Great Apostasies of the Bible

The Son Of Perdition

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01:11 Shall we bow our heads for prayer?
01:14 Our Father and our God,
01:15 we thank You for the awesome privilege
01:20 of coming to Your house to sing praises to Your name,
01:26 to speak with You in prayer
01:29 and to hear Your voice speaking to us through Your word.
01:34 We ask Father,
01:35 for the enlightenment of your Holy Spirit.
01:39 Help us to learn the lessons
01:40 which will be beneficial to our spiritual life.
01:44 As we open Your word, hover over this place
01:50 through the ministration of Your spirit and Your angels.
01:53 We pray this in the precious name
01:55 of your beloved Son Jesus, amen.
02:01 In the news in the last several weeks
02:03 has been a very interesting document.
02:07 It is a very ancient document in fact scholars believe
02:11 that it was written probably
02:16 at least the year 180 of the Christian era.
02:23 It was discovered actually in 1971
02:27 in Nag Hammadi in the Egyptian desert.
02:33 We know that even though this particular manuscript
02:36 is probably dated to 280,
02:40 it was actually in existence already
02:42 as I mentioned in the year 180.
02:46 And the reason for that is because
02:48 one of the early church fathers, Irenaeus
02:51 who lived approximately 180 AD
02:55 speaks about this gospel which has been discovered
03:01 the name of the gospel is the Gospel of Judas.
03:06 Basically Irenaeus says this,
03:10 "Judas was acquainted with the truth
03:13 as no others were."
03:15 Irenaeus is saying about this gospel.
03:19 "And had produced a fabricated work to this effect
03:24 which they entitle the Gospel of Thomas."
03:28 In other words, Irenaeus is saying
03:30 that around the year 180 there was a gospel,
03:33 the Gospel of Judas
03:35 which was in existence it was a Gnostic gospel
03:38 where those who actually wrote it were teaching
03:43 that Judas was the closest of all of the disciples
03:48 and that he was acquainted with the truths of Jesus
03:52 more than any of the other disciples.
03:55 It's interesting to notice the content of this gospel.
04:00 It actually rehabilitates
04:03 the Judas of the biblical gospels.
04:06 In fact, it tells us
04:08 that Judas was the favorite disciple of Jesus
04:13 with whom Jesus shared
04:14 the deepest mysteries of the kingdom.
04:18 Now this gospel there is no doubt was a Gnostic gospel,
04:22 it was written by the Gnostics.
04:25 And I need to share with you a little bit about
04:27 what the Gnostics believed.
04:30 They believed that the Old Testament God
04:33 the Creator was actually an evil demigod.
04:39 And the reason why He was evil
04:41 is because He created the material world.
04:44 And according to the Gnostics matter is evil.
04:48 They taught that imprisoned inside the material body
04:54 is what they called gnosis.
04:57 The word gnosis in Greek means knowledge.
05:01 They believe that gnosis was incarcerated
05:04 within the fleshly material body.
05:09 And that the epitome of the desire
05:12 of every human being should be
05:14 the liberation of gnosis or the liberation
05:18 of that special knowledge or wisdom
05:21 which was contained inside the evil material body.
05:28 In other words the ultimate spiritual goal in life
05:31 was to liberate gnosis
05:34 which many Christians call the soul today
05:37 from the material body
05:39 so that the individual could enter the fullest
05:43 and most complete spear of acknowledge.
05:47 This is where the Gospel of Judas comes in.
05:51 You see, this gospel says that Judas was the closest
05:55 of the apostles of Jesus to the Lord.
05:58 It teaches that Jesus had a body
06:00 and of course according to their view the body is evil,
06:04 because it's composed of matter.
06:08 And so Jesus more than anything
06:10 desired to liberate gnosis from within Him.
06:14 But He had this cumbersome body composed of matter
06:18 and so Jesus actually whispered in Judas's ear and He said,
06:24 "Judas I need to have some way to be liberated
06:28 from this cumbersome body would you please deliver me
06:34 to the authorities so that they will kill me
06:37 so that gnosis can be delivered from this physical body."
06:44 Now let me ask you the question.
06:46 Does this sound like the biblical gospels?
06:50 This is totally opposite, totally different
06:54 than what the biblical gospels teach about Jesus Christ.
06:58 And yet I find it amazing that many Christians today
07:02 will read "The Da Vinci Code,"
07:04 they'll watch the movie "The Passion of the Christ"
07:07 and they'll read the Gospel of Judas
07:09 and they'll say well, maybe there's some information
07:13 that we didn't know about, maybe perhaps
07:17 the Bible isn't exactly acrid in its description.
07:21 It's amazing how Christians will accept extra biblical
07:25 sources as being trustworthy and they will question
07:28 the authority of Holy Scripture.
07:33 The question is this morning
07:34 who really was Judas Iscariot?
07:40 We are in the midst of a series
07:42 called great apostasy of the Bible
07:44 and today we're gonna study about the apostasy of Judas.
07:48 We're gonna notice what the Bible really has to say
07:51 about this enigmatic figure Judas Iscariot.
07:57 Now we've studied in our previous lecture
07:59 actually it was the one on Absalom.
08:01 That Absalom was actually a miniature copy of Lucifer
08:07 and his rebellion in heaven.
08:09 And we studied that Lucifer had four basic problems.
08:16 Number one, he was wise
08:19 and you say, well, that's not a problem.
08:20 It's a problem when you get caught up in your wisdom,
08:24 in other words, when you corrupt your wisdom.
08:26 So what I'm going to mention now
08:28 has to do with the corruption of these qualities.
08:31 We're told in scripture that Lucifer was wise.
08:35 He was rich, he had a position of power,
08:39 he was powerful.
08:41 And of course we studied that he was very beautiful.
08:45 None of these four things are negative in themselves.
08:49 None of them are intrinsically evil,
08:53 but they can be corrupted
08:55 when these characteristics become focused
08:58 and centered on self.
09:01 We're gonna notice in our study
09:03 that the same four pitfalls of Lucifer
09:05 were the pitfalls of Judas.
09:08 And those four things once again intelligence and wisdom,
09:13 riches, power and physical beauty,
09:19 physical attraction.
09:22 Allow me to say a few things about the qualities,
09:26 the personal qualities of Judas Iscariot.
09:30 We know that Julius was more physically imposing
09:34 then any of the other apostles.
09:37 We also know that he was most likely
09:40 more intelligent then any of them.
09:44 We also know that Judas first step
09:47 for power more than any of the other disciples.
09:50 He was the ringleader and of course
09:52 it goes without saying that Judas coveted money
09:58 and material possessions.
10:01 I like to call them the four sins of pride.
10:06 We know that Judas was a shrewd politician
10:10 and he was an able financier.
10:13 His whole life seed to revolve around position and money.
10:19 And the idea that he had
10:21 that he was wiser more intelligent
10:24 and more capable than his fellows.
10:29 I'd like to read a couple of statements
10:31 actually there's three statements
10:33 from the Spirit of Prophecy where Ellen White describes
10:38 the personal qualities of Judas Iscariot.
10:42 Desire of Ages, page 294 she says this.
10:46 "He was of commanding appearance."
10:49 By the way she goes on to say that the reason why,
10:52 Judas, you know the Bible seems to have
10:54 two contradictory accounts.
10:56 I said seems to have,
10:58 because one account says that he hanged himself,
11:00 another account in the Book of Acts says
11:02 that he burst open and the dogs came and ate him.
11:05 So how can you reconcile those two?
11:07 Ellen White explains it beautifully.
11:09 She says that Judas was a very heavy man,
11:11 he was very tall, very imposing.
11:14 And he hung himself on a limb over a cliff
11:17 and his body was so heavy that it broke the branch,
11:20 he fell a great distance to the ground,
11:22 he burst open and then the dogs came and ate him.
11:26 Very interesting.
11:28 He was physically more imposing than any of the other disciples.
11:31 She says "He was of commanding appearance,
11:34 a man of keen discernment and executive ability."
11:40 There's the wisdom.
11:41 "And they the disciples commended him to Jesus
11:46 as one who would greatly assist Him in his work.
11:50 They were surprised that Jesus received him so coolly."
11:57 In another statement that we find in the Bible Commentary
12:00 volume 5 page 1001 and 1002.
12:04 We find this description. "But Judas was a speculator."
12:09 He would have fit very well at Wall Street.
12:14 "He thought that he could manage the finances of the church,
12:18 and by his sharpness in business get gain.
12:25 He was divided in heart.
12:28 He loved the praise of the world.
12:32 He refused to give up the world for Christ.
12:35 He never committed his eternal interests to Christ.
12:40 He had a superficial religion,
12:44 and therefore he speculated upon his Master
12:47 and betrayed Him to the priests, being fully persuaded
12:51 that Christ would not allow Himself to be taken.
12:55 Judas was a religious fraud.
12:59 He held up a high standard for others,
13:01 but he himself utterly failed to reach the Bible standard.
13:05 He did not bring the religion of Christ into his life."
13:11 Keen business ability, intelligent, smart, sharp,
13:19 according to the description.
13:21 Very much in love with money
13:23 and very much a physically imposing figure.
13:28 Desire of Ages, page 717
13:30 we find a description of where his problem was.
13:35 "Judas was highly regarded by the disciples
13:40 and had great influence over them."
13:44 Now I want you to notice
13:46 and want to underline certain words.
13:48 "He himself had a high opinion
13:53 of his own qualifications."
13:56 Is that true of Lucifer? Oh, yes.
13:59 "And looked upon his brethren
14:02 as greatly inferior to him in judgment and ability.
14:08 They did not see their opportunities, he thought,
14:11 and take advantage of circumstances.
14:15 The church would never prosper
14:17 with such shortsighted men as leaders."
14:22 That is the disciples.
14:24 "Judas summed up all the disciples."
14:28 I'm synthesizing because Ellen White
14:29 even mention certain disciples by name
14:32 and what Judas thought about them.
14:35 "Judas summed up all the disciples,
14:36 and flattered himself that the church
14:40 would often be brought into perplexity
14:43 and embarrassment
14:44 if it were not for his ability as a manager.
14:50 Judas regarded himself as the capable one,
14:54 who could not be overreached.
14:57 In his own estimation he was an honor to the cause,
15:02 and as such he always represented himself."
15:08 Do you see where the problem is?
15:11 He had a high opinion of himself and his wisdom,
15:15 and his intelligence, and his stature,
15:20 and his position.
15:23 But he was attracted to Jesus.
15:25 In fact, did you know probably many of you do
15:29 that he actually offered his services to Jesus.
15:35 Notice Matthew 8:19-21.
15:38 Many people fail to realize that this is Judas.
15:42 It says there in Matthew 8:19-21.
15:47 "Then a certain scribe came and said to Him,
15:51 'Teacher, I will follow You wherever you go.'"
15:57 And Jesus said to him,
15:59 "Foxes have holes and birds of the air have nests,
16:05 but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay His head."
16:11 Did you know that that was Judas
16:13 that was offering his services to Jesus?
16:16 He was saying I will be one of your disciples.
16:18 I offer my services as one of your disciples.
16:24 Now why would Jesus say the birds of the air have nests
16:28 and the foxes have holes,
16:30 but the Son of Man has no place to lay his head.
16:33 Because He was telling Judas
16:34 if you're in this for the position
16:37 and for the money it's not gonna happen.
16:42 You're not gonna get fame
16:44 and you're not going to get riches
16:46 from your connection with me.
16:50 Desire of Ages, page 716, we find these words.
16:56 "He felt" now this is amazing,
16:58 "He felt a desire to be changed."
17:02 He wanted to be changed but partially.
17:07 "He felt a desire to be changed in character in life,
17:11 and he hoped to experience this
17:13 through connecting himself with Jesus.
17:17 The Savior did not repulse Judas.
17:20 He gave him a place among the twelve.
17:22 He trusted him to do the work of an evangelist.
17:26 He endowed him with power to heal the sick
17:28 and to cast out devils.
17:31 But Judas did not come to the point" now listen to this
17:34 "of surrendering himself fully to Christ.
17:39 He did not give up his worldly ambition."
17:43 That's position, that's powered by the way.
17:45 "His worldly ambition or his love for money.
17:50 While he accepted the position of a ministry of Christ,
17:54 he did not bring himself under the divine molding.
17:58 He felt that he could retain his own judgment and opinions,
18:02 and he cultivated a disposition to criticize and accuse."
18:10 Now as we study along you're gonna notice
18:11 that the character of Judas is the character of Satan
18:16 because the very same four things
18:18 which led to the fall of Lucifer in heaven
18:21 where the four things
18:22 which led to the fall a Judas Iscariot.
18:25 He was a small-scale copy of Satan.
18:29 And you can tell that Satan was working upon his heart.
18:32 And so Judas offers his services and Jesus says
18:35 "Okay, I will choose you,
18:39 I will include you among the twelve."
18:42 Now I want you to notice
18:44 what we find in the Gospel of Mark 3:13.
18:50 Here we have the calling of the twelve.
18:52 See, the offering of Judas to serve Jesus
18:56 and become one of the disciples happened before
18:59 and evidently the disciples continued insisting upon Jesus
19:03 saying, "this is a good asset for the church,
19:06 you need to include him among the twelve."
19:08 So Jesus says "Okay, I will choose him
19:10 and I will include him among the twelve."
19:13 It says there "And He went up on the mountain
19:16 and call to Him those He Himself wanted.
19:19 And they came to Him.
19:21 Then He appointed twelve,
19:23 that they might be with Him
19:25 and that He might send them out to preach
19:28 and to have power to heal sicknesses
19:30 and to cast out demons.
19:32 Simon, to whom He gave the name Peter,
19:35 James the son of Zebedee and John the brother of James,
19:39 to whom He gave the name Boanerges,
19:41 that is, 'Sons of Thunders.'
19:44 Andrew, Philip, Bartholomew, Matthew,
19:47 Thomas, James the son of Alpheus,
19:50 Thaddaeus, Simon the Cananite"
19:53 and now notice last on the list
19:57 and there's a special purpose for that.
20:00 "And Judas Iscariot, who also betrayed Him.
20:06 And they went into the house."
20:11 It's interesting to notice that
20:13 Judas then became part of the inner circle
20:18 of the followers of Jesus.
20:20 He was an insider, he wasn't an outside.
20:24 This is important, because in our next study
20:27 we're gonna talk about the antichrist.
20:30 The antichrist is not some blasphemous
20:32 individual from outside
20:34 the antichrist will be an insider.
20:36 We're gonna notice in our study.
20:38 Who will bear the characteristics of Satan
20:40 and particularly of Judas.
20:44 Ellen White says speaking about Judas
20:47 and his influence on the inner circle.
20:49 She says that "Judas manifested a continuous
20:53 secret and subtle and antagonism against Christ.
21:00 Education page 92.
21:02 You see if you seeing Judas on the surface
21:05 it would have look like he was supporting Jesus,
21:08 he was in favor of Jesus,
21:10 but when Jesus wasn't around,
21:12 and he was with the disciples in an underhanded way
21:15 he tried to undermine the work of Jesus in a secretive fashion.
21:22 Now let's go to the moment when Jesus fed the 5,000.
21:27 It's interesting what Jesus had to say
21:29 immediately after feeding the 5,000.
21:32 Go with me to John 6 and we'll read verse 64
21:35 and then we'll jump down to verse 70.
21:37 John 6:64 it says,
21:41 "But there are some of you who do not believe." Jesus says.
21:45 "For Jesus knew from the beginning,
21:48 who they were who did not believe,
21:50 and who would betray Him."
21:53 And then we jump down to verse 70.
21:55 "Jesus answered them,
21:58 Did I not choose you, the Twelve?"
22:01 And now notice this and one of you is a diabolos.
22:08 "One of you is a devil."
22:12 Did Jesus know what was in the heart of Judas
22:15 from the very start? Yes.
22:17 He spoke of Judas Iscariot the son of Simon
22:20 for it was he who would betray Him
22:23 being one of the twelve.
22:26 Now it's interested to know
22:27 what's the previous context of this.
22:29 Jesus had fed 5,000 and the people were impressed.
22:33 They said, well, this guy has to be the Messiah.
22:37 Nobody could feed 5,000 people
22:39 with five loaves and two fishes, its an impossibility.
22:44 And so Judas actually went among the people,
22:48 among the molted and he said,
22:50 wouldn't it be great if this man became King in Israel?
22:55 Just think what He could do to the Romans?
22:59 The army's wouldn't even have to carry provisions.
23:02 He could say abracadabra
23:05 and lo, behold enough food to feed everyone.
23:10 Do you know as a result according to John 6:15
23:14 the people tried to forcefully take Jesus and make Him king.
23:19 Did you know that Judas was behind a plot?
23:23 Because he wanted power, he wanted position,
23:28 he wanted a place of influence.
23:30 Notice Desire of Ages pages 718 and 719.
23:35 Here Ellen White caught the contest,
23:37 she knew that it was Judas
23:39 who would encouraged the people to place Jesus as king
23:42 that's why Jesus at the end calls,
23:44 he says one of you is the diabolos,
23:46 one of you is the devil or is a devil.
23:51 She says this "Judas was first
23:54 to take advantage of the enthusiasm
23:56 excited by the miracle of the loaves.
23:59 It was he who set on foot
24:03 the project to take Christ by force and make Him king.
24:09 His hopes were high.
24:12 And his disappointment was bitter."
24:17 You see Judas loved to be praised by the world.
24:19 Judas hated it when Jesus said
24:21 my kingdom is not of this world.
24:25 He hated it when Jesus said blessed are the peacemakers.
24:29 He hated it when Jesus spoke about loving your neighbor
24:33 and turning the other cheek,
24:35 because he says, you have to occupy a position of power.
24:39 This is not the kind of Messiah that I'm envisioning.
24:46 And in the Sanctified Life page 59
24:49 Ellen White describes his character.
24:51 She says "Judas possessed a form of godliness."
24:54 In fact you know Ellen White says
24:56 that if Judas had died on the way to Jerusalem
24:58 that last journey to Jerusalem
25:00 he would have gone down
25:01 as one of the greatest of the disciples.
25:04 Everybody would have thought that
25:06 he had been a tremendous asset to the twelve apostles
25:09 if he died on the way to Jerusalem
25:11 before his plot was unmasked.
25:13 You see, he was undercover.
25:15 Second Thessalonians 2 we're gonna notice
25:17 that the antichrist is also undercover,
25:19 but he's gonna be revealed at some point.
25:22 And he's gonna have the same characteristics as Judas.
25:27 She continues saying,
25:28 "Judas possessed the form of godliness,
25:30 while his character was more satanic than divine.
25:35 He professed to be a disciple of Christ,
25:38 but in words and in the works denied him."
25:44 And then we move forward to the moment
25:46 that the feet of Jesus were anointed by Mary.
25:52 It's found in John 12:1-8.
25:55 And we catch another glimpse of the problem the Judas had.
25:58 See, Judas had problems with his physical stature,
26:05 he had problems with the praise of the world
26:07 with a position of power,
26:10 he had problems with money with prestige and with riches.
26:17 Notice John 12:1-8.
26:19 "Then six days before the Passover,
26:21 Jesus came to Bethany,
26:23 where Lazarus was whom had been dead,
26:27 whom He had raised from the dead.
26:29 There they made Him a supper, and Martha served,
26:32 but Lazarus was one of those who sat at the table with Him.
26:36 Then Mary took a pound of very costly oil of spikenard,
26:40 anointed the feet of Jesus,
26:42 and wipes His feet with her hair.
26:45 And the house was filled with the fragrance of the oil.
26:50 Then one of His disciples, Judas Iscariot, Simon's son,
26:55 who would betray Him, said,
26:57 Why was this fragrant oil not sold
27:01 for three hundred denarii and given to the poor?'"
27:08 Now the gospel writer John provides some insight.
27:13 Notice verse 6. This he said.
27:17 "Not that he cared for the poor,
27:20 but because he was a thief, and had the money box,
27:24 and he used to take what was put in it."
27:28 In other words he used the money for his own personnel benefit.
27:36 He was an embezzler if you please.
27:40 "But Jesus said, 'Let her alone,
27:42 she has kept this for the day of My burial.
27:44 For the poor you have with you always,
27:47 but Me you did not have always."
27:50 Do you notice that Jesus never openly criticize Judas?
27:54 It would have been a disaster if Jesus had criticized Judas.
27:57 The disciples would not have been able to understand
28:00 exactly what was going on,
28:01 because to all appearances Judas appeared to be okay.
28:07 His principles needed to develop so that the disciples
28:10 could finally see the fruition of his life.
28:14 Is that also a true of Lucifer in heaven?
28:17 Absolutely.
28:21 Now we come to the moment of the events
28:23 that take place in the Upper Room.
28:27 In Luke 22:3,
28:30 we are told "Then Satan." Listen to this.
28:33 "Then Satan entered Judas, surnamed Iscariot,
28:40 who was numbered among the twelve."
28:43 Satan entered Judas.
28:47 Could we say that Judas was Satan's vice regent?
28:53 Could we say that Judas was Satan's right-hand man
28:58 to carry on the betrayal of Jesus?
29:00 Is it just possible at the end of time
29:02 the devil is gonna have an antichrist
29:06 who will serve as His right-hand man
29:09 not to betray Jesus,
29:11 but to betray the body of Jesus which is His church.
29:17 And it will be not some outside blasphemous atheist,
29:23 but it would be someone
29:25 from the inner circle of Christianity.
29:29 In fact, Ellen White says in Desire of Ages page 295.
29:32 "Judas became a representative of the enemy of Christ."
29:41 We continue noticing the problems
29:43 that Judas had with money.
29:45 In Matthew 26:14-16 we find the moment
29:51 when Judas signs the bill of sale.
29:53 And by the way it's interesting to notice
29:55 that Judas unites with the religious leaders.
29:59 You have a two-fold religious coalition
30:02 that is going to deliver Jesus
30:04 into the hands of the civil power.
30:07 That's important, because in Revelation
30:10 we're gonna notice that we have also
30:12 two religious powers, the beast and the false prophet
30:15 who join together to deliver God's remnant into the hands
30:19 of the civil powers of the world.
30:22 And so Judas becomes allied with the religious leaders
30:29 to deliver Jesus into their hands.
30:32 And by the way we'll just read the passage
30:34 and then we'll come back to a very important point.
30:36 It says than one of the twelve called Judas Iscariot
30:39 went to the chief priests and said
30:42 what are you willing to give me if I deliver Him to you?
30:46 And they counted out to him 30 pieces of silver,
30:50 so from that time he saw opportunity to betray Him.
30:53 Listen folks, that was in the mind of Judas
30:57 only the down payment for betraying Jesus.
31:01 Do you know what plan Judas really had?
31:04 He says, I will betray Him now
31:07 and I'll get the down payment 30 pieces of silver
31:10 and then what He will do is deliver Himself.
31:15 And when He delivers Himself He'll take the throne
31:19 and when He takes the throne He'll make me His vice regent
31:22 and then there will be a lot more
31:24 where this came from.
31:27 And you say how do we know that?
31:28 Well, it's very simple,
31:30 when he saw that his plan backfired,
31:32 when he saw that Jesus was gonna go to the cross
31:34 and He was gonna die what did he do?
31:36 He committed suicide.
31:38 It wasn't his plan for Jesus to be killed.
31:41 It was his plan for Jesus to deliver Himself,
31:43 become king and make Judas His vice regent.
31:46 Notice once again power and money are involved.
31:51 And then we go to the Last Supper,
31:54 we're moving chronologically through the life of Judas.
31:59 Matthew 26:20-25 Jesus is sitting at the table
32:03 in the Upper Room with the disciples.
32:06 It says there "When evening had come,
32:08 He sat down with the twelve.
32:11 Now as they were eating, He said,
32:14 Assuredly I say to you, one of you will betray Me.
32:19 And they were exceedingly sorrowful,
32:22 and each of them began to say to Him,
32:24 Lord, is it I? He answered and said,
32:29 'He who dipped his hand with Me
32:31 in the dish will betray Me.
32:34 The Son of Man indeed goes just as it is written of Him,
32:39 but woe to that man
32:41 by whom the Son of Man is betrayed!
32:43 It would have been good for that man
32:45 if he had not been born.'"
32:50 And now noticed the hypocrisy of Judas.
32:52 He still trying to hide his identity to the disciples.
32:59 Verse 25 "Then Judas, who was betraying Him,
33:02 answered and said, "Rabbi, is it I?"
33:09 He said to him, "You have said so.'"
33:15 In John 13:2
33:19 we find that it was the devil
33:20 who put this plan into the heart of Judas.
33:22 It says "And supper being ended, the devil having
33:25 already put it into the heart of Judas Iscariot,
33:28 Simon's son, to betray Him."
33:33 And then after they had supper
33:36 Jesus girded Himself
33:40 takes a towel and water
33:45 and now Jesus is going to wash the feet of the disciples.
33:51 Notice what we find in John 13:2-6,
33:55 John 13:2-6.
33:59 "And supper being ended, the devil having already put it
34:03 into the heart of Judas Iscariot,
34:05 Simon's son, to betray Him,
34:07 Jesus, knowing that the Father
34:09 had given all things into His hands,
34:11 and that He had come from God and was going to God,
34:15 rose from supper and laid aside His garments,
34:19 took a towel and girded Himself.
34:24 After that, He poured water into a basin
34:26 and began to wash the disciples' feet,
34:29 and to wipe them with the towel
34:31 with which He was girded."
34:35 Whose feet did Jesus wash first?
34:40 He washed the feet of Judas first
34:43 according to Desire of Ages.
34:47 Probably to read your statement
34:48 from Bible Commentary volume 5, pages 1138
34:52 very interesting remark.
34:55 Ellen White says "Christ gave His disciples to understand
34:59 that the washing of their feet did not cleanse away their sin,
35:03 but that the cleansing of their heart was tested
35:06 in this humble service."
35:08 Notice by washing the feet their hearts went cleansed,
35:11 but by them being willing to wash one another's feet
35:15 they were showing that their heart had been cleansed.
35:19 She continues saying,
35:21 "If the heart was cleansed this act was all
35:24 that was essential to reveal the fact.
35:28 He had washed the feet of Judas,
35:31 but he said, 'Ye are not all clean.'"
35:33 That shows that the water didn't cleanse the individual
35:36 because he washed the feet of Judas and Judas wasn't clean.
35:42 "He had washed the feet of Judas
35:43 but he said, "Ye are not al clean."
35:46 Judas brought a traitors heart to this scene,
35:49 and Christ reveal to all
35:52 that He knew him to be the betrayer of his Lord,
35:55 and that the washing of his feet
35:57 was not on ordinance to cleanse the soul
36:00 from its moral defilement."
36:01 In other words the washing of the feet
36:03 was a signal that the heart was clean.
36:07 The washing of the feet was not to clean the heart
36:09 but to show that the heart was clean.
36:13 And Judas according to this
36:14 had come with the traitor's heart.
36:18 You see, Jesus was trying to reach the heart of Judas
36:22 with His act of love,
36:24 this with, with His act of humility.
36:26 What it did was hearting the heart of Judas.
36:32 And it's not Jesus' fault that his heart was hardened
36:35 it was because of Judas's choices.
36:39 Notice what we find in Review and Herald June 14, 1898.
36:44 "If this service of his Master,
36:47 in humbling Himself to wash the feet of the worst sinner,
36:52 did not break his heart, what more could be done?
36:57 It was the last act of love
37:00 that Jesus could evidence in behalf of Judas.
37:04 Infinite love could not compel Judas to repent
37:08 confesses his sin and be saved.
37:11 Every opportunity was granted him.
37:14 Nothing was left undone that could be done
37:18 to save him from the snare of Satan."
37:22 And then there's this very significant passage
37:26 that we find in Desire of Ages page 645
37:30 where we discover but at first Judas was impressed positively
37:35 with what Jesus did but then he was disgusted.
37:40 You see, because this act
37:41 what king would wash the feet of his subjects.
37:45 What king in his right mind
37:47 who should be sitting on the throne
37:48 and having a subject serve Him
37:51 would actually bow and stoop
37:55 to wash the feet of his subjects.
37:56 That was disgusting.
37:59 Notice this statement,
38:01 "When the Savior's hands were bathing those soiled feet,
38:08 and wiping them with the towel,
38:11 the heart of Judas thrilled
38:15 through and through with the impulse
38:18 then and there to confess his sin."
38:22 Wow, did that happened to Lucifer heaven
38:26 where God call all the Angels before Him
38:30 and for a moment there Lucifer said,
38:32 I should confess my sin.
38:34 See this is repeating the story of Lucifer
38:37 because Judas is possessed by Lucifer.
38:41 That's why all these stories are similar.
38:43 Absalom you say.
38:44 Well, why is the story of Absalom similar to the story
38:47 of the rebellion of Lucifer in heaven
38:49 because Absalom is serving as and instrument of Satan.
38:55 And this how was the story being written in us?
38:58 Is Jesus tapping His character in us
39:02 or is Lucifer stamping his character in us?
39:05 Very important question.
39:08 She continues saying,
39:09 "But he would not humble himself."
39:14 So hard to humble yourself isn't it.
39:18 "He hardened his heart against repentance
39:21 and the old impulses, for the moment put aside,"
39:24 almost identical to the terms about Lucifer
39:26 when he was in heaven.
39:27 For a moment he felt like confessing
39:30 and then all of those selfish feelings
39:33 rushed back into his heart
39:36 "and the old impulses for the moment put aside,
39:39 again controlled him.
39:40 Judas was now offended."
39:42 See he was not melted so now he's offended.
39:46 "Was now offended at Christ act
39:48 in the washing the feet of the disciples,
39:51 of his disciples.
39:52 If Jesus could so humble Himself,
39:55 he thought, He could not be Israel's King.
39:59 All hope of worldly honor
40:02 in a temporal kingdom was destroyed."
40:09 What did he want?
40:10 Worldly honor, temple kingdom,
40:14 position of power, money, influence.
40:21 She continues saying "Judas was satisfied
40:23 that there was nothing to be gained by following Christ."
40:28 Sounds like many Christians today
40:30 we're into the prosperity gospel.
40:33 Serve Jesus and you get rich.
40:37 Oh, there's nothing wrong with having lots of money
40:41 and multiple houses and lots of money in the bank
40:44 and lots of toys to play with and lots of automobile.
40:47 There's nothing wrong with that
40:48 God wants you to be rich and prosperous.
40:50 And meanwhile the work of God languishes
40:53 the church budget likes behind.
40:56 I had to get that in.
41:02 After, notice this, "After seeing him degrade himself,"
41:06 after Judas saw Jesus degrade himself
41:08 and he's in his mind "as he thought,
41:12 he was confirmed in his purpose to disown Him,
41:16 and confessed himself deceived.
41:20 He was possessed" notice this,
41:22 "He was possessed by a demon."
41:26 Ellen White calls it the demand of selfishness.
41:30 "And he resolved to complete the work
41:33 he had agreed to do in betraying his Lord."
41:39 And then you have a closing events in the Upper Room.
41:43 Notice John 13:26-30.
41:48 Jesus answered, "it is he"
41:51 because all of them are asking is it I?
41:54 "It is he to whom I shall give a piece of bread
41:58 when I have dipped it and having dipped the bread
42:02 he gave it to Judas Iscariot,"
42:07 I wish I had time to talk about the name Iscariot.
42:10 Very interesting. "The son of Simon.
42:14 Now after the piece of bread"
42:16 notice this, "Satan entered him."
42:20 When he says is it I? Satan enters him.
42:24 In other words, he becomes a vice regent of saint,
42:26 he becomes the instrument of Satan,
42:27 he becomes possessed by Satan.
42:31 "Then Jesus said to him, 'What you do, do quickly.'"
42:36 Now notice this, "But no one at the table
42:39 knew for what reason He said this to him."
42:41 The disciples were deceived even to the moment
42:43 that Judas got up and left the table.
42:47 How many Christians are gonna be deceived
42:49 till the very end by the end time antichrist?
42:52 Most.
42:55 They actually thought that Jesus was sending Judas on an errand.
43:01 It continues saying, verse 29,
43:04 "For some thought, because Judas had the money box,
43:07 that Jesus had said to him,
43:09 'Buy those things we need for the feast,'
43:12 or that he should give something to the poor.
43:16 Having received the piece of bread,
43:18 he then went out immediately.
43:20 And it was night."
43:22 Allow me to read a statement from the Sprit of Prophecy
43:24 on that comment it was night.
43:27 Desire of Ages 654 and 655,
43:30 the Lord's servant says this, "Night it was to the traitor
43:36 as he turned away from Christ into the outer darkness.
43:40 Until this step was taken
43:42 that is when he left the Upper Room,
43:44 Judas have not passed beyond the possibility of repentance.
43:49 But when he left the presence of his Lord
43:51 and his fellow disciples,
43:53 the final decision had been made.
43:56 He had passed the boundary line."
43:59 In other words she had committed the unpardonable sin.
44:04 Pride, over his physical stature his keen intelligence
44:10 and ability pride over the desire for position and power
44:15 enriches over around him
44:18 and he became the dominating force in his life.
44:22 Interestingly enough in John 17: 12,
44:27 Judas is given a unique name.
44:37 and we'll come back to this, this is on our next subject
44:39 we're gonna talk about another son of perdition,
44:43 the end time son of perdition.
44:46 Here Jesus says, "While I was with them in the world,"
44:50 He is praying to His Father "I kept them in Your name.
44:55 Those whom You gave Me I have kept
44:58 and none of them is lost" except whom?
45:03 "Except the son of perdition,
45:06 that the Scripture" might be what?
45:09 "That the Scripture might be fulfilled."
45:13 What is the name that is given to Judas?
45:15 The son of perdition.
45:20 By the way did Jesus, did Judas know
45:22 where to find Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane?
45:26 Yes.
45:27 In fact, Judas was the one who led the guard
45:32 of the high priest to Jesus in the garden.
45:35 So is this on insider who is betraying his Lord?
45:40 Yes, it's no atheistic blasphemous outsider
45:44 who is betraying Jesus,
45:46 it is one who belongs to the inner circle.
45:49 Jesus is being betrayed from within.
45:54 How did Judas betray Jesus?
45:57 Even to the way in which he betrayed Jesus
46:00 he's professing loyalty to Christ.
46:05 Notice Matthew 26:47,
46:09 "And while he was still speaking,"
46:10 that is Jesus "behold, Judas, one of the twelve,
46:13 with a great multitude with sergeant clubs,
46:15 came from the chief priests and elders of the people.
46:19 Now His betrayer had given them a sign saying,
46:21 Whomever I kiss, He is the one, seize Him.
46:25 Immediately he went up to Jesus and said,
46:28 "Greetings, Rabbi!" and kissed Him."
46:34 Is it just possible that the end time
46:36 antichrist will deliver the body of Christ
46:41 so to speak with a kiss?
46:45 No doubt whatsoever about it folks,
46:48 this story is going to be repeated
46:51 and the awesome sad thing is that everyone
46:55 who has the same spirit of Judas will end up in that camp,
47:01 in the camp of the antichrist.
47:04 Unless these sins are expelled from the life
47:07 through the power of Jesus, through the power of spirit
47:10 we will end up in that system
47:12 which is called the son of perdition
47:14 the end time antichrist system
47:18 and we will end up not betraying possibly Jesus
47:21 because those who will live in the end time
47:24 will be a Christian system
47:27 but they will betray the body of Jesus the church.
47:34 And then of course we have the repentance of Judas,
47:37 crocodile tears.
47:40 He was sad at the consequences of what he had done,
47:44 his plan had back fired.
47:45 He wasn't sorry that he delivered the Son of Man.
47:49 He was sorry that his plan hadn't worked.
47:51 He was sorry of the results of sin not the sin itself.
47:56 And notice Matthew 27:3-6,
47:58 how this tragic story ends.
48:00 By the way do you remember how the life of Saul ended?
48:04 There's a striking similar to between
48:06 the life a Judas and the life of Saul.
48:09 Because Saul was also possessed by a demon
48:12 at the end of his life,
48:14 because Saul had the same qualities
48:17 that Lucifer had in heaven the same qualities of Absalom,
48:21 the same qualities of Judas the same qualities
48:25 as the end time son of perdition.
48:28 If we know how the devil worked in these preliminary cases
48:31 we will know how to flee from the antichrist
48:35 who is here now who will soon be manifested as the antichrist.
48:38 Notice Matthew 27:3, "Then Judas, His betrayer,
48:43 seeing that He had been condemned,
48:45 was remorseful and brought back the thirty pieces of silver
48:50 to the chief priests and elders, saying,
48:52 'I have sinned by betraying innocent blood.'
48:56 And they said "What is that to us.
48:58 You will see to it!"
49:00 Then he threw down
49:02 the pieces of silver in the temple and departed,
49:05 and went and he what?
49:09 "And he hanged himself."
49:12 Did Saul commit suicide? He most certainly did.
49:18 Notice the comment on this in Desire of Ages 721 and 722.
49:24 "As the trial drew to a close"
49:27 trial of Jesus, "Judas could endure
49:30 the torture of his guilty conscience no longer.
49:34 Suddenly a hoarse voice rang through the hall
49:38 sending a thrill of terror to all hearts,
49:43 He is innocent; spare Him O Caiaphas!
49:48 The tall form of Judas was now seen
49:51 pressing through the startled throng.
49:54 His face was pale and haggard
49:57 and great drops of sweat stood on his forehead."
50:01 Ellen White saw this in vision.
50:06 "Rushing to the throne of judgment,
50:08 he threw down before the high priest
50:10 the pieces of silver
50:12 that had been the price of the Lord's betrayal."
50:14 By the way at the end of time
50:15 our people gonna take their silver and their gold
50:17 and throw them on the streets
50:18 when they realize that they are lost.
50:20 Ezekiel 7:19 says,
50:22 "Their silver and their gold will not be able to save them
50:25 in the day of the Lord's wrath.
50:27 They will throw their silver and gold into the streets."
50:31 Revelation 18 describes it as "Babylon crying out
50:34 because all of the merchants of the earth
50:36 can no longer make themselves rich through this system."
50:43 "Eagerly grasping the robe of Caiaphas,
50:45 he implored him to release Jesus,
50:48 declaring that He had done nothing worthy of death."
50:54 And then interestingly enough
50:57 and I'm not gonna read the passage
50:58 it's a rather long passage
51:00 you can read it in Acts 1:16-26.
51:05 An election takes place in the Upper Room
51:07 before the day of Pentecost.
51:10 The successor of Judas.
51:13 Have you ever read in Scripture where it says
51:15 there were suppose to be a carefulness
51:17 anyone takes our crown.
51:20 Have you read that that verse?
51:23 Here we have the case
51:25 someone else is taking Judas's crown, its Matthias.
51:31 In fact what Judas did was a fulfillment of Psalm 109
51:37 where it says in that Psalm
51:39 that another would take his office
51:43 and that's exactly what happened,
51:45 another took his office.
51:51 Do you know who was sitting on the left side of Jesus
51:55 at the last supper? Judas.
52:00 Do you know who was sitting on the right side of Jesus?
52:04 John. Interesting.
52:08 John was reclining upon Jesus
52:10 and Judas was on the left hand side
52:12 trying to press close.
52:13 Desire of Ages tells us
52:14 that if there was gonna be a first place in the kingdom
52:17 Judas wanted to be real near Jesus,
52:20 'cause he wanted that position.
52:22 Do you know that these two disciples
52:24 describe two kinds of people that exist in the world
52:27 today and will exist till the very end of time?
52:30 Did John have serious defects of character?
52:34 He was called a son of thunder.
52:39 He has serious defects in his character,
52:42 some of them probably even worst than the defects that Judas had.
52:47 But John allowed the influence of the Holy Spirit
52:49 to impact his life and transform his character.
52:53 Where as Judas harden his heart
52:55 and he did not allow Jesus to influence
52:57 and mold and change his selfish heart.
53:02 The Sanctified Life page 60
53:04 we find these words speaking about John and Judas.
53:10 "Those two disciples
53:13 represent the Christian world."
53:18 Did you catch that?
53:20 Say, oh, no Judas is all of the unbelievers.
53:24 And John represents the believers.
53:29 It's like Cain and Abel
53:31 two different kinds of worshipers,
53:35 two different kinds of religious people,
53:39 two different kinds of individuals
53:40 who claim to serve God.
53:43 We could go into the story of Cain and Abel
53:44 to illustrate the same story that we find here.
53:51 "These two disciples represent the Christian world.
53:56 All profess to be Christ's followers,
54:00 but while one class walk in humility and meekness,
54:06 learning of Jesus, the other show
54:10 that they are not doers of the word, but hearers only.
54:15 One class are sanctified through the truth,
54:20 the other know nothing
54:21 of the transforming power of divine grace.
54:25 The former are daily dying to self,
54:30 and are overcoming sin.
54:34 The latter are indulging their own lusts,
54:37 and becoming the servants of Satan."
54:44 One last quotation before making some concluding remarks.
54:48 Desire of Ages, 716 Ellen White speaks
54:53 about the reason for the demise of Judas.
54:56 She says, "Judas had naturally a strong love for money,
55:03 but he had not always been corrupt enough
55:06 to do such a deed as this."
55:09 That is of selling Jesus.
55:11 "He had fostered the evil spirit of avarice"
55:18 That's an extreme type of covetousness
55:21 is the way I like to describe it.
55:25 "Until" notice this,
55:27 "He had fostered the evil spirit of avarice
55:30 until it had become the ruling motive of his life.
55:35 The love of mammon
55:38 overbalanced his love for Christ.
55:42 Through becoming the slave"
55:45 listen to this "Through becoming the slave of one vice
55:51 he gave himself to Satan,
55:54 to be driven to any lengths in sin."
56:02 How do we handle beauty? Physical attraction?
56:07 The way we deal with the issue of jewelry,
56:09 people get all bent out of shape,
56:12 because jewelry is spoken up.
56:14 Well, why do you use it? To bring glory to Jesus, right.
56:23 Could that be a pitfall?
56:26 A physical appearance, it's a moral issue.
56:30 Other thirsts for position and power
56:33 especially when nominating committee comes.
56:38 Others are in love with money
56:41 while the work of God languishes in need.
56:46 Others are proud of their intellectual pursuits
56:50 and their intelligence and their degrees,
56:54 that how many PhDs after their name.
56:59 There is no one greater in the kingdom of God
57:04 than those who take these assets
57:08 and place them on the altar of sacrifice.
57:12 Were they dedicated to God service
57:16 instead of being dedicated to self service?
57:20 May God give us that spirit is my prayer.


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