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Bearing One Another's Burdens

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00:05 Welcome back, before the break we were talking about
00:09 Galatians 6 and the apostle Paul's ammunition to bear
00:12 one another's burdens.
00:14 He talks about hearing one another's burdens and
00:16 fulfilling the law of Christ.
00:18 What we have been discussing Mark, is that we can't fulfill
00:22 the law of Christ and be indifferent to the needs of our
00:26 fellow brothers at the same time.
00:28 If we are going to be like Christ we can't have that
00:31 indifference, we have to a have compassion
00:33 for those who are in need.
00:35 - That's right person is converted, Paul says Christ
00:37 lives in me and we know how Christ lives.
00:40 Christ does not live with that indifference towards
00:42 people, so if we had that indifference that should tell
00:45 us we need a deeper experience.
00:47 Well Jim we are going to jump into chapter 6:3 and
00:51 it says here in Galatians 6:3, "for if anyone thinks
00:56 "himself to be something, when he is nothing, he deceives
01:00 "himself. But let each one examine his own work, and then
01:04 "he will have rejoicing in himself alone, and not in
01:07 "another. 5. For each one shall bear his own load. "
01:10 Now it is interesting, he is going to make this point
01:13 again more fully by talking about repeat and sowing.
01:16 In essence he is saying, we need to be careful, it's a
01:19 what do I want to say, it's a characteristic of the fallen
01:24 human condition to compare ourselves with one another.
01:29 In fact 2 Corinthians 10 it has a piece of counsel we are
01:34 going to look at, 2 Corinthians 10:12.
01:39 Look at what the apostle Paul says here, "for we dare not
01:46 "class ourselves or compare ourselves with those who
01:49 "commended themselves, but they measuring themselves by
01:53 "themselves and comparing themselves among themselves
01:57 "are not wise. " Notice they commend themselves, why?
02:00 When you compare yourself you can always find somebody
02:04 that you appear to be better than.
02:06 The fact of the matter is our standard is Christ.
02:09 If we always look to Christ it produces a total different
02:13 realization of who we are.
02:16 That is exactly right and comparing ourselves to Christ is
02:18 exactly where I believe he is going.
02:20 In verse 4 because he says, "let each one," I am back in
02:25 Galatians 6:4, "but let each one examine his own work. "
02:29 You know in 2 Corinthians 13:5 he also talks about how
02:33 we should examine ourselves whether we be in the faith.
02:36 Well certainly we don't want to spend all of our time
02:39 looking at ourselves, looking at our own faults.
02:42 If we spend all of our time doing that we will become
02:45 discouraged and we will forget that Christ is there to
02:48 help us in our time of need.
02:50 However, to ignore ourselves and what is going on in
02:54 terms of our own life and how it compares to the life
02:59 of Christ, it's definitely not what the apostle
03:01 Paul would have us to do.
03:03 The idea here is to focus on Christ.
03:05 As we come close to Christ, His goodness, pierces our soul
03:10 and we are able then to evaluate our life in light of the
03:15 example of Christ.
03:17 One of my favorite statements is from a book called
03:21 'Steps To Christ' where it says that the closer we come
03:25 to Christ, the more unworthy we appear in our own eyes.
03:29 So if we come close to Christ, then we will be able to see
03:33 our own need and we won't think ourselves to be something.
03:37 We won't be lifting ourselves up above others, we are
03:40 going to be able to see ourselves the way we truly are.
03:42 What truly is interesting about that statement, and I am
03:45 familiar with the one you are bringing up in the book
03:48 'Steps To Christ' it goes on to say that the closer we
03:51 come to Christ the more faulty we appear in our own eyes
03:56 and this is evidence of the vivifying power, life-giving
04:00 power of the Holy Spirit has come upon us.
04:02 We couldn't see our true condition if it weren't for the
04:07 Holy Spirit, so one minister that I know made this point.
04:11 When we begin to see our sinful- ness we should take courage
04:15 that we have enough of the Holy Spirit to be able to see
04:19 that amount of sinfulness and that must be evidence to us
04:22 that the Spirit is willing and ready to do a work in our
04:25 hearts that we can't do for ourselves.
04:27 That's right, when we begin to sense the Holy Spirit
04:29 pointing out those areas of need, that is nothing less
04:32 then the voice of Jesus Christ Himself speaking to our
04:35 souls, that is a powerful thought.
04:37 The reality is that when I feel comfortable and feel
04:42 good about how things are going in my life,
04:43 sometimes that is the most dangerous position to be in.
04:47 It is one I feel uncomfortable, when I know that I am not
04:51 exactly where I need to be that the Lord Jesus is far more
04:54 beautiful and gracious, and far more principled than
04:57 compassionate, all the things that He is when I am
05:00 looking at Him, I am drawn out after Him.
05:03 I'm at a certain level of uncomfortableness and
05:06 yet I know the voice of Jesus is the One in my heart
05:09 making me sense that.
05:11 So it gives me communion with Him.
05:12 That's right, a Christian life is a life of growth.
05:16 A parent would be very alarmed if they had a child that
05:21 was born and at one year of age stopped growing.
05:24 Here six months later and he is a year and a half and he
05:26 hasn't grown from a time he was a year old and then he is
05:29 two years old and hasn't grown at all the parent would
05:31 have been to every doctor in town and everything else.
05:34 Too often as Christians we are satisfied when we are in
05:36 the same place we have been for 5, 10, 20 years.
05:40 - right! - so the Lord is wanting us to do is see our
05:44 weaknesses and examine our own work, not that we would go
05:48 around discouraged but to prompt us to continue to reach
05:51 out after Him so we can continue to
05:53 grow into Christ likeness.
05:55 And we will be unable to relate to others in the right way
05:58 because rather than holding ourselves above them we will
06:01 be empathize with them because we truly are
06:03 no better then than they.
06:04 Right, you know the other thing is that this is not just
06:08 good advice, this is essential for us.
06:10 This is what Paul makes a point of in verse 5 when he
06:12 says, "for each one shall bear his own load. "
06:14 In essence what he is saying is, there is an
06:16 accountability factor here and ultimately as we bear
06:19 one another's burdens we seek to help others.
06:21 We can't make, you can't give a Christian experience
06:25 to somebody else as much as you can seek to bear their
06:29 burdens, but we have to answer for own choices.
06:32 We have to answer our own decisions and our own
06:35 experience, or lack there of.
06:37 So he says each one in essence, is going to bear his own load.
06:41 As he says that, he leads into a very challenging few
06:44 verses where he tries to describe for them the
06:47 difficulties they are going to have if they accept this gospel
06:50 of circumcision, or the works of the law that is being
06:53 presented to them by these Judaizers Christians.
06:56 If you look in verse 6, we will pick up there and just
06:59 read a few more verses.
07:01 It says, "let him who is taught the word share in all
07:04 "good things with him who teaches. "
07:06 The idea here is the apostle Paul, he himself is helping
07:10 to bear the burdens of these Galatians, seeking to reach
07:13 those who have fallen themselves which is this church.
07:17 Many of these Gentile believers have begun to go the way
07:20 of these Judaizers teachers.
07:22 He is saying that I am trying to bear your burdens and
07:25 share in the same and have a burden for others.
07:27 We need to be bearing each other's burdens.
07:30 Then he says in verse 7, "Do not be deceived,"
07:33 that's important! "God is not mocked; for whatever a man
07:36 "sows, that he will also reap. For he who sows to his
07:40 "flash will also flesh reap corruption, but he who sows
07:43 "to the Spirit will of the Spirit reap everlasting life. "
07:47 The idea here is that the apostle Paul is saying,
07:49 you know this gospel of circumcision, works of the law,
07:54 it leaves you in the flesh.
07:56 When you don't believe in justification by faith in
07:59 Christ, you don't see the need for that union with Christ
08:02 you don't receive the Spirit and all that is left is the flesh.
08:06 If you sow to your flesh you will reap corruption.
08:09 This is a very clear warning that he is giving.
08:12 You know I want to add to that something that is very
08:15 important here, he who sows to his flesh will of the flesh
08:19 reap corruption, this is not an arbitrary decree
08:22 from a God who is angry because you chose something
08:24 different than what He asked you to do.
08:26 God is trying to communicate to us that the flesh brings
08:29 corruption, sin has its own penalty built-into it.
08:32 God is not trying to keep us from the fun things in life.
08:35 God is trying to shield us from things that would destroy
08:37 us. - that's right you are going to reap what you sow.
08:40 That's why he says don't be deceived, these people are
08:43 trying to deceive him.
08:44 There is a couple other passages within Scripture that use
08:46 those words, do not be deceived.
08:49 One of them is when John writes in 1 John 3:8, not to be
08:52 deceived, he who practices righteousness,
08:55 he says, it is righteous.
08:57 No one can claim righteousness by circumcision and yet
09:00 be practicing the works of the flesh.
09:02 He says if they do, they are not righteous.
09:04 He who practices righteousness is righteous.
09:07 Don't be deceived by that.
09:09 And in another place James says, don't be just hearers
09:12 of the law, but doers, or hearers of the words but doers.
09:16 Then he says if you are just hearers of law you would be
09:20 deceiving yourself, so the ideas don't be deceived by the
09:24 idea that you can just hear the law, claim righteousness
09:28 through circumcision or anything else, and yet be living
09:32 a life that is not a righteous life.
09:34 If you sow to the flesh you are going to reap corruption.
09:37 You are going to reap what you sow,
09:39 it very clearly says that.
09:41 But right after this he says, if you sow to the Spirit,
09:44 you're going to reap everlasting life.
09:47 Then he encourages them in verse 9, "and let's not grow
09:51 "weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap
09:54 "if we do not lose heart. "
09:56 Here he is helping these Galatians to understand what
09:59 they have done is that they got weary in doing good.
10:03 Back in Chapter 5:7 he said, "you ran well, who hindered
10:08 "you from obeying the truth?"
10:09 That is exactly what he is saying here, let's not grow
10:12 weary in doing good, we are on the right track.
10:15 Don't grow weary and go the easy route with these
10:18 false deceptions and the idea is don't, if you stay with
10:23 the Lord Jesus you will reap everlasting life.
10:26 There is a verse that I would like to look at on this
10:29 point in Hebrews 10 that is really powerfully illustrating
10:33 this, it's in verse 23.
10:34 He says, Hebrews 10:23, "let us hold fast the confession
10:40 "of our hope without wavering for He who promised is
10:44 "faithful. " That is the same thing he is saying in
10:48 Galatians, we will reap if we don't lose heart.
10:52 He who promised is faithful, if we keep with the Lord Jesus
10:56 and if we don't give up because of the flesh's
11:00 temptations we can be sure that we are going to be
11:04 reaping everlasting life.
11:05 You know Jim, it is interesting because the next verse
11:08 there in Hebrews says, "let us consider one another
11:10 "in order to stir up love and good works. "
11:12 The idea again is bearing one another's burdens and that
11:16 takes us to the verse 10 in Galatians 6:10 where he says,
11:20 "therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to
11:25 "all, especially to those who are of the household of faith. "
11:30 One thing that there is heavy on my heart is how
11:33 Christians can be the meanest to Christians.
11:37 We like to pick on each other, I hear all the time
11:40 Christians getting on all the bad Christians verses
11:44 giving them the benefit of the doubt.
11:47 In seeking to guard one another's reputations,
11:50 you can see a person on the street and witness to them.
11:53 We are going to share with them, we are going to talk
11:57 to them about Jesus.
11:58 We see somebody in church and we hold a grudge with them
12:01 for 30 years, where does this come from?
12:03 Certainly not from the Spirit, it comes from a flesh.
12:07 The apostle urges us here to do good to all especially
12:10 those of the household of faith.
12:11 Even Jesus said, that in our worship if you come to the
12:14 altar and there remember you have, someone has something
12:17 against you go and make that right.
12:20 Have a burden for reconciliation with one another.
12:23 Jesus said people will know you are My disciples by the
12:27 love you have for one another.
12:29 So let us seek to bear one another's burdens, to restore
12:32 others in the spirit of gentleness, to love others as
12:36 Christ loved us.


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