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00:25 We welcome you to the
00:27 Kenneth Cox evangelistic meetings here in Thompsonville.
00:33 This is Give Me The Bible, a tremendous series
00:37 that Pastor Cox has been presenting.
00:40 This is the second month, and each month
00:44 we take five programs
00:47 that are taped here
00:49 and that come to you live
00:50 over Three Angels Broadcasting Network.
00:54 I'm Jim Gilley, and I'm just... it's a real pleasure
00:57 to be your host tonight and to welcome you to this series.
01:01 Pastor Cox is talking about the second coming of Christ,
01:05 and tonight his subject is
01:09 Signs of the End of Time.
01:13 Now that is an extremely important subject!
01:15 And if you have been looking at the news, if you have been
01:19 studying the financial conditions of the world,
01:21 surely you must realize
01:24 that there are some very clear signs
01:27 that Jesus Christ is coming again.
01:32 Pastor Cox has preached on every continent
01:36 all over this world,
01:37 and he's a man who understands God's Word.
01:40 He's a man who believes God's Word, and he is a man
01:44 who presents it in a clear understanding manner.
01:50 And so tonight, before Pastor Cox comes
01:53 Dona Klein is going to play for us on the organ
01:57 Make Me Willing.
04:31 Thank you Dona Klein.
04:34 Hope you enjoyed that.
04:36 Good evening to each of you.
04:38 Glad to welcome you back to Give Me The Bible.
04:42 Give Me The Bible.
04:44 That's what we all need to know:
04:47 what does God's Word have to say?
04:49 Give Me The Bible,
04:51 the blessed Bible.
04:52 This my only question be.
04:55 The signs of Christ's coming are now all around us,
04:59 what says the Bible to me?
05:03 That's what we want to look at,
05:04 and that's what we're looking at this week
05:06 is the second coming of Jesus Christ.
05:09 What does the scripture tell us about it?
05:12 That's what we're going to be studying and looking at
05:15 each night through this series
05:17 as we talk about the coming of Jesus Christ.
05:19 Tonight: Signs of the End of Time.
05:28 Those are the things that we want to know...
05:31 we want to make sure that we understand
05:34 and know what they are.
05:35 Tomorrow night we're talking about:
05:40 So that we're going to look at the immediate signs
05:44 that take place, that happen just before Jesus comes.
05:48 That's what we're going to be looking at: some signs
05:50 that the Bible tells us that are to take place
05:53 right before Christ comes.
05:55 What are you looking for in tonight's presentation?
05:59 What you're looking for in tonight's presentation
06:02 is God gives a name to the time
06:08 in which you and I are living.
06:10 And not only does He give that name but He also
06:13 tells us exactly when it starts,
06:16 what takes place. And so in the presentation tonight
06:20 you need to be looking for what the scripture says about
06:24 that particular time... what happens at that time
06:27 and if God's Word was fulfilled as God said it would be.
06:33 Now, last night we talked about the promises
06:36 and we found out how all the promises that God made
06:39 have been fulfilled just like God said they would.
06:43 Well He also says there's certain signs
06:46 that are to take place that marks a particular time.
06:50 And you need to watch for that tonight because it's very,
06:53 very important as we take a look at the signs concerning the time
06:59 of the end. So we hope you'll follow in the Bible as we
07:03 continue to study God's Word each evening.
07:05 We appreciate you being here.
07:07 Take time, folks, to spend in God's Word.
07:13 You know, take time every day
07:16 to spend time in God's Word.
07:19 And just open up your heart and let the Holy Spirit
07:24 speak to you and lead you and guide you
07:27 as you read God's Word,
07:29 and you'll find it makes a great, great difference
07:31 in your life.
07:33 We have called this series Give Me The Bible,
07:36 and the reason we call it that is because there's probably
07:41 nothing else that's more important than you understanding
07:47 God's Word and accepting the promises and what He said there.
07:51 And so we hope that it will bless you.
07:53 And Walter Arties...
07:55 we're so happy to have Walter with us...
07:57 is going to sing for us a beautiful song.
08:00 I hope you'll enjoy it: Give Me The Bible.
08:20 Give me the Bible,
08:27 star of gladness gleaming,
08:34 To cheer the wanderer
08:40 lone and tempest tossed.
08:47 No storm can hide
08:52 that peaceful radiance
08:57 beaming,
09:01 Since Jesus came
09:06 to seek
09:09 and save
09:10 the lost.
09:15 Give me the Bible -
09:22 holy message
09:25 shining,
09:30 Thy light shall guide me
09:36 in the narrow way.
09:42 Precept
09:45 and promise,
09:50 law and love
09:52 combining,
09:58 'Till night shall vanish
10:04 in eternal day.
10:12 Give me the Bible -
10:19 when my heart is
10:22 broken,
10:26 When sin and grief
10:30 have filled my soul
10:36 with fear;
10:40 Give me the
10:43 precious words
10:48 by Jesus spoken,
10:53 Hold up faith's lamp
10:58 to show
11:01 my Savior near.
11:08 Give me the Bible -
11:14 holy message
11:17 shining,
11:21 Thy light shall guide
11:26 me in the narrow
11:31 way.
11:34 Precept and
11:38 promise,
11:42 law and love
11:44 combining,
11:49 'Till night shall
11:52 vanish
11:58 in eternal
12:04 day.
12:15 Amen.
12:29 Gracious Father, this evening we come to You.
12:35 First, Lord, wanting to open our hearts
12:39 inviting the Holy Spirit to be present.
12:42 Asking, Lord, that as we look at Your Word
12:47 You will give us understanding.
12:50 May we see clearly
12:54 where we are, what's taking place.
12:59 May our hearts be soft,
13:03 pliable, that You may lead us
13:08 direct us. And that we each one
13:11 might keep ourselves surrendered to You.
13:15 For this we pray in Christ's name, Amen.
13:24 If I'd had the privilege of living in the days of Jesus
13:31 and had the privilege of being one of His disciples,
13:35 I would have had
13:37 some of the same questions
13:39 that they had.
13:41 I probably, like they, would have believed,
13:44 which they did,
13:45 that He was the Messiah.
13:47 They not only believed that He was the Messiah,
13:50 they believed He was going to set up His kingdom.
13:53 And they wanted to know when this was going to happen,
13:57 when these things were going to take place.
13:59 And I would have wanted to have known those things too.
14:02 So it says that they went to see Jesus
14:05 and asked Him those questions.
14:08 I'd like for you to read them with me here.
14:10 This is what it has to say:
14:22 They said: "We want to know when these things
14:25 are going to happen. These things that You've talked about,
14:27 when are these things going to take place? "
14:38 They said: "When are these things all going to happen?
14:42 When are they going to take place? "
14:44 Now Christ understood and knew
14:47 that in those disciples' minds
14:51 they couldn't comprehend
14:55 anything being beyond the destruction of Jerusalem.
14:59 To them the destruction of Jerusalem
15:01 would have been the end of the world.
15:03 And so Christ tries to pick it up
15:07 and help them understand.
15:09 And He's told them that when Jerusalem is surrounded
15:15 that they were to flee.
15:18 And He told them that there would be just a time.
15:21 And just as Christ had told them
15:24 the Roman general came up and surrounded Jerusalem.
15:29 And then for no particular reason
15:32 withdrew his troops.
15:36 And when he did, Jesus had told them
15:40 this is what they were to do.
15:59 He said when that happens, flee.
16:02 Get out of there. Leave Jerusalem.
16:05 And that's exactly what the Christians did.
16:08 Because Christ told them this will be a very, very
16:12 difficult time. But...
16:24 He told them: "Do this. Get out of there. Flee. "
16:29 Why that's exactly what happened.
16:32 And the Roman government, the Roman power,
16:36 came down, overthrew Jerusalem,
16:39 and burned the city.
16:42 Rome ruled.
16:45 Jesus told them something they were to look for.
16:49 That they were to be... watch for after that.
16:52 And this is what He said to them:
17:09 He said: "After the destruction of Jerusalem
17:11 the next thing there's going to be is great tribulation. "
17:16 And Rome turned her fury
17:20 and her power upon the Christians.
17:24 They fled.
17:27 And then the scripture begins to pick up and talk about
17:31 something that was going to take place.
17:34 And I want you to follow now because I'm going to go through
17:37 several prophecies with you
17:39 just quickly to show you how the scripture talks about
17:42 these things that were going to happen.
17:44 Notice what is has to say about this time
17:46 of tribulation because He said:
17:49 After the destruction of Jerusalem,
17:51 after the Christians fled,
17:53 then after that time there would be great tribulation.
17:58 That's what He told them would happen.
17:59 So watch as it talks about it here:
18:06 Now this is in Daniel.
18:08 It's talking about the fourth beast.
18:10 He wished to know the truth about the fourth beast.
18:20 Now this fourth beast was terrible, exceedingly dreadful.
18:24 This in scripture is pictured as pagan Rome.
18:29 This was pagan Rome...
18:32 that fourth beast.
18:34 Now it goes on and says here:
18:48 So this particular fourth beast which was pagan Rome
18:52 he said he wanted to know the truth about it.
18:55 And then he said after that there would be ten horns
18:58 that would rise...
18:59 that would come up.
19:01 And then it says he wanted to know the truth
19:04 about those ten horns, and particularly the little one
19:09 that came up before which three of those horns fell.
19:14 And then he goes on and talks about those ten horns
19:17 that came up and says:
19:24 Now let me tell you what's happening here.
19:29 The... empires, folks, are very much like people.
19:33 Like men they rise and they fall.
19:37 And as you read history, you'll find empire after empire
19:41 comes up then it drops off and another one comes on
19:45 the scene of action. Rome is falling into this same place.
19:49 Rome has risen and she is now on a decline.
19:53 And the decline that she's on is because there have been
19:59 Germanic tribes, these ten Germanic tribes
20:03 have moved in on the Roman empire
20:06 and they're breaking it up.
20:08 There's a Roman emperor at this time by the name of Justinian.
20:14 And Justinian is fighting the Goths, the Germanic tribes,
20:18 trying to hold them back.
20:20 He has a general by the name of Belisarius,
20:25 and Belisarius is fighting these Goths
20:30 which are made up of tribes like the Anglo-Saxons,
20:33 the Franks, the Huruli, the Vandals, the Ostrogoths
20:35 and all these different Germanic tribes... they're fighting them.
20:40 The Goths have backed Justinian's army
20:46 clear to the walls of the city of Rome.
20:50 It looks like they're going to wipe out Justinian's army.
20:55 Justinian's general, Belisarius, has sent a note
21:00 to Justinian saying "Do something for us. "
21:06 Inside the city of Rome, there is the Bishop of Rome.
21:11 The Bishop of Rome's name is Sylvester.
21:15 Sylvester is a godly man.
21:18 He loves the Lord, he serves the people.
21:21 He tries to do that which is right,
21:23 but he has refused to have any part to do with the war
21:28 between the Goths and Justinian.
21:31 So any time Justinian's army got close to the city of Rome
21:36 Sylvester had the gates shut; would not let them in.
21:41 If the Goths got close to the city of Rome,
21:44 he closed the gates; would not let them in.
21:46 Refused to have part of it.
21:48 So they backed Justinian's army clear to the walls of Rome
21:52 and he's shut the gates; won't let them in.
21:56 Justinian went to his wife, queen,
22:01 who is a Christian.
22:02 She also happens to be a very close friend of the Bishop.
22:06 And he pled with her to do something to save his army.
22:12 To talk to the Bishop, try to get him to raise the gates
22:15 of the city of Rome. And out of respect to her...
22:19 She went to the Bishop, talked to him, and out of respect
22:22 to her he raised the gates
22:25 and let Justinian's army inside the city,
22:29 closed the gates, and kept the Goths out.
22:33 But Belisarius and Justinian
22:39 had already agreed that if they got inside the city of Rome
22:45 they would banish the Bishop.
22:48 Now there's a reason for this.
22:50 Justinian sees his kingdom falling apart.
22:55 He wants to do what he can to pull it together
22:58 and he feels that if he can not control it just politically
23:02 but if he could control it
23:05 from a religious standpoint,
23:07 he'd be able to hold it together.
23:09 And so he banished Sylvester and he put his own puppet
23:15 in by the name of Virgilius
23:19 and he placed him on the seat of the Bishop of Rome.
23:24 This is what it says in history:
23:37 Now all of a sudden you find something beginning to rise.
23:42 You've had pagan Rome up unto this point,
23:44 and all of a sudden out of this comes papal Rome
23:48 because history says:
23:57 Now you see, Justinian never had in his mind that...
24:02 that this man wouldn't do anything but be
24:06 what he told him to be.
24:08 But history tells us something else happened.
24:11 History says the Bishop of Rome seized the scepter
24:16 and stepped to the seat of Caesar.
24:19 Exactly what happened.
24:21 That took place in 538... Now I'm doing this
24:26 to help you pin down something,
24:28 so watch as we go on here.
24:31 538. That's when he ascended the papal chair... 538 AD.
24:37 And he, speaking of this little horn, now follow carefully:
24:57 So it says this little horn, or this power,
25:00 is going to do what?
25:02 It's going to persecute the saints of the Most High.
25:08 What is that called? That's called tribulation, right?
25:13 Yeah. In other words, it says
25:15 he's going to give them a hard time.
25:17 This will be a time of tribulation
25:19 for a time, time... or time, times, and a half a time.
25:25 Now follow me. The scripture doesn't just touch it here,
25:28 It does it over and over and over again.
25:31 Watch this...
25:32 This is in Revelation the 11th chapter verse 3,
25:36 and it says:
25:48 Now let me ask you a question.
25:50 What does sackcloth represent?
25:54 Huh?
25:55 Well it represents hard times?
25:57 It represents tribulation.
25:59 It says that this was going to be given to them.
26:02 For 1,260 days
26:05 there would be a time of tribulation.
26:08 Hard time, that's what it's talking about.
26:10 Let's look at another one:
26:14 And by the way, in Bible prophecy when it talks about a
26:17 woman it's really referring to the church.
26:20 And it says:
26:33 This woman fled into the wilderness, and she's fleeing
26:37 for what reason?
26:39 To escape tribulation.
26:42 To get out of tribulation, that's what she's fleeing for.
26:46 So it's talking here again about this period of time
26:49 that she's going to flee.
26:51 Watch,
26:54 Revelation 13 verse 5:
27:05 So here it talks about this power
27:08 that it was going to persecute the saints
27:11 for forty-two months.
27:14 Now you find as you are studying
27:16 the Bible uses three different terms for time.
27:22 Simply He talks about time, times, and a half a time;
27:27 He talks about 42 months;
27:30 and He talks about 1,260 days.
27:33 Now God has given us a simple little rule
27:37 that works that helps us put all this together,
27:40 and you find that in Ezekiel the fourth chapter
27:43 and verse 6. And it says:
27:50 That's a principle in understanding time
27:54 in Bible prophecy.
27:56 OK, watch:
27:58 We'll go back to what we had there...
28:04 Now in the Biblical reckoning of time,
28:06 time represents one year.
28:10 Times represents two years,
28:13 and a half a time represents a half a year.
28:16 OK, in Biblical reckoning of time,
28:19 there is 360 days in a Biblical year.
28:23 If you need scripture for that, then all you've got to do is
28:27 go read the flood story, and He'll tell you very clear
28:30 that there's 360 days in a Biblical year.
28:33 So if time represents one year,
28:36 that gives us 360.
28:38 Times would represent 2 years.
28:41 That gives us 720.
28:44 And a half a time represents a half a year
28:48 which would give us 180.
28:50 And if I add all those up, that gives me 1,260.
28:54 OK? Also it says it would persecute them for 42 months.
29:00 And in Biblical reckoning of time, there is 30 days
29:04 in a Biblical month.
29:06 So if I've got 42 and I multiply that
29:10 times 30, gives me 1,260.
29:16 So all three of those references we read tonight
29:20 refer to 1,260 years
29:23 that there would be great, great tribulation.
29:27 That's what it said. All right.
29:29 1798 Napoleon...
29:34 Napoleon wants to rule Europe,
29:37 but Napoleon knows that he cannot rule Europe unless he
29:41 breaks the back of the papal power.
29:44 So on February 15, 1798, he sent his general, Berthier,
29:49 into Rome.
30:00 1798. So let's see what happens here.
30:04 that's when the papal power came into being.
30:10 It's going to rule for 1,260 years...
30:13 which would take me to 1798.
30:19 This period of time, folks, is known in scripture
30:23 as the time of tribulation...
30:26 also referred to in history as the Dark Ages.
30:31 It's a terrible time.
30:32 The Bible says there'll never be another time like it
30:36 in which the people were greatly persecuted.
30:39 The people were treated horribly
30:40 during that 1,260 years. It was a time of tribulation.
30:46 Now listen carefully because it says:
30:58 Now this vision refers to the time of the end.
31:01 You understand the difference tonight between the time
31:03 of the end and the end of time?
31:06 Hmmm? You understand the difference
31:08 between the time of the end and the end of time?
31:10 Well, when I was a boy
31:13 the month of September my father would go to town
31:19 and he would buy a turkey.
31:21 And he would bring this turkey home,
31:23 and put this turkey in a large cage and he would
31:28 give me instructions about taking care of that turkey.
31:32 Make sure it was watered and it was fed and it was cared for.
31:36 When my father brought that turkey home
31:38 and put it in that cage, folks,
31:40 that began the time of the end.
31:44 Are you understanding?
31:46 But when Thanksgiving Day rolled around,
31:49 that was the end of time.
31:52 OK. So He said: "Shut it up, seal it,
31:56 unto the time of the end. "
31:59 That's what He's talking about.
32:01 Now, 1798.
32:03 That's when Berthier took the papal power into...
32:08 brought it into captivity: 1798.
32:11 So when we take a look at this
32:14 watch what the scripture says, folks.
32:17 Very important because Christ said
32:20 after the disciples were to flee Jerusalem...
32:23 said there would be a great time of tribulation.
32:26 Now listen. Immediately after the what?
32:30 Immediately after the tribulation of those days.
32:35 In other words, immediately after this 1,260 years
32:40 something's going to happen:
32:51 He told them listen,
32:52 immediately after the tribulation of those days,
32:55 this is what is going to happen.
32:58 Oh, 25... 30 years before 1798
33:04 the time of tribulation had pretty much come to an end.
33:08 Through the preaching of Luther and Knox and Zwingli
33:12 and Calvin, and all the reformers and what had taken
33:15 place, persecution - hard times - had pretty much dropped
33:20 and stopped probably 30 years before 1798.
33:26 So what happens? Watch what takes place.
33:30 Folks, listen. Said certain things are going to happen.
33:34 I told you last night in Revelation
33:38 the sixth chapter it talks about the seals.
33:41 And I told you the sixth seal had already happened.
33:45 Listen to what it says here about the sixth seal:
34:09 Now, interesting that the scripture lines it up.
34:15 He said that there would be tribulation.
34:19 Said after the tribulation
34:22 there would be a great earthquake.
34:25 After the earthquake, says the sun would be darkened.
34:30 And He said after the sun being darkened
34:33 the moon would turn the color of blood
34:37 and after that it says the stars would fall from heaven.
34:42 All that was to take place
34:46 it says: 1798.
34:50 OK. Let's see what happened.
34:54 Lisbon earthquake: 1755.
35:01 Lisbon earthquake: 1755.
35:05 Tribulation had just ceased.
35:08 And it says there would be a great earthquake.
35:12 And the scripture put it in that order, folks.
35:14 Said the first thing would be a great earthquake,
35:16 and this is what happened:
36:02 Listen to this:
36:25 You know, just exactly marking
36:28 the end of the time of tribulation
36:32 and the beginning, folks, of the time of the end.
36:37 In other words, you and I are living
36:40 in the time of the end.
36:44 That's what the scripture says.
36:46 And I sometimes wonder...
36:49 What was it? Two years ago now?
36:53 At which we had a tsunami?
37:00 That in a matter of a few minutes
37:02 not 60,000 people perished...
37:06 a quarter of a million perished.
37:11 I wonder if you and I
37:13 ought not to be thinking
37:15 real serious
37:17 about where we are in the stream of time.
37:21 But He said there would be an earthquake,
37:23 and He said after the earthquake it says the day would go dark.
37:28 The sun would not give its light.
37:35 Don't know if you've ever read about it?
37:38 No real good reason for that to happen,
37:42 but at 10 o'clock in the morning
37:45 the day just went dark.
37:48 Listen as it describes what it's like.
39:08 Just 10 o'clock in the morning
39:11 it went dark.
39:15 Why? Oh, I've heard and I've read some of the reasoning that
39:21 people give today. But I can tell you right now
39:24 there was never a day like that in which it just went dark.
39:30 Not only did it go dark that day,
39:33 but just exactly as the scripture had said
39:37 when the moon came up that night
39:40 the color of blood. I'll read to you about it.
39:43 It was interesting to me
39:46 that when John F. Kennedy
39:49 was running for president of the United States,
39:54 as he went across the country giving his speech,
39:57 many many times he closed his speech with these words.
40:04 I want you to listen to it, it's most interesting
40:06 because it's talking about this dark day.
40:57 Amen. Then stay about my business.
41:00 Work. If the Lord's coming, I'd just as soon be found here.
41:04 But dear friends, what I'm trying to get across to you
41:06 is the scripture said clearly...
41:09 It said: "After the days of those tribulations,
41:12 there would be a great earthquake. "
41:15 And then it said: "After that then the day would go dark. "
41:19 The scripture's not only telling you what's going to happen,
41:24 it's telling you the order that it took place in.
41:27 And it said: "After the day has gone dark,
41:30 the moon will be the color of blood. "
41:33 Listen:
41:54 Just exactly as God said it would be it took place.
42:01 And then it said: "The earthquake,
42:05 the day would go dark,
42:08 the moon would be the color of blood, "
42:10 and then the scripture says
42:12 "the stars would fall from heaven. "
42:23 Never been a day like that, folks,
42:25 in which the stars fell from heaven.
42:29 Listen to this:
42:52 Now can you just imagine?
42:54 Walking out here tonight and walk out there
42:59 and every way that you turned...
43:01 east, west, north, south...
43:05 every way you turn, stars were falling as thick as rain.
43:10 What would you think?
43:13 I'll tell you what they thought back then.
43:15 You can read accounts where men... grown men...
43:17 fell on the ground and started crying
43:19 because they thought the day of judgment was there.
43:23 That God was coming.
43:25 It was a horrible time
43:28 because they... nothing like it had been before.
43:31 Listen as it continues to describe it.
43:48 And I... I pick up these... where people today
43:52 try to give some explanation for that.
43:54 Let me tell you something, dear friend:
43:56 they weren't there.
43:58 You read the account of the people that were there
44:01 and boy, I can tell you right now,
44:02 there hadn't been anything like that.
44:05 You and I got out here and we see a few falling stars
44:09 but we never have seen it when it fell as thick as rain
44:13 in every way that you wanted to look.
44:43 Thus exactly as the scripture said
44:46 the stars fell from heaven.
44:50 These are signs, folks, that God gave
44:54 to tell you and I
44:57 that we're down to a period...
45:00 a period called the time of the end.
45:06 That's the time in which you and I are living today
45:09 that began 1798.
45:13 And since that time, we have been living
45:17 in the time of the end.
45:20 That's what the scripture tells us.
45:22 And therefore you're not living
45:25 like people have all down through the past ages.
45:30 You're living in a special period of time...
45:33 the time of the end.
45:34 The time when all of this
45:36 is going to come to a climax
45:38 and Jesus Christ
45:39 is going to come back.
45:41 That's the time that you're living in,
45:44 and you and I need to understand that.
45:46 The scripture is very, very clear about making that point
45:50 so that we understand where we are.
46:03 He said: "Daniel, shut up the words.
46:05 Seal the book until the time of the end. "
46:07 You and I are living in the time of the end...
46:13 the time when Christ will come back.
46:18 Are you ready?
46:20 That's what you and I have to ask ourselves.
46:22 Are you ready for Christ to come back?
46:26 Are you prepared for His coming?
46:28 We need to be. We need to be watching,
46:32 waiting, looking for the coming of Jesus Christ.
46:35 We're right down at the end of time.
46:40 I want you to watch this:
46:51 Did it happen?
46:54 Exactly. That tribulation came down
46:58 to the end. There all of a sudden, the sun was darkened.
47:15 Telling us exactly what's going to happen.
47:18 All that took place after 1798.
47:23 Now I want you to look at something very carefully.
47:26 That's Matthew 24 verse 29.
47:31 OK? Look at verse 30.
47:35 That's the very next verse.
47:37 This is Christ's own words, folks.
47:39 Listen to verse 30:
47:54 Do you follow what I'm trying to tell you?
47:57 There is no... there's nothing...
48:01 Christ didn't give anything in between those two verses.
48:05 You follow me?
48:08 In other words, He's saying this is the things that's going
48:11 to happen and after that the next thing
48:14 will be the coming of Jesus Christ.
48:17 He didn't say there's going to be a lot of other things.
48:20 He said the next thing would be the coming of Christ.
48:23 So you and I need to understand
48:26 that the next thing we're going to look for
48:29 will be the coming of Jesus Christ.
48:31 That we have to be looking, waiting, watching
48:36 for the coming of the Lord.
48:37 What I mustn't permit to happen, folks,
48:41 is I mustn't permit myself not to be ready.
48:46 I've got to be ready for the coming of the Lord.
48:52 If... If I miss it,
48:56 I'm in trouble.
49:00 Gordon and Dona and myself...
49:04 we were invited to speak at a convention up in Sacramento.
49:10 And uh, we had been holding meetings one right after another
49:15 hadn't had any time off.
49:17 And I told them, I said: "Let's fly up to Seattle
49:23 and take the Clipper across over to Victoria
49:28 and take a couple days and go out to the Butchart Gardens...
49:32 and see the gardens there and just take a couple days off.
49:35 And so we decided we would do that.
49:40 Gordon is kind of a train buff, and so we decided we would do
49:44 that then we would come back,
49:46 spend a day sightseeing in Seattle,
49:49 and then we would catch the train back to Sacramento
49:53 and be there in time for our appointment.
49:56 That was our intentions.
49:58 And so we flew over to Seattle.
50:02 Got the Clipper; went over to Victoria.
50:05 Went out and looked at the Butchart Gardens,
50:08 and had a nice time there.
50:10 Took the Clipper back and got us a hotel there in Seattle.
50:16 And the next morning when we got up, well...
50:20 we went down and had breakfast and I told Gordon and Dona...
50:25 I said: "I really would just like to go back up to my room
50:29 and just have a little time just for reading and meditation
50:35 and prayer. " And I said: "When I'm through,
50:38 well I'll let you know and we'll go out sightseeing. "
50:42 So I did. I went back up to the room and read and so forth.
50:45 When I finished I had everything packed up and I went down
50:49 and knocked on their room and told them I was ready to go.
50:52 And I said to them, I said:
50:54 "You know, I don't want to lug this suitcase around all day. "
50:57 I said: "I just really don't want to lug it around. "
51:00 I said: "Do you think they would let us check it in early
51:03 at the train station? "
51:04 And they said: "Maybe so. "
51:06 So I called up the train
51:09 and told them we had an appointment or we had to
51:15 catch the train that night...
51:16 at 9:45 pm we were to catch the train.
51:20 And I said: "We're here. I don't want to lug my luggage
51:24 around all day. " I said: "Can I check it in early? "
51:26 And they said: "Sure. "
51:28 And he said: "Mr. Cox, what's the number of your train? "
51:31 And I told him the number of the train.
51:34 Catch it at 9:45 pm... told him all that.
51:36 And it got real quiet on the other end,
51:40 and he said: "Mr. Cox, your train doesn't leave tonight
51:45 at 9:45 pm. It leaves this morning at 9:45 am.
51:50 That was 9:40 am.
51:53 You know? I'm trying to get across to you
51:58 about not being prepared... not being ready.
52:02 To get caught unawares.
52:04 By the way, we made that train only by the grace of God.
52:08 But let me tell you, dear friend,
52:10 you and I need to be ready for the coming of Jesus Christ.
52:14 Nothing should deter us from being prepared.
52:18 I want to ask you tonight: are you ready for Jesus to come?
52:24 Why do you wait, my brother?
52:31 Promises of God
52:35 all are true.
52:41 Jesus gave His life
52:44 on Calvary's mountain
52:51 and soon He will come again
52:57 for you.
53:03 The Lord is coming,
53:07 are you ready?
53:15 The Lord is coming,
53:19 are you ready?
53:26 Would your heart be right
53:31 if He came
53:36 tonight?
53:40 The Lord is coming,
53:46 are you ready?
54:00 Let us pray.
54:01 Father in Heaven, thank you.
54:06 Thank you for the signs that tell us where we are
54:10 in the stream of time.
54:12 That Jesus is coming back,
54:15 that time is running out.
54:18 Oh Lord, help us...
54:22 Help us not to be so caught up in the things of this world
54:27 that we miss it. May our eyes be opened.
54:32 May our hearts be surrendered.
54:35 May we be willing to follow the Lord and walk with Him
54:39 in all that we do.
54:41 Lord, we know that Your Word is sure,
54:47 that it doesn't fail.
54:49 May each of us plan to be ready when Jesus comes.
54:55 For this we ask in Your name, Amen.
54:59 Tonight we've talked about the time in which we are living:
55:04 the time of the end.
55:06 Our next presentation, folks, is going to deal with
55:10 present-day signs that are
55:12 taking place today.
55:13 The signs of the return of
55:16 Christ... that's what we're talking about.
55:18 And so we hope that you will follow as we look at
55:21 some signs that are happening today that tell us where we are
55:25 and what the scripture has to say about it.
55:27 They're very, very important signs...
55:30 signs that you and I recognize very clearly.
55:34 We don't have any trouble knowing where we are,
55:38 what's happening, what's taking place.
55:40 So we hope that each of you will be here.
55:42 Those of you who are watching by television
55:45 or listening by the radio
55:46 be sure and be with us tomorrow evening.
55:49 Goodnight. God bless each one of you.
55:53 More than 2,000 years have passed
55:56 since Jesus promised to return.
55:58 And through the centuries, the hearts of His faithful ones
56:02 have clung to those precious words.
56:04 But His promise has not yet been fulfilled.
56:07 The Life giver's voice has not yet called the sleeping saints
56:11 from their graves.
56:12 Each day many more Christians fall asleep in Jesus
56:17 clinging to the Blessed Hope
56:19 and believing that the next thing they'll see
56:21 is their Savior coming as He promised
56:24 in the clouds of glory.
56:26 But my friends, there are so many who do not have
56:31 this Blessed Hope. And many of them would
56:34 if they just had the opportunity to hear about Jesus.
56:39 That is why we are producing these programs.
56:42 We want to tell them about God's amazing love.
56:46 About our Savior, Jesus Christ.
56:48 About His second coming.
56:50 We want to give each one of them that Blessed Hope.
56:53 Think of it. Even now all of heaven's astir
56:57 preparing for that great day.
56:59 The Lord is waiting for us
57:01 to join Him in spreading the good news.
57:03 Praise God! The time of waiting is almost over.
57:07 Light is gleaming upon the clouds above the mountaintops.
57:11 Soon there will be a revealing of His glory.
57:14 The Son of Righteousness is about to shine forth.
57:17 NOW is the time to prepare for the coming of the Lord.
57:21 Readiness to meet Him cannot be attained
57:24 in a moment's time.
57:26 Each member of our ministry team has focused on doing all we can
57:31 to spread the good news,
57:32 but we cannot do it alone.
57:34 We need your help.
57:36 Each of us must prepare, watch, and wait.
57:39 But we also must work earnestly
57:42 for the salvation of souls.
57:44 Please consider what you can do
57:46 for those who still don't know about Jesus.
57:49 As the Holy Spirit impresses,
57:51 you may send your tax-deductible gifts to:
58:05 Thank you for helping us to bring the Blessed Hope
58:08 to millions all around the world.


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