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00:01 Music...
00:26 I'd like to welcome you here once again
00:27 from wherever you are watching or listening around the world,
00:31 to this six-part Series... this is part 5,
00:34 "End-Time Living... Loyalty and Love towards God"
00:40 and today's topic is "Happy and Healthy. "
00:43 I want to welcome those who are here today
00:45 to this very important topic, one of my favorites
00:49 so, I'm going to really look forward to going through
00:53 this message together with us here,
00:55 and wherever you may be.
00:57 There's a lot of important information to cover
01:00 and I'm going to do my best to cover as much of it as possible
01:04 in the time that we have remaining.
01:06 As I've pointed out, our title is: Happy and Healthy
01:10 and wherever you may be in your journey in health,
01:13 I'm going to encourage you
01:15 to... to go the next step in your journey
01:17 and I know that this will be a wonderful blessing.
01:20 Well, I'm going to share some good news and some bad news.
01:23 Which one do you want to hear first?
01:24 the good news or the bad news?
01:26 Audience: Good news.
01:27 All right, the good news, let's start off with the good news.
01:29 Here's the good news,
01:30 the good news is that our life expectancy
01:34 has improved globally over the last number of years
01:39 in particular in the last century... in the 20th century.
01:43 As you can see from this graph,
01:45 the life expectancy has been rising and rising.
01:48 However, here's the bad news, the bad news is this
01:53 and that is, according to this ABC News article,
01:58 August 28, 2015,
02:00 the title, "Global life expectancy rises,
02:03 but research shows... people just live sicker for longer. "
02:07 Notice these words from the article.
02:10 "People around the world are living longer,
02:13 but many are also living sicker lives for longer,
02:16 according to a study of all major diseases and injuries
02:20 in 188 countries... "
02:22 Let me share with you some more data.
02:26 This was from another ABC News article,
02:29 November 14, 2018,
02:31 the headline, "Chart of the day:
02:33 Half the world's deaths are from four preventable factors. "
02:37 There were some 57 million people that died in 2017
02:42 and notice how they died.
02:45 "The deadliest things on the planet aren't guns, sharks
02:48 or even road accidents. "
02:50 That's what we hear on the news don't we?
02:51 We hear about these things on the news,
02:53 but notice the things that kill us.
02:56 "Of all the things that killed people last year... "
03:00 as I pointed out, some 57 million people died in 2017,
03:04 "more than half of deaths are attributed to just four... "
03:08 that very important word "preventable risk factors... "
03:11 we're going to come across that word over and over again...
03:13 "and those four factors are: high blood pressure,
03:16 smoking, high blood glucose
03:19 and high body mass index,
03:21 according to a series of reports published in The Lancet. "
03:25 Which is one of the most prestigious
03:27 and respected medical journals.
03:30 So, what is killing us is preventable
03:33 for more than half the population.
03:37 Let's bring it closer to home, that was worldwide,
03:42 now, let's bring it closer to home,
03:43 let's take a look at Australia's Health Report Card,
03:47 are you ready for this?
03:48 Have you got your seatbelts on, are you ready?
03:50 Well, here we go, ready or not, I'm going to share with you.
03:53 This is from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare,
03:57 this is a bi-annual government-sponsored program
04:04 that looks to take a look at where we are in health,
04:08 this is... this is a summary from this media release
04:12 back in June 20, 2018.
04:15 So, this is in Australia.
04:17 "Half of Australians have a common chronic health condition,
04:21 such as diabetes, heart disease, a mental illness, or cancer.
04:25 Importantly, almost a quarter of us have two or more
04:29 of these conditions,
04:30 often making our experiences of health and healthcare
04:33 particularly complex. "
04:35 Secondly, "Many chronic health conditions
04:37 share common preventable risk factors,
04:40 such as smoking, excessive alcohol consumption,
04:43 and not getting enough exercise...
04:45 in fact, around one-third of our nation's 'disease burden'
04:49 is due to... " what's that word?
04:51 "preventable risk factors. "
04:52 There is that word again.
04:54 63% of Australians 18 years or over are overweight or obese.
05:00 And finally, health spending continues to rise
05:04 reaching $170 billion in 2015 and 16
05:08 and outstripping population growth. "
05:11 So, that is our report card here in Australia.
05:16 Now, there is a significant health crisis
05:19 in the area of diabetes.
05:21 Type 2 diabetes in particular.
05:24 Notice this headline, ABC News article,
05:27 September 4, 2018.
05:29 "Type 2 diabetes: Understanding Australia's fastest growing
05:34 chronic condition that is life-style related. "
05:38 Type 2 diabetes is life-style related...
05:41 all the evidence is in.
05:43 80 to 85 to possibly 90% of the two million Australians
05:48 that suffer from diabetes today
05:52 are affected by Type 2 diabetes
05:55 which is by and large, lifestyle related
05:58 and as the headline points out,
06:00 it's Australia's fastest growing chronic condition.
06:05 Now, is that God's plan for you and I?
06:07 I don't think so,
06:09 notice what Jesus had to say in John chapter 10 verse 10,
06:12 "The thief does not come except to steal,
06:14 and to kill, and to destroy. "
06:16 And who do you think the thief might be?
06:18 That's the enemy, that's the devil himself.
06:21 That's his aim, that's his plan for you and I
06:23 to steal, kill and destroy our health and our well-being
06:26 but Jesus says,
06:28 "I have come that they may have... " what?
06:30 "life, and that they may have it more... " what?
06:33 abundantly. "
06:35 John 10 verse 10.
06:36 So, that's God's plan for us,
06:38 God's plan for us is to enjoy the abundant life.
06:41 I like to put it this way,
06:43 "God's promise of an abundant life
06:46 is not only about Quantity but about Quality of life. "
06:50 As far as I'm concerned,
06:52 what I'm focused on more than anything else,
06:56 is quality of life.
06:58 I would rather have 60 or 50 good quality and healthy years
07:03 than have 70 or more years where I'm suffering chronic pain
07:08 and having chronic health issues
07:10 but God's plan is that we will have both...
07:13 that you can have your cake and eat it too.
07:15 Maybe that's not a good way of putting it...
07:18 have your healthy cake and eat it too...
07:21 God wants us to enjoy quantity and quality of years.
07:28 So, how can we do that?
07:29 We're going to pray
07:31 and we're going to once again go to God's instruction manual...
07:35 the Bible to discover the secret
07:38 to how we can enjoy happy and healthy living.
07:42 Amen.
07:43 Let's pray, "Father in heaven,
07:44 once again, before we open Your Word,
07:47 we ask and pray that you'll give us understanding
07:50 so that as we open Your Word,
07:52 You will open our hearts and our minds
07:54 and enable us to understand what Your plan is for us
07:59 that we may enjoy the abundant life experience
08:02 that you have for each and every person,
08:04 so, wherever we may be watching or listening from,
08:07 we pray that this will be a blessing...
08:11 a life-changing blessing
08:12 and this is our prayer in Jesus' name, amen... amen. "
08:16 Pause...
08:19 Let's go and take a look at the World Health Organization
08:24 1948 definition for health.
08:26 World Health Organization defines health
08:29 in the following way,
08:31 "Health is a state of complete physical,
08:33 mental and social well-being
08:35 and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. "
08:38 With all due respect to the World-Health-Organization
08:41 definition, I believe that it is lacking
08:43 one all-important element
08:44 and so, if I was to... to share a definition on health
08:50 and I believe it's very much backed up
08:53 by solid-strong evidence,
08:54 this is what I would include, here is my definition,
08:57 "Health is a state of complete physical, mental, social and.. "
09:01 what's that word? "spiritual well-being
09:03 and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. "
09:07 The truth is, you and I have been created
09:12 with this four dimensional aspect of health and well-being.
09:16 Notice what we read in Luke chapter 2 verse 52
09:18 regarding Jesus,
09:20 "And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature,
09:23 and in favor with God and men. "
09:25 Here we have four dimensional living.
09:28 Let me share with you
09:31 as we take a look at that Scripture again.
09:33 "Wisdom" is what? mental health and well-being.
09:37 "Stature" physical health and well-being,
09:40 with God... that's spiritual health and well-being
09:44 and finally, with men... that's social health and well-being.
09:47 All four of these are important
09:49 and along with mental, I would also include
09:51 emotional health and well-being.
09:54 The two go hand in hand.
09:56 Now, as we take a look at the all-important
10:00 four-dimensional living, notice what we discover,
10:04 that at the very beginning of time in Genesis 1:27,
10:07 we discover that God created man in His own image...
10:11 in the image of God He created him;
10:13 male and female He created them.
10:15 So, as Jesus excelled in these four dimensions of life,
10:19 the mental and emotional...
10:21 the spiritual... the social and the physical,
10:24 so too, God created us in His image
10:27 that we too would excel in the same four dimensions.
10:32 Optimum health and well-being
10:37 is to be discovered in God's four-dimensional plan
10:39 for a happy and a healthy life.
10:41 Physical, mental, social and spiritual.
10:45 Let me share with you this very popular...
10:49 one of the most popular editions of National Geographic
10:53 back in November 2005 entitled: The Secrets of Living Longer
10:59 and here on the front cover,
11:02 we have a picture of this 84-year-old Japanese man,
11:07 Fumiyasu Yamakawa... how did I go?
11:12 About three out of ten?
11:13 Laughter...
11:14 He's 84 years old... and yes, he's standing on his head.
11:19 He's doing some exercises and he's...
11:22 he's preparing for a decathlon or a heptathlon...
11:26 and guess what his favorite activities are?
11:29 high jump and pole vault.
11:31 How many of you would like to attempt high jump
11:33 and pole vault at 84?
11:35 Okay... laughter...
11:36 I would...
11:38 now, it's fascinating how this article begins.
11:42 Notice how these how this Time...
11:44 sorry, this National Geographic article on:
11:48 The Secrets to Living Longer begins,
11:50 the article by Dan Beuttner
11:53 who researched the happiest and the healthiest people
11:55 on the planet
11:57 and we'll get to that as we go along,
11:58 He says, "What if I said to you
12:00 you could add up to ten years to your life?
12:02 A long healthy life is no accident.
12:04 It begins with good genes,
12:06 but it also depends on good habits.
12:08 If you adopt the right lifestyle, experts say,
12:10 chances are, you may live up to a decade longer.
12:13 So what's the formula for success?
12:15 In recent years, researchers have fanned out across the globe
12:19 to find the secrets to long life.
12:21 The first three regions
12:22 where people are living significantly longer;
12:25 produce a high rate of centenarians;
12:27 suffer a fraction of the diseases
12:30 that commonly kill people
12:31 in other parts of the developed world;
12:32 and enjoy more happy and healthy years... "
12:35 hence my title...
12:37 "they are to be found in: Sardinia, Italy;
12:40 Okinawa, Japan;
12:42 and Loma Linda, California. "
12:43 Now, this group of people has been added to
12:49 by two other groups...
12:51 and another one is to be found in Nicoya, Costa Rica
12:55 as you can see there on the map
12:57 and another one being, Ikaria, Greece.
12:59 Now, the fascinating group...
13:01 the most fascinating group of these five
13:03 is the group in Loma Linda, California.
13:06 "Now, what's so fascinating about them?" you ask,
13:08 Well, we'll get to that in just a moment
13:10 but before that,
13:11 a number of books have been written by Dan Beuttner
13:14 on this very subject that he has been studying now for...
13:18 for a number of years...
13:20 The Blue Zones Solution
13:22 The Blue Zones of Happiness
13:23 The Blue Zones
13:25 Thrive... Finding Happiness the Blue-Zones way.
13:28 Now you may be thinking,
13:30 "What's this Blue Zones business all about...
13:32 why are they called Blue Zones?"
13:34 Well, simply put, when the researchers fanned out
13:37 across the globe and they wanted to find out
13:40 the places in the world where people live the happiest
13:43 and the healthiest...
13:45 where they suffer the least disease...
13:46 and they live the longest...
13:48 what they did... every time they came across a group...
13:51 a significant group,
13:52 they would put a blue circle on the map
13:55 to designate where they came from
13:58 and so, these people became known as
14:01 "The Blue Zones' People"
14:02 and so, that's how they got their name.
14:06 Now, another National Geographic magazine
14:10 in 2016, Special Edition came out
14:12 and it was entitled,
14:15 "Blue Zones... The Science of Living Longer. "
14:18 So now, researchers and scientists
14:21 have been working hard to find out what is it...
14:25 what is it that brings these people to a point
14:28 of living long and living well.
14:31 That is what they have sought to find out...
14:35 what are the key ingredients?
14:36 Time Magazine back in February 26, 2018,
14:42 also featured...
14:44 also featured on this very powerful phenomena
14:48 and the title was,
14:50 "How to Live Longer Better. "
14:54 And so, I want to share with you some of the conclusions
14:59 that these researchers discovered,
15:02 Dan Beuttner and others...
15:03 regarding what makes these people tick.
15:07 Why do these people that live in these communities
15:10 live significantly longer
15:12 and live without the chronic diseases
15:15 that affect most people in the world...
15:17 in particular... the Western world?
15:20 And there are eight key areas that I have discovered
15:23 as I have examined the evidence and here they are:
15:25 All five groups had the following in common:
15:27 there are differences between the groups
15:29 but these eight points, they all had in common.
15:33 Predominantly, they eat fruits, nuts,
15:36 vegetables and whole grains.
15:37 Secondly, they have constant moderate physical activity.
15:41 They have a positive outlook.
15:42 They have strong purpose.
15:45 Family is a priority.
15:47 Social engagement is also another high priority
15:52 and they take time to rest and relax
15:54 and finally, every single one of the five groups
15:56 have spiritual faith lived out in community
16:00 and as I took a look at these eight points,
16:03 guess what I discovered,
16:05 they all fit within the four dimensional aspect of health
16:10 that God created as at the very beginning.
16:12 Let me put them up on the screen:
16:13 The Physical...
16:15 the first two points look at our physical health and well-being.
16:18 Mental...
16:20 the next two... positive outlook and having a strong purpose
16:24 focus on mental health and well-being.
16:26 Priority of family and social engagement...
16:29 that taps into the social aspect of our lives
16:32 and finally, taking time to rest and relax
16:35 and spiritual faith lived out in community
16:38 is all focused on spiritual health and well-being.
16:41 So, these five groups...
16:43 they are living the four-dimensional life
16:47 that God has instructed in His Word
16:51 which is optimum...
16:52 which provides for that abundant health and lifestyle.
16:56 Now you may be asking the question...
16:59 if only I was born in a Blue Zone!
17:02 Wouldn't that be nice to be born in a Blue Zone?
17:05 Oh, I have good news for you.
17:07 Are you ready for the good news?
17:09 Who came here to hear some good news?
17:11 If you came here to hear some good news,
17:13 you... it's your lucky day.
17:15 It's your blessed day I should say.
17:18 Notice this, this is from Dan Beuttner
17:22 in that National Geographic magazine
17:25 and by-the-way, I looked long and hard
17:28 to get my copy of that magazine and... and I got it.
17:32 and don't think you're going to get it off me,
17:35 this was so hard to find but I finally found it
17:38 and I'm just so pleased and I treasure it.
17:40 It's got some beautiful gems.
17:41 Anyway, this is from Dan Beuttner
17:43 and notice what he has to say.
17:44 "To make it to age 100,
17:47 you have to have won the genetic lottery. "
17:49 Yeah, that's true... genetics are very, very important,
17:52 as someone said, "You're bags are packed for you
17:54 before you come into the world. "
17:55 However, genetics is only 25% in determining
18:02 your overall health and well-being.
18:04 75% is your choice.
18:06 So, chance... 25%
18:08 choice is 75%.
18:10 Now, all right, let's keep reading.
18:13 "But most of us have the capacity
18:15 to make it well into our early 90's
18:17 and largely without chronic... " what?
18:19 "disease.
18:21 As the... " who?
18:22 "the Adventists... "
18:24 they're the group in Loma Linda, California
18:25 "As the Adventists demonstrate,
18:28 the average person's life expectancy
18:30 could increase by 10-12 years
18:32 by adopting a Blue-Zones lifestyle. "
18:35 Well, so the Adventists in Loma Linda, California
18:40 are Exhibit A of how you can enjoy optimum health
18:45 and well-being
18:46 by simply following the Blue Zones' lifestyle...
18:50 the Blue Zones' life...
18:52 and today, we're going to discover what the secret is
18:56 to that Blue Zones' life
18:57 that Adventists all around the world have discovered
19:00 and many others today.
19:01 Adventists and non-Adventists are discovering
19:03 based on the principles that God gave us
19:06 at the very beginning of time.
19:07 So, the question is,
19:08 "What are the secrets to living a happier and a healthier life?"
19:13 Do you want to know the answer to that?
19:14 I do.
19:16 Well, as we go back to the book of Revelation...
19:19 God's final message of love to the world,
19:21 notice these words that we read,
19:22 in Revelation chapter 14 and verse 6,
19:25 which is the first angel's message,
19:28 "Then I saw another angel flying in the midst of heaven,
19:30 having the everlasting gospel
19:32 to preach to those who dwell on the earth...
19:33 to every nation, tribe, tongue and people. "
19:35 So this is a message from God for the entire planet
19:38 that will prepare people for the second coming of Jesus
19:40 and notice, we keep reading... verse 7,
19:42 "Saying with a loud voice... " with that megaphone voice,
19:45 "Fear God and do... " what?
19:48 and give glory to Him... "
19:50 now, what does that mean to fear God
19:53 and to give glory to Him?
19:54 What does it mean to give glory to God?
19:56 Well, notice what we read in 1st Corinthians chapter 10
20:00 and verse 31... the Apostle Paul writes,
20:02 "Therefore, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do,
20:05 do it all to... " what?
20:06 "the glory of God. "
20:08 So, we are to eat and we are to drink
20:11 to the glory of God.
20:13 So, if we can eat and drink to the glory of God,
20:17 can we also not eat and drink and live to the glory of God?
20:21 Yes, indeed...
20:22 Now, why is it so important for you and I
20:26 as... as those who have decided to follow Christ,
20:29 and to be loving and to be loyal to Jesus
20:33 in an end-time context,
20:34 why is it important for you and I
20:36 to live our lives for the honor and glory of God?
20:39 The last time I checked, according to many,
20:42 "It's my life... it's my body... and I'll do as I please. "
20:46 Isn't that the philosophy out there by many?
20:48 "Eat, drink and be merry... " for what?
20:51 "tomorrow you... you die,
20:52 so, why should I worry?"
20:54 Well, a believer in Jesus Christ for him or her...
20:59 it's about giving glory to God
21:01 for one very important reason amongst many
21:04 and here it is, in 1st Corinthians chapter 6
21:07 verses 19 to 20,
21:08 Paul writing to the believers in Corinth
21:11 that had this dualistic belief about the human body
21:15 where the soul was all important and that's all that mattered
21:19 and it didn't matter how you treated your body
21:21 and he says to them,
21:22 "Or do you not know that your body is the temple of... " who?
21:25 "of the Holy Spirit Who is in you,
21:27 Whom you have from God, and you are not your own?"
21:30 Why?
21:31 "For you were bought at a... " what?
21:33 "at a price;
21:34 therefore glorify God in your body
21:37 and in your spirit, which are... " whose?
21:38 "which are God's. "
21:40 So, for the believer in Jesus, he or she recognizes
21:44 that this body doesn't belong to him or her.
21:49 It's not my body.
21:51 This body was given to me by God as a gift,
21:54 He is the One that has created me,
21:56 he's the One that gives me life and breath and sustains me
21:59 and He is inviting me
22:01 to live my life wholly for His honor and glory.
22:06 He wants me to be around for as long as possible
22:10 not for my sake
22:11 but for His sake for God's honor and glory
22:15 that He may use me in the greatest possible way
22:19 for the greatest possible time to lead others to Him.
22:22 Does that make sense? Yes or no?
22:24 That is why I have a keen interest in health.
22:27 Not because I want to necessarily live
22:29 10 to 12 years longer... that would be lovely,
22:31 but my aim is to glorify God...
22:34 that God can use me in the best possible way
22:36 for the longest possible time
22:38 to draw as many people to Jesus as I possibly can
22:42 through His strength, amen.
22:43 That's the whole point,
22:44 the whole point is to fear God and give glory to Him
22:49 and worship Him... as that first angel's message says
22:55 "who made heaven and earth,
22:57 the sea and the springs of water. "
22:58 He is our Creator...
22:59 God is our Creator so, how did He make us?
23:02 Let's go to the very beginning of time.
23:04 Let's go to the book of Genesis
23:06 where... where God created Adam and Eve
23:09 and notice what the Bible says.
23:11 In Genesis chapter 2 verse 8,
23:13 "The LORD God planted a garden eastward in... " where?
23:16 "in Eden,
23:18 and there He put the man and the woman
23:20 whom He had formed. "
23:22 Now, notice that word, "Eden. "
23:23 I looked up that word, "Eden"
23:25 and the original word "Eden" in the Hebrew means
23:29 "pleasure and delight"
23:31 and I love that.
23:32 I love that God placed Adam and Eve in a garden
23:37 that was filled with pleasure and what?
23:39 delight.
23:40 Does that sound like the abundant life
23:42 that God has in store for each and every person?
23:45 Yes it does... God's original plan was for Adam and Eve
23:49 to... to enjoy communion with one another,
23:52 to enjoy communion with their Creator,
23:55 to... to enjoy the natural surroundings...
23:59 the animals... and... and... and the plants
24:02 and the trees and everything God created...
24:05 God created Adam and Eve in a holistic sense
24:08 to enjoy the blessings in the four dimensions
24:12 of health and well-being
24:15 right at the very beginning of time.
24:16 Now, when it comes to diet... when it comes to fuel...
24:20 what kind of fuel did God give to Adam and Eve
24:24 when He created them,
24:26 did He give them an instruction manual?
24:28 as you receive when you get a brand-new car?
24:30 The answer is, "Yes. "
24:31 The answer is "yes. "
24:33 Notice what we read.
24:34 Eight powerful secrets to better and long-lasting health
24:38 direct from the Garden of Eden
24:42 and they begin with this acronym.
24:45 This acronym "NEWSTART"
24:46 This acronym "NEWSTART" popularized
24:49 by a health institute there in the United States of America
24:53 in a place called, Weimar
24:54 in an area near the Blue Zones
24:58 and Weimar back in 1978 if I remember correctly,
25:03 popularized this acronym NEWSTART
25:06 that... that stands for Total Health and Well-being.
25:10 As healthy as we can possibly be in this sin-sick world
25:15 that we live in where we just never know
25:17 what's around the corner
25:19 but how we can enjoy the optimum health
25:21 that God has for us, NEWSTART
25:22 and that's what we want to take look at today
25:25 and we're going to take a look at these eight laws of health
25:28 that don't come to us originally from Weimar,
25:30 Weimar... there in the United States in California,
25:33 they simply took these principles
25:35 straight out of the Garden of Eden
25:37 and we'll discover who more than a century ago
25:40 popularized what we are about to take a look at
25:44 in just a moment,
25:45 so the end... let's start out with the end,
25:46 the end... well, this new creation...
25:49 let's talk about that for a moment before I run ahead.
25:52 In 2nd Corinthians 5:17, the Apostle Paul writes,
25:55 "Therefore, if anyone is in Christ,
25:56 he is a... " what kind of creation?
25:58 "a new creation;
25:59 old things have passed away;
26:01 behold, all things have become new. "
26:02 So, this is an opportunity for us to have a new start.
26:05 This is an opportunity for us to make a new beginning,
26:09 so, wherever you may be in your journey of health,
26:12 this is an opportunity to make a new start.
26:15 God is in the business of re-creating...
26:18 He's in the business of new creation.
26:21 That's what God wants to do in and for all of us
26:24 wherever you may be watching or listening,
26:26 or those who are here, this is an opportunity
26:28 for us to get on board with God's plan for us
26:32 for optimal health and happiness.
26:35 So, let's take a look at that first letter
26:39 in the acronym "N" which stands for nutrition.
26:41 We're going to spend most of our time on nutrition
26:44 because nutrition makes up about 70 to 80%
26:47 of our overall health and well-being.
26:49 The... the majority of the reasons
26:53 why we suffer all these chronic health conditions
26:56 that are detrimental to our health and well-being
26:59 is due to what we put in our mouths.
27:01 So, we're going to spend most of our time on that
27:03 but we're also going to take a look at the seven other points.
27:06 Now, when it comes to nutrition,
27:07 notice what God gave to Adam and Eve.
27:09 "And God said, "See, I have given you every herb
27:14 that yields seed which is on the face of all the earth,
27:17 and every tree whose fruit yields seed;
27:19 to you it shall be for... " what?
27:21 "for food... " Genesis 1:29.
27:22 So at the very beginning of time,
27:24 God gave to Adam and Eve nuts, fruits and grains.
27:28 It was a... a seed diet.
27:30 After the fall and after they sinned,
27:34 God added one other dimension to their diet
27:37 and here we have it.
27:38 In Genesis chapter 3 verse 18, we read,
27:40 "Both thorns and thistles it shall bring forth for you,
27:43 and you shall eat the... " what?
27:45 "the herb of the field... "
27:46 and the herb of the field there is in reference to vegetables.
27:50 So the original diet of man was nuts, fruits and vegetables,
27:54 nuts, fruits and grains with vegetables added.
27:57 So, as you can take a look at these mouth-watering pictures
28:00 are your saliva glands moved into gear?
28:05 As we take a look at this beautiful fruit...
28:08 as we take a look at the... the grains... the nuts
28:11 and the grains that Jesus has given...
28:13 that God has given to us, the beautiful vegetables...
28:15 this was God's original diet
28:18 and today... today we have discovered through science
28:23 conclusive scientific studies that we were created by God
28:29 to operate at peak efficiency and maximum longevity
28:33 on a natural plant-based diet.
28:35 The... the evidence is in today,
28:37 when you read National Geographic...
28:40 when you read other magazines on this very topic,
28:44 when you take a look at the research...
28:46 the evidence is in that the best way forward
28:50 for our health and longevity is a plant-based diet.
28:55 Now, one of the... one of the best...
28:58 one of the best most comprehensive studies
29:01 that has ever... probably that has been conducted
29:05 is called: The China Study.
29:07 The China Study...
29:09 as... as it says there in that sub-heading,
29:12 just above the title,
29:14 it's the most comprehensive study of nutrition
29:17 ever conducted by... by a father and son combination
29:21 T. Colin Campbell, and Thomas Campbell...
29:25 two physicians... well-respected physicians
29:28 from the United States
29:30 and notice this sub-title, underneath the title,
29:32 "Startling Implications for Diet, Weight Loss
29:35 and Long-Term Health. "
29:37 I don't have time to take a look at this study in detail
29:42 but I just want to share with you a summary.
29:44 Notice the summary,
29:46 "The China Study examines the relationship
29:49 between the consumption of animal products...
29:51 including dairy
29:53 and chronic illnesses such as coronary heart disease,
29:56 diabetes, breast cancer, prostate cancer,
29:59 and bowel cancer. "
30:00 Let me ask you, are these cancers
30:02 something that you and I are familiar with today
30:05 in the Western world in particular?
30:06 Anyone heard of these cancers?
30:08 We all have... sadly we have been horribly afflicted
30:13 by these horrible cancers
30:15 that is snuffing out the lives of our loved ones... sadly.
30:19 They go on...
30:21 "The authors conclude that people who eat a predominantly
30:24 whole plant-based diet... avoiding animal products
30:28 as a main source of nutrition, including beef, pork, poultry,
30:32 fish, eggs, cheese, and milk,
30:34 and reducing their intake of processed foods
30:37 and refined carbohydrates... will escape, reduce... "
30:41 or what's that word?
30:42 "Reverse the development of numerous diseases. "
30:46 Wow! I have good news for you my friend,
30:48 and that is that God has placed within our human mechanism
30:55 an opportunity for those diseases that afflict us
30:59 that take away that happiness... that joy...
31:02 that abundant life experience that God wants for us.
31:05 They can be reversed...
31:07 They can be reversed!
31:09 Notice what God promised to the children of Israel
31:12 when He... when He led them out of Egypt.
31:16 This was his incredible promise to the children of Israel.
31:19 Notice these words in Exodus chapter 23 and verse 25,
31:23 we read, "So you shall serve the LORD your God,
31:26 and He will bless your bread and your water.
31:29 And I will do... " what?
31:30 take sickness away... "
31:32 that's another word...
31:34 that's another phrase for saying, "I will reverse
31:36 from the midst of you diseases... "
31:40 the diseases that afflicted the Egyptians
31:43 and I don't have time in this presentation
31:46 to share with you the diseases that afflicted the Egyptians
31:49 but when you take a look at that long list of diseases
31:53 that have been discovered by...
31:56 by those that have been examining
31:58 and doing autopsies on the... on the Egyptian Mummies
32:01 that have been found,
32:02 what the Egyptians died of
32:04 is what you and I are today dying from
32:06 in the western world in particular
32:08 and... and the world at large today.
32:10 Those western-lifestyle-related diseases.
32:15 Notice, today we have here in our part of the world
32:21 and in many parts of the world,
32:23 this popular health and well-being program called: CHIP
32:28 which stands for: The Complete Health Improvement Program
32:32 and you can go to: chiphealth. org. au
32:35 to get more information if you live here in Australia
32:37 or just go to chiphealth
32:38 and I'm sure you'll find information
32:40 if you're in north America or wherever you may be.
32:42 This is a powerful program and at my church where I pastor,
32:48 we run this program every year with incredible success
32:51 and this is what this program promises
32:54 to those who attend
32:55 and are willing to put the principles of this lifestyle
32:59 that we're looking at today into practice.
33:02 CHIP is a proven program that reverses
33:04 the western-world lifestyle diseases
33:07 that we are plagued with
33:09 as a result of poor lifestyle choices and habits.
33:12 What did God say?
33:14 God said, "I will reverse...
33:16 I will take away this sickness from you
33:20 if you cooperate with me. "
33:22 So what's... what does God want to do?
33:25 He wants to take it away.
33:26 What do we need to do?
33:27 We need to cooperate with Him and what He has given to us.
33:31 Well, you may be thinking, "Oh, I really like my meat...
33:34 I would like to continue to eat my meat...
33:37 does the Bible have anything to say about that?"
33:40 And there are some parts in the world,
33:42 where they don't have
33:44 a wide array of fruits, nuts, vegetables and grains
33:49 such as we do here in Australia.
33:51 In Australia, we are blessed...
33:53 we are blessed... as my dad referred to Australia
33:55 when he first came almost 50 years ago,
33:58 he referred to Australia as the land flowing with milk and honey
34:01 and it's true, we are blessed...
34:03 in Australia and in many parts of the western world,
34:06 we are blessed to have a wide array of plant-based food
34:09 but there are places around the world
34:12 where people do not have this array
34:15 and... and they need to have... have...
34:19 have some meat products in order... in order to make up
34:23 for that nutritional intake that they so desperately need,
34:26 well, when it comes to meat, what did God say?
34:28 Let's take a look at what the Bible says,
34:30 in Deuteronomy chapter 14 and verse 6,
34:32 God says... when it comes to what you can eat
34:35 in the area of flesh, God says,
34:39 "You may eat every animal with cloven... " what?
34:42 "hooves, having the hoof split in two parts,
34:45 and that chews the cud, among the animals. "
34:48 So... so animals that chew the cud
34:50 and have a split hoof, like... like your beef,
34:53 your sheep, goats and so forth.
34:57 When it comes to... when it comes to the pig...
35:02 is the pig an animal that is good to be eaten?
35:06 Yes or no?
35:07 No... Why?
35:09 Well, it's got a split hoof but does it chew the cud?
35:11 No, it doesn't.
35:12 Notice, what we read regarding the scientific discoveries
35:21 when it comes to eating bacon or eating ham or eating sausages,
35:26 this was ABC News, October 27, 2015,
35:28 the title: Bacon, sausages, ham and other processed meats
35:33 are cancer-causing, red meat probably is too:
35:36 World Health Organization.
35:38 Let me read this quickly, underneath...
35:41 "Processed meats like bacon, sausages and hot dogs
35:44 can cause colon cancer
35:46 and red meat is also a likely cause of the disease,
35:49 World Health Organization experts say,
35:51 in a potentially heavy blow for the global meat agenda...
35:55 meat industry... " I should say, let's continue on,
35:58 "The analysis of 800 studies... "
36:00 this is not one or two studies,
36:02 these 800 studies from around the world
36:05 by the International Agency for Research on Cancer,
36:09 found 'sufficient evidence in humans
36:12 that the consumption of processed meat
36:15 causes colorectal cancer. '"
36:19 Wow! So the evidence is in...
36:23 the evidence is in.
36:24 God said thousands of years ago,
36:30 that the pig is unclean...
36:32 in fact God says that the pig is an abomination
36:34 and we've discovered from a previous program
36:37 God uses that word "abomination"
36:39 in order to make it clear in the strongest possible way
36:44 that is not healthy... that is not good
36:46 and that is not in your best spiritual interest.
36:48 Today, Science is finding out what God said
36:53 thousands of years ago in His Word.
36:56 We are continually playing catch up, isn't that right?
37:01 We are continually playing catch up with God.
37:04 God knows what's best,
37:06 He's the One that designed the human body.
37:08 He's the One that made us... He's the designer.
37:12 You and I simply need to follow the Designer's Manual
37:17 for how we can enjoy the best possible life
37:21 in the here and now on this sin-sick planet
37:25 that we live in
37:26 but we can still get the most out of life
37:29 if we cooperate with God.
37:30 Here was the front cover of TIME magazine
37:33 shortly after this research came out.
37:35 The War on Delicious...
37:38 talk about a picture... a picture telling a 1,000 words,
37:43 "The War on Delicious. "
37:45 Well, what about when it comes to sea life...
37:48 that which lives in...
37:50 in our oceans and rivers and lakes?
37:52 Deuteronomy chapter 14 and verse 9,
37:54 "These you may eat of all that are in the waters:
37:57 you may eat all that have... " what?
37:59 "fins and scales. "
38:01 Nice and easy... fins and scales.
38:02 So, are oysters to end up on your plate?
38:06 No...
38:07 What about squid?
38:08 No...
38:10 What about shell fish? No...
38:12 What about crabs? No...
38:13 What about lobster?
38:15 No... no... no... because they're not clean
38:17 and there are scientific reasons
38:19 why these creatures are not clean...
38:21 which we don't have time to get into today,
38:23 well, what about when it comes to the bird life?
38:27 God simply says in Deuteronomy 14:11,
38:29 "All... " what kind of birds?
38:31 "All clean birds you may eat. "
38:33 Okay, and when you take a look at the list that God gives,
38:36 we're looking at foraging birds,
38:37 we're not looking at the eagle
38:40 or the hawk... carnivore-kind-of-birds...
38:44 we're looking at foraging birds generally speaking
38:47 like your chicken... your quail...
38:50 your dove... your pigeon...
38:52 who would want to eat a poor little pigeon?
38:54 How could you... how could you do that?
38:56 But anyhow, that's what we're looking at.
38:58 Another very important point that God raises and He shares
39:03 in Leviticus chapter 3 verse 17,
39:04 if you're going to eat meat, you need to have this in mind.
39:07 "This shall be a perpetual statute
39:09 throughout your generations... "
39:11 in other words, that word "perpetual" means
39:13 it's to be eternal... it's to be forever
39:16 "in all your dwellings:
39:17 you shall eat neither the fat nor the blood. "
39:21 God said, "Don't eat the fat" for obvious reasons,
39:25 it's not good for you, is it?
39:27 That's where we have our problems today, don't we?
39:29 The fat... so don't eat the fat...
39:32 also, the Bible says... the fat belongs to the Lord
39:34 and that was something associated with the
39:36 worship service as well but also "Don't have blood. "
39:40 So, Kosher...
39:41 and the Jews today... they eat meat that is Kosher...
39:45 and by Kosher... there is no fat and there is no blood...
39:48 it's been drained of all of its blood
39:50 and today we know that blood carries what?
39:55 Disease.
39:56 When you're not feeling well, you go to the doctor
39:58 and the doctor will do... what?
40:00 Conduct the blood test, isn't that right?
40:02 Ask you to get a blood sample
40:06 and then based on that blood sample,
40:08 the doctor will be able to determine
40:10 what it is that is your problem through a blood sample
40:13 so God knew what He was doing
40:15 and so, He made that very clear.
40:16 ABC News, June 1, 2018:
40:22 Another reason why a plant-based diet
40:25 would be highly... highly good for each and every person.
40:31 Would you go vegan to save the planet?
40:33 Researchers say, it might be our best option.
40:36 Notice this from this news article, the key points:
40:39 Even well-managed meat production
40:42 has a greater environmental impact than vegetables,
40:44 study finds.
40:46 We could cut our agricultural land use by 76 percent,
40:50 if we got rid of meat.
40:51 Getting rid of the worst producers
40:54 would make a substantial difference.
40:56 Is there a lot of talk today about the environment
40:59 and saving the environment?
41:01 Yes, indeed there is.
41:02 I'm telling you, probably the best way...
41:05 the best way to save the environment
41:08 is to go green.
41:09 Is to go... is to go green
41:12 as far as a natural plant-based diet.
41:15 So, my decision that I have made
41:16 for the sake of the environment...
41:18 for the sake of my health and well-being
41:20 and that is... I ask the question,
41:22 "Does it have a mother?"
41:23 And if it has a mother, I say, "No, I'm not going to eat it. "
41:26 So, that's what you need to do,
41:28 you need to ask yourself, "Does it have a mother?"
41:31 If it has a mother, well, it's not the ideal for you.
41:34 Well, let's go to our next letter... Exercise.
41:38 Notice what God did for Adam and Eve.
41:41 He placed them in the garden, the Bible says,
41:43 and in Genesis 2:15 we read,
41:45 "Then the Lord God took the man and put him
41:47 in the garden of Eden to do... " what?
41:50 "To tend and to keep it. "
41:51 So Exercise... very, very important.
41:53 Extremely important...
41:54 let's move to our next point.
41:56 Water...
41:58 was there water in the Garden of Eden?
42:00 Yes there was...
42:02 there was the River Euphrates, the Bible says,
42:04 and it parted into four rivers
42:06 that was running through the midst of the...
42:09 the Garden of Eden so, water is very important
42:12 and you and I... we need water.
42:13 We need a good amount of water.
42:14 Couple of liters a day at least is what most people need.
42:18 Let's go to our next health nugget...
42:24 our next secret to health and that is: Sunlight.
42:27 Is sunlight important?
42:29 Yes, indeed it is, God gave us the sun
42:32 in order to provide health and well-being
42:35 and the sun is just so important
42:36 and I don't have time to get into all these,
42:38 because we just don't have the time
42:40 but you can... you can look that up for yourself.
42:42 The next one is: Temperance.
42:43 Now, what is temperance?
42:45 Temperance is an old-fashioned word,
42:46 we don't generally use that word today... temperance...
42:49 it simply means moderation in all things
42:53 and I would like to add, all things that are good.
42:56 Moderation in all things that are good.
42:59 You know, having a balanced diet is temperance.
43:02 You know, you can eat...
43:04 you know, a kilogram of nuts a day
43:07 but is that necessarily good for you?
43:09 No...
43:10 or you can just live on fruit
43:12 and that's not very good for you either,
43:14 there are some fruitarians out there that just live on fruit,
43:17 but that's not a balanced diet
43:18 so, temperance is about having a balanced diet...
43:21 having a balanced lifestyle.
43:23 Now, let me put up a few things
43:26 that may cause a bit of indigestion.
43:27 This... excuse the pun... this on here is drugs...
43:31 is God's plan for us to have drugs?
43:34 No, no... no drugs...
43:36 drugs come in all shapes and sizes...
43:39 here is another drug and that is tobacco.
43:43 Tobacco sadly takes the life of...
43:46 of sadly way too many people each and every year,
43:48 millions and millions of people around the year.
43:50 Now, can you give up smoking?
43:53 Can you... can you... can you be free from drugs?
43:55 Indeed...
43:57 Philippians 4:13 says,
43:58 "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. "
44:01 Here's another one... here's a very popular one...
44:04 this is an extremely popular one in all the world...
44:07 not just here in Australia but throughout the world
44:10 and that is alcohol.
44:11 Alcohol today is seen as... as a necessary evil
44:18 in the minds of many.
44:21 Most people I believe understand and believe
44:24 that alcohol is not good for you.
44:26 There are plenty of research studies today
44:28 that indicate that even one glass of alcohol
44:31 is not good for you
44:32 but alcohol... what does alcohol do?
44:37 It affects many parts of our body
44:41 but in particular it affects that one organ
44:44 that God communicates His truth to us
44:47 and that is what? Our minds...
44:48 our minds.
44:50 Who wants to affect our minds?
44:52 Who is it that wants to confuse our minds?
44:55 Who is it that wants our minds not functioning
44:58 in a clear manner,
45:00 especially those who are preparing
45:01 for the coming of Jesus?
45:02 Who is it?
45:04 It's the enemy...
45:05 Now, you may be thinking,
45:07 "But Danny, didn't Jesus turn water into wine?"
45:11 Isn't that what the Bible says in John chapter 2
45:14 that Jesus turned water into wine?
45:16 Yes, indeed He did.
45:17 Let's take a look at what Jesus did in John chapter 2,
45:20 this is a summary of what Jesus did.
45:23 There were 6 water pots, each containing 20 to 30 gallons
45:28 that's 80 to 120 liters in total,
45:32 we're looking at 480 to 720 liters.
45:35 Now, think about it with me,
45:37 let's... let's just use a little bit of logic,
45:39 at the end of the wedding in Cana,
45:42 okay, they have already been drinking all through the wedding
45:45 it's coming to the end of the wedding,
45:47 they've run out of wine according to Scripture...
45:49 according to the story...
45:50 and now Jesus fills up with alcohol
45:54 480 to 720 liters of alcohol...
46:03 sends the people on their way drunk as drunk can be
46:09 to beat up their wives...
46:11 to possibly get lost...
46:14 to possibly hurt themselves...
46:15 and ultimately to destroy their health and well-being
46:19 and to destroy their minds.
46:20 Can you imagine Jesus Christ who said,
46:23 "I have come that they may have life
46:25 and that they may have it more abundantly... "
46:27 can you imagine Jesus destroying the minds and the health
46:32 of those who He came to save
46:34 and give the abundant life to... can you?
46:35 Does that make any sense
46:37 that Jesus would intoxicate an entire community?
46:41 It absolutely does not make sense.
46:44 The truth is, they had not only alcoholic wine
46:47 back in the day of Christ
46:48 but they also had sweet, pure grape juice
46:52 that Jesus drank with His disciples
46:54 on that Passover evening
46:56 when He instituted the Communion Service.
46:59 It just simply says "wine" and you understand
47:01 or you can gather which kind of wine...
47:04 whether it's alcoholic or non-alcoholic
47:06 by the context,
47:07 and who is the One that is performing the miracle?
47:10 who is the One that is performing the miracle?
47:12 It's Jesus... it's Jesus
47:15 and what does Jesus want to do?
47:17 He wants to give you the abundant life...
47:19 He wants to give you the abundant life.
47:20 So, what about this next one?
47:24 "Oh my! oh my!
47:26 ah now, we've just gone too far,
47:29 Danny, you've gone too far, Coffee!
47:31 I mean, please, what's wrong with a cup of coffee or two
47:37 or three or more a day?
47:38 It gets me going... it keeps me alert...
47:40 it keeps me awake...
47:42 I'm on the night shift trying to look out for patients,
47:44 if I don't have a coffee or two, I'm just not going to...
47:47 I'm just not going to get through. "
47:49 Well, is coffee a drug, my friends?
47:52 Yes it is...
47:54 yes it is.
47:55 I have discovered that everything that is addictive
48:01 comes from the enemy.
48:03 If it's addictive, it comes from the enemy.
48:06 All these things that we've looked at,
48:07 coffee, alcohol, cigarettes, drugs...
48:09 they all have addictive elements.
48:11 When was the last time
48:14 you woke up at 2 o'clock in the morning,
48:16 and you... you were trembling...
48:20 you were shaking because there were no carrots in the fridge?
48:23 Audience: Laughter.
48:25 You went to the fridge to find a carrot...
48:27 to have your "carrot fix" and there were just no carrots
48:30 and you came back to your wife or to your husband
48:32 shaking and trembling, "You have to get me a carrot,
48:35 I'm not just going to cope,
48:37 I'm just not going to get through the night
48:39 without a carrot. "
48:40 Audience: Laughter...
48:42 The point is obvious...
48:44 we laugh and we smile but the truth is,
48:46 whatever God has created,
48:47 it's not with the addictive element
48:51 that you are tied like a bull and chained to it
48:54 and that takes away from your health and your happiness.
48:57 Keep that in mind.
48:59 Philippians 4:13,
49:02 "I can do... " how much through Christ?
49:04 "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. "
49:06 Well, what about junk food?
49:10 What about junk food?
49:11 Wow! oh, if I had more time, I'd share with you my journey
49:15 but in brief, I was convicted by the Holy Spirit...
49:18 I used to eat tons of junk food...
49:20 I was the Junk-food King,
49:21 I used to eat it like you would not believe.
49:24 It didn't make any difference,
49:25 I didn't look any different on the outside
49:27 but who knows what was going on in the inside,
49:30 but when I discovered that my body was the temple
49:33 of the Holy Spirit
49:34 and God wanted to use me in the best possible way,
49:37 I made a decision to turn my back on all junk food...
49:39 the chips... the ice cream... the chocolates...
49:42 turned my back on that...
49:43 and instead, incorporate into my life...
49:46 fruits, nuts and grains and vegetables
49:49 and guess what?
49:50 God, in a miraculous and in a beautiful way
49:53 He reversed my taste buds...
49:55 He reversed my taste buds
49:57 and today, I have no desire and I don't enjoy ice cream,
50:03 I don't enjoy chocolates,
50:05 and... and... and potato chips...
50:07 and the like... I don't enjoy that anymore
50:10 but you put a mango... you put a banana...
50:12 you put some nuts...
50:14 you put some carrots in front of me
50:15 and look out... look out.
50:18 God can do that for you as well.
50:20 He can do that for you as well...
50:22 if He can do it for me... He can do it for you.
50:25 Notice this beautiful promise, Psalm 84 verse 11,
50:28 "For the LORD God is a sun and a shield;
50:30 the LORD will give grace and glory... "
50:32 notice these words...
50:33 "No good thing will He withhold from those who walk uprightly. "
50:37 And I love that promise... "No good thing... "
50:39 if it's good, God will not withhold it from you.
50:42 He will give it to you... He will say, "Enjoy it... "
50:44 Enjoy it temperately...
50:46 enjoy it in moderation...
50:48 enjoy it in a balanced way but enjoy it.
50:50 So, let's move to our next... our next law of health,
50:56 Air... the importance of having lots of air
50:59 and I don't think I need to say much about that,
51:01 that is extremely important,
51:03 and we move on to the 7th and that is "Rest... "
51:07 Rest... notice what we discover when it comes to Rest.
51:10 I want to take you back to that National Geographic magazine
51:16 of 2005... November 2005...
51:19 The secrets of Seventh-day Adventists:
51:21 they featured Seventh-day Adventists
51:22 and notice the two secrets that they discovered
51:26 amongst this community in the Blue Zones
51:28 there in Loma Linda, Number one,
51:30 They have a plant-based vegetarian diet,
51:33 and secondly,
51:34 they enjoy regular practice of rest, worship and fellowship
51:39 with other Christians every seventh day.
51:43 The truth is that scientists and researchers
51:46 are now discovering that God created us
51:49 with a seventh-day cycle.
51:51 Did you know that?
51:52 Our bodies were created in a seven-day cycle,
51:56 I don't have time to unpack that right now,
52:00 but we were created in a seven-day cycle
52:04 and we have been created to operate maximum efficiency
52:09 and longevity with rest
52:12 not just at night
52:14 and getting our eight hours of sleep a night for most people
52:18 but to take one day off every week and to enjoy rest
52:22 and that Sabbath rest is what God gave to the human race,
52:25 guess what, at the very beginning of time
52:26 in the Garden of Eden.
52:27 Every single one of these eight principles...
52:29 found in the Garden of Eden.
52:32 More than a century ago,
52:35 one of the pioneers of the Seventh-day Adventist Church,
52:38 with a third-grade education by the name of Ellen White
52:41 she wrote of these principles
52:44 that come to us from the Garden of Eden
52:46 and notice her words that she wrote more than a century ago,
52:50 a long time before the modern-day research
52:54 came to town, notice these words,
52:56 "Pure air, sunlight, abstemiousness... "
53:01 oh man! that took about a mouthful,
53:03 "rest... " oh, that's temperance...
53:05 that's another word for temperance... rest...
53:07 "exercise... proper diet...
53:09 the use of water... trust in divine power...
53:11 these are the true... " what?
53:13 "these are the true remedies. "
53:15 And she got them from the Scriptures...
53:18 she got them from the... from the Garden of Eden.
53:20 Well, we want to take a look at this final... this final law
53:24 and I believe it's the most important one,
53:26 the T... Trust in... who?
53:28 Trust in Divine Power...
53:31 Trust in Divine Power.
53:34 You see, we live in a sin-sick planet
53:37 and I could live the healthiest possible life...
53:40 I can put those seven principles into practice,
53:44 I can have good nutrition, exercise,
53:47 water, sunlight, temperance,
53:50 air... good fresh air...
53:52 rest... but I could still die of cancer,
53:56 isn't that right?
53:57 There are many people
53:59 who, today, are no longer with us
54:02 who have followed these eight principles...
54:04 these seven principles of health and have still passed away
54:08 because there's genetics...
54:09 there is a sin-sick planet that we have to contend with,
54:13 that's why this 8th and most important principle
54:17 is the one we need to treasure most... Trust in God...
54:20 Trust in God.
54:22 I love this Scripture from Proverbs chapter 3
54:24 verses 5 and 6,
54:26 "Trust in... " who?
54:28 "Trust in the LORD with... " how much of your heart?
54:30 "with all your heart
54:31 and lean not on your own understanding;
54:33 in all your ways acknowledge Him,
54:35 and He shall direct your paths. "
54:36 Put your trust in God...
54:39 trust in Him...
54:40 trust in Him, trust in His promises,
54:43 trust in His ways,
54:44 and... and no matter how long you live
54:46 on this sin-sick planet,
54:48 if you continue to put your faith and trust in God,
54:50 you know that your eternal future is secured
54:54 in those nail-scarred hands of Jesus, amen,
54:58 your eternal future is secure in the nail-scarred hands of Jesus.
55:02 I think of the example of Daniel.
55:04 Daniel, who at the very beginning of his journey
55:08 there in Babylon...
55:10 he purposed in his heart, the Bible says
55:12 that he would not defile himself with what the...
55:14 with what the king provided when it came to food and drink
55:17 and that instead he would be faithful to God
55:20 and the Bible says... God blessed Daniel.
55:22 He blessed him in many ways and his friends...
55:26 Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego
55:27 and I want to put it to you my friends
55:29 that God will bless you also
55:31 if you honor Him in how you live your life
55:33 and I want to encourage you to begin the journey today.
55:38 Begin the journey today...
55:40 not tomorrow but today.
55:43 Begin the journey today.
55:45 Will God help you?
55:47 Will God enable you to begin this journey today
55:50 and to continue it step by step by step
55:53 all the way through to the end?
55:54 Yes, indeed, notice what God promises.
55:57 In Philippians chapter 1 verse 6,
56:00 "Being confident of this very thing that He... "
56:02 that is God... "Who has... " what?
56:04 "begun a good work in you... " will do what?
56:07 "will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ. "
56:10 And I say, "Hallelujah. "
56:12 The One Who has begun this good work...
56:14 He will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ
56:17 when Jesus comes and He takes away all the pain
56:21 and all the suffering and all the sorrow.
56:24 I want to conclude with a final prayer,
56:26 the prayer of John...
56:28 in 3rd John chapter 2...
56:30 3rd John chapter 2, there's only one chapter
56:33 and this is what his prayer was
56:35 and this is what my prayer is for you today,
56:37 and wherever you may be watching or listening from,
56:40 "Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things
56:43 and be in health,
56:45 just as your soul prospers. "
56:46 Beloved, I pray that by the grace of God
56:50 and by putting your faith and trust in His Word
56:52 and following His principles for healthy and happy living
56:55 that you would prosper in all things.
56:57 May God bless you here today and those who are watching,
57:01 let us pray, "Father in heaven,
57:02 we thank You so much for Your blessings,
57:05 we thank you so much for Your Word,
57:06 that Your plan for us is to enjoy a happy and healthy life
57:09 in the here and now
57:11 and ultimately to look forward to the day
57:13 when You will come and there'll be no more pain
57:15 and no more suffering
57:16 and no more sickness and no more death,
57:18 we long for that day and we pray
57:20 that we will be ready and prepare others
57:22 and we pray all this in Jesus' name,
57:24 and everybody say, amen... amen. "


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