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00:19 We want to welcome our viewers
00:22 tonight to another special
00:23 presentation with Pastor Kenny Cox,
00:26 Evangelist Kenny Cox.
00:27 It's called Give Me The Bible,
00:29 and he's done a 5-part series this weekend
00:32 Tonight is really special. If you'll look on the screen
00:35 it's called Papal Rome.
00:37 Now, Pastor Kenny has been discussing this week
00:40 five different topics on the rise and fall
00:43 of five different empires.
00:45 And he said he started out with the Babylonian empire.
00:48 Then he went to the Medes and Persians.
00:49 And then it's Greece, pagan Rome,
00:52 but tonight is really special
00:54 So our viewers out there tonight: sit back,
00:58 relax. I want you to enjoy the program.
01:00 And we pray that someone is touched tonight by the
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01:26 So, before we go any further,
01:28 we have a special tune tonight with Dona.
01:31 And the song is called I've Been Changed.
01:34 Thank you, Dona.
03:34 Thank you, Dona. Appreciate that very much!
03:37 Good evening!
03:38 Very happy to welcome all of you.
03:40 Appreciate you being here.
03:42 Those of you that are watching by television,
03:45 we just want to welcome you tonight.
03:47 If you're listening by radio,
03:49 glad that you're here.
03:50 Appreciate you being here.
03:51 We hope that as we've gone through this series
03:54 on Five Have Fallen,
03:57 we hope that you have seen God's hand
04:00 as He has led people step by step by step
04:03 down through the centuries, nation after nation.
04:06 And so we hope that you are beginning to see
04:09 a little more of God's leading
04:12 and directing in nations and in individuals' lives.
04:16 So we're glad that you're here.
04:18 Tonight we're talking about
04:24 This subject, folks, as far as prophecy is concerned,
04:29 God spends more time on this one
04:33 than He does any other in the entire Bible.
04:37 Spends more time on this particular power
04:41 than He does any other power.
04:44 And therefore it is VITAL that you understand it
04:48 and see what it's talking about.
04:50 So please follow carefully tonight as we take a look at
04:54 papal Rome.
04:55 Now this is where we're ending this series.
04:58 As you know, most of the time we have spent
05:02 in the book of Daniel.
05:04 All right. Our next series is entited:
05:12 And we are moving to the book of Revelation.
05:16 That's where we're headin'.
05:17 And in the book of Revelation there are four beasts
05:22 that we're going to be looking at.
05:24 There's one found in Revelation the 11th chapter.
05:26 We're going to take a look at two of them in
05:29 Revelation the 13th chapter.
05:32 And we're going to take a look at another one
05:33 in the 17th chapter.
05:35 And we're going to be putting that all together.
05:38 And if you have followed in this series,
05:40 then sure don't want to miss the next series
05:43 because that helps bring it all together and helps you
05:46 understand what's taking place.
05:48 So we're glad you're here.
05:50 We hope you have been blessed
05:53 as we have gone through this and you've seen
05:55 the hand of God as He has led down through the years...
05:59 nation after nation.
06:01 But tonight: Papal Rome.
06:03 What the scripture has to say about it.
06:06 How it fits into history.
06:09 And we hope that you will get a glimpse
06:12 of what has happened in the past
06:14 because it's going to help you
06:16 as you understand what's going to happen in the future.
06:18 So, we're glad that each of you are here.
06:21 We hope that you'll continue to stay in the Word of God.
06:25 As we have told you: What says the Bible,
06:27 the blessed Bible?
06:29 This my only question be.
06:33 Search the scripture for the waymarks...
06:35 the great prophetic waymarks.
06:38 What says the Word of God to me?
06:41 That's what we want to know.
06:42 That's what we want to find out.
06:44 So we hope that each of you
06:46 will continue to dig into God's Word.
06:50 I want to say a special thanks to Emily Felts-Jones
06:54 for being here with us during this series.
06:56 She sang for us each night,
06:59 and I personally have been blessed by her music
07:02 and I know that you have been.
07:04 And so we're glad to welcome her back again tonight.
07:06 She's going to sing a song entitled
07:09 There's No Way Around The Cross.
07:25 In the beginning...
07:28 back when it all began,
07:32 there was a cross drawn on the master plan.
07:38 Placed in the front of eternity
07:43 with salvation's symbol for all to see.
07:49 And there's no way around the cross.
07:54 All history hangs on that tree.
08:00 And that shadow falls far and wide
08:05 and covers humanity.
08:10 You can choose to ignore
08:13 but it won't go away,
08:16 it's a part of your past...
08:19 it's your future today...
08:21 'cause there's no way around the cross.
08:32 There is an ending for everything that's done.
08:38 And heaven designed
08:41 Calvary just for one.
08:45 And the fate of this world was decided there.
08:50 The light from the answer shines everywhere.
08:56 'Cause there's no way around the cross.
09:01 All history hangs on that tree.
09:07 And that shadow falls far and wide
09:12 and covers humanity.
09:17 You can choose to ignore
09:20 but it won't go away,
09:22 it's a part of your past...
09:25 it's your future today...
09:28 'cause there's no way around the cross.
09:33 There's no denying the choice we must make.
09:39 But it stands at the end of whichever road
09:45 we take.
09:50 There's no way around the cross.
09:54 All history hangs on that tree.
10:00 And a shadow falls far and wide
10:05 and covers humanity.
10:10 We can choose to ignore
10:13 but it won't go away,
10:16 it's a part of our past...
10:18 it's our future today...
10:21 'cause there's no way around the cross.
10:26 There's no way around the cross.
10:31 There's just no way around
10:35 the cross.
10:55 Our Heavenly Father, we come to You this evening
11:01 first, Lord, just committing our lives to You.
11:06 Asking for Your Spirit.
11:09 Praying that You'll be with us tonight.
11:12 Give us understanding. Open our eyes.
11:17 May we see and may we walk
11:20 as we understand Your Word.
11:23 We are thankful for the blessings You give us
11:27 and for the light that shines upon us from Your Word.
11:31 Grant to us, Lord, the privilege
11:35 of walking with You in all that we do.
11:38 For this we ask in Christ's name, Amen.
11:47 Well, we've been taking a look at Revelation the 17th chapter
11:51 That 17th chapter is the last place in the scripture
11:56 where it talks about a beast or nations or powers.
12:01 And since it's the last place
12:03 it also takes and brings all
12:07 the prophecy together.
12:08 That's what it does, and that's the reason we're looking at it.
12:11 And so it says here in Revelation 17 verse 10
12:24 That's what we've been doing during this series:
12:26 looking at the five that have fallen.
12:30 Those five that have fallen.
12:33 Our next series we're going to take a look at the one
12:36 that is, one is yet to come.
12:38 We're going to put all of that together in the next series.
12:41 So be sure and follow that.
12:44 And as we have studied the scripture,
12:47 we have found that the first power that fell
12:50 was that of Babylon.
12:52 And you remember we looked at
12:53 some scripture like in Daniel 2
12:55 where it had a great image
12:57 there and a head of gold.
12:58 Also it pictures Babylon as a lion.
13:01 And so Babylon existed from 605 BC to 539 BC.
13:08 And we find as we read God's Word
13:11 and as we look at history
13:13 that Babylon fell to who?
13:16 To Medo-Persia. That was our next one.
13:19 And in this image in Daniel 2
13:21 Medo-Persia is pictured as
13:23 chest and arms of silver.
13:27 And also in Daniel 7 it's pictured as the bear.
13:31 And so we have that.
13:33 And we found out that Medo-Persia existed
13:36 539 BC to 331 BC.
13:40 And at that time Medo-Persia fell to... Greece.
13:45 OK. Greece was the next one
13:47 which is pictured as belly and thighs of bronze
13:51 in the image of Daniel 2
13:54 and as a leopard that had
13:55 four wings and four heads.
13:57 And we found out that that
13:59 represented Greece
14:00 that went from 331 BC
14:03 to 168 BC.
14:06 And we found that Greece fell to?
14:09 Yes... fell to pagan Rome.
14:12 And that is pictured in the scripture as the legs of iron.
14:16 Rome was made up of eastern
14:19 and western Rome
14:20 so the image has two legs.
14:22 Also it was pictured as a dragon.
14:25 Represented a dragon that had
14:27 great iron teeth.
14:29 Devoured much.
14:30 Rome existed from 168 BC
14:34 to 476 AD.
14:37 That brings us step by step down to the time
14:40 where we are tonight.
14:42 Now, we talked about it last night.
14:46 We found out that Rome turned her persecution
14:51 against the church.
14:53 And we talked about the catacombs and how she persecuted
14:56 and all she did. That persecution did something,
15:00 and I want you to listen to what the scripture says about it.
15:02 Here in Acts the 8th chapter verse 1 it says:
15:12 Rome turned her power against the church,
15:16 all right?
15:28 OK?
15:36 They went out and they preached to everybody
15:39 and they talked to them about Jesus Christ
15:42 and what Jesus Christ would do for them.
15:45 And the gospel spread across the Roman Empire
15:49 like wildfire.
15:51 Men and women reached out and accepted and believed it.
15:54 And so by the time you reach 300 AD
15:59 almost half of the Roman Empire is Christian.
16:03 So there has been a tremendous change taking place here.
16:07 As far as the Empire is concerned,
16:10 rather than most of it being pagan
16:13 now half of it is Christian.
16:16 And as that began to take place,
16:18 there were centers of Christianity
16:22 that began to develop.
16:23 And one of those centers was in a place called Constantinople.
16:28 And today that is called Istanbul.
16:31 OK? That was a center of Christianity
16:35 because that was strong. Lots of Christians there,
16:39 and it developed.
16:40 And then another place that was a center of Christianity
16:44 was Alexandria, Egypt.
16:46 And that became a center of Christianity,
16:49 and many, many people there believed.
16:52 And the bishop had great power there.
16:55 And then the other place that developed was Rome.
16:58 Those were the three centers of Christianity.
17:02 And as you go back and read the history of the Christian church,
17:06 you find these were very strong centers.
17:09 But in Rome something happened.
17:12 In Rome, since the church
17:18 had so much power,
17:20 it began to look politically advantageous
17:25 to belong to the church.
17:27 And so now the church was accepted in
17:32 as somebody they all wanted to follow.
17:35 And you found that the Roman leaders
17:37 decided that it would be best to become Christians
17:40 like Constantine and others
17:43 decided they wanted to be a Christian.
17:45 And so you have a change taking place,
17:48 and great numbers of people embracing Christianity.
17:51 At this time in history, folks,
17:55 the church has become popular.
17:58 But also at this time in history
18:01 there is a shift taking place,
18:04 and the Goths - or the Germanic people - are coming down
18:09 on the Roman Empire and breaking it up into pieces.
18:13 These were the Germanic people:
18:16 such tribes as the Anglo-Saxons, the Franks, the Herulii,
18:19 the Vandals. They were all coming down on the Roman Empire
18:23 and breaking it to pieces.
18:24 There is an emporer at this time and his name is Justinian.
18:29 And Justinian is fighting the Goths...
18:33 trying to push them back.
18:35 He has a general by the name of Belisarius,
18:40 and Belisarius is fighting these Goths, trying to
18:44 keep them from getting... taking over the kingdom.
18:48 In the city of Rome,
18:54 there is a bishop.
18:56 There were bishops in Constantinople.
18:59 There were bishops at Alexandria.
19:01 There was a bishop in Rome.
19:03 The bishop of Rome was a very, very strong person.
19:06 But this bishop's name was Silverius.
19:11 Silverius was a godly man.
19:14 He loved the Lord; he loved the people.
19:16 He tried to do what he could to support the people.
19:19 But he refused - absolutely refused - to have anything to do
19:25 with the war that was going on between Rome and the Goths.
19:30 Justinian and the Goths.
19:32 And so any time the Goths got close to the city of Rome
19:37 Silverius had them close all the gates
19:40 and wouldn't let them in.
19:41 If the... if Justinian's army got close to the city of Rome,
19:46 the bishop had all the gates shut; wouldn't let them in.
19:51 The Goths and Justinian's army had been fighting
19:55 and they had backed Justinian's army all the way up
20:00 to the walls of the city of Rome.
20:05 Silverius has had all the gates shut.
20:09 Belisarius has sent a note to Justinian saying
20:14 "do something or we're lost. "
20:16 It so happens that Justinian's wife is a Christian.
20:20 She also is a friend of the bishop.
20:24 And so he asked her if she would plead with the bishop
20:28 to open the gates of the city of Rome
20:30 and save his army...
20:32 which out of respect to her
20:36 Silverius raised the gates of the city of Rome,
20:39 let Justinian's army in,
20:42 and closed the gates.
20:43 Justinian and Belisarius, his general,
20:49 had already agreed that if they got inside the city
20:54 they would banish the bishop.
20:57 So in history you have this statement:
21:11 Now watch carefully.
21:28 So they banished Silverius
21:34 and listen to what happened:
21:46 Now Justinian, I am sure, never had in mind
21:51 what took place.
21:53 I'm sure that he saw Vigilius just as a puppet
21:59 that would do his bidding.
22:01 But that isn't what happened.
22:03 When he stepped to the seat of the bishop,
22:07 history says that he stepped to the seat of Caesar
22:12 and siezed the scepter.
22:15 He took over, began to rule. And thus you find
22:20 that he ruled in their place. Excuse me.
22:28 This happened 538 AD.
22:33 Put it down... important date.
22:35 Let's read a couple more historical statements.
23:23 And thus the bishop of Rome became the political head
23:28 as well as the spiritual head.
23:32 And so we have a whole revolution taking place here.
23:37 With that, let's take a look at what the scripture tells us
23:43 here in Daniel the 7th chapter.
23:45 Now you remember when we studied Daniel the 7th chapter
23:48 we had a dragon there that represented... come on...
23:54 represented pagan Rome.
23:57 OK, that's who that great red dragon represented.
24:00 Now watch as it continues:
24:13 And so as he's looking at this dragon
24:16 which represented pagan Rome
24:18 among those ten horns... then, among them comes up
24:23 a little horn which uproots three of them.
24:38 Now it's going to tell us certain things,
24:39 and as I told you... God defines this power clearer...
24:45 clearer than any other power in the scripture.
24:49 Watch:
24:56 Those were the ten Germanic tribes.
25:23 Tells us all this about this power.
25:26 In fact, it gives you eight points
25:29 of identification of this power.
25:32 Now just let me say this to you:
25:34 if you can take these 8 points that I just read to you
25:40 and make them apply to any other power
25:46 on the face of the earth,
25:48 then... tell me about it.
25:52 Now don't... don't just give me four.
25:55 If you can take all eight points
25:58 and make it fit any other power, I want to know what it is.
26:03 See? Let's look at those eight points.
26:25 Those eight points.
26:26 We're going to look at those eight points quickly,
26:29 because we're going to have to go through it quickly
26:31 to cover all of them.
26:32 But it says that it would come up after them.
26:35 Daniel 7 verse 8:
26:44 So dear friend, you don't go off looking in Africa
26:48 for this little horn. Or you don't go to South America
26:51 or you don't go to North America.
26:53 It's clear that it came up among those ten horns...
26:56 which was western Europe.
26:58 OK. So it identifies the location for you.
27:02 Let's go on.
27:06 Those ten Germanic tribes came on the scene of action
27:09 476 AD.
27:12 Therefore, this little horn had to come up
27:16 after that time. And you find the little horn
27:19 came into power as I read to you:
27:28 The papal power came into power 538 AD...
27:33 just exactly as the scripture said.
27:36 And he shall be different from the first.
27:39 Those ten tribes, folks, were Germanic tribes.
27:43 They were just political powers.
27:45 But this power is not that.
27:48 It is a political/religious power.
27:51 Has both. You have uniting of church and state.
27:55 It is definitely different than all the others.
27:59 So it's different as the scripture said it would be.
28:02 OK:
28:06 When these Germanic tribes came down on the Roman Empire,
28:10 the Christian people had been given a commision by Christ
28:15 that they were to take the gospel where?
28:17 To all the world.
28:20 And so when these Germanic people came down there
28:22 they felt it their responsibility
28:25 to take the gospel to them.
28:26 And to their surprise, they found those people
28:30 with open hearts, and they accepted the gospel.
28:33 I mean they accepted it.
28:35 And these Germanic tribes which became the nations of
28:38 western Europe, accepted Jesus Christ.
28:41 And to this day, western Europe is Christian.
28:44 See? That's what happened.
28:47 But among those three... ten tribes
28:51 there was three of them that accepted a belief
28:55 called Arianism.
28:57 Arianism is a belief that says
29:00 that Jesus Christ was a good man.
29:03 That He was a prophet,
29:05 but that He was not divine.
29:07 That He was not the Son of God.
29:09 Justinian and the bishop
29:13 violently opposed that.
29:15 And Justinian sent out his army
29:18 and had those three tribes wiped off the map.
29:24 Herulii, the Vandals, and the Ostrogoths.
29:27 Now, if you don't believe what I'm telling you,
29:29 then go down to the library.
29:32 You won't have any trouble getting in;
29:35 it's not overcrowded.
29:36 You can get into the library, you know.
29:38 And go there and look it up.
29:41 You cannot even find descendants
29:44 from the Herulii, the Vandals, and the Ostrogoths.
29:48 They're not there, folks.
29:50 It said it pulled them up by the roots.
29:53 That's exactly what it did
29:55 just as the scripture said.
30:01 In other words, he's going to speak great words against God.
30:05 I'm going to share just two things that they say.
30:07 This is their words, not mine... papal Rome...
30:10 and what they say.
30:23 That's the question. Does the priest have the power
30:28 to forgive sins?
30:31 This is their answer:
30:41 Now the scripture doesn't say that.
30:43 God is the only one that can forgive sin.
30:46 Not... not the priest.
30:49 One other statement.
30:50 This is from the great Encyclical Letter
30:52 of Pope Leo XIII.
30:54 And it says:
30:59 So when it says he would speak pompous words against
31:02 the Most High, indeed he's done just that.
31:08 It says that he would turn his wrath - if you please -
31:13 against the church and would persecute the saints.
31:16 One historical statement.
31:18 There's many I could read to you tonight,
31:20 but just one:
31:36 I mean that is a heavy, heavy statement.
31:45 And dear friend, all you have to do is go back and read.
31:48 And if you want to read, I'd recommend such books to you
31:51 as Fox's Book of Martyrs,
31:53 or Short Stories of the Reformation by Short,
31:55 or The History of the Reformation by d'Aubigné.
31:58 Or Here I Stand by Peyton.
32:00 All those will tell you of what she did
32:03 during that period of time.
32:09 It says that he would consider himself able to change
32:13 time and laws. This is what they say about that:
32:27 That he has that power to do that.
32:32 He did away... Now if you pick up your Bible and turn to Exodus
32:37 the 20th chapter you'll find the Ten Commandments.
32:39 If you pick up a Catholic version of the Bible
32:43 and turn to Exodus the 20th chapter,
32:45 you will find the Ten Commandments
32:46 just like in your Bible.
32:48 OK. But if you pick up a Catholic Catechism,
32:52 it's different.
32:54 In the Catechism, the second commandment has been taken out.
32:57 Not there at all.
33:00 So they've done away with the second commandment.
33:02 The fourth commandment they've shortened...
33:10 They shortened it down.
33:12 The tenth commandment they divided it into two.
33:16 Because they did away with the second,
33:18 they had to have ten so they divided the tenth one.
33:21 That you have they will "change times and laws, "
33:25 That they have done.
33:32 In the Bible, a time represents one year.
33:36 OK? So when it says a time,
33:39 and in Biblical reckoning of time, there are 360 days
33:44 in a Biblical year.
33:45 If you need proof of that, go read Genesis 6 and 7.
33:50 It will make that clear to you.
33:52 360 days in a Biblical year.
33:54 Times represents two years which will be 720.
33:58 And a half a time would be a half a year
34:01 which would be 180.
34:02 If you add those up, that comes to 1,260
34:08 that it said this power would rule for 1,260 years.
34:14 Ezekiel 4 verse 6 says:
34:21 Giving us a day for a year.
34:24 OK. If a day represents a year
34:27 and I have 1,260 days
34:31 and the papal power came into power in 538 AD,
34:36 and I add 1,260 to it...
34:40 it takes me to 1798 AD.
34:43 So it said it would rule to 1798 AD.
34:47 Just stay with me, we'll come to that
34:49 1798 AD in just a few minutes.
34:52 But I now have taken you through the 7th chapter of Daniel.
34:57 OK. We've looked at those eight points.
34:59 Like I said, if you can make any other power
35:02 fit that, you let me know.
35:04 But let's go to the 11th chapter of Daniel.
35:08 11th chapter of Daniel simply says this.
35:12 And as I did for you last night,
35:14 where it uses pronouns I just put in a name.
35:18 Makes it read a little easier for you.
35:32 Now folks, all you have to do as I read the next few verses
35:35 to you, is just think about what went on
35:40 during what we call the Dark Ages.
35:43 And what history records happened at the time
35:48 when the Reformation was just being started and growing.
35:52 So this is what it says that the papal power did:
36:09 And the people that followed the Lord during the time
36:14 of the Reformation... they were slaughtered.
36:16 Gave their lives. I mean, I'm not talking
36:19 a few, folks, like the massacre of St. Bartholomew
36:22 where they slew 60,000 Huguenots one Sunday morning.
36:25 I'm not talking about a few.
36:28 These people gave their lives.
36:54 I could go into great... Lot to say about this, folks.
36:59 I just want to say this because time won't permit me.
37:02 But, unfortunately, many times it takes persecution
37:08 for you and I to learn to develop character.
37:12 Sadly, but many times that's the case.
37:16 That's why it talks about here being made white and so forth.
37:20 Refined and purified... made white.
37:22 Those people during the time of the Reformation
37:25 certainly went through that.
37:27 That's what Daniel 11 is talking about.
37:30 Well with that we're going to go to
37:32 Revelation the 13th chapter.
37:35 In Revelation the 13th chapter there is a beast
37:40 that has seven heads, ten horns.
37:45 Watch what it has to say about this beast:
38:01 So it's telling us very clearly this beast is not a very
38:04 good one, OK?
38:21 Did that turn the light bulb on?
38:24 Huh? Did anything go on when you read that?
38:28 Because this beast is made up of the ones we just read
38:34 about over in Daniel 7.
38:36 The lion, the bear, the leopard. They're all there.
38:39 So it's taken those in Daniel 7
38:42 and bringing them right on in to Revelation
38:46 and tying this all together.
38:47 And it says the dragon gave him his what?
38:51 His power, his seat, and his authority.
38:54 And we found out the dragon was who?
38:56 Pagan Rome.
38:58 OK. So it says here that it's going to give him
39:01 his power, his seat, and his authority. Let's go on.
39:23 Now folks, I find people that read this
39:25 that take this and try to tie it
39:30 to totally a political power.
39:33 You can't do that
39:35 because worship's involved here.
39:37 They worship the dragon; they worship the beast.
39:40 This is not just a political power.
39:42 You can't take it outside of a religious context.
39:45 OK? Has to tie that together.
39:48 "Who is able to make war with him? "
40:01 So it's talking about this beast in Revelation 13.
40:05 It's telling us different things about him that takes place.
40:37 Do I need to read that again?
40:52 Who's going to worship him?
40:54 All those whose names HAVE NOT BEEN WRITTEN
40:58 in the Book of Life. They're going to worship this beast.
41:03 Scripture is clear.
41:05 And if... we've dealt five nights here on prophecy.
41:11 And as we've studied, we've seen prophecy after prophecy
41:16 after prophecy that God has made about these different nations.
41:20 And every last one of them has taken place just exactly
41:23 as God said. Now, I want to ask you a question.
41:26 If all those have taken place
41:29 like God said they would,
41:30 do you think this will?
41:32 Absolutely!
41:34 Gonna happen just exactly like God said it was gonna happen.
41:38 It will take place. No ifs, ands, buts about it.
41:42 Gonna happen.
41:43 All the world will worship him.
41:51 If you've read God's word, you've seen what it says,
41:55 God says: "then hear...
41:57 Listen to what it's saying. "
41:59 It makes a great difference.
42:01 Now what I'm telling you tonight is this beast
42:05 in Revelation 13, OK?
42:08 and the little horn in Daniel 7
42:12 are exactly the same power.
42:15 OK. Do I need to go with that again?
42:19 The beast of Revelation 13 that I have just read to you
42:23 and the little horn in Daniel 7
42:28 are exactly the same power.
42:30 OK? And we'll just put a few things together so you can see
42:35 what that says.
42:41 That little horn came out of where?
42:44 Out of pagan Rome.
42:47 OK. Revelation 13...
42:52 The dragon there was pagan Rome.
42:56 So both are the same here.
42:58 Let's go on down.
43:02 I read those statements to you.
43:04 Revelation 13 concerning the beast it says:
43:11 Are you seeing the similarity between the two?
43:14 They are the same power. Look at one more.
43:29 So both powers made war with the saints.
43:37 We found out that that was 1,260 years...
43:42 538 AD to 1798 AD.
43:45 And by the way, that is known in history as the time
43:49 of papal supremacy.
43:51 That's when she ruled.
43:53 Revelation 13 it says:
43:59 In Biblical time, there is 30 days in a Biblical month.
44:04 If you multiply 30 times 42, what do you get?
44:09 You get 1,260. Both the same period of time.
44:15 OK. So these are exactly the same power.
44:19 Of Daniel 7, Revelation 13 - all talking about the same power.
44:24 As I told you, God spends more time on the papal power
44:29 identifying it than He does any other power.
44:33 Tries to make that crystal clear.
44:35 OK.
44:42 It said here that he saw one of his heads
44:45 of this beast, and it had been mortally wounded.
44:49 Well, it said that the papal power
44:54 would come into existence 538 AD
44:58 and it would last for 1,260 years.
45:02 which took us to 1798 AD
45:06 Now, if the book's true...
45:09 Is it? Absolutely!
45:13 If the book is true, then something had to happen
45:18 in 1798 AD.
45:20 See? Because God said it would.
45:22 And just exactly as God's Word said,
45:26 Napoleon... Napoleon has come to power.
45:30 And Napoleon wants to rule Europe.
45:34 Wants to bring all of Europe under his control.
45:37 He knows... he knows that he cannot do that
45:42 without breaking the back of the papal power.
45:46 You see the papal power, at this time, folks,
45:51 owned a huge amount of land called papal states.
45:57 They had power with all the kings of Europe.
46:00 They... they were strong.
46:02 And he knew there was no way he was going to get anywhere
46:05 unless he broke the back of the papal power.
46:08 So this is what happened.
46:10 It's recorded in history for you.
46:11 Encyclopedia Americana... it's what it says:
46:31 1798 AD Napoleon's general Berthier went in,
46:35 overthrew the papal power,
46:38 and set up a secular power.
46:41 That is extremely important because out of that
46:46 comes something we're going to be studying in the next series.
46:50 See? Set up a secular power
46:53 and it began to change the face of western Europe.
46:58 And so we find here that this beast
47:02 represented papal Rome.
47:05 Now, we have looked at this. Studied it.
47:10 Become very important.
47:38 Now we have looked at the five that have fallen.
47:42 That says that there's one that is,
47:46 and there's one yet to come
47:48 and he must continue a short time.
47:51 And then the scripture doesn't stop there.
47:54 It goes on and says something else.
47:57 Now the five that have fallen...
47:59 The five that have fallen we've looked at.
48:03 Babylon. Babylon fell to Medo-Persia.
48:08 Medo-Persia fell to Greece.
48:12 Greece fell to Rome.
48:16 And Rome fell to papal Rome.
48:19 Five Have Fallen.
48:22 Those are the five that have fallen.
48:24 "One is..." John is saying.
48:28 "One is yet to come. "
48:30 But listen:
48:48 So we found now that there's a beast
48:53 that is... After the five, there's a beast that is.
48:59 One that is to come.
49:03 And then there's one that is the eighth.
49:07 And that's what we're going to be looking at
49:10 in this next series, folks,
49:12 We're going to be putting those
49:14 together that are mentioned
49:15 in the book of Revelation.
49:17 And as I told you,
49:18 this prophecy in Revelation 17
49:22 takes you right down through history
49:24 and brings you down to our day
49:27 and the time in which you and I are living.
49:30 But identified for you those five kingdoms.
49:36 And the fall of papal Rome in 1798 AD
49:42 and with Napoleon coming in and setting up a secular government
49:48 began to change the face of western Europe.
49:53 And something comes in that changes man's thinking.
49:59 That's what we're going to be looking at as we go into it.
50:03 You see, this book
50:08 lines up history like nothing else.
50:12 And... and what is interesting, folks, is
50:15 God says this is going to happen.
50:18 And then as you can look back, you can see history
50:22 went just exactly that way.
50:24 Because these things that I have read to you
50:27 were written before they ever happened.
50:29 And they happened just like the scripture said.
50:33 So I can tell you tonight,
50:36 you can believe what the Bible says.
50:39 You don't have to be in doubt about it.
50:41 You can believe it.
50:43 You can take God's Word anytime
50:46 and you'll find it will stand firm.
50:48 As we said, just... Give me the Bible.
51:01 Give me the Bible -
51:05 holy message shining,
51:10 Thy light will guide me
51:15 in the narrow way.
51:19 Precept and promise,
51:24 law and love combining,
51:28 'Till light shall guide me
51:33 in eternal day.
51:41 Let us pray.
51:42 Heavenly Father,
51:44 tonight we're standing in awe
51:49 of Your power.
51:51 Of Your wisdom.
51:54 Of Your might.
51:56 How that You have set up kings.
52:01 You've taken them down.
52:03 You've told exactly what they would do.
52:06 How they would go about accomplishing Your will.
52:10 Lord, may we tonight
52:14 realize that You, too, are willing to
52:19 guide and direct in our lives.
52:22 That all You ask is that we just come to You,
52:26 place our lives in Your hands,
52:29 and let You guide and lead us.
52:31 Tonight I'd just like to ask
52:34 those that are watching by television
52:37 or any of you that are here tonight
52:38 or listening on the radio,
52:40 if you have had some doubts
52:44 about God's Word,
52:46 you've been in question about God's Word,
52:48 and tonight by faith you'd just reach out
52:52 and like to say "I'm willing to accept the Bible
52:55 as God's inspired Word
52:58 and let it guide and lead and direct my life, "
53:01 and just take God's Word by faith and walk with Him.
53:07 If you're willing to do that tonight, won't you just commit
53:10 your life to the Lord
53:12 and give Him the opportunity to guide and lead your life
53:15 in a special way.
53:17 Heavenly Father, we thank you for loving us.
53:21 We thank you for being willing
53:24 to give us Your Word that we can know
53:27 because as You said it's a light that shines in a dark place.
53:31 And so Lord, may we be illuminated
53:36 day by day by what Your Word says.
53:39 And may our faith in You be strong in all that we do.
53:44 We thank you for loving us
53:46 and commit our lives to You this night.
53:49 For this we ask in Christ's name, Amen.
53:55 Well our new series next month
53:58 will be entitled Was, Is Not, Yet Is.
54:03 There's a beast that was, is not, yet is.
54:09 And we've got to put that together because that beast
54:13 affects your life.
54:16 It affects your life
54:18 in a very, very definite way.
54:21 So we hope that it will give you some inspiration
54:25 to spend some time in God's Word and study.
54:28 We thank you for being with us during this series.
54:31 We hope that you'll continue to study God's Word
54:35 and to follow Him. And I thank you.
54:38 God bless you. Good night.
54:41 The Bible says in Matthew 13:44
54:58 Every day we pass by ordinary places
55:01 that may be hiding something of incredible value.
55:05 Whether buried in a field or squirreled away in an attic,
55:09 or even an old, fallen-down house.
55:12 But imagine for a moment the thrill of stumbling
55:15 upon a treasure beyond your wildest dreams.
55:19 Will you eagerly sell everything you have
55:21 to gain something of much greater value?
55:24 Will you be willing to endure criticism of friends,
55:28 even family members, in order to obtain it?
55:31 This parable speaks of the most incredible treasure of all,
55:34 and it's hidden in God's Word.
55:37 That treasure is Jesus Christ Himself.
55:42 But sadly, even those who claim Him
55:46 often don't recognize this infinite treasure.
55:49 Just watch how quickly they toss aside what the Bible says
55:53 when it becomes inconvenient.
55:57 Friends, the treasure of the gospel are hidden in God's Word.
56:02 Many of its readers have eyes, but they do not see.
56:06 They have ears, but they don't hear.
56:10 They never find its hidden treasure.
56:13 In fact, they may read it over and over
56:16 and never see it.
56:17 Even worse, many times they do see it
56:20 but think the price is too high.
56:23 Like the Jews of old
56:25 who rejected the Messiah because He was not in harmony
56:28 with their ambitious desires,
56:30 many won't seek heavenly treasure
56:32 because earthly treasure is more alluring.
56:36 They reason that if they could just obtain the things
56:39 they desire they would have peace.
56:41 Sadly, they don't realize that they carry the disturber
56:45 of their own peace inside their hearts.
56:48 They pass by the One who declared:
56:50 "Peace I leave with you. My peace I give to you.
56:55 Not as the world gives do I give to you.
56:57 Let not your heart be troubled,
57:00 neither let it be afraid. "
57:03 The treasure of the Bible are revealed only to those
57:07 who carefully study its pages
57:09 with a humble and searching heart.
57:11 Our whole ministry is dedicated to helping men and women
57:15 find the priceless treasure hidden in the Bible.
57:18 We pray that you will not be satisfied
57:21 with surface truths
57:23 but instead you'll want to unearth the precious gems
57:27 that others pass by.
57:29 Dig into the Bible as a miner digs into the earth
57:32 to find veins of gold. Don't give up
57:35 until you have found a relationship with God,
57:38 and then join us in spreading the good news to the world.
57:42 Please consider what you can do
57:44 for those who still don't know about Jesus.
57:47 As the Holy Spirit impresses,
57:49 please send your tax-deductible gifts to:
58:04 Your gifts help bring the Blessed Hope of salvation
58:07 to millions all around the world.


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