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00:19 Good evening and welcome to
00:21 Give Me The Bible.
00:22 We are so happy that
00:24 you are joining us by television
00:28 live as we come to you
00:30 from Thompsonville, Illinois
00:32 with this great series with Pastor Kenneth Cox.
00:35 Pastor Cox is a man who is not only a Bible scholar but
00:40 he's also a great student of history.
00:42 It was my privilege to travel with him to a number of
00:45 countries a few years ago.
00:47 One of those was Rome.
00:49 And as we went down to the Mamertine Prison
00:52 and we saw that place where the apostle Paul
00:55 was imprisoned, Pastor Cox shared with us some of the
01:00 research that he had done on that subject
01:03 and how that the Lord had actually used that imprisonment
01:09 to help to spread the message of Jesus Christ
01:13 throughout the city of Rome.
01:16 So what a great thing that God could use even that kind
01:21 of imprisonment for the apostle.
01:25 Tonight we're going to be talking about faith
01:28 and acceptance... a subject that is so important
01:31 to each one of us because the Bible says "by faith"
01:35 over and over again.
01:38 And you and I need to have a faith that's growing.
01:43 Right now we're going to listen as Pam Rhodes
01:47 sings for us "God Can, " and she'll be accompanied
01:50 by her husband Jim and by Dona Klein.
01:54 Pam...
02:13 I can't tell when friends are true,
02:17 but God can.
02:21 I can't look inside of you, but God can.
02:27 Can't turn darkness into light,
02:32 can't make mountains snowy white,
02:35 can't give blinded eyes their sight,
02:39 but God can.
02:43 Sometimes I wonder in His plan
02:48 if He included me.
02:52 And then I think how one small acorn
02:57 made the big oak tree.
03:01 I can't make the mornin' dew,
03:04 I can't make the skies of blue,
03:08 I can't make your dreams come true,
03:12 but God can.
03:23 I can't calm the raging sea,
03:26 but God can.
03:30 Can't make honey like a bee,
03:34 but God can.
03:37 Can't make the lightning stop,
03:41 can't make earth produce a crop,
03:45 I can't make it rain a drop,
03:49 but God can.
03:53 Sometimes I wonder in His plan
03:58 if He included me.
04:02 And then I think how one small acorn
04:08 made the big oak tree.
04:12 I can't make the mornin' dew,
04:15 I can't make the skies of blue,
04:19 I can't make your dreams come true,
04:22 but God can.
04:27 God
04:30 can.
04:38 Thank you very much; appreciate that.
04:41 God indeed can.
04:42 Glad to welcome you to Give Me The Bible.
04:46 What says the Bible?
04:48 The blessed Bible?
04:50 This my only question be.
04:53 The teachings of men so often
04:55 mislead us,
04:56 what says the Bible to me?
04:59 And this particular series that we are doing
05:02 is on the question of salvation.
05:05 What does the Bible say about salvation?
05:09 That's what we want to know, and so far we've looked
05:12 at the grace of God,
05:14 how wonderful, marvelous the grace of God is.
05:17 We've looked at the subject of repentance.
05:19 We have looked at confession.
05:22 And tonight we're looking at:
05:26 Faith and acceptance. How that fits into it.
05:30 And then our next presentation will be Born Again.
05:36 What happens when a person is born again?
05:40 What are the things that take place in an individual's life
05:45 and what does he do after that in walking the Christian life?
05:48 That's what we'll be looking at in our next presentation:
05:51 Born Again. So we hope you'll be here for that
05:54 as we take a look at it because it's a very, very
05:57 important part of salvation.
06:00 But tonight we're looking at:
06:06 What is faith?
06:09 How do I have the kind of faith that the scripture talks about?
06:14 In accepting Christ, what are you accepting?
06:19 Those are questions that I hope you will find an answer to
06:23 tonight as we take a look at the question of faith
06:26 and acceptance in Christ
06:28 and we see what the Lord has done for us
06:31 and how it all works.
06:32 Because we have looked at the elements
06:34 so far that's involved in salvation.
06:37 So tonight we want to look at faith and acceptance.
06:41 One of the main things that's involved is faith.
06:46 Very, very important.
06:48 And Pam Rhodes tonight is going to sing for us
06:51 a song about faith: "Faith Unlocks The Door, "
06:54 as she is helped with Jim, husband, and Dona Klein.
07:15 Prayer is the key
07:18 to heaven,
07:22 but faith unlocks the door.
07:30 Words are so easily
07:34 spoken,
07:37 but prayer without faith
07:40 is like a boat without an oar.
07:44 So have faith when you speak
07:48 to the Master,
07:52 that's all He asks you for.
07:59 Prayer is the key
08:03 to heaven,
08:06 but faith unlocks the door.
08:13 So have faith when you speak
08:17 to the Master,
08:21 that's all He asks you for.
08:28 Prayer is the key
08:32 to heaven,
08:36 but faith unlocks
08:40 the door.
09:03 Father in Heaven, tonight we come to You
09:08 asking that Your Holy Spirit may come
09:11 be in our presence
09:14 that our hearts may be in tune with You
09:19 and that You might lead and guide and direct
09:22 as we look at Your Word.
09:24 That we might see and understand
09:27 how to relate to You.
09:29 That we might understand how to open our hearts,
09:34 surrender our lives, that Christ may be able to work
09:39 in our lives that each of us may be renewed
09:44 in our minds and in our spirit.
09:47 For this we ask in Christ's name, Amen.
09:57 Everything in the Christian life
10:01 operates by faith.
10:04 Everything.
10:06 Therefore, faith is extremely
10:08 important. That's why Paul said:
10:20 Very, very important.
10:22 In fact, if we want our relationship with God
10:26 to be what it should, we've got to have faith...
10:29 because it says:
10:43 So it tell us that we must have faith.
10:46 I have a lot of people that ask me
10:48 "What do you consider the most important thing
10:52 in the Christian life? "
10:53 Now I don't believe that you can live a Christian life
10:58 without spending time in God's Word.
11:00 You see, this book to you spiritually
11:05 is the same thing that food is to you physically.
11:09 And so if you're going to live and if you're going to grow
11:13 in the spiritual experience,
11:15 you've got to spend time in God's Word.
11:18 Absolutely vital. You can't do that.
11:21 But it tells us that the way we get faith...
11:27 How do we get faith?
11:29 "Faith cometh by the Word of God. "
11:34 That's what it tells us.
11:35 That's how we get faith is by reading the Word of God.
11:39 That's why you read it; that's why you study
11:42 is to give you faith so you can walk in the Christian life
11:46 as God wants you to.
11:47 I also don't believe that you can live a Christian life
11:52 if you don't spend time in prayer.
11:54 Prayer is the same thing to you spiritually
11:58 as breath is to you physically.
12:02 Therefore, if I don't pray, I'm going to die spiritually.
12:06 So I need to pray day by day.
12:10 Those things are vital; they have to be.
12:14 But if you ask me what do I consider the most important
12:18 thing in the Christian life, I'm going to tell you faith.
12:21 Because that's the reason you pray.
12:24 Your prayers are to be mixed with faith.
12:27 God wants us to have faith. Very, very important
12:33 that we do. In fact, after the resurrection
12:36 and Jesus was talking to Thomas He said:
12:46 Watch what He says...
12:53 In other words Christ is saying, those individuals that
12:57 have faith in what I say,
13:00 those are the individuals that are blessed
13:04 because they have faith.
13:06 But in the English language it takes two things to make faith.
13:13 Two words, I should say to make faith in the English language,
13:18 and we use them in regard to faith.
13:22 Sometimes speaking of somebody we say:
13:25 "What's his... what's his faith? "
13:29 What do we mean?
13:30 Well, what's his belief? That's what we mean.
13:34 What is his belief?
13:35 Belief is part of faith.
13:38 That... it very much is.
13:40 Sometimes we say: "Well I have faith in him. "
13:43 What am I saying?
13:45 Well I trust him.
13:47 Those are the two words in English that it takes
13:51 to make faith. Notice as Philip was talking
13:54 to the Ethiopian just before he was baptized
13:57 it says:
14:10 You see, belief was necessary.
14:13 But belief by itself is not enough.
14:16 You can believe and not be saved. Did you know that?
14:23 You can believe and not be saved.
14:26 James 2 verse 19:
14:37 So belief by itself is not enough... it takes more
14:41 than just belief.
14:43 What does it take more than that?
14:46 It takes trust.
14:48 I've got to believe; I also have to trust.
14:51 And there's an excellent example
14:53 in scripture when it comes to trust.
14:56 Has to do with the centurion.
14:59 Remember that story in the Bible about the centurion?
15:01 It says here in Luke 7:
15:21 Now here this centurion's servant was sick,
15:25 about to die. And he sent somebody to Christ saying
15:30 "Heal him. " And they have taken Christ
15:33 and they've almost got to the house and the
15:34 centurion comes out and says: "Listen, You don't need to come
15:37 any farther. " Watch what he has to say to Him:
16:08 Says all this he does, OK?
16:27 Said "I've never seen such great faith, not even in Israel. "
16:36 A trust... That is involved in faith very much.
16:41 Let me ask you a question tonight.
16:49 Did the faith of the centurion heal the servant?
16:56 No.
16:58 The faith of that centurion did not heal the servant, folks.
17:03 Faith was simply the vehicle by which that centurion
17:08 used to lay hold of the power of God.
17:11 See? There's nothing about us.
17:14 There's nothing about our faith that makes us worthy
17:17 or anything of that type.
17:19 It was simply the vehicle by which he took hold
17:22 of the power of God.
17:24 And that's what you and I must do.
17:26 I have to have faith; I have to trust the Lord.
17:29 Work kind of like this chair.
17:34 What was this chair made for?
17:38 Huh?
17:39 To sit on.
17:41 Uh, looks like it's constructed pretty good.
17:44 Do you think it'd hold me up?
17:47 Yeah, prob'ly would.
17:49 What do I have to do to know for sure
17:53 that chair'll hold me up?
17:56 Now you see, I could look at it.
17:58 Say, "Oh, I believe it would.
18:01 It's constructed good. "
18:02 But I'm not going to know until I sit down in it.
18:08 See, I have to trust it.
18:10 That is faith. I have to trust it.
18:15 Same thing with Christ.
18:17 I must not just believe in Him, I must trust Him.
18:21 Totally trust Him in all that I do.
18:24 That is what is required in faith is to trust the Lord.
18:29 So I believe in Him, I trust Him.
18:46 That's faith.
18:47 Trust Him. Believe what He says.
18:51 When He says, He will do it. No question about it.
18:57 He will do what He says He will do.
19:03 What is faith?
19:05 Well to begin with,
19:12 In other words, I believe what this book says.
19:18 I believe it from cover to cover.
19:21 I believe that when Moses prayed,
19:26 I believe that the Red Sea opened.
19:29 And I believe that the children of Israel walked across
19:33 on dry ground.
19:35 I believe that because that's what God's Word says.
19:38 I believe that when Joshua prayed,
19:42 I believe the sun stood still.
19:46 I believe that when Elisha prayed,
19:50 the axe head floated.
19:54 See? That is believing in what God has done.
19:59 That's faith, folks.
20:01 Believing in what God has done.
20:03 But I run onto some people that say: "Oh, yes,
20:05 I believe the Bible. I believe what God's done.
20:08 But the day of miracles is past. "
20:11 No, don't believe that.
20:18 See? What He can do today.
20:22 God opened up the Red Sea then, He can open up the Red Sea now.
20:28 That's faith. Believing in what God can do.
20:43 Let me ask you something tonight.
20:44 Have you accepted Christ?
20:47 Hmmm?
20:50 If you have accepted Christ,
20:52 then is there any condemnation in you?
20:57 No! See, He says that's now...
21:02 what He can do now.
21:04 I'm not under condemnation.
21:05 I walk by faith and I am not under condemnation
21:10 because of what Christ has done for me.
21:13 That's reaching out in faith and accepting what He has done
21:17 in your behalf.
21:18 But faith is not only believing in what God HAS done
21:22 and what God CAN DO, but it also is:
21:30 See? Very necessary.
21:32 I mustn't just believe now.
21:34 I must believe for what's going to happen in the future.
21:37 I must trust God not just now,
21:41 but I must trust Him for the future.
21:44 See, that's... that's faith. That's what's required.
21:47 He says here:
21:55 Now, if you've accepted Christ as your personal Savior
22:00 and there's no condemnation... you're not condemned any more...
22:04 that's now... then can you continue to walk with Him
22:09 by faith in the future?
22:11 Absolutely.
22:14 What He does now He will do for you in the future.
22:18 That's walking with the Lord; that's faith.
22:21 Day by day by day walking with Him is what's required.
22:27 So how do I accept Him?
22:30 How do I go about accepting Christ?
22:33 What am I accepting? Let me ask you that.
22:36 What are you accepting when you accept Christ?
22:39 Do you know what you're accepting?
22:41 Very important that you understand what you are
22:46 accepting when you accept Christ as your Savior.
22:49 Let's see what you're accepting.
23:01 One thing that you're accepting is you're accepting His death
23:06 in your behalf.
23:09 Clear? When you're accepting Christ,
23:12 you're accepting His death in your behalf.
23:18 Because without that, then your debt's not paid.
23:22 Somebody... somebody has to pay the debt.
23:29 And Christ has paid it for you, and you are accepting it.
23:33 Please understand that when we take a look at salvation,
23:38 salvation is something that is done for you totally and
23:42 completely outside of you.
23:45 Totally and completely outside of you.
23:49 You can't add anything in any way
23:54 to what the Lord has done.
23:57 There's nothing you can do about it.
23:59 All you can simply do is accept what He has done for you.
24:05 And you accept that by faith.
24:07 And so you accept His death by faith.
24:12 Say, "I accept Christ died for me. "
24:15 Something He did for each one of us.
24:18 And by accepting that, we're not under any condemnation.
24:24 You remember the lady they brought to Christ
24:29 that they had caught in the act of adultery.
24:34 By the law, she was to be stoned to death.
24:41 That was the law.
24:43 And you remember, they came and asked Christ about it,
24:48 and He bent over and started writing in the sand.
24:54 And it says:
25:07 Said, "Where are they? "
25:10 For it says He had written in the sand their sins.
25:14 They one by one left, walked away.
25:18 Then He said: "Where are your accusers? "
25:21 Now watch, because He says to this woman:
25:35 Go. Sin no more. I don't accuse you.
25:38 Don't sin any more.
25:40 So with you and I God does the same thing.
25:44 We come to Him, and He accepts us.
25:47 There is no condemnation
25:50 to those who are in
25:52 Christ Jesus.
25:54 Dear friend, please.
25:56 If you've given your heart to Jesus Christ,
25:59 don't walk around condemned.
26:03 Don't walk around burdened.
26:07 Don't walk around carrying sins that you've gotten rid of.
26:12 You know, don't... don't do that. Don't...
26:15 Take them and get rid of them
26:17 and you're no longer condemned. You're free from that.
26:20 You don't need to walk around with that burden on you
26:22 any more. He's taken it all way from you.
26:25 He died so that you are not under condemnation.
26:30 He did that for you and for me.
26:33 This is what He says:
26:48 God's telling you, "Listen, if you've done something wrong,
26:51 if you've been away from the Lord, "
26:52 and there may be some of you
26:54 out there in the television audience
26:56 that's been away from the Lord for a long time.
27:00 And He says: "Come.
27:04 I'm a God of mercy. Come. "
27:08 Take your sins just as you are and come to Him.
27:23 Those are things that we found out the other night
27:26 that He does out of grace.
27:30 That's out of His grace, out of His love, out of His mercy.
27:36 If we had to earn it, well then some of us would be in trouble.
27:41 See? But you don't!
27:44 You don't earn it; it's given to you.
27:47 It's given to you freely.
27:48 You don't have to earn it at all.
28:03 "I have redeemed you. "
28:05 He is saying just come to Me. Just come to Me as you are.
28:10 You don't have to do anything.
28:13 You can come just as you are.
28:26 Back in the days of slavery
28:30 there was a plantation owner
28:34 that was very, very hard. A very cruel man.
28:40 And he got sick.
28:43 They called the doctor.
28:45 And the doctor came and examined him...
28:48 told him to set his house in order.
28:51 He said: "You aren't going to live very long.
28:55 In fact, you don't have but a few days.
28:58 You're not going to live long. "
29:01 And when the doctor left, the old plantation owner
29:06 got to thinking among all of his slaves
29:10 there was one old man that he knew without any
29:16 question of a doubt was a...
29:19 was a person that loved the Lord,
29:22 that was saved as far as he was concerned.
29:24 He believed that with all of his heart.
29:26 And he called in this old slave and he said: "Listen,
29:29 the doctor was just here and he told me that I'm dying.
29:34 I don't have much time left...
29:37 just a matter of a day or so and I'll be dead. "
29:42 And he said: "I'm lost. I'm lost. "
29:47 Said: "Tell me, just tell me what I have to do to be saved. "
29:53 The old slave said: "You want to be saved? "
29:57 He said: "Then you've got to go with me out to the hog pen.
30:01 Kneel down in the hog pen and pray. "
30:04 And boy, the pride of that old plantation owner
30:09 came up and he looked at him and he said:
30:11 "I'm not doing any such thing.
30:13 I'm not going to go out and kneel down in a hog pen
30:16 and pray with you. "
30:18 And the slave turned and walked out of the room.
30:23 The day passed, and the plantation owner could
30:28 feel that time was passing very quickly for him...
30:33 that he wasn't going to do very well.
30:35 He called in the slave again, and he said: "Listen, "
30:38 He said: "I'm dying. "
30:41 He said: "I'm a lost man. I don't have any hope. "
30:43 He said: "Tell me, please tell me what...
30:46 what do I have to do to be saved? "
30:48 The slave said: "Well, you want to be saved, " he said,
30:53 "you've got to go with me out to the pig pen.
30:55 Kneel down in the pig pen and pray. "
30:59 The plantation owner said:
31:02 "I'm not going to do any such thing.
31:04 I'm not going to go out there and kneel down in that pig pen
31:07 and pray with you. I'm not going to do that. "
31:11 The slave turned and walked out of the room.
31:15 Another day passed, and the plantation owner could feel
31:19 the life leaving him...
31:21 and feel him passing away.
31:26 Called in the slave and he said: "Listen, "
31:28 Said: "I don't have but a few hours. "
31:32 He said: "I'm dying a lost man. "
31:36 He said: "Just tell me what... what do I have to do
31:41 to be saved? "
31:43 The slave said: "You want to be saved? "
31:46 He said: "You've got to go with me out to the hog pen
31:50 and kneel down. Pray with me there in the hog pen. "
31:54 And the pride of that old plantation owner
31:58 just swelled up and all.
32:00 Finally he just let out his breath and sank back
32:05 into the pillow and he said: "OK, let's go. "
32:09 And the slave said to him:
32:11 "You don't have to go but you have to be willing. "
32:14 That's true with you and me.
32:17 You see, we have to be willing.
32:19 I have to be willing to let Christ work in my life
32:24 to do His work and do what's necessary in my life
32:27 to change me and make me different.
32:29 I can't let pride or I can't let something swell up and keep me
32:35 away from the Savior, friends.
32:36 Can't do that. I have to turn my life over to Him
32:40 and let Him do His work in my life.
32:44 So you are accepting the death of Jesus Christ
32:50 for your sins.
32:52 That's what you're doing when you accept Christ.
32:55 You say: "I'm accepting His death for my sins. "
32:58 But more than that
33:01 you are also accepting His life.
33:06 You see, it takes more than His death to save you.
33:10 It takes His life also to save you.
33:14 That's what it says here in Romans 5 verse 10:
33:27 Through the death of Jesus Christ you and I were brought
33:31 back into favor with God.
33:34 Please don't misunderstand that.
33:39 You're not brought back into favor because you're
33:42 good looking. Or you're not brought back into favor
33:47 because your family had something to offer
33:50 or because you're wealthy.
33:52 None of those things bring you back into favor with God.
33:55 You're brought back into favor with God
33:58 by His Son Jesus Christ.
34:00 It's through Him that you're brought back into favor.
34:04 And so it says that you are reconciled to God
34:08 through the death of His Son.
34:10 He died; He paid your debt.
34:14 Do you understand that?
34:19 Let's say the edge of this piano here
34:25 represents where you were born.
34:30 Let's say this podium here
34:34 represents where you accept Jesus Christ.
34:40 Let's say the edge of this organ over here
34:43 represents where your life comes to an end.
34:47 OK?
34:49 When you accept Jesus Christ as your personal Savior -
34:53 right here -
34:55 any sin... ANY SIN... that you may have done
35:00 from the day you were born
35:03 to the day that you accept Jesus Christ
35:06 is paid for by His death.
35:11 And at that point when you have accepted Jesus Christ
35:15 as your personal Savior, dear friend,
35:18 there is not one sin to your account.
35:24 Do you understand that?
35:25 Nothing to your account.
35:30 That song "Nothing Between Me and the Savior. "
35:34 I mean, you are clean in every bit.
35:37 OK? You are brought back into favor with God,
35:43 you are reconciled unto God at this point.
35:49 Scripture has a great big word for that.
35:52 That's called justification.
35:55 You have been justified; you have been made right.
36:00 Now let's go on to this text:
36:07 Paul says "MUCH MORE... "
36:19 When I accept Jesus Christ,
36:25 since I need... since I need His life,
36:30 I need His perfection, I need His righteousness
36:34 to cover my life, so when I accept Him at this point
36:38 He gives to me His righteousness and that covers me from here
36:44 all the way to here. I am covered with His righteousness.
36:50 That's what He does for us.
36:53 Text I shared with you the other night...
36:55 I don't know of a better one in the Bible
36:59 so I'm coming back to the same one
37:02 because I don't know of another one I'd rather talk about
37:05 than this one, OK?
37:07 And it says:
37:13 That was right here... "Made Him who knew no sin
37:18 to be sin for us. " He died in your place!
37:21 OK?
37:22 But then it says:
37:30 That is here.
37:33 He gives to you and to me His righteousness
37:38 that we are covered by. Do you understand that?
37:42 And therefore, dear friend, how... how can you
37:47 or how can myself... how can I be gloomy?
37:52 How can I be depressed?
37:55 How can I be fearful?
37:58 How can I have any of those
38:00 things when I know that Jesus
38:02 Christ has done all that for me?
38:05 That's what He does for us.
38:07 Fills our lives.
38:09 Make us right in the eyes of God.
38:14 Not because we deserved it
38:18 but out of His mercy, out of His grace,
38:24 out of His love He did that for you and for me.
38:30 Marvelous grace!
38:48 Every one of you here tonight... God has been drawing you
38:54 with lovingkindness to Him.
38:57 Do you understand?
39:00 Do you understand that you're special?
39:03 Do you understand that?
39:05 Do you understand that there's not another person
39:08 anywhere in all of God's vast universe that's like you?
39:16 That you are totally and completely unique?
39:20 Not another person anywhere like you.
39:24 That's the reason, friend, that Jesus would have come
39:29 and He would have died for you if you had been the only one.
39:34 Because there's not another individual like you.
39:38 You are totally and completely unique,
39:42 and you will be that throughout eternity.
39:45 How horrible, how horrible
39:50 to think that you might be lost.
39:55 And that means never, never, throughout the ceaseless ages
40:00 of eternity will there ever be another person like you.
40:06 You see God... God doesn't clone.
40:10 God creates; God doesn't clone.
40:15 The only people that clone are those that can't create.
40:18 See? But God creates.
40:22 He made you special.
40:24 And since you are special, He redeemed you.
40:28 Came and died; lived a perfect life
40:33 that you might be saved.
40:37 That's what He does for us.
40:42 Is that possible?
40:57 You know, that's sad
41:04 because He won't forget you
41:06 throughout eternity.
41:09 He won't forget you throughout eternity.
41:14 You are His creation.
41:17 He made you.
41:20 You're special.
41:22 You'll be that throughout eternity.
41:24 We were down in Costa Rica
41:29 holding a meeting.
41:32 One night after the meeting this grandmother
41:35 came up to me with tears streaming down her face.
41:40 And she said: "Brother Cox, would you please pray for
41:45 my grandson? "
41:46 Said: "He's a drunkard. "
41:49 Said: "He's drunk all the time. "
41:52 And said: "His wife has left him. She's taken the children.
41:58 He's lost his home.
42:01 He's living here with me now. "
42:03 She said: "And if he doesn't change, he's going to
42:09 lose his job. And if he loses his job,
42:12 I don't know what we'll do. "
42:15 She said: "Would you please, please pray for him? "
42:19 And I assured her that I would.
42:23 A couple of days later I was speaking to a group of ministers
42:28 there. And as I was talking to this group of ministers
42:32 well, uh, one of my team members came up to where I was at
42:38 and they said: "There's somebody out here
42:41 in the lobby that wants to talk to you. "
42:44 And so I turned the meeting
42:46 over to one of my team members
42:51 and I went out to the lobby.
42:53 And here stood this young man
42:56 so drunk that he could hardly stand up.
43:01 I mean, just terribly drunk.
43:05 And as I spoke to him and talked to him,
43:08 his speech was so slurred
43:10 you couldn't hardly understand him...
43:12 what he was saying. But putting two and two together,
43:18 I realized that this was her grandson.
43:20 And he sobbed out the story that he had lost his job.
43:24 That he had been fired from his job because of his drunkenness.
43:29 And in his drunken stupor he said to me:
43:33 "Please pray for me. Help me. "
43:35 He said: "Please do something for me. "
43:38 Well what do you do for somebody like that?
43:41 I mean, so drunk he can't talk.
43:45 Can't even hardly stand up.
43:47 You know, I felt like saying "Well, go home and sober up
43:51 and when you get sober come back and I'll... I'll talk to you
43:54 and see what I can do to help you. "
43:57 And I thought: "What do you have to lose?
44:02 What do you have to lose? So if you talk to him
44:06 and he doesn't remember one thing that you have said
44:10 to him, what do you have to lose? "
44:13 And so I said: "Sit down. "
44:16 And I explained to him what Jesus Christ had done for him.
44:22 I explained to him how that he and myself were sinners
44:28 and how that Jesus Christ came and died for him.
44:33 Paid the price for him.
44:35 And how because of what Christ did for him
44:38 he could find life in Christ and find salvation
44:42 and he could give his heart to Him.
44:43 And I told him about how that Christ loved him
44:45 and how that He would be with him and help him
44:48 in the future as he walked with Him.
44:50 And I explained the gospel to him.
44:52 And in his drunken stupor
44:56 he accepted Jesus Christ, gave his heart to Him and left.
45:02 This was a large meeting.
45:05 Thousands of people were coming to the meeting.
45:07 We finished the meeting,
45:12 and there we had right at six hundred people
45:16 lined up for baptism.
45:19 And I was going through speaking to each one
45:23 and shaking their hand and talking to them.
45:26 And as I was going through the line, there he stood.
45:30 Bright eyed. Clear as a bell.
45:33 And I said: "What are you doing here? "
45:36 "Oh, " he said: "Brother Cox, "
45:37 he said, "when I gave my heart to the Lord there, "
45:41 he said, "it all changed. "
45:43 He said: "It just all changed for me. "
45:46 And he said: "I gave my heart to the Lord" and he said:
45:49 "I haven't had anything to drink since then. "
45:51 He said: "My family's come back. "
45:54 He said: "I've got my family, I've got my house back.
45:56 I got my job back. "
45:58 He said: "All that's been given back to me
46:00 since I gave my heart to the Lord. "
46:02 Oh dear friend, let me tell you
46:05 Jesus Christ can change your life
46:09 and He can make it different.
46:12 If you and I will just reach out in faith and accept Him,
46:17 what a difference it will make.
46:19 He says here:
46:25 Tonight do you have redemption?
46:28 I'm going to ask you:
46:30 are you saved?
46:35 Are you saved?
46:37 If Jesus Christ was to come right now,
46:42 would you in faith accept Him and say "thank you? "
46:47 Would you be part of His children?
46:52 Because that's available to you tonight.
46:55 We have redemption in Him, through Him:
47:06 You and I have that in Christ.
47:11 Not some other time but tonight
47:16 you can have salvation.
47:19 You can find a new life.
47:22 in Jesus Christ.
47:24 Because He says:
47:43 Tonight are you a child of God?
47:50 Have you reached out in faith and said: "Lord,
47:54 I'm going to accept You.
47:56 I'm going to accept Your death in my behalf.
48:00 Thank you for paying that debt for me.
48:05 Lord, thank you. Thank you for giving me
48:10 Your righteousness that covers me.
48:13 For making me right. Thank you, Lord.
48:19 Not because I deserved it,
48:23 not because of anything I've done,
48:28 but out of the riches of Your grace.
48:32 And I'm going to give my heart to You tonight. "
48:35 Friend, tonight won't you give your heart to Him?
48:40 Won't you accept Him as your Savior?
48:42 Just reach out in faith and say: "Yes, Lord,
48:45 I'm going to give my heart to You tonight.
48:48 I'm going to accept You. I'm accepting Your death.
48:52 I'm accepting Your life in my behalf. "
48:55 I want you to think about it
48:57 very carefully tonight as Pam sings.
49:04 So have faith when you speak
49:08 to the Master,
49:13 that's all He asks
49:18 you for.
49:22 Prayer is the key
49:26 to heaven,
49:31 but faith unlocks
49:37 the door.
49:47 Tonight you don't have to have anything
49:52 to recommend you to Christ.
49:55 In fact, the only thing that you and I have
49:59 to recommend us to Jesus Christ
50:02 is our great need.
50:05 I have a great, great need of Jesus Christ.
50:11 And that you and that myself can come to Him...
50:16 Oh, I can remember...
50:17 I can remember when I came to the Lord.
50:21 Can you remember when you came to Christ?
50:25 Do you remember the joy
50:28 that you felt? Do you remember
50:31 the absolute freedom there was
50:34 as you knew that all your sins
50:37 were forgiven
50:38 and that you were clean in Christ Jesus?
50:40 Friend, if you haven't experienced that
50:42 tonight I invite you. Because He just simply says
50:46 if you come to Him that He will forgive you of all your sins.
50:51 Right here there won't be one thing to your account.
50:56 You'll be absolutely clean in Christ Jesus.
51:01 Everything gone.
51:03 And I used to remember worrying about this part over here.
51:10 I said, you know, "OK, Christ paid my debt.
51:13 But what about now?
51:17 What about day by day living with Him? "
51:22 How important it is that I understand that He gives to me
51:27 His righteousness. And that righteousness
51:31 covers my life.
51:35 Are you clear on that?
51:38 So many people that don't understand that.
51:42 They understand that He died for them,
51:45 but dear friend, He lived for you.
51:48 He lived a perfect life that you might be covered
51:52 with His righteousness.
51:54 He loves you...
51:56 wants you to be in His kingdom.
51:59 And so we hope that you tonight
52:02 will just reach out in faith here
52:05 and accept Christ into your heart as your personal Savior.
52:10 It doesn't take any special words.
52:14 You don't have to have any special vocabulary.
52:18 All you have to do is just simply come to Him
52:20 just as you are.
52:26 Nothing special, just come to Him.
52:29 And there may be some of you out here in the television
52:33 audience right tonight that are discouraged.
52:37 There may be some of you that are down, depressed.
52:41 There may be some of you that know without any question
52:45 of a doubt that you're lost
52:49 and that if Christ was to come tonight
52:51 you'd be lost.
52:55 And I beseech you, I plead with you:
52:58 give your heart to the Lord tonight.
53:01 You don't have to wait.
53:03 You don't have to wait until tomorrow to have salvation,
53:06 you can have it tonight
53:09 just by faith stepping out and accepting Him
53:14 as your personal Savior.
53:16 And He will accept you with lovingkindness
53:21 into His kingdom.
53:23 As we pray, won't you do that tonight?
53:26 Let's bow our heads in prayer.
53:29 Heavenly Father,
53:31 we come to You tonight
53:34 asking, Lord, that in faith we might reach out
53:40 and accept all that You've done for us.
53:43 That we might accept Your death, Your perfect life.
53:48 Bless each one. Those that are watching tonight
53:55 that are far off... that don't know You,
54:01 that they are hopeless, that they don't have anything
54:06 in their life. They have found this old world so empty.
54:10 Lord, may they tonight
54:13 accept You into their hearts as their Savior
54:16 and receive the cleansing that only You can give.
54:22 May each one of us give our lives to You.
54:27 And we thank you for hearing, for answering prayer,
54:33 and granting to each of us forgiveness of sin
54:37 and life eternal in Christ Jesus.
54:40 For this we pray in Your name, Amen.
54:44 Now tomorrow... the next presentation
54:50 we're going to be talking about
54:54 When you are born again, certain things happen.
54:59 And it's most important that you understand those things
55:03 that take place in your life because there's many, many
55:06 Christians that have accepted Christ but they've never
55:10 understood what happens at that point.
55:13 When they accept Christ, there's some definite things that happen
55:17 right then and there
55:20 that make all the difference in the world
55:23 in your Christian growth.
55:25 So as we take a look at this subject of "Born Again"
55:28 you'll find it will be very helpful to you
55:31 as you live a Christian life day by day.
55:35 If tonight you have reached out in faith and accepted Christ
55:40 as your personal Savior,
55:41 He tells you that He will permit
55:44 nothing to pluck you out of His hand.
55:47 You just stay surrendered to Him day by day
55:50 and, dear friend, He will take care of you.
55:54 You don't have to worry. God bless you.
55:57 Jesus said in John the sixth chapter
55:59 "I am the living bread that cometh down from heaven
56:02 that a man may eat thereof and not die.
56:06 He who comes to Me will never hunger or never thirst. "
56:10 He went on to say:
56:12 "The words that I speak unto you, they are spirit
56:16 and they are life. Just as the Father sent Me
56:19 and I live because of the Father,
56:21 so he who eats of this bread will live because of Me. "
56:28 So many people in this world are literally starving and weak
56:32 because they do not feed on the Word of God.
56:35 Their minds are filled with matters of minor importance
56:39 instead of eating the bread which came down from heaven.
56:42 If they would only eat the Bread of Life,
56:45 they would be regenerated and renewed.
56:48 The bread sent down from heaven would give them new life.
56:51 The Holy Spirit would show them things of God.
56:54 As we feed upon the Word, we would become new creatures
56:58 in Christ.
57:00 Our whole ministry exists for one purpose only:
57:04 to bring the Bread of Life to those who are hungering
57:07 and thirsting for truth.
57:08 I wish you could see the eagerness with which
57:11 they take hold of the spiritual food that we offer them.
57:14 I wish you could see the light that comes on in their eyes
57:17 as they accept Him as their Savior.
57:20 Christ is able, Christ is willing,
57:23 Christ is longing to save all who will come unto Him.
57:28 Please pray for these souls.
57:30 And I hope you will consider supporting our ministry
57:34 as we continue to offer Jesus, the Bread of Life,
57:38 to all who are hungry and thirsty for new life.
57:42 We thank you for your support.
57:45 If the Holy Spirit impresses you to support this ministry,
57:48 please send your tax-deductible gifts to:
58:04 Thank you for helping us to bring the gift of salvation
58:07 to millions all over the world.


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