Great Apostasies of the Bible

The Overmastering Delusion

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01:12 Our Father and our God,
01:16 we're thankful for the privilege of being Your children.
01:20 We're thankful because we are able to belong
01:22 to Your family on earth.
01:26 A family that is preparing for the glorious
01:29 and marvelous second coming of Jesus.
01:32 And Father, as we study in our subject today
01:37 about the Overmastering Delusion that is gonna take place
01:42 just before the coming of Jesus.
01:45 We ask for wisdom from on high,
01:48 we ask for the presence of the Holy Spirit.
01:51 We thank you Father, for the promise
01:53 that You will answer our prayer when we come in faith.
01:57 And so we ask and that You will answer us
01:59 because we ask it in the precious name
02:01 of Jesus Your Son, amen.
02:07 I'd like us to transport ourselves in our minds
02:11 to the time immediately before the first coming of Jesus.
02:18 Now we all know that when Jesus came
02:22 the Jewish nation was expecting the Messiah to come.
02:30 In fact they all claimed to be followers of the Messiah
02:36 and they believed that they understood the prophecies
02:40 which announce the coming of the Messiah
02:44 and prophecies there were many.
02:47 They were prophecies about the fact
02:49 that there would be a forerunner to the Messiah
02:52 who'd preach to prepare Israel for His coming.
02:55 And of course, they knew about
02:58 the ministry of John the Baptist.
03:01 And actually there was a lot of excitement among the Jews
03:04 because John the Baptist appeared to be Elijah
03:08 the precursor, the one who would prepare the way for the Messiah.
03:13 Of course, they knew that
03:15 the Messiah would be born in Bethlehem.
03:18 By the 70 weeks, they knew
03:19 that at some point the Messiah would be anointed.
03:24 They also knew by Isaiah 53,
03:27 that the Messiah at some point would be cut off.
03:30 In other words He was to die as a lamb
03:33 taken to the slaughter and not opening up His mouth.
03:38 They also knew that lots were gonna be cast over His garments.
03:43 They knew as well that on the cross
03:45 He was going to say I thirst
03:48 and "Into your hands I commit My spirit"
03:51 and "My God, My God, why hast Thou forsaken Me?"
03:54 All of these things were prophesied
03:57 in the Old Testament messianic prophecies.
04:02 And yet in spite of the fact that they professed
04:04 to believe in the Messiah,
04:06 they professed to be expecting and waiting for the Messiah.
04:11 When Messiah showed up they did not receive Him
04:17 in spite of all of these prophecies.
04:20 And so the question surfaces
04:22 why did those who were expecting the Messiah
04:27 not receive Him when He came?
04:31 I believe the answer is very simple
04:33 and you can find it clearly revealed in the gospels.
04:38 And that is that even though they had messianic prophecies
04:42 they actually gave a wrong interpretation
04:45 to those prophecies.
04:48 They actually interpreted the prophecies according
04:51 to the selfish desires of their hearts.
04:54 They did not want the mysterious spiritual
04:57 transforming kingdom that Jesus was going to bring.
05:01 Actually, they wanted an earthly theocracy.
05:05 They wanted a Messiah
05:07 who would be a military commander,
05:09 who would bring order in society by the force of arms,
05:15 destroy the hated Romans, the secular humanists
05:19 if you please of that day and age.
05:22 And to set the Jewish nation
05:26 high above all of the other nations of the world
05:30 with Messiah sitting on a temporal throne.
05:35 You see the problem with the Jews of Christ day
05:38 is that they were expecting the wrong type of Messiah.
05:44 And this is revealed very clearly
05:47 towards the end of the life of Jesus
05:49 when Pilate brought out Jesus and Barabbas
05:52 and he put Jesus and Barabbas side by side.
05:57 And he said to those who were gathered there,
05:59 the Jewish leaders and many among the Jews
06:02 who had come there at the period of the Passover,
06:06 whom do you want me to release?
06:09 Whom do you want as Messiah?
06:13 Would you like Jesus who is called the Christ
06:17 or would you want Barabbas?
06:20 And by the way most likely Barabbas was also called Jesus.
06:25 Barabbas.
06:27 So, who do you want Jesus the Christ
06:29 or do you want Jesus Barabbas?
06:31 Which kind of Messiah do you want?
06:36 And of course, we all know the response they made.
06:42 They said release unto us Barabbas.
06:45 This is the kind of Messiah that we want.
06:48 And lead Jesus the Christ to be crucified.
06:54 Now it's important to realize who Barabbas was.
06:58 Notice Luke 23:19.
07:03 Here we find what type of deliverer
07:09 Barabbas envisioned himself to be.
07:12 It says there in Luke 23:19, speaking about Barabbas,
07:17 "Who for a certain sedition made in the city,
07:24 and for murder, was cast into prison."
07:28 In other words Barabbas was a seditionist.
07:33 He was intent on overthrowing the Roman government.
07:38 He was the type of Messiah that the Jews
07:41 were actually expecting and the Jews wanted.
07:45 It's interesting to notice the comment
07:48 that Ellen White makes about Barabbas.
07:50 She has some profound insight into the character of this man,
07:53 his aspirations and the methods which he wished to use.
07:58 Desire of Ages page 733 says this,
08:04 "This man" that is Barabbas "had claimed to be the Messiah.
08:12 He claimed authority to establish
08:16 a different order of things, to set the world right.
08:23 Under satanic delusion" I want you to remember that,
08:27 "under satanic delusion he claimed
08:32 that whatever he could obtain
08:34 by theft and robbery was his own.
08:39 He had done wonderful things through satanic agencies,"
08:44 gives the impression that he had done miraculous works.
08:49 Once again "He had done wonderful things
08:51 through satanic agencies, he had gained a following
08:57 among the people and had excited sedition
09:03 against the Roman government.
09:07 Under cover of religious enthusiasm he was a hardened
09:12 and desperate villain, bent on rebellion and cruelty."
09:19 And so Pilate presented
09:22 the two potential Messiah's before the people.
09:27 Jesus the holy, blameless, innocent one
09:32 who came to bring the spiritual kingdom of Jesus
09:35 in the heart and Barabbas the other so called messiah
09:42 who wanted to establish the kingdom
09:45 by force from outside.
09:48 In other words a spiritual kingdom
09:51 versus a temporal political kingdom.
09:58 Now Jesus had taught all through out His ministry
10:01 that before the literal kingdom could be inherited
10:06 it was necessary to have Christ's
10:08 spiritual kingdom implanted in the heart.
10:13 In other words the preparation for ruling
10:15 in Christ's glorious kingdom was found in living
10:19 the message of the beatitudes.
10:22 Blessed are the peacemakers,
10:25 blessed are the pure in heart et cetera, et cetera.
10:29 In other words, the heart had to be transformed
10:32 in order to prepare the individual
10:34 to participate in the glorious kingdom.
10:39 But what the people of that they wanted,
10:41 they wanted the glorious kingdom
10:43 without the preparatory work
10:46 of the Holy Spirit in the hearts.
10:48 They wanted a kingdom imposed from outside
10:52 not a kingdom implanted upon the heart.
10:56 Notice what Jesus said in Luke 17:20-25.
11:01 Luke 17: 20-25.
11:05 It says here, "Now when He was asked by the Pharisees
11:10 when the kingdom of God would come,
11:13 He answered them and said,"
11:16 now notice because when the Pharisees
11:18 actually wanted to know when the kingdom would come
11:21 they had a certain idea about the kingdom.
11:24 They had the idea of the kingdom of Barabbas.
11:27 Someone who would arise, rally the troops
11:31 and from outside defeat the Romans
11:33 and establish an earthly temporal kingdom
11:35 with Messiah reigning on the throne in Jerusalem.
11:39 But notice what Jesus says,
11:42 "Now when He was asked by the Pharisees
11:43 when the kingdom of God would come,
11:46 He answered them and said,
11:48 'The kingdom of God does not come with observation,'"
11:53 that's an old English word.
11:54 Basically what it means with external show
11:57 of power and force.
12:03 In other words, "The kingdom of God
12:04 does not come with observation, nor," notice,
12:10 "nor will they say, 'See here' or 'See there!'
12:15 For indeed the kingdom of God" is where?
12:20 "The kingdom of our God is within you."
12:25 And then I want you to notice the passage
12:27 that continues in verse 22,
12:29 "Then He said to the disciples,
12:32 'The days will come when you will desire
12:34 to see one of the days of the Son of Man,
12:37 and you will not see it.
12:41 And they will say to you," now here is the critical point.
12:44 Jesus says the kingdom has to be in you.
12:47 But now notice what we find in verse 23
12:49 "And they will say to you 'Look here!' or 'Look there!'
12:55 Do not go after them or follow them.
12:59 For as the lightning that flashes out of one part
13:02 under heaven shines to the other part of heaven,
13:06 so also the Son of Man will be in His day."
13:11 Do you notice here that first of all
13:12 you have the kingdom planted in the heart
13:15 and then later when Jesus comes
13:17 you have the glorious kingdom.
13:20 But the Jews have Christ day failed to understand this.
13:25 And therefore they rejected the Messiah.
13:28 And what happened that in the year 70
13:32 because of the rejection of the spiritual Messiah
13:35 with his spiritual kingdom Jerusalem was destroyed,
13:42 the temple was destroyed.
13:45 And the Jews were scattered
13:47 to all of the four corners of the earth.
13:52 Now this destruction of Jerusalem
13:54 is really a type or a symbol
13:57 of what is gonna happen at the end of time.
13:59 If you read Matthew Chapter 24, the disciples asked
14:03 Jesus two questions, when will these things be,
14:07 when will the destruction of Jerusalem be
14:09 and what sign will there be of Your coming
14:12 and of the end of the world?
14:15 So what happened in relationship
14:16 to the Jewish nation is going to take place again
14:21 but it's going to be on a global worldwide scale.
14:27 So let's take a look now that we've studied
14:30 what happened with the Jewish nation.
14:32 Let's take a look at what scripture says
14:36 about the reaction of the Christian world
14:42 to the coming of the Messiah at His second coming.
14:46 Go with me to 2 Thessalonians Chapter 2
14:50 and we're gonna read verses 1 through 8 first of all.
14:53 And I'm not gonna dwell a lot upon these verses
14:57 because I've studied them before with the church.
15:00 I want to deal particularly with verses 9 to 13
15:04 but in order to understand verses 9 through 13
15:07 we need to say a few things about verses 1 through 8
15:11 and as I'm reading along I'm going to interject
15:14 some thoughts to refresh our memory
15:16 about the meaning of these verses.
15:20 Here the Apostle Paul says 2 Thessalonians 2:1,
15:25 "Now, brethren, concerning the coming"
15:30 that word for coming there is very important
15:33 it's the Greek word "Parousia,"
15:36 I want you to remember that.
15:37 The Greek word "Parousia"
15:39 describes the second coming of Jesus.
15:41 "Now, brethren, concerning the coming or Parousia
15:45 of our Lord Jesus Christ and our gathering together
15:49 to Him, we ask you,
15:52 not to be soon shaken in mind or troubled,
15:56 wither by spirit or by word or by letter,
16:01 as if from us, as though the day of Christ had come."
16:07 In other words, the Apostle Paul is saying folks,
16:09 don't let anybody convince you
16:11 that the day of Christ has already come.
16:14 Don't let anybody convince you
16:16 that the parousia has come
16:18 or even that the parousia
16:20 or the coming of Jesus is imminent.
16:24 Now notice verse 3,
16:26 "Let no one deceive you
16:31 by any means, for that Day,"
16:35 that is the day of the parousia they of the coming of Jesus
16:39 also called the day of Christ here "for that Day"
16:43 the day of the coming of Christ
16:45 "will not come unless
16:48 the falling away comes first."
16:54 Now that expression falling away
16:58 in the original language is the Greek word "Apostasia."
17:04 In English it's "Apostasy."
17:10 So first you have the apostasy and then after the apostasy
17:15 you have the parousia or the glorious coming of Jesus.
17:22 It continues saying, "for that Day will not come
17:25 unless the apostasy comes first."
17:29 And now notice what is connected with that apostasy?
17:33 "And the man of sin is revealed."
17:36 Let me ask you what is sin?
17:40 As good Adventist you know the answer to that.
17:42 First John 3:4.
17:45 It says very clearly there
17:47 that sin is the transgression of the law.
17:51 So is this man of sin going to encourage people
17:55 to break God's holy law? Absolutely.
17:59 And so it says, until the man of sin is revealed.
18:03 Must he have been concealed before that? Obviously.
18:07 And now notice what he is called the son of perdition.
18:14 In our last subject together
18:15 we studied about the son of perdition.
18:18 Who was that son of perdition? Judas Iscariot.
18:23 Of course, Judas Iscariot was an open apostate.
18:26 He blasphemed Jesus.
18:29 He was an atheist, right? No.
18:33 Was Judas part of the inter circle?
18:36 No, certainly.
18:38 Did he have the disciples deceived even till
18:40 when Jesus sent him out from the upper room? Absolutely.
18:46 Did he actually claim to be following the Messiah?
18:51 He even betrayed Jesus, how?
18:54 With a kiss.
18:56 In other words, this antichrist so called
18:59 is not gonna be some blasphemous individual
19:03 who is going to defy openly Jesus
19:06 but he's gonna be like Judas.
19:09 He's got to claim to be a follower of Jesus,
19:12 claiming to support Jesus but in an underhanded way
19:16 he is going to betray the cause of Jesus.
19:22 And so it says, here the son of perdition
19:25 who opposes and exalts "himself above all that is called God
19:33 or that is worshipped, so that he sits
19:36 as God in the temple of God
19:40 showing himself that he is God."
19:46 Now notice here that he's gonna sit in the temple of God.
19:49 This has led many protestant Christians to say
19:53 that the Jerusalem temple is gonna be rebuilt.
19:56 And this son of perdition is going to sit
20:00 in a rebuilt Jerusalem temple in the Middle East.
20:04 And he's gonna claim to be God.
20:07 And most of the world is gonna come
20:08 and is gonna worship him as God there in the Jerusalem temple.
20:13 But the simple fact is folks, that the Apostle Paul
20:17 uses that expression temple of God
20:20 many other times in his writings.
20:22 First Corinthians 3:16, 17, Ephesians 2:20-22,
20:26 1 Corinthians 6:19, 20 among other texts
20:30 and every single time that the Apostle Paul
20:33 uses the expression temple of God
20:35 he is referring to the Church,
20:39 he is referring to the Ephesians church,
20:41 he is referring to the Corinthian church,
20:43 in other word the temple of God
20:45 is not some rebuilt Jewish temple,
20:48 the temple of God spiritually speaking is the church,
20:51 built upon the foundation, spiritual foundations
20:54 of the apostles and the prophets a spiritual chief corner stone
20:58 Jesus Christ and spiritual stones
21:01 according to 1 Peter Chapter 2
21:02 being built on the foundation and on the corner stone.
21:07 In other words, this antichrist is not gonna sit
21:10 in a rebuilt Jerusalem temple,
21:12 he is going to sit within the Christian church.
21:17 Of course, that's where you would
21:18 expect him to sit if he's gonna be like Judas.
21:20 He's gonna be right near Christ.
21:23 He's gonna be right near Christianity, in other words.
21:26 And then the Apostle Paul says in verse 5,
21:29 "Do you not remember that when I was still with you,
21:32 I told you these things
21:36 and now you know what is restraining."
21:40 So, there was something that was restraining
21:42 this man of sin, the son of perdition,
21:45 this individual who's gonna sit in the church
21:47 something was retraining him from manifesting himself.
21:50 The question is what was it that was restraining him?
21:54 According to all of the early church fathers
21:57 that I have read they understood
22:00 because they were living during this period.
22:03 They understood the restrainer to be the Roman Empire.
22:08 Particularly the civil power,
22:11 the secular ruling power of that day and age.
22:14 In other words, secular Rome or the Empire of Rome
22:18 had to be removed as a ruling power
22:21 so that this power could manifest itself.
22:25 And of course we know that in the course of time
22:28 according to Revelation 13:2
22:30 that the Empire of Rome gave his seat,
22:34 his power and his authority to the beast
22:38 who is the same as the man of sin.
22:41 In other words, the Roman Empire as the ruling entity
22:45 was taken away and in its place sat a system
22:51 which still exist today known as a Roman Catholic Papacy.
22:59 So the Apostle Paul says,
23:01 "And now you know what is restraining,
23:05 that he may be revealed in his own time."
23:07 Of course, that time is the prophecy
23:10 of the 1260 years.
23:12 God said that He would reign time,
23:14 times and dividing of time.
23:15 In other words, He was supposed to arise at a certain time.
23:20 But then the Apostle Paul in verse 7 says,
23:22 "For the mystery of lawlessness,"
23:25 knows against the emphasis
23:26 that this is gonna be a lawless system,
23:29 "For the mystery of lawlessness is already at work."
23:33 See even in Paul's day this spirit of antichrist,
23:37 the spirit of lawlessness was wanting to manifest itself.
23:42 And then Paul repeats
23:44 "only He who now restraints will do so until
23:49 He is taken out of the way."
23:53 So we find here in a nutshell
23:58 what the Apostle Paul has to say about the concealment
24:02 and the revealing of the antichrist.
24:06 But as I was mentioning the particular verses
24:08 that I'm interested in are verse 8 through 12.
24:14 So let's go to verses 8 through 12.
24:17 What's gonna happen, when this system is fully revealed
24:22 and when its leader is fully revealed?
24:26 Notice, "and then," that is when the restraining power
24:32 is taken away and may be I need to make a note of explanation.
24:35 The restraining power was taken away
24:38 when the Roman Empire stepped out of the way
24:41 and the Roman Catholic Papacy ruled.
24:44 However, in 1798 the civil power took over again
24:49 because it gave the papacy a deadly wound.
24:53 And so for 200 years according to even Malachi Martin
24:56 who was a Jesuit before he died.
25:00 During these 200 years the civil powers of the world
25:04 have ruled but scripture says
25:06 that the deadly wound is gonna be what? Healed.
25:09 In other words, the civil power is gonna step aside
25:12 and is going to give ruler-ship to the same system
25:14 which exercise ruler-ship during the 1260 years.
25:18 So this prophecy not only carries us to 1798,
25:21 this prophecy carries us to the very end of time
25:24 when the civil powers of the world
25:26 which have stepped back
25:28 and said we're not gonna support this system
25:31 or eventually going to support this system.
25:34 In other words, they are gonna allow this system to rule
25:38 and that's what this period is speaking about.
25:40 And so it says, and then the lawless one will be revealed.
25:45 That word revealed is the Greek word "apocalypsis."
25:50 Its one of the three key words that I use to describe
25:53 the second coming of Jesus.
25:55 There's actually three key words one is the word "parousia"
25:59 the second word is "epiphania" and this word "apocolypsis."
26:06 All three words describe the second coming of Jesus.
26:10 So let me ask you is the lawless one going to have
26:15 a second coming before Jesus has His second coming?
26:18 Sure, it's indicated by the word.
26:21 "And then the lawless one will be revealed,
26:26 whom the Lord will consume with the breath of His mouth
26:30 and destroy with the brightness of His" parousia.
26:37 Do you see that there's two coming here.
26:39 One is the coming of the lawless one
26:43 the apocalypse of the lawless one if you please.
26:47 And he's gonna be revealed and then Jesus is gonna destroy him
26:51 with the brightness of his parousia or his coming.
26:56 In other words, we have two comings here
26:59 we have the coming of the lawless one the antichrist
27:01 and we also have the coming or the parousia of Christ.
27:04 Now you're saying, yeah but the word apocalypse
27:06 is used not the word parousia
27:08 to describe this counterfeit second coming.
27:10 Well, the fact is if you go with me to verse 9
27:13 you gonna notice that the word parousia
27:15 is also used to describe the coming
27:17 of the counterfeit lawless one.
27:20 It says there in verse 9 the coming parousia,
27:28 "The coming of the lawless one
27:31 is according to the working of Satan."
27:36 So, is Satan gonna have his parousia?
27:41 Is he gonna have his apocalypse or his revelation?
27:45 Yes, both words are used.
27:47 He will be revealed, he will have his apocalypse
27:50 and the lawless one will have his parousia.
27:53 The lawless one will have in other words, his coming.
27:58 Is that coming gonna take place before the coming of Jesus?
28:01 It must be, because at the coming of Jesus he's destroyed
28:04 so he can't have his parousia after he's destroyed.
28:08 So, it must be that he's going to have a coming,
28:10 a counterfeit coming before the glorious coming of Jesus.
28:16 Now go with me to Acts 2:22.
28:21 Acts 2: 22, very interesting verse.
28:29 You'll notice here in 2 Thessalonians 2
28:36 that it speaks about this lawless one,
28:39 the coming of the lawless one is according
28:41 to the working of Satan and now notice
28:43 "with all power, signs" and what?
28:48 "And lying wonders."
28:52 Now do you know that there's only one other verse
28:55 in the whole Bible that uses this combination of three words?
28:58 The three words power, signs and wonders?
29:01 Only one other verse
29:03 in all of the Bible that uses these identical
29:06 three Greek words they are not translated the same
29:09 but they are the three identical original words
29:12 and they're found in Acts 2:22
29:15 and notice who is speaking about in Acts 2:22.
29:20 Here Peter is speaking on the day of Pentecost
29:22 and he says "Men of Israel, hear these words.
29:26 Jesus of Nazareth,
29:29 a Man attested by God to you" by what?
29:35 "By miracles, wonders and signs
29:42 which God did through Him in your midst,
29:45 as you yourselves also know."
29:48 So accordingto Acts 2:22 who did the power,
29:52 the signs and the wonders? Jesus did.
29:55 God through Jesus.
29:57 But in 2 Thessalonians Chapter 2
30:00 we're told that the signs
30:03 and the power and the wonders
30:04 are going to be done by whom?
30:07 By the lawless one, the antichrist
30:10 and his false apocalypse or his false parousia.
30:16 Must this mean then that
30:19 this antichrist is going to do many of the same things
30:23 that Jesus did while He was on earth?
30:27 Do you think he's gonna perform
30:28 many of the miracles that Jesus performed?
30:31 Many of the signs that Jesus performed?
30:34 Is he gonna teach
30:35 many of the things that Jesus taught?
30:38 Yes, because the same words are used for Christ
30:41 and they're also used for this lawless one
30:46 who comes according to the working.
30:48 In other words, he works the works of Satan.
30:53 Now let's go back to verse 9
30:56 "The coming of a lawless one"
30:58 see once again the emphasis on trampling on the law
31:02 "is according to the working of Satan
31:05 with all power, signs, and lying wonders,
31:09 and with all unrighteous deception
31:13 among those who" what?
31:15 "Parish."
31:16 Who are gonna be deceived? Those who parish.
31:21 Now the question is why are they gonna be deceived?
31:25 And why are they gonna parish?
31:27 We have explanation here in the text.
31:31 "Because they did not receive"
31:35 notice this, "the love of the truth,
31:41 that they might be saved."
31:45 Why is it that they are deceived?
31:47 Because they don't receive the love of the truth.
31:51 Now here's my question, which truth?
31:56 Well, you say truth in general.
32:00 All of the truths of the Bible,
32:01 they didn't believe in all of the truths of the Bible.
32:05 According to the context there's one particular truth
32:08 that has being spoken about here.
32:10 It's not truth in general,
32:12 it's not the truth about the state of the dead
32:14 and in truth about the Sabbath, the truth about health reform,
32:16 the truth about tithing, the truth about marriage
32:19 all of the truths that we hold here,
32:21 although all of those are important in antichrist
32:23 and one way or the other is gonna attacked those
32:25 but there's one particular truth which is in view here.
32:31 Let's continue reading.
32:33 "Because they did not receive the love of the truth
32:38 that they might be saved.
32:41 For this reason God will send them strong delusion."
32:44 When it says that God sends them strong delusion
32:46 it means that they want to be deluded
32:48 so God steps back He says, okay,
32:50 if you want antichrist that's fine.
32:53 You have freedom of choice.
32:54 I'm sorry, I'm sad, I wish you could be saved,
32:57 I don't want you deceived
32:58 but I have to respect your freedom of choice.
33:02 And so God steps back
33:04 and in the Bible what God allows the Bible attributes to God.
33:09 Remember the Book of Job,
33:11 what God allowed is attributed to God.
33:13 God doesn't actively do what
33:15 people choose and God steps back
33:17 and then Satan does it according to this.
33:21 And so it says, "And for this reason
33:23 God will send them strong delusion."
33:26 Now notice this,
33:27 "that they should believe the lie."
33:35 Now in the King James Version it says
33:37 that they should believe a lie.
33:41 But in the Greek language in which the New Testament
33:43 was written the word lie
33:46 is accompanied by the definite article "the."
33:52 In other words, this isn't general lies
33:55 this is a specific lie.
33:58 In other words, they-- they are deceived,
34:03 they follow a strong delusion according to this
34:07 because they believe what, "the lie."
34:11 Now the question is what is the lie
34:13 that they are believing in the context of this passage?
34:19 What is the lie?
34:21 We have a counterfeit what here?
34:23 We have a counterfeit second coming
34:27 of the lawless one.
34:29 He performs signs and wonders and miracles.
34:33 In other words, his counterfeiting what?
34:37 The second coming of Jesus.
34:38 This is the lie that the world is gonna receive.
34:43 How many are gonna receive it?
34:46 Of course, just the Muslims and Buddhists and the Hindus.
34:51 Think again.
34:54 It's the Christian world which is gonna be received
34:58 because this antichrist as we've already identified him
35:02 sits in the temple of God.
35:05 He's like Judas Iscariot. He's an insider.
35:11 He's a pagan if you please disguised as a Christian
35:17 and we're talking about a system here.
35:20 So in other words, people are gonna be deluded
35:23 because they believed the lie.
35:27 Now notice verse 12, "That they may all be condemned
35:32 who did not believe" what?
35:35 There it is again "the truth." Which truth?
35:39 The true about Christ's coming.
35:42 The truth about how Jesus is going to really come
35:46 but they had pleasure in what?
35:48 They had pleasure in unrighteousness.
35:54 Let me ask you, are there many prophecies in scripture
35:56 about how things are going to transpire in the end time?
36:00 Are there an abundance of Bible prophecies
36:03 about the manner in which Jesus will come?
36:07 Absolutely.
36:08 And the order of events which will take place
36:10 before Jesus comes do we have many?
36:13 Yes, we have many like the Jews had
36:15 many prophecies about the Messiah.
36:18 Does this prophecy clearly show
36:20 that there's gonna be an apostasy in the church
36:23 and then Jesus is gonna come?
36:26 But what does the Christian world teach today?
36:30 At least the conservative branch of Protestantism says
36:33 that the church is gonna be ruptured to heaven
36:36 and then the apostasy is gonna come.
36:40 Then the tribulation is gonna come
36:44 and they're gonna find themselves
36:45 in the midst of the great tribulation
36:47 without having prepared for it
36:49 because they did not believe
36:51 that they were gonna go through it.
36:54 And they'll be leaving themselves
36:55 wide open to the deceptions of this antichrist.
37:01 Scripture makes it very clear
37:03 that there's gonna be a huge apostasy
37:05 within the Christian church
37:06 and then afterwards Jesus is coming
37:08 in His glorious coming.
37:10 My, my question is this,
37:11 if there's going to be a great apostasy in the church
37:14 it must mean that the church was not ruptured to heaven?
37:20 If the temple is the church
37:21 and there's gonna be a Judas who claims to be a Christian
37:24 so much for the idea
37:25 that prophecy applies to the Jews.
37:28 See that's a distraction of the devil.
37:31 He wants you to think
37:32 that the controversy is over there.
37:35 When the controversy is taking place
37:37 in the United States, in the Rome
37:38 and you can't see it
37:39 because you're looking in the wrong place.
37:43 The devil is a master at smoke screens,
37:46 at making you think
37:48 that the controversy is were it really isn't.
37:51 Let me ask you what kind of Kingdom
37:56 do Protestants in the United States
37:57 want to establish?
38:00 Is it that mysterious Kingdom
38:02 for God through His Holy Spirit
38:06 implants the law upon the heart
38:10 or is it a kingdom
38:13 where morality needs to be legislated from outside,
38:19 a theocratic kingdom where things need to be changed?
38:24 Perhaps by Capitol Hill
38:27 maybe even by the force of arms,
38:30 by legislation, impulse from outside
38:35 and not implanted in the heart.
38:38 Isn't that the same thing that Barabbas longed for?
38:41 Isn't that the type of Messiah
38:44 that the Jews desired in Christ day?
38:47 See the idea is that Jesus is gonna come
38:50 and He's gonna set up
38:51 His millennial kingdom here on earth.
38:54 And is gonna sit on the throne of David
38:56 and He's going to rule the nations like a rod of iron
39:00 and of course He's gonna favor all of Christians.
39:07 But what the Christian world wants
39:08 is they want the kingdom
39:09 without the preparatory work in the heart.
39:13 The work of the Holy Spirit in transforming the character,
39:16 transforming the life, planting the law in the heart
39:20 so that we love Jesus and keep His commandments
39:23 not because the government says so
39:25 but because the Holy Spirit says so.
39:32 And you know what when Christians believe
39:34 that there's going to be an earthly millennium
39:35 with Jesus seated on the throne
39:37 they are leaving themselves wide open
39:39 for the final deception of Satan
39:40 and the counterfeit second coming.
39:43 Because if you're expecting Jesus to come
39:45 and stay on this earth at His second coming
39:51 then this lawless one who will be here
39:55 will easily convince people that he is Christ.
40:02 Ellen White says in Great Controversy page 23,
40:05 "The great sin of the Jews was their rejection of Christ.
40:12 The great sin of the Christian world
40:14 would be the rejection of the law of God
40:16 the foundation of his government in Heaven and in earth."
40:19 You say, well,
40:21 where's the similarity
40:22 between rejecting Christ and rejecting the law?
40:25 Well, the fact is very simple
40:27 that the law is a reflection of the character of Christ.
40:31 Christ is the embodiment of the law.
40:35 Allow me to read you
40:36 this interesting statement from the book--
40:39 actually from Signs of the Times,
40:40 November 15, 1899.
40:42 There's a beautiful, beautiful passage from Ellen White
40:45 "As speech is to thought,
40:48 so is Christ to the invisible God.
40:51 He is the manifestation of the Father,
40:54 and is called the Word of God.
40:57 God sent His Son into the world,
41:01 His divinity clothed with humanity,
41:04 to make known in His life
41:06 and character the attributes of the Father,
41:09 that men might bear the image and attributes
41:14 of the Father, of the invisible God."
41:18 And not notice this "He" that is Jesus
41:20 "was the embodiment of the law of God,
41:24 which is the transcript of His character."
41:27 So you want to know
41:28 what the law is just look at Jesus.
41:32 You want to know what it is to keep the law
41:33 just look at Jesus
41:36 because Jesus is the, gives the law body
41:39 He makes the law personal.
41:43 And of course Jesus lived His life
41:44 because Holy Spirit was in His life
41:47 not because He was required to do so.
41:50 And you say that Pastor Bohr, how can you say
41:52 that the Christian world is gonna be lawless
41:54 shortly before the second coming of Jesus?
41:58 Aren't they fighting to have
42:00 the Ten Commandments put in the courtrooms
42:02 and in public schools and in the legislatures?
42:06 Isn't the Christian world
42:07 really fighting for the Ten Commandments?
42:09 Yeah, that's just the problem they're fighting
42:12 to place the Ten Commandments outside,
42:14 when the Ten Commandments should be placed inside.
42:19 I delight to do thy will, thy law is where?
42:24 Thy law is within my heart.
42:30 Now there's a impressive passage in the Spirit of Prophecy
42:32 that I want to read.
42:35 It's a rather long passage
42:37 where Ellen White picks up on what we studied
42:39 from 2 Thessalonians Chapter 2
42:41 about the lawless one
42:43 counterfeiting the second coming of Jesus.
42:44 Having his apocalypse, having his parousia
42:48 in performing signs and miracles and wonders.
42:52 Ellen White comments on this passage
42:53 and I want to read it.
42:54 It's found in the book
42:55 Great Controversy pages 625 and 626.
42:58 Listen to this.
43:00 "As the crowning act in the great drama of deception,
43:07 Satan himself will personate Christ.
43:11 The church has long professed to look to the Savior's advent
43:15 as the consummation of her hopes.
43:18 Now the great deceiver will make it appear that Christ has come.
43:23 In different parts of the earth,
43:26 Satan will manifest himself among men
43:30 as a majestic being of dazzling brightness,
43:35 resembling the description of the Son of God
43:37 given by John in the Revelation.
43:40 The glory that surrounds him is unsurpassed
43:43 by anything that mortal eyes have yet beheld.
43:47 The shout of triumph rings out in the air,
43:51 'Christ has come! Christ has come!'
43:56 The people prostrate themselves in adoration before him,
44:00 while he lifts up his hands
44:02 and pronounces a blessing upon them,
44:04 as Christ blessed His disciples when He was upon the earth.
44:09 His voice is soft and subdued,
44:14 yet full of melody."
44:17 You know, devil can be melodious.
44:20 "In gentle, compassionate tones
44:24 he presents some of the same gracious, heavenly truths
44:29 which the Savior uttered
44:32 he heals the diseases of the people,
44:36 and then, in his assumed character of Christ,
44:40 he claims to have changed the Sabbath to Sunday,
44:43 and commands all to hallow the day
44:46 which he has blessed.
44:49 He declares that those who persist in keeping holy
44:51 the seventh day are blaspheming his name
44:54 by refusing to listen to his angels
44:56 sent to them with light and truth."
44:59 And now notice this,
45:00 this is where I got the title from.
45:02 "This is the strong,
45:05 almost overmastering delusion."
45:10 She's referring to 2 Thessalonians 2.
45:13 Now it's almost for the Saints. It is not almost for the rest.
45:20 She continues saying
45:22 how are we gonna protect ourselves when this comes?
45:25 She says "But the people of God will not be misled.
45:29 The teachings of this false Christ
45:32 are not in accordance with the Scriptures."
45:38 You know sometimes we're not able to answer
45:40 the devil it is written
45:41 because we don't know where it's written.
45:45 And worse yet there are many Adventists
45:47 that can't answer it is written
45:48 because they don't even know if it's written.
45:53 I have somebody say, oh, pastor I don't much care
45:55 what's coming all I care is who's coming.
45:59 Well, I said if you don't know what's coming
46:01 you're going to accept the wrong who.
46:06 It's time that we get to our Bibles and study
46:10 and understand what is happening in,
46:12 what's going to happen.
46:13 Because folks, if we don't we will be swept
46:17 by this counterfeit second coming
46:19 and by the events that take place
46:20 in the religious world.
46:21 It's guaranteed.
46:24 She says the teachings of this false Christ
46:26 are not in accordance with the Scriptures.
46:28 "His blessing is pronounced upon the worshipers
46:30 of the beast and his image,
46:33 the very class upon whom the Bible declares
46:35 that God's unmingled wrath shall be poured out."
46:39 And furthermore-- see first of all its teachings
46:43 are not in harmony with scripture.
46:46 He's saying that God is gonna bless
46:47 Sunday keepers instead of Sabbath keepers.
46:50 So his teachings are wrong.
46:52 But now notice "And, furthermore,
46:54 Satan is not permitted to counterfeit
46:57 the manner of Christ's coming."
47:00 In other words, the way in which Christ will come.
47:03 "The Savior has warned His people
47:05 against deception upon this point,
47:07 and has clearly foretold the manner of His second coming.
47:12 This coming there is no possibility of counterfeiting.
47:15 It will be universally known-- witnessed by the whole world."
47:20 You say, oh, well, piece of cake then.
47:24 When that antichrist touches this earth
47:26 I'll know it's not Jesus,
47:27 its one thing to have it up here,
47:30 it's another thing to have a down here.
47:34 She continues saying,
47:36 "Only those who have been
47:37 diligent students of the Scriptures
47:39 and who have received the love of the truth"
47:42 notice that " the love of the truth
47:44 will be shielded from the powerful delusion
47:47 that takes the world captive.
47:49 By the Bible testimony these will detect
47:51 the deceiver in his disguise.
47:54 To all the testing time will come.
47:56 By the sifting of temptation
47:58 the genuine Christian will be revealed."
48:00 And now she makes
48:02 this very significant statement to Adventists.
48:05 She says this "Are the people of God
48:08 now so firmly established upon His word
48:12 that they would not yield
48:13 to the evidence of their senses?"
48:17 You see it, you hear it, you feel it
48:21 but you say it is not Christ.
48:24 "Are the people of God
48:25 now so firmly established upon His word
48:28 that they would not yield to the evidence of their senses?
48:30 Would they, in such a crisis,
48:32 cling to the Bible and the Bible only?
48:37 Satan will, if possible, prevent them
48:40 from obtaining a preparation to stand in that day.
48:43 He will so arrange affairs as to hedge up their way,"
48:46 listen to this, "entangle them with earthly treasures,
48:52 cause them to carry a heavy, wearisome burden,
48:56 that their hearts may be overcharged
48:58 with the cares of this life
49:00 and the day of trial may come upon them as a thief."
49:04 See even our everyday activities can get
49:06 in the way of our spiritual relationship with Jesus.
49:09 I was saying in my Sabbath school classes this morning,
49:11 things that are not bad in themselves
49:14 but if they absorb all of our time
49:15 and all of our attention they distract us from praying,
49:18 from studying the Word, from witnessing to others
49:21 even that which is good
49:22 can become a detriment to our spiritual life.
49:26 The rat race of life
49:27 that's what the cares of this life means.
49:32 So its that important for us to know how Jesus will come.
49:36 Allow me to share with you as we near in end.
49:40 Several passages which clearly reveal
49:43 how Jesus will come.
49:45 John 14:1-3.
49:49 Very well know we can repeat it from memory,
49:52 "Let not your heart be troubled
49:55 you believe in God believe also in Me.
49:58 In my Father's house are many mansions."
50:01 Where's the Father's house? In heaven, thank you.
50:04 "In my Father's house are many mansions,
50:06 if it were not so, I would have told you.
50:09 I go to prepare a place for you."
50:12 Where did Jesus go to prepare the place?
50:14 To His Father's house, right.
50:15 "I go to prepare a place for you
50:17 and if I'd go and prepare a place for you,
50:22 I will come again" and stay with you.
50:27 No, "I will come again and receive you to Myself
50:32 that were I am" that is in the Father's house,
50:35 "that where I am, there you may be also."
50:41 Notice Acts 1:9-11 these are well known verses
50:45 but its good to review important things isn't it.
50:47 It's got to remember these passages.
50:49 Acts 1:9-11
50:51 it says, "Now when He had spoken these things,
50:54 while they watched,"
50:55 that is the disciples on the Mount of Olives
50:57 "He was taken up, and a cloud received Him out of their sight.
51:02 And while they look steadfastly toward heaven as He went up,
51:05 behold, two men stood by them in white apparel,"
51:09 the men are angels
51:10 "who also said, 'Men of Galilee,
51:14 why do you stand gazing up into heaven?
51:18 This same Jesus,
51:23 who was taken up from you into heaven,
51:27 will so come in like manner
51:31 as you have seen Him go into heaven."
51:37 Is Jesus going to return
51:39 in the same way in which He left?
51:41 Yes. Could the disciples see it?
51:44 Yes.
51:46 So much for the idea
51:47 of an invisible coming of Jesus called the rapture
51:52 where people will suddenly disappear
51:55 because Jesus came secretly for them.
51:59 Scripture says that when Jesus comes
52:01 He will be seen the same way as when He left.
52:07 Notice Matthew 24:23-27 Jesus warned us about this.
52:13 "Then if anyone says to you, 'Look here is the Christ'
52:16 or 'There!' do not believe it.
52:19 For false Christ and false profits will rise
52:22 and show great signs and wonders to deceive,"
52:25 who is the target? If possible the very elect.
52:30 That's why it's the almost overmastering delusion.
52:33 If possible the elect.
52:35 See it's not possible its almost overpowering the saints.
52:42 And now notice "See I have told you beforehand,"
52:45 Jesus said I warned you.
52:50 "Therefore if they say to you, 'Look, He is in the desert!'"
52:55 go take a peek.
52:58 "Don't go out or 'Look He is in the inner rooms!
53:03 do not believe it.
53:06 For as the lightning comes from the east
53:08 and flashes to the west,
53:10 so also will the coming of the Son of Man be."
53:13 It will be as clear and is visible
53:16 as a bolt of lightening in the sky.
53:20 Notice Matthew 24:31,
53:23 speaking about the coming the glorious coming of Jesus is
53:26 and He will send His angels.
53:30 What is He gonna do? Why does He send them?
53:41 We must be up here and He what?
53:43 "He sends the angels
53:46 with a great sound of a trumpet,"
53:48 and they were what
53:51 "gather together His elect from the four winds,
53:54 from one end of the heaven to the other."
53:57 So He says to these angels
53:58 and his angels do what they gather the elect
54:02 and what do you suppose are gonna do with the elect?
54:08 Have you ever read that it says that they will be caught up
54:11 in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air?
54:13 What are the clouds? Hello.
54:18 If they're caught up in the clouds
54:19 it's because the clouds came
54:20 to pick them up, together them up
54:22 and then the clouds, what?
54:24 Take them up to where Jesus is.
54:28 In fact, notice Revelation 1:7,
54:29 "Behold, He is coming with clouds,
54:34 and almost every eye shall see Him."
54:38 Thank you, still awake out there.
54:41 "And every eye will see Him, even those who pierced Him.
54:46 And all the tribes up the earth will mourn because of Him."
54:51 And then of course there's that
54:53 fantastic passage in 1 Thessalonians 4:15-17,
54:57 the Apostle Paul says "For this we say to you
54:59 by the word of the Lord,
55:00 that we who are alive and remain until the coming of the Lord
55:03 will by no means precede those were asleep.
55:06 For the Lord himself will descend from heaven
55:09 with a" silent shout.
55:12 No, says "with a shout with the voice of an archangel,
55:17 and with the trumpet of God.
55:20 And the dead in Christ will rise first.
55:23 Then we were alive and remain shall be," what?
55:27 "Caught up together with them" in the what?
55:30 "In the clouds" clouds of angels
55:32 "to meet the Lord" where, "in the air
55:37 and thus we shall always be with the Lord."
55:41 Incidentally have you ever read in Revelation Chapter 20
55:46 that after the millennium the wicked around the city
55:48 and inside the city are the saints?
55:51 Well, that city came down at the end of the millennium
55:53 so the saints must've been in the city when it came down.
55:58 So where was the city during the millennium?
56:01 In heaven.
56:05 The devil is preparing the Christian world
56:07 for this great overmastering delusion.
56:10 And he's doing it through the doctrine
56:11 of the immortality of the soul.
56:15 See, it won't be too much of a stretch
56:16 for them to accept a false Christ
56:18 if they become accustomed
56:19 to going by what their senses say
56:21 and by what their feelings and the emotions say.
56:24 That's the way most Christians live
56:26 is from one emotion to another and one feeling to the next.
56:30 And not by a Thus saith the Lord
56:33 and I there say folks,
56:35 that if someday John Paul the second
56:37 or the Super ported spirit of John Paul the second
56:40 should appear in different places of planet Earth
56:43 the majority of the Christian world would believe it
56:46 if you saw His funeral.
56:49 If the virgin marry purported should show up,
56:54 the Christian world would say well it must be Mary.
56:59 But the fact is that the Bible tells us
57:01 that the dead don't know anything.
57:03 The Bible tells us how Jesus is gonna come
57:06 and we simply must live
57:07 by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of the God.
57:11 We must learn to live by it is written.
57:15 But in order to live
57:16 by it is written we must read the Bible and study it
57:19 and make it part of fiber of our soul.


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