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00:21 When I was in the 6th grade
00:24 I had one of the best final exams
00:28 I've ever taken in my life.
00:30 I got the best grade that I've ever gotten from that day
00:33 to this... which was good because it was the same year
00:36 that I also had the worst grade on a final exam that
00:39 I ever had in my whole life.
00:40 My history exam I got a 99,
00:45 and I really wanted 100
00:48 but when I took my paper in to my history teacher
00:51 it didn't have any checks, no red marks, nothing red on it...
00:54 And so I said: "It looks like this is a perfect paper. "
00:58 You don't have any checks, no red marks,
00:59 nothing underlined, nothing circled.
01:01 Shouldn't I get 100?
01:02 Well he had me to know
01:04 that there's no such thing as a perfect paper.
01:06 And though it didn't have any checks, he said
01:09 "I've never had perfect paper and I don't give...
01:11 I don't give 100's, so you're going to have to just
01:13 take your 99 and be satisfied. "
01:15 Well I really wanted that 100
01:17 because my math score wasn't quite so good.
01:21 In fact, it was atrocious and I needed that 100
01:23 to sort of balance off that abysmal math score.
01:27 But I went to my math teacher and begged, and she didn't
01:30 put it up either... so it was not a good year for math
01:33 but a great year for history.
01:34 And I say that simply because
01:36 last night as Elder Cox took us to the intersection of history
01:42 and prophecy I sat in rapt attention
01:45 because I love history.
01:46 And we looked at the historical underpinnings of prophecy
01:51 on last night in a very interesting message.
01:53 And I know tonight's message is going to be just as interesting.
01:58 Someone once said that prophecy is simply history
02:04 that hasn't happened yet.
02:06 But it's coming.
02:08 And prophecy just predates
02:10 history, and it's history that hasn't happened yet.
02:11 And we sort of get that idea
02:13 in what's the text? Oh, it's
02:15 II Timothy chapter 1 verse 19
02:17 where Timothy says we have the "more sure word of prophecy. "
02:21 That prophecy is so sure, and we know it is sure
02:24 by looking at the past.
02:25 Because every time God said that something was going to happen
02:30 you know what happened? It happened!
02:33 And so, in looking at God's dealing with us in the past
02:37 we can be certain of God's dealing with us in the future.
02:40 And I am sure that we're going to have a fabulous study
02:42 tonight as we look at The Beast from the Bottomless Pit.
02:46 What an intriguing title for a message, and I know that
02:49 Elder Cox is going to have something wonderful to say
02:51 to us this night. My name is C.A. Murray,
02:53 and it is my privilege and my pleasure
02:55 to welcome you once again to Volume 6 Session 2 of
03:00 Give Me The Bible.
03:01 Was, Is Not, And Yet Is
03:04 with our evangelist, our friend, our preacher, our teacher:
03:07 Elder Kenneth Cox.
03:09 You'll hear from him shortly, but before he comes
03:11 Larry Blackwell will come to us and sing a really great
03:14 old song of Zion: When We All Get To Heaven.
03:29 When we all get to heaven,
03:33 what a day of rejoicing that will be!
03:37 When we all see Jesus,
03:41 we'll sing and shout the victory!
03:46 Sing the wondrous love of Jesus,
03:50 sing His mercy and His grace.
03:54 In the mansions bright and blessed
03:58 He'll prepare for us a place.
04:02 When we all get to heaven,
04:06 what a day of rejoicing that will be!
04:10 When we all see Jesus,
04:15 we'll sing and shout the victory.
04:19 Onward to the prize before us,
04:23 soon His beauty we'll behold.
04:27 Soon the pearly gates will open,
04:32 we shall tread the streets of gold.
04:35 When we all get to heaven,
04:40 what a day of rejoicing that will be!
04:44 When we all see Jesus,
04:48 we'll sing and shout the victory.
04:52 When we all get to heaven,
04:56 what a day of rejoicing that will be!
05:00 When we all see Jesus,
05:05 we'll sing and shout the victory.
05:09 We'll sing and shout
05:12 the victory!
05:18 Amen.
05:22 Good evening to each of you.
05:23 Very happy to welcome all of you back.
05:27 Hope that you have had a great day.
05:30 Been a great day here.
05:32 Enjoyed it very much.
05:33 And to all of you that are joining us
05:35 by television or listening
05:37 over the radio, we welcome you
05:39 tonight. Glad that you're tuning in or listening.
05:42 We hope that as we continue
05:44 our study of these beasts
05:48 that are mentioned in the books of Daniel and Revelation,
05:50 it will help you begin to see how prophecy is fulfilling
05:55 and taking place.
05:56 So we hope that you are able to follow along
05:59 as we study God's Word this evening.
06:02 Our next presentation is entitled...
06:07 We're going to be taking a look at a beast
06:09 in Revelation the 13th chapter.
06:12 Now you remember we're looking at Revelation 17 where it says
06:16 Five Have Fallen.
06:18 We talked about those five.
06:20 Then it says "One is, " and that's what we're finishing up
06:24 with tonight, and then it says "One is yet to come. "
06:29 And that's the one we'll look at tomorrow night.
06:31 That's the seventh one.
06:33 So we have taken them step by step
06:36 and identifying those beasts
06:38 so that you begin to see that we're coming right on down
06:42 to the very time in which we are living.
06:45 And so be sure and follow along as we study God's Word together.
06:50 Tonight: The Beast from the Bottomless Pit.
06:53 This has been a two-part series, because last night we
06:58 talked about the two witnesses
07:01 that are very much involved with this beast.
07:04 And we're looking at Revelation the 11th chapter.
07:07 And tonight we'll put that all together
07:10 so you'll see what happened.
07:12 Tonight is a... as far as I'm concerned...
07:14 is a marvelous study
07:17 because it helps you see so very, very clearly
07:22 the inspiration of God's Word.
07:26 The accuracy of scripture.
07:29 And so we hope that you'll be able to follow
07:31 as we study God's Word together
07:33 and that you'll see how God has led and told exactly
07:38 what's going to happen before it ever takes place.
07:41 Very happy to have Larry Blackwell with us.
07:45 I'm enjoying him being here... I hope you are... his music.
07:49 He's going to sing for us and Dona's going to accompany him...
07:52 a song entitled Until Then.
08:09 My heart can sing
08:12 when I pause to remember
08:19 A heartache here
08:23 is but a stepping stone
08:29 Along the trail
08:33 that's winding always upward -
08:39 This troubled world
08:43 is not my final home.
08:50 But until then
08:54 my heart will go on singing,
09:01 Until then
09:04 with joy I'll carry on -
09:11 Until the day
09:15 my eyes behold that city,
09:21 Until the day
09:25 God calls me home.
09:32 And the things of earth
09:36 that dim and lose their value
09:42 If you recall
09:47 they're borrowed for a while;
09:53 And things of earth
09:57 that cause the heart to tremble,
10:04 Remembered there,
10:08 will only bring a smile.
10:15 But until then
10:19 my heart will go on singing,
10:26 Until then
10:30 with joy I'll carry on -
10:36 Until the day
10:40 my eyes behold that city,
10:46 Until the day
10:51 God calls me home...
10:58 Until that day
11:02 God calls me
11:07 home.
11:30 Our Gracious Heavenly Father, tonight
11:34 we come to You
11:36 asking that as we open Your Word
11:40 that You will give us the understanding that we need.
11:44 May we, Lord, see Your hand.
11:47 May we see how it has led,
11:51 guided, directed in the affairs of men down through time.
11:57 And Lord, may our faith be increased.
12:01 May we realize that as we look back upon what has happened
12:06 in the past that it may increase our faith
12:10 to stand firm with You... prepared for Your coming.
12:16 For this we ask in Christ's name, Amen.
12:28 Last night we took a look at
12:31 two witnesses.
12:32 And it says in Revelation 11:13:
12:45 And we found out that those two witnesses mentioned there
12:49 were the Old and New Testament, or God's Word.
12:53 And we found out that it was God's Word that gives us light.
12:58 Because it says these two witnesses are the two anointed
13:02 ones is what the scripture says.
13:05 And that word anointed means one who produces light.
13:08 That's the word. I gave you the Hebrew word for that.
13:12 And that Hebrew word was hayitshaar...
13:15 which means one who produces light.
13:18 And we found that God's Word produces light.
13:22 "Your Word is a light unto my path. "
13:24 And so we looked at those two witnesses
13:28 and we talked about the part that they played.
13:31 Now it goes on and says
13:33 that they would prophesy in sackcloth.
13:39 And we found that great persecution...
13:43 I want to give you a date,
13:44 and I'd like for you to kind of remember it.
13:46 It's... the date is January the 21st, 1535.
13:52 January the 21st, 1535.
13:57 Very, very important time because that is the date
14:02 in which France rejected the Reformation
14:06 and turned her back on the Reformation.
14:09 That was the date that we talked about last night
14:13 when the king of France took... walked down the streets of
14:17 Paris and had them point out the homes of the reformers.
14:21 And they drug the people out and they crucified them
14:25 and they burned them at the stake.
14:27 And France at that point turned her back
14:30 and made a definite effort to try to do away
14:35 with the Reformation and those that followed them.
14:38 And we talked about some of the great people
14:41 that lived back then such as Lefevre, and Farel, and Calvin
14:47 and Lequin and these different people who were great men
14:52 of God that stood up for the Word of God...
14:55 and lost their lives in defending the Word of God.
15:01 It was under this time of persecution -
15:05 sackcloth, sorrow - that they witnessed to the Word of God.
15:09 And this took place... Now what you've got to understand, folks,
15:13 is they turned on the Reformation, but through the
15:17 preaching of John Calvin
15:20 500,000 Frenchmen had accepted the Reformation.
15:26 I mean, this... this was great numbers of people
15:30 that turned to the Reformation.
15:32 But they turned their persecution against them,
15:36 and things took place such as the Massacre of St. Bartholomew
15:40 and all that happened. What took place
15:44 and what France didn't realize
15:46 is when they began to persecute these people for their belief
15:51 many of them left France
15:55 and they went to Germany and they went to Switzerland
15:59 and they went to other countries.
16:01 And what was happening is when those people were leaving
16:05 France and going to those other countries,
16:07 those were the professors,
16:10 the artisans, the businessmen.
16:14 These were the people that the Reformation had called to
16:18 and had stepped out, and they left France.
16:22 And all of a sudden, France found itself in a terrible
16:26 position without leadership.
16:29 Without people to give the kind of leadership
16:32 and the kind of guidance that the country needed...
16:35 it was gone, and little did they realize it.
16:40 Napoleon also is rising at this particular time.
16:45 Napoleon wants to rule Europe.
16:49 That's his desire is to bring Europe all under one power.
16:54 He said Europe was soon to become one nation.
16:57 That was what Napoleon wanted.
16:59 And so Napoleon understood and knew that he could never
17:03 accomplish this unless he broke the back of the papal power.
17:08 Because the papal power held tremendous control
17:13 over much of Europe.
17:15 And so, as it says here:
17:27 The persecution that the papal power had put out
17:32 against the Reformation began to come to an end.
17:37 Now this took place before... even before 1798 AD.
17:42 The persecution was dropping off
17:44 because of stands that many people were taking.
17:47 But the problem that I mentioned to you is the intelligencie
17:53 of France had fled the country.
17:57 And so France found itself
18:00 in very, very hard circumstances and
18:04 it says in Revelation 11 verse 7:
18:17 Now, this beast that's going to come up out of the
18:19 bottomless pit it says is going to make war
18:22 against those two witnesses
18:24 and will overcome them and kill them.
18:27 This is what was going to take place.
18:30 What happened, folks, is rather a strange thing.
18:34 I shouldn't say it's strange because it happens every time
18:37 if this is done.
18:39 And that is, the persecution against the Reformation
18:44 against those people put out at that time...
18:47 France was left with just - how should I put it? -
18:53 the people that didn't have much education.
18:56 They were left without the common, everyday people
18:59 and they didn't have the intelligencie that was needed
19:02 to run the country. And we found that the
19:06 people turned...
19:09 they turned against the papal power.
19:15 They not only turned against the papal power,
19:18 they turned against God
19:20 because the only God that they knew
19:24 was what the papal power had told them...
19:26 and so they rejected that also.
19:29 And at the same time that all of this is happening
19:32 there is a book that has been written
19:36 called the Age of Reason written by Thomas Paine.
19:42 That has circulated all across Europe
19:46 and particularly in France
19:48 it has been picked up and read.
19:50 And this became the motto... this became the cry
19:55 of the common people that from this time on
19:58 all they would have would be reason. They were not
20:01 going to have theology.
20:03 They were not going to have the Bible.
20:05 They were not going to go by this.
20:07 They were going to go totally and completely by reason.
20:10 And so you have in history what is called
20:14 the Age of Reason
20:17 in which they said from now on all the decisions would be made
20:22 on the basis of reason.
20:24 Now... now let me tell you something.
20:27 Conscience - or reason -
20:33 is a safe guide
20:38 providing the guide of conscience or reason is safe.
20:46 Now did you follow me?
20:48 You see, people get this idea that conscience is
20:52 a safe guide. No!
20:54 Conscience is a safe guide if the guide of conscience is safe.
20:58 See? And they turned to this and they didn't have a guide.
21:03 They had thrown it out.
21:04 They said: "No, we're not going to do this. "
21:06 And when they threw that out,
21:09 they threw out the basis for what they believed, stood by.
21:13 And so January the 21st...
21:17 put it down...
21:19 January the 21st, 1793
21:24 the French assembly
21:28 voted to do away with the Word of God.
21:35 They voted to completely do away with it.
22:04 Here this whole French assembly
22:06 said we're going to have nothing to do with religion.
22:09 From now on we will worship reason.
22:12 This will be our guide.
22:14 This is what we will follow.
22:57 What they did is they took this
23:02 woman who was a dancer
23:05 and they took her and dressed her up.
23:08 Put a crown on her head, robes on her...
23:11 and set her on a cart
23:13 and pulled her through the streets of Paris
23:16 to the cathedral
23:18 where they set her up and they worshiped her
23:21 as the Goddess of Reason.
23:24 Said from that time on that's who they would follow.
23:28 That's who they would worship.
23:33 Folks, I cannot describe to you
23:38 what happens to a country and to a nation
23:43 when they do that kind of thing.
23:45 Because France... I mean, from that point
23:49 went straight downhill.
23:52 And the Bible talks about how this would take place.
23:55 What... what would happen because she did this.
23:58 Listen to what its says here in verse 8 of the 11th chapter:
24:07 and I highlighted that word spiritually because many people
24:10 miss that...
24:16 Now if you're going to read that text
24:19 and you're going to understand it,
24:20 you've got to take that word spiritually into account.
24:23 Because this is not talking about literal Egypt
24:28 and literal Sodom
24:29 and literally where our Lord is crucified.
24:31 It's saying this is a spiritual application of that.
24:35 That's what it's telling you, so you've got to apply it that way.
24:38 So why would he say this city, referring to Paris
24:43 and what was done there, why would he say spiritually
24:46 this was Egypt?
24:48 Well if you go back and you read it,
24:51 you remember the Pharaoh?
24:54 You remember what he said to Moses?
24:57 Listen to his words:
25:11 You see you have the very basis of atheism.
25:15 And that's what France was playing with.
25:18 She'd tossed out God. She didn't believe in God.
25:21 She was strictly atheism... and that's why the scripture said
25:25 spiritually this is compared to Egypt
25:28 that didn't know God or didn't believe in God.
25:31 So France refused to believe in God.
25:34 Said: "No, we're not going to believe in God. "
25:37 But any time you
25:41 throw out the Bible
25:46 you throw out all the standards
25:51 and everything by which people live,
25:54 and all of a sudden there's nothing to base your belief on.
26:00 And so when they threw out the Bible
26:05 morality went straight down.
26:08 I mean, you can't even describe
26:13 the horribleness of what went on there during that time
26:17 in which they just forsook it... didn't believe in any kind of...
26:22 reason was the whole thing that was governing them.
26:26 No standards; nothing by which to go by.
26:29 And thus God compared it to Sodom.
26:33 Spiritually Sodom... was the same difference.
26:37 And you remember as those two angels went there to Sodom
26:40 and Gomorrah and pulled out Lot and his daughters,
26:44 so God said: "This is like Sodom of old. "
26:50 Spiritually... same thing.
26:53 And then it says: "also where our Lord was crucified. "
26:58 Folks, these years that went on during that time
27:03 are described in history as the Age of Terror.
27:09 There was ten years in there which was beyond description.
27:15 For instance, if you believed in God or you had a Bible,
27:20 you could be arrested and taken downtown
27:23 and guillotined
27:26 because you believed in it.
27:28 In fact, for the smallest thing they would haul somebody down
27:33 and guillotine them. And they had people there
27:35 in carts every morning rolling down through the streets of
27:38 Paris headed there to guillotine them to death,
27:42 and they did so much of it
27:44 that blood ran down the gutters of the streets of Paris.
27:48 This was an Age of Terror - horrible! -
27:53 that went on there because they didn't have anything
27:57 on which to base their belief in what they stood for.
28:00 Horrible period of time.
28:03 Remember it says "where our Lord was crucified? "
28:09 It's interesting. Do you know what the Lord says about that?
28:15 Listen to this:
28:27 Now we're talking about spiritually.
28:29 Says if you take one of God's people
28:33 and you do something to them,
28:36 that's the same as doing it to Christ.
28:39 Did you realize that?
28:43 The next time you think of
28:47 saying something against somebody
28:53 might ought to think that through twice.
28:56 Do you remember Paul?
28:58 You remember when there on the road to Damascus
29:01 when he was struck down with that bright light?
29:03 Huh?
29:04 Do you remember what He said to Paul?
29:06 But... you remember what He said to him?
29:09 Said: "Saul, Saul, why persecutist... " Who?
29:15 "thou Me? " What did He mean "thou Me? "
29:17 Was he persecuting Christ?
29:20 No, he was persecuting Christ's people.
29:23 Same difference in it.
29:26 That's what this text means.
29:27 "Where our Lord was crucified, "
29:29 applying it to what they were doing to God's people.
29:33 They were persecuting them.
29:34 This was what was happening to them.
29:36 This was the Age of Terror.
29:56 Interesting. I told you remember a date, didn't I?
30:00 Huh?
30:02 Told you remember January the 21st, 1535.
30:09 Exactly 258 years
30:14 when France rejected the Reformation
30:18 that now they have thrown out the Word of God.
30:37 Now folks, the one she is referring to here
30:40 was when the king and this procession walked through
30:43 the streets of Paris and pointed out the homes of the reformers
30:46 and they arrested them and crucified them
30:48 and burned them at the stake.
30:50 That's what she's talking... She said now
30:51 it's 258 years to the very day. Here is another procession
30:56 that is walking through the streets of Paris.
30:59 OK? Watch:
31:09 258 years before the king walked through the streets of Paris
31:13 and pointed out the homes.
31:15 Now the king is also the chief figure...
31:47 They took the king himself.
31:49 Beheaded him right there.
31:53 You see, all these people could see
31:56 was how they had been treated.
31:58 Let me try to give you a little idea.
32:01 At this time, folks,
32:03 there are 200,000
32:09 people in Paris
32:12 that live by begging.
32:18 That... that's the monks.
32:22 That's the way they lived.
32:24 At this time, there is 150,000
32:30 people in Paris that are the wealthy.
32:36 And they're exempt from all taxes.
32:42 They're exempt from all these things.
32:44 And so all these people can see
32:46 is what's there... and so they have rebelled.
32:49 A revolution has taken place,
32:51 and they've gotten rid of God
32:53 and they're getting rid of the government.
33:08 Interesting.
33:11 The two witnesses are going to lie there
33:16 in the streets of Paris
33:17 for 3-1/2 days.
33:20 They will not be allowed to put in the grave.
33:23 Now to be put in the grave meant they'd be
33:25 totally, completely done away with.
33:38 It is always amazing to me
33:42 how that if somebody makes enough noise
33:48 and shouts and carries on
33:52 that the people will come
33:54 and quite a large number will follow.
33:57 Just... all you've got to do
34:00 is shout loud enough, make enough noise,
34:03 and there's some people that will follow.
34:04 And that's what France did.
34:07 They just shouted out to the whole world
34:09 how wonderful they were.
34:11 How brilliant that they were now that they had
34:14 the Age of Reason. They had tossed off all the shackles.
34:18 They were no longer bound by this.
34:20 And other nations, if you please, sent them gifts
34:24 and told them how wise they were.
34:26 Literally what happened.
34:30 Believed that they could do this and get by with it.
34:48 After 3-1/2 days
34:51 those two witnesses came back to life.
34:56 You see, France
35:01 all of a sudden realized
35:03 that she had crossed the mark.
35:06 That if she continued on the way she was going
35:11 the nation would be forever ruined.
35:15 That there was no hope in the steps they were taking.
35:19 And so they decided to put the Bible back.
35:27 You see, this book has been around a long time
35:35 and it hasn't missed yet, folks.
35:39 It hasn't missed yet.
35:41 What says the Bible,
35:44 the blessed Bible?
35:46 This should my only question be.
35:50 Prophecy is fulfilling;
35:53 the time of the end is nearing.
35:57 What says the Word of God to me?
36:02 That's what we've got to find out.
36:03 And as you get into the Word of God and you see it,
36:06 you can see it fulfilled so accurately.
36:09 Watch what happens here:
36:26 Prophetic word made absolutely sure.
36:32 January the 21st, 1793,
36:37 France voted to do away with the Word of God
36:42 and it was gathered up and burned and thrown out
36:47 and people did away with it.
36:48 That 3-1/2 years that ensued
36:54 was so horrible
36:56 that at the end of three years
36:59 the legislature decided they'd better put it back.
37:05 And so they voted to put the Word of God back.
37:10 Strange... that was voted
37:16 and then for some unexplainable reason
37:20 it was tabled.
37:24 I mean they voted to do it and then tabled it.
37:27 And it lay there on the table, nothing was done with it,
37:32 for six months.
37:35 Don't know if you're catching what's happening here.
37:39 But on June the 10th, 1796,
37:44 the French assembly acted on it and put it back in
37:48 as they had taken it out. Exactly 3-1/2 years.
37:54 Exactly 3-1/2 years...
37:57 just exactly as the Word of God said, it took place.
38:05 I can tell you... you can depend on it.
38:12 You know, prophecy after prophecy
38:19 has fulfilled.
38:22 Without question, they've happened
38:25 just as God said they would.
38:28 Dear friend, I recommend to you
38:31 the Word of God as something you can build your faith on.
38:36 You can believe in it.
38:38 Now it says:
38:49 Now here it says that this loud voice is speaking
38:52 and tells these two witnesses
38:55 "Come up here. "
38:56 And they ascended to heaven in a cloud
39:00 and their enemies saw them.
39:02 Strange.
39:04 This book, folks, all during this time
39:08 that I've been talking to you very, very few people had this.
39:13 I mean if you had a Bible you were a very, very
39:18 fortunate person.
39:20 In fact, until you hit the 1500's,
39:24 the Bible was only written by hand.
39:27 Copies made... hand copies.
39:30 That's the only way you could get it.
39:31 When we hit the 1500's, you have the Gutenberg press.
39:35 And then they began to make copies of it, but
39:39 that was very tedious and a long process.
39:43 So very few people had a Bible. They just didn't have it.
39:49 When? When did they vote to put it back?
39:52 June 10... right?
39:55 OK. 1796?
39:59 Look at this:
40:09 I mean, just a matter, folks, of eight years
40:13 from the time that they voted it back
40:16 you have the British Bible Society come into existence,
40:19 and all of a sudden the Bible is made available to people
40:22 all over Europe.
40:24 I mean, they accepted the Word of God and it was printed
40:27 and put out so people could get it like it had never
40:30 been done before.
40:31 Told those two witnesses, the Word of God,
40:34 "Come up here. "
40:35 They came up and they saw it.
40:38 Look:
40:46 All of a sudden the Word of God had been given impetus
40:51 like it had never had before.
40:53 And men and women could get the Word of God and read it
40:56 and see it. Find out for their own self what the Word of God
41:00 said to them.
41:01 Up until this time,
41:06 nothing was done, folks, about foreign missions.
41:10 I mean, they just didn't send
41:12 missionaries anywhere.
41:15 That just wasn't something
41:16 that happened.
41:17 Watch. This is what happens
41:20 at this same time. I'm talking about exact same time:
41:37 Foreign missions begin to move out, and the gospel is taken
41:41 to people all over the world who never heard of it,
41:44 never had an opportunity to hear the Word of God.
41:47 And so those two witnesses
41:50 were caught up... "Come up here... "
41:53 and they saw them.
41:57 What a change had taken place!
42:11 And with that act, the persecution
42:16 that had been put out by the papal power
42:20 came to an end.
42:23 And it says:
42:34 Now let me tell you something, folks.
42:38 Even with something small
42:42 in the way of doing something wrong... a sin...
42:46 or on a large scale - which this would have been
42:50 on a large scale - any time you have an action
42:54 like that, it sets into motion
42:59 events that will affect things for centuries.
43:08 In other words, certain things that happens...
43:10 So it says when this beast
43:12 rose up out of the bottomless pit
43:14 and killed those two witnesses,
43:16 it set into action certain events that have come down
43:22 through time that affect you and me tonight.
43:25 That affect our lives...
43:28 and probably will until the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.
43:34 Because with the writings of Thomas Paine,
43:38 Age of Reason,
43:41 you find that people begin to have real doubts
43:46 about the Word of God.
43:48 They begin to wonder if it was right, if it was true.
43:51 And you find that certain things begin to happen.
43:56 His writings for the first time attacked the Word of God
44:02 and said: "Ah, you can't believe it.
44:05 Probably a lot of it is fables. "
44:08 And because he attacked the Word of God
44:13 something began to happen.
44:16 Because he had a student by the name of George Hegel.
44:21 Look at the dates:
44:27 George Hegel, folks,
44:29 is the Father of modern atheism in philosophy and theology.
44:35 He's the one that started all this.
44:38 If you've ever heard of new theology and all that,
44:42 if you can trace it all the way back,
44:44 it goes to George Hegel.
44:46 He's the one that sat down and wrote and put things there
44:51 saying: "You really can't be sure about this.
44:54 It probably isn't true. "
44:58 Or... "All the writings in this book aren't inspired. "
45:04 And you find that these doubts were put there
45:08 and he taught them.
45:11 Now, he just didn't teach them.
45:16 He had a student that studied under George Hegel,
45:22 and this student's name was Charles Darwin.
45:28 I'm trying to get across to you
45:32 when this beast rose up out of the bottomless pit,
45:35 killed those two witnesses,
45:37 it set in motion actions that take place
45:40 that are coming clear on down. And Charles Darwin
45:44 said: "Oh, there's no God. "
45:46 Said: "Strictly the origin of the species. "
45:51 Evolution.
45:53 This is how man came about.
45:55 He's the result of evolution.
46:00 It... it really, really concerns me, folks,
46:09 what we do here in this country
46:12 and what we believe...
46:15 particularly in the area of education.
46:19 It bothers me greatly...
46:21 because I have never in my life
46:26 found people that were more bigoted
46:30 than those that deal in the area of science.
46:36 They don't seem to be able to open their mind
46:41 and to look and to reason concerning things,
46:44 and they believe things that are absolutely contrary
46:48 to all kinds of evidence.
46:50 Let me take you a step farther.
46:53 Not only do you have Charles Darwin teaching this,
46:56 Charles Darwin had a friend that studied with him.
47:02 His name was Karl Marx.
47:04 Karl Marx said: "There's no God. "
47:09 Are you looking at the dates?
47:11 Yeah. He said: "There's no God. "
47:15 And so through the writings of Karl Marx
47:19 you have a whole government set up that is godless.
47:23 And Communism came into effect and began to take hold
47:29 and began to influence the whole world.
47:37 You know, 70 years...
47:39 70 years they tried Communism.
47:43 And it failed... fell flat on its face.
47:47 And what disturbs me
47:50 is you can go over to Russia today
47:53 and they will invite you into their universities
47:58 to talk about God.
48:02 But I come back here to my own country
48:05 and they won't let you in the university to talk about God.
48:10 You know, we need to stop and think
48:13 through what's happening and where we are.
48:16 But these men influenced, and these two men -
48:20 Charles Darwin, Karl Marx -
48:22 they had a student that studied under them.
48:26 His name was Sigmund Freud.
48:31 Sigmund Freud... No God.
48:36 Can't go by this book.
48:39 You really need to go by how you feel.
48:43 You know? New morality.
48:46 And all that comes in, and we find that type of teaching
48:51 being taught today.
48:52 It's come down to the place that it affects our lives
48:56 in a very, very definite and real way.
49:01 Well, we find that the sixth beast -
49:06 Atheistic Communism -
49:08 went from 1798 AD
49:11 to 1991 AD.
49:15 That was the time that Atheistic Communism ruled.
49:21 OK? That's the sixth beast.
49:25 The one that we talked about
49:27 the night The One Is.
49:29 And by the way, folks, let me
49:30 tell you, when you're looking at
49:31 those beasts: Five have fallen,
49:33 one is, one is yet to come,
49:34 you've got to remember you've got to look at it from
49:37 John's viewpoint... not yours.
49:41 That's very, very important.
49:43 You have to look at it from John's viewpoint, not yours.
49:47 And he's saying: "Five have fallen,
49:50 one is, one is yet to come. "
50:06 Well, we've looked at them.
50:08 Babylon... which was the lion.
50:11 Medo-Persia: the bear.
50:14 Greece: the leopard.
50:18 Pagan Rome: the dragon.
50:20 Papal Rome: the beast of Revelation 13.
50:24 And tonight the beast of Revelation 11...
50:28 Atheistic Communism.
50:30 Those are the six.
50:32 We have one more to look at,
50:36 because it's the seventh one.
50:38 And it said this about it:
50:44 And in our next presentation
50:46 we will be looking at that two
50:48 horned beast of Revelation 13
50:51 that you can see what the scripture says about it.
50:53 Because it says:
50:57 the two horned beast...
51:02 I told you when we started
51:05 I was going to take you step by step
51:09 right on down to our day.
51:12 And that's where we are.
51:14 See? Our day... the time that are living in.
51:18 And it says that "when this two horned beast comes
51:20 he will continue a short time. "
51:23 You and I can take God's Word.
51:26 We can stand on it.
51:28 We can believe it. It won't fail.
51:32 Give me the Bible,
51:37 star of gladness gleaming,
51:41 to cheer the wanderer
51:46 lone and tempest tossed,
51:51 No storm can hide that
51:55 peaceful radiance beaming,
52:00 Since Jesus came
52:04 to seek and save the lost.
52:10 Give me the Bible -
52:15 holy message shining,
52:19 Thy light shall guide me
52:24 in the narrow way.
52:29 Precept and promise,
52:34 law and love combining,
52:38 'Till night shall vanish
52:44 in eternal
52:48 day.
52:53 Let us pray.
52:55 Father in Heaven,
52:58 as we have seen in history
53:00 what happens when man forsakes Your Word,
53:06 forsakes Your law,
53:09 decides that he no longer needs You.
53:12 Pray Lord that each of us here tonight
53:16 and those that are watching by television
53:19 or listening on the radio
53:21 that tonight they may decide that above all things else
53:26 they will stay with You... commit their lives to You,
53:31 follow You.
53:33 Lord help us to realize
53:37 the importance of standing on the Word of God,
53:42 following You in all that we do.
53:44 Bless each one. Give them wisdom
53:48 as they read Your Word, Lord, that they may understand it.
53:51 That they may examine their own hearts.
53:55 That they may be willing to walk in the light of Your Word,
53:59 and all of us, each one, may day by day
54:04 look to You and be ready at Your soon return.
54:09 For this we ask in Christ's name, Amen.
54:14 Well, we're continuing
54:17 down through the prophecy there
54:20 in Revelation 17.
54:22 And so we've talked about
54:24 six of them.
54:26 Our next presentation is the seventh one,
54:28 and there is an eighth, folks.
54:31 And there's and eighth one also.
54:34 So we're going to take a look at all those in Revelation 17.
54:37 And when we're through with this series,
54:40 you should understand exactly where we are
54:42 in the stream of time... what's taking place.
54:45 So we appreciate you being here.
54:47 We hope that it's opening up God's Word for you,
54:51 you're understanding it.
54:52 Stay close to the Lord Jesus Christ.
54:57 A coal miner of old
54:58 would leave his family every day
55:00 and descend into the depths of the earth
55:02 with the certain knowledge that the smallest mistake
55:06 could keep him and others from ever seeing daylight again.
55:09 Walking along in the dark,
55:11 he could only rely upon his feeble oil lamp
55:15 to keep him alive.
55:17 He faced many dangers down there.
55:19 Rockfalls, flooding, fires.
55:22 But perhaps the danger he feared the most
55:25 was the one that he could not see.
55:28 They called it chokedamp or blackdamp:
55:31 an unbreathable mixture of gases
55:34 that could quickly snuff out his life.
55:36 Imagine for a moment the terror he felt when he realized
55:40 he had hit a pocket of blackdamp.
55:42 The sudden drop in oxygen would put out his lamp
55:46 leaving him in terrifying darkness, fumbling in vain
55:50 to relight it before he lost consciousness.
55:54 Then in the late 1800's,
55:56 a bright new light began to shine in the dark world.
56:01 Using marble-sized pellets of calcium carbide
56:05 and a few drops of water,
56:06 this new lamp produced a gas which burned six times brighter.
56:11 Not only did it make his job a whole lot easier
56:14 but it also saved lives.
56:17 You can see this tiny reflector
56:19 could focus that beam of light
56:21 on the roof of a mine so that he could detect dangerous cracks.
56:25 The lamp was also easy to re-light.
56:28 And since it required far less oxygen,
56:31 it could illuminate the way out
56:33 should they encounter the chokedamp.
56:36 What an incredible illustration this is
56:39 of the condition of fallen man.
56:41 After struggling to survive the pitfalls of life,
56:45 he suddenly realizes the danger he could not see
56:48 had left him without hope and gasping for his last breath
56:53 in utter spiritual darkness.
56:55 For him there is no eternal life through Jesus.
56:59 In fact, he may not have ever heard about Him.
57:04 But friends, just as that bright light
57:07 of the carbide lamp saved lives,
57:10 so does the light of the Bible.
57:12 We need the light of God's Word to illuminate the dark corners
57:16 of our hearts. It focuses our attention on Jesus Christ...
57:20 our only hope for salvation.
57:22 And all who read and study it
57:24 are warned about the rockfalls of life.
57:27 That's why we call this series Give Me The Bible.
57:31 We're trying our best to bring the light of God's truth
57:34 to those who are living and dying in despair.
57:38 It's our mission. It's our passion.
57:40 Won't you join us?
57:43 Please consider what you can do
57:45 for those who still don't know about Jesus.
57:48 As the Holy Spirit impresses,
57:50 you may send your tax-deductible gifts to:
58:04 Thank you for helping us to bring the Blessed Hope
58:07 to millions all around the world.


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