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The Fruits Of The Holy Spirit

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Participants: Pr. Kenneth Cox


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00:19 The other day I bought this
00:21 little GPS system.
00:24 And it's not the most expensive
00:27 of this model, nor is it
00:29 the cheapest, but I got a very
00:30 good sale and so I purchased it.
00:32 And for the most part it works very, very good.
00:36 But I found out something just the other day...
00:38 that there is a little flaw in this system.
00:41 This GPS system does not recognize my house.
00:46 According to this little box my house does not exist.
00:49 I think it's because though I live in Thompsonville
00:51 I'm not in Franklin County I'm in Williamson County,
00:54 and part of my property is in the town of Pittsburgh.
00:57 And so when I put in Thompsonville, it doesn't exit.
01:01 I put in Pittsburgh it doesn't exist.
01:03 So this little system can take me to almost any city
01:07 in North America but it cannot get me home.
01:11 It cannot get me where I ultimately need to go.
01:15 It cannot get me home.
01:18 And I think that's why Elder Cox chose to name this series
01:23 Give Me The Bible.
01:25 Because as John 14:6 says, Jesus Christ is indeed the way.
01:30 And if Jesus is the way,
01:33 then the roadmap to the way
01:36 has to be the Word.
01:38 And it is the Word that leads us home.
01:42 And as we follow His Word, we are sure to get home.
01:45 My name is C.A. Murray, and it is my privilege and pleasure
01:49 to welcome you to another sitting of Give Me The Bible.
01:52 On today we are going to discuss a topic
01:56 that has been misunderstood and perhaps a bit maligned,
01:59 and that is the fruit of the Holy Spirit.
02:02 What does that mean?
02:04 What is that?
02:05 How does one get that?
02:07 And we have no better teacher than our pastor, our friend,
02:11 our evangelist Kenneth Cox,
02:13 who has been doing a very, very fine job
02:15 and who has made the Word PLAIN and POWERFUL
02:20 each and every night.
02:22 And I am anxious to hear his words as I know you are.
02:24 But before he speaks to us,
02:26 our good friend David Tank will sing a very beautiful song:
02:29 I Want to be More Like Jesus.
02:48 What kind of man would wash men's feet,
02:53 get pushed around
02:56 then turn the other cheek?
03:01 I want to be more like Him,
03:07 every day... in every way.
03:14 So little time He took for Himself,
03:19 He was more concerned
03:22 for everybody else.
03:27 I want to be more like Him,
03:33 every day... in every way.
03:40 I want to be more like Jesus.
03:45 That's why I put my life in His hands.
03:53 I want to be more like Jesus,
03:59 and with His help I know that I can.
04:09 As tears of pain
04:12 fell from His eyes,
04:15 He prayed for those
04:17 who had Him crucified.
04:22 I want to be more like Him,
04:27 every day...
04:30 in every way.
04:35 I want to be more like Jesus.
04:41 That's why I put my life in His hands.
04:48 I want to be more like Jesus,
04:54 and with His help I know that I can.
05:01 I want to be more like Jesus.
05:07 That's why I put my life in His hands.
05:13 Oh, I want to be
05:16 more like Jesus,
05:20 and with His help I know that I can.
05:26 Yes, with His help
05:29 I know that I can.
05:41 Thank you, David. Appreciate that.
05:43 Something that all of us should desire is to be more like Jesus.
05:48 More like Jesus every day.
05:50 And so we welcome you to Give Me The Bible.
05:53 Give Me The Bible is a
05:55 series of meetings
05:57 that cover different subjects
05:59 on the Bible. So far we have looked
06:01 at conversion or salvation,
06:03 what takes place when a person is born again.
06:08 And then we took at look at the second coming of Christ.
06:11 And this series we're dealing with the Holy Spirit.
06:15 What the Holy Spirit does in our life.
06:18 We... other presentation we looked at the promise
06:22 of the Spirit. What God promises about the Spirit.
06:26 And then we also studied about the work of the Holy Spirit
06:31 in our lives and why many people don't receive the benefit
06:36 from the Holy Spirit.
06:37 And then this morning we're looking at the
06:40 fruits of the Spirit.
06:41 Fruits of the Spirit that God gives.
06:44 Our next presentation will be on the subject of the
06:48 Now, something that's different is the fact that
06:52 in the fruits of the Spirit
06:54 you're supposed to have them all,
06:56 whereas with the gifts of the Spirit, they're more selective.
07:01 And so we're going to take a look at that
07:04 in our next presentation.
07:05 So we hope you'll be sure and be here as we take a look
07:08 at the gifts of the Spirit.
07:10 But when it comes to the fruits of the Spirit,
07:13 fruits of the Spirit is something that we are
07:17 supposed to have, and yet they are given for specific things.
07:21 And you need this morning to follow...
07:23 that's something you need to watch for in the sermon
07:26 is where the fruits of the Spirit are used
07:29 and how they're used. And I think you'll find
07:31 it'll be helpful to you as we look at what the Holy Spirit
07:35 will do for each one of you
07:37 as you study God's Word and draw near to Him.
07:41 So we're glad that you're here.
07:43 Those of you that are watching by television,
07:45 those of you that are listening on the radio,
07:48 we're very thankful that you've joined us.
07:50 And we hope that you'll be blessed in a special way
07:52 as we go into these subjects.
07:54 We're very happy to have with us during this series
07:58 David Tank. He's blessed us in many, many different ways
08:03 and he, I'm sure, will bless you again today
08:06 as he sings for us.
08:20 There's a sweet, sweet Spirit
08:25 in this place,
08:32 And I know that it's the Spirit
08:37 of the Lord;
08:44 There are sweet expressions
08:49 on each face,
08:56 And I know they feel the presence
09:02 of the Lord.
09:09 Sweet Holy Spirit,
09:15 Sweet heavenly Dove,
09:21 Stay right here with us,
09:27 Filling us with Your love.
09:33 And for these blessings
09:38 We lift our hearts in praise;
09:44 Without a double we'll know
09:47 that we have been revived,
09:51 When we shall leave
09:55 this place.
10:08 Yes I know
10:10 that it's the Spirit
10:13 of the Lord.
10:22 And for these blessings
10:27 we lift our hearts in praise;
10:31 Without a doubt we'll know
10:35 that we have been revived,
10:38 When we shall
10:42 leave this
10:45 place.
11:01 Amen.
11:19 Father in Heaven, we come to You today
11:22 opening our hearts
11:25 inviting You in.
11:28 Asking, Lord, that we each
11:31 may be drawn close into Your presence.
11:36 Grant us, Lord, understanding of Your Word.
11:40 And may we grow in the knowledge of our Lord,
11:46 and may the fruits of the Spirit
11:47 be manifest in our lives.
11:51 As we come into contact with those about us,
11:54 may we represent the Lord Jesus Christ.
11:57 For this we ask in Christ's name, Amen.
12:08 There's a story that's told
12:10 that most time we think of it
12:13 as a children's story.
12:15 But I think there's something
12:16 about it that's very important
12:19 that you and I see.
12:21 Jesus was down in Jericho.
12:23 And He had been there and worked there,
12:26 and there was a crowd that was following Him.
12:29 And as this crowd was following Him and they were walking
12:31 through the city, they were coming to the outskirts
12:34 of Jericho. And there was a little man by the name of
12:37 Zacchaeus.
12:39 Zacchaeus is a tax collector.
12:42 Zacchaeus is one who collects for the Roman government...
12:48 but he also happens to be a Jew.
12:50 And since he's a Jew, he's not liked by his own people
12:55 very well because he's collecting taxes for the Romans.
12:59 But he was short of stature.
13:02 And I don't know if that made him a little hard to deal with
13:07 or what it was, but it was a problem evidently.
13:10 But he heard that Jesus was coming down the road
13:14 and being short of stature he went and crawled up
13:18 a... actually, a sycamore tree.
13:22 And got there, and really that could also be interpreted
13:26 from scripture as a fig tree.
13:28 But he crawled up into this tree
13:30 so that when Jesus walked by he could see Him.
13:33 And as Jesus was walking through there
13:38 and Zacchaeus was up there in the tree,
13:39 Christ spoke to him.
13:41 And He said to him:
13:49 Now I want you to understand something here.
13:52 You know, He spoke to Zacchaeus
13:54 and said "Zacchaeus, come down. "
13:57 And Zacchaeus said: "Lord, I've given half of my goods
14:00 to the poor. " All right?
14:02 Goes on:
14:10 What I'm trying to get across to you this morning
14:12 is when Zacchaeus gave his heart to the Lord
14:16 and accepted Christ and the Holy Spirit came into his life,
14:21 immediately the fruits of the Spirit became evident
14:25 because he said: "Lord, I'll return whatever I've taken.
14:29 I'll pay back fourfold. "
14:31 Immediately those things all took place
14:34 as the fruits of the Spirit began to take place in his life.
14:37 And Jesus said to him:
14:44 "Salvation has come to this house. "
14:46 And so in your life and in mine
14:50 when we accept Jesus Christ
14:52 and as we found out the other evening as we studied it
14:56 when we accept Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit is given to us then.
15:02 Not some other time.
15:04 But when you accept Jesus Christ you receive the Holy Spirit.
15:09 And when the Holy Spirit comes into your life,
15:11 then it should make changes in your life.
15:15 That is what needs to happen, needs to take place.
15:19 Just as it made changes in Zacchaeus' life,
15:22 so it should make changes in our lives.
15:25 "But the fruit of the Spirit" Here they are, 9 of them:
15:46 So when the fruits of the Spirit operate in our lives
15:50 it should make decided, definite changes
15:54 in the way you and I act.
15:59 That's what it should do. It should make changes
16:02 as to how we go about our life day by day
16:06 and the way we relate to one another...
16:10 the way we relate to other people.
16:12 Those are the things it's to do:
16:15 the fruits of the Spirit are to be there.
16:18 Now, fruit comes about, folks, naturally.
16:26 Fruit comes about naturally.
16:28 You have apples on an apple tree
16:33 because... it's an apple tree.
16:38 You have oranges on an orange tree
16:40 because it's an orange tree.
16:43 So that person who is a Christian
16:47 and has given his heart to the Lord,
16:49 the fruits of the Spirit should take place naturally
16:53 as the Spirit works in our life.
16:56 I do not... or... the apple tree doesn't say
16:59 I have to produce apples.
17:03 It produces apples because it is an apple tree.
17:08 OK. I am a follower of Jesus Christ.
17:11 I am His.
17:13 Therefore because I am a follower of Jesus Christ
17:16 the natural results of that should be
17:19 the fruits of the Spirit.
17:20 That's what needs to take place.
17:22 And the scripture tells us how this happens
17:25 and how it takes place. Listen, it says here:
17:45 In other words, if you
17:48 are a vine and you're not bearing fruit,
17:51 it's going to be... you're going to be taken away.
17:54 That's what's going to happen
17:56 because you're not bearing fruit.
17:58 And it should bear fruit. That's what is says.
18:01 All right:
18:09 Now I want to divert just a moment here
18:12 from what I've been saying to you.
18:14 It says every branch that bears fruit what?
18:19 "He prunes. "
18:22 Who does the pruning?
18:25 Now get it clear in your mind.
18:27 God does the pruning; you don't.
18:30 I've run into too many cases where some church member
18:34 thinks that's their responsibility
18:36 is to prune somebody.
18:38 That IS NOT your responsibility.
18:40 That is God's. He does the pruning.
18:43 And He does the pruning so that you and I will...
18:46 produce more fruit.
18:49 That's why He prunes us.
18:51 And therefore, sometimes the afflictions,
18:53 sometimes the things that we face,
18:55 are hard... but it's necessary so that you and I will
18:59 bear more fruit.
19:01 OK. So He's the vine.
19:04 We're the branches.
19:07 If I'm going to bear fruit, what do I have to do?
19:28 So if I'm going to produce fruit
19:32 I have to abide in the vine.
19:37 If I don't abide in the vine, I'm not going to produce fruit,
19:42 folks. If you have given your heart to Christ
19:47 and you're not spending time,
19:49 then you're not going to bear fruit.
19:53 Just that simple.
19:55 How do I abide? How do I abide?
19:58 Well, you abide like this...
19:59 you abide this way: in Christ.
20:11 If you want to bear fruit,
20:13 you've got to spend time here.
20:16 You cannot think that you, as a follower of Christ,
20:22 cannot spend any time in God's Word
20:26 and you're going to bear some fruit.
20:28 And you need to wake up to the situation
20:32 that if you don't bear fruit, what's gonna happen to you.
20:36 You're going to be taken away.
20:37 That's what it says!
20:39 If you don't bear fruit, you're going to be taken away.
20:42 So it's not a question of whether you want to bear fruit
20:46 or you don't want to bear fruit,
20:47 it's a question that you and I must abide in Christ.
20:51 And if we abide in Christ, we will produce fruit.
20:54 And the way you abide in Christ is by spending time
20:58 in the Word of God.
20:59 So there's nothing... absolutely nothing that you have...
21:04 that's more important than your spiritual life.
21:09 You know what the scripture says.
21:11 Do you know how much the scripture says
21:14 the flesh is worth?
21:16 Huh?
21:18 It says the flesh is worth nothing,
21:21 and therefore it's the spirit that counts.
21:25 And the spirit is nourished by the Word of God.
21:30 Says here:
21:45 So it says that I have to spend time in God's Word.
21:48 I need to walk as He walked.
21:50 I need to follow Him.
21:52 I need to learn to walk in the Spirit.
22:02 So dear friends, this is the way that you and I
22:05 draw the nourishment, if you please,
22:09 the nourishment... like the tree.
22:11 It draws nourishment from the sunshine and from the rain
22:14 and so forth so that it produces fruit.
22:17 So you and I spiritually draw nourishment from God's Word,
22:23 and that is what causes us to produce fruit.
22:27 Are you clear?
22:28 That's the way it works.
22:29 That's the way it takes place in your life.
22:32 You see, it's the...
22:38 Now let me tell you something.
22:40 You're not going to be more loving
22:45 by just saying "I'm going to be more loving. "
22:48 It just doesn't happen that way.
22:51 What makes you more loving is the Spirit of God. Amen!
22:57 That's what changes us.
22:59 And so it's the fruits of the Spirit
23:01 that change our life and gives us those things
23:05 that basically we don't have.
23:08 It puts those things that are part of God
23:13 back in our lives.
23:15 Now there's nine... nine gifts of the Spirit.
23:20 Of those nine gifts of the Spirit,
23:23 they are divided into 3 parts,
23:26 and I'm going to speak of them as 3 clusters.
23:32 OK? Nine gifts of the Spirit, but they're divided
23:34 into 3 different parts... 3 different clusters.
23:38 And those are as follows:
23:40 The first one is
23:48 That's the first cluster.
23:49 Look at that carefully, folks.
23:51 That group of fruits
23:54 that cluster of fruits,
23:55 has to do with your relationship to God.
24:00 That's what those are about
24:02 is your relationship to God.
24:05 Love and joy and peace.
24:09 That's what takes place.
24:11 And so it's by the fruit of the Spirit
24:13 that you and I become loving.
24:17 See? That's the way it takes place.
24:21 As it says here:
24:33 That you and I might know the love of Christ
24:37 that passes knowledge.
24:40 You see, this type of love
24:43 is not what you and I - how should I say -
24:48 grow up with.
24:49 This is not parental love.
24:52 This is not love for somebody.
24:56 This is not that kind of love.
24:59 This is the love of God, and that love
25:03 is beyond - actually beyond - human knowledge
25:08 it's so great. When you stop and consider...
25:11 you look at Christ, "God so loved the world. "
25:17 Dear friend, that's love beyond our comprehension.
25:22 But that's the kind of love the Holy Spirit wants to give you.
25:26 That's one of the gifts of the Spirit.
25:29 And so as you open up your heart
25:32 and you spend time in the Word of God,
25:36 then that kind of love will come into your life.
25:41 You will learn to love.
25:43 You will learn to love like God wants you to love.
25:48 And for some of us that takes a great deal
25:52 to teach us to learn to love like God loves.
25:55 Because most of us will love you if you love me.
26:01 But if you don't love me, watch out. See?
26:07 That's... that's just the way we are.
26:10 But that's not God's love.
26:12 And so many people pick up the book and they try to read it
26:16 in terms of how they love
26:19 rather than reading it based on how God loves.
26:22 His love is tremendous.
26:25 Listen:
26:49 You ever thought about those things?
26:53 That it doesn't envy.
26:56 That love doesn't parade itself.
26:59 Love doesn't put itself out in front.
27:04 Just doesn't do that.
27:06 It's not puffed up, you see.
27:10 Doesn't make any difference what your position is,
27:14 love doesn't puff itself up.
27:32 Are you... are you evaluating your love?
27:35 You see, we're talking about God's love.
27:39 Are you evaluatin' it and seein' how you talk about this?
27:43 Because I can tell you right now, as I read through that list
27:46 man... I come terribly short.
27:49 I don't even come anywhere near what that list is talking about.
27:53 See? But that's... that's God's love.
27:57 That's the kind of love He wants you and I to have.
28:06 This is the love that God has for you and for me.
28:12 That love, friend... that love
28:14 is available to you
28:17 through the Holy Spirit, see?
28:30 This is what love does.
28:36 Hopes all things; endures all things.
28:41 Love never, never fails.
28:45 That's the kind of love that God has for you and for me.
28:49 I can remember I was holding a meeting
28:52 and I had a couple come in... a lady and this man.
28:58 And they came each night.
29:00 The lady was older than the man,
29:05 and as the meetings went along I got acquainted with them
29:09 and I found out the story.
29:12 This man had killed
29:16 this lady's father.
29:21 He killed her father,
29:23 and she went to the prison
29:27 and made arrangements to see him
29:31 and forgave him.
29:33 Forgave him for killing her father.
29:36 And then she went back and studied with him
29:40 until he gave his heart to Jesus Christ.
29:43 Now, that's love!
29:45 That's like love... that's love that you and I don't know.
29:50 That's love that God gives... that He gives to you
29:53 and to me if we're just willing
29:56 to open up our hearts... let the Holy Spirit come in.
30:00 All right? Next it says joy.
30:12 In other words, it should bring... joy!
30:17 Should bring happiness to my life.
30:19 I can tell you right now
30:21 if... if your relationship with Christ
30:26 doesn't make you sing in the shower,
30:30 there's something wrong.
30:33 See? That's what it should do.
30:36 It should give you joy. It should make you happy.
30:39 It should be there. That happiness should be there
30:42 regardless of what you are going through.
30:45 Did you hear me?
30:48 Regardless of the affliction you're having,
30:50 regardless of the trouble you're having,
30:56 And it should be in your heart, and it should stay there
30:59 in your heart regardless of the circumstances
31:02 going on around you.
31:04 You have an example of this, folks,
31:07 in the case of Paul and Silas.
31:10 Paul and Silas are at Philippi.
31:15 They have been beaten, OK?
31:21 They have been beaten.
31:23 They have been put in solitary confinement.
31:28 They have been chained; they've been put in stocks.
31:32 That's affliction. Do you understand that?
31:36 That's affliction.
31:38 And here it is midnight, and they're...
31:45 you know what they're doing?
31:47 They're singing!
31:49 Why?
31:52 'Cause they've got joy in their heart. See?
31:56 They've got joy in their heart.
31:58 As he wrote out to the other people here...
32:01 as Paul wrote out to the church in Thessalonica, he said:
32:15 That's... that's hard times. That's rough.
32:18 That's terrible. "Received it in much affliction"
32:21 BUT "with joy of the Holy Spirit. "
32:26 Yes, they had lots of affliction
32:28 but they had the joy of the Holy Spirit in their heart.
32:31 Like the fellow I was talking to.
32:33 He had come to our meetings and given his heart to the Lord.
32:36 I saw him about a year later.
32:38 Asked him how he was doing. He said: "Wonderful. "
32:40 He said: "I've never been happier in my life. "
32:42 He said: "The joy of Christ in my heart. "
32:45 He said: "I'm so thankful for that. "
32:47 And I said: "You gettin' along all right? "
32:48 He said: "Yeah, I'm getting along all right. "
32:50 I said: "How are things? "
32:51 And he said: "Well, I lost my job. "
32:53 And he said: "My wife left me. "
32:56 And he named off two other things, but he said:
32:59 "I can tell you right now, I am thankful to the Lord
33:02 in the joy that Christ gives. "
33:04 That should be in our heart.
33:06 That joy should be there, dear friend.
33:09 And you... if you...
33:10 You know, I run onto these people that tell me
33:13 they are Christians and they have faces like donkeys.
33:15 You know? I don't understand that!
33:18 It should put... put a joy in their heart
33:22 and they should love the Lord
33:23 and they should respond to that joy; it should be there.
33:26 And you and I should be happy, joyful people.
33:29 I don't care how much the affliction may be,
33:34 we should be joyful.
33:37 We should be happy.
33:39 That's one of the fruits of the Spirit.
33:41 That is part of your relationship to God
33:46 is there should be joy in your heart.
33:50 Not only that, it says He gives you peace.
33:52 Great peace. That is very needful in my life
33:57 that I have peace.
33:59 That I am not stressed out.
34:02 OK? And... excuse me...
34:06 I don't care what your job is,
34:09 it should not stress you.
34:13 That really got your attention!
34:16 I don't care what your job is,
34:19 it should not stress you because your peace comes from
34:24 Christ... not from the job.
34:27 And therefore it should give me peace in my heart.
34:31 And it might be a stressful job,
34:36 but I should have peace.
34:37 Listen. This is what it says:
34:49 That meant when he was in jail,
34:51 chained, in bonds, he was content.
34:56 That meant when he was out in the ocean of the deep...
35:01 content.
35:02 No matter what his state was, he was content.
35:05 Why?
35:06 Because he had peace with God.
35:10 And you and I should have peace with the Lord at all times.
35:30 This is the peace that Christ gives.
35:34 Two types there. Did you see that?
35:35 Two types of peace?
35:38 He said: "My peace I give to you. "
35:42 That's a peace that God gives.
35:44 We should have peace in our hearts.
35:47 His peace that He gives to us should always be there,
35:50 and that should be present in our life.
35:54 But then He not only says: "My peace I give unto you, "
35:57 He says what?
35:59 "My peace I leave you. "
36:03 That just simply means that He'd like for it to be peaceful
36:08 all around us.
36:09 It'd be nice if it was peaceful all around us
36:12 and we didn't have any problems or anything.
36:14 But He's saying even if it's not peaceful around you,
36:18 you should have peace in your heart.
36:22 That you and I should have.
36:24 There should be that peace there, calmness that it gives.
36:28 Those are things that God gives to us
36:41 Therefore... spend time in this book.
36:44 "Whose mind is stayed on You. "
36:48 Spend time in the book, and then
36:52 when things come up that are stressful,
36:55 when things come up that are hard,
36:57 I can have peace because I've spent time in the book
37:01 and my mind is stayed on Him and I trust Him.
37:05 That gives me peace.
37:06 A great preacher of the past, Charles Spurgeon,
37:11 once said: "I looked at Jesus Christ
37:16 and the dove of peace flew into my heart.
37:21 I looked at the dove of peace,
37:24 and it flew away. "
37:28 You think about that.
37:30 Want me to say that again?
37:32 He said: "I looked at Jesus Christ
37:35 and the dove of peace flew into my heart.
37:40 I looked at the dove of peace,
37:42 and it flew away. "
37:45 Helps you know where your attention should be.
37:48 See? Where it needs to be focused on.
37:51 But it gives to me that peace that only Christ can give.
37:56 Those affect your relationship to God.
37:59 OK. Three more.
38:01 This cluster of fruit:
38:08 Those three.
38:09 These three fruits of the Spirit,
38:13 this cluster, deals with your relationship to your fellow man.
38:18 That's what they're all about
38:20 is your relationship to your fellow man.
38:23 In other words, as the Holy Spirit comes into my heart,
38:27 then I should have fruits in my life that makes me
38:33 longsuffering, kind, goodness.
38:39 All those should be there.
38:41 I should be like Daniel.
38:43 You know it says: "And he found favor in the sight... "
38:47 Why?
38:49 Because he had the fruits of the Spirit in his life.
38:52 Pleasant person. I mean, I don't know of anybody else
38:55 in scripture... I don't know of anybody in history
38:57 that became the prime minister of two different countries.
39:01 You stop and think about that.
39:04 But it was because "In him, " it says, "was found
39:07 an excellent spirit. "
39:09 And so it should be in us the same way.
39:12 Longsuffering, kindness.
39:15 Really that should be gentleness.
39:18 It's really what it should be.
39:19 Goodness, longsuffering... patient, if you please.
39:43 It teaches you and I to become patient.
39:48 Man, I have a hard time learning that one.
39:52 Do you?
39:53 To be patient... learn to be patient.
39:57 Always wantin' it to happen now.
40:01 Right now, you know?
40:03 But we need to be patient.
40:17 Patient in what? Tribulation.
40:22 Man alive, I have trouble being patient just when things
40:26 are going normal... let alone in tribulation.
40:29 But it says that I am to be patient in tribulation.
40:33 This means, dear friends... I don't know if you sense
40:36 what I'm trying to tell you,
40:37 but this requires
40:40 a work on the part of God
40:43 in my life that I am totally
40:45 and completely unable to do.
40:49 It takes totally the work of the Holy Spirit in my life
40:52 to make me patient in tribulation.
40:57 But that we're supposed to be.
41:01 An excellent example... have you ever thought about Joseph?
41:07 I mean, here this is a young man, folks,
41:10 probably somewhere around 16, 17 years old.
41:16 And he has been sold to a caravan of Ishmaelites
41:21 on their way down to Egypt.
41:24 Sold to them by his brothers.
41:28 His own brothers have taken him and sold him.
41:31 And they have carried him off.
41:34 Now this young man as you read the story, folks,
41:38 this was a young man that followed the Lord.
41:40 In fact, you can't find anything in the Word of God
41:45 where he did anything wrong.
41:47 You stop and think about that.
41:50 You can't find anything where he did something wrong.
41:54 And he's carried off to Egypt. Put on the auction block.
41:58 Auctioned off, and Potiphar buys him.
42:02 Takes him home and, you know what?
42:07 The fruits of the Spirit are present in his life
42:11 because he's dependable,
42:14 because he's easy to get along with,
42:18 because he has all these fruits of the Spirit in his life
42:21 and Potiphar turns more, and more, and more
42:24 of what he has over to Joseph until the scripture says
42:28 that Joseph had charge of everything that Potiphar had.
42:32 He knew more about it than Potiphar did, it says.
42:37 Now... fruits of the Spirit, folks,
42:43 don't come without the devil taking advantage.
42:49 You need to get that clear.
42:51 I find that some people...
42:53 I've seen this happen in churches.
42:54 I've seen them really just try to do something for God
43:00 in a special way, and the church prayed and got together
43:04 and went out and worked.
43:05 And the Lord blessed in what they were doing,
43:08 and the blessing of God was there.
43:10 And then all of a sudden something happens
43:12 and the whole thing goes sour.
43:15 Let me tell you something.
43:17 That's the devil, see?
43:20 Because here with Joseph... I mean, here he was,
43:23 had a wonderful spirit, great person in every way,
43:27 and Potiphar's wife
43:30 decides that she likes Joseph better than she likes Potiphar.
43:37 See, you've got understand the devil will take advantage
43:40 of that. Fortunately, this young man is clear enough
43:44 in his head that he knows where he stands
43:48 and wasn't taken along with that.
43:49 And as a result of that...
43:51 Now here's a young man that has followed the Lord,
43:53 walked with Him, done what God asked him to do,
43:56 and now what happens?
43:59 Thrown into prison!
44:01 I mean, he's been sold by his brothers.
44:05 He's been auctioned off.
44:07 Now he's thrown into prison.
44:09 You talk about being patient under tribulation!
44:12 This is tribulation!
44:14 And again, rather than becoming discouraged...
44:18 rather than having all this and going about saying it's not
44:22 any use and carrying on,
44:24 he did what God wanted him to do,
44:26 and he loved the Lord and followed Him.
44:28 And before long he was in charge of the prison.
44:33 You know? And then, the butler and the baker -
44:39 remember them? -
44:40 had dreams, and God tells him what those dreams are.
44:44 Tells Joseph.
44:46 And you remember the butler was reinstated
44:48 and the baker lost his head. You remember that?
44:51 And you know what Joseph said to the butler?
44:55 Yes he said... he said: "Remember me.
44:58 Remember me. "
44:59 Scripture says that the butler promptly forgot him.
45:05 Two years... two years goes by.
45:08 Sitting there in prison. I'm talking about being faithful
45:12 under... patient under tribulation.
45:16 But he was. And God blessed him
45:19 and he wound up being second in charge
45:24 of all the country of Egypt.
45:28 Why? Because he was willing
45:32 to let God work in his life.
45:43 That's what tribulation does for us.
45:46 Patience does.
45:59 You see, that's another gift that you and I are to be gentle.
46:04 Now I want to say that again.
46:06 Men, you are to be gentle.
46:11 And David said that gentleness is what made him great.
46:19 That's a gift of the Spirit
46:21 is that we are to be gentle.
46:24 In our dealings with other people we are to be gentle.
46:36 He was meek; He was gentle.
46:39 You and I should learn to be gentle.
46:45 And I want to tell you:
46:46 this is not something you have naturally.
46:49 That just isn't the way it is, you know?
46:53 Most men are not gentle.
46:55 Most men are like bulls in a china closet.
46:57 You know? They're not gentle.
46:59 But we're supposed to be gentle.
47:01 That's one of the fruits of the Spirit.
47:03 That's what it's to do for us: to make us gentle.
47:08 Then it says:
47:14 You know one of the people who has gone down in history
47:19 as being gentle... as a gentle and compassionate man
47:23 was Abraham Lincoln.
47:26 He was a gentle and compassionate man.
47:29 He... case after case where he dealt
47:35 with people in a very gentle way.
47:39 That was a sign of his strength of character.
47:43 And so gentleness should be a sign of
47:47 your strength of character.
47:49 That's what it should be.
48:00 The servant of God must not what?
48:03 Quarrel. Next time you're in a situation
48:06 and you want to argue over something,
48:08 quarrel about something,
48:09 you need to think about that
48:10 because that's not the fruit of the Spirit.
48:13 The fruit of the Spirit
48:15 says that you and I are to
48:17 be gentle
48:18 in what we do.
48:20 All right. And then it says:
48:27 When it uses the word goodness
48:29 that's, folks, saying it's more than just goodness
48:34 because people can do good things for money.
48:39 You know? Just do good things because they are paid to do it.
48:43 Goodness is something that comes out within us
48:48 as it is a fruit of the Spirit.
49:03 You see, He is the source of goodness.
49:06 He's the basis of goodness,
49:08 and it's in Him that we have goodness.
49:11 But it's to be one of the things that we do in relationship
49:15 to your neighbor.
49:17 The person next door... do they look upon you
49:20 as a good person?
49:22 Do they see goodness in you?
49:24 That's one of the gifts of the Spirit.
49:27 That's what it should be there.
49:30 You remember the case where
49:32 Naaman, this general of the Syrian army,
49:37 had leprosy.
49:39 You remember he went to Elijah
49:42 and he expected Elijah to come out and, you know,
49:46 place his hands on him and cure him. Elisha, excuse me.
49:50 And he didn't. He just sent his servant and said
49:53 tell him go dip seven times in the Jordan.
49:55 Remember?
49:56 And he went and dipped seven times in the Jordan
50:00 and was healed.
50:02 Interesting story there, because when he was healed
50:05 you know what he did?
50:07 He went back and tried to give Elisha
50:11 a great amount of gifts.
50:13 And Elisha would not accept it.
50:16 Why?
50:19 Because his goodness was not based on money.
50:25 His goodness was from God.
50:27 And what he did for him was based on what God had done.
50:32 And so he refused it.
50:33 He said: "No, I won't accept this. "
50:35 His servant never had learned that, by the way.
50:38 OK. The last three.
50:42 The last three are:
50:48 Now, when we talk about these...
50:54 We talked about the first three:
50:55 those were your relationship to God.
50:57 The last... the next three were your relationship to your
51:00 fellow man. These last three have to do with you
51:04 and your inner person.
51:06 For instance, you've told and I've been told
51:10 that I'm to put God first,
51:12 others second,
51:15 and yourself last.
51:17 That's the way God puts these three
51:19 is God first, friends next... people next,
51:24 and then this is what the Spirit of God is to do for you.
51:26 When it uses the word faith,
51:28 it's talking about being faithful.
51:30 And Paul was faithful. It says:
51:42 He was faithful in what he did.
51:49 So what God asks of you and of me
51:52 is that we are faithful to the Lord.
51:56 We are faithful; we follow Him; we do His bidding.
51:59 Faithful. Also, that you and I are to be meek.
52:04 Christ was meek.
52:16 He was meek, and you and I should be meek.
52:19 It says that Moses was the meekest man that ever lived.
52:23 You know why he was meek?
52:26 Because he held the rod of God - which was power -
52:32 but it was under control.
52:35 And you and I must be meek.
52:39 That means greatness or power under control.
52:42 That's what it means, and that's what we are to be.
52:55 Temperance. Temperance has to do with two things.
53:00 It has to do with physical. I must be temperate.
53:05 That means it should affect what I wear.
53:08 It should affect what I eat.
53:11 It should affect physical things; I'm to be temperate.
53:14 Also, it... I should be temperate in mental things.
53:19 Both. Those are temperance.
53:34 So you and I are to be temperate.
53:37 These are things that affect us.
53:39 How do I assimilate those in my life?
53:42 Very quickly listen to me.
53:43 This is what's called Peter's ladder,
53:45 and he tells you how to assimilate it.
54:08 Those are the steps in which I assimilate
54:13 the fruits of the Spirit into my life.
54:15 And while I'm doing that,
54:16 I have to keep my attention on Jesus Christ.
54:32 As I look to Jesus Christ
54:34 and the Holy Spirit comes into my life
54:38 and fills me, the fruits of the Spirit
54:41 will take place in my life
54:44 and I will become more and more
54:47 and more like my Savior.
54:50 I hope and pray this will be your experience.
54:54 A coal miner of old would leave his family every day
54:58 and descend into the depths of the earth
55:00 with the certain knowledge that the smallest mistake
55:04 could keep him and others from ever seeing daylight again.
55:07 Walking along in the dark,
55:09 he could only rely upon his feeble oil lamp
55:13 to keep him alive.
55:15 He faced many dangers down there.
55:17 Rockfalls, flooding, fires.
55:20 But perhaps the danger he feared the most
55:23 was the one that he could not see.
55:26 They called it chokedamp or blackdamp:
55:29 an unbreathable mixture of gases
55:32 that could quickly snuff out his life.
55:34 Imagine for a moment the terror he felt when he realized
55:38 he had hit a pocket of blackdamp.
55:40 The sudden drop in oxygen would put out his lamp
55:44 leaving him in terrifying darkness, fumbling in vain
55:48 to relight it before he lost consciousness.
55:51 Then in the late 1800's,
55:54 a bright new light began to shine in the dark world.
55:59 Using marble-sized pellets of calcium carbide
56:03 and a few drops of water,
56:04 this new lamp produced a gas which burned six times brighter.
56:09 Not only did it make his job a whole lot easier
56:12 but it also saved lives.
56:14 You can see this tiny reflector
56:17 could focus that beam of light
56:19 on the roof of a mine so that he could detect dangerous cracks.
56:24 The lamp was also easy to re-light.
56:26 And since it required far less oxygen,
56:29 it could illuminate the way out
56:31 should they encounter the chokedamp.
56:33 What an incredible illustration this is
56:37 of the condition of fallen man.
56:39 After struggling to survive the pitfalls of life,
56:42 he suddenly realizes the danger he could not see
56:46 had left him without hope and gasping for his last breath
56:51 in utter spiritual darkness.
56:53 For him there is no eternal life through Jesus.
56:57 In fact, he may not have ever heard about Him.
57:02 But friends, just as that bright light
57:05 of the carbide lamp saved lives,
57:08 so does the light of the Bible.
57:10 We need the light of God's Word to illuminate the dark corners
57:14 of our hearts. It focuses our attention on Jesus Christ...
57:18 our only hope for salvation.
57:20 And all who read and study it
57:22 are warned about the rockfalls of life.
57:25 That's why we call this series Give Me The Bible.
57:29 We're trying our best to bring the light of God's truth
57:32 to those who are living and dying in despair.
57:35 It's our mission. It's our passion.
57:38 Won't you join us?
57:41 Please consider what you can do
57:43 for those who still don't know about Jesus.
57:46 As the Holy Spirit impresses,
57:48 you may send your tax-deductible gifts to:
58:02 Thank you for helping us to bring the Blessed Hope
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