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00:20 Thou shalt have no other gods before Me.
00:23 Well... before who?
00:25 Thou shalt not make any graven images.
00:27 Well... says who?
00:28 Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord in vain.
00:31 What Lord?
00:33 Honor thy father and thy mother.
00:34 Says who?
00:36 Thou shalt not kill.
00:38 Says who?
00:39 Thou shalt not commit adultery.
00:41 Thou shalt not steal.
00:42 Thou shalt not bear false witness.
00:44 Thou shalt not covet.
00:47 Well who said that stuff?
00:50 If you take out commandment number four
00:53 we don't even know who the author
00:55 of the 10 Commandments is.
00:57 God signs His name and puts His autograph
01:01 in commandment number four.
01:03 That's one of the reasons why it's so very, very important.
01:06 Because it is commandment number four that identifies
01:09 clearly the author of all ten commandments.
01:13 One of the things that I love about Elder Cox's presentations
01:16 is that he weaves history with Biblical truth.
01:20 That the Bible is thoroughly and solidly backed up by history.
01:24 And we've learned a lot about that
01:26 these last couple of presentations,
01:28 and I'm sure we're going to hear more about that even this night.
01:31 But if you would like to do some additional study,
01:32 you can learn about the Sabbath in Russia,
01:35 the Sabbotnik Movement, the Sabbath in Africa,
01:38 the Sabbath in India,
01:39 the Sabbath even among the American Eskimo Indians.
01:42 Sabbath in Ireland; Sabbath in England with the
01:45 Seventh-day Men; Sabbath in France;
01:46 Sabbath in Spain; Sabbath in the Piedmont Valley of Europe.
01:51 The Albigenses; the Waldenses;
01:53 the Passagini; the Cacciari...
01:55 all of these Sabbath-keeping groups, and you'll be impressed
01:58 to know that God has kept a people who have kept the Sabbath
02:03 down through the ages... even though the church
02:07 and other organizations tried to stomp them out.
02:09 God has taken care of the Sabbath
02:11 and God has taken care of the people
02:14 who have taken care of the Sabbath.
02:16 My name is C.A. Murray, and it is my privilege and
02:19 please once again to welcome you
02:21 to sadly what is the last
02:23 sitting for this particular group of meetings
02:25 as we study the Sabbath...
02:27 Give Me The Bible.
02:28 I think you can agree with me that God has been very,
02:30 very dear and we have learned quite a lot from Evangelist Cox
02:34 during these last several meetings.
02:35 I am excited to hear what he has to say this night
02:38 as we talk about How to Keep the Sabbath Holy.
02:42 How we're going to keep the Sabbath.
02:43 How do you flow into that blessing
02:45 of keeping the Sabbath?
02:47 And I'm anxious to hear our evangelist, our friend,
02:50 our teacher Evangelist Kenneth Cox this night.
02:53 Now before he comes we get to hear
02:55 Dona Klein minister in music.
02:57 She's going to be playing an old spiritual
03:00 Joshua Fit the Battle.
04:28 Thank you! Thank you, Dona Klein.
04:31 Appreciate that. You enjoy that?
04:32 Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho.
04:35 Great, great song.
04:37 Well we welcome each of you.
04:38 Happy to have you back here again this evening as we
04:42 come to the last presentation
04:44 on this question of the Sabbath.
04:46 And we hope that it has helped
04:48 you as we've gone through what the scripture has to say.
04:51 What says the Bible, the blessed Bible?
04:55 This should my only question be.
04:58 God gave us the Sabbath to bless and remind us.
05:02 What says the Book of God to me?
05:05 That's what you and I need to look for...
05:08 need to find out what God's Word says to each one of us.
05:12 So we hope you will continue to follow
05:15 as we study God's Word together.
05:17 Uh, our next series in May...
05:22 in fact the series in May and the one in June
05:25 will be on prophecy.
05:27 Our first one in May is entitled Five Have Fallen.
05:34 Five Have Fallen.
05:36 And we're looking at Revelation the 17th chapter.
05:41 And in the 17th chapter, verses 10 and 11,
05:46 it says this:
05:48 "There are also seven kings. Five have fallen.
05:53 One is. The other has not yet come.
05:57 When he comes he must continue a short time. "
06:01 So those are the five it's talking about that have fallen.
06:05 Five Have Fallen.
06:06 We're going to find out what those five are
06:09 as we look at Bible prophecy.
06:11 Important because it takes you step by step
06:17 down through time bringing us down to the time
06:20 in which we live. And so it's very important
06:24 that you and I know those five that have fallen.
06:27 But the text goes on and says in verse 11:
06:30 "The beast that was and is not is himself also the eighth
06:36 is of the seventh and is going to perdition. "
06:39 And so that's what we'll look at in June
06:43 with the title of Was, Is Not, and Yet Is.
06:47 And we're going to tie all that prophecy together
06:50 which deals with our present time in which we are living.
06:54 So we hope you'll be sure and follow as we go into these
06:58 two series on Bible prophecy.
07:01 We hope it will bless you in a special way
07:04 as we take a look at it.
07:05 As I mentioned, tonight we're talking about
07:09 How to Keep the Sabbath.
07:13 What are you looking for?
07:16 What? How should I approach it?
07:19 That's really what you need to understand
07:22 is how should I approach keeping the Sabbath?
07:25 Because you'll find two extremes concerning that.
07:31 You'll find some people are fanatical.
07:34 And you can... we'll talk a little bit about that.
07:37 You'll find others are totally liberal on it.
07:41 And we need to see what God's Word says
07:44 and how we are to keep the Sabbath
07:47 and what He tells us about it.
07:48 So we hope you'll be able to follow as we go through,
07:51 talk about it... it will bless you in a special way.
07:54 I hope you have enjoyed - those of you who have been
07:58 watching by television,
07:59 those of you that are listening by radio,
08:02 and of course to all of you that have been here -
08:04 I hope you have enjoyed as much as I have
08:06 having Joe Pearles here.
08:08 Joe has really been a great, great blessing.
08:11 We've enjoyed having him here so much,
08:13 and I know that each of you as you go about your activities
08:18 will be able to listen to his songs on CDs
08:22 and other ways that he puts them out.
08:24 We hope they'll bless you.
08:26 Tonight he's going to do a song entitled
08:29 In His Hands.
08:42 There are times I'm overwhelmed
08:47 by the onset of trials.
08:54 And this burden that I carry
08:58 it seems I've carried it for miles.
09:08 That's when I realize that in my faith alone
09:13 I cannot stand.
09:20 And I know the time has come
09:24 when I must put it in God's hands.
09:31 In His hands
09:35 the mountain looks much smaller.
09:43 In His hands
09:48 the valley's not
09:51 so low.
09:56 When I've carried
10:00 my burden
10:04 as far as I can,
10:10 help me remember, Lord,
10:16 to put it in Your hands.
10:24 I read where God's mighty hand
10:29 had parted the sea.
10:36 And when His children were safe across
10:41 He turned and drowned their enemies.
10:48 So when the waters are rising
10:53 and the river seems too wide to span,
11:01 then I fall down on my knees...
11:06 that's when I put it in His hands.
11:13 In His hands
11:17 the mountain looks much smaller.
11:25 In His hands
11:30 the valley's not
11:32 so low.
11:38 When I've carried
11:41 my burden
11:46 as far as I can,
11:52 help me remember, Lord,
11:58 to put it in Your hands.
12:05 When I've carried
12:10 my burden
12:14 as far as I can,
12:20 help me remember, Lord,
12:25 to put it in
12:28 Your hands.
12:52 Our Heavenly Father,
12:55 we come to You this evening
12:59 first Lord just to say thank you
13:03 for being willing to make a way for each of us.
13:10 Being willing to come here and
13:15 to pay a price that we might be saved.
13:23 Lord, bless us tonight.
13:26 We ask for Your Spirit to be present.
13:28 Pray that our hearts may be open
13:32 that we may not take what we hear lightly
13:38 but that we might take it to heart
13:42 and that we might realize
13:47 that this is Your words,
13:49 Your desire,
13:51 and that we might bring our lives
13:54 into conformity to Your will and Your desire.
13:59 For this we pray in Christ's name, Amen.
14:09 Well, how does one
14:13 keep the Sabbath
14:15 and not be legalistic?
14:20 That is one of the big issues
14:23 is how you go about keeping the Sabbath
14:27 and not be legalistic.
14:30 And Christ faced this very much in His day and in His age
14:35 because the Jewish people in Christ's day
14:39 were very, very legalistic.
14:42 I want you to listen to the words of Jesus.
14:44 This is what He had to say:
14:48 Now He's speaking to the Jews,
14:50 to the Pharisees and the scribes and so forth...
15:03 Now He said: "Unless your righteousness
15:06 exceeds their righteousness,
15:08 you're not going to make it into the kingdom of heaven. "
15:10 So there was something here, folks,
15:15 different because you find that when the Jewish people
15:19 came out of the captivity in Babylon
15:22 from that day on they didn't worship idols any more.
15:26 You find that they kept the Sabbath.
15:28 But yet He said that their righteousness was not
15:33 what it should be, and they were extremely legalistic.
15:37 Like if you go over to Jerusalem today -
15:40 I've gone there several times -
15:43 and the Sabbath comes.
15:45 You'll see signs like this saying
15:51 You know, I mean, this type of approach to the Sabbath.
15:57 In fact, you go to the hotel
16:00 and they have what they call Shabbat elevators.
16:03 And what does that mean?
16:05 It means that the elevator runs all the time
16:08 and it goes floor to floor, stops, opens the door,
16:13 and lets people on so you don't have to push a button.
16:17 That's the purpose.
16:20 To push a button you would be breaking the Sabbath.
16:23 The legalism that enters into that many many times, folks,
16:29 and the Lord said that's not the kind of righteousness
16:34 that He's looking for.
16:35 That's not what He's wanting.
16:37 And so He's asking you and I
16:39 that our righteousness must exceed that righteousness
16:44 or we won't make it into the kingdom of heaven.
16:47 The difference lies between
16:53 And until you understand the difference between principles
16:57 and rules, you can't understand how it is to be kept
17:02 or what God expects of you and me.
17:05 So what do we mean? What are we talking about
17:08 when we're talking about principles,
17:11 we're talking about rules. What makes the difference?
17:27 That's a rule.
17:30 A rule is an absolute guideline.
17:33 Has to be carried out the same way every time;
17:36 doesn't change.
17:39 That's a rule.
17:41 And don't misunderstand me... there has to be rules.
17:47 There are certain things that you have to have rules for.
17:50 But you must understand where they belong
17:55 and how they fit.
17:57 And you have to be very, very careful with them
18:01 in your own life... because if you don't,
18:05 you'll wind up being legalistic and Christ will not accept that.
18:11 Whereas we talk about principles.
18:30 You see rules allow for special privileges.
18:34 For instance, if you and I drive down the highway
18:40 at 90 miles an hour, we're going to be pulled over
18:43 and we're going to be given a ticket.
18:46 Whereas a highway patrolman can drive down the highway
18:49 at 90 miles an hour and they won't pull him over.
18:52 You see, that is the difference.
18:55 There is a privilege there.
18:58 But with principles there are no privileges.
19:01 That applies to everybody; it's universal.
19:04 But it's a more general guideline...
19:07 it is not like a rule.
19:10 This is where Jesus had all the trouble with the Pharisees
19:14 and the scribes and so forth
19:17 is because they were always, always quoting Him rules.
19:23 And they would quote Him a rule and He would turn around
19:27 and quote them a principle.
19:30 And it would make them so mad at Him
19:33 that they would try and kill Him.
19:36 They didn't like Him quoting principles to them
19:40 when they had had a rule and He was not living
19:44 according to their rule.
19:46 Let me give you an example.
19:48 Here in Matthew the 12th chapter and verse 10
19:52 it says:
20:01 Rule!
20:02 Put it down. They said: "Is it lawful to heal on the Sabbath? "
20:06 They believed it was not.
20:08 That was a rule... you could not heal on the Sabbath.
20:24 Said if you have a sheep that falls in the ditch
20:27 you'll pull it out.
20:33 Watch! Principle... principle:
20:40 That was the principle.
20:41 Christ said: "It's not wrong to do good on the Sabbath. "
20:45 They believed it was... that was their rule.
20:48 He's quoting a principle to them.
21:00 Now he not only showed them the principle...
21:03 He demonstrated it and healed the man.
21:05 Watch what they did:
21:11 He broke their rules
21:13 and they said: "we can't stand Him breaking the rules. "
21:16 So what you and I must do is make sure that we
21:22 are operating according to principle NOT BY RULE
21:26 when it comes to keeping the Sabbath.
21:29 That is the difference it makes between being legalistic
21:34 and not being legalistic:
21:36 if I govern my life by principle.
21:40 Jesus gives you another example of this. And He said here:
21:49 He... He did a... healed somebody or did something
21:53 and they all marveled.
22:05 Now He said, you know: "I healed somebody and you're marveling
22:11 and criticizing Me because I healed somebody on Sabbath,
22:14 but you will circumcise somebody on the Sabbath. "
22:34 He said: "Here you circumcise somebody
22:38 but because I have made somebody well
22:41 on the Sabbath you're unhappy with Me. "
22:43 Now watch. He comes to the point:
22:54 You see, if you conduct your life by rules,
23:01 then you're going to judge by appearance.
23:07 Think about it.
23:09 You conduct your life by rules
23:12 you will judge by appearance.
23:15 But if I run my life by principles,
23:20 then you and I will judge based on righteous
23:25 decisions, righteous judgment.
23:27 That makes a great, great difference as to how I approach
23:32 this question and what I do with it.
23:35 You see, there's two extremes.
23:38 It says that the Christian is to be in the middle of the road.
23:43 The Bible refers to that as the narrow path.
23:47 Some people misunderstand that.
23:49 You know, they want... they want the narrow path to be
23:52 fanaticism.
23:54 No. The narrow path is in the middle of the road.
23:57 That's where He wants us to be is in the middle of the road.
24:00 On each side of the road are two ditches,
24:04 and you don't belong in either one of them.
24:08 I don't belong in one ditch or the other.
24:10 One ditch is fanaticism.
24:13 If I'm fanatical about it,
24:17 that's wrong.
24:19 The other ditch is liberalism.
24:20 Those are two different ditches.
24:28 I'm sure you've know people that are fanatics
24:31 and they set up all kinds of rules.
24:35 And if you don't live by those rules,
24:38 then like the Pharisees of old they're after you.
24:42 You know, they've got their checklist
24:44 and they're going to mark it off.
24:46 And you have to do everything just this way.
24:49 And there's lots... lots of people that were raised
24:53 in Christian homes that their parents were fanatical.
24:58 And they drove them away because their parents were fanatical.
25:03 That's not what God wants us to be.
25:05 I'm not to be in that ditch; don't belong there.
25:10 Also then when it comes to liberalism...
25:20 Now let me explain something.
25:22 Christ did not go by the rules of the Pharisees
25:28 but He never, never, NEVER violated principles.
25:34 And you and I must never disregard principles.
25:39 We must live our life
25:40 by principle or else we
25:43 will be breaking the Sabbath.
25:50 A family - a farmer and his wife - came home from church
25:54 and had eaten lunch or dinner that Sabbath.
26:00 And they had just gone into the living room and sat down
26:04 and picked up a book to read.
26:07 And they were sitting there in the living room
26:09 reading a book when this truck drove up
26:13 in the front yard loaded with feed.
26:16 And the wife looked at her husband and said:
26:19 "What's that truck doing here? "
26:22 And her husband went out and to her absolute amazement
26:27 he got in the truck and they drove down to the barn
26:32 and he helped the driver unload the truckload of feed.
26:35 And when he came back in she was livid.
26:39 She said: "You know better than that.
26:41 You shouldn't be unloading a truckload of feed
26:44 on the Sabbath. " She said: "You know better than that.
26:46 That's not right; you shouldn't do that. "
26:48 Husband said: "I didn't break the Sabbath
26:54 by unloading that truck of feed.
26:57 I broke the Sabbath the other day when I ordered it
27:02 and didn't tell them not to bring it out today. "
27:05 You see, a great, great principle
27:09 that you and I need to understand.
27:12 That, you know, we... we put ourselves in positions
27:15 that we should never be in.
27:17 I don't belong in either side of the ditch...
27:20 but I need to be Christian in what I do.
27:26 I need to operate my life by principles.
27:30 OK, let's take a look... because as far as I'm concerned
27:33 this text here in Isaiah is one of the clearest there is
27:38 in God's Word about how you and I should keep the Sabbath.
27:42 Listen to it:
27:46 You understand what that means?
27:48 That means quit trodding it underfoot.
27:50 Treating it with disrespect... that's what it means.
28:25 Fantastic text, folks.
28:27 He just simply says: "If you will do these things,
28:30 I will bless you abundantly. "
28:32 That's what He's saying when He said:
28:34 "I'll cause you to ride on the high places of the earth.
28:36 Feed you with the heritage of Jacob your father.
28:39 The mouth of the Lord has spoken. "
28:42 That's a marvelous promise to you and to me.
28:45 So let's look at different phases of that
28:48 and see what He's talking about.
28:56 The Sabbath is the Lord's day.
29:02 The holy day of the Lord.
29:04 It belongs to the Lord.
29:06 It's not yours; it's not mine; it's His.
29:10 It's His day.
29:15 And it says that I am to honor Him
29:19 in keeping the Sabbath.
29:22 How do I do that?
29:24 Well, the scripture tells you and I how we are to do that.
29:28 It says "If you love Me... " what?
29:36 If I'm going to honor Him,
29:38 then I need to keep His commandments.
29:40 I cannot... I cannot say
29:45 "I love You" and turn around and disregard His commandments.
29:50 That's not sensible, folks.
29:53 He says: "If you love Me, keep My commandments. "
29:56 And so when we look at the Sabbath
30:00 it's one of the commandments - the fourth one.
30:02 It says this:
30:07 Let's establish something.
30:09 The only day that you and I can keep holy
30:14 is the one He made holy.
30:16 You cannot keep a day holy He never made holy.
30:21 You and I have no ability of ourselves to make
30:26 something holy. We don't have that ability.
30:29 God is the only one that has that,
30:32 and He made the Sabbath holy.
30:34 And He just says that you and I are to keep it holy.
30:39 OK.
30:44 Clear, right?
30:50 "If you love Me, keep My commandments. "
30:52 This is one of the commandments.
30:53 He says: "If you love Me, do your work for six days. "
30:57 All right?
31:02 I remember when I first came across this.
31:05 And I can remember this fellow that was studying with me.
31:09 And he read this to me, you know?
31:11 And so the next time he saw me he said: "What are you going
31:14 to do about the Sabbath? "
31:16 And I said: "Well, " I said: "I'm going to keep
31:20 every seventh day. "
31:22 He said: "Well good. "
31:24 I said: "I'm going to keep every Sunday. "
31:27 And he looked at me and he said:
31:31 "What do you mean? " I said: "That's every seventh day.
31:34 I'm going to keep every seventh day... every Sunday. "
31:37 And he said: "Excuse me, "
31:40 he said: "that didn't say A seventh day,
31:44 it said THE seventh day. "
31:48 Great, great difference, folks.
31:51 He says clearly: "But the seventh day is the Sabbath
31:55 of the Lord your God. "
31:57 It's His Sabbath... not mine, not yours.
32:01 It's His, OK?
32:03 "In it... " Here He's telling you what you are to do
32:06 what you're not to do.
32:12 He said: "That day I have set aside. It's a day that you're
32:16 not to work. " And I'll talk more about this as we go on.
32:38 Made it holy.
32:40 Now... some people say: "Well, Brother Cox,
32:43 I can't keep the Sabbath.
32:45 If I keep the Sabbath, you know, I have to work on the Sabbath. "
32:51 I'm sorry, folks, but either He's God
32:57 or He's not God.
32:59 Either He's able of taking care of you
33:03 or He's not able to take care of you.
33:05 And if He tells you "don't work on the Sabbath, "
33:09 then that's very simple... He takes responsibility for that.
33:13 Do you understand what I'm saying?
33:15 Any time God ever asks you to do something
33:22 and it costs you, God will repay.
33:28 Let me say that again.
33:30 Any time God ever asks you to do something
33:33 and it costs you, God will repay.
33:38 Won't fail.
33:40 Let me give you an example.
33:42 Says here in Hebrews:
33:51 You remember when Jesus was speaking to this crowd?
33:54 And He was there at the Sea of Galilee
33:57 and they had backed Him up
33:59 until He was right at the water's edge.
34:02 And He couldn't go back any farther
34:05 and they were so close to Him
34:07 that He couldn't speak to them.
34:09 And so Peter was there,
34:10 and He said: "Peter, let Me use your boat. "
34:13 Stepped into the boat and had Peter pull away from shore
34:17 a little ways so He could see them,
34:19 and He spoke to the people.
34:21 When He finished, He told Peter... He said:
34:25 "Put down your net. "
34:27 Now you've got to understand something.
34:30 Peter said: "Lord, we have just fished all night. "
34:34 Now folks, the Sea of Galilee is clear.
34:39 You can stand in a boat and look down and see the bottom of it.
34:45 It's that clear.
34:47 And I can guarantee if you can stand there and see the fish
34:50 they can see you.
34:53 OK?
34:54 And here he's fished all night long...
34:57 has caught nothing.
34:59 And here he is standing in the boat
35:02 looking down and there's no fish anywhere.
35:06 And he said: "Lord, nevertheless at Your word
35:09 we'll cast in the net. "
35:12 And they tossed in the net
35:14 and they caught so many fish their nets wouldn't hold it.
35:18 Now do you know what Jesus was doing?
35:22 He was just paying Peter for the use of his boat.
35:26 See? God will repay.
35:31 If it cost you, He will repay.
35:34 Put it down.
35:35 And so God says: "Don't work on the Sabbath. "
35:38 Dear friend, take Him at what He says.
35:41 Don't work on the Sabbath.
35:43 And if you don't work on the Sabbath,
35:45 He'll take care of you.
35:47 And let me tell you something...
35:49 not very many things that I'll recommend to you about old age.
35:55 But one thing it does...
35:58 it gives you the ability to look back.
36:01 And I can tell you over the years
36:04 that I've done this and I look back
36:06 I have never seen a person to this day
36:09 who stepped out in faith
36:11 and said "I'll keep the Sabbath"
36:12 that it cost them
36:14 that God didn't repay them.
36:16 Never known of a case.
36:18 God will honor you if you do it.
36:21 Promises that.
36:22 Well, let's go on.
36:29 That just simply means that the Sabbath is not a day
36:33 in which I go out and do what I want to do.
36:37 It's not a day... I'm sorry...
36:40 It's not a day that you go shopping.
36:44 It's not a day in which you go to church
36:48 and when you get out of church you go to the mall
36:51 and go shopping. No!
36:53 That's your own ways.
36:55 God gave you six days to take care of that.
36:58 It's His day.
37:00 Very clear. And He gives you an illustration in the scripture
37:03 showing how He feels about that.
37:06 Because in Nehemiah's day they had a problem with this.
37:10 Listen:
37:27 In other words he stood there and he watched the people
37:29 as they're trading and shopping and doing all this
37:35 on the Sabbath.
37:46 Nehemiah told them: "Stop this!
37:49 Don't continue trading on the Sabbath. "
38:02 Let me tell you something.
38:04 There'll always be people around, folks,
38:07 that are willing to sell you something on the Sabbath.
38:11 That'll always be there, I can assure you.
38:16 But God said: "No, it's not a day in which you are to go
38:19 shopping. It's not a day in which you are to buy things.
38:23 Those are things that you need to take care of
38:25 some other time. "
38:41 Said: "Why... why are you doing this?
38:44 Why are you breaking the Sabbath? "
38:46 Now watch what he says to them, folks, because it's important
38:50 because people say: "Oh, it doesn't make any difference. "
38:52 Let me tell you something... it DOES make a difference.
38:57 It makes a very, very strong difference.
39:01 You see what Nehemiah says to them
39:04 as a result of their violating the Sabbath:
39:26 He said: "Your forefathers... they did this.
39:29 They didn't keep the Sabbath
39:30 and we're suffering from this today
39:33 and now you're going to turn around and do the same thing? "
39:38 Folks, all you've got to do is go back and look
39:44 and you can see clearly those who follow the Lord,
39:50 those who walk with Him,
39:52 those who keep His Sabbath,
39:55 those who obey what He says,
39:57 He blesses.
40:00 Sorry, He does. And when I'm saying keeping the Sabbath
40:03 I'm talking about not just being fanatical about it
40:07 but I'm talking about following what the scripture says.
40:17 This means it was getting dark on Friday evening...
40:21 Sabbath was beginning.
40:33 He said: "Shut the gates. "
40:35 Why did he have to do that?
40:37 Why did he have to shut the gates?
40:42 He had to shut the gates because there's some people
40:45 that will never, never, never listen.
40:50 I mean, you can tell them in clear, certain terms
40:55 and they're still going to go contrary to what scripture says.
41:08 He just didn't even shut the gates...
41:10 he put some people there guarding it.
41:22 They came there Friday evening and they found the gates shut
41:28 and so they stayed all night hoping they'd get in.
41:47 He said: "Stop it! If you don't, I'll lay hands on you. "
42:03 So it's clear the Sabbath is not a day, folks,
42:08 that I go shopping.
42:13 It's not a day that I do things that I want to do.
42:17 The Sabbath is the Lord's.
42:20 It belongs to Him.
42:22 It's not mine.
42:24 I must give it to Him; I must honor Him in that.
42:28 But it also says:
42:37 What does that mean?
42:39 That has to do with entertainment.
42:42 It's not a day in which I just have entertainment.
42:49 It's not a day that I'm going to go out and just...
42:53 you know, go somewhere.
42:57 I find people think that the Sabbath is a day
43:01 that they can just go out and, you know,
43:03 do their own pleasure on that day.
43:05 Entertainment... no!
43:07 It's not... that's not what it is.
43:09 It says: "Not finding your own pleasure. "
43:13 Now don't misunderstand me.
43:15 I don't mean by that that it's to be
43:18 a day, particularly where children are involved,
43:22 where they're told "you sit down there and you stay there. "
43:26 You know, that's not what it should be.
43:30 The Sabbath should be a time that the children enjoy.
43:34 And as parents, by the way, it is your responsibility
43:39 to see that they do!
43:41 You can't... you can't just take a child and sit them
43:44 in a chair and expect them to enjoy it.
43:48 You know? They don't.
43:50 You have to do something with them.
43:52 But, dear friends, we can do things with the children
43:55 that they love. I still... some of the fondest memories
43:59 that I have is Friday night... Sabbath evening with my children
44:04 because we... if we weren't in a meeting or something...
44:07 come home and have something to eat on Friday evening
44:12 and after we'd eaten something
44:14 sitting down on the floor
44:18 with the kids there and just
44:20 reading or singing songs with them
44:23 and just doing something as a family.
44:25 Some of the best memories I have is doing that.
44:29 It's not a day that I am to do my pleasure.
44:32 It might be Sabbath after church
44:35 it certainly wouldn't be wrong to take the children
44:38 for a walk, but it doesn't mean that I am to go play baseball.
44:43 See? And by the way, dear friend,
44:46 it also isn't a time in which I turn on the television set
44:51 and watch some movie.
44:54 That's not keeping the Sabbath, that's doing your own pleasure.
44:59 That's not what it says. It's His day, it's not my day.
45:03 It's His day, and I need to keep it
45:06 in a way that will bless me and my family
45:11 and that God would be pleased with.
45:14 It's not a time where I just go do my own thing.
45:19 Then... what's going to happen?
45:24 That's how you delight yourself in the Lord.
45:27 OK. Let's talk about resting in Christ.
45:45 In other words, what it's saying here
45:48 is the Sabbath is a time in which I am to rest physically.
45:53 They rested the Sabbath day according to the commandment.
45:56 God set that day aside and said that it is a day in which
46:01 you and I should rest physically.
46:04 That is part of Sabbath keeping is to stop your work
46:09 and rest on the Sabbath.
46:12 OK. Secondly, it has something else to do.
46:17 You remember the sisters Mary and Martha?
46:20 It says:
46:52 It means to rest means that I must also learn to rest
46:57 spiritually.
46:59 I need to learn to rest spiritually.
47:03 So... how do I do that?
47:05 I'm going to read to you Hebrews the 4th chapter.
47:11 As far as I'm concerned, it gives to you a lot of counsel
47:16 about learning to rest in Christ.
47:42 OK. Didn't profit them any in faith.
47:50 In other words, it's talking about you and I
47:53 entering into the rest with Christ Jesus.
47:56 We believe... we enter into that rest.
47:59 What does that mean?
48:01 That means that I rest in confidence in Him.
48:05 That I say "here, " and I surrender my life
48:09 and say: "Yes, Lord, I rest in You. "
48:12 All right?
48:33 OK.
48:51 They didn't enter into God's rest.
48:53 They were legalistic,
48:54 but they didn't enter in because of disobedience.
49:22 Joshua could not give them rest.
49:25 He took them into the land of Canaan.
49:27 That's not the kind of rest.
49:37 Now folks, that's the way it reads in English.
49:39 If you want to read how it says it actually in Aramaic,
49:43 which is the language Jesus spoke,
49:46 it says "there remains a keeping of the Sabbath
49:49 for the people of God. "
49:51 That's what that text says in Aramaic.
49:54 "There remains a keeping of the Sabbath
49:57 to the people of God. "
50:06 OK. How do I rest?
50:09 Let me just quickly tell you how to rest.
50:12 1. Have the right attitude.
50:14 I'm sorry. I have been in situations in homes
50:19 where women have worked all day Friday
50:25 getting the house all cleaned and everything right
50:29 and everything and so that it was all done for the Sabbath
50:32 and when Friday was over and the Sabbath begun
50:36 they were so out of sorts that nobody could live with them.
50:39 That is not Sabbath keeping.
50:42 It's not what God means. My attitude needs to be right.
50:46 It's more important that my attitude is right
50:49 rather than something is clean.
50:51 Therefore, make sure as you go into the Sabbath
50:56 that your attitude is right.
50:57 If you get up Sabbath morning and you're out of sorts,
51:00 get back in bed and get out on the other side and get right.
51:04 But you don't need to be having a bad attitude.
51:07 That's not good Sabbath keeping.
51:09 Secondly, confession.
51:12 Confess your sins.
51:15 Don't go into the Sabbath carrying a great big load
51:17 of sins on your back.
51:19 God doesn't want you to do that.
51:21 You need to get rid of that.
51:23 Just confess them and get rid of them.
51:25 Says: "If we confess our sins, He is...
51:29 faithful and just to forgive us our sins
51:31 and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. "
51:33 Secondly, rest from sin.
51:36 What do I mean by that?
51:38 When you get up Sabbath morning,
51:42 dedicate your life to God... give your life to Him.
51:45 Give Him that day in a special way.
51:48 Let it be His day.
51:50 Let Him have it.
51:51 Don't... you know, don't go on continuing to disobey God.
51:57 Rest from sin... stop sinning.
51:59 Stop disobeying the Lord.
52:04 Rest from making a living.
52:07 Six days you shall work and do all your work,
52:11 you don't need to work on the seventh.
52:14 That is God's day.
52:17 Stop making a living and rest in the Lord.
52:21 Understand, folks, why God gave the Sabbath.
52:25 God gave the Sabbath because you and I need to rest.
52:29 The only way I can be saved
52:33 is I must rest in what Jesus Christ did for me.
52:39 I can't do anything to be saved.
52:42 All I can do is accept what Jesus did.
52:44 So the Sabbath is to teach me that every week.
52:48 That I am to rest in Christ.
52:51 I am to rest in what He has done for me.
52:55 That is how I'm to keep the Sabbath.
52:58 So I need to rest from making a living.
53:02 I need to stop work.
53:05 Also I need to rest from the bombardment of life.
53:11 Get away... get away from all the noise,
53:16 all the bombardment. Turn that TV off and leave it off,
53:22 you know... over the Sabbath.
53:24 You don't need that going on.
53:26 I've never understood...
53:27 I wouldn't let somebody in my house,
53:29 use some languages and teach my children things
53:34 and live in my house.
53:36 You know? I wouldn't have somebody come into my house
53:39 and live in my house that would teach my kids
53:41 things that were wrong. But I'll put a TV in there
53:44 and let them listen to all that junk
53:46 and that's OK.
53:47 No, that's not OK.
53:50 Don't... get away
53:51 from the bombardment of life.
53:55 Learn to rest in Christ.
53:57 As He simply said here:
54:09 God wants you to grow in grace.
54:14 God wants you to day by day come closer to Him.
54:20 To learn of His love.
54:23 To learn of His goodness.
54:25 To learn all that He wants to do for you
54:28 and simply for you to rest.
54:30 Rest in what He has done for you.
54:34 If you will do that, God will bless you.
54:37 Every day will grow sweeter and sweeter
54:42 and sweeter as you walk with the Lord.
54:45 I hope that you will enjoy all the wonderful things
54:50 that God has for you on the Sabbath.
54:56 Jesus said in Luke chapter 8
54:58 a sower went out to sow his seed.
55:01 And as he sowed,
55:02 some fell by the wayside
55:04 and it was trampled down
55:06 and the birds of the air devoured it.
55:08 Some fell on rock
55:09 and as soon as it sprang up it withered
55:12 because it lacked moisture.
55:14 And some fell among thorns
55:16 and the thorns sprang up with it and choked it.
55:20 But others fell on good ground,
55:23 sprang up, and yielded a crop a hundred-fold.
55:26 Jesus Christ came to sow the seed of truth
55:29 into this world.
55:31 And just as every seed has life in it,
55:33 the Word of God is also life.
55:36 Jesus said in John 6:63
55:38 "The words that I speak to you, they are Spirit
55:42 and they are life. "
55:44 But sadly in this day and age
55:46 many professed ministers of the gospel
55:48 don't accept the Bible as God's inspired Word.
55:52 Because its plain teachings condemn their practices
55:55 they have tried to make it appear mysterious
55:58 and obscure in order to excuse their own transgressions
56:01 of God's law.
56:03 There are those who try to make everything seem
56:05 pleasant and positive.
56:07 They gloss over or ignore the warnings of God,
56:09 and thus they strip the Bible of the power to convict
56:13 sinners of their need of salvation.
56:16 But no matter how brilliant and how pleasant they sound
56:19 their message cannot satisfy the spiritual hunger
56:23 of a true seeker.
56:27 The truth is that ever since the fall of man
56:30 Satan has been busy sowing the seed of error.
56:33 But friends, when the Word of God is preached
56:36 in simplicity and sincerity,
56:38 it's powerful.
56:40 Instead of pointing out the errors of others
56:42 or seeking to combat the opponents of the gospel,
56:45 we must follow the example of Christ
56:47 and simply sow the seeds of truth.
56:50 Oh, yes, there will be seeds that will fall by the wayside,
56:55 be eaten by the birds.
56:58 Other seeds will sprout in stony soil
57:00 only to dry up for the lack of water.
57:03 Still others will fall among the thorns,
57:05 but many will spring up to bear an abundant fruit.
57:11 The sower's job is to sow seed.
57:13 And believe me, there is no greater joy
57:16 than to see the lives transformed under the influence
57:20 of the Holy Spirit.
57:21 It's an experience all of us can have,
57:24 and it's the only goal we have as a ministry team.
57:28 We have a marvelous opportunity
57:31 to sow by broadcasting these wonderful seeds of life
57:34 to the whole world.
57:36 Jesus gave all of us the gospel commission.
57:39 Won't you join us in this effort?
57:42 Please consider what you can do
57:44 for those who still don't know about Jesus.
57:47 As the Holy Spirit impresses,
57:49 you may send your tax-deductible gifts to:
58:04 Thank you for helping us to bring the Blessed Hope
58:06 to millions all around the world.


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