fornication is an illicit relationship
30:45 that ought not to take place.
30:48 Spiritual fornication is when the church
30:51 and the state get into bed together,
30:55 that ought not to be the case
30:57 because as far as Jesus was concerned,
30:59 as far as God was concerned,
31:00 they ought to be a clear separation
31:02 between the church,
31:04 religion, spiritual matters, and political matters,
31:08 and the state, and the government.
31:10 Notice what we read in James 4:4
31:14 on this very point.
31:16 "Adulterers and adulteresses!"
31:19 Here James is speaking of fornication,
31:21 he is speaking of spiritual adultery.
31:24 "Do you not know that friendship with," who?
31:27 "The world is," what? "Enmity with God?
31:30 Whoever therefore wants to be
31:31 a friend of the world makes himself an enemy of God."
31:34 So as far as scripture is concerned,
31:36 if you and I want to become a friend of the world,
31:39 want to participate in the things of the world,
31:42 we become an enemy of God.
31:45 Friendship with the world is enmity with God.
31:50 What did Jesus say?
31:52 You cannot serve how many masters?
31:53 You cannot serve two masters.
31:56 Either you will serve Me and be part of My kingdom,
31:59 and live in harmony
32:00 with the principles of My kingdom,
32:02 or you will serve the other master.
32:04 And we know who he is, and be part of his kingdom,
32:07 and adopt the principles of this world.
32:11 The Church of Rome
32:13 has been very, very influential in world politics
32:18 ever since 1929 as we discovered
32:21 in our previous presentation
32:23 when the Church of Rome once again received
32:26 its political authority
32:27 that had been stripped away from it by Napoleon
32:31 and then by the Italian government
32:33 in 1870
32:35 when the final papal state
32:37 that it had in its domain was taken away from it.
32:40 And for over 50 years,
32:42 the Church of Rome was only a spiritual power,
32:46 only a religious power.
32:47 And then in 1929, less than a 100 years ago,
32:51 it received political authority as it was given Vatican City
32:56 and now it's a nation in its own right.
32:59 Has the Church of Rome been busy since 1929,
33:03 snuggling up with the nations of this world?
33:09 Absolutely, yes, is the answer.
33:12 Notice this front cover
33:14 from Time magazine back in 1992,
33:17 24th of February.
33:19 This was the front cover
33:21 of this particular Time magazine.
33:23 How Reagan...
33:24 Sorry, I'll read the main title is Holy Alliance:
33:29 How Reagan and the pope conspired
33:32 to assist Poland's solidarity movement
33:34 and hasten the demise of communism.
33:37 Can you believe it, the United States president
33:41 and Pope John Paul II came together,
33:44 they conspired according to this front page headline
33:48 in Time magazine
33:50 in order to bring down communism.
33:53 Now was that a big deal, yes or no?
33:55 Indeed it was, especially those of you
33:58 who lived in those communist countries,
34:01 you will know what a big deal that was.
34:03 And so here we have these two end-time powers
34:06 that Revelation 13 describes
34:08 and we looked at that in a previous presentation.
34:10 Coming together conspiring and bringing down communism.
34:15 The Bible says that the Church of Rome
34:19 would work together
34:20 with the political nations of this world.
34:22 Let me take you to this front page,
34:25 this time of the Daily Telegraph,
34:27 our own paper here in Australia.
34:28 Friday 8th April, 2005.
34:31 When the pope passed away,
34:33 when Pope John Paul II passed away,
34:36 the United States sent five delegates
34:39 to the funeral that's all they were given,
34:40 they were given just five delegates,
34:43 it was a packed out funeral with kings, and queens,
34:46 and prime ministers, and presidents,
34:48 and celebrities from all around the world,
34:50 the largest funeral in the history of the world.
34:54 And notice
34:55 who the United States chose to send.
34:57 Before I go through those names,
34:59 notice the title,
35:01 "Power and the passion of a moment in history."
35:04 It was a moment in history
35:06 on the front page of The Daily Telegraph.
35:09 We have George Bush Jr., we have his wife Laura,
35:14 they were presidents at the time,
35:16 then we have George Bush Sr.,
35:18 we have former President Bill Clinton,
35:21 and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.
35:24 When the United States was given five individuals
35:28 to send to the pontiff's funeral,
35:31 they chose three presidents,
35:35 one first lady and one secretary of state.
35:38 Before this stage, no president of the United States had been
35:43 to the funeral of a pope.
35:45 And here we have three and they are all kneeling.
35:48 What did I say? They are doing what?
35:50 They are all kneeling before
35:53 the pope for five minutes.
35:56 That tells you who is in charge at the end of time,
36:00 a very clear picture,
36:01 talk about a picture sharing a 1000 words.
36:05 Maybe that's about 10,000 words
36:06 or a million.
36:07 Let's go to the next slide.
36:09 When Pope Francis turned up
36:11 to the United States of America back in 2015,
36:17 he was greeted by the president,
36:20 by the then president, President Obama, and his wife,
36:24 and his daughters, and the vice president,
36:25 he was greeted on the tarmac.
36:28 Now the president rarely does this,
36:30 goes to the tarmac to greet a political leader that comes,
36:35 but this time the president did that.
36:37 Notice what also we have there in that picture
36:39 where we've got President Obama and Pope Francis side by side.
36:43 And for the first time in history
36:45 we have Pope Francis addressing both houses of Congress.
36:51 The Bible is very clear, when you read Revelation 13,
36:55 it says, "The United States will give its power
36:58 and authority to the Church of Rome
37:00 in order to fulfill the objectives
37:03 and the aims of the Church of Rome to dominate
37:06 and to rule the entire world at the end of time."
37:09 We are now seeing prophecy being fulfilled
37:12 before our very eyes unlike any other generation.
37:17 Notice, the United Nations was something
37:20 that Pope Francis addressed
37:22 also while he was there on this six day visit
37:26 in the United States of America.
37:28 And I watched the footage.
37:30 The footage was incredible,
37:31 as Pope Francis was making his way
37:34 into the United Nations.
37:35 And this particular United Nations Assembly
37:38 in September was the seventieth anniversary,
37:40 and it was the largest gathering
37:43 of world political leaders
37:45 in the history of the United Nations,
37:47 the largest gathering ever.
37:49 And as Pope Francis made his way down the aisle,
37:52 you can go on YouTube and you can watch it.
37:54 There was enormous celebration, there was clapping,
37:58 there was fanfare like you wouldn't believe,
38:02 it was almost as if the King of kings himself was walking
38:06 through the United Nations, Jesus Christ.
38:08 It was phenomenal,
38:09 I've never seen anything quite like it.
38:12 He had the opening address
38:14 at this very significant United Nations Assembly
38:17 back in 2015,
38:18 which I don't have time to get into right now.
38:22 But this is telling you and I that what the Bible says
38:26 is absolutely true
38:27 that this political religious system
38:30 will be mixing and mingling with the nations of this world
38:35 in order to achieve its aims and objectives.
38:40 Recently, we had Pope Francis meeting
38:44 with the president of the United States,
38:47 President Trump.
38:48 You may or may not know this, but President Trump now holds
38:52 the record
38:54 for visiting the pope
38:59 in the shortest amount of time since ascending
39:02 to the presidency of the United States.
39:05 No other president has gone to visit
39:08 the pope sooner than President Trump.
39:11 And notice what he tweeted after his visit.
39:14 You know that President Trump tweets,
39:16 you're aware of that.
39:19 Notice what President Trump tweeted
39:23 after his visit with Pope Francis,
39:26 "It was an honor of a lifetime
39:28 to meet His Holiness Pope Francis.
39:30 I leave the Vatican more determined
39:32 than ever to pursue," what?
39:34 "Peace in our world."
39:36 And that is indeed how Pope Francis is viewed
39:41 around the world.
39:42 This is the way that he has reshaped
39:45 and remodeled the Church of Rome.
39:48 As the institution in the world at the end of time
39:52 when this world is suffering unprecedented turmoil,
39:56 and trouble, and anxiety,
39:58 here we have a man on the stage of history
40:01 who is now seeking to unite the nations in peace,
40:04 who is seeking to unite the Christian world,
40:07 who is seeking to unite the religious world.
40:10 I could spend the next hour or two sharing
40:12 with you incredible evidence, just in the past five years,
40:16 of how busy Pope Francis has been
40:19 in being all things to all people
40:22 in order to create lasting peace, and safety,
40:28 and security for all people on the planet.
40:30 Is there anything wrong with pursuing peace?
40:33 No. No, there isn't.
40:34 And there would be nothing wrong at all with it,
40:37 we would all enjoy that and live happily ever after
40:40 if Revelation 13 was not there.
40:42 Yeah.
40:43 But because of Revelation 13,
40:44 we know that this will all come to an end, sadly.
40:49 And one day,
40:51 there will not be peace for those
40:52 who choose not to be part
40:54 of this worldwide political religious
40:56 economic system that will be established.
40:59 In fact, "Revelation predicts
41:03 that just before the coming of Jesus,
41:05 all the world's political powers
41:06 will give their "power and authority"
41:08 to the Church of Rome and follow her
41:11 in the establishment of a New World Order.
41:14 However, the Lamb will have the final word
41:17 and God's people will be delivered
41:19 and be" what?
41:20 "Victorious."
41:21 And ultimately,
41:23 the Bible tells us in Revelation,
41:24 "Babylon will be ultimately destroyed
41:27 and be" what?
41:28 "No more."
41:29 Now let me give you some evidence
41:31 for that very, very, very poignant statement.
41:35 Notice these words from Revelation 17:12-14.
41:39 "The ten horns which you saw are ten kings
41:42 who have received no kingdom as yet."
41:43 This is speaking of the New World Order
41:46 that'll be established just before Jesus comes.
41:48 "But they receive authority for..."
41:50 How long?
41:51 "For one hour as kings with the beast."
41:53 Okay, these are the political nations
41:55 of the world that will rule together
41:57 with the Roman church-state.
41:58 "These are of..."
42:00 How many minds? "Of one mind."
42:01 This is speaking of this New World Order,
42:03 this One World Order.
42:05 "And they will give their power and authority to..."
42:07 Who?
42:08 "To the beast."
42:10 Notice what we continue to read.
42:11 "These will make war with the Lamb,
42:13 and the Lamb will overcome them,
42:14 for He is Lord of lords and King of kings."
42:15 And I love this last part.
42:17 "And those who are with Him
42:18 are called chosen, and faithful."
42:21 So who will win at the end of the day?
42:24 It will be Jesus Christ, the Lamb.
42:26 And those who are with Him,
42:28 those who are called chosen and faithful.
42:30 Notice what else we continue to read in Revelation 18:9, 10.
42:35 This is speaking of the demise of Babylon.
42:38 "The kings of the earth who committed fornication
42:40 and lived luxuriously with her will weep
42:43 and lament for her,
42:45 when they see the smoke of her burning,
42:46 standing at a distance for fear of her torment, saying,
42:49 'Alas, alas, that great city..."
42:51 What?
42:52 "Babylon, that mighty city!
42:54 For in one hour your judgment has..."
42:56 What?
42:57 "Come."
42:58 It's interesting that the kings of the world reign together
43:01 with this political religious system
43:04 for how long?
43:05 For one hour, and their demise comes in what?
43:08 In one hour.
43:09 So what is taking place here, God is describing,
43:12 at the very end of time, there will be a short window
43:16 where the enemy will seek to gain worship,
43:20 to gain allegiance through the political
43:22 and the religious coming together
43:24 and forming this one New World Order
43:27 that will seek at its very heart
43:30 to provide peace, and security,
43:32 and stability for the entire planet.
43:35 It's interesting the Apostle Paul spoke of this,
43:37 I don't have the scripture up on the screen for you,
43:39 it's just come to me now.
43:41 With the Apostle Paul,
43:42 I think it is in 1 Thessalonians 5:3,
43:46 he says, "For when they say 'peace and...'"
43:48 What?
43:49 "Safety!
43:50 Then sudden destruction comes upon them,
43:52 like labor pains upon a pregnant woman.
43:54 And they shall..."
43:55 What? "Not escape." They shall not escape.
43:57 So the Apostle Paul is describing
43:59 what we have just read here in the Book of Revelation.
44:01 Can you see that? Yes or no?
44:02 Yes. It's absolutely crystal clear.
44:04 One more scripture.
44:06 Notice the ultimate demise of Babylon.
44:08 Revelation 18:21,
44:10 "Then a mighty angel took up a stone
44:12 like a great millstone
44:13 and threw it into the sea, saying,
44:15 'Thus with violence the great city Babylon
44:17 shall be thrown down, and shall not be..."
44:18 What?
44:20 "Found anymore."
44:21 So Babylon...
44:22 This system that ultimately...
44:26 This system that the Bible defines us
44:30 as opposition to God, that defines as confusion,
44:35 this system that speaks of rebellion, and persecution,
44:38 and unfaithfulness,
44:40 and everything that we have looked at together
44:41 that will ultimately be destroyed.
44:44 And who is at the very heart of Babylon?
44:46 Who is the king that sits at the very heart of Babylon?
44:49 It's the devil and Satan himself.
44:51 And the Bible says,
44:52 he will be no more, he will be no more.
44:54 So God's truth will triumph. God's truth will triumph.
44:59 And if you and I are on the side of God,
45:02 if you and I are on the side of His Word and His truth,
45:06 we too will triumph with the Lamb.
45:09 That is why this message is so important,
45:11 that is why
45:12 this is God's final message of love to the world
45:16 because the truth is, if you and I remain in Babylon,
45:19 if you and I remain in this system of lies,
45:24 in this system of opposition to God and His truth
45:28 and His Word and His love,
45:29 we will be destroyed with Babylon.
45:33 That is why God says, "Come out of her, My people."
45:36 God is calling out His people.
45:38 And Babylon is worldwide,
45:40 Babylon has infiltrated all of the world religions
45:43 as we'll discover in just a moment.
45:46 Notice what we continue to discover.
45:50 End-time Babylon offers
45:52 the nations her intoxicating abominations.
45:55 Now the question is...
45:58 Well, before we get to the question,
45:59 notice what we read in Revelation 17:4.
46:02 It says, "The woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet,
46:05 and adorned with gold and precious stones and pearls,
46:07 having in her hand a golden cup full of..."
46:09 What?
46:10 "Abominations and the filthiness
46:12 of her fornication."
46:13 Now abominations in scripture,
46:14 that word abominations or abomination,
46:18 appears over and over again in Scripture,
46:20 both the Old Testament and the New Testament.
46:21 Now, in a nutshell,
46:23 an abomination is something that,
46:25 as the word suggests, is reprehensible to God,
46:29 something that God detest, something that God hates
46:32 because it goes directly against
46:34 the character of God.
46:35 Abomination is disarray. That is what an abomination is.
46:38 An abomination goes against the very character of God.
46:44 Anything that goes against
46:45 the character of God is an abomination.
46:49 So let's take a look at some of these abominations.
46:52 Well, where are we?
46:54 I think...
46:55 Yeah, here they are.
46:57 End-time Babylon's Abominations and Deceptions.
46:58 These are some that we've looked at,
47:00 some we haven't had an opportunity.
47:01 Tradition instead of truth, we've looked at that.
47:03 Sunday instead of Saturday, we've looked at that.
47:06 The immortality of the soul, the Bible doesn't teach that.
47:09 Eternal hellfire, the Bible doesn't teach that either.
47:12 Infant baptism, the Bible doesn't teach that.
47:14 The Pope as God on earth,
47:16 certainly the Bible doesn't teach that.
47:17 The priest and forgiveness, the Bible doesn't teach that.
47:20 Image worship, part of Babylon.
47:22 And the union of church and state.
47:24 This is just a small selection,
47:28 just a small selection of the abominations
47:32 that are in this cup
47:33 that the woman has that she has passed on
47:37 to the entire world.
47:40 And as we take a look at this list,
47:43 we discover that today,
47:45 the religions of this world, whether they be Muslim,
47:49 Buddhist, Hinduism,
47:52 Paganism, New Age,
47:55 you name the religion, Babylon has infiltrated
47:59 that religion to a lesser or a larger degree.
48:04 You can go and check that out for yourself
48:06 as you take a look at what these different religions
48:09 or Christian denominations teach.
48:12 End-time Babylon.
48:14 "So how can I know if I am currently in Babylon?"
48:19 Is that an important question? Yes, it is.
48:21 Absolutely.
48:22 Because if you're in Babylon, what do you need to do?
48:25 Get out. You need to get out.
48:28 You need to get out
48:29 because if you remain in Babylon,
48:30 what will take place?
48:32 You will be destroyed with Babylon, isn't that right?
48:34 That's right.
48:35 So God is saying, "Get up, get up."
48:37 This is earth's final warning,
48:39 this is God's final message of love,
48:42 His final appeal
48:44 to the inhabitants of the world,
48:45 and as we discovered earlier, that message comes from where?
48:48 It comes from heaven, and the message is,
48:50 "Come out of her, My people."
48:52 And Jesus said, "My people hear My voice.
48:55 My sheep hear My voice.
48:57 They know Me and they follow Me."
48:59 So this message, I believe,
49:01 is coming from the lips of Jesus Himself.
49:04 Now, "How can I know if I'm currently in Babylon?"
49:08 You need to ask yourself this question.
49:10 "Does my church or faith community,
49:13 whatever that may be, that I belong to,
49:15 teach one or more of the false teachings
49:18 of the Church of Rome?"
49:19 That is it.
49:20 That's the only question you need to ask.
49:22 "Does my church or my faith community
49:26 teach one or more of the teachings of Rome?"
49:29 And if the answer is yes, you are now in a system,
49:34 you are now in a church,
49:36 you are now in a faith community
49:38 that has been infiltrated by Babylon,
49:40 and God says what?
49:42 "Come out." Notice what we read.
49:44 Reminded of those words in Revelation 18:4.
49:47 "And I heard another voice from heaven saying,
49:49 'Come out of her..."
49:50 What?
49:52 "My people, lest you share in her sins,
49:53 and lest you receive of her..."
49:54 What?
49:56 "Plagues.'"
49:57 Those who remain in Babylon will, sadly,
49:59 partake of the seven last plagues.
50:03 That's what the Bible teaches very, very clearly.
50:07 Jesus, today, is inviting us to come out of Babylon.
50:12 And you know what?
50:14 The truth is, Babylon has infiltrated
50:17 not just religious systems, the truth is Babylon
50:21 has infiltrated our way of life,
50:25 in every sphere of our life.
50:28 It's one thing to come out of Babylon,
50:31 it's another thing to allow God
50:33 to take Babylon out of our hearts.
50:36 Babylon can be in our hearts,
50:39 and it can be so imperceptive that only by the Word of God
50:44 and only through the Holy Spirit's conviction
50:46 can we truly know
50:48 whether there are Babylonian principles
50:51 in our hearts and in our lives.
50:54 How do I treat my wife?
50:56 How do I treat my children?
50:57 How do I treat my neighbor?
51:00 Is it in a loving godly way
51:02 or is it in a Babylonian way?
51:06 How do I deal with my finances?
51:09 Do I tell the truth always
51:12 or sometimes is it more convenient to tell,
51:15 you know, a little half lie?
51:19 Babylon, it's more than just a religious system,
51:23 it's at the very heart of who we are also.
51:27 Before God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah,
51:32 He invited Lot and his family
51:34 to come out of Sodom and Gomorrah.
51:37 In the end, before God destroys this world,
51:42 He will invite His people to come out of Babylon.
51:46 I want to finish off with a couple of scriptures.
51:50 In John 10:27, where Jesus says,
51:54 "My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they..."
51:57 Do what?
51:58 "They follow Me."
51:59 Jesus says, "My sheep hear My voice,
52:03 they hear My voice and I know them,
52:05 and they follow Me."
52:06 How will you and I hear the voice of Jesus?
52:10 You and I hear the voice of Jesus
52:13 through His Word.
52:14 Jesus says,
52:16 "If you abide in My Word, you will know the truth,
52:20 and the truth will set you free."
52:22 Set you free from what?
52:23 Set you free from the enemy's deceptions,
52:27 isn't that right?
52:29 We hear the voice of Jesus in His Word.
52:33 You and I must base our faith on God's Word
52:38 and God's Word alone.
52:39 There is only one way to remain undeceived,
52:42 only one way to remain undeceived,
52:44 and that is to spend time in the Word of Jesus.
52:47 There is no plan B, there is no plan B.
52:51 If we will spend more time on Facebook
52:55 than having our faces in God's book,
52:57 we're in a bit of trouble.
53:00 If we're spending more time
53:01 with Hollywood rather than in the Holy Word,
53:06 we're in a lot of trouble.
53:08 Are you hearing me? Yes.
53:10 You and I are living at the most serious time
53:14 in earth's history.
53:16 The time in earth's history has never been more serious.
53:19 The devil knows he has a short time,
53:23 he is filled with wrath, the Bible tells us,
53:26 and he goes out to deceive
53:28 as many as are not spending time
53:31 in the Word of God.
53:32 That is why you and I,
53:34 my dear friends, my dear listeners,
53:35 my dear viewers, wherever you may be,
53:38 can I encourage you to spend more time in God's Word
53:41 each and every day?
53:42 Yes.
53:43 The closer we come to the coming of Jesus,
53:45 the more time we need to spend in His Word,
53:48 for man does not live by bread alone,
53:51 man does not live by the work that he does,
53:54 by the education that he has, by the social activities,
53:57 by the hobbies that he has, man lives by what?
54:01 By every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.
54:04 You and I, my friends, must know the Word of God.
54:08 If you do not know the Word of God,
54:10 if you're not spending time in the Word of God,
54:13 you are a sitting duck for the enemy,
54:16 and the enemy knocks off sitting ducks with ease,
54:21 with great ease.
54:23 God is inviting you and I to come out of Babylon
54:28 and to spend time in His Word,
54:31 His Holy Word, His precious Word.
54:33 Jesus says, "My sheep hear My voice from My Word,
54:38 and they know Me and they follow Me."
54:41 Jesus says in John 10.
54:44 Today, Jesus is inviting you and I to follow Him.
54:47 Jesus is inviting you and I to give our hearts
54:50 and our lives to Him.
54:52 That is the final invitation that we have.
54:55 Jesus says, "Come out of her, My people."
54:58 The truth is, Babylon will be destroyed.
55:01 That's what we find in Revelation 18.
55:04 And in Revelation 19, the very next event
55:07 is the second coming of Jesus.
55:09 The second coming of Jesus.
55:11 That's what follows the demise of Babylon,
55:13 where the King of kings
55:15 and the Lord of lords, Jesus Christ,
55:17 establishes His kingdom, His everlasting kingdom
55:21 that will last and remain forever
55:24 and ever and ever and ever.
55:26 Amen.
55:27 I want to be a part of God's everlasting kingdom of love,
55:31 where there will be only truth, where there will only be love,
55:35 where there will only be genuine respect,
55:38 and where there will only truly be peace.
55:41 Babylon.
55:43 No human system will ever provide
55:45 the peace for this world,
55:47 that this world so desperately desires,
55:50 that you and I so desperately desire.
55:52 The only one
55:53 that will truly provide peace is Jesus Christ,
55:56 the Prince of peace.
55:59 That is my invitation to you to invite the Prince of peace
56:02 into your heart and into your life,
56:04 to invite God's Word into your heart
56:06 and into your life,
56:07 to spend more and more time with it each and every day.
56:09 Amen.
56:11 Time for us to pray and thank God
56:13 for His precious Word once again.
56:16 Let's pray.
56:17 Father in heaven, we want to thank You so much
56:19 for Your precious Word.
56:20 We want to thank You so much that You not only share
56:24 Your wonderful truth
56:26 in the first angel's message of Revelation 14,
56:29 but you also expose Satan's lies
56:33 in the second angel's message that we have studied together.
56:36 And I thank You, Father,
56:37 that in the third angel's message,
56:39 You have given us a choice.
56:41 And it is my prayer that those who are here,
56:43 that those who are watching, wherever they may be watching
56:45 or listening from, that each one
56:48 will make a decision today,
56:50 right now to follow the Lamb wherever it goes,
56:53 to heed the voice of the Good Shepherd,
56:56 and to come out of spiritual confusion,
56:59 to come out of the confusion of this world
57:02 that only leads to destruction.
57:04 We thank You, Lord.
57:05 You're establishing a new kingdom
57:07 where there'll only be love, peace, and joy forever
57:10 more for the inhabitants that will be there.
57:12 And we thank You and pray for this in Jesus' name,
57:14 and everybody said...
57:16 Amen. Amen and amen.


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