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00:26 Welcome again
00:27 to our audience here as well as to those
00:29 who are watching around the world
00:31 wherever you may be, a big warm welcome to you.
00:33 And looking forward to the second presentation
00:36 in this series "End-time Love and Loyalty,"
00:40 and today's message is entitled,
00:42 "Lest We Forget."
00:43 A very important message that continues on
00:46 from where we were at our previous time together
00:50 when we looked at God's awesome plan
00:53 for our happiness and our peace.
00:57 As I pointed out, the message is entitled
00:59 "Lest We Forget."
01:00 And these are familiar words,
01:02 these three words are very familiar
01:03 to those who are living in Australia and New Zealand.
01:07 Every year on April 25,
01:09 we celebrate what we refer to as Anzac Day
01:13 here in Australia and New Zealand.
01:15 Australians and New Zealanders,
01:17 they came together during World War I
01:19 and forged a partnership in order to do battle,
01:23 in order to provide for the safety,
01:25 the security and the freedoms
01:27 that we have here in Australia and New Zealand.
01:30 And so wherever you go in Australia,
01:33 there are memorials that are established.
01:35 This memorial here is at RSL Club
01:38 or Returned and Services League Club
01:41 for past and present armed force men and women.
01:45 And we have...
01:47 We have these memorials with these words,
01:49 "Lest We Forget."
01:51 Lest We Forget,
01:52 we pause every year on April 25,
01:55 to remember those that have gone before us.
01:59 This year, I had the opportunity
02:01 here is one,
02:02 a memorial there in Mullumbimby,
02:06 Northern New South Wales,
02:08 "Lest We Forget" on that memorial
02:10 and as you can see the sign there,
02:11 "Sacred, War Memorial, Please Keep Off."
02:15 So everything associated with April 25
02:19 is very precious to Australians
02:21 and New Zealanders in particular,
02:23 as well as to many others
02:25 within the South Pacific Region,
02:27 who joined the Australian and New Zealand armed forces
02:31 in the battle during World War I in particular.
02:35 This year, I had the opportunity
02:37 of going to Anzac Cove there in Turkey.
02:41 Where the soldiers on April 25, 1915,
02:47 Australians and New Zealanders and others
02:49 came ashore and fought for that piece of territory
02:54 against the Turkey soldiers.
02:57 And here is a memorial
02:58 that I found while I was over there,
03:01 a commemorative memorial
03:04 from the year 2000 April 25,
03:08 when the Prime Minister,
03:10 the then Prime Minister of Australia,
03:13 John Howard
03:14 as well as the Prime Minister of the time of New Zealand,
03:18 Helen Clark came together,
03:20 and along with Turkish dignitaries
03:24 that were there to pay respect to the soldiers
03:27 that had passed away at that place.
03:30 As I stood there on Anzac Cove,
03:34 the place where those soldiers came aboard,
03:37 I thought of the many men who came upon those shores.
03:42 As you go through and as you take a look
03:45 at what is there in that place,
03:47 you'll come across these grave sites.
03:50 You'll come across some of the graves
03:52 of some of the soldiers
03:53 and I took a look at a few
03:55 and here are just a few to show you.
03:57 This one in particular
03:59 is of a young man, aged 18
04:03 who lost his life there on the battlefield,
04:06 a Private Burton, the words below,
04:09 "Only a boy but died as a man for liberty and freedom.
04:14 His Mum and Dad."
04:15 And here is another one from a 16-year-old teenager
04:20 who lost his life there at Gallipoli,
04:22 Private O'Donnell.
04:24 And you may not be able to see the words really well,
04:27 but they simply read down below,
04:29 "He sleeps where Anzac heroes came
04:34 to do and die."
04:36 So as far as Australians are concerned,
04:38 Anzac Day and Anzac Cove in Gallipoli
04:42 is very much part and parcel of our history,
04:46 not that we're glorifying war.
04:48 I would never do that, not even for one moment,
04:50 there is nothing...
04:51 there is nothing more horrendous in this world
04:54 than war and conflict,
04:57 and the resulting pain, and suffering and death.
05:00 But this is something very significant to Australians
05:03 when we pause and we have a day
05:06 that we commemorate each year.
05:09 These are some of the barracks or the foxholes,
05:13 as they were also known back then,
05:16 that I observed and it was a very sober,
05:18 a very surreal experience
05:20 being there at Gallipoli for me this year.
05:25 This is a memorial
05:27 that has been established there
05:29 with the various names of the soldiers
05:32 engrained in stone.
05:35 And the title on this memorial,
05:38 "Their Name Liveth For Evermore."
05:42 I am proud to be an Australian, very proud to be an Australian.
05:46 I'm blessed to be in Australia,
05:48 and my parents left their homeland of Macedonia,
05:53 and three months pregnant.
05:55 My mother jumped on a boat
05:57 and a month later, an Italian boat,
06:00 a month later along with my dad,
06:02 they landed in Melbourne and so I was born in Footscray
06:06 there in the western suburbs of Melbourne.
06:08 And I have been blessed for these past 48 years to live
06:13 in this wonderful country of Australia.
06:16 And so I'm proud and honored and thankful to God,
06:20 that I grew up in this wonderful country
06:22 where we have such freedom,
06:23 such liberties, such opportunities
06:27 to make so much of our lives in comparison
06:31 to where I would have grown up in Macedonia,
06:34 a far cry to the blessings and the wonderful privileges
06:39 that we have here in this country.
06:42 Anzac Day, a very special day
06:45 for Australians and New Zealanders
06:47 where we are reminded, "Lest We Forget"
06:50 are the words that are repeated
06:51 over and over again on April 25,
06:53 lest we forget the sacrifice
06:56 that was put in place so that we may enjoy freedoms
07:01 that we enjoy today.
07:03 Well, when it comes to...
07:04 when it comes to sacrifice, when it comes to gifts,
07:07 when it comes to love, when it comes to loyalty,
07:10 today we want to take a look at two incredible gifts
07:15 that God has given the human race
07:17 from the beginning of time gifts of love
07:20 to bless all of humanity,
07:22 for all of human history,
07:24 straight from the Garden of Eden.
07:28 We're going to begin with prayer
07:30 before we unpack one
07:32 and then especially the other one of these gifts,
07:36 and we're going to ask God
07:37 to bless our time together in His word.
07:39 So before we open His word,
07:40 let's pause and let's pray one more time.
07:43 Father in heaven, we thank You so much
07:44 that we can come before You
07:46 and as we are about to unpack Your Holy Word now
07:50 and discover these two wonderful gifts,
07:53 in particular this one wonderful gift
07:56 that most of humanity has forgotten.
07:59 We ask and pray
08:01 that You will bless our time together
08:02 in Your Word as we open Your Word,
08:03 open our hearts and our minds,
08:05 that we may be receptive
08:07 to what Your Holy Spirit wants to share with us this day
08:10 we pray in Jesus' name.
08:12 Amen.
08:14 Amen.
08:15 Well, as I pointed out,
08:16 God gave two precious gifts to the human race
08:21 at the beginning of time.
08:22 The first gift from the Garden of Eden
08:25 was the gift of marriage and family.
08:28 What a wonderful gift that is?
08:30 What a wonderful gift that is.
08:31 Notice what we read in Genesis 1:26-28.
08:36 We read these words,
08:37 "Then God said,
08:39 'Let us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness.'
08:42 So God created man in His own image,
08:44 in the image of God, He created him,
08:46 male and female, He created them.
08:49 Then God blessed them, and God said to them,
08:52 "Be fruitful and multiply, fill the earth and subdue it."
08:57 So right at the beginning of time,
08:58 God created the gift
09:02 and the institution of marriage.
09:04 That's where marriage comes from,
09:05 it comes from the Garden of Eden.
09:07 And as we have just read,
09:09 it was designed to be a blessing
09:11 to humanity for all time,
09:12 not just marriage,
09:14 but God also created the opportunity for you and I
09:18 to procreate in His image and to have children,
09:23 and to have families and to be blessed through that.
09:27 I'll never forget the day
09:30 when I got married, many moons ago,
09:33 almost 25 years ago when I got married
09:37 back on January 1, 1995.
09:42 Now who gets married on January 1, New Year's Day?
09:46 You know who? Those who have a bad memory.
09:49 I have a bad memory. Trust me on that one.
09:52 I forgot my wife's birthday once
09:55 and I learned a valuable lesson.
09:57 And this is a valuable lesson to whoever you...
09:59 to whoever you may be,
10:01 the best way to remember your wife's birthday
10:03 is to forget it once.
10:05 You'll never forget it again.
10:07 Well, it's not entirely my fault
10:09 that I forgot my wife's birthday
10:10 because she is born on December 23,
10:12 two days before Christmas, what was she thinking?
10:16 What was she thinking?
10:18 What hope do I have?
10:20 Anyway, I forgot it once and I haven't forgotten since.
10:22 Anyway, this was a wonderful day,
10:24 January 1, 1995.
10:25 We've known each other for about 12 months
10:27 and finally the day had arrived
10:29 and here I am staring down the aisle
10:31 as you do and here she is,
10:33 coming down the aisle,
10:36 walking with her father,
10:38 and here she is handed over to me.
10:41 And now she is in my possession and I'm not letting her go.
10:44 Amen.
10:45 I'm not letting her go anytime soon.
10:48 And here we are, we're standing at the altar
10:50 and here we are exchanging vows and exchanging rings,
10:55 and it didn't happen that quick...
10:56 it didn't happen that quick on the day.
10:58 And here we are with our wedding certificate,
11:02 all smiles and ready to face
11:05 the challenges of marriage.
11:09 And how we face them?
11:10 By the grace of God, we have for almost 25 years.
11:14 And it's wonderful.
11:16 And here we have is another photo of us there
11:20 and it was such a special and such a precious day.
11:24 And then a couple of years later
11:25 the Lord blessed us.
11:27 Well, He did say, "Be fruitful and multiply,"
11:28 didn't He?
11:29 He told Adam and Eve be fruitful and multiply.
11:31 So our fruitfulness began two years later
11:35 when our firstborn Jamiely was born
11:38 and she was such a blessing.
11:39 And here she is sleeping in her little cot.
11:42 She used to love having her feet
11:43 outside the cot.
11:45 That was one of her favorite pastimes.
11:47 And she was good while she was asleep
11:49 and her feet were at the cot.
11:50 I didn't actually mind where her feet were
11:53 as long as she was asleep.
11:55 Because on other occasions, this is what it looked like.
11:58 Can you imagine that? Can you imagine that?
12:01 A screaming baby 3:00 a.m.
12:04 not much fun.
12:06 But we survived and I'm here to tell the story.
12:09 Marriage and family, it's such a blessing,
12:11 it's such a wonderful blessing that God gave to us
12:14 from the Garden of Eden.
12:16 This is his first gift,
12:18 and by and large, all of humanity,
12:22 for the last 6,000 years of human history,
12:26 have been blessed and partaken
12:29 of the gift of marriage and the family.
12:32 Isn't that right?
12:33 Our entire world society has been built
12:36 on marriage and the family
12:37 and so we thank God as a human race collectively
12:41 for this wonderful gift.
12:43 However, however, there is a second gift
12:49 from the Garden of Eden
12:51 that God gave to the human race
12:53 that sadly today has been forgotten
12:57 by the vast majority of earth's inhabitants.
13:02 Hence I've entitled this message,
13:04 "Lest We Forget."
13:06 Lest we forget, the second blessing
13:09 from the Garden of Eden.
13:11 So let's go back to the Garden of Eden.
13:13 When God created Adam and Eve, He created them
13:17 to live in perfect harmony with one another,
13:20 to live in perfect harmony with God as they created.
13:23 The one Who created them in His own image,
13:26 to live in perfect harmony with the animal kingdom
13:30 and with all of nature
13:31 and there was just complete harmony
13:33 that they enjoyed.
13:35 And the Bible describes what God said
13:38 at the end of the six days of creation.
13:41 Notice what we read in Genesis 1:31,
13:44 "Then God saw everything that He had made,
13:47 and indeed it was," what?
13:48 "Very good."
13:50 Up until this point in the story of creation,
13:53 after each day when God finished His creating,
13:56 God says, "It is good."
13:58 It is good.
13:59 It is good. It is good.
14:01 Six times God repeats that phrase, it is good.
14:06 And then at the end of the sixth day,
14:08 after God had created Adam and kept the best till last
14:13 by creating the woman Eve,
14:15 and all the men said, "Amen."
14:19 Then God said, "Behold,
14:21 it is very good, very, very good."
14:25 So the evening and the morning were the sixth day.
14:29 Now we know that we don't have six days in a week,
14:34 isn't that right?
14:35 How many days are in a week?
14:37 There are seven days in a week.
14:39 So if God had created everything in six days,
14:43 and He said it was very good,
14:45 well then what took place on the seventh day?
14:48 Let's keep reading.
14:49 Genesis 2:1, completes the end of creation.
14:54 Those six days with these words,
14:56 "Thus the heavens and the earth,
14:57 and all the host of them, were finished."
15:02 What would God erect as an eternal memorial
15:06 of His creative work?
15:08 Okay, God had finished creating the world.
15:11 And as you and I know,
15:14 that when an artist finishes creating his masterpiece,
15:19 what does he do?
15:21 What's the final act?
15:22 He signs off.
15:24 He signs off.
15:25 So we know who is the architect,
15:29 who is the master artist
15:32 behind this magnificent piece of art.
15:34 They sign their name at the bottom
15:38 of that piece of art,
15:40 to make it plain and obvious to all who will come afterward,
15:44 who is the one,
15:46 who is the orchestrator
15:48 behind this beautiful piece of art?
15:51 So how was God going to sign off?
15:55 How is He going to place His signature
15:57 on this world
15:59 that this world didn't come from evolution
16:01 that this world didn't come by chance,
16:05 that this world came by divine plan
16:11 and divine creation by a divine and loving God.
16:15 How would God do that?
16:17 Would He create a monument?
16:19 Would He create another big tree?
16:23 What would God do?
16:24 Instead of creating something,
16:28 God decided to create time and space.
16:32 Let's notice,
16:33 what we read in Genesis 2:2, 3.
16:37 "And on the seventh day God ended His work
16:39 which He had done,
16:40 and He rested on the seventh day
16:42 from all His work which He had done.
16:44 Then God blessed the seventh day
16:46 and sanctified it because in it,
16:48 He rested from all His work which God had created and made.
16:53 Here we are told that God blessed the seventh day,
16:58 just like God blessed Adam and Eve
17:00 at the very beginning of time,
17:02 and He said to them, "Be fruitful and multiply."
17:05 So too God blessed the seventh day.
17:08 And the Bible says, "God sanctified that day."
17:11 Now what does it mean to be sanctified?
17:13 It means to be set apart for holy use.
17:16 This is not a common day, like any other day of the week,
17:20 the seventh day,
17:21 according to what we have read,
17:22 according to what God Himself said,
17:24 was to be set apart for holy use,
17:26 just like marriage is set apart for holy use, isn't that right?
17:32 We refer to marriage often as holy what?
17:35 Matrimony or the sacred vows of marriage.
17:39 The scriptures, they are holy.
17:43 The Bible says that our body temples are holy.
17:48 The Bible refers to holiness as something
17:51 that has been set apart
17:53 by God for special use.
17:57 The Holy Place, the Most Holy Place
18:00 of the sanctuary was special
18:02 because that is where God resides
18:04 and so where God resides,
18:06 that that is especially connected with God
18:09 and the work of God, God says, that is holy,
18:12 that is special, that is sacred,
18:14 that has been set apart as a special blessing.
18:16 Now the Bible says that God rested.
18:19 God rested.
18:20 Now, does God need to rest?
18:23 What do you think?
18:24 Does God need to rest?
18:26 Does He rest because He's tired?
18:30 Was God tired after six days of work
18:32 that He needed to rest?
18:34 That is what the Bible says?
18:36 Isaiah 40:28, "Have you not known?
18:40 Have you not heard?
18:41 The everlasting God, the Lord,
18:43 the Creator of the ends of the earth,"
18:45 that's what we've been looking at,
18:47 "neither fights, nor is" what?
18:49 "Neither nor is weary."
18:51 God didn't rest because He was tired.
18:55 Maybe Adam and Eve needed to rest,
18:56 maybe they were tired,
18:58 maybe they had had a hard week?
19:00 Hardly, what day were they created?
19:02 They were created on the sixth day?
19:06 They didn't need to rest either.
19:07 They hadn't done any work.
19:10 Why did God rest?
19:12 That word there rest is the word Shabbat.
19:14 It's where we get the word Sabbath from Shabbat,
19:17 which means to stop, to cease or to rest.
19:21 It means to exile.
19:23 It's like when you've been working hard
19:26 or you've been doing some serious exercise,
19:29 and you stop and you take a deep breath.
19:34 Have you ever done that?
19:36 Does it feel good? Does it feel good?
19:38 Yeah, many times.
19:40 It feels good, doesn't it?
19:42 Just to stop and to...
19:47 And when God stopped, and He said...
19:53 I can just imagine Him looking at all of creation, saying,
19:56 "Wow, this is so very good.
20:00 So very good."
20:02 I want to bless the human race
20:05 to never forget where they came from,
20:07 to never forget that I am the God
20:10 that wants to bless them in every sense.
20:12 And I am going to give them a day,
20:15 a wonderful day,
20:17 when they can spend time with me
20:19 and celebrate me as their loving Creator God.
20:24 You see, God knew that,
20:26 that which is most precious
20:28 in developing human to human relationships,
20:33 and God to human relationships
20:35 is a word beginning with T with four letters.
20:39 Can anyone guess?
20:41 Time, time.
20:46 Building healthy relationships require time?
20:51 God didn't set aside an hour every week,
20:53 He didn't set aside two hours every week.
20:56 God gave the human race 24 hours
21:00 to spend with one another.
21:03 Twenty four hours with one another,
21:05 as God's children,
21:07 24 hours with God as our ultimate God.
21:12 What a blessing.
21:13 What a blessing.
21:14 In fact, that word, there blessed.
21:17 When you read that word blessed for the Hebrew,
21:20 when the Hebrew hears the word blessed
21:24 and it's coming from God's lips,
21:27 the Hebrew mind,
21:28 the Hebrew thinking is
21:30 and he knows and she knows
21:32 that when God blesses, He blesses holistically.
21:35 Now what do I mean by holistically?
21:36 You and I are created holistic beings
21:39 in the image of God.
21:41 We are created to function optimally,
21:44 physically, emotionally/mentally,
21:48 spiritually and socially,
21:50 those four dimensions.
21:53 And so when God blesses us,
21:55 He blesses us in all four of those dimensions.
21:58 So when we take a look at the Sabbath
22:00 and when God blessed this day,
22:03 and gave it as a gift to the whole human race,
22:06 He wants us to enjoy holistic health and well being
22:10 with one another, with God,
22:13 health wise physically
22:15 and also mentally, and emotionally.
22:18 Does that make sense, yes or no?
22:20 That is the blessing associated with this precious day.
22:22 I could spend a lot more time
22:24 unpacking the holistic blessing that God has
22:27 and we're gonna do that in an upcoming program,
22:31 where we're gonna talk about health and well being,
22:33 so stay tuned for that.
22:35 As we continue, Jesus says in Matthew 11:28,
22:41 "Come to Me, all you who labor
22:43 and are heavy laden, and I will give you," what?
22:46 "I'll give you rest."
22:48 I'll give you rest.
22:49 If there is something we desperately need today
22:53 in our world, and that is rest,
22:54 isn't that right?
22:56 We desperately need rest.
22:59 Families today are struggling,
23:02 marriages are struggling,
23:04 children are struggling to connect with parents.
23:08 There are struggles between friends,
23:10 there are struggles to connect with God.
23:13 And God is saying, "I'm giving you an opportunity
23:15 to come to me and to find rest,
23:19 to find that holistic rest
23:23 that we can only find in Jesus Christ.
23:26 I find it interesting
23:27 when I take a look at the Ten Commandments.
23:30 There are two commandments in the very center of God's law
23:34 that stand out from all the other commandments.
23:38 Have you noticed?
23:39 Eight of the ten commandments begin with thou shalt not,
23:44 thou shalt not, thou shalt not, eight of them.
23:49 But there are two
23:50 that don't begin with thou shalt not.
23:53 The fourth commandment begins with the word remember.
23:57 "Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy."
24:01 Why did God say remember?
24:03 Could it be lest we forget?
24:07 His blessing that He gave us
24:09 at the beginning of time to bless us?
24:12 Could it be God said remember back to your Creator?
24:16 Let's read the passage.
24:19 In Exodus 20:8-11,
24:21 "Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.
24:24 Six days you shall labor and do all your work,
24:26 but the seventh day is the Sabbath
24:28 of the Lord your God.
24:30 In it you shall do no work:
24:32 You, nor your son, nor your daughter,
24:33 nor your male servant, nor your female servant,
24:35 nor your cattle,
24:37 nor your stranger who is within your gates.
24:39 For in six days,
24:40 the Lord made the heavens and the earth, the sea,
24:43 and all that is in them,
24:44 and rested the seventh day.
24:46 Therefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day and," did what?
24:49 "And hallowed it." Set it apart for holiest.
24:51 So here in the Ten Commandments,
24:53 God in the very center of His law,
24:55 He placed that Sabbath blessing
24:59 that He gave to the entire human race
25:02 at the very beginning of time in the Garden of Eden.
25:04 God is saying, "Remember, when I gave it to you,
25:07 at the very beginning of time, when I created this world."
25:09 It's to continue to be a blessing to you.
25:12 I shared that there are two commandments
25:14 that stand out from the rest.
25:17 This is the first one,
25:18 remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy.
25:20 The second one is commandment number five,
25:23 honor thy mother and thy father.
25:28 Two commandments that come to us
25:30 directly from the Garden of Eden,
25:31 you think about it?
25:33 Where does marriage and the family come from?
25:36 From the Garden of Eden, isn't that right?
25:38 And what's the fifth commandment?
25:40 The fifth commandment is all about
25:42 honoring marriage and the family.
25:44 Honor your mother and your father.
25:48 The fourth commandment,
25:49 it comes to us from the Garden of Eden,
25:51 "Remember, your Lord
25:54 and where you came from each and every day."
25:57 And so marriage and the Sabbath...
26:00 marriage, and the family, and the Sabbath,
26:02 they work together, they go hand in hand
26:05 like a hand in a glove.
26:08 That was right, yeah.
26:10 Like a hand in a glove.
26:12 And guess what the enemy
26:13 is seeking to destroy above all.
26:16 He's seeking to destroy both these institutions
26:18 that God gave to the human race
26:20 from the Garden of Eden, marriage and the family,
26:23 and I don't need to,
26:24 I don't need to convince you of that.
26:27 And this one day in the week
26:28 that connects us with one another,
26:30 and connects us with God
26:32 and enables us to recognize
26:35 who it is that we worship,
26:37 our Creator and loving God
26:39 who made us in His image.
26:41 Very, very powerful.
26:44 Let's continue.
26:46 We discover the question before us,
26:51 "When does the Sabbath begin and when does it end?
26:55 Notice what we read in Scripture.
26:58 Leviticus 23:32,
27:01 "From evening to evening,
27:03 you shall celebrate your Sabbath."
27:06 From evening to evening,
27:09 you shall celebrate your Sabbath.
27:11 God has thought of everything.
27:14 They didn't have watches back then.
27:16 Adam and Eve didn't have a watch.
27:18 Children of Israel didn't have a watch.
27:21 People haven't had a watch for almost 6,000 years.
27:25 That's only a recent phenomena, isn't that right?
27:28 They certainly didn't have an iWatch, did they?
27:34 God said the Sabbath will begin
27:37 on Friday night when the sun sets
27:42 and the Sabbath will end on Saturday night
27:44 when the sun sets once again.
27:47 You don't need a watch to know when the Sabbath begins.
27:50 You just need to have your eyes open,
27:53 you need to be able to see when the sun is setting,
27:58 that's when the Sabbath is beginning.
28:00 And when the sun is setting, that is when this...
28:04 and that is when the Sabbath is ending.
28:07 Without God's creation week,
28:11 we would not have a seven day week.
28:14 There's no reason for a seven day week.
28:16 There's no planetary reason.
28:18 There's no reason based on our solar system,
28:21 based on the laws of the solar system.
28:25 There's a reason why we have a month,
28:27 isn't that right?
28:28 Due to the moon
28:30 going around the earth once every 28 and a bit days.
28:34 There's a reason why we have a day
28:35 a 24-hour a day,
28:37 because the earth rotates on its axis
28:39 once every 24 hours.
28:43 There's the reason why we have a year,
28:46 because the earth rotates around the sun
28:49 once every 365 and a quarter days.
28:54 But is there a reason based on the planetary cycles
28:58 that we have a seven week?
29:01 No, there isn't.
29:03 The only reason that we have for it
29:05 is that God gave it to us
29:07 so that each and every Sabbath day
29:09 we would remember Him as our Creator God.
29:12 That is the reason
29:13 why God has given us this wonderful blessing.
29:16 And it comes to us from the Garden of Eden.
29:19 A few years ago, including this year,
29:21 it was my second trip to Israel.
29:23 I had the opportunity of going to one of my favorite
29:26 if not my favorite city in the world, Jerusalem.
29:29 I love the Old City of Jerusalem.
29:32 And as I walked into the Old City,
29:37 you walk in through those old gates,
29:39 hundreds of years old,
29:41 the city's been rebuilt a number of times.
29:44 I had the opportunity go
29:46 to what is referred to as The Western Wall.
29:50 Some refer to it as the Wailing Wall,
29:53 there in Jerusalem,
29:55 where Orthodox Jews come and they pray
29:59 and they seek the Lord
30:00 and they come and they fellowship.
30:02 And I had the opportunity of being there
30:04 on a Friday evening
30:06 as the Sabbath was beginning.
30:09 And boy, oh, boy, were there celebrations,
30:12 great celebration singing,
30:15 and dancing, and sharing scripture
30:18 and just welcoming the Sabbath day.
30:22 And here we have a photo
30:24 that I took of these fancy dancy hats
30:28 that these Jewish men wear, a very expensive hats.
30:33 Someone told me that some of the hats
30:35 are like $2,000, very expensive.
30:37 And so they put on these hats specifically for Sabbath,
30:41 Shabbat as the Hebrews would say.
30:44 And they say to one another,
30:45 as they greet one another in the streets.
30:48 And I had the opportunity
30:49 to greet a number of them and they looked at me
30:51 because I didn't have my little Hebrew skullcap.
30:54 I didn't have that on
30:56 and so they were really surprise
30:57 when I greeted them with Shabbat shalom.
31:00 Shabbat shalom, that's Sabbath peace,
31:04 Sabbath peace.
31:06 And the peace is once again that holistic peace,
31:10 is that holistic blessing
31:11 that they are wanting for one another,
31:14 Sabbath peace, Sabbath blessing,
31:16 and so that was a wonderful blessing.
31:18 And there are many today sadly
31:21 that believe that the Sabbath
31:25 is only for the Jewish people.
31:28 They understand the Jews worship
31:29 each and every Sabbath, they keep the Sabbath
31:31 and they keep it very stringently,
31:33 many of them.
31:35 And they asked the question,
31:36 well, "Isn't the Sabbath day only for Jews?"
31:40 Only for Jews?
31:42 Well, we have discovered that well
31:45 and truly before there was a Jew on planet earth
31:47 and Abraham is the Father of the Jewish Nation.
31:50 Well, before Abraham,
31:53 who was around 4,000 years ago,
31:57 the Sabbath existed some 2,000 years prior to that
32:00 in the Garden of Eden.
32:03 They were no Jews in the Garden of Eden,
32:04 the last time I checked,
32:06 and Jesus made that absolutely plain and obvious.
32:10 Notice these words from Jesus.
32:12 In Matthew Chapter...
32:13 Sorry, in Mark 2:27, 28.
32:17 Jesus says, "The Sabbath was made for who?
32:20 "Made for man and not man for the Sabbath.
32:23 Therefore the Son of Man is also Lord of the Sabbath."
32:26 That word the man, I looked at word man up,
32:29 and the original word for men in the Greek,
32:33 the language of the New Testament
32:35 is anthropos, anthropos.
32:39 What word in English do we get from anthropos?
32:42 Anthropology.
32:44 And what's anthropology defined as?
32:46 The study of human beings or the study of humanity,
32:50 that's anthropology.
32:52 And so Jesus is saying
32:54 that the Sabbath was made for humanity,
32:59 not just the Jewish people.
33:01 Why would God want to bless
33:03 only one group of people on the planet?
33:06 Does that sound like the God that you know?
33:08 Certainly doesn't sound like the God that I know?
33:11 The God that I know wants to bless all of humanity.
33:16 In fact, if the Sabbath is only for Jews,
33:22 and that comes to us from the Garden of Eden,
33:25 then we could logically conclude
33:27 that marriage and the family is only for Jews,
33:31 because that too comes from the Garden of Eden.
33:36 I don't know about you,
33:37 but I want to hang on to marriage and the family.
33:40 I'm enjoying marriage and the family,
33:42 thank you very much.
33:43 I'm not giving that up anytime soon.
33:47 These two institutions as we have discovered,
33:50 go hand in hand,
33:52 marriage and the family, and the Sabbath.
33:55 And God's aim is that through these two blessed institutions,
33:59 we will not only draw closer to one another,
34:04 but we'll draw closer to God.
34:06 And it's fascinating when you take a look
34:08 at the Ten Commandments,
34:10 we discovered that there are two commandments
34:13 that are different from the others,
34:14 isn't that right?
34:16 Commandment number what?
34:17 Four, "Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy."
34:20 And commandment number five,
34:21 "Honor thy mother and thy father."
34:25 We are dealing with love and loyalty
34:28 in this series, isn't that right?
34:30 Love and loyalty,
34:31 they come together in these two precious commandments.
34:34 In fact, I need to give credit to a person
34:38 that works at 3ABN called Rosemary
34:40 for this little insight.
34:41 She shared with me once upon a time
34:43 that the words Lord thy God appear
34:47 in the first four commandments
34:49 and of the six they only appear in commandment number five,
34:53 Lord thy God.
34:54 It's as if, God is connecting marriage and the family
34:58 with the other four commandments
35:00 that specifically speak of him,
35:02 because God knows that the only way
35:05 marriage and family will prosper
35:07 in that holistic sense is
35:09 if we include the Lord thy God in the family unit.
35:16 And the main reason,
35:18 and I make no apologies for saying this,
35:20 the main reason why families are fragmented today,
35:24 why society is falling apart today?
35:27 Is because society and families,
35:30 mothers and fathers have sadly turned their backs
35:35 on the Lord their God,
35:37 who wants to bless them,
35:39 who wants to prosper them,
35:41 and we are suffering the consequences.
35:45 If only we took the time to read
35:50 and to follow the instructions
35:52 that God has given us in this book.
35:57 If only things would be very different,
36:00 very, very different in our homes, in society
36:06 and in the world at large.
36:09 Jesus was asked on one occasion
36:13 regarding His Sabbath keeping practices.
36:16 Well, He was more than just asked.
36:18 He was accused of being a Sabbath breaker.
36:21 And in Matthew 12:12, Jesus said,
36:23 "It is lawful to do," what?
36:26 "To do good on the Sabbath."
36:28 In the New Testament, we discover on seven occasions
36:31 Jesus healed individuals on the Sabbath.
36:35 There are seven Sabbath miracles,
36:38 where Jesus healed Sabbath...
36:40 Sorry, seven is God's perfect number.
36:43 It's the number of completeness,
36:45 seven days in a week,
36:46 its wholeness, completeness, fullness.
36:49 What Jesus was trying to tell us
36:51 was that the Sabbath is a day to continually do good,
36:55 help people in need,
36:56 go and visit someone who is sick
36:57 and we have the time.
36:59 We have the time. We don't need to work.
37:01 We don't need to work,
37:02 we don't need to be out shopping.
37:04 We can be out visiting the sick,
37:06 we can be praying for people, we can be encouraging people,
37:08 we can be worshiping God, our Lord and our Savior.
37:15 I want to share with you six points
37:18 of what the Sabbath reminds me of.
37:21 Firstly, the Sabbath reminds me that God is my Creator.
37:26 I came into existence from a loving Creator God,
37:31 I have meaning, I have purpose.
37:33 The second reason,
37:36 for the Sabbath for me
37:38 is that God wants to have
37:40 an intimate relationship with me.
37:42 God loves me that much that He set aside time,
37:45 every week, every week,
37:47 not once a year, like my anniversary,
37:50 not once a year like my birthday,
37:51 not once a year like Anzac Day,
37:54 but every week, He loves me so much,
37:57 He wants to spend a whole day with me every week
38:00 and bless me in a very special way.
38:02 Thirdly, Sabbath reminds me that God is my Savior.
38:07 Notice these words from Exodus 20:1, 2,
38:13 "And God spoke all these words, saying:
38:15 'I'm the Lord your God,
38:16 who brought you out of the land of Egypt,
38:18 out of the house of bondage.'"
38:22 Before God gives His Ten Commandments to His people,
38:25 the first thing He says,
38:27 "I've brought you out of bondage,
38:28 I've brought you out of slavery."
38:29 The Sabbath reminds me
38:31 that through Christ, I've been forgiven.
38:34 Through Christ, I've been set free
38:36 from the burden of sin.
38:37 Through Christ, I'm no longer a slave
38:40 to guilt, and sin, and Satan.
38:44 I have been set free from the bondage
38:47 that I have been under,
38:49 by grace through faith as a gift from God.
38:54 Notice these words, in Deuteronomy Chapter 5,
38:56 where Moses here gives a different context
39:01 for the Sabbath.
39:02 Powerful words from Deuteronomy 5:12, 15.
39:05 "Observe the Sabbath day, to keep it holy,
39:08 as the Lord your God commanded you..."
39:09 He was speaking directly to the children of Israel.
39:12 "And remember that you were a slave
39:14 in the land of Egypt,
39:15 and the Lord your God brought you out from there
39:18 by a mighty hand and by an outstretched arm,
39:21 therefore the Lord your God
39:22 commanded you to keep the Sabbath day."
39:25 So not only is the Sabbath a reminder
39:27 that we have been created by a loving God,
39:30 but it's a reminder
39:31 that we have been saved by a loving God.
39:36 The Sabbath fulfills both of these precious blessings
39:41 that come directly from God,
39:42 He's our Creator as well as our Savior.
39:48 Fourthly, the Sabbath reminds me
39:50 that I belong to God.
39:54 In the Western world, in particular in many cultures,
39:59 when two people at the altar
40:01 choose to live with one another
40:05 for the rest of their lives,
40:07 through sickness and in health, and good times and in bad,
40:10 for richer and for poorer, until what?
40:14 Until death do us part, they give one another what?
40:17 They give one another wedding rings, don't they?
40:20 It's an outward sign, an outward sign
40:22 that they belong to one another
40:25 for everyone to see.
40:28 My wife wears her wedding ring, I lost mine.
40:31 That's another story for another day.
40:34 My wife wears a wedding ring as a reminder to everyone
40:38 that she is off limits.
40:39 She doesn't...
40:41 she belongs to someone.
40:42 She's already taking...
40:44 she's already been taken care of.
40:47 It's fascinating that God says,
40:50 "My Sabbath will be a reminder that you belong to Me."
40:52 Notice these words, Ezekiel 20:12,
40:55 "Moreover I also gave them My Sabbath, to be a" what?
40:59 "A sign between them and Me, that they might know
41:02 that I am the Lord who sanctifies them."
41:04 The Sabbath is an outward sign between God and His people,
41:08 that He sets them apart as holy as belonging to Him.
41:13 Number five, the Sabbath reminds me
41:16 that my allegiance is to God.
41:19 Let's notice these words again
41:21 from Genesis 2:3 where the Bible says,
41:23 "Then God blessed the seventh day
41:25 and sanctified it,
41:26 because in it He rested from all His work
41:28 which God had created and made."
41:30 There are three things that God did
41:32 on the Sabbath day
41:34 that He did not do on any one of the other six days.
41:38 God blessed this day unlike any of the other six days.
41:42 God sanctified it, as we've discovered,
41:44 set it apart for holy use.
41:46 It's not an ordinary day, it's holy, it belongs to God.
41:49 And He gives it to us as a gift,
41:51 as a holy gift.
41:53 And He rested from all of His work.
41:56 Let me illustrate how this is so significant.
42:01 Let me illustrate.
42:04 Imagine with me,
42:06 and I'll come and just take some materials with me.
42:09 Imagine with me, I was a mechanic,
42:13 a motor mechanic, a backyard mechanic,
42:16 and I was working on my car.
42:17 And one day, I'm working on my car
42:20 and I'm using this white rag,
42:23 finished working with until it's all oily
42:27 and just dirty, and I'm done with it.
42:30 So I put that in my box of old rags.
42:33 And I pick up another one and I keep working,
42:36 I pick up this blue rag,
42:39 and I'm working away using it
42:41 until it's no longer any use to me,
42:44 there's just oil everywhere.
42:46 And it's, it's no good.
42:48 And then I'll put that in my box of old rags.
42:51 I pull out another rag, a red one this time.
42:55 And I used that until it comes to the point
42:58 where it's passed its use by date.
43:01 Then I take these three rags
43:04 and I decide I'm gonna have a big fire,
43:09 burn a whole bunch of rubbish.
43:10 And I take these three old rags
43:12 and I throw them in the fire and I burn them.
43:15 Would you have a problem with that?
43:18 No, I wouldn't have a problem with it.
43:19 They're just three old oily rags.
43:22 Who cares?
43:24 Who cares?
43:25 Imagine with me now.
43:27 I have these three different bits of material,
43:34 call them rags, call them material.
43:36 And I decide now to take these three bits of material,
43:43 red, white and blue,
43:44 and I decide to make this.
43:51 I decide to make this
43:54 out of those three different materials,
43:58 an Australian flag.
44:00 Now imagine with me,
44:03 I took this and I also burnt this
44:05 with the rest of my rubbish in the backyard,
44:08 would you have a problem with that?
44:11 I would.
44:12 I would have a huge problem with that,
44:13 not only is it illegal and you can be fined,
44:17 and rightly so.
44:18 But what you are doing is,
44:20 you are desecrating a symbol, an outward symbol
44:23 that represents the nation that you belong to,
44:28 the land that you are privileged to live in.
44:30 And trust me,
44:32 I've been to many parts of the world.
44:33 Australia is a blessed nation,
44:35 New Zealand is a close second, a very close second.
44:39 I've lived there for six years also.
44:43 The Sabbath is different
44:46 from all the other days of the week,
44:48 because on that day, God invested His blessing,
44:53 He invested His divine rest
44:56 and He invested His Holiness into that day.
45:00 Can you see that it is different?
45:04 It is very different.
45:07 The Sabbath reminds me
45:11 that I have been set apart
45:15 by God for holy use.
45:18 And finally, the Sabbath reminds me
45:22 that God will take care of me.
45:26 If you go home and you read the story there
45:28 in Exodus Chapter 16,
45:30 you'll discover that God fed the children of Israel
45:34 as He took them out of Egypt,
45:37 and they were in the wilderness.
45:39 They were fed by God for 40 years
45:43 with manna from heaven.
45:45 And the manna fell every six days,
45:48 it fell for six days straight and guess what?
45:51 It didn't fall on Sabbath.
45:53 On Sabbath, there was no manna from heaven.
45:56 So what were they going to eat on Sabbath?
45:58 They were going to collect twice
46:00 as much on Friday.
46:02 Every other day,
46:03 if they kept the manna,
46:05 for the next day, it would go off.
46:08 There'd be worms,
46:10 it would not be fit for human consumption.
46:12 But on Sabbath that manna tasted just as sweet
46:17 and I like to think even sweeter.
46:20 Even sweeter than it tasted on Friday,
46:22 when they first ate it.
46:23 For 40 years,
46:25 God reminded the children of Israel
46:26 that I will take care of you.
46:28 Now there may be some here,
46:29 there may be some who are watching,
46:31 who are wondering,
46:32 how on earth can I keep the Sabbath
46:35 only to let go of my job?
46:37 I mean, I'll get the sack,
46:38 my boss will just sack me
46:40 and say, "Too bad so sad,
46:42 plenty more out there that I can hire
46:44 if you don't want to work on the seventh day Sabbath
46:48 in order to honor your God,
46:51 you'll have to find somewhere else to work
46:53 and there may not be much work?
46:55 My friend, wherever you are,
46:56 I want to encourage you, God will take care of you.
46:58 God will take care of you, He will not let you go.
47:00 If you put your faith and trust in Him,
47:02 He will take care of you. He will take care of you.
47:09 What did Jesus do?
47:10 Let's ask the question. What did Jesus do?
47:12 You notice what the Bible says in Luke 4:16,
47:15 "So He came to Nazareth, where He had been brought up.
47:19 And as His custom was,
47:21 He went into the synagogue on the Sabbath day,
47:24 and stood up to read."
47:25 Jesus went to church on Sabbath.
47:27 He went to church.
47:28 It wasn't just Jesus, if we continue to read
47:31 the Apostle Paul, he describes his custom,
47:34 "Then Paul, as his custom was,
47:36 went in to them, and for three Sabbaths
47:39 reasoned with them from the Scriptures."
47:41 All the way through the New Testament,
47:43 God's holy Sabbath day is observed
47:47 by His faithful commandment keeping people,
47:52 all through the New Testament, all through the New Testament.
47:56 I'd be thinking, well, why do most people worship
47:58 on the first day of the week?
48:00 Well, you'll have to come back for our next presentation,
48:02 and we're gonna deal with that then.
48:04 But I want to take a look at this incredible promise
48:06 in Hebrews Chapter 4.
48:07 Notice what we read in Hebrews 4:4, 9.
48:11 This is in the New Testament.
48:14 And I believe this is the Apostle Paul,
48:15 who wrote these words and many others do too.
48:19 "For He," speaking of God,
48:21 "has spoken in a certain place
48:23 of the seventh day in this way:
48:26 'And God rested on the seventh day
48:28 from all his works.'
48:30 There remains therefore a rest,"
48:33 for the people of who?
48:36 "For the people of God.'"
48:37 This is New Testament,
48:39 and I looked up that word remains
48:42 and in the original that word remains
48:44 is in the continuous tense.
48:47 Do you know what the word continuous tense means?
48:49 It means that it's continuous.
48:52 It's forever.
48:54 It remains forever and ever, and ever and ever.
48:59 The Sabbath is God's rest to the human race
49:03 for all of eternity
49:04 and we'll discover what the Bible has to say
49:07 about that in just a moment.
49:09 Let's notice what we read in the Book of Revelation.
49:12 By the way, Revelation, Revelation
49:16 was a book that God gave to John the Revelator.
49:20 He says, on the Lord's Day.
49:23 On what day?
49:24 On the Lord's Day, and according to Jesus,
49:27 the Son of Man is Lord of the Sabbath.
49:31 So John received the Book of Revelation,
49:34 which is a book focused on worship,
49:38 on the day of worship,
49:40 the seventh day Sabbath,
49:42 that's just a powerful thought.
49:43 But notice what we find once again
49:45 in the three angels' messages, Revelation 14:7.
49:49 We've been there before, we'll go there again,
49:51 saying with a loud voice, that megaphone voice,
49:54 "Fear God and give glory to Him,
49:57 for the hour of His judgment has come,"
49:59 and notice these words now,
50:00 "and worship Him who made heaven and earth,
50:02 the sea and the springs of water."
50:04 There's a call to the entire human race,
50:07 this message is not to be shared
50:10 in a section over here or in a corner over there,
50:12 this message is to go to the whole world.
50:14 We discovered that in our previous presentation,
50:16 Revelation 14:6, it says very clearly,
50:19 "This is the everlasting gospel
50:20 that needs to go to every nation,
50:22 kindred, tongue and people."
50:23 And the message is, worship Him.
50:27 I find it fascinating, that in light of the words,
50:30 worship Him who made heaven and earth,
50:33 at the very end of time,
50:34 we have the Genesis,
50:37 the beginnings of the modern day atheistic,
50:42 the modern day evolutionary philosophy,
50:48 and way of thinking and way of teaching
50:51 through Charles Darwin, the pioneer, the father
50:57 of the evolutionary model of creation
51:00 and how we came to be.
51:02 It's fascinating to me,
51:04 that we are living in a day and age
51:07 when evolution seems to be the flavor of the month,
51:11 certainly in our higher education institutions
51:14 and God is calling us.
51:16 God is calling the world to worship the Creator God
51:20 that we came about through divine creation,
51:24 we came about from a loving God Who loved us,
51:27 Who created us in His image.
51:30 Darwinism, evolution is the complete opposite
51:36 that you came to be by chance,
51:38 that you don't have a purpose.
51:42 You certainly don't have any future
51:43 because there is no future.
51:46 You're here for a moment and you're gone the next,
51:49 make the most of it,
51:50 you have only one life, live life now
51:53 because you don't have any more,
51:55 there is no God.
51:56 There is no Creator, there is no future.
52:01 And at a time in earth's history,
52:03 when we desperately needed to go back to our Creator,
52:07 God gave a message,
52:08 "Worship Him who made heaven and earth,
52:10 the sea and springs of water."
52:11 Notice these scriptures, where John is quoting from
52:15 in Revelation 14:7.
52:16 He's quoting from Revelation...
52:18 Sorry, Exodus 20:8, 11.
52:20 "Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy.
52:22 For in six days, the Lord made
52:23 the heavens and the earth, the sea,
52:25 and all that is in them."
52:28 So here we have, once again, the call back to creation,
52:32 the call to honor God and remember the Sabbath day
52:36 straight out of the fourth commandment.
52:39 Well, I want to share with you once again,
52:43 God's end time people in Revelation 14:12,
52:45 "Here is the patience of the saints,
52:47 here are those who keep the commandments of God
52:50 and the faith of Jesus."
52:52 I wanna share with you
52:53 this interesting outline of the Sabbath,
52:57 the Bible and the Sabbath.
52:59 Notice, in the beginning God created the day.
53:02 He gave it to the human race at Mount Sinai.
53:05 God commanded it by saying,
53:07 "Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy."
53:09 In His life Jesus worshiped on it.
53:11 In His death Jesus observed it. Now we haven't looked at that.
53:14 Let me just touch on that just for a moment.
53:17 On what day did Jesus die?
53:20 Friday, it was Friday afternoon,
53:22 the Bible says at 3 pm
53:25 that Jesus breathed His last and He died.
53:28 What were the final words of Jesus before He died?
53:31 He cried out, "It is finished."
53:36 And He died.
53:37 And He rested in the grave during the Sabbath.
53:40 And when did He rise again?
53:42 On the first day of the week
53:45 to continue His work of redemption,
53:47 to continue His work of reconciling us to God.
53:52 What did Jesus say?
53:54 What did the Creator say?
53:55 And God created through His Son Jesus Christ,
53:58 according to John 1, and according to Hebrews 1,
54:00 and according to Colossians 1.
54:02 What did the Creator say
54:04 at the end of the creation week?
54:08 Finished, it is finished.
54:11 And it was all very, very good.
54:14 Isn't that powerful?
54:16 Jesus rested after creation.
54:18 He rested after He bought us back.
54:23 The New Testament Church continue to observe it.
54:26 God's last day people will keep it,
54:28 according to the Book of Revelation
54:29 and the Sabbath will remain forever and ever.
54:32 How do we know that?
54:34 Notice what we read
54:35 in Isaiah, 66:22, 23.
54:40 "For as the new heavens and the new earth
54:42 which I will make shall remain before Me,"
54:44 says the Lord,
54:45 "so shall your descendants and your name remain.
54:48 And it shall come to pass that from one New Moon to another,
54:51 and from one Sabbath to another,
54:52 all flesh shall come to worship before Me,"
54:55 says the Lord.
54:56 Isn't that a powerful promise? Isn't that a powerful promise?
55:00 We will continue to worship our Creator and our Savior,
55:04 every seventh day Sabbath,
55:07 all flesh, that's what the Bible says,
55:09 "All flesh will come before God
55:12 and worship Him from one Sabbath to another,"
55:15 recognizing that we are only there,
55:18 because of His creative power and His redemptive power.
55:23 And every Sabbath, we are reminded
55:25 that we belong to a God who created us
55:28 and a God who redeemed us.
55:33 So Jesus says, in John 14:15,
55:39 "If you love Me, keep My commandments."
55:42 If you love Me, keep My commandments.
55:44 Once again, it boils down to love and loyalty.
55:49 Love and loyalty.
55:50 And why wouldn't you want to enter into the blessing
55:54 that God has in store for you?
55:56 If God says, "I'm gonna bless you,"
55:58 guess where I'm gonna be in the queue?
55:59 I'm gonna be right at the front of the queue.
56:02 I want to receive God's blessings
56:04 and He wants to bless me and He wants to bless you.
56:06 I want to encourage you
56:08 to enter into the rest that Jesus offers
56:10 to enter into the Sabbath rest and be blessed.
56:12 Let us pray together.
56:13 Father in heaven,
56:15 we thank You so much for Your blessings,
56:16 we ask and pray
56:17 that You will continually pour out Your blessing,
56:21 Your Sabbath blessing upon us.
56:22 Thank you for marriage and the family.
56:24 Thank you for the Sabbath.
56:25 Thank you for how these
56:27 two divine institutions work together,
56:29 in order to bless us this day and forevermore,
56:32 and we thank you for that in Jesus' name.
56:35 Amen.


Revised 2019-10-07