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Solving The Riddle of Religious Confusion

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00:27 I'd like to welcome you all here
00:29 to Focus on God's Word once again
00:32 as we take a look at this fifth part
00:35 in the six part series End-time Apocalypse.
00:38 And today's subject is
00:40 "Solving the Riddle of Religious Confusion".
00:43 So whether you are here for the very first time
00:45 or you've been here throughout this miniseries,
00:47 I want to give you a very warm welcome
00:49 especially to those who are here
00:51 in our Morisset Studio at 3ABN, here in Australia
00:55 as well as right around the world,
00:57 wherever you may be watching from either online
00:59 or on your TV sets
01:01 or you may be listening via your radio,
01:03 a warm welcome to you as we once again
01:06 go to the very heart of the Book of Revelation
01:09 and as we open up
01:11 to God's final message of love to the world.
01:14 Hasn't it been an exciting journey so far?
01:16 I have been blessed.
01:18 And I am so excited
01:19 to be able to open up the last book of the Bible,
01:22 the Revelation of Jesus Christ, discover the wonderful message
01:26 that Jesus Christ has for each and every one of us,
01:29 especially those that will be living
01:31 at the end of earth's history, preparing, and anticipating,
01:35 and anxiously waiting the second coming of Jesus.
01:39 So before we take a look at this all important subject,
01:42 "Solving the Riddle of Religious Confusion".
01:44 I want to invite you to pray with me
01:47 as we seek the Lord to guide and to bless us
01:49 as we spend time in His Word once more.
01:51 So let's pray.
01:53 Father in Heaven, we just want to thank You so much
01:55 that we can open Your Holy Word again
01:58 and as we open Your Word,
02:00 we pray that You will open our hearts and our minds
02:02 that we may be willing and able to receive the message
02:06 from this beautiful book, the Book of Revelation,
02:10 the revelation of Jesus Christ, may He reveal Himself
02:14 and His precious truth in all His glory
02:16 is our prayer in His name, amen.
02:19 Amen. Amen.
02:21 In our last presentation together,
02:24 we looked at Revelation's Last Appeal.
02:27 We looked at God's final call, God's final message of love
02:31 as He seeks to call His people, His people that are scattered
02:35 all around the world, in all different walks of life
02:39 amongst all the different religions
02:41 of the world, His sincere people,
02:44 calling them out of confusion and into His wonderful truth
02:49 awaiting His soon return.
02:51 We notice this scripture in Revelation 18:4
02:55 where God makes this call.
02:58 "And I heard another voice from heaven saying,"
03:00 this is John speaking, "come out of her, my people,"
03:04 that is come out of Babylon,
03:07 "lest you share in her sins,
03:08 and lest you receive of her plagues."
03:11 Together in our last presentation,
03:13 we discovered that Babylon not only represents confusion,
03:16 but it also represents rebellion
03:19 against God and His Word
03:21 and ultimately rebellion against God and His character.
03:25 And so God is calling His people out of confusion,
03:28 He is calling His people to follow Jesus Christ
03:30 who is the way, the truth, and the life.
03:34 And so that is what we want to take a look at today
03:36 and discover where does God call His people to.
03:40 God calls His people out of Babylon
03:42 but does He leave them orphans,
03:44 does He leave them in no man's land,
03:46 or does God have a plan, does God have a movement
03:52 that He has originated,
03:55 that He has brought in at the end of time
03:58 where all of His people can come
04:00 in order to find safety and security,
04:02 and in order to follow and practice His truth.
04:07 Today, there are many churches in the world,
04:09 and many religious organizations and institutions.
04:13 According to some estimates
04:15 there are roughly 4,200 religions
04:19 around the world
04:20 and that number is probably a lot larger.
04:23 Over 30,000 different Christian groups.
04:26 So as we take a look at this smorgasbord of faith
04:31 and religion that is in the world,
04:33 it becomes very confusing, wouldn't you say?
04:37 Very confusing.
04:38 Over 4,000 religions, over 30,000...
04:41 Some have even suggested
04:42 over 40,000 different Christian groups.
04:46 It's almost impossible,
04:48 well, it is impossible to understand God's truth
04:52 unless we had what?
04:54 Unless we had the Bible.
04:57 And I thank God that we have His Word.
05:01 Now, why do people choose a particular church
05:03 to belong to?
05:04 I want to share with you a number of ideas
05:07 that have been shared with me, a number of reasons
05:10 that have been given to me
05:12 of why individuals choose a particular church.
05:15 Let me pop them up on the screen for you.
05:17 There are those that say, I go to this church
05:19 because it's close to my house.
05:20 There are those that go to a particular church
05:22 because that's the church they grew up in,
05:24 their whole family goes there.
05:27 Then there are those that choose a particular church
05:29 because their friends go there.
05:31 There are those that go to a church
05:33 because the people are friendly.
05:34 Is there anything wrong with going to a church
05:36 where people are friendly?
05:37 Nothing wrong with that.
05:39 I'd want to go to a church where the people are friendly.
05:40 Everything right with that.
05:43 There are those that pick up a particular church
05:45 because they have a wonderful choir
05:47 and music program.
05:49 Then there are those that go to a particular church
05:52 because that particular church has a great children's program.
05:56 Another reason that is given
05:58 is that the minister is so nice.
06:00 Is there anything wrong with going to a church
06:02 where the minister is so nice?
06:04 No, there isn't.
06:06 But is that the reason we go to a particular church?
06:09 Not necessarily, as we'll discover.
06:12 There are those that go to a particular church
06:15 because of the atmosphere,
06:16 they feel such peace in that place.
06:19 There are those that go to a particular church
06:20 for the food, for the luncheon, they love the food there
06:25 and so they come week in and week out
06:27 or whenever there's a luncheon, they are there,
06:30 and I've come across a number of these individuals,
06:32 nothing wrong with that.
06:34 Then they are those that go because it's good for business.
06:37 You're thinking, "What do you mean, Danny,
06:38 good for business?"
06:40 Well, there was one particular individual
06:42 who was asked why do you go to this mega church
06:45 filled with thousands and thousands of people
06:48 each and every week?
06:49 And he simply said, "Well, I am a mechanic
06:52 and there's a lot of cars to service
06:53 in this particular church.
06:55 It's a lot more profitable
06:57 than me hanging out in a church
06:58 where there's 10 or 15 or 20 members
07:02 and so it's good for business."
07:04 And then there are those that go to a particular church
07:07 because the person they want to marry goes there.
07:11 And I have seen this firsthand.
07:15 I know of individuals that have gone
07:17 to a particular church
07:19 because the person they want to marry goes there.
07:21 How many of you are familiar with that kind of scenario?
07:24 Okay, a number of you
07:25 are familiar with that scenario.
07:29 Is that the reason
07:30 why we choose a particular church?
07:31 That reason or the other previous reasons
07:34 that we've looked at.
07:35 The question you and I need to ask is,
07:38 "How should a follower of Jesus determine
07:41 which church to attend and be part of?"
07:44 Should we look at
07:45 whether the minister is so nice,
07:47 whether the lunch and the food is delicious,
07:50 whether the music program, whether it's close to our home,
07:53 this is where our family goes,
07:55 or whether it's good for business,
07:56 or the person I want to marry goes there.
07:59 Is that how we determine what church to go to?
08:04 I want to share with you how we ought to determine
08:06 what church to go to
08:08 based on a story in 1 Kings 3.
08:11 King Solomon was asked by God,
08:14 "What is it that you want me to give you as a gift
08:19 as you begin your reign as king of Israel?"
08:21 And what did Solomon ask for when God said to him
08:25 choose anything and I will give it you,
08:27 what did he ask for?
08:28 Wisdom, is that right?
08:30 He asked for wisdom that he may know
08:31 how to lead and how to judge the people of God
08:35 in a righteous manner.
08:37 God gave him wisdom.
08:38 On one occasion, Solomon was faced with two mothers
08:42 that brought one live child to Solomon and both claimed
08:48 that that child was theirs, isn't that right?
08:50 You can read that story in 1 Kings 3.
08:53 Now how would Solomon in the days
08:55 before DNA supposed to find out
08:59 who the rightful mother was.
09:01 During the course of the evening,
09:03 both mothers sleeping with their babies,
09:07 one baby died and both mothers claimed
09:10 that the live baby belonged to them.
09:13 Now that was obviously impossible.
09:16 So how did Solomon determine the truth?
09:18 What did he ask for? The sword.
09:20 He said, "Give me the soul
09:23 and let's chop the live baby in half,
09:26 give you half and give you half."
09:29 And the rightful mother of the baby said what?
09:32 "No, give the baby to her."
09:36 But the mother of the dead baby,
09:39 the mother that wasn't the true mother
09:41 of the live baby said, "Good idea king."
09:45 And the king knew who that baby belonged to.
09:48 The king knew who the rightful mother was
09:50 because the king asked for the sword.
09:53 Now the Bible tells us that God's Word is a sword.
09:56 A sword.
09:58 Hebrews 4:12,
09:59 we are told that the Word of God
10:02 is a two-edged sword,
10:03 and so you and I can only determine the truth
10:07 by the Word of God, only by the Word of God.
10:12 You go to the Bible to find out what truth is,
10:16 then you seek to find a church that is teaching in harmony
10:21 with the truth of the Bible.
10:23 Let me repeat that again in case you missed it.
10:25 You go to the Bible, not to a church,
10:29 you go to the Bible and find out
10:31 what the Bible teaches about truth,
10:34 and then you find a church that teaches in harmony
10:38 with the Bible.
10:40 Is that fair enough, yes or no?
10:41 You don't test the Bible by what the minister says,
10:45 you test the minister by what the Bible says.
10:48 Amen?
10:49 Because who cares
10:51 what the minister says or doesn't say.
10:54 What matters at the end of the day
10:55 is what God says.
10:56 Amen? That is the truth.
10:58 So let's discover who established the church
11:01 at the very beginning of time.
11:03 Who established the church at the very beginning of time?
11:05 Notice, what we read in Matthew 16:18,
11:07 these are the words of Jesus.
11:09 He says, "And I also say to you that you are Peter,
11:13 and on this rock I will build..."
11:14 What?
11:15 "My church, and the gates of Hades
11:17 shall not prevail against it."
11:19 The church, the Christian church
11:22 was established by Jesus Christ.
11:26 He is the foundation of the Christian church,
11:30 not any human, not any human institution,
11:33 but Jesus Christ Himself.
11:35 That is how the Christian church
11:37 was established.
11:38 Notice what we read in Ephesians 4:4.
11:42 "There is..." How many bodies?
11:44 "One body..." Speaking of the church.
11:46 "And one Spirit, just as you were called
11:48 in one hope of your calling."
11:50 So the Apostle Paul says, there is one church,
11:53 there is one Christian faith and yet today, as we know,
11:57 we've discovered there are thousands and thousands
11:59 of different Christian faiths,
12:01 many of them teaching very different things.
12:04 How can they all be right when there is only one Bible
12:07 and there is only one truth?
12:09 Well, that's what we want to discover today
12:11 in order to solve the riddle of religion confusion.
12:14 We want to discover
12:16 how can there be so many churches
12:18 when there is only one Bible
12:19 and when there is only one truth?
12:21 Where did all these churches come from?
12:23 We're gonna look at that as we go along.
12:25 Now we discovered in Revelation
12:27 that God beautifully describes His church,
12:33 beautifully describes His church.
12:36 In fact, in Revelation 12,
12:38 we have a description of God's end-time church.
12:43 In our previous presentation
12:45 we discovered that in Revelation 17,
12:47 we have a description of the enemy's church
12:52 at the end of time,
12:53 the false church at the end of time
12:55 that is described as a harlot.
12:57 You remember that from our previous presentation?
13:00 Described as a harlot,
13:02 an unfaithful church,
13:04 but God has a true and faithful church.
13:07 And she is described as a virgin in Revelation 12,
13:11 faithful and true to God and God alone.
13:14 Notice what we read in Revelation 12:1 and onwards.
13:19 We read these words.
13:20 "Now a great sign appeared in heaven:
13:23 a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet,
13:26 and on her head a garland of twelve stars.
13:29 Then being with child, she cried out in labor
13:32 and in pain to give birth..."
13:34 Now before we press on, I just want to note
13:37 the description of this woman.
13:38 Notice, it says that this woman,
13:42 she is clothed with the sun, she has the moon under her feet
13:46 and she has on her head a garland of 12 stars.
13:50 The moon, the sun, and the stars,
13:53 they are all light giving properties,
13:55 isn't that right?
13:57 This woman,
13:59 this church has been organized by Jesus Christ,
14:05 established by Jesus Christ to give light to the world.
14:10 Jesus said, I am the what?
14:12 The light of the world.
14:14 Jesus says,
14:16 the Bible says that God's Word is a lamp unto our feet
14:20 and a light unto our path, Psalm 119:105.
14:24 Yet, the church in Revelation 17
14:27 doesn't provide light for the world,
14:29 instead as we discovered,
14:31 the church in Revelation 17 does the opposite.
14:34 It makes all the nations drunk
14:36 with the wine of her fornication,
14:39 isn't that right?
14:41 So we have these two different women,
14:45 one providing light, and clarity, and truth,
14:48 and the other providing confusion,
14:50 and drunkenness, and everything that is opposite to the truth.
14:54 Let's press on.
14:56 "And another sign appeared in heaven:
14:58 behold, a great, fiery red dragon
15:01 having seven heads and ten horns,
15:03 and seven diadems on his heads."
15:06 We've discovered this symbol, haven't we?
15:08 This dragon or this beast with seven heads and ten horns
15:12 in Revelation 12, Revelation 13,
15:15 and Revelation 17.
15:16 And we've discovered
15:18 that it's almost identical in each chapter,
15:21 slight variations that tells us that this system
15:27 that the enemy is using,
15:29 that the enemy himself is behind
15:31 is working all in harmony, they are all in sync.
15:35 Now this red dragon here in Revelation 12
15:39 is none other than devil and Satan,
15:41 and we discovered that in Revelation 12:9.
15:44 Let's keep reading.
15:46 "His tail drew a third of the stars of heaven
15:49 and threw them to the earth."
15:51 This is speaking of Lucifer who became Satan
15:54 and he deceived one-third of the angels of heaven
15:59 into following him and being part of his kingdom,
16:02 that's that one-third.
16:03 "And the dragon, or Satan, stood before the woman..."
16:06 The church, this is the church of Jesus Christ.
16:09 "Who was ready to give birth, to devour her Child
16:12 as soon as it was born."
16:14 And capital C, Child, is the symbol for who?
16:18 It's the symbol for Jesus Christ.
16:19 So the devil tried through pagan Rome
16:23 to destroy baby Jesus and to take the life of Christ.
16:27 But notice, we keep reading what takes place next.
16:31 "She bore a male Child
16:32 who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron.
16:35 And her Child was caught up to God and to His throne.
16:38 Then the woman fled into the wilderness,
16:40 where she has a place prepared by God,
16:42 that they should feed her there
16:44 one thousand two hundred and sixty days."
16:48 We've come across this before, haven't we?
16:50 In our very first presentation we discovered
16:53 that the church of God would go into the wilderness
16:57 because it would face persecution
16:59 from the false church,
17:01 and it would be protected by God for 1260 days,
17:05 and a day in Bible prophecy represents how long?
17:08 A year. A year, 1260 years.
17:14 What will take place after that?
17:16 Well, now we continue reading
17:18 in Revelation 12:12-17,
17:23 the rest of the story.
17:25 "Therefore rejoice, O heavens, and you who dwell in them!
17:28 Woe to the inhabitants of the earth and the sea!
17:31 For the devil has come down to you, having..."
17:33 What?
17:34 "Great wrath, because he knows that he has a short time."
17:39 Let me pause there for a moment.
17:41 What John here is describing
17:43 is what took place on the cross.
17:45 When Jesus Christ cried out, it is finished on Calvary,
17:52 on Golgotha, the place of the skull,
17:55 interestingly enough.
17:56 When Jesus Christ won the victory over the enemy,
18:01 overseeing Satan on Calvary,
18:05 Satan no longer had a place in heaven.
18:08 He was now relegated to this earth
18:10 and this earth alone.
18:11 He no longer represents us in heaven
18:15 because now Jesus Christ has bought back this planet
18:20 that Satan usurped from Adam and Eve
18:23 at the very beginning of time,
18:24 and now Jesus Christ is the rightful ruler,
18:27 and now Satan has been cast down.
18:29 And the Bible says, he is filled with great wrath
18:31 because he has only a short time.
18:33 His time is ticking.
18:36 He knows that his days are numbered
18:39 and that soon Jesus will come for the second time
18:42 and he will be destroyed forever more.
18:44 So now he goes out to destroy the people of God
18:49 in fury such as we have not seen.
18:51 And the last days actually begin
18:53 with the coming of Jesus
18:55 according to the Book of Hebrews 1.
18:57 The last days begin with the coming of Jesus
18:59 and the last days intensify
19:02 all the way up until the second coming of Jesus.
19:05 So we are now living at the very time
19:08 just before the coming of Jesus, isn't that right?
19:10 The second coming of Jesus.
19:11 The Bible makes that very clear.
19:13 So let's keep reading and find out
19:14 what takes place next
19:16 because he knows that he has a short time.
19:18 "Now when the dragon saw
19:20 that he had been cast to the earth,
19:21 he persecuted the woman
19:22 who gave birth to the male Child.
19:26 But the woman was given two wings of a great eagle,
19:29 that she might fly into the wilderness
19:30 to her place,
19:32 where she is nourished for a time
19:33 and times and half a time..."
19:34 That's that 1260 year period,
19:36 here it's referred to as a time,
19:38 times and half a time.
19:40 "From the presence of the serpent...
19:41 That is the devil.
19:43 "So the serpent spewed water out of his mouth like a flood
19:46 after the woman...
19:47 That is through persecution.
19:49 "That he might
19:50 cause her to be carried away by the flood.
19:53 But the earth helped the woman, and the earth opened its mouth
19:57 and swallowed up the flood
19:59 which the dragon had spewed out of his mouth."
20:00 Now we discovered that the earth here
20:02 is the symbol for what nation?
20:04 The United States of America.
20:06 The United States of America
20:07 is that beast in Revelation 13:11,
20:11 that comes up out of the earth
20:13 and the earth here provides a refugee for the people of God
20:17 who in Western Europe in the old world
20:19 are suffering horrendous persecution,
20:22 and so the United States opened its doors wide
20:24 for all those experiencing not only religious persecution
20:29 but also civil persecution, a political persecution.
20:33 That is what Revelation here is describing will take place.
20:37 Now let's keep reading.
20:39 The text goes on and says,
20:41 "And the dragon was enraged with the woman..."
20:44 This is verse 17.
20:45 "And he went to make war with the rest of her offspring,
20:48 who keep the commandments of God
20:50 and have the testimony of Jesus Christ."
20:53 Here, at the very end of time, the Bible describes
20:57 who Satan will be especially angry with
21:00 at the very end of time.
21:02 So we have the entire history of the Christian church
21:05 in Revelation 12, from the days of Jesus Christ,
21:08 as we have discovered,
21:10 when the dragon seeks to destroy the male child
21:12 which is Jesus Christ,
21:14 all the way through to as the dragon
21:16 seeks to destroy the church of God
21:19 that fleece into the wilderness
21:20 for that 1260 year period,
21:22 and then right at the end of time,
21:25 we have the dragon, angry and wrath,
21:28 with those who will inherit
21:31 or those that will be part of a nation,
21:34 that is the United States of America,
21:36 where God's everlasting love
21:38 where the three angels' messages
21:40 will be proclaimed through all the world,
21:42 so to this group of people, the dragon seeks
21:46 to especially destroy
21:48 those who have the commandments of God
21:51 and those who have the testimony of Jesus Christ.
21:53 And in Revelation 13, we have how the devil
21:57 seeks to destroy the church of God
22:00 that we have identified here in Revelation 12:17,
22:04 that we will unpack together in this presentation.
22:07 He calls up two powers,
22:09 the sea beast and the earth beast
22:11 that we've already identified and through these two powers,
22:15 he seeks to destroy the people of God.
22:17 But the good news is, that's not where the story ends
22:20 because the heart of Revelation ends in what chapter?
22:23 In chapter 14.
22:25 In chapter 14,
22:26 where God describes in great detail
22:29 those that will be faithful to Jesus Christ,
22:31 the message they will preach, the three angels' messages
22:34 and that is why 3ABN has been established,
22:39 that is why God has divinely brought this ministry
22:44 at the very end of time
22:45 to preach the three angels' messages
22:48 that will prepare the world for the second coming of Jesus.
22:52 So that is where we are going together in this presentation.
22:58 Now as we continue to look,
23:00 we discover that God has always had his light bearers.
23:04 God has had always individuals
23:07 who have shone the torch on truth,
23:10 always, He has always had that right
23:11 from the very beginning of time,
23:13 those that have proclaimed the truth of God,
23:15 those that have invited those around them
23:19 to be part of God's people
23:21 to be ready for the coming of Jesus.
23:23 Notice these examples.
23:25 We have Adam.
23:27 God raised up Adam to be a light bearer.
23:29 Then we have Noah.
23:30 And God used him to prepare the world
23:33 before the flood came.
23:35 Then God raised up Abraham and Israel.
23:38 Then God raised up Jesus Christ Himself
23:42 and the early church.
23:44 And then it was time for God to raise up who?
23:48 The reformers.
23:49 And as we take a look at each and every one
23:52 of these individuals or groups,
23:54 we discover that they began well
23:58 but then things fell away, isn't that right?
24:00 Adam began well but then the flood came.
24:02 Noah began well but then things went bad,
24:05 and God had to raise up Abraham and the children of Israel.
24:08 And then God had to raise up Jesus Christ
24:10 and things began well but then things deteriorated,
24:13 and God had to raise up the reformers
24:16 in order to continue the journey.
24:19 Now, when we talk about the reformers,
24:22 why did God raised up the reformers?
24:24 Well, God raised up the reformers
24:26 to call for reformation in the church.
24:30 Now what is a reformation?
24:31 A reformation is simply God seeking to bring His people
24:36 back on the right track.
24:37 Amen?
24:39 God seeking to bring His people,
24:41 seeking to bring the world back to Bible truth,
24:44 back to the Bible.
24:46 That's what the reformation was all about.
24:48 And God raised up men and women to bring the world
24:54 back to His Word.
24:56 Notice some individuals that God raised up.
24:58 I have them up there on the screen for you.
25:00 In the 14th Century, God raised up John Wycliffe
25:04 there in England, and he was instrumental
25:06 in providing for us the English Bible.
25:09 Then God raised up in the 15th Century,
25:11 John Huss of Bohemia
25:14 today known as the Czech Republic.
25:17 In the 16th Century, God raised up Martin Luther
25:20 and he sparked through his 95 Theses
25:25 nailed to the Wittenberg Church door in 1517,
25:28 the Reformation.
25:30 He was from Germany and the Lutherans.
25:33 The Lutheran faith was born out of Martin Luther
25:36 and his ministry.
25:38 Then in the 16th Century, we've got God raising up
25:40 John Calvin from Switzerland and the Reformed Church
25:45 was established.
25:46 Then also in the 16th Century, we have John Knox from Scotland
25:51 and we have the birth of the Presbyterian Church.
25:54 In the 17th Century, we have John Smyth of Holland
25:57 and the birth of the Baptist Church.
25:59 In the 18th Century, we have John Wesley in England
26:02 and the Methodist Church is born.
26:04 In the 19th Century, we have God raising up
26:07 a Baptist farmer,
26:08 there in the United States of America
26:10 and the Millerites were formed.
26:12 The Millerites seeking to call the people of God,
26:17 the people of the world, especially there
26:19 in the United States to prepare for the second coming of Jesus.
26:22 Why do we have so many churches today?
26:25 It's because individuals were raised up by God
26:29 to share a precious truth.
26:31 With Martin Luther,
26:33 it was the Bible and the Bible alone
26:35 and righteousness by faith.
26:37 With the Baptists, it was baptism by immersion
26:41 as an adult.
26:43 Then you have the Methodists
26:44 and John Wesley and holy living,
26:46 and as I have already pointed out.
26:48 The Millerites, they especially focused
26:51 on the second coming of Jesus.
26:54 William Miller,
26:55 who based on his study of Daniel 8:14,
27:00 believed whole-heartedly and many others
27:03 also along with him that Jesus was coming.
27:06 In 1844, October 22, 1844,
27:09 at the end of the 2300 year prophecy
27:12 that is given there in Daniel 8:14.
27:15 So God raised up individuals to proclaim a message
27:19 for a time.
27:21 The question is, would God raise up a movement
27:25 to prepare the world for the second coming of Jesus.
27:27 The answer is yes.
27:29 In the end-time, according to Revelation 12:17,
27:33 we have discovered that God raises up Revelation's Remnant.
27:38 God in a very beautiful way describes Revelation's Remnant.
27:43 God describes this movement.
27:45 It's not really a church as we'll discover,
27:48 a movement that He raises up
27:50 in order to preach the three angels' messages
27:53 to all the world and to prepare the world
27:55 for the second coming of Jesus.
27:57 So that's what we want to take a look at right now
28:00 as we take a look at how Revelation
28:02 beautifully describes God's end-time church.
28:07 Let's take a look at seven identification marks
28:10 of God's end-time church as it is described so clearly,
28:16 as clear as the noon day sun in the Book of Revelation.
28:20 Are you ready for this?
28:21 Seven wonderful points that help us
28:24 understand the truth about the people of God
28:28 that God has chosen or that God has set in place,
28:32 that God has established,
28:34 as He did with Israel to prepare the world
28:37 for the second coming of Jesus.
28:38 The first point.
28:41 Revelation's Remnant, God's end-time church.
28:44 It's called the "remnant," it stands on God's word alone.
28:50 Notice what we read in Revelation 12:17.
28:53 It says, "And the dragon was enraged with the woman,
28:55 and he went to make war with the rest..."
28:57 That is New King James,
28:59 or I like the King James rendition, the what?
29:02 "The remnant of her offspring,
29:04 who keep the commandments of God
29:05 and have the testimony of Jesus Christ."
29:07 So God raises up a remnant.
29:09 Now the remnant are true to God's Word.
29:14 That is most important of all.
29:17 Notice what we read in John 17:17.
29:21 Jesus says, "Sanctify them by Your truth Your...
29:23 What?
29:25 "Word is truth."
29:26 So in order for you and I to discover
29:29 who the remnant church
29:32 of Bible prophecy is at the end of time,
29:35 this first point must be established, God's church.
29:39 In order to be His church at the end of time,
29:42 must stand on Sola scriptura as Martin Luther
29:46 so powerfully put it, the Bible and the Bible alone.
29:50 Is that clear? Yes or no? Yes.
29:52 It's absolutely crystal clear.
29:55 Notice what we read in 1 Timothy 3:17.
30:00 The Apostle Paul writes to young Timothy,
30:01 and he writes, "But if I am delayed,
30:03 I write so that you may know
30:05 how you ought to conduct yourself
30:06 in the house of God..."
30:08 Speaking of the church.
30:09 "Which is the church of the living God,
30:11 the pillar and ground of..." What?
30:13 "The truth." God's church.
30:16 In order to be God's church,
30:18 must be established on the pillar
30:20 and the ground of truth.
30:23 Thy word is truth.
30:26 If the church that you belong to
30:29 does not fulfill this first and all important requirement,
30:34 it cannot be God's end-time remnant church.
30:37 It just cannot be.
30:39 Because God's end-time remnant church
30:41 must be based firmly and squarely on the Bible
30:45 and the Bible alone in all its teachings
30:48 and all its practice.
30:49 Amen? I hope that's crystal clear.
30:52 Let's move on to our second point.
30:55 Revelation identifies God's end-time church
30:59 as those who keep all of God's Commandments.
31:02 We read that in Revelation 12:17.
31:05 They are those who keep the commandments of God.
31:09 This is so significant that God's people
31:12 are described as keeping His commandments
31:14 not once, not twice, but three times in Revelation.
31:17 Notice what we read in Revelation 14:12.
31:20 "Here is the patience of the saints,
31:21 here are those who do..." What?
31:23 "Keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus."
31:26 And finally, in Revelation 22:14,
31:30 we have these words.
31:32 "Blessed are those who..." What?
31:34 "Do His commandments,
31:35 that they may have right to the tree of life,
31:37 and may enter through the gates into the city."
31:40 And if you read the previous verse,
31:42 you will discover that those
31:43 who break the commandments of God,
31:45 willfully and knowingly, they are outside the city.
31:48 But God's people at the end of time
31:51 will keep all of God's Ten Commandments
31:54 including the one that begins with the word remember,
31:58 what was that word?
31:59 Remember. Remember.
32:01 Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy.
32:03 And that eliminates more than
32:05 90% of the Christian churches in the world today.
32:09 Just that one point, isn't that right?
32:10 Yeah.
32:12 Most Christian churches today in the world
32:14 keep nine of the Ten Commandments.
32:16 But the one that God said,
32:19 remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy,
32:20 that one has been eliminated
32:23 from their list of Ten Commandments.
32:27 Why is this so important?
32:29 Jesus said in John 14:15, "If you love me..." What?
32:32 "Keep My commandments."
32:34 God's people at the end of time will love Jesus Christ
32:39 with their heart, soul, strength, and mind
32:41 and because of their love for Jesus Christ,
32:44 they will seek to keep His Ten Commandments.
32:47 Not to be saved as we've discovered
32:48 over and over again, but because they are saved.
32:51 And Jesus made it very clear that love towards Him
32:56 and love towards your neighbor,
32:59 on these two principles hang all the, what?
33:01 All the law and the prophets.
33:03 The entire Bible is summed up in,
33:06 love God with all your hearts, all strength and mind,
33:08 and love your neighbor as yourself.
33:11 So God's people will be true to Him
33:14 and all of His Ten Commandments be true to His Word.
33:18 Be true to His Word.
33:19 Let's take a look at point number three.
33:24 God's end-time church,
33:26 according to the Book of Revelation
33:27 will have the "Testimony of Jesus Christ."
33:30 In Revelation 12:17,
33:33 it describes God's end-time people
33:35 as those who keep the commandments of God
33:37 and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.
33:39 Now, what is the testimony of Jesus Christ?
33:42 How we're to find out specifically
33:45 what this phrase is describing?
33:48 Do we do a poll? Do we go to Google?
33:50 No. Where do we go?
33:51 We go to the Bible.
33:53 And in particular,
33:54 let's look in the Book of Revelation
33:56 to find out what this phrase,
33:58 the testimony of Jesus Christ is specifically describing.
34:02 And we have the answer in Revelation 19:10.
34:06 Notice what we read in Revelation 19:10.
34:10 John writes, "And I fell at his feet to worship him.
34:13 But he said to me, 'See that you do not do that!
34:16 I am your fellow servant..."
34:17 That is John is about to worship the angel.
34:21 "And of your brethren who have the..." What?
34:23 "Testimony of..." Who?
34:25 "Of Jesus. Worship God!
34:27 For the testimony of Jesus is the... What?
34:30 "The spirit of prophecy."
34:31 So here the angel makes it crystal clear
34:34 to the Apostle John that the testimony of Jesus,
34:38 the testimony of Jesus Christ is the spirit of prophecy,
34:42 it's the prophetic gift.
34:44 It's what gift?
34:46 The prophetic gift
34:47 that God gives His end-time people
34:50 in order to lead and to guide them.
34:53 Now, it's interesting that the angel here says,
34:57 "I am of your fellow servant, and of your brethren
35:01 who have the testimony of Jesus."
35:04 If you go and read Revelation 22:8, 9,
35:08 there you'll discover
35:09 that John is about to worship the angel again,
35:13 and the angel says, "See that you do not do that.
35:16 For I am of your brethren."
35:19 I am a servant like you that has the gift of prophecy.
35:24 I am of the prophets.
35:26 I am a spokesman on behalf of God.
35:28 In Revelation 1:1, 2, there John says
35:34 he was given the testimony of Jesus Christ.
35:36 He was a prophet.
35:38 In Revelation 1:9, John says,
35:41 "I was imprisoned
35:45 because of the testimony of Jesus Christ
35:48 and because of the Word of God."
35:49 We're gonna look at that in a lot more detail
35:51 in our next presentation,
35:53 but God's end-time people
35:54 will have the prophetic gift in their midst
35:58 as they prepare the world for the second coming of Jesus.
36:01 Let's try to look at point number four.
36:03 It has the "patience of the saints."
36:06 Notice what we read in Revelation 14:12.
36:10 It says, "Here is the... What?
36:12 "Patience of the saints." The patience of the saints.
36:16 Now, I was curious to understand a little more
36:21 so what that word patience means.
36:24 Like you and I, when we think of patience,
36:26 when we talk about patience,
36:27 we think one thing, being patient.
36:30 But I wanted to take a look at
36:31 what this word actually means in its original.
36:34 The richness of this word that describes
36:38 God's end-time people awaiting the coming of Jesus,
36:44 preaching the three angels' messages,
36:45 it describes them as patient saints.
36:48 Now are they just simply patient as in patient,
36:50 patient just waiting?
36:52 Or does this word encapsulate a whole heap more?
36:55 Notice what I discovered.
36:58 This is from the Blue Letter Bible dictionary
37:03 and it unpacks this word patience,
37:07 and I just want to read for you
37:10 this sentence that you can see there
37:12 on the screen.
37:13 Point one, the word means steadfastness,
37:16 constancy, endurance.
37:18 Notice, in The New Testament,
37:20 the characteristic of a man or a woman
37:23 who is not swerved from his or her deliberate purpose
37:27 and his loyalty to faith and piety
37:29 by even the greatest trials and sufferings.
37:34 What does it mean to be patient at the end of time?
37:36 It means that God will have a people
37:39 who will not be swerved.
37:41 They will be faithful, they will be loyal to God,
37:44 rain, hail or shine,
37:46 no matter what the dragon throws at them.
37:49 And we have just read in Revelation 12:17
37:51 that the dragon was wrath
37:54 with the remnant at the end of time,
37:57 and he goes and makes war with them.
37:59 And in Revelation 13, we have a description
38:01 of how the devil will seek to destroy the people of God.
38:05 No matter what,
38:07 they remain faithful to God in the midst of turmoil
38:12 and trouble that you and I cannot even begin to imagine.
38:16 They remain faithful to God.
38:17 Notice what the Bible says regarding this group of people.
38:21 Well, before we do that,
38:22 we'll get to that later on obviously,
38:25 it has the faith of Jesus.
38:27 It has the faith of Jesus.
38:29 Notice what we read in Revelation 14:12, it says,
38:32 "Here are those who keep the commandments of God
38:35 and they have the faith of Jesus."
38:38 Now what does it mean to have the faith of Jesus?
38:41 Notice a definition from Strong's Concordance
38:44 regarding what that word faith literally means.
38:47 It means moral conviction of religious truth,
38:50 especially reliance upon Christ for salvation,
38:54 constant in your profession, assurance,
38:57 belief and fidelity or loyalty.
38:59 So this group of people have the faith of Jesus.
39:03 They are loyal, they are true,
39:06 they are not willing to be swerved,
39:09 they are filled with conviction,
39:12 they rely whole-heartedly upon Christ for salvation.
39:18 God's end-time people will preach the message
39:23 that we are saved by God's grace alone,
39:26 through faith alone,
39:28 as an act of incredible love by Christ alone.
39:32 God's end-time people will never ever preach
39:37 the message that you are saved by something you do.
39:40 But you are saved by Jesus Christ
39:42 and His merits alone.
39:44 In order for God's church to be God's church
39:46 at the end of time,
39:47 it must preach this faith message.
39:51 And not only that,
39:52 but the Bible says it has the faith of Jesus.
39:55 What kind of faith did Jesus have?
39:57 Jesus had complete faith
39:59 and trust in His Heavenly Father,
40:01 isn't that right?
40:02 When Jesus was faced with drinking that bitter cup
40:06 in the garden of Gethsemane
40:07 filled with the sins of the entire world,
40:10 Jesus could have walked away but instead He prayed,
40:14 "Father, let this cup pass from my lip nevertheless,
40:19 not My will, but Your will be done."
40:22 This group of people at the end of time
40:24 have the same faith that Jesus had,
40:27 willing to endure to the very end,
40:29 for Jesus said in Matthew 24,
40:31 "He who endures to the very end will be..." What?
40:33 "He will be saved."
40:35 They have the same faith of Jesus.
40:37 They have faith in Jesus
40:39 which is also a correct translation of the text,
40:41 and they also have the same faith that Jesus had,
40:45 complete reliance on the Heavenly Father.
40:47 They will trust in Jesus Christ alone and always.
40:51 Amen?
40:53 These individuals,
40:55 their cry is though the heavens fall,
40:57 we'll continue to trust and be loyal to Jesus Christ.
41:03 We will not be swerved.
41:04 That is the group of people that God is describing
41:07 at the very end of time.
41:09 Notice what we read in Revelation 14:4.
41:11 It says, "These are the ones..."
41:14 Speaking of God's end-time people.
41:16 "Who were not defiled with women..."
41:19 Or in other words,
41:21 false religious teachings or doctrines.
41:23 "For they are..." What?
41:25 "They are virgins."
41:26 They are true to Jesus Christ who is the groom.
41:29 "These are the ones who follow the Lamb wherever He goes."
41:33 God will have a people who follow the Lamb
41:36 wherever He goes.
41:37 Faithful, loyal to Jesus Christ,
41:40 no matter what the cost.
41:42 Even as we discovered in Revelation 13,
41:45 even if their very lives are on the line.
41:49 Loyal and faithful
41:51 just like those three young Hebrew men
41:54 on the plain of Dura.
41:56 You remember them in Daniel 3?
41:58 Those three Hebrew men...
42:01 When it came time to worship
42:02 the image that Nebuchadnezzar had established,
42:05 they said, "No way, we will not worship the image.
42:09 We are happy to die for our Lord, for our God.
42:12 But we will not worship your image
42:14 because we worship only one God,
42:16 the true God, the God in heaven,
42:19 the creator of the heavens and the earths
42:20 and all that is in them."
42:22 And God will have such a people on planet earth.
42:25 Here they are also described in Revelation 12:11.
42:29 It says, "And they overcame him..."
42:31 That is God's end-time people.
42:33 God's people down through the ages
42:35 in the last 2000 years.
42:37 "They overcame him, that is the dragon,
42:39 by the blood of the Lamb
42:40 and by the word of their testimony,
42:42 and they did not love their lives even..." What?
42:45 "Unto the death."
42:46 That is the faith of Jesus, that is loyalty,
42:50 that is what God is calling His people to,
42:53 that is what God is calling the whole world to,
42:58 give their hearts and lives to Jesus Christ,
42:59 to be faithful,
43:01 to be loyal to Him and to Him alone.
43:04 This is God's remnant at the end of time.
43:07 Let's take a look at our sixth identification mark
43:10 of God's end-time remnant.
43:12 It will arise after 1798,
43:15 that is after the 1260 years have come to an end
43:19 in the United States of America.
43:20 And we've already looked at that
43:22 in our previous presentation
43:23 where God opened up a way, He opened up a door,
43:27 He opened up a whole continent
43:30 in order for His people to escape
43:32 and that all took place at that period around 1798.
43:37 So God's church according to Revelation 12,
43:40 the sequence of Revelation 12 makes it clear
43:42 that God's end-time remnant in Revelation 12:17
43:46 will arise after the 1260 year period has come to an end.
43:51 So that's a very important point also to remember.
43:54 Number seven and finally,
43:56 it will be a world-wide movement
43:58 that will preach the everlasting gospel,
44:00 that is God's final message of love to the world
44:03 found in Revelation 14:6-12.
44:07 The message that we have been going through
44:10 in this presentations together,
44:12 as we have been taking a look at end-time apocalypse
44:15 in this series on Focus on God's Word.
44:18 We have been taking a look at Revelation 14
44:23 and that all important three angels' messages
44:27 that is to prepare the world for the second coming of Jesus.
44:30 Notice what Jesus said in Matthew 24:14.
44:33 Jesus said, "And this gospel
44:34 of the kingdom will be preached in..."
44:36 How much of the world?
44:37 "In all the world as a... What?
44:39 "As a witness..."
44:40 Or as a testimony to how many of the nations?
44:42 "To all the nations..."
44:44 And what will happen then?
44:45 "And then the end will come."
44:48 Jesus made it clear.
44:49 These are the words of Jesus in Matthew 24.
44:52 He said, "This gospel will be preached
44:54 in all the world as a witness to all the nations
44:57 and then the end will come.
44:59 We have in the Book of Revelation,
45:02 in the three angels' messages,
45:04 we have the gospel in an end-time context.
45:08 In what context?
45:10 In an end-time context to prepare the world
45:12 for the second coming of Jesus.
45:14 Notice these words in Revelation 14:6.
45:20 The three angels' messages.
45:21 We have...
45:22 This is how they begin in Revelation 14:6.
45:24 John writes, "Then I saw another angel
45:26 flying in the midst of heaven,
45:27 having the... What?
45:29 "The everlasting gospel
45:30 to preach to those who dwell on the earth,
45:32 to every nation, tribe, tongue, and people."
45:35 This is God's final message of love to the world.
45:38 This is the gospel that Jesus spoke of in Matthew 24:14,
45:43 in an end-time context.
45:46 I've said it before, I'll say it again,
45:47 this is why God raised up 3ABN.
45:52 For this reason and this reason alone,
45:54 God raised up 3ABN through the ministry
45:58 of someone who was not very qualified at all
46:01 by the name of Danny Shelton.
46:03 God raised up this ministry in order to proclaim
46:06 this message around the world.
46:10 The truth about God and His love,
46:13 the truth of God's final message of love,
46:17 the three angels' messages.
46:19 This is a message that needs to go to all the world.
46:23 And what will take place then?
46:25 It will be the second coming of Jesus.
46:26 And these three messages
46:28 are summarized in these six words.
46:30 I'll share them with you again.
46:32 The first angel's message, God points out what?
46:35 His truth, God's truth.
46:36 The second angel's message is all about Satan's lies.
46:40 God exposes Satan's lies.
46:41 And in the third angel's message, God says what?
46:43 It's your choice.
46:45 This is the everlasting gospel.
46:48 God's truth, Satan's lies exposed,
46:51 and we've done that especially in our previous presentation.
46:54 And then God finally says,
46:56 it's your opportunity to choose.
46:59 You choose, you choose.
47:01 And what follows?
47:03 The second coming of Jesus follows.
47:05 You read Revelation 14,
47:07 at the conclusion
47:09 of the third angel's message in verse 12,
47:11 we have the second coming of Jesus.
47:13 And that is it.
47:15 This message prepares the world for the second coming of Jesus.
47:20 You and I are privileged to hear this message.
47:23 You and I are privileged to understand this message.
47:27 The question is,
47:29 does God have a church on the planet
47:33 that is preaching the three angels' messages,
47:35 preparing the world for the second coming of Jesus,
47:39 and the answer is yes.
47:40 And there is only one church today on earth
47:45 that fits every single one
47:47 of the seven identification marks
47:49 that God has given in His Word!
47:50 Only one.
47:52 And my friends that church today
47:54 is the Seventh-day Adventist church.
47:57 The Seventh-day Adventist church, my friends,
48:00 is the remnant church of Bible prophecy.
48:03 It's the church that God described
48:06 in Revelation 12:17.
48:10 Does that mean that Seventh-day Adventists
48:13 are the only ones going to heaven?
48:15 Absolutely not.
48:18 I don't believe that. I don't teach that.
48:19 And that is not what the Bible teaches.
48:22 But does God teach in His Word
48:25 that He has raised up this movement
48:27 from very humble beginnings
48:29 to be a worldwide movement today
48:32 to prepare the entire world
48:34 with God's final message of love
48:35 in order that all who are willing
48:38 may be ready to receive Jesus when He comes the second time,
48:42 and the answer is yes.
48:44 The answer is yes.
48:46 It's a wonderful privilege
48:48 to be a Seventh-day Adventist Christian,
48:50 to have the privilege of sharing
48:52 God's final message of love to the world.
48:54 But with privileges come responsibilities.
48:57 What comes with privileges?
48:59 Responsibilities.
49:01 It's an even greater responsibility.
49:03 God has His people all around the world,
49:05 in all denominations, in all religious faiths,
49:09 everywhere,
49:11 and God is calling all at the end of time to come
49:14 and to follow Jesus Christ
49:16 and to be part of His remnant movement.
49:18 It's not really a church.
49:19 The Seventh-day Adventist church is a movement
49:22 that God has raised.
49:24 Not men, God has raised.
49:26 So let's take a look at these
49:28 seven identification marks really, really quickly
49:30 because we are running out of time,
49:31 to discover whether the Seventh-day Adventist church
49:34 fulfills every single one of these seven.
49:36 Firstly, it is called the "remnant".
49:38 That is it stands on God's World alone.
49:40 We have been looking at God's Word
49:42 over and over again, haven't we?
49:43 So it fits that description well and truly.
49:45 Notice what the first fundamental belief
49:49 of the Seventh-day Adventist church is.
49:51 It's on the Holy Scriptures.
49:52 Let me read that to you.
49:54 "The Holy Scriptures, Old and New Testaments,
49:56 are the written Word of God, given by divine inspiration.
49:59 The inspired authors spoke
50:01 and wrote as they were moved by the Holy Spirit.
50:03 In this Word, God has committed to humanity
50:06 the knowledge necessary for salvation.
50:08 The Holy Scriptures are the supreme, authoritative,
50:12 and infallible revelation of His will.
50:14 They are the standard of character,
50:16 the test of experience,
50:17 the definitive revealer of doctrines,
50:20 and the trustworthy record of God's acts in history."
50:24 The Seventh-day Adventist church believes
50:28 wholeheartedly that the Bible and the Bible alone
50:31 ought to be that which tests everything we believe
50:34 and everything we practice.
50:36 It's the very first fundamental belief
50:38 of the Seventh-day Adventist church.
50:40 There are 28 and it is right there
50:42 at the very beginning.
50:43 Let's take a look...
50:45 Well, before we do that, God's church began.
50:48 And there is so much I could share but we don't have time.
50:50 God's church began more than 150 years ago.
50:54 The Seventh-day Adventist church began when God's people
50:58 from all different religions came together,
51:00 they studied the Bible to find out
51:02 what the Bible teaches in order that
51:04 they may live their lives in harmony with the Bible.
51:06 Baptists, Methodists, Presbyterians,
51:08 all sorts came together and based on God's Word,
51:11 they discovered the truth about different teachings
51:15 that you and I today have been exposed to,
51:18 and that you and I have been blessed by.
51:20 Let's take a look at the second point.
51:22 It keeps all of God's Commandments.
51:25 Well, that's a no-brainer.
51:27 The seventh day Sabbath is well and truly at the heart
51:30 of the name of Seventh-day Adventists,
51:32 Seventh-day Adventists, it's part of our name.
51:35 We certainly teach and share
51:36 that all Ten Commandments are important.
51:38 Notice this very interesting statement here
51:41 from Saint Catherine,
51:43 that is the Catholic Church Sentinel,
51:45 May 21, 1995.
51:47 Notice these words.
51:48 These are not Seventh-day Adventists
51:49 that are writing these.
51:51 This is a Roman Catholic journal.
51:53 "People who think that the scripture
51:54 should be the sole authority,
51:56 should logically become... What?
51:58 "Seventh-day Adventists, and keep Saturday holy."
52:01 So if you believe, as a Christian,
52:03 that the Bible is your sole authority,
52:06 there is no other option.
52:07 You've got nowhere else to go
52:09 but become a Seventh-day Adventist
52:11 according to our friends in the church of Rome.
52:15 Let's take a look at the third point.
52:18 It will have the "testimony of Jesus Christ."
52:19 Indeed.
52:21 We'll discover in our next presentation
52:22 that God raised up the gift of prophecy
52:24 in the Seventh-day Adventist church.
52:26 And we're gonna look at that in our next presentation.
52:28 It has the "patience of the saints."
52:30 Indeed. God is calling a people.
52:34 Seventh-day Adventists believe that we need to be loyal to God
52:38 by His grace and through His strength.
52:40 It has the faith of Jesus.
52:42 Absolutely.
52:43 We believe in salvation by faith alone.
52:47 Not by works but by grace, through faith alone,
52:51 and through the merits of Jesus Christ alone.
52:54 It will arise after 1798
52:57 in the United States of America.
52:58 Indeed.
52:59 The Seventh-day Adventist church arose, it was...
53:02 The name was given in 1860 and in 1863,
53:07 the Seventh-day Adventist church
53:09 was officially organized.
53:10 So it fits that criteria also.
53:12 And finally, it will be a world-wide movement
53:14 that will preach the everlasting gospel,
53:16 God's final message of love to the world.
53:18 And the answer is what?
53:19 Yes.
53:21 The Seventh-day Adventist church
53:22 is the only church in the world,
53:24 wide around the world that is preaching
53:26 this final message of God's love to the world.
53:31 Now, it's also interesting,
53:33 and I could spend a lot of time on each and every one of these,
53:36 but we don't have time.
53:37 But in Revelation, we have some more clear evidence
53:43 of God's end-time church.
53:44 The remnant.
53:46 In Revelation 12, we have the when
53:48 and the where of God's church.
53:51 After the 1260 years, and it would arise
53:54 in the United States of America.
53:55 In Revelation 10, we have the divine origin
53:58 of the Seventh-day Adventist church,
54:00 and how God divinely organized and orchestrated this movement
54:04 to prepare the world for the second coming of Jesus.
54:07 In Revelation 14, as we've already pointed out,
54:09 we have the mission and message
54:11 of the Seventh-day Adventist church,
54:13 the three angels' messages.
54:14 In Revelation 12, we have these two key identification markers
54:18 that they keep the commandments of God
54:20 and they have the testimony of Jesus Christ.
54:22 And in Revelation 3,
54:24 we have the condition of the end-time church of God,
54:28 there it's described as Laodicea,
54:30 but Jesus makes an appeal to His people
54:34 at the end of time to open the door
54:36 and to be the people that God has called them to be.
54:40 God has raised up
54:41 the Seventh-day Adventist church
54:44 in order to perform the greatest work
54:47 this universe will ever witness
54:49 and that is to prepare the entire world
54:51 with God's final message of love
54:54 to be ready for the second coming of Jesus.
54:57 Before the flood,
54:59 God raised up a man by the name of what?
55:01 Noah.
55:02 God raised up Noah to prepare the world for the flood
55:07 that would destroy the entire world.
55:09 Before God sends Jesus Christ,
55:15 the Bible tells us,
55:16 He has raised up a church.
55:18 A church that will have the same message as Noah had,
55:22 and that is to prepare a people who will be safe and secure,
55:26 not in the ark, but in the nail scarred hands of Jesus
55:30 who is coming back soon.
55:31 Amen?
55:32 Jesus has raised up
55:34 the Seventh-day Adventist church
55:35 according to Bible prophecy to prepare the world
55:39 for the soon return of Jesus.
55:41 I want to finish off with a couple of scriptures
55:43 from Jesus.
55:45 In John 10:16, we read these words Jesus says,
55:48 "And there will be..." How many flocks?
55:49 "One flock..."
55:51 And how many shepherds?
55:52 "One flock and one shepherd."
55:55 And in John 10:27, Jesus says,
55:57 "My sheep hear My voice,
55:59 and I know them, and they... Do what?
56:01 "They follow Me."
56:02 Jesus says, "There will be one flock,
56:06 there will be one shepherd.
56:08 My sheep that are scattered all around the world,
56:13 in confusion, many of them will hear
56:16 My voice from My Word,
56:19 they will hear My final message of love to the world
56:23 and they will follow me."
56:25 Is that your decision to follow Jesus Christ?
56:27 To follow His truth?
56:29 To follow this beautiful message
56:31 and be part of this movement
56:33 that God has raised to prepare the world
56:35 for the second coming of Jesus.
56:36 What a privilege?
56:37 What an honor to be part of this movement
56:39 that God has established.
56:40 Let's pray together.
56:42 Father in heaven, we want to thank You
56:43 for Your Word once again.
56:45 Your Word has made it abundantly clear
56:47 what Your truth is
56:49 and where we can go to find truth.
56:51 You have made it abundantly clear
56:53 that You do have a people,
56:54 You do have a church, You do have a movement
56:56 that You've raised up to prepare the world
56:59 for the second coming of Jesus.
57:01 Father, may we all choose to be part of this movement,
57:06 sharing this final message of love with our neighbors,
57:09 friends, and loved ones,
57:10 preparing them for Your soon return,
57:12 for this is our prayer in Jesus' name,
57:14 and everybody said amen and amen.


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