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00:01 Music...
00:26 From wherever you are watching or listening around the world,
00:29 I'd like to give you a very warm welcome
00:31 to the six-part Series entitled: End-Time Love and Loyalty.
00:36 I want to also welcome our audience here today
00:39 it's wonderful to see your happy and smiling faces
00:43 and this is Part 4 in the six-part Series
00:46 and in this particular message, we're going to take a look at
00:49 the all-important subject of, "What happens after death?"
00:53 We're going to look at the truth about death.
00:57 Now they say, "There are two certainties in life,
01:00 one of them is Taxes... the other one is...?
01:02 Death.
01:03 The truth is, you can avoid paying tax
01:07 and many go to great lengths in order to avoid the tax man
01:12 but you cannot avoid death.
01:14 There is no way to avoid death
01:17 and so we need to...
01:19 we need to know what happens to a person
01:22 after they breathe their last
01:23 because there are different views and different theories
01:26 and different belief systems in this all-important subject.
01:29 When it comes to death, I think of this story
01:34 that is a very funny story about a little boy...
01:39 not sure if it's a true story or not
01:41 but it certainly makes the point.
01:42 A little boy that was traveling home after being at school
01:47 and as he's traveling home,
01:48 he's walking through the cemetery,
01:50 and as he's walking through the cemetery,
01:52 he comes across a tombstone
01:55 and on the tombstone is this epitaph
01:57 and I want to read it for you, and it says,
02:01 "As you are now, so once was I,
02:03 as I am now, you soon will be,
02:06 so prepare yourself to follow me. "
02:08 And so, this little boy... as he reads these words,
02:11 he scratches his head and he thinks about the words
02:14 and then he takes a crayon out of his pocket
02:17 and he writes the following words in response.
02:20 "To follow you I'm not content,
02:23 until I know just where you went. "
02:26 So, what happens when a person breathes their last?
02:32 Where do they go?
02:33 That's a very important question
02:35 and that's the question that we seek by God's grace
02:39 the answer in this very presentation.
02:42 There are many that believe that if you're a good person,
02:45 you go to heaven
02:47 and if you haven't been a good person,
02:49 well, you go to the opposite place...
02:51 you go to a place called "Hell. "
02:53 Then there are those that believe
02:55 that if aren't quite good enough for heaven
02:58 and you're not quite bad enough for hell,
03:01 you go to a purifying place called "purgatory"
03:05 where you are prepared and purified
03:08 in order that you may be fit to be part of a happy
03:12 and a holy heaven with everyone else who is there.
03:15 Then there are those that believe in reincarnation.
03:18 Millions and millions of individuals
03:23 in particular in India that has over a billion people
03:27 believe that when you die,
03:30 you... you... you become another person
03:33 or you are transformed into another animal
03:36 and so your soul lives on in another entity.
03:39 Then there are those that believe that you can speak...
03:42 we can speak to our dead loved ones
03:45 through spirit mediums and... and other means
03:48 that we can communicate to our dead loved ones...
03:51 our dead loved ones can share with us
03:52 messages from heaven
03:54 and there are many that believe in this
03:57 and have supposedly communicated with their dead loved ones.
04:01 So, what happens to a person when they die?
04:06 When people pick up their newspapers in Australia,
04:11 they will, at times, come across a front-page headline
04:15 such as the one you have there on the screen
04:18 and this one was from April 4, 2005.
04:21 It was in the wake of Pope John Paul the Second
04:25 and him passing away
04:26 and this was the front-page headline.
04:29 "He changed the world...
04:31 Death of the Pope: a champion of human freedom
04:35 called home to God. "
04:36 And so when Australians read this on their front pages
04:41 of their daily newspapers,
04:44 they once again have the reinforced idea...
04:47 the reinforced belief that when you die,
04:50 you go to heaven.
04:52 Here is another front-page headline,
04:56 from the Sun Herald, April 3, 2005
04:59 same event...
05:00 "Christ is opening the door to the Pope...
05:03 he is already seeing and touching the Lord. "
05:06 And so, these newspaper headlines
05:10 once again reinforce within the thinking...
05:13 within the psyche of Australians and people around the world
05:17 that when you die,
05:18 your soul is immediately transported to heaven...
05:23 and most people are transported to heaven.
05:25 I haven't been to a funeral where the priest or the pastor
05:29 sends someone to hell, have you?
05:31 Everyone seems to go to heaven,
05:32 I'm not quite sure if I want to be in heaven
05:35 with everyone and anyone who will be there.
05:37 We often hear people say when someone has passed away,
05:42 they have gone to a better... what?
05:44 A better place... they've gone to a better place.
05:48 So, this is the view out there today in Society.
05:52 Stephen Hawking who passed away in 2018...
05:59 this is what he had to say
06:02 happens immediately after you breathe your last.
06:06 Notice these words from Stephen Hawking
06:10 the world-renowned Mathematics expert
06:14 and one of the brightest minds since Einstein
06:19 in many people's views, this is what he had to say,
06:22 I believe the simplest explanation is,
06:24 there is no God.
06:25 No one created the universe and no one directs our fate.
06:29 This leads me to a profound realization
06:32 that there probably is no heaven
06:35 and no afterlife either. "
06:37 So, this is what Stephen Hawking has to say
06:41 and there are millions and millions
06:42 that subscribe to his point of view... to his belief system.
06:47 No, I certainly don't...
06:49 so the question is,
06:51 "Does it really matter what you believe?"
06:53 Is that really all that important what you believe
06:56 regarding what happens to you after you die,
06:59 I mean, you're not here any longer,
07:01 who cares? What's the big deal?
07:03 Well, the truth is...
07:05 the truth is that it does matter.
07:08 What you do believe about death
07:10 and what happens when a person dies
07:12 has a profound impact on what happens to you
07:16 in the end-times.
07:18 It is an absolutely important subject
07:21 and we'll discover that as we go along
07:24 for the enemy... Satan himself
07:26 will seek to deceive the entire world
07:29 as we will discover based on a false understanding
07:33 and belief system when it comes to,
07:35 "What happens after death and what the Bible has to say
07:40 regarding that all-important question. "
07:42 So, we need to know the truth, so the question is,
07:45 "What happens after a person breathes their last?"
07:49 That is our question in this presentation
07:52 and I pray that by God's grace and through His strength
07:54 and through His Word,
07:55 we will come to a very clear answer.
07:59 So, let's pray and ask God to bless our time in His Word.
08:03 "Father in heaven, we ask and pray
08:05 that you will bless our time in Your Word.
08:07 We pray that as we open Your Word right now
08:10 and seek an answer for this all-important question
08:13 that affects each and every person,
08:15 we pray that Your Holy Spirit will give us understanding
08:18 so, we pray all this in Jesus' name, amen... amen. "
08:23 Well, for the answer,
08:24 we want to go back to the beginning of time,
08:26 we want to go to the book of Genesis
08:29 where God here gives us the answer
08:32 by enabling us to understand how He created human beings
08:38 from the very outset.
08:39 Notice these words that we read
08:42 in Genesis chapter 2 and verse 7,
08:44 "And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground,
08:48 and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life;
08:51 and man became a living being. "
08:54 So, notice here, we have at the very beginning of time,
08:57 God takes the dust
08:59 and He breathes His life-giving breath into Adam,
09:04 and Adam becomes a living being
09:06 or if you have the King James Version,
09:08 it simply says, "a living soul. "
09:09 Living being... living soul... living person
09:13 so, the two elements of dust plus breath
09:17 equals a living human being, is that nice and easy?
09:21 Absolutely.
09:23 So, the question is, "What happens at death?"
09:27 Notice, in Psalm chapter 104 verse 29...
09:32 Psalm 104 verse 29 we read these words,
09:37 "You hide your face,
09:39 they are troubled;
09:40 You take away their breath, they die and return to their.. "
09:45 what? "to their dust. "
09:47 So, the opposite happens at death.
09:51 The person... the physical being...
09:55 they go back into the dust...
09:57 they go back into the soil...
09:59 and that is why we often say at funerals,
10:01 "Ashes to ashes... dust to dust. "
10:04 That's where the saying comes from.
10:06 So the... the physical path of the person
10:10 goes back into the dust from where it came
10:13 and the breath that God gave to that person,
10:16 right at the very beginning of their lives
10:18 when they added that very first breath...
10:21 as they came out of their mother's womb,
10:23 the Bible says, "that goes back to the Life giver Himself
10:27 who gives breath to all His creatures
10:30 and that is God Himself.
10:31 Nice and easy... nice and simple
10:33 it's the reverse of what happened at Creation.
10:36 Well, there are some that say, "But Danny,
10:39 I'm sure I have read one or more Scriptures
10:43 where the Bible says,
10:44 "The spirit goes back to God at death. "
10:49 And that is true,
10:50 let me share that Scripture with you.
10:52 We can read all that in Ecclesiastes chapter 12
10:56 and verse 7,
10:58 "Then the dust will return to the earth as it was... "
11:02 as we have just read...
11:03 "and the spirit will return to God who gave it. "
11:07 So, here the word "spirit" is used
11:10 and when people read the word "spirit"
11:12 they automatically think of soul...
11:15 they automatically think of this...
11:17 this immortal soul that we have
11:20 that is what people believe
11:22 that goes to God... that goes to heaven
11:25 and that is how you continue to live
11:27 through the immortal soul that you have.
11:30 I looked up that word "spirit" in the original
11:34 and noticed the word and what it means.
11:37 The Hebrew word for "spirit" is "ruach"
11:40 and that word simply means breath or wind.
11:43 That's what the word means, breath or wind.
11:46 So, let's put that word "breath" in the place of "spirit"
11:50 and now let's read the text, Ecclesiastes chapter 12 verse 7,
11:54 "Then the dust will return to the earth as it was,
11:57 and the breath will return to God who gave it. "
12:00 Is that in harmony with what we just read
12:03 from Psalm 104 verse 29?
12:05 Yes, indeed it is.
12:07 It's the exact opposite to what happened at Creation.
12:10 Well, it's not just the Old Testament that makes this plain,
12:14 but it's also the New Testament.
12:16 Notice as we go to the words of Jesus hanging on the cross
12:21 In Luke chapter 23 and verse 46, we read,
12:25 "And when Jesus had cried out with a loud voice,
12:28 He said, 'Father, into Your hands I commit My spirit. '"
12:33 There is that word again,
12:35 "Having said this, He breathed His last. "
12:37 Once again, that word "spirit" is used.
12:39 So, once again, I looked up that word in the Greek.
12:44 The New Testament is written in Greek,
12:46 the Old Testament is written in Hebrew
12:49 and I looked up that word in the Greek
12:51 to discover what that word indeed was
12:54 and here is that word,
12:55 the word in the Greek is "pneuma"
12:58 and that word means, "breath... air or breeze"
13:02 so, once again we have the very same message
13:05 that we have in the Old Testament
13:07 where Jesus cries out,
13:09 "Father, into Your hands I commit my breath. "
13:12 My life... God is the Life giver and having said that
13:18 he breathed His last.
13:19 Pneuma... it's the word that in English we get pneumatic...
13:25 pneumatic tools...
13:26 what are pneumatic tools powered by?
13:29 By air... by an air compressor...
13:32 we... we know of pneumonia.
13:35 Pneumonia is a disease that affects what part of the...
13:39 what part of the body?
13:41 The lungs... the breathing apparatus
13:44 and so, the Bible is in harmony
13:47 but the Old and the New Testament
13:50 where God says, "At death the body returns to the dust,
13:54 but the life-giving breath that belongs to God
13:58 that He gives to us as a gift
14:00 that goes back to God who gave it. "
14:03 So, that is what the Bible teaches
14:06 when it comes to what happens to a person
14:10 when they die.
14:11 Notice, the Bible uses the word "soul" some 1,600 times
14:17 and never once does it use it...
14:19 and never once does it use the words... "immortal soul. "
14:23 That's in the King James Version,
14:25 1,600 times... the word "soul" is used...
14:29 and not once... not once in the entire Bible
14:32 from Genesis to Revelation, are the words "immortal soul"
14:36 you won't find it.
14:37 Notice what the Bible says regarding who alone is immortal,
14:43 this is extremely important and extremely critical.
14:46 Notice what we read in 1 Timothy chapter 6
14:50 verses 15 and 16,
14:52 the Apostle Paul writes,
14:54 "... He who is the blessed and only Potentate,
14:58 the King of kings and Lord of lords... "
15:01 notice these next words, "who alone is immortal,
15:05 dwelling in unapproachable light... "
15:08 So, as far as Scripture is concerned,
15:10 God alone is immortal.
15:13 You and I do not have immortality
15:18 as part of who we are in the here and now.
15:22 God alone is immortal.
15:24 We are mortal... we are very mortal...
15:28 so, the question is, "How did the teaching
15:32 of the immortal soul come into the Christian church?"
15:36 If it's not in the Bible... which it isn't...
15:38 how on earth did it come into the Christian church?
15:42 It came into the Christian church
15:45 through Pagan Greek philosophy
15:48 that taught that the soul is immortal.
15:53 Notice what the Philosopher...
15:58 the famous world-renowned Philosopher Plato... had to say
16:03 on this very subject.
16:04 "The soul of man is immortal and imperishable. "
16:09 So, this teaching... this belief system
16:13 that the soul is immortal came into the Christian church
16:18 through pagan Greek philosophy.
16:21 Just like, as we have discovered in a previous presentation,
16:27 the day of worship... from Saturday to Sunday
16:30 came into the Christian church through paganism.
16:34 The pagans worshiped the sun god
16:36 that was their preeminent god that they worshiped
16:39 and so, when the pagans came en masse
16:42 into the Christian church,
16:43 especially during the time of Constantine,
16:46 they brought in their pagan sun-worship practices
16:51 and their day of worship
16:52 and in the same way, when the pagans came
16:54 into the Christian church en masse
16:56 during Constantine's time and afterward...
17:00 they brought in this teaching
17:02 that was very much part and parcel
17:05 of their faith and practice
17:07 that the soul lives on forever and ever and ever
17:11 and guess what?
17:13 Ever since that time, all the major world religions...
17:16 all the major world cultures have adopted and accepted
17:21 this false teaching that we have an immortal soul.
17:25 In fact, we have a magazine here in Australia
17:28 and it's still published today,
17:31 it's an insert in the Sunday Telegraph...
17:34 it comes out every week
17:36 and this is the August 8, 2010 edition,
17:39 and notice the title, "Body and... " what?
17:43 "Soul"
17:45 Body and Soul...
17:46 this comes to us from pagan-Greek philosophy
17:51 where they believed in dualism...
17:52 and what is dualism?
17:54 Dualism is simply that
17:55 that... that we are made up of two separate entities.
17:59 Every human being is made up of the physical being
18:02 which you see... which is mortal...
18:05 and which perishes...
18:07 and which goes into the dirt and goes into the ground
18:09 and becomes dust
18:11 and becomes nothing at the end of the day,
18:12 and you also have your soul,
18:15 and the soul is that which is immortal... that cannot die,
18:19 body and soul...
18:20 and so, this is being passed on to this very day
18:24 in our popular newspapers
18:26 and that is why people have this belief and understanding
18:30 regarding the body and the soul...
18:32 that they are two separate entities
18:34 that the Bible does not teach.
18:37 So, from where did the Greeks
18:42 get their belief that when you die,
18:44 your soul lives on forever...
18:46 that your soul is "immortal and imperishable"?
18:49 Where did they get it from?
18:51 Where did all the other cultures and religious faiths
18:55 before the Greeks get it from?
18:57 The truth is... my dear friends,
18:59 the truth is... that that teaching came
19:04 for the very first time from the Garden of Eden...
19:08 from the Garden of Eden.
19:09 Notice these words from the serpent... the serpent...
19:13 Satan himself...
19:15 "Then the serpent said to the woman... " to Eve,
19:17 "You will... " what's that word?
19:19 "not surely die. "
19:21 God had made it clear to Eve and to Adam
19:25 that the day that they eat of the fruit
19:29 of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil,
19:31 they will surely die
19:32 because their only hope
19:34 of eternal life
19:36 was to put their faith and trust in God,
19:38 their only hope
19:41 of living forever and ever
19:43 was to be faithful and true to the Word of God...
19:46 to their Creator
19:47 and the serpent comes along and he says,
19:49 "No, you can't believe God,
19:53 you can't trust in the Word of God,
19:55 if you eat the fruit from this tree,
19:58 you'll become just like God,
20:00 just like God...
20:02 that is what the serpent said to the woman
20:05 and who alone is immortal according to Scripture?
20:08 God...
20:09 God alone is immortal.
20:10 So, the serpent was tempting Eve to believe the very first lie
20:17 which was, "You can be just like God...
20:22 you can be immortal. "
20:24 And that belief system...
20:26 that lie has been passed down from generation to generation
20:32 and to generation for the last 6,000 years
20:35 all the way through to our day.
20:37 So, that's where it came from.
20:39 It came from the serpent in the Garden of Eden.
20:44 So, what does the Bible say regarding when and how
20:48 we get immortality?
20:50 Notice these words from the Apostle Paul...
20:53 he writes in 1st Corinthians chapter 15 verses 52 to 54,
20:57 and interestingly enough,
21:00 he's writing to the believers in Corinth,
21:02 a major city there influenced by Greek philosophy
21:06 and Greek religion and he writes these words,
21:10 "In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye,
21:13 at the last trumpet, for the trumpet will sound,
21:16 and the dead will be raised incorruptible
21:18 and we shall be changed.
21:20 For this corruptible... "
21:21 he's speaking of... of our bodies
21:23 and the way we are in the here and now,
21:25 "must put on incorruption, and this mortal must put on"
21:29 what? "immortality...
21:31 then shall be brought to pass the saying that is written:
21:34 'Death is swallowed up in victory. '"
21:36 So, when do you and I receive immortality?
21:40 We receive immortality at the second coming of Jesus.
21:44 It's a gift that God gives to us at the second coming of Jesus,
21:49 so until then, we are very much... what?
21:51 mortal...
21:52 we don't have any mortal soul...
21:55 immortality is given to us as a gift when Jesus comes
22:00 and by faith... through the endless ages of eternity
22:05 by partaking of the Tree of Life once a month
22:08 according to Revelation,
22:09 we will continue by faith to enjoy the gift of immortality
22:14 that comes to us from God alone.
22:17 The Apostle Paul also looked forward to meeting Jesus
22:23 and he looked forward to meeting Jesus at the second coming.
22:26 Notice these words from 2nd Timothy chapter 4
22:28 verses 6 to 8, he writes,
22:30 "For I am already being poured out as a drink offering,
22:32 and the time of my departure is at hand.
22:35 I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race,
22:37 I have kept the faith.
22:39 Finally, there is laid up for me the crown of righteousness,
22:42 which the Lord, the righteous Judge,
22:44 will give to me on that Day... "
22:45 speaking of the 2nd coming,
22:47 "and not to me only but to all who have loved His... "
22:51 "what? "appearing. "
22:53 So, as far as the Apostle Paul was concerned,
22:55 He was looking for the blessed second coming.
22:58 He believed that he would meet Jesus...
23:01 He would be with Jesus when Jesus returned.
23:03 He did not believe... as many today sadly believe
23:08 that when he would die... the very next moment
23:12 that he would be with Jesus, no, he didn't believe that.
23:15 The Apostle Paul was very clear in what he believed.
23:17 He believed, according to Scripture
23:19 that when Jesus would come,
23:22 that is when he would meet his Savior
23:26 and not one moment before.
23:28 So, the Apostle Paul knew what the Bible taught
23:33 on this very important subject.
23:34 So, the question we need to ask now is,
23:38 "If the dead are not in heaven...
23:40 they're not in hell...
23:42 they're not in purgatory...
23:43 where are those who have passed away right now?
23:48 Where are they?"
23:49 Well the... the answer to that is found in Scripture,
23:53 but I want to go to one story, one powerful, well-known story
23:56 by many Christians.
23:57 The story of Mary, Martha and Lazarus.
24:00 They were... they were close friends of Jesus
24:04 very close friends of Jesus and on one occasion,
24:07 Mary and Martha sent messengers to Jesus sharing the news
24:11 and you can read about this in John chapter 11,
24:13 sharing the news that their brother was very sick
24:16 and if Jesus could immediately come
24:19 in order to heal their beloved brother, Lazarus.
24:22 And so, we have this story here,
24:25 as it's recorded by John.
24:27 In John chapter 11 verse 11,
24:30 Jesus says to his disciples
24:33 after tarrying for a couple of days
24:35 in the place where He was, He says,
24:37 "Our friend Lazarus sleeps,
24:39 but I go that I may wake him up. "
24:42 And notice the response of the disciples,
24:44 "Then His disciples said,
24:46 'Lord, if he sleeps he will get well. '"
24:48 We all know that if someone is not well,
24:51 and they're getting some good sleep,
24:53 that's a good sign, isn't that right?
24:55 That's an absolutely very good sign.
24:58 But Jesus knew that they misunderstood
25:01 what He meant by, "Lazarus sleeps. "
25:03 So, then He goes and He shares with them what He means
25:07 by Lazarus sleeping.
25:08 Notice what Jesus says,
25:09 "Then Jesus said to them plainly,
25:12 'Lazarus is... '" what?
25:13 "dead. "
25:15 As far as Jesus was concerned,
25:17 death was nothing more and nothing less but a sleep...
25:22 a peaceful sleep.
25:24 In fact, when Jesus spoke with Martha
25:30 regarding when she would see her brother again,
25:34 notice the conversation, "Jesus said to her... "
25:38 He's speaking to Martha,
25:39 "Your brother will rise again,
25:41 and Martha said to Him, 'I know that he will rise again
25:45 in the... '" what?
25:46 "in the resurrection... "
25:48 when? "At the last day. "
25:49 So, as far as Martha was concerned,
25:52 she was very clear
25:53 when she would see her brother again,
25:55 she would see him on resurrection morning.
25:59 She would not see him when she passed away
26:03 and be joined together with him...
26:06 as he was already in heaven...
26:08 no, no, no, no... no, no, no...
26:10 as far as Martha was concerned,
26:12 she knew that she would see her brother again,
26:15 on resurrection morning.
26:18 The Bible is abundantly clear, Jesus was clear,
26:21 His disciples were clear...
26:23 those who were closest to Him were very clear,
26:26 and what does the Bible go on and say?
26:28 the Bible goes on and says that when Jesus came to the tomb
26:33 he asked for the stone to be rolled away
26:35 and he cried out with a mighty voice,
26:38 to Lazarus who had been asleep...
26:40 he had been dead for four days...
26:43 for four days...
26:44 fascinating little point that I discovered not so long ago
26:48 that the Jews believed falsely...
26:52 but they still believed that the person's spirit
26:56 returns to the dead body for three days
27:01 and after three days,
27:03 the dead spirit... sorry, the person's spirit
27:06 returns no more
27:08 and so, Jesus waited until the fourth day
27:11 to come and to raise Lazarus
27:14 to make it, beyond a shadow of a doubt,
27:18 that it wasn't some returning spirit of the person
27:22 that brought Lazarus back to life.
27:24 But anyway, that's just a little something
27:25 and so, Jesus Christ cry's out, "Lazarus come forth... "
27:31 not "Lazarus, come down... "
27:33 but, "Lazarus, come forth... "
27:35 and Lazarus, as the Bible describes,
27:37 he came forth
27:39 and he was reunited with his sisters
27:41 and with all of his loved ones.
27:43 The truth is, Revelation chapter 1,
27:45 tells us that Jesus has the keys to the grave and to death
27:50 and at the second coming,
27:51 Jesus will open all the graves of all of those
27:54 that have put their faith and trust in Him
27:57 and they will be reunited with Christ...
28:00 they will be reunited with their loved ones
28:02 and that would be part of that blessed resurrection morning.
28:07 The Bible describes death as a sleep
28:11 and when you take a look at someone who has passed away,
28:14 they indeed look like they're... what?
28:16 they're asleep.
28:18 They're in a deep, deep sleep... an unconscious sleep...
28:22 waiting for the trumpet to sound...
28:26 waiting for the blessed resurrection
28:29 and reunion morning.
28:31 In fact, the Bible teaches that death is like a sleep,
28:35 that lasts until Christ's Second Coming.
28:37 The Bible writers declare death a sleep... more than 50 times.
28:43 Just a deep sleep...
28:45 notice what the Bible says
28:47 in Ecclesiastes chapter 9 and verse 5,
28:50 "For the living know that they will die;
28:53 but the dead know... " how much?
28:54 "nothing. "
28:56 Nothing... the dead know nothing...
28:57 they're asleep...
28:58 they're in an unconscious state
29:01 unaware of any of their surroundings.
29:05 Notice, we also read in Psalm 115 verse 17,
29:10 "The dead do not praise the Lord,
29:12 nor any who go down into... " what?
29:14 "into silence. "
29:15 The Bible is abundantly clear, The dead know nothing...
29:21 the dead experience silence and silence alone.
29:26 I guess, I don't quite know what it's quite like to be dead,
29:34 I haven't been in that state,
29:36 but probably the closest that I can imagine
29:40 what it would probably be like
29:42 is being put under anesthetic.
29:44 Has anyone here have been put under an anesthetic?
29:46 Okay, a number of you have.
29:48 I have... some 10 or 11 years ago
29:51 when I was operated on my shoulder with... with melanoma,
29:56 and I remember being "under"
29:58 and I remember it was such a deep sleep
30:01 such as I have never experienced before,
30:03 such a deep sleep,
30:05 and I remember when I started to awake,
30:07 I was like, "Where am I?"
30:09 I was totally disoriented... totally confused...
30:13 had no idea where I was,
30:15 anyone experienced that when you were waking up?
30:17 Yeah, it's a... it's a really weird feeling,
30:19 and I guess that's probably the closest
30:22 to what it must be like to be asleep
30:25 as far as... to be there in the grave
30:28 to... to have passed away...
30:29 unconscious of your surroundings in a deep, deep, peaceful sleep.
30:34 Well, there are those that say, "But Danny, what about...
30:39 what about the thief on the cross?
30:40 I mean, didn't Jesus tell him
30:45 that He was going to be with Him in paradise that very day?
30:48 Well, let's take a look at the text,
30:49 it's found there in Luke chapter 23 and verse 43.
30:54 "And Jesus said to him, 'Assuredly, I say to you,
30:58 today you will be with Me... '" where?
31:00 "in Paradise. "
31:01 And they're like, "There... there you go...
31:04 it says it...
31:05 as clear as the nose on your face,
31:08 "Today, you will be with me in Paradise. "
31:12 That's how I read it...
31:14 that's how most people read it.
31:16 "Danny, what do you say?"
31:18 Well, the truth is, my Friend,
31:20 when the New Testament writers wrote the Scriptures,
31:25 in fact, when the Old Testament writers wrote the Scriptures,
31:29 they didn't use punctuation the way we use punctuation.
31:32 There were no commas... there were no apostrophes...
31:35 there were no talking marks and so on and so forth.
31:39 At a later time, those that copied the Scriptures
31:43 from the Greek into the English
31:45 and into various other languages,
31:46 they added punctuation in order to make it more readable
31:50 and so, without punctuation, it's up to the...
31:55 it's up to the translator to place the comma, in this case,
32:00 wherever they believe it ought to go.
32:03 Now, the "comma" makes a huge difference...
32:06 a huge difference...
32:07 now notice, if we place the comma before...
32:11 or I should say, after the word "today"
32:14 notice how it reads, "And Jesus said to him,
32:17 'Assuredly, I say to you today, comma,
32:19 you will be with Me in Paradise. '"
32:21 The difference is phenomenal.
32:25 In one reading of the text, Jesus is saying to him,
32:30 "today... today you will be with me in Paradise. "
32:34 In the other reading, Jesus is saying,
32:36 "I'm giving you the assurance today...
32:38 today, while I... while I am prostrate here on this
32:44 sorry, while I am... while I am crucified
32:48 and while it seems that there is no hope for Me
32:51 or for anyone else,
32:53 today, you have put your faith and trust in Me...
32:56 today, you have called Me, 'Lord'
32:57 you have called me 'Lord'
32:59 and today, as your Lord,
33:01 I'm giving you the assurance today
33:03 that when I come, you will be with me in Paradise,
33:07 you have the guarantee... you have the assurance today. "
33:10 The thief never went to heaven that day...
33:14 Jesus never went to heaven that day...
33:17 in fact, when Jesus met up with Mary on resurrection morning,
33:21 the Bible tells us... the Bible tells us,
33:25 oh, before that... before that...
33:27 I almost skipped out the importance of...
33:30 the importance of... of grammar.
33:32 Let me illustrate that.
33:34 "A woman without her man is nothing. "
33:38 How many of you ladies believe that to be true?
33:40 "A woman without her man is nothing. "
33:42 Okay, no hands have gone up.
33:44 Laughter.
33:46 I wonder why.
33:47 Well, let's put in some punctuation
33:49 and let's see if that makes a bit of a difference,
33:51 here we go,
33:52 "A woman, without her, man is nothing. "
33:57 How many of you women believe in that statement?
34:00 "A woman, without her, man is nothing. "
34:05 Of course, there's a...
34:08 does punctuation make a difference?
34:11 Yes, indeed,
34:12 punctuation makes all the difference in the world.
34:16 I'm glad I didn't miss out that very interesting
34:20 but very important illustration, you know what I mean?
34:23 Makes the point very clear.
34:25 Now back to the story... back to the story.
34:28 Did Jesus go to paradise that day?
34:31 No He didn't... no He didn't.
34:33 Notice when we read,
34:37 "Jesus said to her... " He's speaking to Mary,
34:40 on resurrection morning, Jesus meets with Mary.
34:43 Mary did not know that it was Jesus... to begin with,
34:45 she thought that it was the gardener
34:49 and then when she realized that it was Jesus,
34:52 Jesus had to say to her, "Do not cling to Me,
34:56 for I have... " what?
34:57 "not yet ascended to My Father. "
35:00 That was on resurrection morning.
35:03 Jesus had not yet ascended to His Father.
35:06 So did Jesus go to Paradise on that Friday afternoon
35:09 to be joined with the thief
35:12 that was on the cross there by His side?
35:14 The answer is "No" according to the words of Jesus,
35:17 He hadn't gone to Paradise yet,
35:20 that is what He clearly shared with Mary.
35:23 So, what did God say
35:29 about communicating with the supposed dead?
35:32 That is a very important part of this message...
35:36 a very important...
35:38 a very critical part of this message,
35:39 This subject has permeated every part of their culture.
35:48 The... the deceptions regarding this all-important truth of God
35:55 have permeated throughout every aspect
35:59 of our way of life... of our culture.
36:02 So, what did God say to the children of Israel?
36:05 What does God say to you and I today
36:08 regarding seeking to communicate with our dead loved ones?
36:12 Seeking to get involved with the supernatural?
36:16 Very important...
36:17 I pray that you will be listening up right now...
36:19 those who are here
36:21 and those who are watching or listening...
36:22 wherever you may be,
36:24 I really pray that you will tune in
36:26 to what we are about to discover from God's Word
36:29 for this is extremely important...
36:31 this has the potential
36:32 to indeed make an eternal difference in your life.
36:35 So, let's take a look at what Scripture has to say.
36:38 In Deuteronomy chapter 18 verses 10 to 12,
36:41 this is what we read.
36:43 This is God speaking to the children of Israel
36:46 and He says, "There shall not be among you anyone
36:48 who calls up the... " what?
36:50 "who calls up the dead...
36:51 These things are a... " what to the LORD?
36:54 "an abomination to the LORD."
36:56 Wow! The strongest possible language that God can use
37:00 for something that is not in harmony with His Word...
37:03 something that is not in harmony with His will...
37:06 something that is completely contrary to His character...
37:11 something that has the potential to deceive you and I
37:15 from following the One who is the way the truth and the light,
37:18 and that is Jesus Christ.
37:19 The Bible in the Old Testament and the New Testament
37:23 refers to it as an abomination.. an abomination.
37:27 You don't want to be called an abomination
37:30 and you ought not to go calling people an abomination either,
37:33 it's a very strong term.
37:36 Now why does God feel so strongly
37:40 about those who will seek to communicate
37:43 with the supposed dead
37:46 and we know that you cannot communicate
37:48 with the supposed dead
37:49 because the dead are what? They're asleep... they're dead,
37:53 they know how much?
37:54 They know nothing...
37:56 they go down into what?
37:57 into silence.
37:59 Why is this so dangerous?
38:00 Well, let's keep reading and discovering what God says
38:04 is to be the punishment of those
38:06 who are to communicate in such a way.
38:08 In Leviticus chapter 20 and verse 27, we read,
38:12 "A man or a woman who is a medium,
38:15 or one who has familiar spirits,
38:17 shall surely be put to death;
38:19 they shall stone them with stones.
38:21 Their blood shall be upon them. "
38:23 Wow! an individual who was...
38:26 who was involved in and practicing this form of...
38:33 of... of mediumship
38:36 which is seeking to communicate with the dead
38:39 on behalf of the living, the Bible says... God said...
38:43 they were to be put to death.
38:46 Why such heavy punishment?
38:49 Why such drastic measures?
38:51 Well, notice what the Bible says
38:54 in 2nd Corinthians chapter 11 verse 14,
38:57 "For Satan himself transforms himself
39:00 into an angel of... "what?
39:02 "into an angel of light. "
39:03 Those who claim to communicate with the dead
39:08 are not communicating with their dead loved ones,
39:12 they are communicating with Satan's demons...
39:15 with Satan's evil demons.
39:17 There is much of this that takes place...
39:21 much of this that takes place.
39:23 I can tell you of one story and I'll be very brief.
39:28 A Pastor friend of mine,
39:30 his name is Pastor David Bertelson
39:32 for those of you who may know him,
39:33 you can verify this story.
39:35 He shared with me the story of a woman
39:39 who was attending meetings such as this
39:42 and she made a decision to be baptized.
39:45 She made a decision to follow Christ.
39:47 She made a decision to keep the seventh-day Sabbath
39:50 and on the day of her baptism...
39:52 this happened in Oakland...
39:54 she's walking up the steps
39:56 of the particular Seventh-day Adventist Church,
39:59 I can't remember the name of the Seventh-day Adventist Church,
40:02 but she's walking up the steps,
40:04 and as she's walking up the steps...
40:06 this is a true story...
40:08 she is... she... she is met there by her grandmother
40:13 who has passed away many years before
40:16 and... and her grandmother says to her,
40:19 "My dear child, do not do what you're about to do,
40:23 I have come from God with a message
40:25 to... to encourage you to stop from being baptized
40:29 stop from joining this church,
40:31 stop from being part of this denomination
40:35 I have come with a message from God. "
40:38 This woman remembered what she had heard about the truth
40:43 on this all-important subject
40:44 and... and... and in a moment she cried out,
40:48 "Get behind me Satan... "
40:50 and in that very moment,
40:52 this evil spirit just vanished before her.
40:56 Pause...
40:58 My Friends, this is as real as real can be.
41:00 The enemy wants to deceive us through this false understanding
41:05 that we can communicate with our dead loved ones.
41:09 Notice, spiritualism is founded on two key principles:
41:13 Number one:
41:14 Conscious life exists after death...
41:17 that is the immortality of the soul
41:19 which we have looked at which is ingrained...
41:23 which has permeated every aspect of our world culture.
41:26 In all the world religions... in all the world philosophies,
41:30 by and large, this is what is taught and believed.
41:34 Secondly, that the dead can communicate with the living.
41:38 As I pointed out, all the world's major religions
41:41 they... they teach on this very point
41:46 that you can communicate with the dead loved ones
41:50 that the soul lives on after death... in another form...
41:54 in another state... in another place...
41:57 this is... this is right across the board,
41:59 and I am not surprised
42:01 because the enemy is seeking to set up the entire world
42:04 in order to be deceived at the very end of time
42:07 through this very means.
42:09 The Apostle Paul warned us of what we were to expect
42:14 especially in the last days.
42:16 Notice these words from the Apostle Paul
42:19 in 1st Timothy chapter 4 verse 1,
42:20 "Now the Spirit expressly says that in... " what times?
42:25 "the latter times... " or the last days...
42:27 "some will depart from the faith, giving heed to... " what?
42:31 "deceiving spirits and doctrines of... " what?
42:34 "of demons... "
42:36 This teaching of the immortality of the soul
42:39 that when you die, your soul lives on...
42:43 that is a teaching from the enemy.
42:45 It's a doctrine... a doctrine is a teaching
42:48 it's a teaching from the devil himself.
42:50 What does the Apostle Paul say?
42:53 Notice what he says, in Ephesians chapter 5:11,
42:57 "Have... " how much fellowship?
42:59 "no fellowship with the unfruitful works of... " what?
43:03 "Darkness, but rather do... " what?
43:05 "expose them. "
43:07 So, that is the reason why in this all-important Series,
43:11 End-Time Living...
43:14 love and loyalty...
43:17 we're looking to expose the truth
43:20 regarding what happens to a person when they die
43:24 because this is exposing the works of darkness,
43:28 this is exposing the works of the enemy,
43:30 and Jesus said... and I love what He shares,
43:33 He says in John 8:31 and 32, "If you abide in My Word,
43:38 you will do... " what?
43:40 "you are my disciples indeed
43:42 and you will know the truth and the truth will do... " what?
43:44 "it will set you free. "
43:46 If you and I abide in the Word,
43:48 if we take time each and every day
43:49 to open the Word and find out
43:51 what God's Word has to say on this
43:54 and every other important topic
43:56 when it comes to our eternal salvation,
43:57 we will know the truth
43:59 and we will not be deceived.
44:00 The only way you and I will ever be deceived
44:03 is if we take our eyes off God's Word.
44:05 God's Word must be the foundation for your faith
44:09 and practice in all things
44:11 and the only sure foundation is the Word of God.
44:15 "If they speak not according to this Word... "
44:19 Isaiah chapter 8 verse 20,
44:21 "it is because there is no light in them... "
44:23 instead of light, there is what?
44:25 There is darkness...
44:27 The Book of Revelation...
44:29 the Book of Revelation
44:30 the last book of the Bible
44:32 contains God's truth for the last days
44:34 and exposes Satan's deceptions
44:37 more so than any other book of the Bible.
44:39 It's a book that the enemy did not want to be written
44:44 and here in Revelation chapter 14 verse 8,
44:48 the 2nd Angel's message
44:50 of these three all-important final messages of God's love
44:53 that need to go to all the world,
44:55 we have these words, Revelation 14 verse 8,
44:57 "Babylon is fallen, is fallen... "
45:00 now, what is Babylon?
45:01 We've looked at that in a previous...
45:03 in a previous Series
45:05 when we looked at End-Time Apocalypse.
45:08 You can look at that on another day
45:10 or you can, maybe, order those...
45:13 order those messages from 3ABN
45:15 but Babylon... Babylon is deception...
45:19 Babylon is confusion...
45:20 Babylon is rebellion against God and His Word.
45:24 That's what Babylon is, Babylon seeks to deceive
45:27 and the enemy uses this system called Babylon
45:30 in order to deceive the whole world
45:32 and notice what we read in Revelation chapter 18
45:35 regarding this deceptive power that the enemy uses...
45:40 Revelation chapter 18 and verse 2,
45:43 "And he cried mightily with a loud voice, saying,
45:46 'Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen,
45:48 and has become a... '" what?
45:51 "a dwelling place of... " what?
45:53 "of demons, a prison for every foul spirit,
45:56 and a cage for every unclean and hated bird!"
45:59 We don't have time to unpack
46:00 everything in this particular verse here,
46:03 but simply to say that at the end of time,
46:05 the enemy is going to pull out all the stops
46:07 and at the end of time,
46:08 the enemy is going to seek to deceive the entire world
46:11 in many different ways
46:13 but especially through Spiritualism...
46:16 especially through this very important teaching
46:19 that we are taking a look at.
46:20 In fact, in Revelation chapter 18 and verse 23,
46:25 notice what the Bible says,
46:27 "The light of a lamp shall not shine in you... "
46:30 and God here is speaking of Babylon... that's the context,
46:33 "anymore...
46:34 for by your... " what?
46:36 "sorcery... " how many of the nations?
46:38 "all the nations were... " what?
46:41 "deceived by your sorcery... "
46:43 I looked up that word "sorcery"
46:45 and notice what that word is in the Greek...
46:47 it's the word, Pharmacia...
46:49 it's where we get our word "Pharmacy" from in the English
46:54 and also, it means medication, magic, sorcery and witchcraft.
46:59 Wow! this is...
47:01 this is at the very heart of Babylon's final attack
47:05 at the end of the world
47:07 and the Bible is clear that the entire world...
47:10 all the nations will be deceived.
47:11 Now, how much has magic
47:17 and witchcraft
47:18 and sorcery
47:20 permeated our worldwide culture?
47:24 Pause...
47:27 Let me take you to Hollywood...
47:30 not the Hollywood that you may be thinking of,
47:35 but the wood called "Holly"
47:37 from the Holly Tree.
47:39 Notice, Harry Potter... made famous by J.K. Rowling
47:45 in Harry Potter Series
47:47 has a wand made out of Holly Wood.
47:51 Interesting...
47:52 Holly is associated... notice this wood called "Holly"
47:56 it's associated with the cycle of death and rebirth
48:00 and is good for spells that involve sleep or rest.
48:03 Fascinating...
48:05 I looked that up...
48:06 you can go home and you can look at all that up
48:08 it's there...
48:09 and I'm asking the question,
48:11 and I pray that you'll be asking that question too.
48:14 "Are we letting Hollywood put us under a spell
48:17 by putting us to sleep spiritually?"
48:20 Is that possibly taking place?
48:23 And I think the answer is overwhelmingly what?
48:27 "Yes. "
48:28 Hollywood...
48:30 Holly wood... the enemy's final attempt
48:35 to deceive the entire world
48:38 has to be by and large through Hollywood.
48:42 It has to be...
48:44 based on the evidence,
48:45 I mean, just take a look at
48:47 what is on your television screens,
48:49 take a look at what's in the movies,
48:52 take a look at what's in books, in popular books.
48:54 It all started off nice and easy...
48:56 nice and innocent with "I Dream of Jeannie"
48:59 and "Bewitched"
49:00 and... and Walt Disney...
49:02 and it's fascinating... "Walt Disney"
49:04 have you seen how Walt Disney begins or ends?
49:06 With the wand... isn't that right?
49:09 Ding... maybe not quite like that
49:11 but it's the wand...
49:13 the enemy is seeking to put you and I to sleep,
49:17 and in more recent times, we've got...
49:19 we've got movies like "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"
49:22 "Star Wars" that epic Series that has captivated millions
49:28 upon millions upon millions around the world.
49:30 "Lord of the Rings"
49:31 and this new Series in the last ten years,
49:35 this Marvel Series...
49:36 where some 21 movies and counting
49:40 have been produced in the line of the supernatural.
49:44 The enemy... he is doing his utmost
49:47 in order to deceive the world,
49:49 he's pulling out all the stops and if you can't see it,
49:52 then you need to go and get some serious help
49:58 from a spiritual doctor.
50:01 Not a physical doctor but a spiritual doctor...
50:05 you and I need to go into the Word.
50:06 We need to go into the Word if we don't see what's going on.
50:09 Ephesians chapter 6 verse 12,
50:12 these are the words from the Apostle Paul
50:14 where he writes, "For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood,
50:17 but against the rulers, against the authorities,
50:19 against the cosmic powers over this present darkness,
50:22 against the... " what kind of forces?
50:24 "against the spiritual forces of... " what?
50:27 "of evil in the heavenly places. "
50:29 It's a cosmic battle going on...
50:31 a heavy, cosmic battle that is going on.
50:35 Pause...
50:37 My Friends, I could spend a lot more time
50:39 but we don't have time, but I want to encourage you
50:43 if... if you have been involved in watching or reading
50:47 anything regarding the supernatural,
50:49 it may be fine... it may be enjoyable...
50:51 it may be entertainment...
50:53 but my Friends... my Friends, it's deadly entertainment,
50:57 it's absolutely deadly for your spiritual health and well-being.
51:01 It will lead you to the place ultimately where it led Eve
51:05 who was tempted and lured in by the voice of that serpent
51:09 that said it would be harmless.. it would be harmless
51:12 and in fact, it would be good for her
51:15 to partake of that fruit of the forbidden tree.
51:19 I want to encourage you...
51:21 have nothing to do with the fruits of darkness...
51:24 nothing at all...
51:25 nothing at all.
51:27 Harry Potter books need to go in the bin...
51:29 those movies... do not watch them,
51:31 Ouija boards...
51:32 anything and everything to do with the supernatural...
51:35 turn your back... avoid like the plague...
51:41 don't have anything to do with it.
51:43 I encourage you... I plead with you
51:46 for your salvation.
51:47 Well, let's talk about the Apostle Paul.
51:50 "What is the blessed hope for the follower of Jesus?"
51:53 Notice what the Apostle Paul writes
51:54 in 1st Thessalonians chapter 4 verses 13 and 14,
51:57 "But I do not want you to be ignorant, brethren,
51:59 concerning those who have fallen asleep,
52:01 lest you sorrow as others who have no hope.
52:03 For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again,
52:06 even so God will bring with Him those who sleep in Jesus.
52:10 For this we say to you by the word of the Lord,
52:13 that we who are alive and remain until the coming of the Lord
52:16 will by no means precede those who are asleep.
52:19 For the Lord Himself will descend from heaven
52:21 with a shout,
52:22 with the voice of an archangel, and with the trumpet of God.
52:25 And the dead in Christ will do... " what?
52:27 "They'll rise first... " and then he goes on,
52:29 "Then we who are alive and remain
52:32 shall be caught up together with them in the clouds
52:34 to meet the Lord in the air.
52:36 And thus we shall always be with the Lord. "
52:40 And he finishes off by saying, "Therefore... " do what?
52:42 "comfort one another with these words...
52:45 comfort one another with these words. "
52:49 What an awesome day that will be!
52:50 What an awesome day that will be when Jesus will come
52:54 and... and... and... and there will be the great resurrection
52:58 and reunion morning when the... the dead in Christ...
53:01 the dead in Christ...
53:03 those that have put their faith and trust in Jesus,
53:05 they will be brought together and reunited
53:09 and they will be lifted up from this earth
53:13 to join those who are alive and together, the Bible says,
53:17 they will meet the Lord in the air,
53:18 what a wonderful day that will be!
53:20 That is the blessed hope of the Christian.
53:23 That is the blessed hope of the follower of Jesus.
53:27 The day when there will be no more wrinkles,
53:29 no more pain...
53:31 no more suffering...
53:32 no more sorrow...
53:34 no more death...
53:35 no more separation...
53:37 are you looking forward to that day?
53:38 I'm so looking forward to that day,
53:40 I want to end by sharing with you a powerful testimony,
53:43 a powerful testimony of this lady here in the center,
53:47 her name is Jayne
53:49 and I had the privilege of baptizing her
53:51 two or three years ago
53:53 and this is Jayne coming up out of the water at her baptism,
53:57 you can see the... you can see the... the smile...
54:00 you can see the joy on her face.
54:03 Jayne was led to... to the Lord
54:06 and to a... to a decision to follow Jesus
54:09 through her good friend there on the left, Liz,
54:12 and I had the privilege of spending some time
54:15 with my friend, Jayne, and baptizing her.
54:17 On the day of her baptism, Jayne shared her testimony...
54:23 she shared how the Lord had transformed her life,
54:27 how He had... how He had completely
54:29 transformed her life from where she was...
54:32 walking in darkness
54:33 to now, walking in the ways of Christ,
54:35 walking in His wonderful light.
54:39 She was 50 at the time and for the majority of her life
54:44 she had walked far away from Jesus.
54:47 She wasn't interested in Jesus but she had a praying mother.
54:50 Praise God for praying mothers, amen.
54:53 She had a praying mother
54:55 who would meet together with her friend
54:56 every single day for 35 years and pray for her daughter
55:01 and pray for others.
55:03 and her mother had the... had the opportunity
55:05 of witnessing Jayne's baptism.
55:07 When Jayne was baptized,
55:10 she had already been diagnosed with cancer... breast cancer
55:14 and these were her words that she shared
55:19 at the end of her testimony
55:21 and I have them up on the screen for you.
55:23 She entitled her testimony:
55:25 Hope, Peace and Prayer... A Story of Redemption
55:30 and these are her words,
55:31 "If you haven't invited Jesus into your own life as yet,
55:35 I can highly recommend the experience.
55:38 It is my belief that our time here on earth
55:40 is very short indeed and that Jesus will soon return,
55:44 just as He has promised,
55:45 to claim His believers
55:47 and destroy Satan and sin forevermore. "
55:50 And what do you say? Amen...
55:51 she goes on, "How I long to see that day.
55:55 I pray that we will all be ready to go home with Him. "
55:59 Amen.
56:01 That was... that was Jayne's testimony,
56:04 that was Jayne's desire
56:05 that together we will be with Jesus forevermore.
56:10 At the end of that year...
56:12 that was at the beginning of the year in February
56:14 when I baptized Jayne,
56:16 at that end of that year, Jayne went to sleep
56:20 in the arms of Jesus.
56:22 She went to sleep in the arms of Jesus
56:25 awaiting the resurrection.
56:27 I'm looking forward to the day when I will see Jayne.
56:30 I'm looking forward to the day when I will see her
56:32 and all those that have put their faith and trust in Jesus.
56:35 What about you my friends?
56:36 Those who are here... those who are watching...
56:39 are you looking forward to being reunited
56:41 with all those who have put their faith and trust in Jesus?
56:43 If that's your desire to be ready when Jesus comes,
56:46 I want to invite you to bow your heads with me
56:49 wherever you may be
56:50 and let us thank Jesus
56:52 and look forward to that precious day,
56:54 "Father in heaven, we want to thank you so much
56:56 for the blessed hope that we have in Jesus
56:59 that one of these days soon, He will come in all His glory...
57:03 with all the heavenly angels
57:05 and He will take with Him
57:07 those that have put their faith and trust in Him,
57:09 those that have passed away
57:12 and have been resting in His safe and secure arms
57:15 along with those that are alive
57:17 and will be caught up together with Him
57:19 to be with the Lord forever.
57:20 This is our prayer, Father, keep us close to Jesus,
57:23 keep us looking unto Him always,
57:25 the Author and Finisher of our faith,
57:28 for this is our prayer in the name of Jesus,
57:30 everybody said, 'Amen... amen. '"


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