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The Coming Of Jesus Christ

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00:19 Good evening and welcome to the 3ABN Worship Center
00:24 in Thompson, Illinois.
00:26 From this place, Thompsonville,
00:28 Illinois. I left the ville off!
00:31 But from this place, this message goes around the world.
00:37 Eleven satellites will be carrying Pastor Kenneth Cox's
00:41 message tonight to every part of this world.
00:45 And that fulfills one of his dreams, because
00:49 one of his dreams was to be a part of spreading the gospel
00:53 to this whole place.
00:55 The Gospel Commission has been a commission that he has taken
00:59 seriously: "For this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached
01:03 in all the world, and then the end shall come. "
01:07 And tonight he's going to be talking about
01:11 the signs of Christ's coming.
01:14 But not only the signs... the manner of His coming.
01:18 A lot of confusion in the world tonight
01:20 about the manner of Christ's coming.
01:22 How will He come?
01:24 And we believe the Bible is very clear on that,
01:27 and Pastor Cox is going to be presenting
01:31 a message on the manner of the coming of Jesus Christ.
01:35 But before he comes, we're going to listen as Walter Arties
01:40 sings for us that spiritual No Hiding Place.
02:13 There's no hiding place
02:15 down here,
02:17 There's no hiding place down here,
02:22 Oh I went to the rocks to hide my face
02:24 the rocks cried out no hiding place,
02:27 no hiding place down here.
02:30 There's no hiding place down here,
02:34 there's no hiding place down here,
02:39 Oh I went to the rocks to hide my face
02:42 the rocks cried out no hiding place,
02:44 No hiding place down here.
02:47 Oh sinner man, you'd better repent.
02:52 Oh sinner man, you'd better repent.
02:56 Oh sinner man, you'd better repent
02:59 'cause God's going to judge in the judgment day,
03:02 No hiding place down here.
03:05 There is no hiding place down here,
03:10 there's no hiding place down here,
03:14 Oh I went to the rocks to hide my face
03:18 the rocks cried out no hiding place,
03:20 No hiding place down here.
03:24 Oh the rich man, he gambled and he fell,
03:29 Oh the rich man, he gambled and fell,
03:33 Oh the rich man, he gambled and fell
03:36 he wanted to go to heaven, he had to go to... well...
03:39 No hiding place down here.
03:42 There is no hiding place down here,
03:47 there's no hiding place down here,
03:51 Oh I went to the rocks to hide my face
03:54 the rocks cried out no hiding place,
03:56 There's no hiding place down here.
03:59 There's no hiding place down here,
04:04 there's no hiding place down here,
04:08 Oh I went to the rocks to hide my face
04:11 the rocks cried out
04:13 no hiding
04:19 place,
04:23 There's no hiding place
04:27 down here.
04:47 Amen.
04:52 No hiding place down here.
04:54 Marvelous! Pastor Walter Arties.
04:57 Great, great voice. Great friend.
05:01 Known him for a number of years.
05:03 We appreciate very much Walter and what he does for us...
05:07 he and his wife Beverly.
05:09 It's just been a great blessing to us over the years
05:13 as he's sung for us
05:14 from place to place.
05:15 Good evening to each of you.
05:17 I'm very happy that you're here this evening.
05:19 And we hope that as we're going through this series
05:23 on the second coming of Christ
05:26 I hope that you're beginning to get a sense
05:28 of the times in which we are living in and the promise
05:32 that God gives that Jesus is coming back
05:35 and that each one of us need to be looking, waiting,
05:39 watching for the coming of the Lord.
05:42 Something that all of us need to desire,
05:45 and we need really, folks, to plan our lives
05:49 around the fact that we want to be in God's kingdom.
05:52 That is something that we should long for and look for.
05:56 And so we hope it's a blessing to you as we talk about
06:00 the coming of Jesus Christ.
06:02 What does the Bible tell us?
06:04 What does it say about the coming of Jesus?
06:06 What says the Bible, the blessed Bible?
06:09 This my only question be.
06:12 The signs of Christ's coming are now all around us.
06:16 What says the Bible to me?
06:19 That's what we want to find out.
06:21 Tonight we're talking about the manner of Christ's return.
06:26 How is He coming back? The manner of His return.
06:29 Tomorrow evening we're going to be talking about the subject
06:34 The Night Watch.
06:35 The Night Watch.
06:36 There's a text in the Bible that says:
06:39 "What about the night? "
06:40 Ask the watchman, "what about the night? "
06:43 We are going to look at that.
06:44 What about the time in which we are living in?
06:47 How do I relate to these things?
06:49 What admonitions do the scriptures give us
06:52 concerning the coming of Jesus Christ?
06:54 And so we hope you'll be sure and tune in if you're watching
06:58 by television or by listening on the radio.
07:02 Be sure and tune in to that next presentation on
07:04 The Night Watch.
07:06 Hope it'll bless you.
07:07 What are you looking for in tonight's presentation:
07:11 The Coming of Jesus Christ?
07:15 We are really dealing with the manner of Christ's coming.
07:19 How is He coming?
07:21 Christ makes four very, very clear emphatic statements
07:26 concerning His coming that tells you and I
07:30 how He's coming back, and that's what we're looking at tonight.
07:33 And we hope that that will help you and I
07:36 see the way Christ is coming and how it will take place
07:41 when He comes. So follow carefully
07:44 as we take a look at the subject of the coming
07:46 of Jesus Christ.
07:48 As we read the scripture, many times
07:53 we plied because it says, you know,
07:57 "Watchman, what of the night? "
07:58 And it says "the bridegroom came at midnight" and so forth.
08:02 But Walter's going to sing for us a song
08:05 that pictures the coming of Jesus Christ.
08:10 It's entitled: It May Be At Morn.
08:32 It may be at morn,
08:39 when the day is
08:42 awaking.
08:46 When sunlight through darkness
08:52 and shadow is breaking,
08:58 That Jesus will come
09:03 in the fullness of glory
09:08 To receive from the world
09:14 His own.
09:20 O Lord Jesus,
09:25 how long,
09:27 how long
09:30 Ere we shout
09:33 the glad song?
09:35 Christ returneth,
09:38 Hallelujah!
09:41 hallelujah! Amen,
09:46 Hallelujah!
09:49 Amen.
10:08 It may be at
10:13 midday,
10:18 it may be
10:20 at twilight,
10:25 It may be, perchance,
10:30 that the blackness
10:33 of midnight
10:39 Will burst into light
10:46 in the blaze of His glory,
10:52 When Jesus receives
10:57 His own.
11:02 O Lord Jesus,
11:07 how long, how long
11:12 Ere we shout
11:15 the glad song?
11:17 Christ returneth,
11:20 Hallelujah!
11:23 hallelujah! Amen,
11:28 Hallelujah!
11:32 Amen.
11:58 Amen.
12:12 Most Gracious Heavenly Father,
12:16 we come to You this evening
12:18 beseeching Your presence.
12:24 Asking that each of us
12:26 may have eyes that are open,
12:31 ears that are listening.
12:33 That the Holy Spirit may quicken us
12:37 and that we may see and prepare for Your coming.
12:43 Give us understanding
12:45 as we open Your Word this evening we pray.
12:48 In Christ's name, Amen.
12:58 Have you ever been deceived?
13:03 Have you ever got involved in something...
13:08 you thought it was right, you know, in every way
13:11 and then found out that you had been conned
13:15 and it wasn't right at all?
13:18 Have you ever stood and watched a shell game?
13:20 Have you ever been involved
13:22 in one of those things you know
13:23 where they take those shells
13:24 and move them around and you're supposed to guess
13:27 and just been, you know, deceived,
13:31 just outright deceived about it?
13:33 I just finished reading a book on Houdini.
13:37 I don't know if you know who Houdini was, but
13:40 he was a magician or a slight-of-hand artist
13:45 and so forth. Uh, he... he made no bones about it.
13:50 I mean, that's what he was there to do is to deceive you.
13:54 In fact, as I was reading the book
13:56 he had done some slight-of-hand stuff
13:59 and President Teddy Roosevelt was there in the room
14:04 and he actually did what he did with the president.
14:08 And after it was over, the president asked him.
14:12 He said: "Now, did you do that by some supernatural means? "
14:16 And Houdini said: "Sir, that wasn't anything
14:20 but hocus-pocus.
14:22 That's all it was. " He was just outright deceived.
14:26 Probably one of the greatest deceptions
14:29 that's going on in the world today
14:32 is the deception concerning the coming of Jesus Christ.
14:37 When Christ's disciples came to Him
14:42 when He was there on the Mount of Olives,
14:44 and they asked Him those questions
14:46 that we talked about the other night:
14:47 "When shall these things be? "
14:49 "What shall be the sign of Your coming
14:51 and the end of the world? "
14:53 They asked Him that. The very first thing that Jesus
14:58 said to them after they asked that question was this:
15:08 That was the very first thing He said to them.
15:10 He said: "Now watch out!
15:11 Be careful. Make sure nobody deceives you
15:16 concerning the coming of Jesus Christ. "
15:20 In fact, Paul went on and he admonished the people.
15:24 He said:
15:32 He said: "Just don't be deceived
15:35 concerning the coming of Jesus Christ. "
15:37 So tonight we want to look and see what does the Bible say?
15:42 What does it say about the coming of Jesus Christ?
15:46 That's what we want to find out; that's what we want to know.
15:49 Does the Bible?
15:54 What says the Bible, the blessed Bible?
15:58 This my only question be.
16:00 The teachings of men
16:03 so often mislead us.
16:05 What says the Bible to me?
16:08 That's what we want to find out this evening.
16:10 Find that when Jesus left,
16:15 went back to heaven,
16:16 it says that He sent a couple angels to help us know.
16:19 It says:
16:22 This was when He was ascending to heaven...
16:30 Being taken to heaven.
16:48 This what?
16:51 That meant that the coming of Jesus Christ
16:55 is going to be visible, it's going to be personal.
17:08 Here these angels are telling these disciples
17:11 that He's coming back just like He went into heaven.
17:15 They saw Him go into heaven.
17:17 He's coming back the same way.
17:20 Goes on and tells us here in I John 3 and verse 2:
17:41 So the coming of Christ is going to be a visible coming.
17:44 It's going to be a physical coming.
17:46 It's going to be something that you and I can see.
17:49 It's not going to be taking place where we don't know
17:54 that it's happening, folks.
17:56 That the scripture is clear on.
17:58 It's a physical, literal coming of Jesus Christ.
18:04 Four times... four times in scripture
18:08 Jesus said these words:
18:16 Now write it down.
18:17 We're talking about the coming,
18:19 and these are Christ's own words.
18:21 And He says: "So will the coming of the Son of Man be. "
18:25 He's saying: "My coming is going to be just exactly like this.
18:29 That's the way My coming's going to be. "
18:31 So let's take a look at those verses
18:34 and see what the coming of Jesus Christ is going to be like.
18:38 Matthew 24:27.
18:41 That chapter He's talking about His coming. He says:
18:51 He said: "As lightning comes out of the east
18:54 and flashes clear across the sky to the west,
18:57 so the coming of the Son of Man will be. "
19:02 As I told you, I grew up in Oklahoma.
19:04 My father was very, very fond of hunting and fishing.
19:09 And so I can remember
19:11 he came home from work one day
19:14 and he told me. He said: "When you come home from school
19:16 tomorrow, " he said, "if you'll get all the fishing gear ready
19:20 when I come home from work we'll pack up the car
19:24 and I'll have your mother fix us a lunch and all,
19:27 and we'll go out and spend the night on the river fishing. "
19:30 Well, of course, to a 10-year-old boy,
19:32 that was music to my ears, you know. Anxious to do that.
19:36 So when I got home, I got all the fishing gear all fixed up
19:39 and mother had us a meal or a lunch all packed and everything.
19:43 And we loaded the car up and drove out to what is called
19:46 the Kiamichi River.
19:48 And we got out there and fixed us a place there
19:52 and I can remember we put out the poles and started fishing.
19:56 And dad went up on the bank there, and he took a hatchet
20:00 and he cut down what we called post oak runners.
20:04 Now post oaks are little trees that they make posts out of.
20:08 And anyhow, he cut these down
20:11 and he made a lean-to. And he took a blanket
20:14 and spread it out under this lean-to and told me...
20:16 He said: "Now if you get tired, you can come up here
20:18 and lay down and take a nap if you want to. "
20:20 Well, I went down and started fishing...
20:24 but the fish weren't biting
20:26 and it wasn't too long until I was bored.
20:29 And so I went up and sat down on this blanket
20:33 under this lean-to.
20:35 Hadn't been sittin' there long until off in the distance
20:39 on the horizon I could see the flash of lightning,
20:42 you know, and didn't think much about it.
20:46 But as I was sitting there it wasn't too long until
20:49 I could begin to hear the rumble of thunder.
20:52 Now, if you've ever lived in Oklahoma,
20:55 you know a storm can develop quite rapidly there.
20:59 And so I'm sitting there on the blanket
21:02 and that storm's getting closer and closer and closer
21:07 and the lightning is getting brighter and brighter
21:10 and the thunder is getting stronger, and I mean
21:13 it's getting really bad.
21:15 And I guess my father got concerned about me
21:19 because he came up and had a seat beside me
21:22 there under that lean-to.
21:23 And I can remember that storm passed right over us
21:28 and I to this day have not forgotten.
21:31 The thunder was so loud, folks, it shook the ground.
21:36 And I... I closed my eyes.
21:39 And as a kid I can remember closing my eyes
21:41 and I could still see the lightning.
21:44 Now when lightning comes out of the east
21:46 shines clear to the west
21:48 you'd better believe you can see that!
21:50 That's not something that's quiet.
21:52 It's something that's happening.
21:54 Christ said: "My coming is going to be like this.
21:57 Like lightning coming out of the east shining clear to the west
22:01 so will the coming of the Son of Man be. "
22:05 That's a promise given to us.
22:06 Says:
22:20 It says: "Behold, He is coming with clouds. "
22:36 Ever wondered why as you read through the scripture
22:39 so many times it says that He's coming with clouds?
22:44 You know? What are those clouds
22:46 coming back with? It says: "Behold He cometh
22:49 with clouds. " What are they?
22:51 I can remember years ago... I'm sure some of you remember,
22:56 seems like it's probably - I don't know -
22:58 30, 40 years ago now...
22:59 that when we had this great big to-do about flying saucers
23:05 and UFOs? You remember that?
23:07 Well when that took place, I really got interested
23:11 in UFOs and flying saucers, and I got my hands on every book
23:16 I could get them on and read all about flying saucers
23:20 and all that. I can't really say I learned very much.
23:24 But one thing I did learn
23:27 is there's a religion connected with that.
23:29 And they believe that Jesus came on a flying saucer.
23:34 They believe He's going back to heaven on a flying saucer.
23:38 They believe that that cloud that led the children of Israel
23:41 was a flying saucer and all that.
23:43 I want to read to you what the scripture tells you they are.
23:46 If you've got a Bible, you can take and look at it
23:48 if you want to with me.
23:50 But if you'll turn to the 104th Psalm...
23:53 104th Psalm and verse 3.
23:58 It says here: "He lays the beams of His upper chambers
24:03 in the waters who makes the clouds His chariots,
24:08 who walks on the wings of the wind. "
24:12 So it says that God makes the clouds His chariots.
24:17 That's what they are.
24:19 What are those chariots?
24:21 Well, if you turn on back over here to the 68th Psalm,
24:27 and look at verse 17,
24:30 it says this: "The chariots of God
24:33 are 20,000... even thousands of angels.
24:39 The Lord is among them as in Sinai in the holy place. "
24:44 So when it says that He comes with clouds
24:46 that's talking about all the angels that come with Him.
24:50 They're coming back with the Lord.
24:52 The great angelic host will come with Christ.
24:56 OK. And it says:
25:11 All the angels coming with Jesus.
25:16 Ever wondered about that?
25:18 Did you know that you have an angel?
25:21 Hmmm?
25:23 That every one of us have an angel that was given to you
25:27 at birth that goes with you throughout your entire life?
25:33 Did you know that the scripture says
25:36 that you should be very, very careful how you treat children?
25:43 Did you know that?
25:44 That one of the reasons it tells you that is because it says
25:48 that their angel looks on the face of God.
25:53 What it says.
25:55 Their angel looks on the face of God.
25:58 So that you and I should be very careful how we treat children.
26:04 You have an angel, and that angel goes with you
26:07 throughout your life.
26:08 Do you remember the time there in Acts 12
26:11 when Herod had had James beheaded?
26:15 And it brought so much favor to him from the Jews
26:20 that he decided he would behead Peter also.
26:23 Had Peter arrested,
26:25 and he was put down in solitary confinement.
26:30 In fact, behind steel doors
26:33 and was chained to guards.
26:36 Wanted to make sure that Peter
26:38 was there, you see?
26:40 Let me tell you something.
26:42 Did you know that angels have keys to every prison?
26:48 They do!
26:50 And it says that he was going to behead Peter the next day.
26:55 You know what Peter was doing?
26:58 Sleeping.
27:01 How many of you would be asleep
27:03 if you knew your head was coming off the next day?
27:05 But here he is sleeping, and he is sleeping so soundly
27:10 that this angel comes in there
27:12 and speaks to him, and it doesn't even disturb him.
27:16 And finally the angel had to shake him.
27:20 Said: "Wake up, Peter. "
27:21 And Peter... Peter thinks he's dreaming, see.
27:27 And the angel said: "Come on Peter, get up.
27:29 Get dressed. " And I guess Peter wasn't moving very fast
27:34 and the angel said: "Come on Peter, put your shoes on. "
27:37 And Peter put his shoes on
27:39 And it says Peter and that angel
27:41 walked through those steel doors.
27:46 They opened and closed, went right past the guards...
27:51 Nobody knew anything.
27:54 Walked out into the street
27:57 and the angel left.
28:00 And all of a sudden Peter realized he wasn't dreaming.
28:02 That he was out there in that street by himself.
28:05 And he said: "You know, what am I going to do? "
28:09 So he decided to go to the home of John Mark.
28:14 Gets over there. You know what they're doing
28:16 at John Mark's home, don't you?
28:17 Well, they're having a prayer meeting.
28:19 Yeah. They're having prayer meeting
28:21 and they're praying for Peter. See?
28:25 Praying that something will happen for Peter.
28:27 And so here Peter is knocking at the door.
28:31 And a young lady by the name of Rhoda
28:34 went to the door to see who it was, and
28:37 she looked out... evidently there was a
28:38 peephole or something there...
28:40 and she looked out and there was Peter.
28:42 And she gets so excited she didn't even open the door.
28:46 She runs back in and tells them
28:48 "Peter's at the door! Peter's at the door! "
28:50 And they said: "No he's not. "
28:53 And she said: "Peter's at the door. "
28:55 And they said: "Rhoda, are you OK?
28:57 Are you all right? "
29:00 I want to ask you: is that the way your prayer meetings are?
29:04 Is that the way you pray? You know?
29:07 And she said: "No, Peter's at the door. "
29:10 And they said: "Rhoda, it's his angel. "
29:16 You can read it there in Acts 12.
29:18 That "It's his angel. "
29:20 You see, each one of us have an angel.
29:23 And when Jesus comes back it'll be that angel
29:27 that will come and get you
29:30 and take you and present you to Jesus Christ.
29:33 Angel that knows you better than anybody else.
29:36 That angel will come and present you to the Lord.
29:41 Well it says... We looked at one; here's the second one:
29:52 He said if you really want to know
29:55 what the coming of Christ is going to be like,
29:58 well it's going to be like as in the days of Noah.
30:03 OK? I want to ask you something.
30:07 Did those people in the days of Noah...
30:10 did they know it was raining?
30:14 Hmmm?
30:16 You better believe they knew when it started raining.
30:19 There was no question they knew it was raining.
30:23 There's going to be no question that you're going to know
30:26 when Jesus is coming.
30:27 This is not going to be something that's going to be
30:30 snuck up on.
30:31 It's going to be something you will be very much aware of.
30:35 And it says: "As it was in the days of Noah... "
30:47 Said they were going on.
30:50 Noah had preached to them
30:52 for 120 years.
30:57 120 years... and they had tuned him out.
31:03 As far as they were concerned, he was some crazy old man
31:08 over here building a monstrosity, if you please.
31:13 That never, never would it be possible
31:18 for it to rain enough to take care of that.
31:22 They had tuned him out.
31:26 And so you live in an age where people tuned out
31:31 the coming of Jesus Christ.
31:34 Going about life just like there was no urgency.
31:39 They didn't need to worry about it...
31:41 just continuing on day by day like they always had.
32:01 Said: "Watch out, because it may come upon you
32:05 when you don't in the least expect it...
32:10 Jesus will come. "
32:12 We need to be watching, waiting for the coming
32:16 because it will take place.
32:18 The third one:
32:30 OK?
32:36 As it was in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah,
32:40 so it will be in the day in which Christ comes back.
32:46 In which is rained fire and brimstone down and destroyed
32:52 those cities on the plain.
32:55 Got rid of all of them.
32:57 So will the coming of the Son of Man be.
33:00 Watch as the scripture pictures very clearly
33:05 what the reaction will be.
33:18 Can you just imagine?
33:20 What happens if you walk out here and all of a sudden
33:24 the sky just starts rolling back like a scroll?
33:28 Do you think you'd know something was going on?
33:33 Yeah. If mountains and islands were moved out of their place?
33:39 This is talking about the coming of Christ.
33:43 The heavens will part as a scroll.
33:46 The mountains are going to be moved out of place...
34:10 They are very much aware that something's happening, folks.
34:15 It says this is the way the coming of Christ is going to be.
34:18 They're going to be aware of something.
34:21 They're going to be aware. And it says:
34:24 "to hide them from the wrath of the Lamb, "
34:33 So the coming of Christ is not going to be
34:37 something that will be quiet, something they will not be
34:40 aware of, but it's something that we will know...
34:43 know what's going to happen.
34:59 There would be a great earthquake.
35:03 We talked a little bit about earthquakes.
35:06 We see more of them; the intensity of them is greater.
35:12 But let me tell you, friends,
35:14 there'll never be an earthquake like this one!
35:17 This will be it. I get amused, particularly when I'm out
35:21 in California, you know, and they have earthquakes
35:24 every so often. And there'll be an earthquake that will
35:28 shake things and all, and
35:29 you'll tune in on the television
35:32 that evening and the news
35:35 that evening almost invariably the news commentator will
35:39 say: "Well, this wasn't the big one. "
35:42 Well let me tell you, THIS is the big one right here.
35:46 This is the big one! Never been an earthquake like that.
35:49 I can tell you, it will be off the Richter scale.
35:52 Describing what's going to happen when Jesus comes.
35:57 "As it was in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah,
36:00 so it will be when Jesus Christ comes back. "
36:19 They didn't know.
36:21 "So also will the coming of the Son of Man be. "
36:27 You know, Paul talks about it.
36:31 He says that you and I are to be children of light.
36:38 He says we're not children of darkness
36:41 that that day should come upon us unaware
36:45 but that we are children of light.
36:49 There is no reason for you and for me
36:53 not to understand where we are
36:57 that that day would come upon us unaware.
37:01 There's no reason for that.
37:03 We need to be into God's Word.
37:06 We need to be reading it; we need to be studying it.
37:08 We need to be preparing for the coming of the Lord.
37:12 That we need to be doing.
37:14 In fact, Jesus... talking about the Jewish people
37:20 in the time when He was here,
37:21 said this about them.
37:23 Speaking of Jerusalem:
37:42 Terrible. Told them there won't be one stone
37:46 left on top of another because you didn't know the time
37:51 of your visitation. And when He told them that,
37:55 I mean in broad day and clear terms,
37:58 they laughed at it.
38:00 You see, there were stones in that temple
38:06 in that wall that were 30 feet long.
38:13 Some of them were as wide as four feet
38:18 laid on top of one another... perfectly laid.
38:22 And for Him to make a statement like that
38:25 that there wouldn't be one stone left on top of another...
38:30 But true to His word,
38:34 when that temple caught on fire
38:37 and began to burn, and the gold melted and ran down
38:43 into the rocks and into the creeks and the crevices
38:46 and the cracks of those rocks.
38:48 After that was over, the people came in there and they pried
38:54 every last one of those stones off the other
38:58 to gather the gold.
38:59 Just exactly as He said
39:01 because they did not know the time of their visitation.
39:07 You and I need to know where we are...
39:11 we need to understand the time of visitation
39:14 very, very clearly.
39:16 But let me tell you something,
39:18 there won't be anything like the coming of Jesus Christ.
39:24 There will be a glory connected with the coming of Christ
39:27 like this world has never seen
39:30 I can assure you. Don't let anybody ever tell you
39:35 that people won't be aware that it's going on
39:38 because when I'm through with the next few points
39:40 you'll understand that EVERYBODY WILL KNOW.
39:45 There will be no question.
39:47 Listen to what the scripture says about this:
39:59 Says when He comes back He's not going to come secretly.
40:03 He's not going to come quietly.
40:04 He's going to come back with power and GREAT GLORY.
40:08 That's how He's coming.
40:23 Now the glory that is there... it says it will be as a
40:27 consuming fire.
40:30 And He will destroy with the brightness of His coming.
40:33 So let's take a look this evening at this glory
40:36 that it talks about, what it's going to be like.
40:39 The glory of the Lord...
40:56 So it says He's coming back in His glory,
41:01 He's coming back in His Father's glory,
41:05 and He's coming back in the glory of the holy angels.
41:09 Have you ever looked at that
41:12 to see what that's like when it says He's going to come back
41:16 in His Father's glory?
41:17 What was the glory of the Father like?
41:21 Going to come back in His Father's glory.
41:24 Well you remember, God had told Moses
41:28 to come up into the mountain.
41:30 And Moses went up in the mountain,
41:33 and he spent 40 days there.
41:37 One of the things that Moses asked
41:40 when he was there, he said: "Lord, show me Your glory. "
41:44 Asked for that.
41:46 And the Lord said: "OK, Moses. "
41:49 And He put Moses in a cleft of a rock.
41:52 The scripture says He put his hand over it and He passed by
41:57 and He let Moses see His back.
42:00 And Moses saw the glory of God.
42:05 Now folks, watch this:
42:28 Now get a picture... Moses is not aware of this.
42:43 Now I want to ask you something.
42:44 If the reflected glory of God is so bright
42:50 that these people didn't even want to come near Moses,
42:55 what must the glory of God be like?
42:59 See? And Jesus said: "I'm going to come back
43:02 in My Father's glory. "
43:04 And here the reflected glory of God was so bright
43:08 the people couldn't stand to look at it.
43:10 Not only that, He said He was going to come in His own glory.
43:16 Come back in HIS glory.
43:19 What was the glory of Christ like?
43:22 Well, we have an example in the scriptures.
43:25 Jesus has taken Peter, James, and John
43:30 with him up on the Mount of Transfiguration.
43:33 And there He meets with Moses and Elijah.
43:39 And Christ is transfigured there
43:41 and the scripture describes it with these words:
44:04 And it says in scripture that they could not stand to look
44:08 upon it because of the brightness.
44:10 So here we have the divinity of Christ
44:14 shining forth with such brightness
44:17 they couldn't even stand to look upon it.
44:20 And Jesus said He's coming back in His glory.
44:25 So He's not just coming in the Father's glory,
44:27 He's coming in His glory also.
44:30 And He said He's going to come in the glory of the angels.
44:37 What's the glory of an angel like?
44:40 Well, Christ has died. They've placed him in the tomb.
44:47 They have put 100 soldiers
44:53 guarding the tomb.
44:55 A centurion has 100 soldiers under him guarding the tomb.
45:00 Make sure it's not disturbed.
45:04 And it says that an angel came. Listen:
45:20 Can you picture it?
45:22 One angel. I'm not talking about 100 angels.
45:27 Talking about one lone angel
45:31 came and rolled back the stone
45:36 and sat on it.
45:48 One angel comes...
45:51 his countenance is like lightning.
45:55 Watch! These are soldiers;
45:58 these are trained men to fight
46:04 anything...
46:15 I mean those soldiers fell to the ground like dead men
46:20 the countenance of one angel. Oh, the glory!
46:26 It says He's coming back in the glory of the angels.
46:29 How many angels are there?
46:34 Hmmm?
46:36 When the Son of Man comes...
46:42 listen to that...
46:51 So the scripture tells us that He's coming back with
46:57 All of them!
46:59 Well the scripture never, never, never
47:04 numbers angels.
47:07 You can't find it anywhere in here
47:08 where it talks numbers of angels.
47:10 It just doesn't number them.
47:11 Not there.
47:13 It talks about innumerable company of angels.
47:16 It does say this:
47:33 Do you know what ten thousand times ten thousand is?
47:38 Well that's 100 million.
47:41 Just saying there will be an innumerable company of angels
47:45 and they're going to come. When 100,000,00 angels come
47:48 and each one of them's countenance is like lightning,
47:51 are you trying to tell me that's something that can't be seen?
47:57 You'd better believe you'll see that and know
48:00 when Jesus is coming. Amen!
48:02 You and I, fortunately, we have the assurance
48:08 that God is there and caring for us... loves us.
48:13 Have that assurance.
48:23 He's going to come. He's going to shout.
48:25 His voice is going to roll through this earth
48:27 like peals of thunder.
48:39 What's going to happen?
48:40 They're going to be resurrected from the grave.
48:55 Just think! When He comes in all the glory of those angels
48:59 and His own glory and the Father's glory,
49:01 and He's going to shout.
49:02 And His words are going to roll through this earth
49:05 and the dead that are in the ground
49:09 are going to hear that voice and they're going to come forth!
49:12 Marvelous!
49:14 I've had a lot of people tell me:
49:16 "Well, I just hope I can live to see the Lord come. "
49:18 I'm not sure I want to.
49:21 I'm really not.
49:24 I'm not sure, folks,
49:27 that I want to miss the resurrection.
49:29 Think of what that will be!
49:31 Just think... when He comes and He shouts
49:35 and the graves open
49:37 and the saints come out of the graves
49:39 how wonderful that will be. Marvelous experience!
49:43 The resurrection!
49:54 We'll be caught up to meet the Lord in the air.
49:57 All the people will come back.
50:00 You see, the Bible not only tells you that Jesus is coming
50:04 it even tells you what the Lord is going to say when He shouts.
50:09 Tells you that here in Isaiah. Says:
50:16 And then Jesus is going to shout out across this whole earth...
50:29 Going to come... He's going to shout out
50:32 across this whole earth: "AWAKE AND SING! "
50:36 And all the dead in the grave are going to come up
50:39 out of that grave, and they're going to come out
50:41 of that grave singing: OH DEATH, WHERE IS YOUR STING?
50:48 as they come out singing
50:50 that God has raised them from the dead.
50:53 Dear friend, marvelous will be the resurrection that will
50:57 take place at the coming of Jesus Christ.
51:01 Jesus will have come back.
51:03 He will have set up His kingdom.
51:25 He's going to come back,
51:28 and He's going to set up His kingdom.
51:29 And praise God, that kingdom will last for how long?
51:34 Forever!
51:35 Never again, never again throughout all time
51:39 will there be war.
51:41 Never again will there be starvation.
51:43 Never again will there be any of the problems that we face today.
51:47 That will all be gone!
51:49 And all those people that are resurrected from the grave
51:55 and they'll come out and they will sing
51:58 and they will say:
52:03 Here's all the righteous... a great multitude...
52:16 Sin is no more; it's come to an end.
52:20 Jesus has come back; He's set up His kingdom,
52:23 and the righteous now down through time
52:27 will be able to rejoice with Him.
52:29 Oh, dear friend, that's the glorious news:
52:32 that Jesus Christ is coming back and that you and I can be
52:37 waiting, watching for Him to come.
52:41 We don't have to worry.
52:44 The only thing that you and I need to be, make sure of,
52:48 is that we're ready for the coming of Jesus.
52:51 That He's coming back for you and for me
52:54 and we just need to make sure that our hearts are ready
52:57 for His return. It's almost time!
53:01 Almost time, friend, for the Lord to come.
53:05 'Tis almost time
53:11 for the Lord to come,
53:17 I hear the people
53:23 say;
53:26 The stars of heaven
53:31 are growing dim,
53:37 It must be the
53:41 breaking of
53:44 the day.
53:49 O it must
53:54 be the breaking of the day!
54:00 O it must be
54:03 the breaking of the day!
54:10 The night is almost
54:14 gone,
54:17 The day is coming
54:21 on;
54:25 O it must be
54:30 the breaking
54:33 of the
54:37 day!
54:46 Let us pray.
54:48 Heavenly Father, Thank you Lord...
54:52 thank you for the assurance of Your Word.
54:56 Thank you for the promises that You're coming back.
55:01 For the instruction that helps us each to know
55:05 what to look for and to plan
55:08 and to prepare for Your return.
55:11 May each one that is listening by television...
55:17 watching on television or listening by radio
55:19 or here in the auditorium...
55:21 may their hearts be full and may they have the assurance
55:25 that they are looking and waiting
55:28 and preparing for the coming of their Lord and Savior
55:32 Jesus Christ.
55:33 May our lives be surrendered to You in all that we do.
55:37 We pray in Christ's name, Amen.
55:41 Our next presentation is entitled "The Night Watch. "
55:46 And so you want to be sure and tune in for that.
55:49 God bless you.
55:52 More than 2,000 years have passed
55:55 since Jesus promised to return.
55:58 And through the centuries, the hearts of His faithful ones
56:01 have clung to those precious words.
56:03 But His promise has not yet been fulfilled.
56:06 The Lifegiver's voice has not yet called the sleeping saints
56:10 from their graves.
56:12 Each day many more Christians fall asleep in Jesus
56:16 clinging to the Blessed Hope
56:18 and believing that the next thing they'll see
56:20 is their Savior coming as He promised
56:23 in the clouds of glory.
56:26 But my friends, there are so many who do not have
56:29 this Blessed Hope. And many of them would
56:33 if they just had the opportunity to hear about Jesus.
56:39 That is why we are producing these programs.
56:42 We want to tell them about God's amazing love.
56:45 About our Savior, Jesus Christ.
56:47 About His second coming.
56:49 We want to give each one of them that Blessed Hope.
56:52 Think of it. Even now all of heaven's astir
56:56 preparing for that great day.
56:58 The Lord is waiting for us
57:00 to join Him in spreading the good news.
57:02 Praise God! The time of waiting is almost over.
57:06 Light is gleaming upon the clouds above the mountaintops.
57:10 Soon there will be a revealing of His glory.
57:13 The Son of Righteousness is about to shine forth.
57:16 NOW is the time to prepare for the coming of the Lord.
57:20 Readiness to meet Him cannot be attained
57:23 in a moment's time.
57:25 Each member of our ministry team has focused on doing all we can
57:30 to spread the good news,
57:31 but we cannot do it alone.
57:34 We need your help.
57:35 Each of us must prepare, watch, and wait.
57:38 But we also must work earnestly
57:41 for the salvation of souls.
57:44 Please consider what you can do
57:45 for those who still don't know about Jesus.
57:48 As the Holy Spirit impresses,
57:50 you may send your tax-deductible gifts to:
58:04 Thank you for helping us to bring the Blessed Hope
58:07 to millions all around the world.


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