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00:20 If it is true
00:22 that the only thing worse than
00:24 nostalgia is amnesia,
00:26 then it also must be true
00:28 in a concomitant sense
00:30 that one of the greatest gifts
00:32 that God has been pleased to give to the human family
00:35 OTHER than salvation and Jesus
00:37 is the gift of prophecy.
00:39 In this word where so much is hazy and murky
00:44 and we don't know what the next day holds
00:47 it is comforting to know that thought we don't know
00:50 what tomorrow holds, we certainly do know
00:52 who holds tomorrow...
00:54 for the person who holds tomorrow is the same person
00:58 who holds... or held... yesterday
01:01 and all of our yesterdays
01:03 and yesterday and yesterday and yesterday.
01:07 The gift of prophecy is a fantastic study,
01:11 an interesting one.
01:12 And Elder Cox has been given a gift by God
01:16 to make that which is complex plain and simple.
01:21 And I think he's going to have to call upon that gift
01:23 this night as we look at what is an intriguing text of scripture,
01:28 and intriguing portion of the prophetic map
01:31 as we look at the two witnesses.
01:33 Under the concept, and I love this,
01:35 Was, Is Not, and Yet Is.
01:39 We have traveled through the Word of God
01:43 for five sessions. This is volume six.
01:46 We are just half way through,
01:48 and time has gone by so very, very fast.
01:50 And yet there is much ground to be covered, much to learn.
01:54 And our friend, our evangelist Kenneth Cox, will lead us
01:57 in that study this night.
01:58 And I know that when we shall have come to the end
02:01 of our study this night, this... two witnesses will be plain,
02:05 very, very plain, to us all.
02:07 My name is C.A. Murray,
02:08 and it is my privilege and pleasure to welcome you
02:11 to this year-long trek through the Word of God that
02:15 we are calling Give Me The Bible.
02:17 We're getting into deep water now, so we're asking you
02:19 to roll up your spiritual pant legs because we're in
02:22 deep water as we look at Was, Is Not, Yet Is:
02:27 the two witnesses.
02:28 But before we hear from Elder Cox
02:30 our good friend Larry Blackwell is here to give us
02:32 music ministry. He's going to be singing
02:35 The Hallelujah Chorus.
02:50 Hallelujah! Home at last!
02:54 The redeemed are home at last.
02:58 All heaven is filled with happiness
03:02 for the age of sin is past.
03:07 I see the gates as they open wide,
03:12 I see the saints as they walk inside
03:16 singing: Hallelujah! Home at last!
03:20 The redeemed are home at last.
03:25 Hallelujah! All day long
03:29 I can hear the angels sing.
03:33 Then suddenly I hear Moses' song
03:37 as the angels fold their wings.
03:42 I see the Lamb as He beckons me;
03:47 I hear Him say: "Come and dine with Me. "
03:50 Singing: Hallelujah! Home at last!
03:55 The redeemed are home at last.
03:59 See the lame come a'runnin;
04:03 hear the dumb sing the song of praise.
04:08 All the blind are outside seeing
04:12 while the old folk stand in place
04:16 around the great white throne near the King of Kings,
04:22 they clap their hands till the heavens ring.
04:25 Singing: Hallelujah! Home at last!
04:30 The redeemed are home at last.
04:34 See the lame come a'runnin;
04:38 hear the dumb sing the song of praise.
04:43 All the blind are outside seeing
04:47 while the old folk stand in place
04:51 around the great white throne near the King of Kings,
04:57 they clap their hands till the heavens ring.
05:00 Singing: Hallelujah! Praising Jesus.
05:05 Hallelujah! Troubles over!
05:10 Hallelujah! Home at last!
05:14 The redeemed are home
05:20 at
05:22 last.
05:29 Amen!
05:32 Thank you, Larry Blackwell. You enjoy that?
05:35 That's great.
05:37 Well, we want to welcome all of you back.
05:40 Appreciate you being here tonight.
05:42 Those of you that are watching by television or listening on
05:45 the radio, glad to welcome you
05:48 again to Give Me The Bible.
05:50 This is a series in which we're
05:53 going through different Bible
05:55 subjects and we're taking
05:57 five nights on a subject so that when you're through
06:02 you should understand what the Bible has to say
06:04 about that subject. So we hope that it's helpful to you.
06:08 Hope that you're enjoying it and that you're getting an idea
06:11 what the scripture has to say about it.
06:14 This presentation or this series
06:16 is again on Bible prophecy.
06:19 We spent last presentation, or the last series,
06:23 on Five Have Fallen.
06:26 We talked about prophecy. We're continuing that tonight
06:30 so that you'll be able to see what's happening.
06:33 What says the Bible, the blessed Bible?
06:36 This should my only question be.
06:40 Prophecy is fulfilling... the end is nearing.
06:44 What says the Book of God to me?
06:47 That's what we want to find out
06:49 as we take a look at God's Word.
06:51 So we're glad you're here.
06:53 Hope that it will help you as you study
06:55 particularly the books of Daniel and Revelation.
06:58 Now, tomorrow night. Tomorrow night our subject is
07:03 The Beast from the Bottomless Pit.
07:06 That will be our next presentation.
07:07 The Beast from the Bottomless Pit.
07:10 And as you have found out as we studied prophecy,
07:13 God uses beasts to represent nations or powers.
07:17 So this is the next one we're going to be talking about.
07:19 Actually, tonight's presentation
07:23 and tomorrow night's presentation both go together.
07:26 They're both on the 11th chapter of Revelation.
07:31 So we're putting that all together, and we hope
07:34 that it will help you see the - how shall I say - the accuracy
07:40 of God's Word.
07:41 How that God tells us things are going to happen
07:44 and, folks, it takes place just exactly as God says.
07:49 So you want to be sure and follow it as we go through it
07:53 step by step. Tonight we're talking about the two witnesses.
07:57 In Revelation the 11th chapter there are two witnesses.
08:00 So what are you looking for?
08:02 You want to find out who are they.
08:05 Who are these two witnesses?
08:07 What do they do?
08:09 What does the Bible talk about them?
08:11 When did they exist?
08:13 What took place? That's what we're going to look at
08:15 when we talk about the two witnesses.
08:17 So be sure, follow as we go along.
08:21 Take a look at Bible prophecy.
08:23 So again, we're glad you're back with us.
08:25 We hope that you'll be blessed in a special way.
08:28 We're very happy to have Larry Blackwell with us.
08:30 Larry helps us in our crusades
08:33 that we hold from place to place.
08:36 Always an inspiration. We enjoy having him with us.
08:39 He's going to sing for you the song "Who Am I. "
09:09 When I think of how
09:14 He left His home in glory.
09:22 Came to dwell among
09:27 the lowly such as I.
09:36 To suffer shame
09:39 and such disgrace...
09:43 on Mount Calvary take my place.
09:49 Then I ask
09:52 myself the question:
09:56 Who am I?
10:03 Who am I that the King
10:09 would bleed and die for?
10:16 Who am I
10:20 that He would pray
10:23 "Not My will, Thine" for?
10:30 The answer:
10:32 I may never know
10:37 why He ever
10:40 loved me so.
10:43 But to an old rugged cross
10:48 He'd go
10:50 for who am I.
11:04 When I'm reminded
11:07 of His words
11:10 "I'll leave you never.
11:16 Just be true;
11:20 I'll give to you
11:24 a life forever. "
11:31 I wonder what
11:34 I could have done
11:38 to deserve
11:41 God's Only Son.
11:45 Fight my battles all
11:49 till they're won.
11:51 Who am I?
11:57 Oh, who am I
12:01 that a King
12:04 would bleed and die for?
12:11 Who am I
12:15 that He would pray
12:18 "Not My will, Thine" for?
12:24 The answer:
12:27 I may never know
12:32 why He ever loved
12:37 me so.
12:38 But to an old rugged cross
12:43 He'd go.
12:45 Oh, His love
12:48 He would bestow.
12:52 But to an old rugged cross
12:56 He'd go
12:58 for who am I.
13:06 Who am
13:09 I?
13:32 Our Heavenly Father,
13:34 we come to You this evening
13:37 opening our hearts.
13:41 Inviting the Holy Spirit to guide,
13:46 to lead, to impress us.
13:49 To give us understanding.
13:51 We pray Lord that we each may listen carefully.
13:57 That we might comprehend
14:00 and that we might renew our dedication,
14:06 our consecration to You.
14:08 And Lord, if we haven't known You,
14:11 help us to see what You have done
14:16 and give our hearts to You tonight.
14:19 We pray in Christ's name, Amen.
14:30 The last series that we did
14:34 we were looking at Revelation the 17th chapter
14:38 if you remember. And in this 17th chapter
14:42 it said this:
14:56 And you remember we looked at those five.
14:58 That's what the last series was about.
15:00 Five Have Fallen. We took it step by step.
15:05 and showed you those five that have fallen.
15:07 And then it says "One is. "
15:10 That's where we are tonight.
15:12 We are identifying the "One is, " and that will take us
15:16 tonight and tomorrow night.
15:19 Both presentations to cover that subject of "One Is. "
15:22 So that's what you want to look at.
15:24 The other is not yet come, and
15:26 we'll be going to that one.
15:31 So what we're endeavoring to do
15:34 is to explain Revelation the 17th chapter because
15:39 the 17th chapter of Revelation is where it ends. As far as
15:43 the nations are concerned and beasts are concerned,
15:46 that's the last chapter.
15:48 It mentions those, so it's important that we understand
15:51 what is happening right down at the end.
15:54 That's the reason we're looking at this tonight.
15:56 We hope that it will help you.
15:58 And as we studied the Five Haven Fallen,
16:00 you remember the first nation that we looked at was Babylon.
16:04 Babylon existed from 609 BC to 539 BC.
16:09 This was the power of Babylon,
16:12 and you remember it was pictured in Daniel 7 as the lion.
16:17 And Babylon fell to Medo-Persia.
16:22 And Medo-Persia is pictured in Daniel the 7th chapter
16:26 as the bear.
16:27 And Medo-Persia went from 539 BC to 331 BC.
16:33 And this power overthrew Babylon and ruled.
16:38 And then we find that Medo-Persia was overthrown by
16:41 Greece. Yes, Greece overthrew
16:46 Medo-Persia 331 BC and went to 168 BC.
16:52 And you remember it was under the leadership of
16:54 Alexander the Great.
16:55 And he conquered everything that he could lay his hands on
16:59 by the age of 31 and wept
17:02 because there was nothing else to conquer.
17:04 That's why that beast had four wings.
17:06 Represented the swiftness with which Alexander the Great
17:09 went across the world. And the four heads
17:12 represented his four generals that the kingdom was given to
17:16 when Alexander the Great died.
17:18 But Greece came to an end,
17:22 and Greece was overthrown by pagan Rome.
17:26 Pagan Rome went from 168 BC
17:31 to 476 AD.
17:34 Rome - pictured as the iron monarchy of Rome -
17:38 it talks about this dragon that had great iron teeth.
17:42 And it crushed everything that was before it.
17:44 Rome fell 476 AD
17:49 and she fell to papal Rome.
17:53 Papal Rome came up 538 AD
17:57 and would go to 1798 AD.
18:01 That was the period of time of papal Rome.
18:05 And so we have Five Have Fallen.
18:09 Those are the five that we've already looked at.
18:12 And I'd encourage you to go back and review
18:15 what we have looked at if some of it's not clear to you.
18:18 OK. Tonight we're taking a look at One Is.
18:22 And as I told you, this one will take tonight's presentation
18:27 and tomorrow night's presentation to cover it
18:31 because it's got lots of material in it.
18:33 We have to put a lot of things together to help you understand
18:36 as we take a look at this beast in Revelation the 11th chapter.
18:41 One that not much is said about
18:45 but a very, very important one.
18:47 So let's go to the 11th chapter of Revelation.
18:50 See what it has to say about it. Revelation the 11th chapter
18:53 verse 7. And it says:
18:57 Now we'll come back to that
18:59 and establish who they are. OK...
19:12 Now you find that this is talking about the two witnesses.
19:17 That's who it's talking about.
19:19 And in verse 3 it describes these two witnesses and says:
19:32 So the scripture is telling us
19:34 that this beast that comes out of the bottomless pit
19:37 is going to make war with the two witnesses
19:40 and it will overcome them and kill them.
19:44 And it says in the scripture that they "will prophesy
19:48 for 1,260 days clothed in sackcloth. "
19:54 So what we're going to do tonight is we're going to go
19:57 back to the 11th chapter and start with verse 1
20:00 and we're going to read to verse 7 so you kind of get
20:04 the picture of what's happening.
20:06 So let's take a look and see what it's telling us here.
20:19 So the angel is told to measure this place.
20:38 So here you have two time prophecies.
20:40 You have 1,260 days
20:44 and you have 42 months.
20:46 Both those are mentioned here as we are reading.
20:57 So these two witnesses are going to prophesy
21:00 for 1,260 days clothed in sackcloth...
21:04 or - if you please - for 42 months.
21:07 Same period of time.
21:09 Now, let's begin to identify who they are.
21:12 "These are two... " Strange! Two witnesses...
21:27 So it says these two witnesses, two olive trees,
21:30 two lampstands that are standing there before God.
22:01 So these two witnesses have the power
22:05 to turn water into blood.
22:07 To strike the earth with plagues.
22:10 What it's saying.
22:12 Goes on:
22:25 OK, so we've looked at these...
22:28 Now let's see if we can begin to identify who they are:
22:31 these two witnesses.
22:33 Who are the two witnesses it's talking about here?
22:45 Now folks, if you're going to understand the Bible,
22:51 you've got to go to the scripture
22:54 and let it interpret itself.
22:57 I want to say that again.
22:59 If you're going to understand scripture,
23:02 you're going to have to go to the Bible
23:04 and let it interpret itself.
23:06 Like on this subject we're studying tonight,
23:08 you hear all kinds of things said about it.
23:12 The problem is, it's most of it or all of it is speculation.
23:16 And the moment you enter into speculation
23:19 you can say anything you want to.
23:22 You've got to go to God's Word
23:24 and say is there somewhere where the scripture will identify this
23:28 and tell me what it's talking about.
23:30 Can I find that? Yes, you can!
23:32 Are these two olive trees, these two lampstands
23:36 mentioned other places in God's Word?
23:38 Well yes they are. They're found in Zechariah.
23:41 Zechariah the 4th chapter verse 1.
24:16 So here you have them.
24:17 You have the two olive trees; you have the lampstands...
24:21 just like is mentioned there in the 11th chapter of Revelation.
24:24 Watch as it continues:
24:33 Asked him the question: Who are these - if you please -
24:37 two witnesses? Who are these two olive trees?
24:39 These two lampstands?
25:03 Now he said: "Who are these? "
25:05 Said: "Well this is the Word of the Lord to Zerubbabel.
25:08 Not my might, nor by power,
25:12 but by My Spirit saith the Lord. "
25:15 All right. Let's see what it's talking about here.
25:24 What are they? What are they supposed to do?
25:27 We've got two olive trees;
25:29 we've got two lampstands here.
25:31 What's the purpose of these two?
25:33 What are they supposed to do?
25:34 Well the scripture tells us
25:36 very clearly what they do...
25:38 what they accomplish. Watch:
26:02 Getting the picture?
26:04 Here you've got the two olive trees.
26:06 From those two olive trees drips oil
26:10 into the pipes that flow to the lampstands.
26:16 OK? Why do you think they're going there?
26:19 Why is oil dripping off of those two olive trees
26:24 into the receptacle onto the lampstand.
26:28 Well...
26:38 Now it says these two are two anointed ones
26:43 that stand before the God of the whole earth.
26:45 That word anointed in Hebrew
26:49 is this word. In Hebrew it is hayitshaar.
26:54 You can read... and in Hebrew that word
26:57 hayitshaar means one who produces light.
27:01 That's what it means. So it says:
27:12 So those two witnesses there are those who produce light.
27:17 And so the oil comes from the olive tree, runs through the
27:21 receptacles and to the lampstands
27:24 and there it produces light.
27:27 OK? That is the purpose is to produce light.
27:32 You remember God had told Samuel
27:37 to anoint David to be the next king of Israel.
27:42 Remember he took oil
27:45 and went and anointed David as the next king of Israel.
27:50 And throughout scripture
27:52 oil is used over and over
27:56 to represent that of the Holy Spirit.
27:58 You remember on the Day of Pentecost...
28:01 The Holy Spirit was poured out on the Day of Pentecost
28:05 and it appeared as what? Tongues of fire
28:11 on the heads of the people that were gathered there
28:14 in the upper room. OK.
28:17 If you have oil like in the seven golden lampstands
28:23 in the sanctuary - you've got oil - and you put fire with it,
28:28 OK. What does that do?
28:32 It produces light.
28:36 OK. That's what it does. It produces light.
28:40 So what do we see in Psalms 119 verse 105?
28:54 So when it talks about these two witnesses
28:56 and it says "This is the Word of the Lord to Zerubbabel,
29:06 this is what happens.
29:21 You understand what that meant?
29:25 You see when it talks about the two witnesses
29:28 and how they produce light
29:30 it's really talking about the Old and the New Testament.
29:33 Those are the two witnesses, and they produce light.
29:40 Didn't you, when you first started studying the scripture,
29:45 didn't the light come on?
29:47 Huh? Man, I see it so many times
29:51 working with people... be studying with them
29:53 and all of a sudden it hits.
29:55 The light comes one. You can see it in their eyes.
29:58 All of a sudden they see it. It makes... it's plain.
30:01 The light came on. That's what the Holy Spirit does.
30:04 Those are the two witnesses
30:06 that produce light is the Old and New Testament.
30:10 And if you'll stay with me and follow,
30:13 you'll see how this all fits together
30:16 step by step as the scripture presents it.
30:19 You'll understand how the Holy Spirit works with people
30:23 and how it takes place in the lives of men and women.
30:26 Now it says:
30:52 Now there are some people that read that
30:55 and say that is talking about Moses and Elijah.
30:59 And they try to make that apply to Moses and Elijah.
31:04 And they say that since Moses prayed
31:08 and the water turned to blood
31:11 that's talking about Moses.
31:13 And since Elijah prayed and it didn't rain,
31:16 that's talking about Elijah.
31:17 Well, if you make that application,
31:22 you run into some difficult things...
31:25 because again you start speculating.
31:28 And they say: "Well, since that's Moses and Elijah
31:31 that means that Moses and Elijah are coming back to the earth
31:35 and this beast is going to kill them. "
31:37 Now that's... You know, how you do you put that together
31:43 that they both are up in heaven
31:45 and they're going to come back to the earth
31:47 and they're going to be killed?
31:49 You see, you get into things that are speculative.
31:54 The scripture doesn't leave us in one bit of doubt
31:57 as to what those two texts are talking about.
32:00 And the reason it doesn't is because it turns right around
32:03 and tells us exactly what it's talking about.
32:05 Watch what is says here in Revelation 22:
32:24 Isn't that what the other said?
32:25 Said they had the power to put plagues on people.
32:42 So it says that it would take those away.
32:45 So it's talking specifically about God's Word.
32:48 Yes, Moses prayed.
32:51 And he prayed, and the water turned to blood.
32:55 He did it on the basis of God's Word.
33:00 He did it because God told him to...
33:04 not because Moses possessed any power.
33:07 Elijah prayed, and it didn't rain.
33:11 And it didn't because God told him that it wouldn't.
33:16 And so God's Word is His authority
33:20 and these are the two witnesses mentioned there in God's Word.
33:36 Let's take a look at that word sackcloth.
33:39 Sackcloth means what?
33:42 Well it means persecution.
33:45 It means hard times.
33:47 It means sorrow.
33:49 It means distress.
33:51 So it says that these two witnesses are prophesying
33:55 under very, very difficult times.
33:58 Prophesying... but it's hard times.
34:02 It not only says that they'll be prophesying in sackcloth
34:07 but it tells you how long
34:09 they're going to prophesy in sackcloth.
34:23 Now this 1,260 days
34:27 is not a number that you don't see.
34:31 I mean, it's used throughout prophecy.
34:33 And if you take a look at it, you'll find that time,
34:37 times, and a half a time
34:40 is mentioned in Daniel 7:25.
34:43 It's also mentioned in Daniel 12 verse 7.
34:46 1,260 days is mentioned in Revelation 12 verse 6.
34:50 Time, times, and a half a time is mentioned again
34:53 in Revelation 12:14.
34:55 And forty-two months is mentioned in Revelation 13:5.
35:00 So those are used, and when they're used throughout
35:03 the scripture they refer to the same period of time.
35:07 Very clearly. Ezekiel 4:6 tells us:
35:16 Number 14:34 says:
35:22 So in Bible prophecy, a day simply represents
35:27 one year.
35:29 That's what it represents in Bible prophecy.
35:32 OK. In Bible prophecy, a time represents one year.
35:37 And in Biblical reckoning of time,
35:41 there are 360 days in a Biblical year.
35:44 If you need proof of that,
35:46 you need to go back and read the story of the flood.
35:48 And you'll find that it makes it very clear...
35:51 there's 360 days in the Biblical year.
35:54 OK. So if I've got time, that's one year... 360 days.
35:58 Times is two years or 720,
36:03 and a half a time is a half a year... 180.
36:06 Add them up. That gives you 1,260.
36:10 If I've got 42 months and there are 30 days in a Biblical month,
36:14 30 times 42 gives me 1,260 again.
36:18 OK. So that's the same period of time all the way through
36:22 and it represents a period of time
36:25 from 538 AD to 1798 AD
36:31 which is known in history
36:34 as the time of papal supremacy.
36:37 This was the time when it says that they would prophesy
36:43 but under great distress.
36:46 In sackcloth they would be prophesying.
36:50 This is a time that was indeed difficult.
36:55 Hard for you and I even to imagine
37:00 what those people went through.
37:03 The Bible was taken away from them.
37:07 Chained to library walls.
37:11 They were told that they were too ignorant to read it.
37:18 They were told that they had to accept what it said
37:22 at the interpretation of the priest.
37:27 That they had no right.
37:29 And not only was it taken away from them
37:32 but they were forbidden to read it.
37:35 Weren't allowed to.
37:38 And the only way you could read it was to hide.
37:42 And then it was diffcult to have because...
37:46 You've got it there in print.
37:48 They didn't have it in print then.
37:51 Was taken away from them.
37:53 Nobody had it.
37:56 Let me just tell you one little thing here.
37:59 When you get to 500 AD...
38:05 listen to me. 500 AD
38:08 the Bible had been translated
38:13 into 500 different languages.
38:19 Let me say that again.
38:22 When you get to 500 AD,
38:25 the scripture had been translated
38:27 into 500 other languages.
38:32 By the time you reach 600 AD,
38:39 there was only one language.
38:42 It had been confiscated.
38:45 Taken away from the people.
38:47 And the only language you could get the Bible in
38:50 was Latin.
38:51 And if you couldn't read Latin, you were out of luck.
38:55 And... and I'm not talking, folks, about a short time.
39:01 I'm talking about this going on for hundreds of years
39:04 that the people didn't have access to it.
39:07 All they had was what the priest told them.
39:10 And they were told that they couldn't understand it...
39:12 they were too ignorant.
39:13 And so you find that many people
39:17 hid it. And some people like the Waldensians...
39:22 Listen to what history says:
39:39 Paganism came into the church...
39:43 all kinds of pagan ceremonies and everything.
39:46 And you find the church going away from God.
39:49 And they departed so much from God
39:54 that people like the Waldensian people
39:57 fled up into the mountains, into the Alps.
40:02 And there they lived so they could worship
40:07 as they pleased... like they wanted to.
40:10 And they could read God's Word.
40:12 Can't go too far into history here tonight, but
40:16 there was a man in Antioch by the name Lucerne.
40:20 He had translated the Bible.
40:23 The Waldensian people got it from him.
40:25 And so the Waldensian people were the ones who brought
40:29 the Word of God right on through to us today.
40:34 in your Bible. And this came to... but they were hunted.
40:38 They were hunted by the papal power.
40:42 They were killed by the hundreds upon hundreds...
40:44 thousands who lost their life
40:47 because they believed in God's Word.
40:49 Now folks, if you're not getting what I'm trying to tell you
40:52 I'm trying to describe to you sackcloth.
40:55 They would prophesy clothed in sackcloth.
40:59 Hard times; persecution.
41:01 It's rough; not an easy time.
41:04 Among these Waldensian people
41:08 they had God's Word, and a man by the name of
41:13 Wyclif... John Wyclif of England,
41:17 known as the Morning Star of the Reformation,
41:22 he began to read God's Word
41:25 and you'll find that Wycif began to teach the people
41:29 the Word of God and they began to follow the Word of God.
41:34 And he translated the Bible into English.
41:39 For this, the papal power
41:43 sent a delgation, arrested him,
41:47 and were going to burn him at the stake.
41:51 But he died before they were able to get him to the stake
41:57 and burn him.
41:58 But John Wyclif wrote marvelous things
42:04 about God's Word that as these people who hadn't known
42:08 anything - and you can see the date for that, 1380 AD -
42:12 And if you're having trouble putting dates together, folks,
42:15 that's 200 years before Luther
42:18 if that helps you to understand the time period.
42:22 And these people who have been in darkness
42:24 for years and years and years
42:27 all of a sudden as they picked up Wyclif's writings
42:29 they began to see.
42:31 The light came on.
42:33 See? They saw.
42:35 It was a witness to them
42:36 and they saw things they had never seen before.
42:38 And it made a difference in their life.
42:40 Now the writings of Wycif...
42:47 some men... a couple preachers from England
42:52 where Wycif was from... came down to Bohemia
42:56 and they started preaching there.
42:59 And they started preaching the things that Wyclif had
43:03 told them and had taught them.
43:05 And they were forbidden to preach.
43:08 Told that they could not preach.
43:10 And since they were forbidden to preach,
43:13 both of them were good artists.
43:16 And so they would just go into a town and on a barn or
43:20 a vacant building or anything they could find
43:23 they'd paint pictures.
43:24 And one of them would paint a picture of the Pope
43:28 dressed in all his regalia,
43:31 accompanied with all the cardinals and all the trumpet
43:36 and all the fanfare and dressed in all his pontifical robes.
43:40 All of this they would picture him as.
43:43 And then the other artist would paint a picture of Jesus
43:47 riding on a donkey and in His lowliness.
43:51 And the people could see the vast difference there was.
43:56 No different today, is it?
44:00 But they could see it
44:04 and they understood what the message was.
44:06 And one of those individuals who began to look at that
44:10 and he began to read the writings of Wycif
44:13 was a man by the name of John Hus.
44:17 And John Hus began to stand up and preach...
44:23 preach the Word of God. And as he preached it,
44:28 those people began to follow. They became known as Husites.
44:32 And they accepted the Word of God and followed Him.
44:35 And a young man joined him in preaching by the name of Jerome.
44:41 The papal power heard about it.
44:45 They sent down a delegation.
44:49 Arrested John Hus and burned him at the stake.
44:55 A little while later they arrested Jerome.
45:01 They put him in jail and kept him there for over 2 years.
45:07 Such horrible conditions that they chained him
45:12 on his legs and on his hands and the flesh would rot away.
45:16 Horrible. And finally they burned him at the stake.
45:21 Talking about a time of great persecution.
45:25 Hard, hard times.
45:27 But these were men, women of God that stood up and they said
45:31 "Yes, this is what the Word of God teaches.
45:35 This is what we will follow. "
45:37 What says the Bible, the blessed Bible?
45:40 This my only question be.
45:43 The teachings of men so often mislead us.
45:47 What says the Word of God to me?
45:51 That's what you and I have to know and have to understand.
45:58 Out of that... arresting Jerome...
46:02 burning him at the stake...
46:05 But the light of the Reformation had been lit
46:11 and it began to spread across the country.
46:14 And people were willing to lay down their life
46:18 just for the Word of God.
46:20 Until finally you move into the 1500's
46:25 and on the scene of action
46:29 comes people willing to stand up for the Word of God.
46:33 Let me... let me just throw something out here, folks.
46:37 Sometimes
46:40 people in their zeal
46:44 don't use good sense.
46:50 They don't use good judgment.
46:52 And they're zealous for something
46:54 and they create more problems than they help.
46:58 Because as the Reformation gained... you see,
47:02 one of the first countries that really opened its doors
47:07 to the Reformation was France.
47:09 France opened her doors and people like Lefevre and Farel.
47:15 These men preached the Word of God and the king...
47:19 he kind of straddled the fence.
47:22 He wasn't... he didn't particularly stand up
47:25 for the Reformation but at the same time
47:27 he didn't really tell the papacy to get lost.
47:30 He just kind of straddled the fence.
47:32 But his wife, Margaret... she was very much in favor
47:36 of the Reformation, and she favored it.
47:38 So the Reformation in France was given freedom
47:42 to do some things. And these men went out and they preached
47:45 and many, many people...
47:47 In fact, the king even let them have a chapel right there in the
47:51 palace where people were invited in and they...
47:53 they preached to them. And the Word of God grew
47:56 with great rapidity and all.
47:59 But some people in their zealous
48:04 do things they shouldn't do.
48:06 And one of the men who stood up for the Word of God
48:12 was a great, great man.
48:14 Was a man by the name of Lequin.
48:17 Lequin was of noble birth.
48:20 A tremendous scholar.
48:23 Great orator; great power.
48:26 In fact, Rome feared Lequin more than they feared Luther
48:31 because he was so strong.
48:34 And they said: "He'll do more damage to us
48:38 than Luther would have ever done. "
48:39 They arrested him three times and threw him in jail,
48:43 and three times the king released him.
48:47 But the king who just straddled the fence all the time
48:53 felt the pressure of the papal power.
48:57 And so conveniently he left town one day
49:02 and the delegates or the leaders of the church
49:07 arrested Lequin. They arrested him that day,
49:12 they tried him that day,
49:15 and they killed him that day.
49:17 Brought an end to him.
49:21 And out of all this zeal
49:24 some dear souls in their zeal went and tore down
49:30 one of the statues of the virgin.
49:33 Well, this brought great indignation on the part of many
49:37 people and on the part of the king.
49:39 And then another one not having enough sense to
49:43 know how to relate went and they printed up a plaquard
49:49 against the mass.
49:52 They went and they nailed it on the king's door.
49:55 Made him so mad that he turned against the Reformation.
50:00 And he went out, and they got one of the reformers
50:06 to turn informant.
50:09 And they walked down the streets of Paris,
50:12 and that man pointed to the homes of the people that
50:17 were for the Reformation.
50:18 And they gathered them and they brought them out.
50:23 And they crucified them, and burned them at the stake,
50:26 and killed them.
50:28 By the hundreds, thousands died.
50:34 Whole thing began to change. France...
50:37 who had opened her doors to the Reformation...
50:40 all of a sudden slammed them shut.
50:44 Now there was one young man that was still very much
50:48 trying to help France.
50:50 At this time, Luther now has appeared on the scene of action
50:55 and has nailed the 95 Theses to the door of the church
50:58 at Wittenberg and is beginning to preach.
51:00 And fortunately, Luther found a
51:05 friend in Frederick,
51:08 and he was able to hold back some of the papal power
51:14 to keep them from taking his life.
51:18 Luther preached. His word began to circulate
51:21 and people began to accept it.
51:23 Then along came a man by the name of John Calvin.
51:27 Calvin: a very shy young man...
51:32 but he began to work in France.
51:35 Was literally finally driven from France.
51:38 Went out and preached; brought about a great Reformation.
51:43 Thousands of people accepted the message because of
51:47 John Calvin.
51:49 Then the princes of Europe stood up
51:53 and they, the princes of Germany stood up and said
51:56 "We will no longer be dictated to. Our conscience will be free.
52:00 We will read the Word of God and follow it as we understand it. "
52:04 And what I'm trying to tell you is the persecution
52:07 began to fall off.
52:10 Began to come to an end.
52:13 In France, Napoleon has come to power.
52:18 Napoleon wants to rule Europe,
52:23 but he knows that he cannot do it unless he breaks the back
52:28 of the papal power.
52:31 And so, 1798 AD,
52:35 just exactly as it was prophesied,
52:38 Berthier made his entrance into Rome
52:41 abolished the papal government,
52:43 established a secular one.
52:45 And thus the years, 1,260 years
52:49 of persecution - of sackcloth - came to an end.
52:54 What did the scripture say?
52:58 When that 1,260 years came to an end,
53:03 these that had been prophesying in sackcloth
53:08 something would happen to them.
53:26 And that's what our next presentation's about.
53:29 This beast that's going to rise up,
53:34 kill these two witnesses and put an end to them.
53:39 That's what we want to take a look at
53:41 as we talk about the two witnesses that will lie dead
53:46 in the street for 3-1/2 years,
53:50 will not be buried,
53:53 and will come back to life.
53:55 So we hope that each of you will be back with us
53:58 as we talk about The Beast from the Bottomless Pit.
54:01 Let us pray.
54:02 Heavenly Father, we thank you.
54:05 Thank you for Your Word
54:08 that's a light to each one of us.
54:12 May we follow it.
54:16 May our hearts be open to it.
54:19 May we be willing day by day to spend time
54:26 in Your Word that we might each one
54:29 prepare our lives for the coming of the Lord
54:33 as we realize how quickly time is passing.
54:37 Thank you for Jesus; for His goodness to each of us.
54:41 This we ask in His name, Amen.
54:44 May God bless you. Have a good night.
54:47 Stay close to Jesus Christ.
54:50 He's coming very, very soon.
54:57 A coal miner of old
54:58 would leave his family every day
55:00 and descend into the depths of the earth
55:02 with the certain knowledge that the smallest mistake
55:06 could keep him and others from ever seeing daylight again.
55:09 Walking along in the dark,
55:11 he could only rely upon his feeble oil lamp
55:15 to keep him alive.
55:17 He faced many dangers down there.
55:19 Rockfalls, flooding, fires.
55:22 But perhaps the danger he feared the most
55:25 was the one that he could not see.
55:27 They called it chokedamp or blackdamp:
55:31 an unbreathable mixture of gases
55:34 that could quickly snuff out his life.
55:36 Imagine for a moment the terror he felt when he realized
55:40 he had hit a pocket of blackdamp.
55:42 The sudden drop in oxygen would put out his lamp
55:46 leaving him in terrifying darkness, fumbling in vain
55:50 to relight it before he lost consciousness.
55:53 Then in the late 1800's,
55:57 a bright new light began to shine in the dark world.
56:01 Using marble-sized pellets of calcium carbide
56:05 and a few drops of water,
56:06 this new lamp produced a gas which burned six times brighter.
56:11 Not only did it make his job a whole lot easier
56:14 but it also saved lives.
56:16 You can see this tiny reflector
56:19 could focus that beam of light
56:21 on the roof of a mine so that he could detect dangerous cracks.
56:25 The lamp was also easy to re-light.
56:28 And since it required far less oxygen,
56:31 it could illuminate the way out
56:33 should they encounter the chokedamp.
56:36 What an incredible illustration this is
56:39 of the condition of fallen man.
56:41 After struggling to survive the pitfalls of life,
56:44 he suddenly realizes the danger he could not see
56:48 had left him without hope and gasping for his last breath
56:53 in utter spiritual darkness.
56:55 For him there is no eternal life through Jesus.
56:59 In fact, he may not have ever heard about Him.
57:04 But friends, just as that bright light
57:07 of the carbide lamp saved lives,
57:10 so does the light of the Bible.
57:12 We need the light of God's Word to illuminate the dark corners
57:16 of our hearts. It focuses our attention on Jesus Christ...
57:20 our only hope for salvation.
57:22 And all who read and study it
57:24 are warned about the rockfalls of life.
57:27 That's why we call this series Give Me The Bible.
57:31 We're trying our best to bring the light of God's truth
57:34 to those who are living and dying in despair.
57:37 It's our mission. It's our passion.
57:40 Won't you join us?
57:43 Please consider what you can do
57:45 for those who still don't know about Jesus.
57:48 As the Holy Spirit impresses,
57:50 you may send your tax-deductible gifts to:
58:04 Thank you for helping us to bring the Blessed Hope
58:07 to millions all around the world.


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