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00:19 Hello, this is Give Me The Bible
00:22 a wonderful series that we've
00:24 been enjoying for the last
00:25 four months.
00:26 And we are so excited
00:28 to have Kenneth Cox Ministries here.
00:30 This is his production
00:32 coming to you live from the 3ABN Worship Center.
00:36 And we want to welcome our live audience
00:38 as well as all of those who are watching by television
00:42 or by Internet or possibly listening on the radio.
00:45 You know, I am very honored tonight to get to introduce
00:50 to you one of my very special, most favorite people
00:54 in the whole wide world I guess you could say.
00:56 And the reason that I feel this way about Pastor and
00:59 Evangelist Kenneth Cox is because he has a pastor's heart
01:04 and an evangelist's call on his life.
01:06 Don't you enjoy his presentations that
01:09 it seems he knows how to focus on building
01:13 a lasting relationship,
01:15 a close, intimate, personal relationship
01:18 with the Lord Jesus Christ.
01:21 And you know he also specializes in world history
01:24 and how it relates to Bible prophecies
01:27 and current events.
01:28 So this has been a great undertaking.
01:31 this Give Me The Bible series...
01:32 We are meeting once a month,
01:35 five sessions each month.
01:39 And so far he has covered salvation,
01:42 the second coming,
01:43 umm, the Holy Spirit, and the Sabbath...
01:46 all about focusing on that personal relationship.
01:49 But tonight he is going to begin a 5-part series
01:53 called Five Have Fallen.
01:56 And this is going to be on Babylon,
02:00 on Medo-Persia,
02:01 Greece, Pagan Rome, and Papal Rome.
02:04 But each night he's going to spend on one topic
02:08 on one of those nations, so we're really going to have
02:11 a greater understanding, I believe, than we did before.
02:14 I want to read to you...
02:17 I hadn't anticipated this...
02:20 I want to read you a scripture from II Peter
02:25 because I believe that that pertains to tonight.
02:29 In II Peter chapter 1 and verse 19 the Bible says:
02:35 "So we have the prophetic Word
02:37 confirmed, made sure,
02:39 which you do well to heed
02:41 as a light that shines in a dark place
02:44 until the day dawns and the morning star rises
02:46 in your hearts. Knowing this first,
02:49 that no prophecy of scripture
02:51 is of any private interpretation.
02:54 For prophecy never came by the will of man
02:57 but holy men of God spoke
02:59 as they were moved by the Holy Spirit. "
03:01 And tonight Pastor and Evangelist Kenneth Cox
03:05 is going to be teaching us on Babylon.
03:07 You will want to not miss any of this series.
03:12 It's going to be coming to you in four evenings.
03:15 It will be tonight, Friday night,
03:18 Saturday and Sunday night, all at 7:00 pm CST
03:22 as well as don't miss the special second presentation
03:26 that comes first on the Sabbath
03:28 and that is at 11:00 am CST.
03:32 But before Pastor Cox comes to teach to us
03:36 I would like to introduce to you Emily Felts-Jones
03:39 from Bring Forth Ministries, and she's going to do
03:42 special music tonight beginning with a song called
03:45 There Is A River. Emily...
03:57 There is a river
04:00 that flows for me.
04:05 Streaming down
04:08 from the Mount of Calvary.
04:13 Healing water,
04:16 spilling over running free.
04:21 There is a river
04:24 that flows for me.
04:29 There is a river
04:32 that flows for me.
04:36 Streaming down
04:39 from the Mount of Calvary.
04:44 Healing water,
04:47 spilling over running free.
04:52 There is a river
04:55 that flows for me.
05:00 There is a river
05:02 that flows for me.
05:07 And I will drink
05:10 from that flood eternally.
05:15 My sins are buried there
05:18 and carried to the sea.
05:22 There is a river
05:26 that flows for me.
05:32 Yes we'll gather at
05:35 the river,
05:39 the beautiful, the beautiful
05:43 river.
05:47 Gather with the saints
05:50 at the river
05:54 that flows
05:56 by the throne of God.
06:02 Healing water,
06:04 spilling over running free.
06:09 There is a river
06:12 that flows for me.
06:18 Healing water,
06:20 spilling over running free.
06:24 There is a river
06:27 that flows for me.
06:36 Hallelujah!
06:40 Thank you Emily Felts-Jones. Did you enjoy that?
06:43 Amen! Thank you, Emily. Appreciate that very much.
06:47 Good evening.
06:49 Very happy to welcome all of you here tonight.
06:52 Also want to say welcome
06:53 to all those of you that have
06:55 joined us on television,
06:56 watching, or listening over the
06:57 radio. We're happy to welcome you this evening.
07:00 Appreciate you tuning in. We hope tonight's presentation
07:04 will be helpful to you as we talk about prophecy.
07:08 We're going into prophecy during this series
07:11 and next month's series will be on prophecy.
07:14 Dealing with this... very, very important.
07:16 What says the Bible, the blessed Bible?
07:19 This my only question be.
07:23 Search the scriptures for the waymarks...
07:26 the great prophetic waymarks.
07:29 What says the Book of God to me?
07:31 That's what we need to watch and look for.
07:33 You see, Bible prophecy is important enough
07:36 that if you were to take Bible prophecy
07:41 and miracles - those two things - out of this book,
07:45 all you would have left is a book of philosophy.
07:50 That is what makes the Bible distinctly different
07:55 than anything else is prophecy,
07:59 and it's very important that you and I
08:01 understand the prophecies of God's Word...
08:04 see what God is talking about.
08:06 Tonight we're talking about Babylon...
08:09 the nation of Babylon. What the scripture says
08:13 about Babylon. Our next presentation after that
08:17 will be on Medo-Persia.
08:22 What does the scripture tell us about that?
08:24 These nations are very important because they greatly influenced
08:30 what took place with God's people,
08:34 the development of God's Word. All that fits in there
08:37 and with the time prophecy that's taking place.
08:40 So we'll look at our next presentation about the
08:43 Medes and the Persians... what the scripture says.
08:47 What are you looking for tonight on the subject of Babylon?
08:51 Well, the first thing I would tell you to look for
08:54 is watch how accurate God is.
08:58 You know, if you have any questions in your heart
09:02 or in your soul about prophecy,
09:05 and you... and you wonder if the Word of God
09:09 is something that you can really depend on at all,
09:12 then watch. Watch for the accuracy of God's Word.
09:16 How even in minute things He outlined it and said exactly
09:22 how it would take place and what would happen.
09:24 So we hope it will bless you as we take a look
09:27 at the nation of Babylon and we begin to take it step by step.
09:32 The title for this series is Five Have Fallen.
09:38 And that's what we'll do during these five presentations
09:42 is talk about the five that have fallen
09:45 and what the scripture has to say about it.
09:47 So we hope that you'll be blessed as we continue to study
09:51 God's Word.
09:52 We're delighted to have Emily with us.
09:55 I know you'll be blessed as she sings for you
09:59 during this series and that you'll see and understand
10:05 her love for the Lord as she sings
10:08 I Know God Holds Tomorrow.
10:20 I don't know about tomorrow,
10:26 I just live from day to day.
10:32 And I don't borrow from its
10:37 sunshine
10:40 for its skies may turn to gray.
10:46 And I don't worry
10:49 about the future,
10:53 for I know what Jesus said.
10:59 So today I'll walk
11:03 beside Him,
11:06 for He knows
11:09 what lies ahead.
11:13 Many things about tomorrow
11:19 I don't need
11:22 to understand.
11:26 For I know
11:29 who holds tomorrow,
11:32 and I know
11:35 who holds my hand.
11:39 I don't know about tomorrow,
11:45 it may bring me poverty.
11:52 But the One who feeds the sparrow,
11:59 is the One who stands by me.
12:06 And the path that is my portion
12:12 May be through the flame or flood;
12:19 But His presence goes before me
12:25 And I'm covered in His blood.
12:32 Many things
12:35 about tomorrow
12:39 I don't need to understand.
12:45 For I know who holds tomorrow,
12:51 And I know
12:55 who holds my hand.
12:59 He leadeth me,
13:02 He leadeth me.
13:05 By His own hand He leadeth me.
13:12 And His faithful follower
13:16 I will be,
13:19 For by His hand
13:22 He leadeth me.
13:27 Many things about tomorrow
13:33 I just don't need to understand.
13:40 For I know who holds tomorrow,
13:46 Yes, I know
13:49 who holds my hand.
14:15 Heavenly Father,
14:17 as we open Your Word this evening
14:21 we pray for enlightenment.
14:23 May we understand and see
14:27 the prophecies of Your Word.
14:29 Lord, may Your Spirit make them clear.
14:34 We are thankful for the assurance
14:36 that You hold everything in Your hand
14:40 and that You know what the outcome is.
14:44 Help us, Lord, that we might respond in faith
14:49 and each one of us might follow You.
14:52 For this we pray in Christ's name, Amen.
15:02 The book of Revelation
15:04 is the last book in your Bible.
15:08 It's a book of prophecy,
15:11 and the 17th chapter of the book of Revelation
15:16 is the last chapter in the Bible that presents beasts.
15:21 In fact, you have a woman riding on a scarlet-colored beast.
15:27 This beast has seven heads.
15:31 Those seven heads are very, very important.
15:34 The scripture tells us those seven heads are seven kings.
15:38 And this is what we're looking at because
15:42 this prophecy in Revelation 17
15:44 takes you right through history right down to the present day
15:49 and our time. And that's what we're going to endeavor to do
15:53 in this series and the next series
15:55 is take you step by step all the way down
15:59 through time up to the present.
16:02 And so the text there in Revelation 17 says this:
16:18 So this is what it tells us...
16:21 that there are five kings here.
16:24 Five of them have fallen.
16:26 That's what we're going to look at in this series.
16:29 Then it says there's one that is, is not, yet is.
16:33 We'll look at that in the next series.
16:35 But this is what we're going to be looking at
16:37 that we can understand exactly what it's talking about.
16:42 So we thank you for being here.
16:44 We hope it will bless you as we talk about it.
16:47 Now tonight, in order to understand that,
16:49 you've got to understand the time and the situation.
16:53 So I'm going to take you back to a period of time
16:56 and help you understand a little bit of what's happening here.
17:00 And you're going to take a look here at a map.
17:04 And on this map this is what is called
17:08 The Fertile Crescent.
17:11 Now what you have here, folks, is you have the Middle East.
17:16 Uh, The Fertile Crescent is where everybody traveled.
17:20 If you can see the green here, you can see it comes up there
17:25 and comes out of the sea there.
17:27 And then you have rivers like the Euphrates
17:30 and the Tigris that runs up there,
17:33 goes through the curve at the top
17:35 and they come down to the Jordan.
17:37 This is where people traveled.
17:40 This is where they went about their travel
17:43 because there was water here, there was vegetation here.
17:46 They could travel and everything was fine.
17:50 So this is what happened and took place,
17:52 and they traveled on The Fertile Crescent.
17:55 So we hope that as we look at that
17:58 it will help you understand a little bit of where the travel
18:01 took place and what happened.
18:03 So let's go and take a look at what is happening here.
18:07 The kingdom that is ruling at this time is a kingdom called
18:11 Assyria.
18:12 Assyria has taken all the Mesopotamia...
18:16 all this area under their control.
18:19 There's a king - the last one in Assyria... one of the
18:23 last ones... and that was Ashurbanipal.
18:26 He was the king there.
18:28 But Ashurbanipal is getting old.
18:31 His sons don't seem to have much of an interest
18:35 in the kingdom.
18:36 And therefore down in Babylon
18:39 down in Babylon - if you can see Babylon here -
18:43 there is an X. Right down here we... at the bottom
18:48 if you can see that green, that's where Babylon is.
18:51 There's a vice regent in Babylon
18:55 and his name is Nebopilesar.
18:59 Nebopilesar sees this as his time.
19:04 He sees this as the time for him to do something.
19:08 And so with the Chaldeans, he sets out and begins to
19:13 overthrow Assyria.
19:15 And he moved into Babylon in 626 BC
19:19 and overthrew Babylon.
19:22 Nebopilesar goes on from there.
19:25 The capital for Assyria is Nineveh.
19:29 He enters Nineveh; overthrows Nineveh.
19:32 And the people, the king and those that were in charge there,
19:36 they fled Nineveh and they went up to a place called
19:42 Harron. And there in Harron
19:45 they tried to set up rule again.
19:48 Now, let me just back up
19:50 and give you a little bit of background here.
19:52 You remember Abraham?
19:55 Huh? You remember Abraham of old?
19:57 Well, Abraham came out of Ur of the Chaldees.
20:01 That's down below Babylon a little bit.
20:04 And when he left, he and his family - his father, his
20:08 brother and all - they went up
20:10 to the top of The Fertile Crescent
20:12 and they stayed there.
20:13 And that's where you get the name Harron...
20:16 because that was his brother.
20:18 So you have the town there, Harron, where these Assyrians
20:22 have come and they have set up a government
20:25 trying to rule again.
20:28 By this time, Nebopilesar has gotten old
20:33 and so he calls in his son... calls in his son Nebuchadnezzar.
20:39 And he tells Nebuchadnezzar that they have driven them out
20:43 of Harron and now the Assyrians have gone up to a place called
20:47 Carchemish. And they decided that they would set up
20:50 defense in Carchemish. And so Nebopilesar has asked
20:56 Nebuchadnezzar to go up and to take care of them.
21:00 Get rid of them. And so Nebuchadnezzar goes up
21:04 to Carchemish to do this. Let me kind of point these out
21:08 for you if you have a little trouble seeing it.
21:10 I've tried to put some X there. But if you go up here to the top
21:14 you can see an X. That's where Carchemish is.
21:18 Carchemish is a place there on the Euphrates River
21:22 where they have set up trying to have a defense against
21:26 Nabopilesar.
21:28 Well, something begins to happen here.
21:32 Begins to take place because down in Egypt
21:36 there is pharaoh by the name of Necho.
21:39 Pharaoh Necho is an ally of the Assyrians
21:44 but he has in his mind that he's going to come up here
21:48 to Carchemish and he's going to defeat Nebuchadnezzar.
21:53 And then he's much stronger than the Assyrians
21:58 and so all of it would come under him,
22:00 and he would be the ruler of Mesopotamia as well as Egypt.
22:05 So Pharaoh Necho leaves Egypt
22:09 going up to Carchemish to take on Nebuchadnezzar.
22:14 Interesting thing... because if you notice here...
22:18 Down here in Egypt, if you follow the path there,
22:22 Pharaoh Necho has to go through Israel.
22:27 And so on the way up to Carchemish
22:30 he's going through Judah, if you please.
22:33 And as he's going through Judah, there is a good king.
22:38 One of the best kings Judah has ever had
22:41 by the name of Josiah. And Josiah decides
22:45 he's not going to let Pharaoh Necho go up there.
22:49 Scripture has this to tell us...
22:51 and it says:
23:05 Interesting situation here, folks. This is a good king.
23:09 He has served the Lord, tried to walk with the Lord
23:13 in all that he did.
23:14 But he failed to do something here.
23:17 Watch:
23:33 Said: "I'm not coming through here to fight you, " OK?
23:46 Pharaoh Necho sent him word and said:
23:50 "The Lord has sent me to do this.
23:52 You stay out of it. Leave me alone. "
23:54 Josiah did not consult the Lord.
24:01 Josiah decided he was going to go up and stop Pharaoh Necho
24:04 and he didn't ask the Lord whether that was something
24:07 he should do or he shouldn't. He didn't consult the Lord.
24:10 And as a result...
24:25 See, these were what God said...
24:32 So here he is fighting against Pharaoh Necho,
24:35 and this is what happened.
24:59 Took him out of there, brought him to Jerusalem.
25:02 And it says:
25:12 Killed right there. Pharaoh Necho goes on up
25:18 to Carchemish to face Nebuchadnezzar.
25:21 Nebuchadnezzar, folks, overthrew the Assyrians.
25:26 He overthrew Pharaoh Necho.
25:29 Chased Pharaoh Necho back to Egypt.
25:32 He overthrew them all.
25:33 Now, Nebuchadnezzar is in charge.
25:38 He's... he's overthrown these. He's the one who's in charge.
25:43 And since he chased Pharaoh Necho back to Egypt,
25:49 he had to go through Judah.
25:52 And so Nebuchadnezzar decides
25:56 that since he's going through Judah
25:58 he might as well subdue them also.
26:00 And that's when Nebuchadnezzar came in and overthrew.
26:05 Destroyed the city, destroyed the temple.
26:10 Did all that at that time.
26:12 Something interesting happening here.
26:14 It's while Nebuchadnezzar is here, folks,
26:18 that... and he's in Israel...
26:21 that he gets word that his father, Nabopilesar,
26:25 has died.
26:26 OK, watch.
26:28 If you take and you go by the way of The Fertile Crescent,
26:34 you follow the rivers.
26:36 Take up the Jordan, go up to the top
26:38 and take the Euphrates and the Tigris back down to Babylon,
26:42 that's about 1,500 miles.
26:46 About how long that is.
26:48 Nebuchadnezzar knew that he could not spend that much time,
26:53 that he had to secure the kingdom.
26:56 He had to do something quickly.
26:58 And so taking a servant and some horses,
27:01 they start out and they go across the Arabian Desert
27:05 from Jerusalem over to Babylon about 1,000 miles
27:10 across the desert.
27:12 Absolutely tremendous feat that he did.
27:15 But he arrived there; secured the kingdom.
27:18 And now Nebuchadnezzar is probably the leading
27:23 monarch of that whole area.
27:26 All has come under his control.
27:28 That gives you some background of what's happening here.
27:31 Because, before he left to make that trip back to Babylon
27:36 he took his captain and he told his captain...
27:39 He said: "I want you to select about 50-70 young men
27:45 of the Israelites here and bring them back to Babylon
27:50 to be trained to be servants
27:54 and trained to work in the courts of Babylon.
27:57 He gave them instructions... he gave them some real
27:59 interesting instructions.
28:00 You know what he told them? He said
28:02 they had to be of royal blood. They had to be good looking.
28:07 You can read it in the scriptures.
28:08 Said they had to be good looking.
28:09 Said they had to be... have great social graces
28:13 and they had to be intelligent.
28:15 Those were the things that Nebuchadnezzar told him
28:17 they had to be.
28:19 And so he chooses these young men to take them back to Babylon
28:24 and among those that he chose were four young men
28:28 by the name of Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego.
28:34 One thing that Nebuchadnezzar did not ask for...
28:38 When he gave the list of things he wanted
28:41 he didn't ask for any of them to be spiritual...
28:46 but these four boys were.
28:48 Made a tremendous difference.
28:52 because they took those young men back and trained them
28:56 in the courts of Babylon for three years.
28:59 At the end of three years of training
29:03 when Nebuchadnezzar himself tested them,
29:05 he found those young men to be ten times more intelligent
29:11 than anybody else in his kingdom.
29:14 Tremendous young men!
29:16 These were to work in the courts of Babylon.
29:19 Well, it isn't too long after that
29:23 that Nebuchadnezzar has a dream.
29:26 And in this dream he sees something that has a profound
29:31 impression upon him but...
29:34 in the morning he can't remember what it was.
29:37 Knows it's important but he can't remember it.
29:41 And so he calls in his wise men
29:44 and told them "I had a dream.
29:47 I know it's important
29:48 but I can't remember what the dream was. "
29:51 And they said: "Well, can you tell us what the dream was?
29:55 We'll tell you what it means. "
29:57 And he said: "Well, I'll tell you what,
29:59 you tell me what I dreamed
30:02 and then I'll know you can tell me what it means. "
30:05 Well they said: "Nobody on earth would ask that. "
30:08 And the more they talked the madder Nebuchadnezzar became.
30:13 Now folks, you have to understand...
30:14 this man is a dictator.
30:16 You do what he says. I mean,
30:20 and if you don't, there are severe consequences.
30:22 And so he said: "You either tell me or I'm going to have
30:24 all of you killed. "
30:26 And they couldn't tell him,
30:28 and so he gave orders:
30:35 Now, interesting...
30:39 when Nebuchadnezzar called in his wise men,
30:43 he didn't call in Daniel
30:44 or Shadrach or Meshach or Abednego.
30:47 He didn't call them in.
30:48 Why didn't he call them in?
30:51 Because they were novices.
30:53 They were young; they didn't have experience
30:58 and so he didn't call them in.
30:59 You know how that works, don't you?
31:01 Huh? You know, when you start out
31:04 they say "Well you know, if you're going to get anywhere,
31:06 you've got to get an education.
31:08 You've got to go and get an education. "
31:10 And so you got to school and get an education.
31:12 You get out of school and they say:
31:14 "Well good, you got an education but - you know -
31:17 in order to be any good you gotta have some experience. "
31:21 And so you work at it and work at it all those years
31:24 getting the experience. And finally when you get the
31:27 experience they say: "Ah, you're too old. "
31:29 You know, that's usually the way it goes.
31:32 But anyhow, they didn't have the experience.
31:34 But when Nebuchadnezzar gave the decree
31:37 to kill all the wise men,
31:38 that included Daniel and his companions.
31:41 And so they began to pray.
31:44 They asked for time to pray.
31:47 And they prayed, and God revealed to Daniel
31:50 and his companions what Nebuchadnezzar had seen.
31:53 Daniel now goes in before King Nebuchadnezzar to tell him
31:58 what he had seen in that dream.
32:00 Now this is a prophecy, folks.
32:02 Listen to it. It talks about it:
32:15 Said: "Can you... can you tell me
32:18 that... the dream and the interpretation? "
32:35 He said: "Uh, can't... can't they tell you
32:38 what you've seen in it? "
32:41 Now watch:
32:53 What will be when?
32:55 Latter days. Put it down. See, we are talking about
32:59 a prophecy that doesn't affect just his day
33:02 but goes clear to the end of time.
33:04 What will be in the latter days...
33:10 So he said: "This is what you saw, Nebuchadnezzar. "
33:24 This is what he saw.
33:59 So here it shows this image being crushed.
34:10 Now, that's what he saw.
34:14 Saw a great image. This great image had a head of gold,
34:17 arms and breast of silver,
34:19 belly and thighs of bronze,
34:22 legs of iron, feet part of iron and part of clay.
34:25 Watch as Daniel tells him what it means:
34:58 So he said clearly: "Nebuchadnezzar,
35:01 you are this head of gold. "
35:03 Why would God say that Nebuchadnezzar was
35:05 that head of gold? Because... Babylon only lasted 70 years.
35:10 Nebuchadnezzar ruled 40
35:14 of those 70 years.
35:15 That's why He said: "You are this head of gold. "
35:17 He was the one that built it
35:19 and the ruler of that.
35:21 OK. Nebuchadnezzar...
35:24 history's not very kind to him, folks.
35:27 He was a very, very hard man
35:31 and, like I said, a dictator
35:35 and didn't have much use for anybody.
35:38 But evidently God saw in Nebuchadnezzar
35:43 something that nobody else saw
35:45 because you find God over and over coming back
35:49 trying to get Nebuchadnezzar's attention.
35:53 Uh, showed him this image. Told him what it means.
35:56 Nebuchadnezzar saw that but it didn't last long.
36:00 Decided that he would build an image.
36:03 But it wasn't going to just have a head of gold,
36:06 it was going to be gold from the head to the foot.
36:09 And so out on the plains of Dura he had an image built.
36:13 Huge image. Called in all of his governors and his officers
36:17 and everybody. Had an orchestra there
36:20 and said: "We're going to play music, and when you hear
36:22 the music all of you are going to bow down
36:24 and you're going to worship this... this image. "
36:28 Well, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego were there
36:32 and they said: "King, we're not going to worship
36:35 your image. "
36:37 And that made Nebuchadnezzar so mad
36:40 that he said: "Either you worship that image
36:43 or I'm going to throw you into the fiery furnace. "
36:45 And they said: "King, throw us in the fiery furnace
36:50 if you want to, but we're not going to worship your image. "
36:52 And he said: "Heat that furnace seven times hotter. "
36:57 So hot that when they threw in Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego
37:03 it killed the guards.
37:05 And when they threw them in,
37:07 as Nebuchadnezzar looked in there,
37:10 here they were walking around.
37:12 And he said: "Didn't we throw three men in here?
37:17 I see four...
37:20 One like the Son of God. "
37:23 Must have been something distinctly different.
37:26 He told Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego "Come out. "
37:30 When they came out of there, folks,
37:33 there wasn't even the smell of smoke on them.
37:36 Not even the hair was singed.
37:39 Well, you know, that got his attention...
37:43 for a little bit. You know, got his attention for a little bit.
37:46 But it isn't too long until Nebuchadnezzar
37:49 is kind of, uh, you know...
37:52 thinking how great he is... how wonderful.
37:55 This is a sketch of Babylon.
37:58 I want to show you a little bit because Nebuchadnezzar
38:01 has lavished upon this city
38:04 all the things he's fought nation after nation.
38:07 Brought gold and silver.
38:08 He's made this city like none other.
38:10 You're looking at the walls.
38:13 There were two sets of walls that went around the city.
38:15 One set was wide enough that two chariots could race
38:19 side by side around the top of the wall.
38:22 The walls were over 100 feet high.
38:25 Right there as you see the ramp going across
38:28 is what is called the Ishtar Gate.
38:31 That's the Ishtar Gate. I'm going to show you tonight
38:35 the Ishtar Gate. This is not a replica.
38:39 This is the Ishtar Gate.
38:43 You see, Germany went in and excavated...
38:50 went in and took the things out of Babylon.
38:54 They sent men over there and they took that gate apart
38:57 brick by brick and tablet by tablet.
39:02 And they numbered them and they brought them all back
39:05 and they put them back together.
39:07 Now this is inside the Pergamon Museum
39:11 in Britain... I mean in Berlin.
39:14 Because of that it doesn't look too big.
39:18 Let me tell you, that gate is over 85 feet high.
39:22 To give you a little idea of the size of it.
39:25 Those are clay... brick or clay tablets.
39:31 Look at the color. They haven't done anything.
39:35 That's exactly the way they were.
39:36 Marvelous. This will give you a little better look at it.
39:40 Those clay tablets were there and they stand.
39:43 That's been thousands of years, folks.
39:45 He lavished upon that city until it was looked upon
39:49 the city that was impregnable, could not be taken.
39:53 They had enough food inside the city to last them
39:56 for 40 years without ever going outside.
39:58 Inside the city was what was called the Hanging Gardens.
40:03 Nebuchadnezzar... that's one of the 7 Wonders of the World.
40:07 He had that made for his wife
40:10 because she was from the mountain country
40:12 and Babylon sits out on the plain. So he built that
40:16 to remind her of her mountain home.
40:18 Seven Hanging Gardens in the city of Babylon.
40:22 Wonderful place. This is a statement that was found
40:26 on a clay tablet in Babylon. This is what it says:
40:38 But God had told him that wasn't going to happen.
40:41 But he didn't want to accept that.
40:44 Wanted it to last forever.
40:46 Nebuchadnezzar went ahead, built his kingdom and all.
40:49 And God gave him a dream again.
40:53 And God said: "Nebuchadnezzar, here's a great tree.
40:57 The birds nest in the tree. The beasts get shade under it.
41:02 It feeds all these and everything. "
41:05 Said: "This great tree takes everything
41:07 but a Holy One came and cut it down. "
41:10 And he said: "Seven times would pass over it. "
41:14 He didn't know what it meant.
41:17 Called in Daniel. Had Daniel interpret it.
41:22 Daniel said: "King, give your heart to God.
41:26 Change your ways, because if you don't
41:30 then you're going to lose your kingdom. "
41:32 Watch. He said: "Quit being so... " How should I put?
41:36 "so pompous and quit being so proud. "
41:39 Well, this is what happened.
41:43 This is 12 months after he had the vision.
42:04 I mean, he's really laying it on thick.
42:20 He had been warned.
42:23 Twelve months later exactly as God said.
42:36 Or seven years.
43:07 Seven years he went out and he ate grass like an animal.
43:43 Changed. I mean, he had finally woke up.
43:47 Change of heart in his life.
43:51 OK, watch. Over and over. Now folks, a principle in
43:55 in understanding Bible prophecy is simply this:
43:58 that God repeats and enlarges.
44:02 Repeats and enlarges... that's a principle.
44:05 We have just looked at Daniel 2.
44:07 Now we're going to take a look at Daniel 7.
44:09 Watch Him repeat and enlarge.
44:23 OK, Daniel has now had a dream.
44:33 All right. In Bible prophecy
44:36 wind represents war, strife.
44:40 Water represents people.
44:43 And so what it's saying here is there was war and strife
44:45 among the people and as a result of that
44:53 So here, four beasts are rising out of the sea.
44:56 And it tells us the first one...
45:04 That was the first beast. This is Babylon.
45:09 Says here that this beast raised itself up on its feet.
45:21 That is because of the conversion of Nebuchadnezzar.
45:25 That is the only beast in this Bible, folks,
45:28 that says a man's heart was given to it.
45:31 That was because of his conversion.
45:34 But it speaks of this lion that had eagle's wings.
45:38 I'm going to take you back to that picture that I showed you
45:43 of the Ishtar Gate.
45:44 If you can see it, you see the lion there?
45:47 If you look closely the different color down there
45:52 you can see the wing on that lion. See it coming down there?
45:57 That's the wing on the lion there.
46:01 That's what they used to represent Babylon.
46:03 In fact, England did some excavating on Babylon of old.
46:08 And if you go to the British Museum they have
46:10 statues of lions with eagle's wings
46:13 that they took from Babylon.
46:15 So it represented...
46:16 So this lion represented
46:19 Babylon. This becomes important
46:22 because it's one of the heads
46:25 on that beast in Revelation 17
46:29 where it says: "Five have fallen. "
46:34 Becomes very, very important for that reason.
46:39 Daniel the 5th chapter...
46:50 Let me explain what's happened here.
46:52 Belshazzar, folks, is actually Nebuchadnezzar's grandson.
46:58 Nebuchadnezzar's son was Nabonidus.
47:03 Nabonidus. And Nabonidus just didn't have a real interest
47:08 in the kingdom.
47:09 And so he took some soldiers and went off and fought some
47:14 battles and so forth
47:15 but he turned the running of the nation and everything
47:18 over to his son. By this time, Nebuchadnezzar
47:23 has died and so Belshazzar is running the kingdom.
47:27 This is the grandson of Nebuchadnezzar.
47:29 And so it says that he's taken...
47:34 having a big feast here.
47:48 Now when Nebuchadnezzar went down and he overthrew
47:51 Jerusalem and sacked the place and the temple,
47:55 he took all the gold in the temple and all the vessels...
47:59 silver and gold vessels, he took all that back to Babylon
48:02 with him. So here Belshazzar is having this feast,
48:06 this party if you please,
48:07 and they decide they want to drink
48:10 out of the golden vessels.
48:30 It's not just their drinking from them, folks.
48:34 They are actually - how should I say -
48:37 making fun of God and what He did
48:42 because it says here:
48:53 They praised these gods.
48:55 They were saying how they were greater than the God of Israel.
48:58 That's what they were doing.
49:01 And as a result of that...
49:15 I mean, here they are having their party.
49:17 Everything's going along and all of a sudden
49:20 over on the wall a bloodless hand begins to write.
49:27 Watch how Belshazzar reacts to that:
49:44 When he saw that, he... I mean, everything...
49:49 he realized he had come to the place where
49:55 he didn't know what to do.
49:56 And so, what did they do?
50:00 Called in the wise men.
50:03 Asked them to read what the hand had written on the wall.
50:08 None of them... none of them could read it.
50:11 Watch what takes place here:
50:14 This is the grandmother...
50:16 this is Belshazzar's grandmother...
50:25 She heard about this; heard what was going on.
51:20 They called in Daniel.
51:24 Belshazzar said: "I'll tell you what.
51:26 If you can tell me what that says,
51:27 I'll make you the third in the kingdom. "
51:30 See, he was really second. His father was first,
51:34 him... Said: "I'll make you third in the kingdom,
51:37 put a gold chain around your neck, and all this. "
51:39 And Daniel said:
51:41 "You keep your gifts.
51:43 I don't need your gifts. "
51:45 And then he chastised him very clearly for not listening
51:51 to what had taken place and following his grandfather.
51:54 And then after he had finished that, he interpreted
51:59 what it had to say.
52:07 Terrible.
52:14 Terrible.
52:16 Just think, come to the end of your life
52:19 and say you've been weighed in the balances and found wanting.
52:25 Terrible.
52:37 Said: "Your kingdom has been divided
52:40 and given to the Medes and the Persians. "
52:58 Babylon - the first one of the five -
53:04 fell just exactly as the scripture said.
53:08 Notice how accurately God described everything.
53:12 How it took place just exactly as God said it would.
53:18 You see, as we go through these prophecies
53:20 you're going to see how God showed each one, took place.
53:24 And so we've looked at Daniel 2.
53:26 We looked at Daniel 5, Daniel 7.
53:30 All those that talked about Babylon, what's happening.
53:35 So Five Have Fallen.
53:37 Our next presentation will be about the second one.
53:40 Let's bow our heads for prayer.
53:41 Father in Heaven,
53:43 as we see how You have shown in Your Word
53:49 exactly how nations come into being
53:53 and how You're the One that sets up kings and
53:55 takes them down, we pray that we might also be mindful
54:00 that You're the One that rules in our lives
54:03 and that we will surrender our lives to You.
54:07 And that we'll look at Your Word, study it, follow it...
54:11 that we might know Your will and Your desire.
54:15 Bless each one. For this we ask in Christ's name, Amen.
54:20 God bless you. Remember next presentation is
54:24 on the Medes and the Persians.
54:26 I think you'll find as we go through these five
54:29 it will begin to fill in more and more all the time.
54:32 So God bless you.
54:34 Stay close to the Lord Jesus Christ.
54:41 The Bible says in Matthew 13:44
54:58 Every day we pass by ordinary places
55:01 that may be hiding something of incredible value.
55:04 Whether buried in a field or squirreled away in an attic,
55:09 or even an old, fallen-down house.
55:11 But imagine for a moment the thrill of stumbling
55:15 upon a treasure beyond your wildest dreams.
55:18 Will you eagerly sell everything you have
55:21 to gain something of much greater value?
55:24 Will you be willing to endure criticism of friends,
55:27 even family members, in order to obtain it?
55:30 This parable speaks of the most incredible treasure of all,
55:34 and it's hidden in God's Word.
55:37 That treasure is Jesus Christ himself.
55:42 But sadly, even those who claim Him
55:45 often don't recognize this infinite treasure.
55:49 Just watch how quickly they toss aside what the Bible says
55:53 when it becomes inconvenient.
55:56 Friends, the treasure of the gospel are hidden in God's Word.
56:02 Many of its readers have eyes, but they do not see.
56:06 They have ears, but they don't hear.
56:09 They never find its hidden treasure.
56:12 In fact, they may read it over and over
56:16 and never see it.
56:17 Even worse, many times they do see it
56:20 but think the price is too high.
56:22 Like the Jews of old
56:24 who rejected the Messiah because He was not in harmony
56:28 with their ambitious desires,
56:30 many won't seek heavenly treasure
56:32 because earthly treasure is more alluring.
56:35 They reason that if they could just obtain the things
56:38 which they desire they would have peace.
56:41 Sadly, they don't realize that they carry the disturber
56:45 of their own peace inside their hearts.
56:48 They pass by the One who declared:
56:51 "Peace I leave with you. My peace I give to you.
56:54 Not as the world gives do I give to you.
56:57 Let not your heart be troubled,
56:59 neither let it be afraid. "
57:03 The treasure of the Bible are revealed only to those
57:07 who carefully study its pages
57:09 with a humble and searching heart.
57:11 Our whole ministry is dedicated to helping men and women
57:14 find the priceless treasure hidden in the Bible.
57:18 We pray that you will not be satisfied
57:21 with surface truths
57:23 but instead you'll want to unearth the precious gems
57:27 that others pass by.
57:29 Dig into the Bible as a miner digs into the earth
57:32 to find veins of gold. Don't give up
57:35 until you have found a relationship with God,
57:38 and then join us in spreading the good news to the world.
57:42 Please consider what you can do
57:44 for those who still don't know about Jesus.
57:46 As the Holy Spirit impresses,
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