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00:19 Give Me The Bible.
00:20 You remember that old hymn,
00:22 and what a great hymn
00:23 it really is!
00:25 And it's also the title of this series with Pastor Kenneth Cox.
00:29 And every message that you will listen to
00:33 is going to come right out of the Word of God.
00:35 You will not be hearing a lot of philosophy.
00:38 You will not be hearing what somebody thinks
00:40 about what the Bible says.
00:42 You will be hearing line upon line, precept upon precept.
00:47 And our speaker, Pastor Kenneth Cox,
00:50 has spoken around the world.
00:52 He's spoken on every continent.
00:54 I have heard him speak in some of these places.
00:58 I remember one special place: the Garden Tomb.
01:02 And how the Holy Spirit moved as he spoke to us
01:07 at the Garden Tomb.
01:09 Tonight he's going to be talking about Jesus...
01:12 the One that came forth from that tomb.
01:15 The One that gives to us eternal life.
01:19 And this first weekend is all about salvation.
01:24 And I'm looking forward to every subject
01:27 that Pastor Cox will be bringing to us.
01:30 Right now we're going to enjoy a song by Pam Rhodes.
01:36 And she's going to be accompanied by her husband Jimmy
01:39 and also by Dona Klein.
01:41 And that song is "One Of These Days. "
01:56 One of these days we're gonna
01:58 understand the whole thing better.
02:04 One of these days we're gonna understand the reason why.
02:11 After this life, with all of its sorrow,
02:15 there's gonna be a brighter tomorrow.
02:19 Question marks will vanish forever one of these days.
02:26 When sorrows come our way
02:28 and despair our souls with trials,
02:33 it's so hard to see the reason and so easy to ask why.
02:40 But though just now it's hard His plan to trace,
02:44 someday we'll meet Him face to face, and...
02:47 we'll leave this mystery behind us
02:50 one of these days.
02:55 One of these days we're gonna
02:57 understand the whole thing better.
03:02 One of these days we're gonna understand the reason why.
03:09 After this life, with all of its sorrow,
03:14 there's going to be a brighter tomorrow.
03:17 Questions marks will vanish forever one of these days.
03:24 One of these days we're gonna
03:26 understand the whole thing better.
03:31 One of these days we're gonna understand the reason why.
03:39 After this life, with all of its sorrow,
03:43 there's gonna be a brighter tomorrow.
03:46 Question marks will vanish forever one of these days.
03:53 Question marks will vanish forever one of these days.
04:01 Question marks will vanish forever
04:05 one of these
04:08 days.
04:19 Thank you, Pam. Appreciate that!
04:21 And good evening.
04:23 Welcome. Glad to have you back with us tonight.
04:26 And we'd like to say welcome
04:28 to our television audience.
04:30 Welcome back to Give Me The Bible.
04:32 We are studying this week
04:35 spending 5 nights on the subject
04:38 of salvation.
04:40 What does the scripture say about salvation?
04:43 As I mentioned: What says the Bible? The blessed Bible?
04:47 This my only question be.
04:51 The teachings of men so often mislead us.
04:55 What says the Bible to me?
04:58 That's what we want to find out.
05:00 That's what we want to know.
05:01 That's what we're looking at.
05:03 And tonight we're talking about the subject of repentance.
05:07 What we're looking at is the subject of repentance.
05:09 What does the scripture have to say about it?
05:11 Tomorrow night...
05:13 Tomorrow night our subject will be confession.
05:17 Confession. Why does the Bible talk about confession?
05:21 What is the difference between repentance and confession?
05:25 And what does confession do for us?
05:28 That's what we're going to look at tomorrow night
05:30 as we talk about the subject of confession.
05:32 So we hope you'll be sure to be right here
05:35 as we take a look at what the Word of God has to say
05:38 about it. But tonight we're looking at repentance.
05:42 Repentance... What do you want to know,
05:44 what do you want to find in tonight's presentation?
05:48 Well, one thing you want to know is what is repentance?
05:51 What is it? So look for that.
05:54 What is repentance?
05:56 Secondly, what's the reason for repentance?
06:00 And also, what is the gift of repentance?
06:05 And then we're going to take a look at some hindrances
06:08 to repentance.
06:10 Those are the things we're going to look at
06:11 in tonight's presentation.
06:12 So we hope that as we go through God's Word
06:16 and we follow it, that you will see what it has to say
06:20 about the wonderful subject of repentance.
06:23 It means a great, great deal to you and to me spiritually.
06:29 Tonight we're very happy that Jim and Pam, Dona
06:33 are all here playing for us and singing for us.
06:36 We know you've been blessed.
06:38 Pam's going to sing a beautiful song,
06:40 one that I enjoy so much.
06:42 And I'm sure it will bless you very much.
06:46 "The Savior Is Waiting"... I think she's going to have
06:48 kind of a medley with it that "He's Also Listening. "
06:51 God bless you; appreciate it now.
07:09 The Savior is waiting
07:14 to enter your heart;
07:18 Why don't you let Him
07:22 come in?
07:25 There's nothing in this world
07:29 to keep you apart,
07:32 What is your answer
07:36 to Him?
07:41 Time after time,
07:44 He has waited before,
07:48 And now He is waiting again.
07:55 To see if you're willing
07:59 to open the door,
08:03 Oh how He wants to come in.
08:09 He's list'ning to you,
08:13 He's list'ning to you.
08:17 He knows ev'ry heartbreak
08:21 that you're going thru;
08:25 So tell Him today
08:28 that you're lonely and blue,
08:32 'Cause He's list'ning,
08:37 He's list'ning
08:39 to you.
08:43 No one knows
08:46 what a smile can conceal,
08:50 But God understands
08:53 how a young heart feels,
08:57 Your problems are never too great or too small,
09:03 For He sees the
09:06 tiniest sparrow fall.
09:13 He's list'ning to you,
09:17 He's list'ning to you.
09:21 He knows ev'ry heartbreak
09:24 that you're going thru;
09:28 So tell Him today
09:31 that you're lonely
09:35 and blue,
09:39 'Cause He's list'ning,
09:43 He's list'ning...
09:46 He's list'ning, yes He's list'ning,
09:53 He's list'ning
09:56 this moment
10:00 to you.
10:27 Heavenly Father, tonight
10:29 we come to You, realizing, Lord,
10:36 our condition.
10:38 Understanding that there's nothing that we have
10:44 that would merit or earn
10:48 the sacrifice that You made in our behalf.
10:52 We invite Your presence tonight.
10:55 May the Holy Spirit fill our hearts.
10:59 May we see and may we understand
11:05 our relationship to You.
11:07 And may we keep our lives surrendered.
11:12 May we be humble,
11:14 and may we look to You for guidance and direction
11:17 as we open Your Word, we pray.
11:20 In Christ's name, Amen.
11:28 I'm sure that most of you are familiar with the story
11:32 of Jonah.
11:33 You remember, God had told Jonah
11:36 that he was to go to the city
11:38 of Nineveh and to tell them
11:41 that they needed to repent
11:43 or else the city was going to be destroyed.
11:46 And Jonah didn't accept that with a great lot of good news.
11:51 He said: "Lord, I'm going to go there.
11:55 I'm going to preach
11:56 and these people are going to repent.
11:59 And when they repent, I know You well enough
12:03 that out of Your kindness and love that You will
12:07 forgive them and not destroy the city...
12:10 and then I'm going to look foolish. "
12:13 Therefore, Jonah caught a ship the opposite direction
12:19 to Tarshish.
12:21 On his way to Tarshish, well... there was a storm.
12:25 And as the sailors were discussing what was taking place
12:29 Jonah confessed that he was running away from God
12:33 and he said: "Throw me overboard
12:35 and the storm will stop. "
12:37 And they threw him overboard.
12:39 And it says that God had prepared a great fish,
12:43 and it swallowed Jonah.
12:46 And here Jonah is at the bottom of the ocean
12:50 in the belly of a whale,
12:53 and all of a sudden he begins to think about this.
12:57 In fact, the scripture records his thoughts.
13:00 He had this to say:
13:18 All of a sudden he was saying:
13:20 "Hey, this is a whole lot worse
13:24 than feeling foolish.
13:26 This is a whole lot worse than being embarrassed. "
13:30 Here he is down in the bottom of the ocean
13:32 in the belly of the whale, and he said:
13:34 "I remember the Lord and my prayer went up to You;
13:38 prayed to God into Your holy temple. "
13:41 You see he prayed to the Lord.
13:44 He repented.
13:47 Changed his way.
13:50 Said: "No, I shouldn't have done this. "
13:53 Repented of it and went to Nineveh and preached
13:58 to those people.
13:59 That... repentance means to turn around,
14:02 go a different direction.
14:04 Repentance is part of the gospel.
14:07 In the very first part of it you find that when John
14:11 the Baptist preached, he talked immediately
14:15 about repentance. It says:
14:34 He said: "Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand. "
14:38 It was part of his message.
14:41 You'll find that the scripture tells us that it was
14:43 part of Christ's message.
14:45 Christ said:
14:56 "Kingdom of heaven is at hand. "
14:59 This was part of the gospel.
15:01 Folks, this is more than feeling bad.
15:05 This is more than feeling you need to do something.
15:11 This is a command from God's Word
15:14 that you and I are to repent.
15:17 So we ask ourselves what is repentance?
15:21 Talking about repentance...
15:22 what is repentance when we take a look at it?
15:25 On the Day of Pentecost, Peter...
15:29 Peter is preaching on the Day of Pentecost.
15:31 And as he is preaching, he had this to say to them:
15:50 I mean they were "cut to the heart. "
15:52 That meant they saw their condition.
15:54 They realized the condition they were in.
15:56 They were cut to the heart and they said:
15:58 "What must we do? "
16:15 So he told them they were to repent.
16:18 So repentance means that I am changing
16:23 my direction. You see, the words repentance
16:27 and conversion are somewhat synonymous.
16:30 They are the same; they are used in the same way.
16:33 And so when it says to repent it means to change your direction.
16:37 An old preacher explained it this way:
16:41 He said: "I'm going to hell, I'm going to hell,
16:44 I'm going to hell, I'm going to hell. "
16:47 Turned around and said: "I'm going to heaven,
16:51 I'm going to heaven, I'm going to heaven. "
16:53 That's what it's about.
16:55 That's repentance.
16:56 I turn around... go the other direction...
16:59 not continuing on in the same direction.
17:02 Repentance is to leave
17:05 the sins that we loved before.
17:08 That's repentance: to leave the sins
17:10 that we loved before
17:12 to show that we in earnest grieve
17:16 by doing them no more.
17:18 That is repentance.
17:20 It's terrible...
17:25 absolutely terrible, when I run onto people
17:27 that say "God can't forgive me. "
17:32 When you say that God can't forgive you, friend,
17:37 you are putting a limit...
17:39 you are limiting the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ.
17:44 If you have said God can't forgive you,
17:49 dear friend, STOP.
17:51 Think that through.
17:53 That is not the case.
17:55 God WILL forgive you.
17:57 Nowhere... absolutely nowhere in God's Word
18:01 does it say your sins are so great that they
18:04 can't be forgiven.
18:05 The Holy Spirit never says that you can't be forgiven.
18:10 That is something God will do for you
18:14 and for me if we just will step out in faith,
18:19 believe, and follow Him.
18:21 A few days later as Peter and John were at the
18:25 Gate Beautiful, and here this cripple was begging alms.
18:30 And Peter looked upon him and asked him
18:33 if he wanted to be healed, and he healed the man.
18:36 And that attracted such a crowd of people
18:38 that gathered that Peter was speaking to them...
18:41 talking to them about the Lord, and here in Acts the 3rd chapter
18:46 verse 19 you find Peter saying this to them:
19:00 You see, no, friend, it doesn't say
19:02 that the sins that you've done can't be blotted out.
19:05 It says they CAN be blotted out.
19:12 So God says that if you and I come to Him,
19:15 confess our sins, that they will be forgiven.
19:20 Godly sorrow produces what?
19:24 Huh?
19:26 Godly sorrow produces repentance.
19:30 That's what it does.
19:42 Those are the things that take place.
19:44 You see, I can't... How should I put it?
19:49 To repent, folks, is not to be sorry for the suffering.
19:55 There's a lot of people that are sorry for the suffering.
19:59 That's not repentance.
20:00 And you have some excellent examples of that in scripture.
20:04 For instance, one was a fellow by the name of Balaam.
20:09 You remember, a king by the name of Balak had sent
20:15 for Balaam... wanting him to come and to curse Israel.
20:19 God had told that prophet in no uncertain terms
20:24 he was not to go.
20:27 But Balaam... he was finagling and went back to the Lord
20:32 and kept questioning things until finally
20:35 God said: "OK, go. "
20:38 So he gets on his donkey and heads out.
20:43 And as he's riding along on his donkey,
20:46 here standing in the path is an angel with a sword drawn.
20:51 The donkey sees it; Balaam doesn't.
20:55 And the donkey, out of care,
21:00 laid down...
21:02 even crushed the prophet's foot against the wall.
21:06 Made Balaam so mad that he took his rod and beat on the
21:09 donkey and said: "If it was a sword, I'd kill you. "
21:14 And then his eyes were opened,
21:16 and he saw the angel standing there with the sword drawn.
21:20 And when he did that, he said: "Oh my! "
21:23 He said: "I have sinned. "
21:24 You see, Balaam wasn't sorry for the sin.
21:28 Balaam was sorry that he was about to be killed.
21:32 That was what he was concerned about...
21:35 not... not for the sin.
21:37 See, that's not repentance, folks.
21:39 Repentance requires that I am sorry for the sin
21:45 that I have been doing.
21:47 Another clear example was that of Pharaoh.
21:51 Remember, the plagues had fallen and finally the tenth plague
21:55 when all the first-born in the land had been slain.
21:58 And he called for Moses and Aaron.
22:02 Pharaoh called for Moses and Aaron in haste and said:
22:09 He was not sorry for his sins.
22:13 He wanted the plagues stopped.
22:15 Because the moment they stopped, then what did he do?
22:18 Turned right around and tried to take Israel captive again.
22:22 No, he wasn't sorry for that,
22:24 he just didn't want the plagues to continue.
22:26 That is not what the scripture classifies as repentance.
22:32 I must be sorry for the sin that I am doing...
22:38 of what I am doing.
22:39 Now I can remember talking to a young lady.
22:41 We were talking about conversion,
22:44 and she said to me...
22:46 She said: "Brother Cox, before I came to the Lord
22:49 I thought everybody was stupid. "
22:52 And she said: "Then I came to the Lord and found out
22:56 that I was the one that was stupid. "
22:58 You know... And that's what it does
23:01 is we see ourselves as we really are.
23:05 You know the old saying?
23:07 Oh that God would give us the gift to see ourselves
23:09 as others see us.
23:12 That's one thing.
23:14 You know, it'd be quite something else
23:17 if God would give us the gift to see ourselves
23:21 as God sees us.
23:23 That might be really revealing
23:27 if we saw ourselves as God sees us!
23:30 But repentance gives us the opportunity to see ourselves.
23:35 David... David repented.
23:39 That's one of the reasons that God said he was a man
23:42 "after His own heart"
23:44 is because David understood what repentance was,
23:50 because he said:
23:57 No question. "I have sinned against the Lord. "
24:00 But you see, that wasn't enough.
24:02 He wasn't saying "Listen, you know,
24:04 I've sinned against the Lord. "
24:06 He goes on and takes it to the point of telling us
24:09 exactly what repentance is. Watch:
24:29 See folks, this is not just saying
24:31 forgive me of my sins.
24:33 That's talking about "Listen, Lord, I need a change.
24:37 I need a change in my life. "
24:46 Wash me. I shall be whiter than snow.
24:57 He said: "Lord, create in me a clean heart.
25:00 Make me a new person. "
25:02 This, folks, is repentance.
25:04 And so with you and I...
25:08 We must come to God and we must repent
25:12 of the way we are.
25:15 I must see it as it actually is
25:20 and confess it before God.
25:22 It's necessary.
25:30 I, over the years, have visited with people
25:35 and I've had them tell me:
25:37 "Well Brother Cox, there's a few things I just really need
25:42 to clear up or clean up before I come to the Lord. "
25:45 No. That... repentance doesn't
25:50 earn you one thing.
25:54 Get it clear.
25:55 Repentance does not earn you one thing.
25:59 It does not even put you in the position for forgiveness.
26:05 That's not the purpose of repentance.
26:09 Repentance is the purpose is for you to see
26:12 what you really are.
26:14 That's what repentance is to do.
26:16 It's to help you understand your true condition
26:19 and what you really are.
26:20 It isn't to make God all of a sudden be favorable
26:24 to forgive you.
26:26 No. That's not what it's for.
26:29 It is a gift, and God - simply out of His love,
26:34 out of His mercy we talked about last night,
26:38 out of His grace - He invites you to come.
26:42 And He says here:
26:51 Says "Come to Me, all you that are heavy laden,
26:55 I will give you rest. "
26:58 But not only will He give you rest
27:01 but He'll give you repentance.
27:05 Because He says here clearly:
27:26 You see, He gives that person repentance.
27:30 You don't earn repentance.
27:34 It's not something that you offer.
27:37 It's not something that makes God desirous
27:41 of forgiving you. None of that.
27:44 Repentance is just simply to help you and I
27:47 understand our true condition
27:50 and understand where we stand before God.
27:54 And, you see, I'm a sinner, folks.
28:02 Are you?
28:05 But see, when you repent you're still a sinner.
28:11 I'm a sinner now.
28:13 When I repent I'm still a sinner.
28:16 That doesn't change.
28:18 I'm in need of God's grace;
28:23 greatly in need of it.
28:25 It doesn't make me all of a sudden worthy
28:29 to receive His grace.
28:32 Doesn't do that.
28:34 It just helps me understand and see what my condition is.
28:40 Probably Peter, who just said those words
28:46 that I read with you,
28:48 he understood repentance probably better than
28:51 anybody else because you remember
28:54 He had denied his Lord.
28:58 Suffered greatly over that.
29:00 The crucifixion has taken place,
29:03 the resurrection has happened,
29:06 Peter and the disciples are down at the Sea of Galilee
29:10 fishing. They had fished all night.
29:11 And they look over there on the shore,
29:14 and they see Christ on the shore.
29:16 It says that Peter jumped into the water, swam to shore.
29:20 Told the Lord he wasn't worthy.
29:23 But as they sat down there and they are eating breakfast,
29:28 I want you to listen to what it has to say:
29:56 Three time he denied his Lord.
30:02 Three times Christ asked him that question:
30:05 "Simon Peter, lovest thou Me? "
30:09 Oh, how embarrassing,
30:13 how stinging that must have been
30:16 to sit there with all of the disciples around him
30:20 and say to him "Simon Peter, lovest thou Me? "
30:25 There is not any indication here, friends...
30:28 no indication of forwardness,
30:32 no indication of impetuousness,
30:36 no indication of self-will.
30:40 None of that old Peter is there.
30:43 Just not there.
30:45 But he's calm, and he said:
30:48 "Lord, you know I love You. "
30:50 "You know I love You. "
30:52 You see, a change.
30:56 Change of direction. Change of his life.
30:59 There in the Garden of Gethsemane after he had denied
31:02 his Lord, he got a good, good picture of himself...
31:08 saw what he was.
31:11 Repented with bitter tears
31:15 and saw his true condition.
31:18 And as he saw his true condition,
31:21 he in turn could see the marvelous love and grace
31:26 of his Savior, Jesus Christ.
31:29 And so he said:
31:31 "You know I love you, Lord. "
31:33 The Lord said: "Feed My lambs. "
31:37 "Feed My lambs, Peter. Care for them. "
31:40 That's repentance.
31:42 That's why it says:
32:10 Certainly, if John the Baptist
32:14 opened up his ministry by preaching
32:17 "Repent, the kingdom of God is at hand, "
32:20 and if Jesus opened up His ministry by saying
32:24 "Repent, the kingdom of God is at hand, "
32:26 in this day and in this age,
32:29 in the time in which we are living,
32:31 we certainly ought to be saying REPENT
32:33 for the kingdom of God is at hand.
32:36 It is! We need to be preparing for the coming of the Lord.
32:46 Why should I repent?
32:50 Reasons for it.
32:51 Well, there are several reasons for repenting.
32:54 One is you don't even know your own heart.
32:59 You see, you are not aware
33:05 of really your own condition.
33:09 If you ask most people if they're a sinner,
33:14 most people would tell you "Yes, I'm a sinner. "
33:19 But how many of those people want their heart changed?
33:24 How many want their heart changed?
33:27 Because that's what it takes. The heart has to be changed.
33:38 If I don't know my own heart,
33:42 then it's really impossible for me
33:48 to repent.
33:52 Ever think about that?
33:54 If I don't know my own heart,
33:56 it's really impossible for me to repent
34:01 of something that I don't know.
34:05 That's the reason we'll look... It says that "it is a gift
34:10 that God gives" to you and to me.
34:13 It goes on and tells us here:
34:34 The goodness of God leads to repentance.
34:37 And as I see what God has done,
34:42 I understand what God has done,
34:45 it leads to repentance... change.
34:50 I will never forget. I went to visit a couple
34:54 as a pastor. I got out there,
34:57 and visited a little bit, and they said:
34:59 "Brother Cox, we appreciate your coming, "
35:01 Said: "but you're wasting
35:04 your time. "
35:05 And I said:
35:07 "What do you mean I'm wasting
35:08 my time? "
35:10 They said: "We're lost. "
35:11 Said: "There's no hope for us;
35:13 we're lost. "
35:15 And I said: "What are you talking about? "
35:18 They said: "Oh, Brother Cox, we smoke. "
35:21 Said: "We smoke, and we've never been able to gain the victory
35:25 over it and there's no hope for us.
35:28 We've gone through Five Day Plans.
35:30 We're lost. "
35:32 And I said: "Well... "
35:34 I said: "I didn't come out here to talk to you about joining
35:37 the church. " And they said:
35:39 "Well, what did you come out here for? "
35:41 And I said: "I came out here to ask you to accept
35:43 Jesus Christ. "
35:45 And they said: "Are you trying to tell us that we can accept
35:49 Christ and smoke? "
35:50 And I said: "That's exactly what I'm trying to tell you. "
35:53 They said: "Let's hear what you have to say. "
35:56 So I just explained to them what it meant
35:59 to give their hearts to Jesus Christ.
36:01 Asked them if they would like to accept Christ,
36:04 and they said "yes. "
36:06 And we knelt there...
36:08 knelt there and they gave their hearts to the Lord beautifully.
36:11 Wonderful time.
36:13 And after we were through and I was about ready to leave,
36:15 they said to me... They said:
36:17 "Brother Cox, what about our cigarettes? "
36:20 And I said: "Well smoke if you want to smoke. "
36:22 Walked out the door.
36:27 They came to the meeting that night, and they said:
36:29 "Brother Cox, " said: "we just can't tell you
36:33 what a load that took off of our backs. "
36:36 They said: "You just don't know what that did for us. "
36:39 They said: "It just changed everything. "
36:42 I said: "That's great! "
36:43 They were about ready to leave, they said:
36:45 "What about our cigarettes? "
36:47 I said: "Smoke if you want to smoke. "
36:50 Came back the next night, and they said:
36:53 "Man, what a difference it makes. "
36:55 They said: "The grass is green, the birds sing. "
36:58 They said: "We haven't had a day like that we can remember. "
37:01 They said: "This is wonderful! "
37:03 And I said: "That's great. I'm glad you are rejoicing
37:06 in the Lord. " And they said:
37:07 "Brother Cox, what about our cigarettes? "
37:09 And I said: "Smoke if you want to smoke. "
37:13 Well they came back the next night and they said:
37:17 "We just want to thank you again. "
37:19 They said: "We thought there was no hope for us at all. "
37:24 Said: "We thank you so much. "
37:25 And I said: "You're welcome. "
37:27 They said: "What about our cigarettes? "
37:30 And I said: "Well, smoke if you want to smoke. "
37:33 They said: "It's running us nuts! "
37:35 I said: "Well, quit if you want to quit. "
37:37 They quit!
37:39 Now, you see there's something there, folks, that you have to
37:44 understand, and it's the thing of coming to Christ
37:49 and seeing the goodness of the Lord and what He does
37:52 that changes the life... makes it different.
37:55 I see and I understand what God does in my life
37:59 and what a change it makes.
38:01 That leads me and leads you and each one of us
38:06 to repentance.
38:07 This, you see, is the...
38:13 That's the reason it's a gift
38:17 because it's the Holy Spirit that works in our life
38:21 that changes us and makes us different.
38:24 That's what the Holy Spirit does.
38:39 Let me tell you something. When you come to the Lord,
38:42 the Holy Spirit is the One who works on that heart
38:45 and convicts you of sin.
38:47 That's the work of the Holy Spirit.
38:49 Convicts you of sin and you see yourself in light
38:53 that you have never seen yourself in before.
38:56 That is the work of the Holy Spirit on your heart.
39:01 When He's done that work,
39:03 then He begins to show you
39:07 the righteousness of Jesus Christ.
39:10 And let me tell you something...
39:12 When you begin to see the righteousness of Jesus,
39:16 the closer you come to Him
39:19 the more sinful you are going to appear in your own eyes.
39:23 That just happens!
39:25 That's the work of the Holy Spirit in your life.
39:29 And as He convicts the world of sin,
39:32 then of righteousness, He also convicts them
39:37 concerning the judgment.
39:39 And I see very clearly that in the judgment
39:43 I desperately need a Mediator.
39:47 I need someone to stand in my place.
39:50 This is what the Holy Spirit does in our lives.
39:54 Christ told a parable
40:01 how some people react to this.
40:04 And He said here about a tax collector and a Pharisee.
40:08 Let's read it and see what it says:
40:21 Now put it down...
40:23 Of all the people that Christ couldn't do anything for,
40:29 it was the self-righteous.
40:31 OK. Those were the ones He had the hardest time with.
41:19 Worthy.
41:24 I'm an elder in the church.
41:26 See?
41:30 I give
41:33 very, very liberally
41:36 to the church.
41:39 I have much to recommend me to God.
42:04 Said: "O Lord, just be merciful to me a sinner! "
42:10 "I tell you, this man went down to his house justified. "
42:30 Have you ever stood
42:35 and kind of said: "Well,
42:41 I'm sure glad I'm not like that fellow standing on the corner? "
42:45 Hmmm?
42:47 Or have you ever felt exalted?
42:53 God said: "No. That's not the way you
42:58 and that's not the way I'm supposed to be. "
43:00 I'm supposed to be humble.
43:03 Wait on the Lord; listen to Him.
43:06 This is what He wants us to do.
43:09 Now probably of anybody in all the Bible,
43:13 of any individual in all the scripture
43:15 that understood this thing of being exalted,
43:19 of being puffed up, that thought well of himself...
43:23 Paul probably is one that could speak out of experience
43:29 better than anybody else.
43:32 Listen... Listen to Paul as he talks about himself.
43:35 This is before he found Christ.
43:38 This is before he came to the road of Damascus.
43:42 This is before he confronted Christ face-to-face.
43:45 This is what he said about himself:
44:01 I mean, he's telling you he's got the pedigree.
44:04 He's got it all; he's done all this.
44:06 Watch:
44:19 I mean he's telling you this... I had it.
44:22 I did all these things.
44:25 Exalted. And then the day came
44:31 when he met the Savior
44:34 and he saw Him face to face.
44:38 And from that day on his life was changed.
44:52 You see he saw... When he saw Christ,
44:55 he saw the spiritual side that he had never seen before.
45:05 And he said: "I am crucified with Christ.
45:08 Nevertheless I live, yet not I
45:12 but Christ liveth in me. "
45:16 Change of life; change of his way.
45:20 Let me talk about some of the hindrances
45:24 of repentance because as you preach and you visit
45:29 over the years you run into many, many different hindrances
45:35 that people have to repentance.
45:37 And the one that I'm going to
45:39 share with you may come as kind
45:40 of a shock to you.
45:42 But this is the one I've run into over and over
45:45 and over. One of the biggest hindrances that I find
45:49 is old age.
45:53 Old age.
45:55 I run onto person after person say:
45:57 "Oh, Brother Cox. It's no use.
46:00 I've been a sinner all these years. It's too late.
46:05 God can't forgive me.
46:06 Too old. I haven't followed the Lord all this... "
46:10 And they use old age as an excuse.
46:14 I want to share some things with you.
46:18 Did you ever realize this?
46:20 Listen to this:
46:40 Solomon in his old age left the Lord
46:45 and went out and served other gods.
46:48 And finally right down at the end of his life
46:52 he came back.
46:55 And you know what?
46:58 God accepted him.
47:01 Came back... God accepted him.
47:04 I mean, here he had... David was his father.
47:09 Here he had all the evidence in the world
47:12 and yet he left God.
47:14 And in his old age he came back, and God accepted him.
47:18 Let me share another king of Israel with you.
47:21 This one always amazes me.
47:24 I think of any story in the Bible, probably this amazes me
47:27 more concerning God's grace than any other story.
47:30 Manasseh.
47:42 He reigned longer than any other king.
47:46 Reigned longer than any other king of Israel was Manasseh.
47:51 His father was Hezekiah.
47:55 Hezekiah was one of the best kings of Israel.
47:58 I mean, a great man of God. Watch this:
48:14 Did evil in the sight of the Lord.
48:33 I mean, everything that Hezekiah did
48:36 he tried to undo.
48:38 Took the whole nation of Israel and brought them back
48:42 to serving foreign gods.
48:45 Now listen... Listen to what happens here:
48:58 Spoke to them. They would not listen.
49:01 What happened?
49:22 Came in, overtook them, carried him off.
49:25 Watch what happens here, folks.
49:37 I mean, here he is in bonds and affliction.
49:40 How sad.
49:43 How sad
49:46 that he had to be afflicted. He had to be in bonds.
49:50 He had to go through all that before he woke up.
49:53 Before he realized what his condition was.
49:58 But he did.
50:19 And Manasseh knew that the Lord was God.
50:22 Now folks, here's a king that went all of his life
50:27 and went just the opposite direction until he was old.
50:33 I mean OLD!
50:35 And then God what?
50:37 Forgave him.
50:39 Accepted him back in.
50:43 All that's the greatness of God!
50:45 Wonderful what He does for you and for me.
50:49 The other is... a hindrance to repentance is
50:55 self-righteous.
50:56 Those that are self-righteous
51:00 never, never see their need of God.
51:06 They never understand their true condition.
51:10 They are self-righteous.
51:26 Self-righteous... can't do anything for them.
51:31 Let me tell you something.
51:32 The dark angel... the dark angel of sinful living
51:38 has slain his thousands.
51:42 But the white angel of self-righteousness
51:46 has slain his ten thousands.
51:49 You and I need to be very, very careful
51:55 that we don't get into being self-righteous.
51:58 The other is pride.
52:01 I can't be proud.
52:04 Can't be lifted up.
52:06 Those are hindrances to repentance.
52:20 Said: "You need to repent. "
52:23 Probably one of the great stories of repentance
52:26 in the scripture is the story of Job.
52:30 How he repented.
52:32 You know, he's gone through all this.
52:34 He's lost his cattle; he's lost everything he has.
52:38 He's lost his children.
52:39 He's got boils; he has all that.
52:42 We're down to the end.
52:44 Down to the very time of his life,
52:47 and listen to what happens here:
52:57 He said: "Lord, I know You can do everything.
53:00 Nothing can be withheld from You. "
53:21 Said: "I said all these things I really didn't know. "
53:34 Now listen to Job as he answers:
53:58 He said: "I see myself, Lord.
54:00 I understand my condition.
54:02 I repent in dust and ashes. "
54:07 Saw himself
54:09 for what he really was.
54:10 So you and I
54:12 need to take a look
54:14 at our lives. We need to understand
54:18 where we are.
54:20 Says that Jesus came saying:
54:31 The gospel of Jesus Christ is offered to you
54:36 and to me
54:37 that if we will repent
54:40 and come to Him.
54:42 Oh, dear friend, the Savior is waiting.
54:45 The Savior is waiting with arms open
54:49 to receive you and take you into His kingdom.
54:53 You and I just simply need to come to Him...
54:57 open up our hearts and let the Holy Spirit do its work
55:02 in our lives and to change us
55:04 and to make us sons and daughters of God.
55:08 This is what He wants to do
55:09 for you and for me.
55:12 May we each one learn to come humbly before the Lord
55:17 and depend upon Him.
55:20 And He promises that if we do
55:23 that He will bless us
55:25 and that each one of us can be children of God
55:30 because of what Jesus Christ has done for us.
55:34 May God bless you in your walk with Jesus Christ.
55:38 Day by day stay close to Him.
55:41 He'll care for you; for this we thank God in Christ's name.
55:49 Jesus said in John the sixth chapter
55:52 "I am the living bread that cometh down from heaven
55:55 that a man may eat thereof and not die.
55:58 He who comes to Me will never hunger or never thirst. "
56:03 He went on to say:
56:04 "The words that I speak unto you, they are spirit
56:08 and they are life. Just as the Father sent me
56:11 and I live because of the Father,
56:13 so he who eats of this bread will live because of Me. "
56:20 So many people in this world are literally starving
56:24 and weak because they do not feed on the Word of God.
56:27 Their minds are filled with matters of minor importance.
56:31 Instead of eating the bread which came down from heaven,
56:34 if they would only eat the Bread of Life,
56:37 they would be regenerated and renewed.
56:40 The bread sent down from heaven would give them new life.
56:43 The Holy Spirit would show them things of God.
56:46 As we feed upon the Word,
56:48 we would become new creatures in Christ.
56:53 Our whole ministry exists for one purpose only:
56:56 to bring the Bread of Life to those who are hungering
56:59 and thirsting for truth.
57:01 I wish you could see the eagerness with which
57:03 they take hold of the spiritual food that we offer them.
57:06 I wish you could see the light that comes on in their eyes
57:10 as they accept Him as their Savior.
57:12 Christ is able, Christ is willing,
57:15 Christ is longing to save all who will come unto Him.
57:20 Please pray for these souls.
57:22 And I hope you will consider supporting our ministry
57:26 as we continue to offer Jesus, the Bread of Life,
57:30 to all who are hungry and thirsty for new life.
57:34 We thank you for your support.
57:37 If the Holy Spirit impresses you to support this ministry,
57:41 please send your tax-deductible gifts to:
57:57 Thank you for helping us to bring the gift of salvation
57:59 to millions all over the world.


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