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00:19 A latter-day sage was overheard
00:22 to say that the secret
00:25 of your future is hidden
00:28 in your daily routine.
00:30 The secret of your future
00:32 is hidden in your daily routine.
00:35 My old college professor used to tell us
00:38 "What you will be daily you are becoming. "
00:43 And I simply say "You are what you eat. "
00:47 You are what you feed upon.
00:49 Perhaps Galatians puts it the best
00:53 when in Galatians chapter 6 verse 7 Paul says
00:57 "Be not deceived; God CANNOT be mocked.
01:01 You sow what you reap...
01:04 either good or bad. "
01:07 And I'm hoping that each of us has developed a daily routine
01:10 to feed upon the Word of God...
01:12 because the results of that feeding can only be good.
01:15 And if we feed daily on the Word of God,
01:18 then what we are going to experienced during these next
01:20 five nights can we say is actually a vitamin boost.
01:25 A vitamin supplement
01:27 for our walk on the road that leads to glory.
01:29 I bid you good evening. My name is C.A. Murray.
01:31 It is my privilege and pleasure to welcome you to
01:35 volume number 4, session number 1
01:38 of Give Us The Bible...
01:39 this wonderful series that our friend, our pastor,
01:42 our evangelist Kenneth Cox has been leading us through.
01:45 This particular session will deal with a very, very
01:48 crucial subject. That of course is the subject
01:51 of the Sabbath.
01:52 Tonight's lesson will be dealing with Jesus
01:57 as Lord of the Sabbath.
01:59 And you want to hold onto that thought, because it will
02:01 come back again and again and again for truly
02:04 Christ is Lord of the Sabbath.
02:07 Before Elder Cox comes and we go much further
02:10 into the program, we have a wonderful friend
02:12 of this ministry... a music man whose name is well known.
02:16 He's going to be singing a really wonderful song.
02:19 I've got to pull it out here because he threw me a little
02:21 curve. I thought it was Learning to Lean.
02:25 It's not Learning to Lean, it's Learning to Just Believe
02:29 in Jesus... our friend, Joe Pearles.
02:45 Growing in Jesus is never easy
02:51 because there's a price to be paid.
02:57 We're constantly dying
03:00 to our own nature
03:04 while new foundations are laid.
03:10 While we are building our faith,
03:16 sufficiently He gives His grace.
03:23 I'm learning dependency on Him
03:28 so I can be healed
03:31 as I see His face.
03:36 Over and over I'm learning
03:41 to put my trust in You.
03:48 Over and over I'm learning
03:55 what child-like faith can do.
04:01 Over and over it's easy to see
04:07 just how Your Spirit is working in me.
04:13 As I grow older,
04:17 I'm learning over
04:20 to just believe.
04:36 Because I am bearing the name of Christian
04:42 I'm conscious of what people see.
04:48 The only Bible
04:51 they may ever read
04:55 is what they read through me.
05:01 So Lord do Your work... here I am.
05:07 Use me, oh God, all You can.
05:14 I'll go where You lead me
05:17 and grow as You feed me
05:20 while holding so tightly Your hand.
05:27 Over and over I'm learning
05:33 to put my trust in You.
05:39 Over and over I'm learning
05:45 what child-like faith can do.
05:52 Over and over, it's easy to see,
05:58 just how Your Spirit is living in me.
06:05 As I grow older
06:08 I'm learning over
06:11 to just believe.
06:18 As I grow older
06:21 I'm learning over
06:24 to just believe.
06:43 Joe Pearles! Did you enjoy that?
06:46 Marvelous! Always enjoy Joe!
06:49 Well good evening.
06:51 Happy to welcome you back to Give Me The Bible.
06:55 This week we're taking a look at the subject of the Sabbath.
07:00 What says the Bible, the blessed Bible?
07:03 This my only question be.
07:07 God gave us the Sabbath
07:09 to bless and remind us.
07:11 What says the Book of God to me?
07:14 That's what we want to find out.
07:15 That's what we're going to look at this week.
07:17 Our subject tonight is:
07:23 Going to take a look at that in detail tonight,
07:26 so we hope you will enjoy it as we go through that.
07:29 But this week we're going to cover a lot of different aspects
07:32 of the Sabbath
07:34 and we're going to see some of the conflict that took place.
07:37 And tomorrow night our presentation will be entitled:
07:46 Now folks, this subject is
07:50 so broad and so much of it in scripture
07:54 that we're going to have to do it in two sections.
07:57 So tomorrow night will be Baptized Paganism.
08:02 Sabbath morning - 11:00 AM -
08:05 we'll have Baptized Paganism part 2.
08:08 So it's going to take two sections to cover that.
08:11 So we hope you'll follow it very carefully because
08:13 it's very, very important.
08:15 And then on Saturday night
08:18 our subject will be The Sabbath Covenant.
08:22 We'll see what the scripture says about it
08:25 concerning the covenant.
08:26 And then we're going to close out on Sunday night
08:28 with How to Keep the Sabbath.
08:30 And so those are the subjects we're going to be covering
08:33 during this series. We hope it will bless you
08:36 in a special way as we take a look at what God has to say
08:40 about the Sabbath.
08:41 But tonight we're looking at:
08:47 What gives Him the right to be Lord?
08:53 Ever thought about it?
08:55 What gives Christ the right to be Lord?
08:59 What did He mean when He said He was Lord of the Sabbath?
09:03 So you need to watch as we go through this presentation...
09:06 What gives Him the right to be Lord?
09:10 And then you need to watch carefully
09:12 'cause there's a special blessing right down at the close
09:16 of the presentation.
09:18 So we hope you'll follow as we go through it
09:20 and it will bless you as we continue to take a look
09:23 God's Word and what He has to say
09:26 particularly about the Sabbath.
09:28 We're always very, very thankful
09:30 to have Joe Pearles come and be with us.
09:33 Always blesses my soul in a special way.
09:36 I enjoy his music very, very much.
09:39 He lives in a place called Greenbrier just outside of
09:42 Nashville, Tennessee.
09:44 He lives with his wife Cheryl,
09:47 and we've had the privilege of knowing Joe
09:49 for, oh, a number of years now.
09:52 And he comes and sings for us
09:54 in our meetings different places we're at.
09:56 And we just appreciate very much him being here.
09:59 Tonight he's going to sing a song that goes along with
10:02 a little bit of what we're talking about tonight.
10:04 It's entitled: The King and I.
10:11 The King and I
10:16 walk down life's road together.
10:23 Where many people
10:28 go passing by.
10:34 The Greatest One
10:39 and I, a lowly beggar,
10:45 walk hand in hand
10:52 the King and I.
10:58 Why He should care for me
11:03 will always be a mystery.
11:09 He holds the whole world in His hands...
11:16 but who am I?
11:22 And so my heart
11:26 somehow can't help but wonder
11:33 why we're together...
11:39 the King and I.
11:56 The King and I
12:01 not long ago were strangers.
12:08 I walked alone
12:14 not knowing why.
12:20 Until He came
12:24 and put His arms around me.
12:32 Now we're not strangers...
12:38 the King and I.
12:44 Why He should care for me
12:49 will always be a mystery.
12:55 He holds the whole world in His hands...
13:01 but who am I?
13:07 And so my heart
13:12 somehow can't help but wonder
13:19 why we're together...
13:24 the King and I.
13:31 Now we're together...
13:36 the King and I.
13:59 Heavenly Father,
14:02 tonight we want to open our hearts
14:07 and invite You in.
14:09 Pray, Lord, that You will be with us.
14:12 The Holy Spirit may be present
14:16 to teach, to guide, to give us understanding.
14:21 Pray, Lord, that You will help us
14:26 that we might clear away
14:29 anything that's standing in the way of Your blessing.
14:34 That our hearts might be soft,
14:37 open, pliable...
14:39 that the Holy Spirit may be able to teach us.
14:43 Bless us tonight in a special way, we pray.
14:47 In Your name, Amen.
14:56 In the 1530's,
14:59 the King of England,
15:01 Henry VIII,
15:03 broke with the Catholic church
15:05 over the fact that they were not willing
15:09 to give him the right to divorce his wife,
15:12 Catherine of Aragon,
15:15 and to marry his mistress, Anne Boleyn.
15:18 And so since they would not grant him that right,
15:22 he declared something that was going across Europe at that time
15:26 called the Divine Right of Kings.
15:30 And the Divine Right of Kings just simply says
15:33 that a king is placed there by God
15:36 and not by people.
15:38 And therefore he is only responsible to God
15:42 and to nobody else.
15:43 And he has the divine right to do what he thinks he should do.
15:48 And therefore Henry VIII
15:51 declared the Divine Right of Kings.
15:53 And since the Catholic church would not give him
15:57 what he wanted, he decided that since he was the king
16:01 that he was not only responsible for the temporal need of the
16:04 people but also their spiritual need.
16:07 And therefore he set up his own church
16:10 called the Anglican church...
16:12 which was not Protestant nor Catholic.
16:15 But it was what he set up in England
16:18 so that he could do as he pleased.
16:21 And as king of England under the Divine Right of Kings
16:26 he divorced Catherine.
16:29 Married Anne Boleyn...
16:31 divorced her.
16:33 Married several other women...
16:35 had two of them beheaded.
16:37 And so I really guess he needed somebody
16:41 to tell him what he should do
16:43 because he didn't seem to know what he should do.
16:45 But what... what right?
16:47 What right does a person have to be king?
16:52 How do they become a king?
16:55 What right do they have?
16:57 Well, some people become kings or queens
17:01 simply like we have it today.
17:04 Like in England today.
17:06 People there - the monarchs, the royal family -
17:10 they become king or queen by birth.
17:14 When Queen Elizabeth dies, well if Charles is still around
17:19 well he'll be the king.
17:20 And if he lives long enough,
17:22 and if his son William lives long enough,
17:24 he'll be the king.
17:25 So... they become king by birth.
17:29 Some people become kings or queens, if you please,
17:33 by the choice of the people.
17:36 You have an example of this in scripture.
17:38 You remember Solomon's son, Rehoboam,
17:43 didn't treat the people very good.
17:47 If fact, he was quite rough with them.
17:50 And because they didn't like what he did,
17:53 it says this:
18:12 And you remember they rejected Rehoboam
18:15 and they selected Jeroboam to be their king.
18:18 So here you have a person becoming a king
18:21 by the choice of the people.
18:23 There are other people that have become kings
18:27 of a nation or so forth by force.
18:30 They just come in and overtake the country
18:33 and they set themselves up as the king
18:36 of that particular country.
18:38 Did Jesus?
18:41 Did Jesus become King or Lord by birth?
18:47 Did He become King or Lord by the choice of the people?
18:52 Or by force?
18:55 No, I don't think so.
18:57 I really think that Christ is King
19:01 by right of position.
19:06 By the right of position He is King,
19:10 Jesus is Lord. In fact, it says here in Revelation
19:14 that when He comes back
19:15 that He'll have written on His thigh and on His robe
19:25 And if you pick up the Bible, the New Testament,
19:28 and begin to read through it,
19:30 you'll find over and over and over it refers to Him
19:34 as Lord. Refers to Him as King.
19:37 He is Lord and King, and He is that by position.
19:44 Jesus is Lord, and tonight we want to look at that
19:49 and see how that affects our lives
19:51 and how it enters into our lives
19:53 because not only did that but Jesus said:
20:01 Now why would He say that?
20:03 Why would He say that He was Lord of the Sabbath?
20:07 Well, He's Lord of the Sabbath because of this question
20:11 of position is the reason He's Lord of the Sabbath.
20:15 Because we read clearly here
20:17 that He is Lord by creation.
20:23 Created. If He has the power to create
20:27 and He could make something,
20:30 then He can certainly be the Lord of it.
20:32 And so we read in the Word of God
20:35 where it says:
20:51 So here it says clearly that God
20:54 finished creation and He rested on the seventh day.
20:59 Now watch what He does here.
21:10 So it says that He created this world
21:12 and He took that seventh day, set it aside,
21:16 and blessed and hallowed it and made it special.
21:20 Now, how does that relate to Christ?
21:24 Well, I think of many of the different things when I
21:28 became a Christian that helped me,
21:31 but this one thing helped me to understand
21:34 the Word of God I think more than anything else
21:38 that I have ever read or found out in God's Word.
21:41 And it was just this simple little thing that it says here
21:44 in John 1. It says here:
21:57 So it's saying clearly here
21:59 that the Word was in the beginning.
22:01 It was with God; it was God.
22:02 Watch as it goes on here:
22:07 That means the Word was in the beginning with God.
22:18 So it says the Word was the one who created everything.
22:22 And verse 14 of that very first chapter says:
22:26 "And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us,
22:31 and we beheld His glory as the glory of the
22:33 only begotten of the Father. "
22:35 Therefore, IF what God's Word says is true,
22:40 which I believe it is,
22:41 then Jesus is the one who created the world.
22:47 And therefore, since He created the world,
22:49 He's the one that gave the Sabbath.
22:52 Therefore He could say that He was Lord of the Sabbath.
22:56 Let me give you another scripture on this same point.
22:58 It's found in Colossians 1 verses 15 and 16.
23:26 So it makes it clear that Jesus Christ
23:29 created this world.
23:32 And since He created it,
23:35 He certainly has the right to be King.
23:39 He has that right, and He says
23:42 that He gave us the Sabbath
23:45 and that He's Lord of it.
23:47 But He's also King by the fact that He gave the law.
23:52 Now if someone has the power
23:56 to lay down laws and enforce those laws,
23:59 then certainly they have right to be King.
24:04 And it says that He's the one that gave the law. Listen:
24:15 Read that text carefully.
24:17 There is how many lawgivers?
24:19 One lawgiver than can what?
24:22 "Save and destroy. " Now listen:
24:37 Only one way we can be saved.
24:40 Now let me ask you something.
24:43 And I don't want to sound strange here, but I...
24:47 you need to think about it.
24:49 Can God save you?
24:51 I'm talking about the Father.
24:57 Can the Holy Spirit save you?
25:00 No.
25:02 Neither one of those
25:03 died for you.
25:06 Jesus Christ is the one that
25:08 died for you.
25:10 Now I don't mean to lessen God's position,
25:12 but Christ is the one that died.
25:14 He's the one that paid the price for you,
25:17 and therefore He's the only one that can save you
25:20 just because He's the only one that died for you!
25:23 And therefore He is the one there on Mount Sinai
25:27 that gave the law.
25:29 And when He gave the law, He gave it... and mankind
25:33 all the way down through the ages have seen that
25:36 and seen in God's law laws that govern
25:39 and that give men and women
25:41 the rights that they're supposed to have
25:42 and gives them a guideline for their lives.
25:45 And so Jesus said: "If you love Me,
25:47 keep" - what?
25:53 Those were His commandments that He gave there
25:56 on Mount Sinai.
25:57 Remember the? Now this is part of the law, folks.
26:02 I'm not reading something that's not in the law,
26:05 I'm reading something that IS in the law...
26:13 I've had some people tell me... they say: "Well... " You know,
26:17 I ask them about Sabbath and they'll say: "Well,
26:21 I... I keep every day holy. "
26:23 Now, friend, that's an impossibility.
26:27 You cannot keep every day holy.
26:31 Why can't you keep every day holy?
26:33 Because YOU don't make a day holy.
26:37 God is the one that makes the day holy.
26:40 All you and I can do is keep it holy.
26:43 And if God didn't make the day holy,
26:45 I don't care how hard you try you can't make it holy!
26:49 See? The only day you can keep holy is the one God MADE holy.
26:52 All right. Goes on and says:
26:54 "Six days you shall labor and do all your work... "
27:22 And Jesus Christ there gave the Sabbath
27:26 for you and for me to keep.
27:31 It goes on and tells us here. It says:
27:36 This is Christ talking.
27:50 So He said not one jot nor one tittle
27:53 is going to change in the law. It's not going to happen.
27:55 That means that law is going to continue right on.
27:59 That will take place.
28:01 So the law is something that will continue.
28:04 And since He gave the law,
28:09 and He has the right to... if you please,
28:13 enforce the law,
28:16 He has the right to be King...
28:18 has the right to be Lord.
28:20 Listen. This is what He says:
28:41 OK. In other words, what God is saying is
28:45 "If you want to recognize Me as King,
28:50 if you want to recognize Me as the Lord,
28:54 keep My Sabbaths. "
28:57 It's a sign. It's a sign between me and Jesus Christ
29:02 that He is Lord.
29:05 Said: "It's a sign between Me and them that they might
29:09 know that I am the Lord" who what?
29:11 "sanctifies them. "
29:13 Marvelous promise.
29:15 You understand what that means when it says that
29:18 He sanctifies you?
29:19 In other words, what He's saying, folks, is very simple.
29:23 He's saying: "If I can make a day holy,
29:26 I can make you holy. "
29:29 See? That's what He promises.
29:31 He promises that He will do that for us.
29:33 But in order for you and for me
29:36 to have that done in our lives,
29:38 you have to recognize Him as Lord.
29:43 You see, you can't say: "Oh, yeah.
29:46 I... I accept Christ as Lord.
29:49 I just don't follow Him. "
29:51 You know, it doesn't work that way.
29:54 If He's Lord, you have to follow Him.
29:57 That's... that's required
29:59 in order for it to take place.
30:00 Some people get it confused, but the Bible is crystal clear
30:04 as to how God set up the days. Listen to this.
30:07 This is found in Ezekiel 46 verse 1:
30:23 Now this is talking about a special gate
30:26 in Jerusalem that was closed the six working days.
30:32 OK? Then it says:
30:42 It says that this special gate that had... where they went in
30:45 to worship, said that gate is open on the Sabbath.
30:49 The other six working days it's closed.
30:54 So God made it very clear
30:57 that all the days of the week
30:59 except the Sabbath are what?
31:03 Working days.
31:05 That's what it says: "six working days. "
31:06 Those are working days.
31:08 The Sabbath is a special time.
31:11 He says this:
31:13 How many days?
31:33 I highlighted that word convocation.
31:36 "A holy convocation. "
31:38 And the reason I did that is because some people
31:41 don't understand some things about the Sabbath.
31:44 That word "a holy convocation, "
31:46 that word convocation means to meet together.
31:49 That means to worship together.
31:52 In other words, what that text is telling you...
31:54 the Sabbath is a time when you go to church
31:58 and you meet together and you worship together.
32:01 That's a holy convocation.
32:03 It's not a day in which I go do my own thing.
32:07 It's a day that I follow the Lord.
32:10 I worship Him because He took that day
32:13 and blessed it and hallowed it and sanctified it...
32:16 and therefore it's special.
32:18 A special time that the Lord made and gave.
32:22 He's also Lord by example.
32:27 See, He's Lord by creation.
32:31 He's Lord by the fact that He gave the law.
32:34 But if He's Lord, then He also is Lord by example.
32:39 Telling us that we should follow as He followed.
32:42 Listen, this is His words:
32:54 So He says, "If you're going to follow Me,
32:58 you need to walk just as I walked. "
33:01 That's how to follow Christ.
33:03 So how did He walk?
33:11 So He said: "Listen, I've given you the law.
33:13 And this is given to you that you will walk
33:17 in My commandments.
33:19 That you'll follow Me. "
33:21 This is how you and I are to follow Him.
33:24 He's our example.
33:27 That's what He's asked us to do.
33:29 And so, what was Christ's example?
33:32 What did He do?
33:44 Custom is something that you do over and over.
33:49 It's not something you do one time.
33:51 It's something you do regularly.
33:53 It's a custom you do over and over.
33:55 It was His custom to go to the synagogue on the Sabbath.
33:59 Why?
34:01 Because it's a holy convocation.
34:03 See? It was a time when they met together to worship.
34:07 It was a holy convocation,
34:09 and so they came and they worshiped together.
34:12 Something that they did.
34:15 They had some very strange ideas about the Sabbath
34:20 in Christ's day.
34:21 And He came to try to help the people to understand
34:25 how the Sabbath was to be kept.
34:27 It says here in Luke 6:6:
34:32 And by the way, Christ performed more miracles
34:38 on the Sabbath than He did any other day of the week.
34:43 OK? More miracles on the Sabbath
34:47 than He did any other day of the week.
34:49 If you just pick up your Bible and start reading it
34:51 and you'll see... Sabbath after Sabbath
34:54 He is healing somebody. Opening somebody's eyes.
34:58 Doing something. So this is the Sabbath...
35:00 Watch:
35:06 That was His custom, OK?
35:29 Watching Him. Making sure that He didn't heal on the Sabbath.
35:33 Why?
35:35 Because they believed it was wrong.
35:38 They believed it was wrong to heal on the Sabbath.
35:41 They believed you couldn't do that.
35:43 They didn't believe you should be healed on the Sabbath.
35:46 So they watched Him, 'cause they felt
35:48 that was working... that was breaking the Sabbath -
35:52 as far as they was concerned -
35:53 to heal somebody on the Sabbath.
35:55 So He does this:
36:00 He understood what was going on in their minds.
36:08 Told the man to come here.
36:10 Stood there with his withered hand.
36:28 Which is it lawful to do?
36:30 And of course they didn't answer.
36:44 You see, it's not wrong, folks,
36:47 to do good on the Sabbath.
36:50 That's not wrong.
36:53 What is wrong is to ignore the Sabbath.
36:59 What is wrong to say is
37:00 "Jesus is my Lord" and not follow Him.
37:05 That's what's wrong.
37:07 Not to do good on the Sabbath. That's right.
37:10 That's the way you keep the Sabbath is by doing good
37:13 on the Sabbath.
37:16 Even in His death,
37:20 we find that Christ made it very clear
37:24 how the Sabbath fit in here.
37:26 And, you know, at the time we call Easter
37:29 we remember specially the death of Christ
37:33 and His resurrection.
37:35 Watch what it says here:
37:38 Now when it says "this man went to Pilate, "
37:40 it's speaking of Joseph of Arimathea...
37:42 who was a very wealthy man.
37:45 Very high up in the government.
37:48 He went to Pilate; asked for the body of Jesus.
37:52 Then he took it down.
37:54 Pilate got confirmation that Jesus was dead.
37:57 He took His body down; wrapped it in linen...
38:11 Now when it says "That day was the Preparation, "
38:14 that was the day before the Sabbath.
38:16 That's what is simply means.
38:19 That day was the Preparation, the day before the Sabbath.
38:21 At Easter time we refer to that day as Good Friday.
38:27 That's the day that Jesus died:
38:31 on the Preparation day.
38:32 "and the Sabbath" what?
38:43 So they got there; they saw where they had placed Him, OK?
38:56 So they went there. They saw where Jesus was placed.
38:59 They went back home. They prepared what was necessary
39:02 to take care of His body,
39:04 and they rested the Sabbath according to the commandment.
39:08 Very, very clear.
39:11 Now the Bible is very clear, folks,
39:14 as to when the Sabbath begins.
39:16 I run onto people who have questions
39:19 as to when the Sabbath begins.
39:21 The Bible is crystal clear about it.
39:23 It says here in Leviticus 23:32:
39:30 Well some people say "Well that just means
39:33 from 6 o'clock to 6 o'clock or from... that.
39:36 No, that isn't really what it means.
39:38 It actually means from sunset to sunset
39:43 is the time that it means.
39:46 Jesus had gone through the area,
39:49 had healed people, but the Sabbath came.
39:52 Since the Pharisees taught that it was wrong
39:56 to heal on the Sabbath,
39:58 the people would not bring their sick to Christ
40:02 until the Sabbath was over.
40:05 So now the Sabbath is over.
40:07 Watch what the scripture says here:
40:26 The Sabbath was over. They brought their sick,
40:30 and Christ healed every one.
40:31 So it made it clear... when the sun was going down
40:34 that was the end of the Sabbath.
40:36 So the Bible is clear... It's from sunset to sunset
40:40 is the time of the Sabbath.
40:43 And it says this very clearly in the scripture.
40:46 Sun had set. It says:
40:57 And they found the stone rolled away.
41:00 He had come forth from the grave.
41:03 Had been resurrected.
41:05 And so the Bible lines it up
41:06 so that you and I don't have any questions to ask
41:09 of when the Sabbath starts and when it ends and so forth
41:13 because it just simply tells us the Preparation day
41:16 was the day before the Sabbath, which was called Friday.
41:20 The Sabbath is what we call Saturday.
41:25 And then it says that He rose on the first day of the week
41:29 which is Sunday.
41:31 I don't have any trouble knowing which day is the Sabbath, do I?
41:36 If I know which day is Friday,
41:38 then if I know which day is the first day of the week -
41:41 which is Sunday -
41:42 I don't have any trouble knowing which day is the Sabbath.
41:44 It's clear.
41:46 Sabbath is the time that in His life
41:50 He observed and kept.
41:51 In fact, He gave the admonition to His disciples.
41:55 Said to pray...
42:01 Two reasons for that.
42:02 One, if it was winter, it would be hard on them
42:05 because they had to flee... leave their homes.
42:07 Secondly, on the Sabbath
42:09 the gates of the city could be shut and they couldn't get out.
42:13 And so He said: "Pray that your flight won't be in the winter
42:17 nor on the Sabbath day. "
42:20 That didn't take place until 39 years
42:25 after the death of Jesus.
42:28 Not only that, His followers kept the Sabbath.
42:34 I have people say to me
42:35 "Well, why do you keep the Sabbath? "
42:38 And I have an answer that I always give them...
42:41 is because I'm a follower of Jesus Christ.
42:45 That's the reason I keep the Sabbath:
42:47 because He's Lord of the Sabbath.
42:50 Therefore since He's my Lord, I follow Him.
42:53 So, you find the followers of Jesus kept the Sabbath
42:57 as Paul. Listen here to what it says about Paul:
43:29 These are not Jews, folks.
43:31 These are Gentiles.
43:33 This is a Gentile city,
43:36 and they have... whole city has turned out
43:38 the next Sabbath to hear the Word of God preached.
43:40 How did they react to what they heard?
43:49 They heard it, they believed it,
43:52 they followed it, they kept it...
43:54 because they became followers of Jesus Christ.
44:00 You see, He is Lord by the example.
44:04 And Paul... Paul's example. It says here:
44:16 So Jesus said I've given you an example.
44:19 I want you to listen to the words of Jesus
44:23 as to what you and I should do.
44:49 So He made it very clear that He's given us an example.
44:53 We need to follow Him in the example He gave.
44:56 Also, He's Lord by promise.
45:05 He has the ability to promise something.
45:10 And history bears out
45:14 that what He promises happens.
45:17 So He gave this promise that only as Lord could He
45:22 give this kind of a promise.
45:54 Now you see, to give that kind of promise
45:57 He has to be Lord.
46:00 That He's coming back; He's going to take us
46:03 to be with Him.
46:05 When He promises to come back and He promises something to you
46:09 He says this is what's going to happen.
46:39 So every Sabbath all of God's people are going to
46:42 come and worship before Him.
46:45 Marvelous promise
46:47 that He gives to you and to me
46:50 that He is Lord... Lord of our lives.
46:55 That He will guide and direct and lead us.
47:01 Now I told you that at the end there's a special blessing.
47:05 And I want you to follow the special blessing that He
47:09 has for you and for me in a special way.
47:32 I read this, and it's such a wonderful promise...
47:36 that He is Lord.
47:39 And then it just says that He loved us
47:43 and washed us from our sins in His own blood.
47:48 Oh how thankful I am tonight
47:50 that that's not turned around.
47:52 I'm glad it doesn't say
47:54 that He washed us and then loved us.
47:58 See, it says He loved us and then washed us.
48:03 Seem, I'm glad He doesn't love us like we love babies.
48:07 You know what I mean.
48:08 If the baby, you know, has been powdered and everything,
48:14 anybody will pick it up and love it.
48:15 But you let it get a dirty diaper and a snotty nose,
48:19 and watch how many people go the other way.
48:20 See, God loves us just exactly like we are.
48:25 That's the way He loves us and cares for us.
48:27 And then... He washes us and makes us clean.
48:33 See? That's the marvelous thing that He does in our lives.
48:38 But oh, dear friend, He does more than that.
48:41 He does more than that.
48:43 Much, much more than just that.
48:46 Listen:
49:00 Takes... turns right around
49:02 and takes you and me and makes us kings
49:06 and priests to His God.
49:08 Not... you're not a king by birth.
49:15 You're not a king by the choice of the people.
49:21 You're not that by force.
49:25 You become a king or a priest
49:27 because He makes you so.
49:31 Because He is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.
49:35 He's over everything.
49:37 He is the God of the universe
49:41 and all and so it's no wonder
49:43 that when all the people
49:45 are gathered there
49:46 they're going to sing.
49:49 And they're going to say:
50:05 He reigns as King of Kings and Lord of Lords!
50:09 I want to ask you tonight,
50:11 is Jesus Christ your Lord?
50:15 Is He the King of your life?
50:18 Are you willing to let Him
50:22 guide and lead you and direct you?
50:26 I want you to listen as Joe sings.
50:32 I will follow Thee,
50:35 my Savior,
50:39 wheresoe'er my lot may be.
50:45 Where Thou goest
50:48 I will follow;
50:52 Yes, my Lord,
50:55 I'll follow Thee.
51:00 I will follow Thee,
51:04 my Savior,
51:07 Thou didst shed Thy blood
51:11 for me;
51:15 And though all my friends
51:20 forsake me,
51:23 By Thy grace
51:27 I'll follow Thee.
51:36 What about you, friend?
51:39 Are you willing tonight to follow Jesus Christ?
51:43 Are you willing to let Him
51:45 call the shots in your life?
51:49 Are you willing to let Him tell you "this is the way,
51:52 walk ye in it. "
51:55 You see, this is simply what He asks of you and of me.
52:00 That we are to give Him the right
52:03 to be the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords
52:07 in our lives.
52:08 That we accept Him as that; we follow Him;
52:11 we do what His Word says.
52:14 And so He says "If you want to do that,
52:18 then honor Me.
52:20 For My Sabbath is a sign between Me and you
52:25 that I am Lord. "
52:28 Let us pray.
52:31 Heavenly Father, tonight
52:32 we thank you. Thank you that You
52:38 are the Lord, that You are King.
52:44 That You created us.
52:46 That You made the Sabbath.
52:49 That You set it aside as a special time.
52:52 That You gave us Your law
52:54 to give us guidance and direction,
52:58 and that You gave an example that we should follow.
53:01 And so, Lord, tonight
53:04 we want to surrender our lives to You.
53:07 Place our lives in Your hands
53:10 and let You guide and lead and direct us
53:13 to walk as You walked.
53:16 Bless each one here...
53:17 those that are listening by radio,
53:20 those that are watching by television...
53:22 Lord, may they tonight surrender their hearts to You.
53:27 Accept You as the Lord of their life.
53:31 Be willing to follow You and to walk with You.
53:36 We are thankful that You promise that You will be with us
53:41 to care for us and that it will be well with us
53:46 because we have let You guide our lives.
53:48 We pray in Christ's name, Amen.
53:54 Remember our next presentation is entitled
53:58 Baptized Paganism.
54:00 Baptized Paganism.
54:01 We're going to take a look
54:03 at some of the conflicts
54:05 that takes place between
54:07 paganism and the scripture,
54:09 and how it influences our life today.
54:12 Some of the things that goes on
54:14 in our own lives that really the background and all that
54:18 came from paganism...
54:20 not from Christianity.
54:22 So we hope you'll be here
54:24 as we go into our next presentation:
54:26 Baptized Paganism. May God bless you.
54:29 Have a good night.
54:30 Stay close to the Lord, and remember that God loves you.
54:37 Jesus said in Luke chapter 8
54:39 a sower went out to sow his seed.
54:41 And as he sowed,
54:43 some fell by the wayside
54:45 and it was trampled down
54:47 and the birds of the air devoured it.
54:49 Some fell on rock
54:51 and as soon as it sprang up it withered
54:53 because it lacked moisture.
54:55 And some fell among thorns
54:57 and the thorns sprang up with it and choked it.
55:01 But others fell on good ground,
55:03 sprang up, and yielded a crop a hundred-fold.
55:07 Jesus Christ came to sow the seed of truth
55:10 into this world.
55:12 And just as every seed has life in it,
55:14 the Word of God is also life.
55:17 Jesus said in John 6:63
55:19 "The words that I speak to you, they are Spirit
55:23 and they are life. "
55:24 But sadly in this day and age
55:27 many professed ministers of the gospel
55:29 don't accept the Bible as God's inspired Word.
55:32 Because its plain teachings condemn their practices
55:36 they have tried to make it appear mysterious
55:39 and obscure in order to excuse their own transgressions
55:42 of God's law.
55:43 There are those who try to make everything seem
55:46 pleasant and positive.
55:47 They gloss over or ignore the warnings of God,
55:50 and thus they strip the Bible of the power to convict
55:54 sinners of their need of salvation.
55:56 But no matter how brilliant and how pleasant they sound
56:00 their message cannot satisfy the spiritual hunger
56:04 of a true seeker.
56:08 The truth is that ever since the fall of man
56:11 Satan has been busy sowing the seed of error.
56:14 But friends, when the Word of God is preached
56:17 in simplicity and sincerity,
56:19 it's powerful.
56:20 Instead of pointing out the errors of others
56:23 or seeking to combat the opponents of the gospel,
56:26 we must follow the example of Christ
56:28 and simply sow the seeds of truth.
56:31 Oh, yes, there will be seeds that will fall by the wayside,
56:36 be eaten by the birds.
56:38 Other seeds will sprout in stony soil
56:41 only to dry up for the lack of water.
56:44 Still others will fall among the thorns,
56:46 but many will spring up to bear an abundant fruit.
56:51 The sower's job is to sow seed.
56:54 And believe me, there is no greater joy
56:57 than to see the lives transformed under the influence
57:01 of the Holy Spirit.
57:02 It's an experience all of us can have,
57:05 and it's the only goal we have as a ministry team.
57:09 We have a marvelous opportunity
57:12 to sow by broadcasting these wonderful seeds of life
57:15 to the whole world.
57:17 Jesus gave all of us the gospel commission.
57:20 Won't you join us in this effort?
57:23 Please consider what you can do
57:25 for those who still don't know about Jesus.
57:28 As the Holy Spirit impresses,
57:30 you may send your tax-deductible gifts to:
57:45 Thank you for helping us to bring the Blessed Hope
57:47 to millions all around the world.


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