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00:18 Welcome to Give Me The Bible.
00:20 This is an in-depth series with
00:22 Pastor Kenneth Cox.
00:24 And we are in our third meeting
00:27 with this, and it is such a tremendous time of studying
00:32 God's Word. We are just all excited about it.
00:35 Somebody mentioned that this was... this first weekend
00:39 is sort of Salvation 101
00:42 where we look at the basics of salvation.
00:44 Our subject today is going to be confession.
00:48 And that's a subject that perhaps all of us need
00:53 to review if we haven't heard it before.
00:57 Pastor Cox has preached all over the world.
01:00 It was his dream as a young pastor
01:03 to fulfill the gospel commission which says:
01:07 "Go ye into all the world. "
01:09 And now through the miracle of television
01:12 he's actually able at one time...
01:16 Right now people are able to see this entire program
01:21 on every continent of the world.
01:25 And we believe that millions are actually watching
01:29 and getting to know Jesus Christ.
01:32 We're so happy that you are here.
01:34 We're so happy that those of you that are joining us
01:36 by television are joining us. And right now,
01:40 we're going to be blessed
01:42 as Dona Klein and Jim Rhodes
01:46 play an organ and piano duet
01:50 entitled "His Hand in Mine. "
04:00 Thank you. Thank you very much.
04:02 Dona Klein and Jimmy Rhodes we appreciate that!
04:06 "His Hand in Mine. " You enjoy that?
04:08 Amen. That's a great, great song. Enjoyed that.
04:12 Well, we are very happy to
04:13 welcome all of you again
04:15 to this presentation of
04:17 Give Me The Bible
04:18 in which we are talking about confession.
04:21 What does the Bible have to say about it?
04:23 What says the Bible?
04:26 The blessed Bible?
04:27 This my only question be.
04:31 The teachings of men so often mislead us,
04:35 what says the Bible to me?
04:38 That's what we want to find out is what does God's Word say
04:41 about confession.
04:43 How does it fit in to the plan of salvation?
04:46 If you pick up the Word of God, start going through it,
04:50 it talks about confession all the way through it.
04:53 So it is very, very much part of the Christian life...
04:57 is confession. And that's what we're looking at here.
05:01 As we study this subject, we hope it will help you
05:04 in a special way. Our next presentation we are going to be
05:07 looking at is entitled:
05:11 Faith and acceptance. We are looking at salvation.
05:14 What do I need to do?
05:17 How does salvation come about?
05:19 What's involved in it?
05:20 So our next subject is faith and acceptance.
05:24 How does that fit in to the question of salvation?
05:28 That'll be the next one, and we hope that you will
05:31 be here as we continue to study and take a look
05:34 at God's Word.
05:36 But this morning we're taking a look at confession.
05:40 What is confession?
05:43 What's the difference between repentance and confession?
05:48 What... what is involved in confessing?
05:53 What should I confess? What shouldn't I confess?
05:56 What does the scripture tell us about it?
05:59 These are things that you need to watch for.
06:01 As we look at the subject of confession,
06:05 we hope that we'll help you understand what takes place
06:10 in our lives. Why God refers to it so many, many times
06:15 in His Word. Over the years, I've had the privilege
06:18 of knowing Pam and Jimmy Rhodes.
06:22 I've been blessed in a special way by their music...
06:25 what they've offered. One of the songs that Pam does
06:29 always touches my heart in a special way.
06:32 It's a song entitled: "It's Just Me, Lord, "
06:36 and I think you'll be blessed in a special way this morning.
06:55 It's only me, Lord.
07:02 It's only me.
07:07 Seems like I call You every day
07:13 and You always know what I will say.
07:21 But You take the time to help me see
07:24 the kind of person I should be.
07:27 You always listen.
07:34 Here I stand so small and frail.
07:40 So afraid I might fail.
07:46 But You fill my heart with happiness,
07:49 You care for me with tenderness.
07:52 It's only me, Lord.
07:57 It's only me.
08:04 Lord I love You,
08:07 take my heart.
08:11 Help me live right from the start.
08:16 Thanks for bearing all my pain
08:22 and making bright my day again.
08:28 It's only me, Lord.
08:33 It's only me.
08:39 It's only me, Lord.
08:45 It's only me.
08:58 God bless you.
09:16 Our Heavenly Father,
09:18 we come to You today first Lord to thank you...
09:24 Thank you for being so wonderful,
09:31 so loving, so kind.
09:35 And Lord thank you also
09:37 You are willing to change us...
09:42 to make us into what You want us to be.
09:47 Lord help us. Help us that we will be submissive.
09:52 That we will surrender everything into Your hands.
09:58 Let You do Your work in our lives.
10:01 Give us the Holy Spirit. May it fill our lives.
10:06 Give us understanding of Your Word
10:09 that we might become more like You.
10:13 We pray in Christ's name, Amen.
10:22 What's the difference between repentance and confession?
10:28 Our last presentation we talked
10:31 about repentance.
10:32 What's the need of confession if I am repentant?
10:38 Well, there's a text in the book of Isaiah that I think
10:40 helps us understand that and helps put it together
10:45 a little better. It says here in Isaiah the first chapter
10:49 and it tells us:
11:12 None of that has taken place.
11:14 You see repentance is my understanding my condition...
11:20 understanding the condition I'm in and a desire not to
11:24 stay in that condition.
11:26 That's repentance.
11:28 I understand my condition.
11:30 "From the top of my head to the sole of my foot
11:33 there's no soundness in me.
11:35 But wounds and bruises and putrefying sores: "
11:39 That's my condition.
11:41 I don't want to stay in that condition.
11:43 That's repentance.
11:45 Confession, folks, is lancing the boil.
11:53 OK? That's confession.
11:55 Confession is lancing the boil.
11:58 Letting out, if you please, all the infection, all the sins,
12:04 all that has to come out in order for healing to take place.
12:09 And that's what confession does.
12:12 That's why it talks about it here as being covered
12:15 with sores or boils, if you please.
12:17 And I lance the boil and that lets all the... sorry...
12:23 the pus and all that kind of stuff come out
12:25 so that the healing can take place.
12:28 I have to be very, very straight with the Lord.
12:33 I have to confess ALL my sins.
12:38 I can't hide and not confess them.
12:41 I've got to come open with the Lord
12:43 and honest with Him and confess all my sins to Him.
12:49 It says:
12:56 An individual that covers his sins will not prosper.
13:04 That is necessary. So I need to come to the Lord
13:08 just as I am, confess all my sins,
13:12 lay them all there before the Lord,
13:14 and ask for forgiveness.
13:17 Now, I think it's necessary that we clarify something
13:22 because sometimes people don't understand.
13:26 Temptation, folks, is not sin.
13:33 Temptation is not sin.
13:36 Some people feel that if they have just been tempted
13:39 they've sinned. That's not the case.
13:41 In fact, the scripture has this to say:
13:49 OK, that's temptation.
13:52 When the desire is there, if I go ahead with that desire
13:56 and it conceives, all right?
13:59 Then when desire has conceived it gives birth to? Sin.
14:05 It's what I do with it, see?
14:08 The devil's going to tempt you.
14:10 The devil's going to put things in your way.
14:13 The devil's going to say things and put things there before you
14:17 that will tempt you.
14:18 It's what you do with that temptation, that desire.
14:22 If it gives birth, and that brings about sin...
14:27 no question about it...
14:28 and when sin is full grown it brings forth? Death.
14:33 So I need to be clear when I'm confessing,
14:36 I need to understand I'm confessing my sins
14:41 before the Lord.
14:42 That's necessary.
14:44 What? What should I confess?
14:47 What am I to confess?
14:49 What am I to talk to the Lord about?
14:51 Well, let's take a look at sin.
14:55 Let's go clear back to the beginning
14:58 with Adam and Eve when sin first came in
15:02 and take a look. Because there's four steps...
15:05 there's four steps to sin.
15:08 And that always happens, always takes place:
15:11 those four steps.
15:12 The first step in sin is unthankfulness.
15:16 Now you think about it.
15:19 You cannot sin without being unthankful.
15:25 The first step to sin.
15:27 The second step in sin is to appropriate your own merits.
15:32 In other words, just say: "I can do this.
15:35 I'm capable.
15:37 I'm able to handle this. "
15:38 You have to appropriate your own merits.
15:41 That's the second step.
15:43 And the third step is you turn against your fellow man.
15:49 That's the third step of sin,
15:51 and the fourth step is you turn against God.
15:54 Those are the four steps that always take place in sin.
15:59 So let's take a look. See what happened.
16:01 Let's take a look at Eve.
16:03 See what the scripture tells us about it. It says here:
16:11 Now God had told her "Yeah, you're going to die
16:14 if you do this. " But he said: "No... "
16:36 The very first thing he said: "Listen,
16:39 you're not going to die.
16:41 In fact, if you eat of it
16:44 you'll be like God. "
16:46 And Eve became unthankful.
16:51 Became unthankful for the situation she was in.
16:55 What's God trying to keep from me?
16:59 That's a natural step, folks, in sin.
17:02 In fact, there is a text over here in Ephesians,
17:06 Ephesians the fifth chapter and verse 20,
17:10 that says this.
17:13 Ephesians the fifth chapter verse 20, and it says
17:19 that you and I... get the right one here...
17:24 It says: "Giving thanks, " this is Ephesians 5:20,
17:28 "Giving thanks always for all things to God
17:33 the Father in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord. "
17:37 It says giving thanks how often?
17:40 Always. Why should I always give thanks?
17:44 Well, because if you don't you're going to become
17:48 unthankful.
17:50 And if you become unthankful, you're going to sin.
17:54 It's going to happen.
17:56 So I must always give thanks.
17:59 In all... it says: "In all things give thanks. "
18:02 So that's what I need to do.
18:04 So Eve was unthankful.
18:06 Watch as she continues:
18:19 She saw the tree.
18:22 It was there; the fruit looked good.
18:24 The devil had told her that she would become like God
18:28 knowing good and evil.
18:30 And she said: "I'm able.
18:33 Nothing... nothing can keep me from doing this.
18:39 I am able to eat of the fruit. "
18:41 And so she reached up, took the fruit, and ate of it.
18:46 She appropriated her own merits
18:49 said "I can do this. "
18:52 Have you ever said
18:56 "Oh, I can do that better than that person? "
19:01 Have you ever done that?
19:02 Be careful... 'cause you're right at the point
19:08 of sinning
19:09 when you appropriate your own merits and say:
19:12 "Oh, I can do that better than they can. "
19:16 I have to be extremely careful because that brings about sin.
19:21 And when I appropriate my own merits
19:24 and say "I am able to do this,
19:26 I can take care of this, "
19:29 well then the next thing happens
19:31 is you turn against your fellow man.
19:34 "I can do it better than you. "
19:37 I have turned against my fellow man.
19:40 And look... look what happened. Eve said:
19:42 "I can do this. "
19:44 Reached up and took the fruit
19:46 and ate of it, and what did she do?
19:54 She turned against her husband.
19:56 She knew what God had said.
19:58 She knew the Lord told them "If you eat of this,
20:00 you're going to surely die. "
20:01 And she went there and gave it to him regardless
20:05 of what God had said.
20:07 Turned on her husband. That's the way it happens.
20:11 You and I, if we take those steps,
20:14 will turn against our fellow man.
20:16 And then when you do that,
20:18 the next step in sin is simply that you turn against God.
20:23 Because when God came down to talk to her,
20:27 she turned against her fellow man.
20:29 And then it said: "God came down in the cool of the evening"
20:32 and was talking to them:
20:42 She turned on God and she said:
20:44 "Listen... this serpent that You made...
20:47 tempted me. "
20:49 Turned against the Lord.
20:51 Those are the steps in sin.
20:54 And I need to be very, very clear what happens.
21:00 I need to guard myself and make sure that I am not
21:04 in a situation where I am doing those things.
21:08 OK. What am I to confess?
21:14 Well in James it tells us kind of what we are to confess.
21:17 It says here in James 5... It says:
21:32 I am to confess my faults.
21:38 I wished, I wished we were in a position, folks,
21:43 and oh how wonderful it would be within the church,
21:48 we could go to a brother or a sister
21:52 and say: "Listen, I'm having a rough time.
21:56 The devil is really tempting me. I need you to pray with me. "
22:03 You know, we need to be able to go to one another and
22:06 talk to one another about our faults.
22:08 About our weaknesses.
22:10 Please notice, I did not say sins.
22:14 OK? I need to talk about my faults.
22:18 My weaknesses. Things where I need you to pray
22:24 and to help me
22:25 and hold me up before the Lord.
22:28 That I need.
22:29 And you need that.
22:30 And we need to be able to confess our faults
22:33 and our weaknesses to one another that we can grow by.
22:38 Those are things that we need to do.
22:40 Oh, yes, there are sins
22:45 that I need to confess.
22:47 If I have offended a brother or a sister,
22:52 I need to go to them and confess it
22:55 and say: "I'm sorry. "
22:59 Folks, it doesn't always even need to be
23:05 the person that did it.
23:06 There are times when the person who was offended ought to do it.
23:13 That's strange, isn't it?
23:15 But that's true.
23:17 It will not hurt you.
23:19 It won't set you back; it won't do you permanent damage
23:24 for you to go to somebody and say: "Listen, I'm so sorry. "
23:27 But we need to go to that person and say:
23:31 "Listen, I did this, and I'm sorry that I did it.
23:36 Forgive me. "
23:37 Oh, dear friend, that...
23:39 I'm sorry this is in the vernacular, but...
23:42 that lances the boil.
23:43 That gets out the sin; that gets out the infection;
23:47 that does marvelous things. Healing can take place.
23:51 And in many, many congregations across this world
23:56 it would bring about a tremendous revival
24:00 if people would just learn to say "I'm sorry.
24:03 I'm sorry that I did this. Forgive me. "
24:06 Open it up; confess it.
24:08 And then there are:
24:14 Sins that I've done openly in front of people.
24:19 People that are in the public eye time after time
24:25 are faced with this type of thing.
24:27 They do something in public,
24:29 they need to confess it in public.
24:32 They need to say: "I did that; it was wrong. I'm sorry. "
24:36 So there are times, yes, when I need to make a public
24:39 confession and say: "I did this. I'm sorry that I did it. "
24:44 And let me tell you something.
24:48 Don't get too worried or too concerned
24:53 about if somebody
24:57 maligns your reputation.
25:01 Says something to you... something about you, you know...
25:03 your reputation.
25:05 Dear friend, don't get too concerned about that.
25:08 Just... the Lord will handle that.
25:11 Time will answer that.
25:14 You know, you don't have to stand up and defend yourself
25:18 and fight for that. It's not necessary.
25:21 Much better that if I have done something...
25:25 done something publicly, yes, I need to go
25:29 and ask for forgiveness.
25:31 And then there are sins of a private nature.
25:35 Sins that are known only between me and God.
25:42 Oh, dear friend, keep them there.
25:47 Don't go confessing them to somebody else.
25:52 I'm sorry. I may get in trouble here this morning.
25:55 But don't go and confess them to your wife.
26:00 Or don't go confess them to your husband.
26:05 Talk to the Lord about them,
26:07 and confess them to Him and leave them there.
26:13 Let them die right there.
26:15 Come to an end right there.
26:18 You don't need to be bringing that kind of thing up
26:21 to somebody that doesn't even know that it's going on.
26:24 Just leave it.
26:26 Let it die right there.
26:28 Those are things that I need to confess.
26:31 Fortunately, you and I have a Savior,
26:36 we have a Mediator,
26:39 we have One who is our elder brother
26:43 that we can go to and talk to
26:46 about those sins and receive forgiveness.
26:50 Because it says this:
27:05 You see, that is the cleansing process.
27:08 That's the boil being lanced.
27:11 That's all the sin coming out.
27:13 Cleanses us from all unrighteousness.
27:16 And I have said something in the last couple of meetings
27:19 about this but I want to say it again:
27:22 You have committed no sin
27:25 that can't be forgiven.
27:28 Please. I run onto people who
27:30 say: "Oh, Brother Cox,
27:31 I've committed
27:32 the unpardonable sin. "
27:34 Let me tell you something:
27:36 If you are under conviction that you've committed the
27:39 unpardonable sin, then you haven't...
27:42 because there would be no conviction there.
27:45 It just isn't the way that it happens.
27:48 Dear friend, it says this:
27:58 It did not say some sins.
28:01 It says it cleanses us from ALL sin.
28:05 The only unforgivable sin is one that hasn't been
28:09 confessed.
28:13 If you confess it, God will forgive it.
28:17 There are just not any there that are so dark that He
28:19 can't forgive.
28:21 The Bible's full of about every example there is of sin.
28:25 And therefore God forgave them, and He will forgive yours
28:30 if you and I will just come to Him and ask to be forgiven.
28:34 In fact, the Lord says this about it:
28:36 It says:
28:42 if the people will confess their iniquity
28:50 in other words, coming to the Lord and saying:
28:52 "This is what I've done.
28:53 I've been unfaithful; I haven't done what I should. "
29:03 If they get before the Lord and they will confess it
29:06 and they will tell the Lord this,
29:08 then it says:
29:20 Here's where the problem is:
29:21 too many people aren't willing to accept the guilt.
29:26 You see, this is what made David so special
29:32 is that he accepted the guilt.
29:35 He said: "I'm the one that did this.
29:38 Lord, nobody else... just me.
29:41 I did it. "
29:43 He accepted the guilt.
29:49 So He promises that if we will come to Him,
29:53 confess our sins,
29:55 that He will forgive us of our sins.
29:59 That He will cleanse us from all unrighteousness.
30:04 I want to show you the difference between two men.
30:07 King Saul...
30:12 a tremendous man.
30:15 I mean, when you take a look at Saul
30:18 there's no question this man was outstanding.
30:22 But he could not accept the guilt.
30:27 He just couldn't do it.
30:29 You find three times here, speaking to Samuel,
30:32 he talked to him here. It says:
30:40 "I have sinned. " He had!
30:42 You remember he came back from fighting the Amalekites
30:48 and they all came back and the Lord had told them
30:51 "Don't bring anything back. "
30:53 And here they come with the sheep and the goats
30:56 and all, you know. And Samuel faced him with it
31:01 and said: "Why have you done this
31:03 when the Lord said not to? " He said:
31:04 "Oh, we're bringing it as an offering. "
31:07 Always making an excuse for what he had done.
31:13 I run onto people that are always doing that.
31:16 They do something they know is wrong.
31:19 They know they shouldn't have done it, and if you say
31:21 something to them, they'll make an excuse.
31:23 They'll say: "Oh well, so and so did this or this. "
31:28 They always making excuse for it.
31:30 That isn't what needs to be done, folks.
31:33 We need to learn to accept the guilt.
31:40 Wasn't until... you remember, there he was before Samuel
31:44 and Samuel said: "Why have you done this? "
31:49 And he gave an excuse, and you remember
31:52 when Samuel turned to say "the kingdom's been taken from you. "
31:57 He reached out and grabbed hold of Samuel
32:00 and tore his clothes.
32:02 Just unwilling to say: "Sorry, Lord.
32:07 I did this. "
32:12 Just wouldn't accept it.
32:13 You find the very same scenario
32:16 as far as saying "I have sinned" with David,
32:21 because this is what David said:
32:27 These men weren't without sin, folks.
32:31 They were human beings just like you and I.
32:34 But they sinned, and here David said:
32:38 "I've sinned before the Lord. "
32:52 BUT, David did not excuse himself.
32:57 He did not do that.
33:00 He said: "This is what I have done, "
33:04 and he confessed his sins.
33:22 He came to the Lord and he said:
33:23 "This I have done. I am guilty. "
33:26 In fact, when he had done this sin
33:30 and God said: "OK, you've got three choices.
33:35 What do you want to happen? "
33:37 And two of those choices, you know,
33:40 included the children of Israel.
33:42 And he said: "No, Lord, let it fall on me.
33:46 Let it fall on me. They're not the ones.
33:50 I'm the one. Let it fall on me. "
33:53 He was a man after God's own heart.
33:58 Humbled himself before the Lord.
34:01 Makes a great, great difference.
34:04 Let me tell you something.
34:09 If your confession is forced,
34:13 it won't do any good.
34:16 If you're going to wait until
34:18 you're forced to confess,
34:19 it won't do any... you've got
34:21 an example of that in the life
34:23 of Achan.
34:25 The children of Israel had been told that when they
34:30 were going to overthrow Jericho
34:33 that they were NOT to take any of the gold,
34:37 any of the silver, any of the garments.
34:39 They were not to take any of that.
34:42 And as they overthrow the city,
34:44 Achan took some of the gold...
34:49 a garment or two.
34:51 Took it and hid it in the floor of his tent.
34:54 Dug a hole, put it in there.
34:57 Covered it up, put a rug over it.
34:58 Went on. And then you remember the incident when they
35:03 needed the Lord's care and they needed the Lord's protection;
35:08 they needed the Lord's help in fighting Ai.
35:11 It wasn't there.
35:15 And when they sought the Lord and asked what the problem was,
35:18 He told them there was sin in the camp.
35:21 Now folks, watch what happens here
35:27 because they call everybody together
35:31 and here Joshua takes them through
35:34 tribe by tribe.
35:38 They called the tribe of Judah. They cast lots.
35:42 Everybody in the tribe of, excuse me, of Benjamin...
35:45 of Reuben was fine.
35:49 They went tribe after tribe.
35:51 What I'm trying to tell you is all this time
35:54 Achan had the opportunity just to step up and say
35:58 "I'm the one. "
35:59 I mean, this isn't a matter of God arbitrarily saying
36:05 "You've had it. " God has given him lots of time
36:08 to confess. He could have said:
36:11 "Lord, I did this. I'm sorry that I did it. "
36:14 But he didn't.
36:17 And they through tribe after tribe, family by family,
36:22 until finally they got to the tribe of Judah.
36:25 And when they got to the tribe of Judah, it says:
36:29 This is what happened; this is what took place.
36:36 I mean we're talking about a long process.
37:02 That is a forced confession.
37:05 Forced. He said: "This is what I have done. "
37:08 Didn't do him any good.
37:10 Cost him his life.
37:11 You and I must come from a willing heart...
37:16 come to the Lord and confess our sins out of a willing heart.
37:22 Well, it tells us that if we confess
37:28 God will forgive us.
37:41 Oh how important it is
37:44 that you and I stay humble.
37:50 Dear friend, there's no place for haughtiness.
37:57 There's no place for better than you.
38:03 We must face every individual and treat them
38:09 better than we are.
38:10 That's what we need to do.
38:12 And God says: "If you will do that,
38:15 I will honor you. I'll be with you. "
38:19 "He who is of a humble and contrite heart. "
38:22 This is what God is looking for.
38:25 This is what He's after.
38:28 As I said in the last presentation,
38:32 probably Paul had a better glimpse
38:38 of what was involved here than about anybody else.
38:41 You see, Paul was of a cleric nature.
38:46 And probably there are no people
38:50 as hard to save as the cleric.
38:56 And I'm talking out of experience, see.
39:01 Because that's their nature to...
39:05 you know, if you want... If you want something done,
39:08 you give it to somebody of a cleric nature.
39:11 They'll get it done,
39:13 and I mean, they'll get the job done.
39:14 Of course, they'll kill 15 people in doing it,
39:17 but they'll get the job done.
39:18 See? That's the cleric.
39:21 And Paul was cleric.
39:23 I mean he talks about it here;
39:25 just listen to what he says:
39:42 I mean, no question about it.
39:44 He is rough.
39:59 This is what he did.
40:03 Paul did not hide his sins, folks.
40:09 He did not hide his sins; he confessed them.
40:17 You and I must not let pride come between us and the Lord.
40:24 I must be willing to humbly
40:28 confess my sins to God.
40:32 And He in turn says: "I'll forgive you, change you. "
40:37 One of the most wonderful stories
40:40 in the Bible as far as I'm concerned
40:43 is the Prodigal Son.
40:44 Marvelous story.
40:48 Son, younger son, had gone to his father and said:
40:53 "I don't like it here anymore.
40:56 I want to go; I want to make it on my own.
40:59 I want to go out, make it on my own.
41:02 I'd like to have my inheritance.
41:05 Give me my inheritance and let me go. "
41:07 And he took his inheritance and went off to a foreign city.
41:12 And the foolishness of youth took hold,
41:18 because he blew all the inheritance.
41:21 Didn't take him long to do that, you know.
41:24 Spent it all
41:26 and all of a sudden found himself without friends,
41:32 without money,
41:35 without food,
41:37 and for the first time found himself in a position
41:41 where he had to work.
41:47 The work that he could get
41:50 certainly wasn't anything to his liking
41:54 because he received a job to feed the pigs.
41:58 Now folks, you don't have any idea how offensive that is
42:05 to a Jew.
42:07 I mean, I can remember talking to a Jewish lady once,
42:13 and we were talking about this.
42:14 And I asked her about eating pork.
42:18 How she felt about eating pork, and she said:
42:19 "I'd rather eat human. "
42:22 That gives you a little... a little idea of how offensive
42:26 it is. And here he is out here feeding... feeding the pigs!
42:30 Hungry... nothing to eat.
42:34 And I mean to the place that he decided he'd eat
42:37 what the pigs were eating.
42:40 And finally in that state, it says, that he came to himself.
42:43 I want you to listen to the story
42:46 because this is what it says:
42:58 He said: "All the servants in my father's household eat well,
43:04 and here I am out here dying from hunger! "
43:19 Said: "I'm going to go back to my father. "
43:23 Wisest decision he ever made!
43:27 If you are away from the Father,
43:34 dear friend, won't you arise today and go to the Father?
43:39 He said: "I'll arise. I'll go to my father
43:43 and I'll say I've sinned against you. "
43:46 So, you and I have sinned against Him.
43:53 Come to Him.
43:54 Say: "I've sinned against you, Lord. "
44:06 Said: "I've sinned against you.
44:09 I'm just... I'm just not worthy to be called your son any more.
44:13 Just make me one of your hired servants
44:17 because they have food to eat. They have a place to sleep.
44:22 They have all this. Just let me be one of your hired servants. "
44:28 And so the Prodigal Son gets out of the pig pen.
44:33 Heads back to his father.
44:36 Heads back to his father.
44:39 It says his father sees him coming a long way off.
44:46 Let me tell you something.
44:49 God's been watching you for a long, long time.
44:55 And you may be a long way off,
44:59 but let me tell you something: He's watching your every move.
45:05 Watching your every move, and He just says "Come. "
45:07 "Come to Me. "
45:10 And it says that his father rose and went to meet his son.
45:26 He said: "Father, I have sinned before you.
45:28 I'm not worthy to be called your son. "
45:31 What was he supposed to say next?
45:33 Do you know?
45:37 Oh, he had rehearsed that. He had it all lined up.
45:40 He was going to say: "Make me one of your servants. "
45:44 That was the next words that were to come out.
45:46 Never got to say them.
45:50 And the father... father interrupted him right there.
45:55 Said: "I'm not worthy to be called your son anymore. "
45:57 The father interrupted him and said:
45:59 "THIS IS MY SON! "
46:16 Said... never was able to even say that to him.
46:32 Oh, dear friend, how wonderful
46:37 that God stands there with open arms inviting you
46:42 and inviting me to come.
46:45 Don't come haughty.
46:49 Don't come self-righteous.
46:54 Just come to Him humbly,
46:58 pleading His mercy.
47:02 And He will forgive you and cleanse you of your sins.
47:28 He will make you a child of God.
47:33 That He will do.
47:34 One of the great preachers of the past,
47:40 Charles Spurgeon, told this parable...
47:44 no, excuse me... told this fable.
47:47 This is a fable, folks. It's not true.
47:51 OK? It's a fable.
47:53 It's an old, old fable about Jesus Christ.
47:57 OK? And in the fable it says
48:01 that Christ was going through
48:05 a region outside of Jerusalem.
48:10 And as He traveled, he decided he would spend the night
48:14 in a hermit's cave outside a city there.
48:21 An old monk lived in the cave.
48:27 In the city beside this cave
48:30 was a young man that was absolutely so vile,
48:34 so horrible, that the people in the city said the devil
48:40 wouldn't associate with him
48:41 because the devil didn't want to become worse.
48:45 But this young man heard that Christ would forgive sins.
48:51 And so he went to Christ in the cave
48:54 and he said: "Would You please,
48:59 out of Your mercy and Your love,
49:02 I don't deserve it,
49:04 but would You forgive me of my sins
49:08 and give me a new heart?
49:10 Make me a new person? "
49:12 And the old hermit, the old monk that was
49:17 in the cave, turned to the young man and said:
49:19 "Get out of here. You don't belong in this holy place. "
49:22 And then he turned to Christ and he said:
49:25 "In the next world, will You give me a place as far away
49:29 from this wretch as possible? "
49:33 And Jesus turned to him and He said:
49:38 "Yes, I will honor your prayer. "
49:40 He said: "Because you are self-righteous,
49:44 I'll give you a place in hell.
49:47 And because this man is penitent and seeking My mercy,
49:53 I will give him a place in heaven. "
49:55 So Christ does for you and for me.
50:00 That we just come to Him simply...
50:05 simply with our sins just as we are.
50:09 Seeking Him.
50:11 Asking Him to come into our hearts that He will be with us.
50:16 Listen as Pam sings.
50:22 Out of my bondage,
50:26 sorrow and night,
50:30 Jesus, I come,
50:35 Jesus, I come;
50:40 Into Thy freedom,
50:46 gladness and light,
50:50 Jesus,
50:53 I come
50:56 to Thee.
51:03 Today, do you have something that's standing between
51:09 you and the Lord?
51:12 Is there a sin that's
51:18 holding you back?
51:21 Is there a father out here
51:25 that has never reached out and accepted Jesus Christ
51:29 as his personal Savior
51:30 because he thought his sins could not be forgiven?
51:37 Is there a mother, a wife out here
51:40 that has gone about her daily activities
51:45 but has never surrendered her heart to Jesus Christ?
51:49 Maybe there's some sin,
51:53 some hard feeling, something standing in your way
51:58 between you and the Lord.
51:59 Won't you come to Him today?
52:03 Young person, won't you give your heart to Him?
52:09 Let me just tell you, nothing can change your life
52:15 as remarkably and make it so absolutely different
52:21 and bring the joy and the peace
52:24 that Christ can bring
52:27 if you just come to Him.
52:29 Confess our sins.
52:31 Lay them before the Lord.
52:33 Accept Him as your personal Savior.
52:37 He loves you.
52:39 He wants to give you eternal life.
52:43 Now's the time to get rid of all the sin,
52:48 all the infection, that those hurts that might be
52:53 in your life can be healed and made different.
52:57 Won't you, today, reach out,
53:01 confess your sins,
53:04 open your heart to Jesus Christ?
53:07 Let us pray.
53:09 Heavenly Father,
53:11 we come to You today
53:14 thanking You that You are willing to forgive us.
53:20 Lord help us... help us not to let anything
53:26 stand between us and You.
53:30 Nothing between the Lord and our Savior.
53:35 Nothing between us and You
53:39 that we might open our hearts and give You
53:43 all those things that we have done wrong,
53:48 all those hurt feelings,
53:50 all those sins.
53:52 That we would confess them, lay them at Your feet,
53:56 and receive from You forgiveness.
54:00 Bless each one that's watching here today, Lord.
54:05 May they find peace. May they find relief.
54:11 May they find a peace that will come over their souls
54:17 like they have never known as they confess their sins
54:22 to You.
54:24 For this we ask in Christ's name, Amen.
54:32 We're going to continue to talk about salvation...
54:36 what the Lord does for you and for me.
54:40 Our next presentation is on faith and acceptance.
54:45 You see, repentance and
54:48 conversion, folks, I'm sorry,
54:50 takes you to the very gates of hell.
54:54 But faith takes you to heaven itself.
54:59 See? And that's what we're going to look at.
55:01 We're going to see what the Lord does for us
55:04 in a very special way, so we hope that you'll be
55:07 sure to be with us as we talk about faith and acceptance.
55:11 I think you'll find it'll bless your soul in a special way
55:15 as you see all that the Lord is doing for you and for me
55:20 that we might receive the wonderful gift
55:24 of eternal life that He has for each one of you
55:28 this day, this time.
55:30 For indeed, we are living in serious time.
55:34 The kingdom of God IS at hand.
55:37 God bless you. Stay close to the Lord
55:40 as you follow Him day by day.
55:49 Jesus said in John the sixth chapter
55:51 "I am the living bread that cometh down from heaven
55:54 that a man may eat thereof and not die.
55:57 He who comes to Me will never hunger or never thirst. "
56:02 He went on to say
56:03 "The words that I speak unto you: they are spirit
56:07 and they are life.
56:08 Just as the Father sent Me and I live because of the Father
56:12 so he who eats of this bread will live because of Me. "
56:19 So many people in this world are literally starving and weak
56:24 because they do not feed on the Word of God.
56:27 Their minds are filled with matters of minor importance.
56:30 Instead of eating the bread which came down from heaven,
56:33 if they would only eat the Bread of Life
56:36 they would be regenerated and renewed.
56:39 The bread sent down from heaven would give them new life.
56:42 The Holy Spirit would show them things of God.
56:45 As we feed upon the Word,
56:48 we would become new creatures in Christ.
56:52 Our whole ministry exists for one purpose only:
56:55 to bring the Bread of Life to those who are hungering
56:58 and thirsting for truth.
57:00 I wish you could see the eagerness with which
57:03 they take hold of the spiritual food that we offer them.
57:05 I wish you could see the light that comes on in their eyes
57:09 as they accept Him as their Savior.
57:11 Christ is able, Christ is willing,
57:14 Christ is longing to save all who will come unto Him.
57:19 Please pray for these souls.
57:21 And I hope you will consider supporting our ministry
57:25 as we continue to offer Jesus, the Bread of Life,
57:29 to all who are hungry and thirsty for new life.
57:33 We thank you for your support.
57:36 If the Holy Spirit impresses you to support this ministry,
57:40 please send your tax-deductible gifts to:
57:55 Thank you for helping us to bring the gift of salvation
57:58 to millions all over the world.


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